it was like they were the only two people in the room

Usually, the moment you realize you’re in love with someone is when they do the smallest thing, or nothing at all, even. I realized I was in love when he walked into the room, which was full of people, but when I looked at him, it just felt like we were the only two people in the world.
—  sparklinqdiamonds
Secret Santa Setup

A/N: I’m finally on Christmas break, and I’ve rewritten this fic once already and ready to move on. Ending is literal crap. I’m so sorry. Requests will be opened soon! Like, tomorrow!

Word Count: 4896 ((you don’t even need to read it it’s so long just leave a like for my suffering))

TW: Swearing, food mention

Pairing: LMM x Reader

Y/N liked Lin.

Lin liked Y/N.

Everyone in the Hamilton knew these facts, except the two people it was concerning:

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Y/N L/N.

The holidays were edging closer with each and every show day that passed. The entire cast and crew of Hamilton: An American Musical couldn’t take the constant longing looks cast across the room and purposeful avoidance of one another. So they decided on the only thing they could:

A secret santa gift exchange.

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imagine a theater full of people who paid close to $15 a ticket to see cgi food products say “fuck” a lot and have a graphic orgy that presumably lasts a solid two minutes, if not more.

imagine the silence throughout the theater as dozens of strangers trapped in a large, dark room have to look at a 20 ft tall projection of food having kinky sex. there’s no raucous laughing, no. just a painful quiet, a sea of straight faces watching the food orgy unfold. the only comedy of the situation is that it’s about taking a type of media reserved for kids, animation, and making the cgi food do adult things like eat each other’s asses. a couple people might chuckle at first, but 10 seconds turns into 30, then 45, then a minute and a half, maybe longer. you realize in this span that dozens of people were paid to write this scene, to storyboard it, to animate it. seth rogan is a millionaire. you feel your $15 ticket burning in your pocket.

imagine the sound track. imagine hearing the sound track, muffled, from the next theater over. imagine the people spared the reality of witnessing a racial caricature pita bread orgasm in high definition. imagine the people who will applaud this movie for its “edgy take on comedy”. you exit the theater, a white guy probably named tyler gushes about the film to his uncomfortable date. she remembers the food orgy. she will not text him back.

Idiot (Peter Parker x Reader)

Idiot (Peter Parker x Reader), (Dad-Tony x Reader)
Prompt: “You are such an idiot!” “I know you are but what am I?”

You were in the lab in Stark tower. It’s been two weeks since Steve disappeared with what people were calling “Team Cap”. Meanwhile you were stuck here with your dad, Tony Stark, and what people were calling “Team Iron Man”. 

Yes, you love everyone on Team Iron Man, except for Spider Boy. But you just wish that you didn’t sign the Accords, the only reason you did was to keep your job as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. To be honest, the Accords sucked. You couldn’t build a robotic dog without permission. 

So here you were, making blueprints and formulas for new machines and chemicals, but not being allowed to see if they will work. Your Dad was in the other room, looking like he was putting away his welding equipment after fixing up his suit. With a sigh you leaned back in the chair you were sitting in and stared at the roof.

“What’s up, Buttercup?” Your Dad asked, taking off his helmet and gloves, setting them on your table. 

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So I was attempting to brawl in Eichenwalde earlier and entered a skirmish there, and chose Pharah. As soon as I entered, a Mercy already in the skirmish emoted “Group up with me!!”

Wondering if the Mercy was just being friendly or seriously wanted someone to group up with her, I flew around the map looking for her until I saw her jumping up and down at the edge of the castle. I promptly followed her, and she lead me into the castle, turning around to watch me to see if I was still following her.

She disappeared behind a wall because I was hesitant, not wanting to be annoying or whatever - and also we were the only two people in the skirmish - so I slowed down in case the Mercy didn’t really want me to follow her for some reason lol, but I turned the corner and entered the room, and I find her sitting just like this 

She wanted to have a nice, romantic sit (around the dark souls reference)

Two Couples AU prompts: requested by @greatfanfictions
  • Years ago I was an assassin and you were a mercenary and we tried to kill each other several times. Now I’m at the park with my wife and kids and for some unknown reason, you are here with your wife and kid. Who’s wife will notice the death glares first?

  • So our kid is marrying your kid, suppose we should at least meet each other before the whole wedding ceremony tomorrow morning?

  • Our cat loves to meow at your dog when you both let the dog out in the yard and your dog seems to like our cat… want to let them meet each other?

  • Your significant other is running late to the birth of your child? Same here girl, same here.

  • We are the only four people in the movie theater so now no one can make out in the back cause then literally everyone else in the room will know.

  • We were rivals in high school and you be boasting you beau is better than mine at the 10-year reunion. Oh, it is ON. My hubby is totally better than yours.

Albus just wanted to strangle Scorpius. Why was he doing this to him? Did he not know that he was the only friend Albus had?

Scorpius had taken to spending way too much time in the Gryffindor common room lately. He had even started sitting with Lily at mealtimes. At the Gryffindor table. Lily and Scorpius had gotten so close that people actually thought they were dating.

“No, James! We are just best friends.” Lily said, giggling. James had just asked her if she liked Scorpius.

