it was like being hit in the face by a semi of all these feelings i avoid confronting

You’re Lucky You’re Cute

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Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1250

Author: Kate the Semi-Great

Warnings: None, as usual

A/N: I’m giving you all two tonight because I feel bad about being inactive.


“I swear you can’t find anyone in this stupid place.” Bucky muttered to himself, finding another empty room at Stark Tower. It was just after a mission, and he was having slight difficulty finding Steve, Y/N, or any other human to help him try and work the TV. He had recently fallen in love with this weird modern thing called Netflix, and though he had no problem flipping through the different movie options, he was still getting used to the rest of the ridiculous amount of buttons present on a remote. He caught a glimpse of someone turning the corner, and ran to catch them. He caught Natasha’s arm, and she spun around quickly. She flipped a knife out of somewhere, and held it to Bucky’s throat, fear in her eyes. When she realized who had surprised her, she breathed out a sigh of relief, and let her guard down again.

“Jeez, Barnes. You can’t just sneak up on people like that.” She said, scolding him with her bold demeanor. 

“Yeah, yeah.” Bucky said sarcastically. “Where is everyone?” 

“I think they’re all still in the infirmary…” Nat said, trying to remember the events of the fight. The team had split up, and she, Bucky, and Clint had all arrived back later than the group.

“Who’s hurt?” Bucky asked, his eyes widening, hope it wasn’t bad, mostly hoping it wasn’t you.

“I know Y/N…” Nat started, but Bucky rushed off at the sound of your name. “Was patching Steve up.” Nat finished to herself, smiling at the obvious crush of Bucky’s.


Part of team was been lounging around while you were bandaging Steve’s bruised ribs. You were now sort of sitting on his lap, for lack of a more efficient position, trying to stitch up a long slash along Steve’s inner bicep. Both of you were highly conscious of the fact that he wasn’t wearing a shirt so you could get to the injuries easier.

“Well, maybe if there was less freaking hard tissue muscle here, I could finish stitching this stupid cut up.” You mumbled for Steve’s benefit, who was feeling a little awkward at your close proximity when he knew about Bucky’s feelings for you. Steve laughed, and flexed slightly to annoy you, which snapped the thread for the 4th time. You turned to look at him, and gave him a face that made him grin even more.

“Seriously, Steve?” You said, laughing slightly in the middle, which totally ruined your impression of Nat’s scolding. You tried to gracefully slip off of Steve’s lap to go and get more thread from the cabinet, but you’re sort of known for being slightly clumsy, and some how you lost your balance on the way from the inspection table to the floor. Just before you hit the floor, you felt muscular arms wrap around your torso to keep from impact. You turned in Steve’s arms slightly so you could see his face, and a blush flushed your features. 

“Hey, don’t dis the muscles.” Steve said, raising his eyebrows. You rolled your eyes, your grin widening. Steve stood up slowly, and was about to let go of you when you had found your footing again. Bucky burst through the double doors of the infirmary, anxious to check on you, and Steve’s arms tightened around you again out of reflex to protect. Bucky’s jaw visibly clenched as he saw Steve’s hold on you, and his eyed were staring daggers at Steve’s. 

“Hi, Buck!” You greeted, hoping your blush wasn’t too noticeable. Steve let go of you at record speed when he caught Bucky’s drift. Jealousy plunged into Bucky’s stomach as you gathered your thread, and started on Steve’s arm again, who was still without a shirt. Steve was shaking his head vigorously trying to tell Bucky that he was thinking the wrong thing. “You aren’t hurt, are you?” You asked Bucky when you realized that he was still standing at the entry. He looked at you with confusion before he comprehended that you had asked him a question.

“What?” He asked, his ears ringing.

“I asked if you were hurt.” You said, finally finishing with Steve’s cut, and handing him his shirt that had been discarded to the floor.

