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Yooo I'm dying to know what subject lance teaches in the college prof AU?? Astronomy? Theater? Aviation Physics? Bad Flirting 101?

hahaha i have no real set idea for what anyone teaches, because what ive had in mind for this au is that everyone works between different departments at a time, so they all teach a variety of classes! 

Lance: part of the science and english department, specifically biology (or even marine biology?) and also helps out with theatre club (he’s a miracle w/ those knitting skills of his tbh)

Keith: math and astrophysics most likely?? he secretly helps out the botany club and has a little spot in the botanical garden for him to rest that the club members made for him 

Hunk: Computer Science and Engineer most def. Helps out w/ the engineering club. His cooking club, however, is a weird mix of the gentlest souls and mini Gordon Ramsay’s (he has separate meetings for adults on weekdays, and ones for little kids on the weekends)

Shiro: History, astronautics & aeronautics departments. Is pidge’s adviser. Sadly too busy to officially be part of any clubs, but is prone to check up on the others once in while prob

Coran: Mysterious figure?? that literally everyone sees all the time but he’s always doing something different that no one is really sure what his job is on campus??

aaaand thats all ive gotten figured out at this point - u-)9

Friends with Kids

I see your friends with benefits fics and raise you friends with kids.

A/N: So this started out as a list fic and then turned into 5,000 words.

For your consideration. Picture Holster as a coach for peewee hockey and there’s this little girl, let’s call her Piper, and she’s super cute and her parents are literally always late to pick her up from practice. Once Holster had to call them and remind them to come pick her up cause practice had ended an hour ago - and just, this girl is so awesome and loves hockey even though she kind of sucks at it and she carries this little Dora the Explorer backpack with her everywhere. 

So whenever she’s waiting for her parents to pick her up she’ll grab a book or toy or coloring book out of her back pack and at first she’d just play quietly while waiting, but then Holster tells the other coaches they can go on ahead (cause they’re always anxious to leave once practice is done since it’s unpaid volunteer work) and he starts talking to her. Eventually one day after practice she just sort of climbs up into Holster’s lap while they’re waiting in the lobby and gives him her book to read to her and his heart just? melts a little honestly

And he legit always comes home to Ransom - they’re roommates, again because Holster tried the whole nine to five thing three states away from Ransom and he would rather be barely making ends meet by working at the local hockey rink than making six figures if it means he gets to spend every day with his best friend - but that’s a whole other story. But anyway he is always talking about how smart Piper is and what funny thing she did that day. Ransom even feels like he kind of knows her because Holster talks about her so much. 

One day when they have a game on a day that Ransom has off from the hospital he surprises Holster by showing up. He talks to the other parents in the stands and quickly figures out which kid is Piper, because when they come out onto the ice Holster is practically carrying her and it takes almost a full three minutes of coaxing before she lets go of him and skates over to her spot on the ice. 

Ransom thinks that’s like the cutest thing ever. He asks the parents who are sitting near him whose kid she is and all the parents are saying she isn’t theirs and Ransom is confused before one of the moms sitting nearby asks who he’s talking about again. He points to number three on the ice and the mom tells him that Piper is in foster care and the parents – “are a steaming pile of shit.”

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funny habits;

⇢ summary:  “You’re my new neighbour and wow man, you have some really weird habits.”  ⇢ this wasn’t what you were expecting to find out over an exchange of homemade cookies. for this request from this prompt list.

⇢ relationship: chae hyungwon/reader.

genre: cat hybrid!au, supernatural, fluff.

⇢ words: 3.9k

⇢ warnings: prehensile tails. cat hybrids.

Originally posted by hyungvon

a/n: I really wanted to try my hand at a hybrid au at least once in my life, and this prompt screamed something cute so~ originally this was a drabble request but then i almost hit like 4k so!!!