Best friends?  Albus had had enough. He put his mug of butterbeer down on the table with a bang and stormed off into his room.

Lily and James stared after him, his mug of butterbeer lay untouched on the table.

Christmas break had been quite gloomy for Albus. He had spent most of it avoiding his family. He had tried writing to Scorpius but every single page of his notepad had ended up crumpled in his fireplace.


He missed Scorpius a lot, but now that he was on the Hogwarts Express, Scorpius was the last person he wanted to see. He didn’t know what to say to him after all those letters he had ignored.

He had so far managed to avoid Lily and the rest of his family. He had even found himself an empty carriage at the very end of the train and was just about to bite off the head of the chocolate frog he had bought off the trolley when he heard someone approaching the door to his carriage.

At that very moment, Albus remembered that he hadn’t locked the door. Running to the door was no use, Albus was too late and he knew it. He cursed under his breath as the door opened and Scorpius walked right into him almost knocking him over.

And before Albus could react, Scorpius had an arm around his waist and time seemed to have frozen still.

Scorpius was so close, Albus could clearly make out every little speck of blue in his soft grey eyes. He had never really looked at Scorpius the way he was looking at him right then. In that moment Albus noticed every little detail, from the way a lock of his white blonde hair fell into his eyes, to how long his eyelashes were, to his lips. Albus wanted to kiss him and find out for himself if his lips were as soft as they looked.

Wait… He couldn’t kiss Scorpius they were best friends. Or at least they had been…Albus pushed Scorpius away forcefully, the moment had passed. He was sure he was blushing now so he turned away to hide it. What was he thinking? He had never liked Scorpius that way.

“Albus, I’ve been searching for you everywhere! Why are you avoiding us? You didn’t reply to a single one of my letters and Lily said you wouldn’t talk to her all break.” Scorpius was rubbing his elbow which had hit the door of the carriage pretty hard.

Avoiding us, Since when did Scorpius refer to Himself and Lily as us?

“Albus, why won’t you speak to me?” Scorpius said, touching Albus’ shoulder.

“Oh, why don’t you just go sit with Lily?! She’s your best friend, isn’t she?” Albus burst out, he was now facing Scorpius, his hand long gone from Albus’ shoulder. Anger and pain were clear in Albus’ eyes.

“What do you mean- oh…is that the reason? Is it because I’m friends with Lily?” Scorpius looked hopeful.

“not everything is about you, Scorpius! Now will you please leave me alone?” Albus was shouting now. He felt as if someone was choking him.

Scorpius looked just as hurt as Albus was feeling. But in the very next moment he clenched his jaw and hurt completely vanished from his face. It was replaced by anger.

“You know what, Albus Severus Potter? Not everything is about you.” Scorpius’ tone was low and as cold as ice. Albus refused to admit, even to himself, that he found it rather sexy.

Scorpius walked away leaving the door open and Albus cursed again, closing the door shut.

He banged his forehead on the door and let the tears he was holding back for months finally flow noiselessly.


“I can’t believe I’m in love with such a jerk! He just won’t admit he’s jealous! He is just so thick.” Scorpius was pacing in the carriage Lily had found for the two of them.

“He is the only one who doesn’t know he’s in love with you yet… literally everyone else can see the way he looks at you.  Just give him some time.” Lily sat on the seat with a book of hexes open on her lap.

“He hates me, Lils! You promised to help, it’s not working!” Scorpius looked exhausted…and heartbroken.

“Just give him some time…” Lily repeated, she hated seeing Scorpius this way, but she was sure about one thing, Albus was as hopelessly in love with Scorpius as Scorpius was with him.


Albus had spent the last couple of days in complete denial. He couldn’t stop thinking about Scorpius and how much he wanted to kiss him. It was messing with his head. It was so bad that he couldn’t even look at Scorpius without going all red in the cheeks. He was glad that Scorpius was keeping his distance and hadn’t tried talking to him yet, but he could feel Scorpius constantly watching  him. It took him everything he had to not look at him or just jump his bones.

Albus turned around as he heard the lock to his dorm room click. Scorpius had just walked in and locked the door. Honestly, where were his stupid annoying roommates when he need them? Albus was now locked in a room with Scorpius. Alone.

It had taken Lily five whole days to convince Scorpius to go talk to Albus. And now Scorpius stood, staring at Albus who was staring right back. Neither of them could come up with words to say to each other. They just looked at each other, each of them finding it harder to breathe with every passing second.

Finally, Scorpius decided he couldn’t take it any more and walked over to Albus and kissed him right on the lips.

Albus was frozen with shock and when he didn’t kiss back Scorpius pulled away with a sigh.

“Sorry.” he whispered, turning away from Albus.

“No,  wait!” Albus grabbed his hand and suddenly they were kissing again. The first time had been like fireworks, it had momentarily paralysed Albus.

But this kiss was something else entirely.

Albus weaved his fingers into Scorpius’ soft blonde locks as they kissed like there was no tomorrow. The kiss was not like what Scorpius had imagined at all; it was way way better. Scorpius moaned softly as Albus’ tongue entered his mouth. He had kissed people before, but kissing Albus was completely different. It just felt so right.