“No… I’m… fine.” Bucky said slowly, and backed out of the infirmary. You looked at Steve, wondering what could possibly be up with his friend that had him acting so weird. You had liked Bucky since he had joined the team, and Nat and Steve both knew, but you had begged them to keep quiet about it.


“Buck, I promise it wasn’t what it looked like! She tripped! I just caught her, that’s it!” Steve tried to convince Bucky several days after the incident.

“Then why was your shirt off?” Bucky retorted. Ever since the serum, Bucky had felt like pre-serum Steve, small and invisible to women.

“You saw! She was stitching a cut. You’re just being petty now, Buck. If you like Y/N, just confront her!” Steve said. Bucky shook his head, thinking it was a bad idea. “I’m sure you’ll get a positive response.” Steve added, then bit his tongue. He had promised you that he wouldn’t tell Bucky about your crush.

“And how are you so sure?” Bucky asked incredulously. Steve shrugged, trying to avoid Bucky’s stare. 


“He’s been avoiding everyone, Nat. I wonder what I did.” You said, pacing your room, finally confiding in your friend about what had been bothering you.

“Maybe he’s just jealous.” Nat hinted. You immediately shook off the idea, and she rolled her eyes at your obliviousness. “Because he likes you, Y/N. Bucky likes you.” You looked at her exasperatedly.

“That’s not funny, Nat.” You said, pushing your hair out of your eyes.

“You know me better than anyone, Y/N. I don’t have a sense of humor. Just a lot of sarcasm to go around.” You looked at her, unwilling to believe what Nat was trying to force into your mind. “Just talk to him. Please.” Nat pleaded, sick of the drama between you and Bucky. You considered the idea, then walked out of the room.


“Hey Bucky! Barnes! Bucky Barnes!” You yelled into the training room, trying to get Bucky to hear you over his music. Finally, you walked into his field of vision to get his attention. He looked at you out of the corner of his eye.

“I don’t know where Steve is.” He said quickly. You rolled your eyes, and turned off the music. 

“We need to talk. You’ve been avoiding everyone, and I want to know why.”

“Too bad.” Bucky answered.

“Tell me.”


You threw your hands in the air, then decided to give Bucky a push.

“Well, you’re lucky you’re cute, because your stubbornness is almost as bad as Tony’s.” Bucky’s expression didn’t change, until he realized what you had said. He looked at you, and smiled. You nodded, wondering how much more oblivious he could get.

“Would you maybe, want to go out sometime?” Bucky asked with a sudden urge of confidence.

“I’ve always wanted to go dancing, and I happen to be free this Friday, so I’d love to.” You said, smiling at the ground.

“So, you, um… like me?” Bucky asked, clarifying. You mentally made a note that he could get much, much more oblivious.

“Well, Steve wasn’t being touchy about the subject of me for no reason.”

“Steve knew?” Bucky said, grinning. You nodded. “I’m so going to kill him.” 



Lasagna pt.2-(Negan)

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Here’s a link to part 1- Lasagna-(Negan)

Word Count: 1364

(A/N) So here is the second requested part to Lasagna, might do more if people want me to keep writing it :)

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We Bring the Boys Out! (Special Ch.8)

Mood board created by Jey @jeylovestoblog

➳ Pairing: Seokjin x OC (feat. in dream sequence - Seokjin x Sojung [GFriend])
➳ Genre: COLLEGE AU, ROOMMATE AU, Friendship, Comedy, Slight-Fluff, & Slight-Romance, (WARNING)
➳TRIGGER WARNING: Implied Cheating (it’s small but I still wanted to warn you.)
➳ Words: 2,822
➳ Song(s) That Inspired Me: Love and War
➳ POV: 3rd Person

Summary: While walking home one night, Kim stopped to enjoy the calming atmosphere that is the snowy season, Winter, however, as soon as she starts to walk again, she notices a familiar face hugging an unknown woman. Wait.. was Seokjin cheating on her?!