You really liked living in the apartment at the end of the hall. Ever since you’d moved to the not-so-shabby complex in the middle of your college career, you had found it funny that not once had anyone occupied the only apartment next to yours. You had been living in that very building since you were nineteen years old, and here you were now at the ripe age of twenty-three, still enjoying that almost impossible luxury. Your rent wasn’t terrible, your neighbors across the hall were quiet, and you could be as loud as you wanted without fearing the tenant next door would hear. It came in handy some nights, when you lost yourself in a marathon of nostalgic music or “ooh”’d and “aw”’d watching Your Name for the hundredth time. You never got noise complaints from anyone else on the floor anyway.

Of course, all of this had to change sooner or later, and it seemed it would be the former when you awoke to something thudding against the wall adjacent to your bed, the thudding continuing long until you’d been roused out of your fitful sleep and into a grouchy mood. At first, you had wondered if the sound was misplaced and instead coming from the hallway, but there was no denying that there was someone in the room on the other side of your wall, and your grouchiness melted into a dramatic panic. Someone couldn’t possibly be moving in, could they?

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At the Same Level.

Author: b0blegum

Pairing: Choi Youngjae x Reader

Rating: PG (but who wants their parents to read this with them tho, just read at your own risk lmao)

Genre: Smutty-Fluff


Part: One-Shot

a/n okay, so this is actually requested by @fannyfransiscaaa. I don’t know if she’d like this as much as i do, but let’s just hope this is also her cup of tea x

Saturday, 9pm.

Nothing much different than any other weekends. The apartment is quiet. You, reading a book you haven’t got the chance to finish it since last month and Youngjae, your flat-mate, busy clicking mouse and torturing the keypad with eyes locked on bright computer screen.

You and him are not fond of going out on weekends, because both of you share the same thought; why would one go out on weekend when they were out everyday on weekdays? Were those 5 days not enough?

“Youngjae!” You shouted from your room. You always let your door open. Except when you are showering or sleeping, of course.

“Hm?” He hummed, without taking his eyes off the screen.

“I am hungry.” He kept quiet, waiting for your next chain of words. “Want to order some chicken?”

“No, shit!”

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"I'm sick of Nordic mythology"

I know the Hollywood dream machine has been chewing up Nordic mythology, folklore and culture and spat it out at you all for a while now in the form of Lord of The Rings, Frozen, Marvel Thor, and so on, but I feel like people forget not everybody on the Internet are “Americans riding the hype train” or whatever.

I get more and more people commenting and tagging my drawings with things like “I’m sick of Norse folklore tbh” and “how about some other mythologies for a change” and I don’t think these people realize that Thor, trolls and elves are part of a large group of people’s culture.

Our weekdays, towns, streets, plants and landmarks are named after our old gods and folklore creatures, they’re still mentioned in proverbs, the tune we play at weddings comes from an old play about trolls and elves, and our mythology and folklore are still a big part of our childhood in the form of stories, cartoons, games and movies. I don’t think there’s any Scandinavian kid who hasn’t been told by an adult during a thunderstorm “That’s just Thor riding his wagon across the sky”. It’s all so ingrained in us most people don’t even realize it’s there.

So I can understand if people are tired of (Americanized) Nordic culture and I don’t expect you to like it. Just please show a little respect and don’t make comments like that on Nordic people’s works.

snowhites  asked:

Hi, I absolutely love your writing, I don't know if you take requests, but if you do, could you write a Sterek secret admirer AU?

This isn’t exactly an AU, but here you go. ♥

The first postcard came on a Friday.

It was a Friday just like any other; boring, uneventful, good. It had been like that for the past couple of years, ever since he’d left Beacon Hills behind for good, and Derek liked it this way. There was no one coming to kill him, no one manipulating or using him, it was just a normal life. For the first time, his life was normal and good and without evil looming over him every step he took.

Every weekday at nine am, he went to classes for the history degree he never got to finish before Laura got taken from him and everything back in Beacon Hills happened. Every day around noon, he went out with his two close friends (Ryan and Barbara, both fellow werewolves but neither of them pack) for lunch. Every day at four pm, he’d return home to his apartment building and rest and do whatever he wanted, because he could do that now.

