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Marvey and romantic tropes

Inspired by these awesome posts: x, x, here’s a list of ten (of many tbh) romance tropes played with in Mike and Harvey’s narrative, starting with ones that actually are on TVTropes, followed by ones that are just general narrative things (All gif credits at bottom of post):

1. Meet Cute (+Rescue Introduction)

Do I even need to explain this one? A sick grandmother, running from the cops, mistaken identity…Literally the first 20 minutes of this series is about these two and how they’re going to meet thanks to some crazy circumstances, and how a malfunctioning briefcase full of pot is going to change their lives (and they don’t even know it yet):

2. Forgotten First Meeting (Or Connected All Along if you want to be finicky):

Harvey passed Mike and Trevor on the street ‘five years ago’ when Mike was working as a bike messenger and Mike said ‘If I ever look like that shoot me’ which is ironic because he will work so hard to look like that in five years but also not that ironic because Mike probably said that to deflect Trevor’s attention from the fact that he is 100% checking Harvey out and very interested in what he sees (And it is what he sees, since the camera is Mike’s gaze and it does a full elevator scan. Interesting choice there, editors):

3. Disposable Fiancé, and the Break-Up/Make-Up Scenario:

I’d have to post the entirety of 3x02 to illustrate it all tbh? From the ‘We’re done but I’m still going to be pissy about your new relationship nvm that the trigger for you falling into the relationship was that you were upset from our “break-up”’:

to the ‘I’m going to get right in your face for maximum UST and heartbreak for when I tell you we’re done’:

to poor Louis becoming the disposable fiancé who sees an opportunity:

and woos Mike:

while Harvey denies to himself how much he loves misses him (while looking that heartbroken jesus gabriel):

And of course it doesn’t work because right as Mike and Louis are about to ‘make it official’:

Along comes Harvey like everyone knew he would with these faces and ‘You’re not going back on your word [to Louis], you’re going back where you belong [with me]’:

And then you get the Big Damn…High Five:

(with Louis looking on which is bittersweet because unlike the usual disposable fiancé scenario he is sympathetic).

4. Race for your Love:

Okay, literally, this is even more romantic here than in its usual use?? “Most commonly found in Romantic Comedies, Race For Your Love usually occurs five minutes or so before the credits roll.” “Someone is about to leave the city/state/country forever, but their lover runs to the train station/airport to convince them to stay.” 

Except Mike is not about to leave the city he’s about to turn himself in to make sure Harvey doesn’t do the same, to protect Harvey, and Harvey’s running to stop him?? And we get shots of Harvey running this long fucking run in slow mo (and it continues into the next episode lmao):

5. Odd couple:

“A friendly (sometimes romantic) relationship between completely different people, usually the main characters.”

Good lawyer, bad lawyer. Winning vs caring, etc., their contrasts would need a whole separate post:

6. [Saving the] Damsel in Distress:

Mike is literally Harvey’s damsel in distress lmao?? It’s always because of something happening with Mike that Harvey ends up doing his angry “I’m going to save my bb” power walk:

7. Act of True Love [Fight]:

“An act of sacrifice or high risk, motivated by love, which proves beyond a doubt that you put your loved one’s needs before your own.”

Not only do they both pull these, they fight about who gets to put the other’s safety above his own, multiple times:

This happens again for a whole half fucking season I’m not going to post gifs of all of it because it would be too many but it culminates in a downright physical fight because Harvey’s pissed Mike’s pulling the Act of True Love and has locked him out of doing it and so he throws a fucking glass and then goads him into hitting him because he’s in that much pain over what Mike’s doing for him what the fuck:

And then Mike goes to prison and Harvey gets him out because of course, and you’d think it’d be over now right? But nope.