Season 1: We Bring the Boys Out
Season 2: B.O.Y

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Boxer!Luke part 3

Warning: some sexual mentions, alcohol mention

Word count: 2.5k

A/N: First of all I wanna say I am so sorry this took me months to update even though nobody was waiting probably, it’s finally finished! And it’s the longest thing I’ve written until now. It’s also a mess, so much is happening but at the same time I feel like it’s boring and a filler. It’s the second last part, there is one final part after this what I hope won’t take me so long. Enjoy!

part one  part two 


He woke up once again with you in his bed. But this time you were the one still asleep and not aware of his gaze onto you. Luke wanted to punch himself, he broke the promise he made to himself: to never sleep in a bed with you again. And you were both naked underneath the covers and he was drunk out of his mind last night. But as much as he wanted to hate himself and you for what you were doing to him he couldn’t stop admiring your peacefully sleeping face. You were beautiful and kind, he didn’t deserve you. With that realization and a huff Luke got out of bed and your body moved under the blanket and you opened your eyes.

The first thing you were met with was the sight of Luke being stark naked and immediately all the actions from last night came rushing into your mind. You blushed but didn’t avert your gaze, and acknowledged with a smile that he was semi hard. Luke caught your gaze but it didn’t matter to him, you saw each other naked before and his cock was inside you so what was there more to get embarrassed. But he had to accept that you were most likely not the person to give him a morning blow job so he pulled on a pair of boxers and walked out of his room, leaving you behind.

You frowned. He didn’t say a single word to you, not even a good morning. Maybe you should’ve said something, you felt stupid. Of course he wasn’t going to say something, he was naturally grumpy in the morning and second you meant nothing more to him than what happened at night so you weren’t important in the morning anymore.

You didn’t want to get up, his bed was way more comfortable than yours but if you wouldn’t do it now Luke would come back and ask you to leave in a not so nice manner and you didn’t want to test him even more. You swung your legs out of the bed and looked around to find your clothes. Much less to your surprise you found your underwear ripped, Luke wasn’t exactly gentle the night before. You slipped in your oversized shirt that you were always wearing to sleep and got out before Luke came back.

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How To Raise A Teenage Vampire (Part Four)

Summery: Mystic Falls is under attack, or so the group thought until Damon catches a nameless girl causing havoc.

Having no choice but to take responsibility of the girl the group have to balance their day to day live and a vampire girl with a very Damon like attitude.

Some mature themes through out!!!

BonnieXDamon    MeredithXSage    StefanXElena    MattXCaroline/Tyler

(Based on the books With Main Characters As Their TV’s Actors except for Bonnie who is still a McCullough and not a Bennet)

Part One      The Problemi Brothers

Warnings: Blood play, drinking from someone

Zeta had calmed down over the last few weeks and had even managed to being controlling her abilities to the point of being allowed onto the cheerleading team as long as Stefan or Damon were around to help her should she need it.

While she didn’t directly apologise to Caroline, Zeta had defended her when several new girls attempted to boot her off the squad which the entire group took as progress seeing as her first attempt at apologising to Stefan resulted in her getting frustrated and punching him hard enough to knock him across the room.

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Shallow and Ignorant

Castiel x Reader

“Get back in there!” You yelled as you continued to snap Dean with the wet towel.

“Ow, dammit!” He complained, backing down the hallway, trying to sheild himself from the stinging blows.

“Go!” You laughed, cheeks hurting from smiling so much. Dean was being a major butt munch. There was no way he could be allowed around anyone if he was going to be a grump-a-lump.

Dean eventually snatched the towel from you, and you took no time running down the maze work of hallways. Years of track, and your extensive knowledge of the bunker’s blueprint helped you outrun Dean. There was a very round-about way to get to the library. If you got to Cas you’d be safe. You could hear Dean’s footsteps as he rounded the corner. He was right behind you.

“Cas! Help!” you shrieked as you stepped on a chair to the table, then jumped hoping your angel would be there to catch you. Like always, he appeared just in time to catch you.