That Friday was like every other. Except this time, as he checked his mailbox after coming home, Derek froze at the sight of a postcard stacked on top of the small pile of mail.

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dally & the curtises’ sister - imagine

requested by 2 anons - this is v long overdue im really sorry!
warnings: strong language

The dreaded Monday morning rolled around the corner more quickly than you anticipated. It had felt like only a second since you had fallen asleep late Sunday night and then woken up to the sounds of your regularly bustling house. But Monday mornings were like any other weekday - Darry got up first, then Soda, and then you and Pony. Normally, all that was on your mind was getting to school and finishing the monotonous school day as soon as possible.

But for the past two weeks only one person had been on your mind: the person  you’d been warned countless times by your older brother and two younger ones to stay away from - the one and only Dallas Winston. You knew, or rather thought, that he couldn’t be as terrible as many told you he was. You’d been hanging around him recently… in a way that had been quite a bit more than simply friendly. You knew your brothers would yell at you if you slipped up and let them figure it out, so you usually were very careful when it came to cutting class to meet up with Dal.

Initially, Dally nearly refused to acknowledge you at all, since you’re the only Curtis sister. It was easy for you to see that Dal definitely knew better than getting close to you, but was tempted by the possibility that none of your brothers would ever know a thing. 

So, you were up and dressed and nearly out the door when you finally noticed the commotion in the background.

“C’mon guys, don’t go worryin’ about me,” Pony croaked out from a sore throat. He was jamming a foot into one of his beat sneakers while sniffling. “I’m alright guys, you hear?”

“Are you sure you’ll be okay goin’ to school, Pony?” Soda asked, actually having remembered to button up his DX shirt. 

There had been countless times that Pony had gone to school being sick, so you and your brothers knew he’d be alright. But Soda always asked just to make sure.

“Yeah, Soda, just get to work. I can take care of myself just fine.”

Hearing that, you realized you were in the clear - Pony was going to school and no one would be home. Now all you had to do was go in through the front door of school and leave through the back, so that no one you knew could say that you didn’t show up. But after that, you’d be home free.

You made your way to school, got through the front door, quickly greeted acquaintances who told you greeted you first before finally escaping through the door in the back. Just enough time had passed for you to be sure that Pony was probably at school, leaving the house empty. But waiting for you out the back door was the slightly intimidating figure of Dally, who had been smoking a cigarette. Upon noticing you, he pulled you closer by one of the belt loops on your jeans.

“Where to?” he asked, tilting his head at you a bit with squinted eyes and furrowed eyebrows because of the sun.

“Well, no one’s home, so if you don’t feel like sneaking back into Bu-”

“The Curtis house it is.” He nodded, taking his last drag on the cigarette between his middle finger and thumb before he putting it out. 

You two were at your front door, Dal’s lips on yours, his hands feeling you up as you began to open the door. The door fell open, probably just in time for you to have realized that Soda’s and Pony’s jaws fell open too.

“Y/N! What the hell are you two doing?!”

“Dally get offa her!”

Soda’s voice and Pony’s hoarseness scared the living shit out of you. And so you and Dally had pushed each other away, almost simultaneously taking a step away from each other. You felt your ears get hot, but instead of seeming embarrassed, Dal looked more irritated than anything.

“You said no one was fuckin’ home, Y/N,” he huffed under his breath.

“Well, Pony said he was fine!” you argued, gesturing to the sick kid wrapped in what seemed like three blankets on the sofa.

“Mind you, I am fine, Soda oughta go to work,” Pony, white as a sheet and sweating bullets, managed to squeeze out of a lost voice.

“How ‘bout you shut up Pony! You threw up all over me right after Y/N left!” Soda shot back, pointing at an ugly stain on his blue DX shirt.

You rolled your eyes at their conversation, your heart pounding at the fact that Soda and Pony knew now. Knowing the boys - and the way they knew Dally - it was inevitable that they would tattle and tell Darry. Darry couldn’t know about this - he’d lose it.

