it was like 'dang! i would hit that

Been on this dang plane for 6.5 hours.

And the flight was less than 2 hours… BUT WE FINALLY LANDED. I lesson planned from my phone because my computer wouldn’t connect and I took a tiny nap. Goodness though I never in my life thought I would ever need to sit on a plane like this.

Long story “short”: Slightly delayed waiting for some of the crew, de-iced, mechanical problem found and we go back to the gate, mechanical problem fixed, another de-icing, this de-icing caused our captains to hit their limit, go back to gate, wait forever for new captains, captains finally arrive and need to fill out paperwork, flight attendants hand out water and snacks, oh jk can’t leave yet because now we are waiting on water because we ran out, get water, oh another big jk because now we can’t leave since we also ran out of paper towel and cups, okay finally get all of that stuff and have to be de-iced again, yes yay getting somewhere, wait no, took almost 30 minutes before we could take-off. Alright instead of landing at 8pm, we scare the crap out of everyone with a bumpy landing at 12:25am.

Now to wait for them to let us out, drive almost a half an hour home, and then “nap” for probably 4 hours before it’ll be time to get up for work.

sometimes I think about how Zack casually stated his dream to be a hero and then with zero reason for provocation Ven just threw that right back in his face to say he would fail at it and had the most chill while doing so

like dang cinnamon roll what’s your damage

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Your voice is so lovely!!! Dang gurl, you would definitely catch Kookie's attention with that voice. 😏 Afterall he's said his ideal type consists of a girl with a nice singing voice. You should do a proper cover with the instrumental and your voice merged together, it'd get so many hits!! We could help with the views on tumblr too 😊

Omg what sfdgsgshzjl 🙈🙈🙈🙈 CAN YOU NOT KILL ME WITH FEELS LIKE THIS OMG FHDJDMSK 😱😱😱 My voice is nothing that amazing but to hear you say that it’d catch jungkook’s attention 😨 I’m honoured😭😭😭 I’d love to cover more songs ❤ but oh lord , I’m afraid my vocals might not blend that well with jungkook lol He has a very breathy tone and I’m low key afraid to ruin his songs dhdjdkdk 😖😖😖#I can always try… but I doubt the result would sound that good 😟#IM such an amateur lol

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I’ve only been 20 for like a week and a half, but it is already shaping up to be way better than 19 was! Awesome terrible-consequence-free-for-once Samhain/Halloween (Samhailloween?) party aside, I found a dog last week. Not like a real dog but like a stuffed one. It was just hanging out in the middle of the grass? Like I didn’t see any kids or anything nearby who maybe would’ve been playing with it. If I didn’t already have my familiar I’d be wondering if the universe were trying to tell me something. So if you’re missing the cutest dang beagle plush I’ve ever seen, hit me up ‘cause he probably misses you, whoever you are!

Alsoooo, AMS elections!!! Just like Samhain’s supposed to be - out with the old, in with the new. The moment of truth marches ever closer! The ballots have been cast and the votes are gonna be tallied–there’s not much point in wishing luck at this point, but I sure hope everybody is prepared for whatever the results are. It’s gonna be an awesome year!

Christmas with Got7


  • LOTS of hugging 
  • and being extra close
  • like if your not in his arms he WILL get you back in his arms in a matter of seconds js
  • most likely you’ll be the first one awake though
  • so you gotta drag mark-ee-poo outta bed by his arms
  • he would be such a blushing disaster when he opens his gift from you
  • whatever it was you got him, he would love it with all his heart
  • and when you open his gift to you he would just sit back in awe
  • its a danG PROMISE RING
  • and he sees tears of joy welling up in the corner of your eyes
  • and then you two share a million kisses and shy ‘i love you’s’


  • Neither of you actually want to get up
  • but for the sake of the holidays you roll out of bed and into the living room
  • he settles on the couch only to doze off again
  • meanwhile your in the kitchen slaving over the coffee pot
  • you come back to see a peaceful jb slumped up against the couch
  • and your like ‘aaaawee’
  • and then you hit him.
  • now that he’s fully awake, he hands you your gift and its rather thin
  • OH
  • TWO PLANE TICKETS TO (fave destination)?
  • he knows you always talk about going here so he decided to take you on a well deserved vacation.
  • your v welcome.


