it was like 40 years old and never tuned right and pretty much sounded like shit

@windycarnage has this really nice comic about Will being Nico’s pharmacist and, well. my mom is a pharmacist so this is like a “if i could make being a pharmacist less boring it would be this” sorta thing. 

sorta made nico a methadone patient. methadone pharmacies are way more interesting than regular pharmacies anyway. dunno if I should continue this but consider it an intro of sorts lmao. also set in Canada bc im canadian


Nico was pretty pissed that he was evicted. So pissed, in fact, that he almost wanted to key his (then ex) landlord’s car. To be honest, he just didn’t have the energy to do anything except look through the internet for any cheap apartments that someone with thousands in student loans could afford.

There weren’t really very many, but he managed one in Brantford (lucky him), and within the week, he’s moved out and into his (sorta) new apartment.

“You’re what? I’m being evicted? I’ve been paying my rent on time, mostly, and I haven’t damaged any appliances or disrupted anyone, so-”

“It’s not that, Mr. di Angelo, it’s just that I can’t have someone with your history in this apartment building, I’m very sorry.”

“What the fuck do you mean- ‘My History’ - what ‘history’ are you referring to, exactly?”

“You know exactly what I mean. You have two weeks to get out, no extensions. Again, very sorry.”

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christmas fluff || a bonkai oneshot

A/N: Christmas on the Other Side with magicless Bonnie & Kai.


The spirit of the holidays was something Kai could really get into, apparently. She’d never seen anyone that excited about Christmas before. Hell, he made Disney look tame by comparison.

But deranged psychopaths sometimes derive joy from the most innocuous things.

It was all her fault, though.

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