“But forget that! Since when were you two-” Soda started, clearly frustrated and struggling to find the words to express his anger or shock at you and Dal. “Gosh, Dally, I oughta beat your damn head in!”

“Y/N, what were you even thinkin’?” Pony quickly added.

“Listen you two, if you do so much as even breathe of word of this to Darry, I’ll-”

“You’ll what?” Soda pushed.

“A word of what?” The owner of the voice you dreaded to hear had just walked in through the door, a white pharmacy bag in hand. You witnessed the expression of disappointment and anger spread across Darry’s face when he realized you and Dally were there. 

“Y/N, why in the world are you here?! And why are you here?!” he asked you first, and then Dally. You looked over at Dally who seemed pretty apathetic before returning your gaze to Darry, unable to find the words to say. And then it seemed to click for Dar.

“No,” Darry said, almost in denial, as if he didn’t believe his eyes. “This is not happening. Ever.”

“C’mon Darry, don’t you think you’re overreacti-”

No, I don’t think I’m overreacting! Y/N, you have a future! Y/N, he’s a terrible influence and I just can’t let you destroy it all over someone like him! Dallas, granted, he’s more or less our friend, but I don’t think I’d like to know how often you been skippin’ school!”

”Whatever, man,“ Dally said, shrugging his shoulders and rolling his eyes. “I didn’t wanna be here anyhow.”

“Like hell you didn’t,” Darry said, glaring at Dal as he left.

And with that, Dally spared you a passing glance as he managed to squeeze between you and Darry in order to leave. Dal closed the door behind him and you noticed that there were no words to explain yourself - you felt speechless.

“God, are you serious?” you managed to choke out.

“I’m only lookin’ out for you, Y/N,” Darry said, after a sigh of disappointment. “I’d never try and steer you in the wrong direction.” 

“I get that, Darry. And I appreciate it. But you gotta trust that I can look out for myself.”

“Well as long as Soda, Pony, and I are breathin’, we’re the ones lookin’ out for you, y’hear?”

Someone From Louden Swain Is In Love With Me And All I Got Was This Song Written About Me

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Summary: Based on this one post by @lamthetwickster AND a request from @a-vast-african-plain “Hi I was wondering if you could do a prophet!Chuck x reader where he and the reader used to date in high school, but broke up when they went to college because they didn’t want to have a long distance relationship, and then he goes to his high school reunion and sees the reader for the first time in years and they still have feelings for each other? And could it be a little smutty? Pretty please with strawberry syrup and marshmallows on top?” 


A/N: I know it’s SUUUUPER different from the original request, but I loved this version and am a teeny bit proud of it so. ALSO IM SORRY ITS SO BAD IM RUSHING IT. 

Originally posted by kidneys-and-custard

(have a cute Rob)

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26. Shiro and Matt from Voltron, please? And like the person home can be anyone you want.

kaskfgkaeyhfk this probably wasn’t what you were asking but this is all I could come up with.

Pairings: Matt/Shiro

Word count: 581

Fandom: Voltron

Warning: Panic attack

26. Midnight outing

Shiro would say waking him up at midnight on a weekday was something he’d never forgive. His sleeping hours were limited ever since he got the new job, so if he got any sleep at all, he’d guard it like a dragon guards its gold. So when his phone started ringing loudly at 12:26 am, to say he was grumpy would be the understatement of the year. He picked up his phone and didn’t bother checking the contact name. He answered with a small grunt. On the other side of the line all he could hear were small sobs and ragged breaths.

If ‘Bring Me To Life’ didn’t wake him up, this definitely did. He suddenly sat up in bed and checked the contact name. 

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Harvest Moon AU - Zen Heart Events

Black Heart Event

Time: 12PM-6PM; Any season but Winter

Weather: Sunny

Location: Aurora Lake

[You walk into the bottom section of Aurora Lake, which lies south of the Moonlight Mine. Zen frequently can be found practicing the guitar by the lake’s shores, and you walks in on him doing so. He does not notice you at first, and you watch him practice while musical notes appear above his head.]