  • Hes up an hour before you just watch your reaction when you wake up to find him wrapped in christmas lights
  • incase you cant tell
  • he’s christmas af
  • he legit picks you and carries you to the living room
  • and theres a crap load of gifts
  • ‘i thought agreed to buy one thing for each other jr.’
  • ‘BABE. just let me spoil this one day of the year’
  • ‘you spoil me all the days of the year’
  • it’s true though. he spoils you to the max
  • when you open his gift he has the camera 2 inches away from your face
  • he wants to catch every moment
  • basically the best christmas ever cause its freaking jr your spending it with


  • Hes gonna be all up on you as soon you open your eyes
  • and hes gonna make you cinnamon rolls for breakfast
  • then rush you to the living to open the one million presents he bought you even though you told him not to
  • all the gifts are mostly matching outfits and shoes for two
  • but wait
  • theres one more box under the tree
  • and its moving
  • ‘jackson what is inside that box’
  • he goes and opens it to reveal a puppy
  • ‘meet wang puppy the second’
  • so you mentally slap yourself
  • but then you remember that this is why you love this man child
  • and then you give the puppy so much love
  • jackson calls it your child


  • oh my goodness with little ray of sunshine will be soo so cute
  • okay first he’d be the first one awake and he would just lay there and admire your pretty sleeping face until you wake up
  • and when you do wake up he would pepper your face with tiny kisses
  • then you two would go drink some sort of expensive coffee he makes for you
  • when its time for gifts,he hands you this pretty velvet box
  • and inside there’s a necklace with his name engraved in it
  • you cant help but tear up so he pulls you into a hug
  • and you spend the rest of the day watching cheesy christmas movies
  • then later the boys come over for christmas dinner
  • and finally, everyone passes out in your apartment


  • will most definitely jump on you screaming ‘ITS CHRISTMAS ITS CHRISTMAS’
  • and he would legit turn into a child again
  • he’s gonna check if santa ate all the cookies
  • and tear open every present like its his last
  • for christmas he buys you a beanie with his name on it
  • and he has one with your name on it
  • you two wear them around the whole entire day
  • and then he whips out the cookies
  • so then you two spend the day stuffing your faces with cookies and giggling and cuddling like two innocent children.


  • this tall baby will make you two wear matching santa pjs cause why not
  • and you wont get up till like noon cause your too busy cuddling and laughing together
  • and once you do get up, theres a huge stuffed bear way bigger than yuggie next to the tree
  • he says its a replica of him for you to hold when hes gone
  • ya know, cause you call him your teddy bear
  • then he gives you a second gift if ya know what i mean
  • jk you two are still smoll children
  • you two would get super bundled up and go play in the snow
  • and he shove 30+ snowballs down your back
  • then he would bring you inside and make you hot choca while listening to christmas music(:

Hey guys, this is a day late but here yiu go.! And merry christmasss c: I LOVE YOU ALL.

-Admin Jagi

I think I just woke my sister

She saw my mermaid drawings which I drew topless of course (bc why the fuck would mermaids wear bras??) and she was like “Dang Sue you drew them with nothing?”

So I ask her if a mermaid would really wear a bra and she’s like “Yes”. So I google a picture of mermen who are of course shirtless and ask her “what’s the difference?”

She’s all like “They’re girls it is different they should be covered” so I google freethenipple and show her one of those pics with a man and woman next to eachother, with the guy plain and the girl with an X on her nipple and that seems to actually hit her pretty hard. I ask her again, “What’s the difference?” and you could literally see the understanding dawn on her face and she agreed with me “There is none”

We gotta change society, even if you can only do it one person at a time.

My friend posted this thing about this guy raping her and I was like dang ok block. But he hit me up on another social network under another name and asked me to vend at an event at his college. I thought about it because I can possibly make like an extra 100 dollars from the show but I already told my distant friend I wouldn’t talk to him. So I asked my other friend what he thought and he was like smh for even thinking of saying yes! I was like woah aah I’m fucking grosss. What would u guys do?? I mean I’m not gonna do his event for sure but like what would u do if u had another chance to make 100 extra bucks before moving out? Also I am realizing this year how insensitive I can get when money is involved :/ I ALWAYS put the money first because.. idk just the way I grew up and how I had to support myself a lot of the time. It can distract me from being a good person. It already made me feel shitty this week when I pimped a gal to try to pay my phone bill but that’s another story for another time when I feel like talking about it. I feel like such a bad person. But if I was a good person I’d be poor :/