Narrative things that aren’t really on tvtropes:

8. Protectiveness/Possessiveness:

They’re just very, very protective and territorial of each other. Not hard to interpret as a romance trope at all. Again, to illustrate, I’d have to post gifs from the whole show so just have two at random:

9. “Staring at the empty space you should fill”:

I mean, I guess there’s a platonic interpretation for standing outside someone’s empty office with your morning coffee, broodingly staring at the chair they used to sit in. I usually only see behavior like this in romantic contexts in other media though:

10. “At Your Door” parallels

Doorstep parallels are just an otp staple and they have the most in the show. Like, someone still has to make an updated version with the most recent examples lmao, so here’s another two at random:

Gif credits: x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x

Disneyland Band Shenanigans #3

Friend 1:  Yo, I just saw Captain America.  He’s taking pictures with people

Friend 2: WHAT? -freaks out because that’s their FAVORITE superhero-

Me: goddamn it you shouldn’t have said anything -laughs-

All of us: -runs to the photo op line, sits there for about five minutes and notices that Cap is walking away to a ‘Cast Member Only room- Is he leaving?

C: -comes back with Spiderman-


Also me after sometime waiting in line: -notices something about Spiderman, gets all excited-  SPIDERMAN IS DUMB THICC BOI


Friend 2: -practically under breath mumbles- not as thicc as captain america..

Me: ARE YOU KIDDING?!  LOOK WITH YOUR EYES HE’S LIKE… -makes a wave motion in the air to represent the curvature of his butt-

All of us: -cracks up-


Signs as Captain America: Civil War Quotes

Aries: Move, Captain. I will not ask a second time.

Taurus: I retire for what, like, five minutes, and it all goes to shit.

Gemini: That thing does not obey the laws of physics at all.

Cancer: I just want to be sure you’ve considered all our options. Because people who shoot at you, usually wind up shooting at me too.

Leo: You know what’s about to happen, do you wanna punch your way out of this?

Virgo: Look, man, I know you know a lot of super people so… thinks for thanking of me.

Libra: It’s your conscience. We don’t talk a lot these days.

Scorpio: Sometimes I just want to punch you in your perfect teeth.

Sagittarius: I said I’d help you find them, not catch them. There’s a difference.

Capricorn: I’m sorry Tony, you know I wouldn’t do this if I had any other choice. But he’s my friend.

Aquarius: Mission Report: December 16th, 1991.

Pisces: So was I.

Compromising Situation [Newt/Original!Graves]

Author: @galacticstylinson​

Word Count: 1.2k

Ratings/triggers: none :)

Summary: Tina finds Graves and Newt in a series of somewhat compromising situations, but it’s not what it looks like. Really it’s not.

Or is it.


The first time was an accident.

To say Newt was clumsy was an understatement at the best of times, let alone when he was in a rush to get to that meeting with Picquery that started, ah - that started precisely five minutes ago.

Tina was waiting against a pillar when it happened. She saw Newt’s trailing shoelace, saw the fatal step of a passing worker, saw him halter and flail and then finally fall, as if in slow motion, as if suspended in the air. And then she saw the black sleeved arm shoot out to catch Newt.

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His Mates...Your Ex?

“Maybe we can just do this another day…” I glance at the door nervously.

“Y/N, you’ve put this off three times. The boys are going to think you hate them,” Joe chuckles, giving my hand a squeeze.

“Caspar knows I like him.”

“Caspar is only one of them. You need to meet the others.”

“But what if they don’t like me?” I ask, eyes wide.

“They’ll love you. Now, can we knock?” My boyfriend asks, and I finally nod, biting my lip as he does.

A moment later the door swing open, revealing a tall ginger.

“I’ve been waiting for you to knock for like five minutes.” He laughs, stepping aside so Joe and I can move into the flat.

“Sorry, she was a bit nervous.” Joe explains, and I shoot him a look before smiling up at the other man.

“No need to be nervous.” He reassures me. “I’m Josh by the way.”


“Come on in, the others are waiting.” Josh leads us further into the flat, and I feel my nerves escalate as I walk into the living room to see four other boys sitting on the couch, three of who are unfamiliar.