After what felt like hours, they broke apart, both of them out of breath.

Scorpius laughed, pressing his forehead to Albus’, his eyes still closed.

“What’s so funny? Albus asked, untangling his fingers from Scorpius’ hair just to wrap his arms around his waist.

“You.” Scorpius breathed out in a whisper, opening his eyes and wrapping his arms around Albus’ neck, pulling him closer.

“Idiot.” Albus snuggled into his neck giggling.

“Git.” Scorpius replied  with a smile, holding on to Albus as if he would disappear if he let go of him.

“And for the record…you are my best friend, Albus. And you always will be.” Scorpius said.

Albus kissed his neck “Best boyfriends sound better?”

@mypoorlittlephanshipperheart thanks for the prompt! I hope you like it! 😄

The Peepo Family

Okay so while at Magfest @maniaknight and I went exploring and found the Computer Museum room, which was this amazing space filled with all these old computers and really retro games (which you could play, and play we did!) that were played on them back in the day. While reminiscing, we found the original Sims game and we couldn’t resist:

Introducing the Peepo household!

This is ManiaKnight and Xedra Peepo! We are…kids :D We are the only ones living in this house, haha.

Mania was in charge of furnishing the house with the money we obviously stole from somewhere acquired. If my memory is correct, we are the proud owners of two campfires, a pinball machine in the bathroom, a parrot, three art easels, a computer (for tumblr, of course), like 10 various cakes placed delicately on the floor, and a pink toy chest. We also have a barrier of 5 balloon bundles that was meant to keep people off our property. You can see the school bus arriving to take us away from our wonderland because we are kids with no income to pay our bills.

Obviously the balloons did not seem to work, because who the hell are all these people AND THEY KEPT BREAKING INTO OuR HOUSE TO TAKE OUR CAKES

A pile of wild cats that came by when we were at school.

And here we see Xedra and Mania Peepo trying to escape the inevitability of starvation and foreclosure by playing with our pet parrot and painting invisible paintings.

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30 and Jun please!!

Junhui + “I can’t sleep.”

Your roommate’s parties were legendary. The kind that people at your university talked about for weeks after and the kind that left your room mate cleaning your apartment for hours.

Usually you were gone, you wanted no part of the madness that took place, but this time you’d been booted out of your best friend’s place because her boyfriend was coming over so you’d been forced to participate.

It was how you’d found yourself in the corner of your living room holding a cup of punch that you had no intention of drinking. You thought about texting Junhui but you were certain he was asleep. The two of you had been sort-of dating for a few weeks and you weren’t sure yet if he would be the type to rescue you out of this situation. You weren’t even sure you could call him your boyfriend. Despite how often the two of you communicated, you’d only been on a couple actual dates.

Like he had been reading your mind, you got a text.

what are you doing?

You smiled down at your phone and wondered if you could sneak off to your room without your roommate noticing.

i can’t sleep :(

Your room was, thankfully, empty. Last time you’d come home after one of your roommate’s party, you’d found a bra and a man’s t-shirt.

why not?

His text comforted you and you tossed yourself back on your bed.

party in my apt. too loud.

The next text took a while to arrive. For a moment you thought he’d fallen asleep and you pouted. 

come sleep here?

Your heart drummed in your chest and you willed yourself to settle before you replied. You knew he didn’t mean anything by it, all the time you’d been dating he’d been a gentleman, but it was still a lot to take in. Still. The prospect of sleeping over at Jun’s place appealed to you more than trying to sleep in your room.

You took a taxi to his apartment and wished the tote bag you’d brought with you wouldn’t feel so awkward. It made you feel like a middle-schooler going to a sleepover.

His roommate, Mingyu, opened the door. You’d only met him once before you and Jun started dating and you wondered if he even remembered you. “Jun, your girlfriend’s here,” he called back into the apartment and made way for you.

You flushed. Girlfriend. Junhui popped out of his room and you waited for him to correct Mingyu but he smiled. “Hey.”

You bit back the grin threatening to erupt on your face and glanced to the couch where you’d just noticed a boy you’d never met before looking quiet but confused.

Jun stepped forward. “Wonwoo, this is my girlfriend. She’s the reason I’m sleeping on the couch tonight.”

The boy–Wonwoo–waved and smiled as if the pieces of a difficult puzzle he’d been working on had finally come together. “Hi.”

You were still reeling from hearing Junhui call you his girlfriend but you gathered enough of your sanity back to wave back and smile politely in his direction.

Jun pulled you to his room. “Is this good?” He gestured to his bed where it was clear he’d just put on fresh sheets.

You nodded. “Thanks, Jun.”

Part of you wished he would stay but you were glad when he didn’t because the second he was out of the room your face split into a grin, the word echoing in your head. Girlfriend.


You hadn’t noticed the looks Sara and Snart would give each other until Jax pointed it out. He hadn’t pointed it out on purpose, of course. He had made an off-hand comment about Snart and Sara communicating through strange looks, and you happened to overhear it. When you asked him what they were talking about though he became flustered and tried to change the subject.