Zen: They think I’m crazy. ♪ My heartbeat goes up. ♫

Zen: Words cannot express my love for you! ♫♪

Zen: Did you – ack!

[An exclamation point appears above Zen’s head, and he stops playing as he notices you.]

Zen: <MC>, I didn’t see you out there! How long have you been listening?

Zen: …A while, huh? Well, I understand. It’s hard to ignore my alluring presence!

Zen: What brings you this far out of town? 

> [Choice 1] “It’s beautiful out. I wanted to take a walk.”

Zen: Ahh, isn’t it, though? The sound of the wind, the song of the birds, the smell of the flowers drifting on the breeze…

Zen: It’s enough to make a man feel alive, isn’t it?

Zen: Whenever I visit to the lake, I remember why I moved to Mystic Valley in the first place. The fresh air has a way of making my soul feel… clean.

Zen: I always come out here to practice. Would you like to listen for a while? I’ll play you something a bit more polished.

[You nod and walk over to sit by Zen. Go to [A]

> [Choice 2] “I wanted to see you, my darling Zenny-zen♥”

(Zen blushes)

Zen: Hahaha, wow! Are you a fan?

Zen: Jeez, I’m so lucky… someone as cute as you was looking for me?

Zen: Well, come on over. I’ll play you something a bit more polished.

[You nod and walk over to sit by Zen. Go to [A]

> [Choice 3] “I was headed to the mine, when I heard you playing…”

Zen: I guess you’d have to pass me if you wanted to get there, huh?

Zen: I’m surprised you go in there… but I guess there’s stuff you need in the dirt. Ores for your tools, minerals to sell…

Zen: It’s filled with monsters though, right? I hope you’re careful.

Zen: I’d hate to see someone as cute as you end up in the clinic.

Zen: How about you take a break and listen to me for a while? I’ll play you something a bit more polished.

Zen: Back-breaking labor can wait a few minutes, right?


[Zen plays another song, musical notes appearing above his head as he strums. When he’s finished, he looks to you.]

Zen: That’s one of the first songs I learned how to play. What do you think?

> [Choice 1] “It sounded really nice.”

(Zen +200)

Zen: Thank you! I practice every single day. I have to, if I’m ever going to be a success.

Zen: Well, at least…

[Go to [B]

> [Choice 2] “That’s one of the songs in the musical Dandelion, right?”

(Zen +500)

Zen: You’re right! It’s the opening number! Wow, how did you know?

Zen: You must really like musicals.

Zen: It’s always been my dream to be in a production of Dandelion. Or… well, any musical really, haha.

Zen: Singing, acting, being on stage – it’s my dream. And every day, I’m out here practicing until I can make my dream come true.

Zen: Well, at least…

[Go to [B]

> [Choice 3] “That’s not really the kind of music I like…”

(Zen -200)

Zen: O-oh, ahaha…

Zen: It’s from a musical, but I guess that sort of thing isn’t for everyone.

Zen: They’re what I love, though. Musicals.

Zen: There’s just about the singing and the dancing – I feel like you can really feel the heart and soul that the actors put into the production.

Zen: Well, at least…


Zen: That’s what I tell myself when it seems hard to keep going.

Zen: The road to stardom isn’t an easy one, and I’d be lying if I said it never got rough, but…

Zen: It’s a small price to pay for your dreams, huh?

Zen: I figure you’d understand, given that you took over that old farm-plot and all. It can’t be easy, and it also can’t have been a popular decision among your friends and family.

Zen: I mean, who decides to drop society and run off to become a farmer, anyway?

Zen: –Ah, sorry! Don’t take that the wrong way. I meant it as a compliment.

Zen: My family… wanted me to be plain. Dull. Boring. To just follow along with the crowd, and to be exactly like everyone else.

Zen: I know what you’re thinking! With a face like mine, how could I be destined for anything but show business?

Zen: …But, to them, what was most important… was being normal.

Zen: So anyone who forges their own path and carves their own destiny like you… well! I think that’s a pretty admirable person.

Zen: Anyway, sorry for keeping you. I’m sure you’re busy.