“Y/N!” Caspar jumps out of his seat, rushing over to hug me tightly. “You’re finally here!”

“Hi Caspar.” I laugh softly, patting his back.

“Remember buddy, she needs to breath.” Joe’s voice carries over to me, and Caspar pulls back, an apologetic smile on his face.


“It’s fine.” I tell him before he bounces back to his seat.

“Boys, this is Y/N. Y/N, these are the boys.” Joe begins to point at each one, naming them. “We have Josh, who you just met. Conor, Mikey, Oli, and of course, Caspar.” Then he looks around, before turning back to Conor. “Where’s your brother?”

“Right here!” A voice calls out, and its familiar to me, one I hadn’t heard in nearly two years.

I spin around, and my eyes widen as they fall on the person entering the room.



I blink in surprise before Jack moves forward, laughing as he sweeps me into a tight hug. “Holy shit.” He mumbles into my ear, and I can’t help but laugh as well, hugging him in return.

When we pull apart, he steps back, his eyes moving up and down my body.

“Still looking good as ever, I see.”

I feel my face grow warm and roll my eyes.

“Still a charmer, I see.”

“Always, babe.” Jack winks over at me.

Someone clearing their throat behind me draws my attention back to why we’re here, and I turn to look over at Joe, who’s watching the two of us intently.

“You two know each other, then.” He steps forward, his arm snaking around my waist. Jack’s eyes drop down to the movement before he meets Joe’s gaze.

“Ah, this is the girlfriend you wanted to introduce to us.”

“Yeah. This is Y/N. But you know that.”

“Yup. I do.” Jack chuckles lightly, and I feel Joe’s grip tighten on me slightly.

“How do you two know each other?” Joe asks tightly.

“Well, Jack is actually my ex.” I explain, watching Joe’s face for his reaction.

“Wait, this is the Y/N that left you?” Conor calls out, glancing from Jack to me. “Shit.”

Jack just shrugs, an easy smile still on his face. “This is her.”

“You left him?” Joe asks, glancing down at me, but I can feel his body relax slightly.

“Yeah, we just didn’t mesh.” I wrinkle my nose as I think back to when Jack and I dated. “We stayed in touch for a while, but then he moved.”

“And now you’re dating one of my best mates! How small the world is.” Jack shakes his head.

“Small indeed.” I reply.

“It’s not going to be weird, is it?” Joe questions, glancing over at Jack.

“No worries.” Jack tells him, “Unless you hurt her. Then you’ll have to worry.”

“And you?” Joe asks me, but I just smile up at him before I lift on to my toes, kissing him softly.

“Not weird at all. Besides, you are much better looking than Jack.”

“Oi, I heard that!”

“Good.” Joe and I say in unison, the rest of the group laughing.

Merry Christmas, mysliceoffun! I hope you enjoy this fic!

Title: Holiday Hideaway
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 5,880


When Stiles makes a daring escape from his office holiday party, he runs into Derek Hale, the scorchingly attractive coworker he’s never managed to work up the nerve to talk to. Outside of the office, Derek seems less intimidating, especially when he’s sitting on a park bench petting dogs.

Maybe Stiles will finally have the chance to come up with something clever to say to him. Like…well, why doesn’t he just start with “hi”?

(AO3 link available Dec 26)

Stiles made it through approximately five minutes of the office holiday party before shooting frantic glances at possible exit routes. Blocked. Every last one of them, by clumps of coworkers who would probably notice if he barrel-rolled onto the floor and under a desk for the duration.

His dreams of escaping dashed, he reluctantly entered the potluck line, slotted between Bobby from Sales and Daphne from HR, who had glared at him in the elevator that morning, as though she’d never seen him before in her life. Nevermind that he’d been working there for three years and had most assuredly spoken to her on several occasions. Including when she’d walked him through his initial hiring paperwork.

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Me: Ok, your total today comes to $33.74

Customer: That’s really high for one ink cartridge.

Me: -laughs politely- I know those prices are ridiculous.