You decided that you wanted to know since Sara was your best friend who knew you had a little crush on Snart. So, you went into her room one ‘night’ (if it could even be considered a night at all) to have a chat with the assassin. When you first asked, her she was reluctant to tell you, but sighed with an, I can’t take you two anymore and only said that Snart shared your feelings.

For a moment, you hadn’t believed her. How could someone like Snart have feelings (it was one of the traits that drew you to him. You always ended up liking people who you thought could never like you back). You quickly realized it wasn’t a joke, as Sara had never lied to you about these things before. So you were determined to get at least a date with Captain Cold.

That’s how you found yourself outside his room, staring at him as he cleaned his cold gun with his back towards you.

“Take a picture, it’ll-”

“I swear to god Snart, if you finish that sentence, I won’t let you take me out to get a drink.” You hoped you sounded confident because you sure didn’t feel that way. Snart paused, then turned to you. “So, what do you say, Captain?” You cross your arms and lean on his doorway unconsciously. “Drinks?”

“You’re so confident I’ll say yes?”

“What do I have to lose if you say no? I’m sure Ray will go with me if I ask nicely enough.” You didn’t miss the scrunch of Snart’s nose at the mention of Doctor Palmer. After a moment’s contemplation, Snart shrugged as if he couldn’t be bothered by the situation and grabbed his parka.

“Well then, let’s go, shall we?”

(Requested by @bookluver01 . Sorry, it took so long to get out. I do not own the gif)

do you realize how bad of a story teller bitty is? okay not that bad but he puts us under the impression that he and jack are super secretly hiding this relationship and its like a goddamn 007 mission but….. they’re so bad. and we see everything through bitty and occasionally jack’s pov, so when they’re talking obviously they’re going to think a. they’re the only two people in the world and b. no one can hear them. so when the team is so obviously not shocked by this at all, they’re dumbfounded!! they were so secretive!! except when jack was too lost in daydreams about blonde hair and deep brown eyes that he forgot to take his post it notes off the fridge. and bitty was too busy doodling hearts that he forgot he was in!! the middle!! of class!! drawing hearts with “mr. zimmermann” all over them and accidentally leaving it in lardo’s room when they study. and don’t even get me on started on the phone calls because chowder lives across the goddamn hall he has ears, eric the boy has ears

tl;dr, bitty (and jack) are bad at telling us (the readers) that they’re secretive because they’re so obviously and disgustingly in love with one another that there is no way in hell or high water that they can keep it a secret

imknc22  asked:

13!!!!! ❤️

13: “It’s pitch black in here and I can see you’re blushing”

It felt like things like this only happened in movies, the classic mistake of arriving at a hotel and releasing there is only one bed in the room for two people who definitely haven’t confessed their attraction to one another. At first Spencer were mortified, the last thing he wanted was to make you uncomfortable or let you figure out his crush on you.

He tried avoiding going to bed until the last possible minute, pouring over the case files hoping that for once you wouldn’t be so kind in helping him and instead just go to sleep. It would be far easier to sleep next to you knowing that you weren’t awake to feel his tenseness.

But of course, you had to be the nice person and stay up until neither of you could keep your eyes open. You went and got changed in the bathroom and Spencer hurried to get changed before you came out and caught him in his underwear, he didn’t want to make this anymore awkward than it had to be.

“What side do you sleep on?” You asked once you came out of the bathroom, dressed in short cotton shorts and old band t-shirt. Spencer glanced over at the bed then back at you, awkwardly playing with his hands.

“Oh, I. Um, left. I sleep on the left.” He said before walking over to the bed, it was thankfully a double but there still wouldn’t be much space between you once he laid down.

“Good, I like the right.” You watched as Spencer climbed into bed, tucking himself in under the blanket before looking over at you, he had positioned himself as close to the wall as possible to give you the majority of the space.

The awkward silence that occurs when you too climbed into bed and switched the lamp off was immense, you tried to move around to get comfortable but your hand brushed against Spencer’s thigh and made him tense up. Your crush on the doctor had been around since you arrived at the BAU and while it was extremely awkward being so close to him with your feelings hidden way, it felt ridiculously right.

“It’s pitch black in here and I can see you’re blushing.” You tried to clear the tension in the air, Spencer let out a breathy chuckle but you could still feel how tense he was, clearly uncomfortable from your close proximity.

 “Yeah, well. It’s not every day I’m in bed next to a beautiful woman.” His words trailed off as he realised that his one goal to hide his crush wasn’t going so well, instead of hearing a reply you turned over so you were facing Spencer’s direction. With a lot of hesitance, you moved closer and rested your head on his chest, he was so warm and smelt so good that it almost instantaneously lulled you to sleep. 

It took Spencer a little longer, too busy gushing over how you weren’t freaked out by his words before eventually slipping his arm around you and falling asleep, perfectly content by your side.
The 17 Best TV Couples Of 2016
Who says love is dead?
By crystal bell

The chemistry between Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood is as subtle as a freight train. It’s incendiary and all-consuming: It’s palpable. Shadowhunters took its time exploring Magnus and Alec’s mutual attraction, but in the penultimate episode of the show’s first season, things finally started to click. Magnus detailed what falling in love felt like: loss of breath when that person enters a room, a rapidly beating heart, and tingling skin. It was a speech that not only marked the dawn of “Malec,” but also echoed what viewers were feeling as they watched two people so perfect for one another fall in love.