Zen: Come see me any time, okay? ♥ I’m always happy to have an audience.


[The rest of the Heart Events are under the read more!]

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HOW DO I FIND MOTIVATION TO PRACTICE WHEN I REALLY DONT WANT TO?? some days I need to practice and I just don’t and I need to practice

Step one: Get inside a practice room. Just get there. Don’t think about practice, just make it a habit to go stand in a practice room at least once a day.

Step two: Turn your phone OFF. ALL THE WAY. (I say as I type this on my phone in a practice room.)

Step three: Practice.

The thing about practice is that it’s not about motivation, it’s about discipline. The way I discipline myself is by making sure that by 11am, every day, I am in a practice room, butt on bench, warming up. It’s in my calendar, like any class or other event. It’s non-negotiable. The only reason I would not be in a practice room at 11am on a weekday is my Monday lesson (which is at 11am, and so I practice at 10am instead), work (which may push practice earlier or later), or I decided to practice at 9am instead, and I got my hour and a half to two hours in already. Those are the only excuses I let myself give.

If you wait to be motivated, you’ll practice less than a tenth of the time you should. So just do it. No excuses.

Now go practice. Right now.

Friday, I’m In Love

Characters: Castiel x Reader, Sam (mentioned), Dean (mentioned)

Word Count: 717

Warnings: None

Request:  This is kinda random but if you don’t mind can you do a Cas drabble where one of his girlfriends favorite bands is the cure? So one day he decides to listen to them with her and the the song Friday I’m in love makes him do that adorable confused head tilt.

Author’s Note: Please, send in requests because I love reading them and I love writing them! If you would like to be tagged in my future fics and my Series Rewrite that is coming soon, let me know and I’ll add you!

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Tags at the bottom (if you wished to not be tagged, let me know and I’ll remove you)

Originally posted by deidralissa

I don’t care if Monday’s blue

Tuesday’s gray and Wednesday too

Thursday I don’t care about you

It’s Friday I’m in love

You bobbed your head to the music playing out of your speakers. This is how you relaxed, by listening to your favorite band, The Cure. You loved this song because of its randomness. You had no idea what they were singing about but you loved their other songs and thought of giving this a listen.

Sam and Dean were on a case. They didn’t want you going because you were fairly new to the whole monster crap and you still had a lot of training to go. So, you were their research girl until they saw a redeeming quality in you.

You moved in with them when they found you in a wendigo’s cave almost dead. They took pity on you and took you in. You had a hunch the supernatural existed so you weren’t surprised to find out that this is what they always do.

You met their best friend Castiel and you fell for him immediately. You adored his ignorance on humanity. He didn’t quite get what you humans were all about and you always tried to aid him. Some things you were able to explain but other things, you let Sam and Dean do the talking.

Yes, you were talking about the more raunchy topics; things you weren’t experienced in. But that didn’t seem to faze Cas because he still asked you a bunch of things.

That was a few years ago and you were now dating the Angel. You were only 7 months into your relationship but you felt like you dated him a lot longer than that. Every day was an adventure with the two of you and you loved it.

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Punta: Thank you
for the pyjama party 💙💛
Did you like Gou-kun?? 🐻

I laughed so much during the talk-show!! lol
I wanted to talk you more~ 🗣✨

Thank you very much for coming on weekday
although you might have had other business to do 🙏🏻

it’s weird when ppl act all shocked about eggs over rice like it’s the most absurd thing they’ve ever heard. like idk maybe it’s a working class thing (and not a white thing, I don’t know any other white kids who grew up with it) but eggs and rice for breakfast is such a quintessential comfort food to me! slap that shit in a pan tomorrow morning and you’ll see what I mean



I’m packing up outfits for my week trip to SF. I’m going to be up there for an Expo via the art school I’m in. There’s going to be city events going on during our Expo, so my coords won’t be too “out there.” I really only plan to dress up during the weekends, then a bit toned down during the weekdays when I need to do schoolwork.