Customer: No, I mean how are you coming up with that price?

Me: ….

Customer: There was a sale sign that said it was on sale for $17.99

Me: Oh, shoot the sale must have just ended then, but since the sign is still up I’ll change it for you, not a problem at all! :) -immediately changes the price-

Customer: You were going to let me pay over $30 for this item when it is $18? THAT’S FRAUD. Is there a manager around?!

Me: Yes, I can call them up here if you would like,


Me: …. ok my shift ends in five minutes have a good day. 

Never forget:

  • Trevor talked about Michael’s floppy dick in the sneaky choice of the Union Depository.

  • Franklin denied checking out Mary Anne’s butt for about five minutes and then admitted that he had been.

  • Devin Weston goes jogging with body guards.

  • Lester, according to Amanda, used to watch her from nearby bushes and masterbate.

  • Jimmy sent a photo of his testicles to an internet stranger and told him that his balls looked like the stranger’s new born baby.

  • Tracey shoots porn and signs autographs when recognized.

  • Ron encouraged his radio listeners to kill their twin and mother.

  • Wade attempted to get Floyd, his cousin, naked and in the bathtub with him.

  • Amanda slept with Jimmy’s third grade teacher.
Sweet Confession [ Sebastian Stan x OC - Reader Insert ]

Prompt : a VERY LATE birthday Fic of Seb

Pairing : Sebastian Stan x OC

Genre : Romance |   Warning : none

Author’s Note : i’m back! (sort of) I’m trying to write again and i guess this is it, the late birthday–ish seb oneshot! I’m sorry it’s kinda short but I hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think! :) will probably edit this later so i’m sorry for the grammar mistakes 

Exhausted was an understatement. The long hours of shooting and being away from home had taken its toll on him. Being drunk just made him feel more exhausted and he swore he’d give his left arm to get a good twelve-hours sleep. Left arm, Sebastian quietly snickered to himself as he entered the empty elevator. Just five more minutes, he drunkenly thought, closing his eyes when he felt bile rising up his throat.

“I shouldn’t have drank so much.” Sebastian mumbled, resting his forehead on the cool wall. Chris and Anthony had come to visit him earlier and dragged him to the nearest pub when he was done. He didn’t even know how much drink he had. Enough to make you want to throw up, he told himself as he pushed open his apartment door, stumbling over some shoes as he waltzed inside. His eyes brightened a little at the sight of the cake on the kitchen island. Sebastian vaguely remembered Scarlett calling him earlier that afternoon and mentioning something about a cake. He made a mental note to call his friends and thank them for the cake as he made his way to the kitchen.

He picked up the fork from the table, lips curling into a childish smile when he tasted the cake. It was perfect. Not too sweet or too bitter, with a lot of blueberries added inside.

“[Y/N] would have loved this cake.” he mumbled to himself, smiling as he pictured his neighbor’s giant smile whenever he bought her cakes.

* * *

Sebastian’s eyes snapped open when he heard the sound of the bedroom door closing. He straightened his back and craned his neck to get a better look.

“What are you doing?” Sebastian’s eyes widened at the familiar female voice. He almost choked on his cake when she finally appeared on the hallway.

“Are you okay?” She asked again, eyes filled with worry when Sebastian opened and closed his mouth a couple of times.

He swallowed down the cake and scrambled out of his chair, running towards her with an expression of disbelief.

“Why are you in my apartment, neighbor?” He slowly breathed out, face lighting up like a Christmas tree. This must be a dream, he drunkenly thought.

"This is my apartment and you’re eating my cake, neighbor.” She smiled, rolling her eyes as she wiped off a bit of chocolate from his cheek. “You’re such a child, Seb.”

He was going to ignore the fluttery feeling in his heart when she said his name. Sebastian took a deep breath, trying to push back the urge to pull her into his arm and tell her how much he loves her.  

“I thought it was from Scarlett and Lizzy” he finally shrugged. “Did you make it yourself?” he asked.