“Dammit!” Dean yelled, throwing down the towel. He knew Cas wouldn’t let him come near you. You kissed Cas’s cheek and hugged him.

“You’re the best,” you chirped. Cas gave you an exasperated glare.

“Y/N you cannot instigate a fight then rely on me to save you,” he chastised, “especially with Dean. He’s just going to wait until I leave to get revenge.”

“Then don’t leave, or take me with you.” You begged.

“Neither of those option are plausible,” Cas seemed 10000% done with your shit.

“Alright,” you surrendered taking his face in your hands. You kissed him repeatedly, speaking between kisses, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he said almost reluctantly. He was afraid he was enabling your bad behaviour.

“So you guys are just gonna stand in the middle of the library like that, huh?” Dean asked walking back in.

“Technically speaking, Cas is standing, I am being held,” you pointed out.

“Yeah well don’t break him,” Dean grumbled.

“I am not that heavy!” You yelled at him. Dean snorted and continued out mumbling sarcastic remarks. Cas began to think that maybe Dean deserved all the grief you gave him. When he looked down at your face he decided he defintely deserved it. You seemed to have taken the snide comment to heart. At the moment you were trying to talk yourself out of it. Okay so maybe you weren’t the perfect weight, with the hunting toned frame and killer physique but you liked food. And unlike Dean, you couldn’t eat whatever you wanted without consequence. It’s not like you were imparing your health. Still, you squirmed out of Cas’s grasp, afraid that you were in fact getting heavy. It was an idiotic thought given that you had seen Cas pick up an anvil. You just weren’t always so sure of yourself.

“I’ll go stay out of trouble,” you joked lamely, arm going to cover your stomach. Cas nodded, stifling a sigh. Dean definitely deserved all of the grief you gave him. The moment you were out of sight, Cas went to confront Dean in the garage.

“You know, your society as so shallow, and ignorant,” he pointed out, standing not far from Dean.

“Jesus fucking Christ, Cas!”

Cas looked at him with open confusion, “I don’t think that’s his middle name, nor do I see how it applies to my comment.”

“It doesn’t, you- whatever. What did you say?” Dean asked trying to get control of his startled heart.

“Your society is shallow and ignorant,” Cas supplied patiently, “Make-up industries make billions on media fed expectations of women, when they are truly one of God’s greatest works,” he rambled displaying his confusion.

“Amen to that,” Dean smirked looking back under the hood of an old Shelby Cobra he was busying himself with.

“Really?” Castiel said skeptically, “Tell me Dean. How many women have you openly avoided because they weren’t aesthetically pleasing?”

Dean thought, wanting to say none, but knowing quite the opposite to be true. He had really only spoken freely to women he found pleasing, were family, or useful. Castiel took his silence as a confirmation of his assumption.

“Shallow. You may have crossed paths with the most groundbreaking specimen the world had ever seen and you wouldn’t know, because maybe she wasn’t your idea of perfect.”

“Hey, now, there’s nothing wrong-”

“There is no need to be defensive. I do not think you do it on purpose. Which is why I say ignorant, not arrogant. It is the way man was made. You could hardly handle or deserve a woman of such caliber.”

Dean blinked in surprise, not quite sure if he should feel offended or not. Castiel continued to stare off as he thought of the best way to say his next bit of information. It was invariably about you, but he felt the need to make it broader. Maybe his friend might benefit from a more open view. After all, kindness should not only be lent to friends.

“They seem so unruly to men, but women were put here to further guide, and be companions. They were not put on Earth to be molded or judged…but years of misinterpretation has beaten them down. They have had nothing but judgement and molding. It is a part of your intellect, of your everyday routine. You don’t even notice when you do it. Jokes you find funny, are less than hilarious to their ears, because you are passing judgement and trying to soften it with laughs.” Castiel was satisfied with that hoping Dean would get the hint.