On the other hand, I keep seeing posts about how to put together a Boyish Fairy Kei/Decora coord, and it’s really simple! Here’s some tips from my experiences:

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Miraculous Ladybug - Wreck-It, Ralph AU

The arcade, since it’s opening in the early 80’s has had business hours from 9:30 AM to 8:30 PM weekdays, and 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM weekends, every week of every year. People come and go, they play their games and then leave. The arcade is like any other.

Except at night, when all the games interact with each other, travelling within the other arcade games. The oldest game in the arcade is Fix-It, Ladybug, which was installed with the first lot of games when it opened, its characters have seen the rise and fall of many games, Asteroids, Q*bert, Papillion-Hawkmoth – Fix-It, Ladybug’s characters remember them all.

But your game can get quite boring if you have been within it for 27 years, and so the trips into other games become necessary as time passes – especially if you are the ‘bad guy’ of the game. Such is the case for Chat Noir, the antagonist of Fix-It, Ladybug – programmed to destroy the Nice-Lander’s apartment building (which is a task he takes no pleasure in). One evening after visiting Tapper for a drink, Chat stumbles upon the newest game in the arcade – Hero’s Duty; running directly into the leader of the troops of the game, Sergeant Adrien Agreste.

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anonymous asked:

Have you done any Dating Nathaniel headcanons yet? If not, I would love to read them!

Do you mean a Dating Nathaniel Would Involve or Relationship Headcanons? I’ve done both just in case since I’m not sure which one you mean.

Dating Nathaniel Would Involve….

  • Learning how to be patient without losing your temper so that you both can have decent discussions even when arguing or fighting (otherwise it would be an intense screaming match from one or both sides)
  • Knowing when to go to the doctor/knowing when something is actually wrong with your body because otherwise he’s going to fuss at you and worry about every sneeze (he’s going to do that anyway actually, but when you actually know if something is serious or not, it saves stress on both sides)
  • Getting used to a morning schedule/morning alarm as Nathaniel rarely sleeps in and is an early riser- if you’re lucky, he’ll let you sleep in on weekends, but that won’t stop him from getting up early himself
  • Standing your ground on arguments, but acknowledging when you’re wrong

Relationship Headcanons

  • Candy and Nathaniel have study dates/sessions every weekend at the park or library (depending on what they feel like that week). Part of the session is actually spent studying, the other part is spent with Candy getting slightly impatient and teasing him.
  • Nathaniel wakes up early in the morning, whether it’s a weekend or weekday, but occasionally lets Candy sleep in. Whenever he does let her sleep in, White ends up waking her up five minutes later anyway by clawing and meowing at her.
  • Nathaniel gets very hot during the night and tends to discard any blankets. This works out for Candy, who steals the blankets away no matter what.
  • Nathaniel prefers tea over coffee, but Candy is visa versa. They have to have two special mugs that are very different from each other so they don’t end up drinking each other’s morning beverage.
  • They tend to take baths or showers together on Sundays as part of a ‘lazy Sunday’ routine.
  • Marriage is something that Nathaniel is very nervous about and in the end, it’s Candy who proposes to him rather early in the relationship (just after graduation/beginning of college) which he accepts. Their engagement, however, lasts for a much longer time until they are actually ready to get married.
  • Nathaniel is mildly off-put by kids, not knowing what to do or say to them, while Candy is great with kids. Nataniel eventually decides that while he may not like kids that much himself, he wants to make her happy. Whenever their first is born, he decides that he doesn’t just like kids now, he loves them.

anonymous asked:

My gf is in school for most of the day on weekdays, and she can't use her phone in school so I really miss her and wanna cry in class tbh. But recently I started focusing on other girls and appreciating their beauty and kinda "flirt" if u can with straight girls. Ofc I love my girlfriend way more than any of the other girls, but I feel kinda bad for doing this, is it bad from me to gay about others to not miss her, gay mom?

Yeah thats like really bad and lowkey cheating ???? How can you like
Not figure out that flirting with other people is bad
And they’re straight so like back off ????
This ask is a mess
Tell your gf she deserves better