She nodded, leaning in to give him a chaste kiss on the cheek. “It’s been a while since the last time you showed up drunk in my place.” [Y/N] took his hand and led him back to the kitchen.

“I drank a little.” He admitted as he trailed behind her, hand never leaving hers. He furrowed his eyebrows, eyes fixed on their intertwined hands. She’s so warm, he giddily thought.

She tiptoed to grab a glass and filled it with water before handing it to him.


“I like the cake. Lots of berries.” He rambled, “I also ate all the blueberries.” He added in a conspiratorial whispered and giggled. “Don’t tell anyone.”

[Y/N] raised her eyebrows in amusement as she watched him drank the whole glass of water and sat down on the kitchen stool to resume his eating. Her lips slowly curled into a fond smile when Sebastian gave her a huge grin and offered her a piece.

“Whansome?” He asked with a mouthful of cake, eyes glinting in glee when she took out a spoon from the drawer and scooped a huge piece of cake.

“Want some.” She muttered under her breath. “Of course I want some. It’s my cake.”

* * *

Sebastian looked down at her and felt the breath being sucked out of his lungs. She was wearing the weird cartoon pajamas, legs propped on the kitchen counter while she rested her head on his shoulder.

“God, I love you so much.” He blurted out, lips quickly pressed into a thin line when he finally realized what he just said.

She slowly looked up from the cake; cheeks flushed red when she registered the words. “Say that again?”

“Forget it.” He shook his head, feeling more sober than he was a few minutes ago. “Just eat the cake.”

“No, birthday boy. Tell me.” She smiled, playfully poking his arm with her spoon. “Did you just say I love you?”

“No and my birthday is over.”

“Your face is red.”

“Shut up.”

“Fine then. I won’t tell you how I feel about you.” She shrugged, smirking at his shocked expression.

His ears perked up and he snapped his head to face her, eyes wide in surprise. “Wait, how do YOU feel about me?” He asked, receiving another shrug in reply. “OH COME ON.”


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imagine #2

the show is going great. brendon sounds particularly enthusiastic toward the second half, and dallon keeps shooting him excited looks. they finish playing Emperors New Clothes and brendon leans into the mic, out of breath. “i’ve got something to do, i’ll be right back.” the band exits backstage and the curtain closes. minutes tick by, five then ten then a half hour and still no sound from the band. people have started to leave, thinking they wouldn’t come back on. just when it seemed like the show was really over, a voice boomed over the speakers. “please welcome… panic! at the disco!!!” brendon leaped onto the stage, completing his entrance with a backflip. but he had made a costume change. he had exchanged his sparkly suit and well-combed hairdo for an unbuttoned white suit, white gloves, and a top hat. the outfit looked oddly familiar. brendon did not remain alone for long, because right after him emerged jon walker and spencer smith, wearing clothes and makeup from the same era and smiling impossibly bright. the crowd grew silent as one more person emerged from backstage. he wore a white shirt underneath a rose vest, and sparkly red makeup all around his eyes, complete with a black design branching out under one eye. ryan ross. he carried his gibson fireboard guitar from an era a long time ago. he walked slowly over to brendon, who looked silently back up at him. they stood close, looking into each other’s eyes, for what seemed like eternity, when ryan began to play the opening notes to Time To Dance. brendon kisses him quickly before taking his place at the mic to continue the song. the show continues as it would have years ago, and after the last song brendon leans into the mic to make an announcement. “this won’t be the last you’re seeing of us- how would you feel if we said we were working on a new album together?” the crowd screamed. the band smiled, bowed, and left the stage.

In front of the camera

Plot: you’re a photographer for a cover shoot that Josh and tyler are doing, Josh is kind of flirting with you the whole time and you guys end up hitting it off. 