Bittersweet: Riarkle Fanfiction

Bittersweet / Angst / High school 

Authors note: I wrote half of this back in the fall under the user Girlwholoveshumanities. The first two parts each had over 100 notes, and it seemed like a lot of people enjoyed it, but I was really busy with school so I never got to finish it. Well, I finally did. Hopefully you still like it :)                                    


They had loved each other between glances, between darkly-lit embraces and between the confines of quiet desires. But all of these things were merely moments, moments stemming from something greater: an unexplainable understanding that the two of them shared. Their eyes locked in every room, and their palms never ceased to find each other. It was only a wall of fear and rejection that had separated them all of these years, and now, it was slowly dissolving. 

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Sirius Black Imagine

You took Sirius’ hand and said the password. You saw that only a few people were in the common room, and you pulled him through the portrait. You were laughing, and kissed him lightly. 

You saw that one of the people in the common room was James. Next to him was Remus. 

“Agh! My eyes!” James shouted. 

“Shut up!” You shouted back.

A few of the girls in the room giggled. It was pretty late, you had just come back from dinner. Most people were probably sleeping. 

“I can’t believe two of my best friends are dating.” James said. 

“It’s been like three years, can you get over it, please?” You teased, ruffling James’ hair. 

“Three and a half, angel.” Sirius reminded you, floating to where you were now sitting on the couch. He pulled you closer to him, and his hand on one side of your head pushed your hair to one side when he kissed the top of your head. 

“Sirius,” You whined, laughing and pushing him off. That just made him try to pull you closer to him. 

“But I love you, babe.” Sirius said. 

“Oh you do?” You asked. 

“You’re wearing my jacket!” Sirius pointed out. 

You pulled his leather jacket tighter around you. “Yes I am.” 

Sirius laughed. “But you still look hot.”

“Ew!” James complained. 

You whacked the side of his head. Remus chuckled in his chair. 

“What do you want?” You giggled. 

“Nothing, nothing.” Remus said, continuing to read from his charm’s textbook.

You picked up one of the pillows and threw it at him. Remus ducked a bit, but you still hit him. 

“Nice throw.” James commented. 

“Thanks.” You replied. 

“Baby, will you help me study?” Sirius asked you.

“Sirius I’m tired.” You said. 

“Pretty please? You’re the only one smarter than Moony in Gryffindor.” Sirius argued. 

“Hey!” Remus shouted. You giggled. 

“Sorry, Moony.” Sirius said. 

“We’re equally intelligent.” You assured Remus. 

“Sure.” Remus joked. 

You pushed him slightly. “Shut up, you’re so smart.” 

“Okay, sure.” Remus said. 

“As I said, I’m extremely tired, so I will see you all in the morning.” You sighed, standing up and walking to the girl’s dormitory. You shut the door quietly behind you, careful not to wake up any of the girls, and slipped into pajamas. 

You fell asleep quickly after you hit the pillow.

You woke up the next morning, and thankfully none of the other girls had. You quietly tip-toed into the shower and washed your hair, and stepped out, getting changed into your uniform. 

When you walked out into the common area, your hair was nearly dry, and you used a charm to air dry the rest of it. Sirius and James were sitting, and Sirius turned to look at you.

“Morning, darling.” he greeted, standing up. 

“Good morning, Sirius.” You replied. 

“I am starving.” Sirius said. 

“How about you get something a little bit more suitable for breakfast on?” You suggested, pointing to his bare chest. 

“But you like it like this, don’t you, love?” Sirius flirted. 

“I do, but I can’t say McGonagall will. Get changed.” You pushed him in the direction of his room. 

Sirius stumbled a bit jokingly before going into his room. He came out a few moments later with Remus behind him, thankfully in his robes this time. 

“Thank Merlin, I’m starving.” You said. 

Sirius threw his arm around you, and led you down to the breakfast.

He ate like a pig, but Gordric, you loved him. 

Galway Girl > Lucaya St Patrick's Day special

In some strange way, the Texan boy felt right at home in the countryside of Galway (which was practically all of it, as he had discovered). The people were friendly, the accents thick and the drinking habits strong as ever, reminding him of home. He had been invited to the pub by his mate Farkle, a native new yorker who was over with him for the whole adventure. 

The two made their way to The Coat of Arms (the only pub they could find within walking distance). Lucas felt a buzz, like he knew something was happening. As soon as the door flung open on the two Americans, a gust of wind pushed in front of them into the chaotic scene of the pub. And to be honest, they felt a little lost.

 The boy’s green eyes scanned the room, trying to take in the uproarious sight, the pub packed to the brim with Irishmen on the warm Saturday night (well at least for the irishmen it was, the two Americans were bundled up tight). And that was when he spotted a lively but pint sized blonde, standing on a table with a bunch of people cheering around her and she stamped her feet in rhythm. His eyes travelled over her short legs that lead to the most beautiful figure he thought he had ever seen. He could spot her eyes from a mile away, considering they were of a dark blue, like sapphires or diamonds. He watched her as she hopped off the table lightly, pointing to who he presumed was her brother who stood there with a guitar, the spitting image of the blonde.