“Girls are sensitive, I know.” He shrugged, “they get their feelings hurt by small stuff. What is Y/N all in a funk about something I said?” Dean asked, not looking up from the oil slathered part in his hand.

Castiel felt the need to maybe hit his head on something. Was Dean really this oblivious, “That phrase, ‘She got her feelings hurt,’ could you remove any more responsibility from yourself. She obviously didn’t hurt her own feelings. You did. Additionally, women aren’t sensitive. You’re just used to putting them down and some females are more accustomed to it than others. See? Ignorant. Your jokes are not funny, they hurt her and perhaps many others. Suppose I underminded your masculinity. You would feel attacked and therefore wounded.”

Dean scoffed, “You? Undermind my masculinity? Cas I think-”

“Are you inspecting that cylinder because of it likeness to a penis?”

“What?!” Dean demanded.

“Do you wish to have that length, or have it inside of you?” Castiel questioned further.

“What the hell Cas?” Dean demanded dropping the oil covered piece.

“Is your masculinity feeling questioned?” Cas asked semi-amused, “I think you overreacted, it was just a joke,” he continued cold heartedly, “If you were more comfortable with your sexuality-”

“Alright, alright I get. Women are magical creatures that deserve respect.” Dean huffed out. Cas smiled to himself and nodded.

“Y/N is the best of them all, and I don’t want to hear you say a word against that ever again.”

“Fine. You spoil her,” Dean grumbled.

“She is the one I am devoted to. Is that not customary?” He asked tilting his head, “If it isn’t, it should be. They truly do deserve the world.” With that he was gone.

You lie upside down of your bed, reassuring yourself that Dean was joking. He was just an ass with really no merit at all. His expectation of women were entirely fabricated from bar chicks, a brief relationship, and media. He had no idea what the average woman went through, or that “pretty” was the most unattainable goal a girl had. Cas appeared in front of you and presented you with a handful of worms.

“Would you like to put these in Dean’s bed?” He offered with a bright smile. You smiled brightly and nodded, all thoughts of inadequeacy out of your head.



3. maybe this time

Summary: Alternate ending to 4x15/Poor Unfortunate Soul. What if Cruella hadn’t woken up in time to escape the cabin?

I took a break from writing a funny thing and ended up writing this semi-funny thing. Pure wish fulfillment. All of the fluff. All of the snark. All of the flawed melodrama.

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Elsa is not weak

So, given soon it’s Elsa’s birthday I thought of posting things about her these days. I first wanted to start with an assertion about her. Elsa is not an emotionally weak person. 

I do this because I’ve seen many times mention how Elsa is all so powerful magically but in reality she’s a weak girl and well, that’s not true. I’ve seen this being said both as a praise for Elsa and also as to derail her. As a praise it’s often said that it’s a nice contrast to her apparent unlimited power. Now there’s not to say weak characters are bad itself, there are many wonderful chars that are weak in many aspects, however I believe calling Elsa weak is a disservice to all that the Snow Queen has shown us on her story. So let’s start to elaborate on this.

Well, first to mention the argument I’ve seen about Elsa being weak is that she was vulnerable and of course Anna has been in a large part her emotional support, then the fact that Elsa gave up once she learned that Anna had been Frozen. I do not believe this shows Elsa being weak at all. Instead of saying why this doesn’t make her weak however, first I’m gonna talk about why she is strong.

This starts since she was a little girl, as we see, she seemed to be a great older sister for Anna, being the more restrained one as well as doing everything in her power to make her little sister smile. If the small scenes aren’t evidence enough, the fact that Anna loved her  so deeply for over a decade, despite feeling abandoned, confirm the fact. As we see, Elsa suffers an emotional trauma at the age of barely 8 years old, in which she almost kills her little sister with her innate abilities. Now this isn’t something light, this is something that would leave grown men devastated. So despite the fact that she planned to do everything in her power to be a great older sister she almost kills her sibling.

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