You were setting up your camera and lights like you always did at five AM before any shoot you did in the white studio. You were pulling at the backdrop making sure the wrinkles were all out of it while avoiding fingerprints at all costs. You walked over to the table that had the coffee available and rolled it away from where you would be shooting to avoid any disasters, and grabbed a cup. You got a call on your walkee talkee saying that Josh and Tyler would be there any minute. You went over to Karen who was working in wardrobe and made sure she had multiple different outfits ready. You took a sip of your coffee, gritting your teeth and sucking in air as you felt your tongue burn. You checked your watch, glancing down at the flashing digital numbers, they should’ve been arriving in about five minutes. You heard voices coming down the hall and did one last minute check on all of the equipment. Josh and Tyler walked in. 

“Hey guys, my name is Y/N” Nice to meet you. You extended a hand to both of the boys individually. 

Josh gave you a slight head nod and wave and Tyler replied with a greeting. 

“I’m going to be taking your photos today, there is coffee over there if you want some and then go on and head over to Karen when you’re ready to get styled.” 

“Oh coffee, thank goodness,” Josh wandered over to where the coffee was at. 

“I heard you liked your coffee black, but there’s cream and sugar just in case,” you shouted politely across the room. 

“No, this is perfect, thank you.” 

Josh returned with his coffee, as they were getting fitted, you gave them a rundown on the vision you had for the photos. 

“I was thinking we could play off the idea of blurry face, so I brought these fog machines in. They’re going to fog up in front of your face, but your faces will still be visible. We’re going to start with the both of you and then go onto individual photos. Sound good?” 

“sounds great,” Tyler replied 

“Awesome and if something isn’t working for you just let me know, and we’ll adjust.” 

“You’re just the nicest photographer ever huh?” Josh joked. 

“Only after my coffee!” you giggled. 

You directed Josh and Tyler to the black X’s you had taped on the ground to guide them, you had music playing in the background to keep the energy alive because with any 5 AM shoot it’s easy to capture the sleepy and exhausted look, so coffee and music is always a good idea. They were dancing around like little toddlers and you decide to just avert the plan for now and capture them being goofs. 

“Josh can you shimmy a little to the right? you’re jammin out of frame.” 

Josh literally shimmied back to the middle, shaking his shoulders with a silly grin on his face. 

“let’s go ahead and get the fog machines pumping!” you shouted to the tech crew. 

“are we not steamy enough?” Josh asked giving you a flirty gaze. 

“no…sorry, you guys just aren’t cutting it” you sarcastically replied and Josh laughed. 

Tyler was shaking to the rhythm of the song playing, concerning coming from anyone else but normal for him performance wise. 

“Well fine, why don’t you show us how it’s done then!” Josh demanded. 

“Hey! I belong behind the camera, so i’ll stay right here,” you replied winking and making a clicking sound with your mouth. 

“Well you look like you belong in front of it,” Josh blushed realizing what he just said. 

“You think?…” you raised your eyebrows and your mouth curled up slighlty. 

“Yeah, guys pump some Dr. Dre Y/N going to show us what to do.” 

“Fine fine.. turn it up yo! we bout to get street,” you laughed at how ridiculous you were being and threw up to peace signs making a funny face. 

You strutted in front of the camera flipping you hair around and shaking your hips a little bit, you were actually having so much fun you kind of got lost in the moment. You caught a glimpse of Josh looking at you with the biggest smile on his face. Josh walked over to you and started dancing to the music beside you. You noticed the black tie he was wearing was folded underneath his red blazer, so you both paused and adjusted it for him a little bit, tugging slightly at the neck. He was looking at you like he was going to kiss you. 

“Do it. I dare you.” You said, aware of what he was thinking.  

Josh leaned in and kissed you, Tyler ran behind the camera and snapped a photo. 

“Now it’s steamy enough.” Tyler laughed. 

Josh pulled away and bit his lip, laughing a bit and looked at the ground a little embarrassed. 

“I think we got the shot!” Tyler yelled. 

“Whatever!” you replied sassily, smiling with your hands on your hips. 

“Alright guys, let’s keep this shoot moving. Tyler we’ll go ahead and do your head shots. Josh get behind the camera with me.” 