 The crowd turned to watched the boy as the blonde moved her way towards the bar, Lucas taking the opportunity to be hot on her heels. He stood beside her in the queue as she ordered her whiskey, and as the bartender began to ice the small glass, the pixie turned to Lucas who pretended he definitely had not been staring at her for the last 20 minutes. “Hey, I haven’t seen you around here before! You new?” The words poured from her rouged lips and he was a little shocked. 

Her accent was thick but he couldn’t decipher whether it was American or Irish (but he liked the smooth tone of it too much to care). In that moment, he realised he hadn’t replied yet and stumbled over his words in an attempt to form a coherent sentence. “Y-Yeah! I’m here with that guy-” He pointed to where Farkle was laughing with a perky brunette. “We’re ov-” He was cut off by the cheeky looking girl, who interrupted him in surprise. “WAIT! You’re from Texas aren’t you? I bet you’re from Texas oh I am so right about you being from Texas!” He chuckled lightly, nodding his head up and down. “Yep, true Texan here!” She giggled, her smile reaching her eyes as she shook with laughter. She stayed for a drink with him, telling her how she had moved from New York to Galway with her mom and brother after her father left, since her mom had relatives in Ireland.

 She explained how much she loved Ireland, with the big rolling green hills and (sometimes) blue skies but how she longed to go back to New York because she longed for something more. He listened to every word that rolled off her tongue, taking in every small detail of her rosy, plump cheeks and the way her nose scrunched up whenever she laughed and he like it. A lot.

 She slammed her pint on the table, sliding it to the bartender and taking his hand to lead him to the main part of the pub. She handed him a pool stick with a big grin across her cheeks. “You play?” He asked her as she raised her eyebrows at him. “A tad.” She smirked, signaling for him to take the first shot. He hit the triangle of balls and watched as they rolled to all ends of the murky green table that had a mysterious brown stain on one corner. She stepped up to take her shot, purposefully missing the white ball by a mile with a half assed “oops”, her grin not flickering once. 

He took his second shot, hit arm low and steady as his father had taught him. He let out a small woop as it went the way he wanted it to but was moved to the side by the Irish girl popping her hip to get space to take her shot. Arm back, elbow bet, low down and a squinted eye chasing the ball as she hit it just at the right angle. His jaw slacked as he watched the perfect shot, right into the corner. “I thought you only played a bit of pool!” He exclaimed in shock. “I do. Just a good small bit of pool.” She bit her lip as her eyes sparkled mischievously. 

And then she beat him. Bad. Like really bad. Like his father would woop his ass if he ever saw him loose that badly to anyone ever. So of course, he challenged her to a game of darts. Which she also smashed him at. Lucas put down his last dart in defeat, but was suddenly being whisked to another corner of the bar where they continued talking. 

 "What’s your name ?“ She enquired, her blonde tussles flying all over the place as she ran her fingertips through it. "Lucas.” He replied with a grin (because quite frankly his cheeks hurt from smiling so much but he couldn’t stop that night). She pulled a face and cocked her head to the side before nodding. “Yep. I prefer huckleberry. Huckleberry it is.” She giggled, her pearly whites poking through as she threw her head back.

 "What’s your name?“ He continued, looking straight into her big, blue eyes. "Well that’s for me to know and you to not.” She replied, raising one of her eyebrows with a smile.

 "Oh come on.“ He pleaded with her and she gave in. ”

Fine. Maya. Maya Penelope Hart.“ She said definitely, with a quick eye roll as he chuckled at her middle name. Maya Hart. The name of something you want to love. He certainly agreed with that. 

 "Hmmm. I prefer leprechaun since you’re so short.” She rolled her eyes at him, obviously used to the height teasing by now, even if she still only stood 5'2 in the big black boots she framed herself with. He began to make his way outside, in need of a quick cigarette. And, just to his luck, Maya followed him out, sharing the cheap tobacco with him.

 "You know something, Hart?“ She met his eyes as she looked up to his height, his sea foam irises staring back at her in such great deepness that she felt her knees wobble slightly at just the thought of him. What had this no good cowboy done to her in just a few hours! The conversation turned to futures. Hopes, dreams, realities. Everything you could think of.

 "Why did you come here ? To Galway, I mean. No one ever really comes here. Its the type of place where you’re born and you either are desperate to escape and are lucky enough to escape, or you are desperate to escape but get caught as just another cog in a working machine." 

He shrugged, unsure of the answer himself, lifting the cigarette to his lips. 

"If I honest, I needed to escape home. I had a girl and she treated me like shit, but it still hurt when it ended, you know?” She nodded solemnly with a bitter sweet smile. 

“Yeah. Yeah I know.” And then suddenly his lips were on hers and his hands were in her hair and her fingers were laced with his as was her heart as she dragged him back to the pub for warmth from the night chill. 