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But like, Drilla, how much would Jason have changed if he was Greek? Like, from past info it's normal for the Greeks to be more emotionally tied to their lives, so can you like, imagine Jason who's loud and has a temper like Thalia always and plays basketball and gets in fights with Clarisse and gets hit on a lot and has Satyr friends and has more of a thirst for power and helps run camp and doesn't trust the Romans at /all/?? (Also, also, Roman!Percy is my favorite but I'll stop now.) <3 <3 <3

OKAY. so. assuming jason is greek, then he’d have never been left to the wolves/made it to camp jupiter, yeah? because. that means he ran away with thalia. that means thalia/jason met luke, and later on, when thalia was twelve and jason was five, they met annabeth. (because thalia’s 7 years older than jason, and that would make annabeth 2 years older than jason–? i think?). that means, jason was there when thalia died. SO. what you said about the temper? absolutely. aaaaabsolutely a thing. like, roman!jason/canon!jason had distance and time to “move on” from the loss of his family (he never really moved on, but–time sort of softened the blow), but if he’s greek, and growing up in chb–where thalia’s tree serves to remind him every day of what he’s lost, as well as the prophecy to remind him what COULD lie ahead for him? that’s gonna seriously change his personality, isn’t it? SOOO. consider this in a greek!jason au:

  • the four of them, luke/thalia/annabeth/jason, being pretty tightly knit. enough so that jason trusted luke with his sister and acted like luke/annabeth were his actual siblings as well as thalia
  • but then. thalia dies protecting them, and things just flip upside down for him. and jason/thalia have been through some pretty hard times with no-one/nothing to lean on but each other before, so jason probably fights tooth and nail to try and get back to thalia, even if the others insist it’s too late.
  • he just doesn’t believe she’s gone for a while. 
  • ..and it kind of feeds his anger/grief in the days that follow? (personally i hc jason’s fatal flaw as his wrath!! and u don’t need to hc it the same as i do, bu t. it just made me think since you mentioned him having a temper). when the grief wears down a bit, the anger does too. 
  • but he goes from being very cheerful and quick to help, to being defensive and suspicious and insanely protective of annabeth. like, super SUPER protective bc he’s already lost one sister, he refuses to lose another.
  • and he’s a child of the big three, and very young, too, so the other campers are a little nervous??? around him to begin with? a little nervous because his dad is destructive as hell–a lot of demigods have cause to resent zeus, and what’ll they do if his son is as unreasonable? as prone to violence or horrible punishments?
  • he’s not. he’s not cruel or vindictive, he’s just really stern and serious. seems very unapproachable, too, but luke and annabeth seem to get along with him just fine. and he might not warm up to people easily (read as; if you’re not either of his surrogate siblings, it’ll take a while) but he respects anyone who’s willing to maintain order, do the right thing, and fight for their friends. all the more the respect if annabeth likes you, bc if you’re good to the people he cares about, he’s good to you.
  • he totally gets in fights. mostly, he breaks them up, but not without getting involved first. sometimes, though, he gets a little too invested (i.e. what you were saying there about clarisse) and it maybe takes someone else COUGHANNABETHCOUGH to break it up.
  • (listen im weak for jason/annabeth being like siblings ok….don’t judge…)
  • (i could yell about the jason/annabeth/luke dynamic for a year tbh, but anyway–)
  • his ~Strict~ behaviour seems to come from not wanting to not wanting to be part of that prophecy? being a child of the big three i’m pretty sure the thought of it would hound the poor boy. especially with his sister dead.
  • so he does his best to lead these demigods, following his sister’s example. because she is, and probably always will be, his hero
  • hE CAN’T EVER WORK OUT WHEN HE’S BEING HIT ON. EVER. because he’s aware he’s pretty unapproachable, and generally people consider him far too ?rigid to date, but, it happens and it totally flies over his head. he just doesn’t get it at all. then he’ll realize later when he’s on his own and bLUSH.
  • …since you mentioned percy. omfg, imagine him meeting percy in this au, and at first they kind of clash. not out of dislike, but, completely polar opposite personalities? jason comes off as a little condescending or percy comes off as a little reckless and they don’t mesh at first.
  • THEN THEY BOND OVER BASKETBALL. and their mutual respect/fear of annabeth, probably who knows
  • jason being partly relieved theres another child of the big three
  • theeeeen when nico comes along, jason is a little painfully reminded of what he used to be like. so he acts like a big bro towards nico and people just??don’t understand wtf happened to endear one of the most intimidating guys in camp to this tiny, excitable dork?
  • but then bianca dies, and nico might fight back against anyone trying to get close, act like he doesn’t need anyone or that he doesn’t want anyone, but jason understands that pretty well. big brother mode just increases.
  • …i’d talk about thalia being revived but i’d just start crying about the grace siblings so instead have this
  • jason/annabeth visiting thalia’s tree together. jason worrying for annabeth when she goes on her quests with percy. annabeth going out of her mind w/ worry for jason and percy, because the prophecy could mean either of them
  • also imagine the shitload of angst when the HoO timeline swings around
Competition Time!