“Gladly,” Josh smirked. 

As the photoshoot was coming to a close both the boys hugged you goodbye, and Josh slipped his number into your back pocket before he let his grip go. 

“I wouldn’t mind holding onto you.” 

“You’re such a dork, I love it. I’ll see you later,” Josh called out on his way out. 

“You definitely will,” you said. 


gallagher girls classified week: day 1 - favorite banter exchange

“I don’t think there are a lot of snipers at thirty thousand feet over the Atlantic.”
“Yes,” Abby countered, “because obviously a plane is never on the ground, like it is…say…now.”
“Oh, please.” Townsend shrugged off her worries. “If they know she’s on this plane, they’ll simply shoot the whole thing down.”
“Oh,” Bex and I said at the same time. 
Even after the plane took off, they kept debating security perimeters and protocols. I’m pretty sure they argued for forty-five minutes about where the best place for cappuccino was near the Colosseum.


Character Mention: Canton Everett Delaware III

“Mr. President, that man walked in here, with a big blue box and three of his friends, and that’s the man he walked past [points at secret service man threatening the Doctor]. One of them is worth listening to.  I say we give him five minutes, see if he delivers….if he doesn’t, I’ll shoot him myself.”

“So we’re in a box that’s bigger on the inside, and it travels through time and space…[I] like your wheels.”

So this brings us to Dec 2016.  Steve Nash does a success story contest every year.  The five finalists did a video and photo shoot in November and the announcement ceremony was Dec 2, 2016.  It was an awesome experience, came in 2nd which was fine with me got some extra training and year’s membership as well as a bunch of swag.  Took the poster above from the venue and had it hanging up at home for awhile.  The dog did not like it at first, she just growled at it for about 5 minutes after I first put it up.

When Icons Collide:

Carol Burnett, Woody Allen, and Julie Andrews take a break during rehearsals for Lyndon B. Johnson’s Inaugural Gala, Washington D.C., 18 January 1965.

In her published diaries, Lady Bird Johnson recalls the Inaugural Gala as a singularly star-studded affair:

Richard Adler, director of the show, had accumulated such a galaxy of stars that it forced two Broadway shows to close down for the night. Carol Channing came down from Hello Dolly! to be one of the emcees, and Barbra Streisand from Funny Girl to sing. Dame Margot Fonteyn from England’s Royal Ballet flew in from London with Rudolf Nureyev, who now looks like one of the Beatles. Alfred Hitchcock turned out to be the lion of the evening. And Woody Allen, that forlorn, undernourished little comedian, stopped shooting a movie in Paris and flew across the Atlantic for about five minutes of jokes….Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett sang a wonderful medley of musical comedy songs ranging from Naughty Marietta to My Fair Lady, and Harry Belafonte won everybody with “Michael, Row Your Boat Ashore’.” (223-24)

Not a bad line-up of party entertainment…and don’t you just love how Julie rocks those 60s knee-high suede boots and knit jumper dress!


Johnson, Lady Bird. A White House Diary. Austin : University of Texas Press, 2007.

yugotokusatsu  asked:

Do you think romance in creepypastas can work if done well?

I do, but I think it does take a special kind of skill to pull that off. A skill that I haven’t come across.

It also depends on what kinds of ‘romance’ you’re writing. For example, I plan to write a story about some girl stalking a guy, finding his address, his schedule, his likes and dislikes and becoming increasingly obsessed with him that she can’t eat or sleep. She spends hours searching for him in the town square for a week. Then this infatuation causes her to become insanely jealous of his current girlfriend and plans to kill her.

Things like that, make writing romance (in a twisted way) easy. But if it was something like the stories I've reviewed, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Sometimes it’s just not possible. I tried writing a romance with Slenderman, I sat for five minutes thinking of a good and legitimate reason for his actions and I gave up.

So if someone wants to continue with a romance, say with Jeff or slender, they better be sure the rest of their story are good in order to make up for the setback.