The pub had managed to become even more alive through the night, the heart being the music of the folk group who rapped up their last song. Suddenly, she was clambering on a stool onto the table with a guy called Sean and then was back on the dance floor with Arthur and creating a beat with Johnny and kissing Lucas like nobody was watching, his lips aching to be attached to her soft, vanilla (mixed with Guinness) lips, tequila tongues dancing around each others mouths. 

She was back on the table and began singing something in Gaelic he couldn’t understand but good god, she had a gorgeous voice. It was like an angel had learned how to play the guitar and was sitting there in human form, stunning to a familiar folk song which some of the patrons were humming along to. She finished the song, the crowd erupting into cheers for her as she blushed a light pink and a couple with a fiddle took to the stage. He pushed through the crowds to where she was chatting to one of the locals who was asking her about joining their choir (to which she politely declined, cause bloody hell she wasn’t made for that).

 He pulled her outside, complementing her voice, managing to get a taste of her sweet lips he craved once more. She took his hand in her own small one and began walking down the streets lit up with a hazy glow from street lights. They reached an apartment complex, at which point he was carrying her weight on his shoulders due to her constant complaining on her exhaustion.

 The night ended with a bottle of wine and snuggles in sweats on the sofa, watching whatever crap was on tv at that point. But he was content, knowing this wouldn’t be the last time he danced with the pretty little Galway girl.

The Ghost of Juice Ortiz - Shades Alvarez |6|

“I’ll make your little secret public.”

It had been several days since you had last seen juice. Your brain was still jumbled with information that you didn’t fully understand. On top of having to attend a funeral today it was just horrible all the way around. You had to escort your grandmother to the funeral for Pops. He had indeed been shot and killed riding his own barber shop.

As you helped your grandmother into the car the two of you drove to the church where they were holding the funeral. To be completely honest you were probably the only white people in the entire place. But due to your grandmother living in Harlem her entire life, she knew the community and treated them like family as they did her the same.

Quickly finding a seat for the two of you you helped your grandmother sit down toward the front of the room. As service started a man that you had seen at the club from the round circular window stood up to say a few words.

He went on about how pops was the center of this community and how he was always there when others weren’t for him. He was going on about how pops wanted to see Harlem become great and basically a big speech about how they needed to move forward.

But what you did not expect to see was when Luke Cage came up and took centre-stage right in the middle of the aisle. You turned and looked at him and as you did so you seen you sitting across the aisle towards more of the middle of the room. You swore that the two of you made eye contact but you were unable to tell due to the fact that he was wearing his shades inside the building.

Luke went on about something completely different. About how pops considered everybody and anybody family and that whoever had done this to him he would not want Vengeance or Bloodshed, the exact opposite of what the man at the altar head spoken about. As Luke went to speak more you felt Goosebumps litter your entire body as his words seem to ring true with what little you knew about pops.

After the show was said and done and everybody started filing out of the church and standing around talking to one another remembering the man that had been killed in the middle of his Barber Shop it was good when you were grab quickly by the arm and pulled off into one of the side rooms of the church. You nearly stumbled but were able to catch yourself on a desk that was right in front of you.

Hearing the click of the door you turn and seen that it was Juice standing there with his shades now off as he locked the door. He turned to look at you with a stone set face as he slowly approach you. You stood up straight and place your hands on the back of the desk as you waited for him to say something, but he only continue to walk toward you.

“You haven’t spoken to the police. Seems like you remember how to keep your mouth shut.”

You felt a pain in your chest. Was that all he really had to say to you? After nearly a year of him pretending to be dead, making you think that he was dead, keeping your mouth shut remembering how to do so that was all he had to say to you?

“You owe me answers.”

He chuckled. Finding that your straightforwardness and bluntness had not left you. You were still the same as he had always remembered you to be. Someone who wanted to get straight to the point of things and didn’t agree to beating around the bush.

He collapsed two shades and place them in his pocket on his suit. He then trapped you between his arms as he placed his hands down on the side of the desk next to you and leaned over slightly close to your face.

You didn’t miss the notion of his eyes darting down to your lips before they darted back up to your own eyes. He then gave you a smug look and a slight snort that was almost a chuckle but didn’t make it out to fully be one.

“I don’t owe you shit.”

He told you. The shock you greatly. There never would have been a time that juice would have ever spoken to you this way or would have told you something in such a disrespectful manner.

“I thought you were dead!”

“That’s the whole point of Disappearing. To make people think that you’re dead. So that they don’t try to come after you to actually kill you.”

“How could you do this to me? Why?”

“Easy. I stopped caring.”

His words were like ice to you. You started to question as to what had happened to him. You knew the towards the end of the days with the club that he was slowly starting to lose himself. You hardly recognized him back when that happened you realize that he was becoming more distant and more distraught every day that he was around you. But you never would have thought that he would have turned out to be so cold and heartless now.

“Why are you acting like this Juice?”

You asked, feeling the tears in the corners of your eyes as your emotions were turning from bad to worse.

“I’m doing what I need to do to survive, babe. It’s nothing personal. It’s just business.”

He stated a sickening grin coming to his lips as he took his bottom lip between his teeth and looked at you.