AKA where shit will inevitably hit the fan.

- What is Nia’s costume. That colour is perfect for her tho.

- OH Crap her music! 

- She looks gorgeous though. Just needs more ballet and more flow in her movements.

- 30 seconds cut?! Wow. Go Nia.

- Hello Ava. That is a very weird costume.

- I wish your mother would stop using you for petty revenge. 

- Dang she has long arms.

- Weird solo but I kinda liked it. Jeanette needs to stop having all of her choreo finish with dramatic prop holding. Ava’s got lovely technique.

- Maddie show time.

- Abby, hate to tell you this, but Maddie will not be putting Ava in her place. Unless that place is 1st.

- Are they not showing Kalani’s solo?! Darn, I wanted to see that Improv solo that placed 1st in Duo/Trio x_x

- Not loving Maddie’s costume. or hair. 

- Typical Maddie solo. Mediocre technique and faces.

- Changed my mind about the costume. The skirt moves so well.

- Boooring dance. 

- I’m really excited for this group dance; it seems really relatable. 

- Kendall’s hairstyle. I want. It’s gorgeous. 

- Jeanette’s dance school of revenge BDA up first. 

- I LOVE THESE COSTUMES. Those sleeves really flatter Ava and all the girls look great.

- the physical target was unnecessary though. 

- Ok that was pretty awesome. 

- ALDC time

- I weirdly like these costumes too… all different but same colour scheme. It just works. But why does Nia have a bloody chest….


- KALANIIIIII I love her

- Maddie please get a new hairstyle. 

- I get what they’re going for, but I feel like the story didn’t really play out on stage. It doesn’t look like a dance, it looks like a mess of people doing different things that don’t really go together. 

- not much unison, Maddie’s acting make me want to vomit. 

- YES NIA! 2nd! 

- Melissa, you’re about to eat your words.

- Uh oh Maddie got second. The world’s gonna end. 

- Then I guess we can say Ava destroyed the world ;)

- Whoops ALDC group second. I think it’s fair. I didn’t like the dance and I don’t think it was really a dance. 

- Maddie, chill. Don’t make those faces on stage. It’s disrespectful.

- BDA wins. I think they deserved it tbh. 

- Abby, shut up. Don’t be a sore loser.

- Oh Abby. Teach your dancers to be disrespectful too. Wonderful teacher. 


Zenyatta: Maybe because they like us?

My god. Blog is now officially three weeks old and I’ve hit the 450+ followers! Everything went pretty rapid after my 300+ giveaway post, but I honestly never thought I would even reach this amount of followers! I am super grateful for EVERYONE following me, liking my things, talking to me and rping with me! Everyone here is so kind I would’ve never guessed! I feel blessed knowing all of you, and the words of encourgament I get from people really brighten my day, and I am glad I can make people feel emotions by the things that I write, so THANK YOU!

To thank you all, I’ve made a list of cool people. Not on the list? Fret not, you’re still as equally cool as these people!

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Aaaaand that’s about it for the list I think. Jeebuz, do you know how HARD it is to remember all you guys’ names?

Not done yet!

With this post I would also like to announce the winners of my 300+ followers giveaway!

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That’s it! Thank you all so much, and here’s to…what…50 more followers?