“Business? You’re living a fucking lie! You’re not this "Shades” person! You’re fucking Juan Carlos Ortiz! You’re my Ol'man!“

You said raising your voice slightly angry with how all of this was playing out. The first time you had seen him you hadn’t expected things to go like this. When he told you that he was going to talk to you and, you didn’t know that the talk was going to turn out to be something is ugly is this.

"That’s not who I am here. It’s just a dirty little secret.”

He spoke so plainly. You gritted your teeth unable to hold back the anger any longer.

“And just what would happen if I made your little secret public! What then!”

Before you knew what was happening, Juice had grabbed you by the throat and had slammed you down backwards against the desk. You gasped as you looked up into the firey eyes that you once loved. The eyes that once held a goofy type of shine to them but was now replaced with a murderous look that was intent on killing.

“You don’t even wanna think about what would happen if you did that.”

He told you, holding your neck tightly as his other hand went and ghosted up your exposed inner thigh thanks to your black dress. Your breath hitched in the back of your throat as you laid there, feeling his fingers moving up your thigh and to your center.

You gasped and didn’t dare move as you felt his finger brushing against the fabric of your underwear right over your clit. You looked up at him as he gazed down at you, his pupils enlarged as he slowly moved his fingers.

“Let’s me know you’re not going to tell anyone, Y/N.”

He said pushing down to where he was rolling his fingers over your covered clit. You bit your bottom lip as you squirmed Underneath Him trapped like a rat.


He asked again while still moving his fingers over you. You nodded your head which was the only thing that you could do. You were afraid that if you opened up your mouth to give him an answer all that would come out would be a moan.

“Say it.”

He ordered his finger ghosting down to the side of your underwear where he slipped his fingers under and brushed against your folds. You sucked in a sharp breath.

“I won’t tell! I won’t!”

You gasped. You seen that white tooth smile as he seemed pleased with your answer. Moving his fingers up through your folds once he then pulled away from you completely. He released you by your neck allowing you to fully breathe once again. You glanced up just in time to see him stick his fingers in his mouth and suck them clean from your juices before pulling out his shades from his pocket and setting them back on his face.

“Stay out of trouble, Y/N.”

He said as he unlocked the door without sparing you a second glance and left the room. You sighed deeply as you place your hand on your forehead and laid your body back on the desk.

What the fuck just happened.


@codenamekaraortiz since I slacked on giving you chapter 5 yesterday I’m sorry.


Joshifer Daily Reminder: Sometimes the intensity or the pure joy in which Jen and Josh look at each other is really quite incredible. So many times they share so much with just a look. I realize that some of these images were taken from a video about a serious topic, but the focus of one on the other is so concentrated and so focused, it’s like they’re the only two people in the room. Their true feelings about each other is very hard to hide. They look at each other with such adoration and passion. You can’t fake that - not in an interview when they’re just themselves. They are just Jen and Josh - drinking each other in - in front of reporters - two alleged best pals who can’t stop undressing each other with their eyes. 


Gifs taken from @joshifer-mj1promo-masterpost and other sources.

True Love

Summary: You and Dan are always breaking up and getting back together again

Warnings: Swearing. Obvs.

Word Count: 395

This was really funny to write. I hope you enjoy it!

The soft knocking at your door that you had been waiting for around two hours made you smile slightly, and you got off your place on the sofa to answer it. As soon as you swung the door open, Dan’s familiar arms were wrapping around your waist and pulling you off the ground, your legs wrapping round him and your lips crashing together.

It happened every time. For about four years.

Your relationship with Dan was so closely bonded, yet it held so much fiery hate people were confused why you were even together. Sometimes, you even asked yourself what you were doing here, why hadn’t you moved on from the on and off relationship – but there was no one quite like Dan.

Every argument, someone would storm out the room, but only to return, all the hateful words completely forgotten and forgiven.

But every time he came back, or you jumped into his arms, dropping your bag of clothes on the floor, it was just like you’d met all over again, like you hadn’t known each other for so long.

Sometimes you’d be gone for a week, sometimes an hour – but you’d always reunite.  

“I don’t know how you stand it, Y/N.” Phil had told you, sitting on his bed and eating cookies with his laptop playing anime. “I mean; you don’t get angry at him for calling you things?”

“In the moment, of course I do.” You had grinned. “But when he is gone, it’s not the same. Life would suck without him.”

Dan spun you around, landing on the sofa. You pulled away from the kiss and laughed at him, straddled over his chest, looking down at him.

“You know, you almost upset me this time.” You remarked, and he punched your arm jokingly, smiling.

“Nearly made me leave for good this time.”

“You ain’t going anywhere, Howell.”

“What happens if we have kids? They’re going to get really pissed.” Dan smirked.

“If they’re your kids, they’ll deal with it.” Leaning down, you met his lips with yours again, just as someone knocked at the door. “Oh, that’ll be the pizza.”

“You ordered pizza?” He laughed as you got off his chest.

“You’re predictable, Howell.”

“You should call me Howell more often. It’s hot.” He stated, and you winked at him over your shoulder.

“Should have told me sooner… Howell.”