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I found his jumper part 9|| D.H.

First Part, Second Part, Third Part, Fourth Part, Fifth Part, Sixth Part, Seventh Part, Eighth Part

A/N: Hello! I don’t know why but I felt a bit off while writing this. I really hope it didn’t turn out bad. I would also like to give a little shout out to @dan-philxreader-fics because of the super sweet message I got. 

Word Count: 1.8k


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“I still can’t believe it! You and assf-Dan?!” Hayley corrected herself after I had shot her a warning look. She was sprawled out on my bed, her green hair as bright as ever. I had just told her the full story without leaving out any details. Hayley had insisted on me starting at kindergarten, so I did.

It was obviously a bit hard for her to believe that I was talking about the same Dan she knew as fuckboy and jock. During my story she had to interrupt me a few times just to shout ‘Dan did that?!’ or 'He said what?!’. We had spend most of the afternoon just talking about me and him although I had actually planned to prepare for my date.

“Can you help me pick an outfit now, please?” I whined, looking at my wardrobe in frustration. I had to be ready for my first date with Dan in less than two hours and yet I still stood in front of my closet in my underwear. He didn’t even tell me where he was taking me so it was even harder to pick out the right outfit. Normally I wouldn’t make such a big deal out of something like this, but today I was kinda nervous. I didn’t want to overdress nor underdress. In the end I chose something in the middle, not too fancy and not too casual. I had to show Hayley 7 different outfits before we found the right one.

“Are you ready?” Hayley asked me five minutes before Dan would pick me up.

I swallowed hard while fumbling around with the necklace I was wearing.

“I’m just a bit nervous.” I admitted with a worried look at the clock. He’d be there any minute.

“C'mon Rose. There is nothing to stress about. From what I can tell Dan is completely crazy about you. It will be just fine.” my best friend assured me just as there was a knock on the door.

Hayley shot me one last smile before I headed to open the door. As I entered the living room I came to see that somebody had been quicker than me. Charlotte had let Dan in already.

“It’s not too late to take me out instead of her, you know.” I could clearly hear her offer. She twirled her hair around her finger and tried to sound extra seductive. That was another low point even for Charlotte. The urge to shout at her or rip her head off was stronger than ever.

'Hayley would have punched her.’ I thought to myself as I tried to calm myself down.

Gladly Dan didn’t seem were intrigued by her act. He uncomfortably scratched the back of his head.

“I’ll wait for Rose, thank you.” he answered her while his eyes were scanning the room. I internally smiled at his answer, completely forgetting my anger at the same time. As soon as Dan spotted me has face immediately glowed up.

“Ah there you are!” he happily exclaimed, scaring Charlotte with his sudden outburst.

I quickly waved at him while my eyes were scanning his body. He was wearing black skinny jeans like always paired with a dark leather jacket. Honestly he looked absolutely stunning. Seeing him like this made black my new favourite colour.  

“I’ll take over now. Thanks for answering the door.” I told Charlotte with a faked sugar sweet smile. She glared at the ground before she finally trotted back to her room in defeat. I heard her mumble something under her breath but I decided to just let it go and concentrate on Dan.

“Hi, rosy cheeks.” Dan greeted me softly and I immediately blushed at the nickname.

I gulped out a shy 'hi’ in return, making him laugh.

He took my hand in his and lead me outside to where his car was parked. I shot him a confused look as he pulled his keys from his pocket. I had assumed that we would just have dinner at a restaurant in town or watch a movie. We wouldn’t need a car for that since town was easy to reach by foot.

Trying to be the perfect gentleman Dan opened the door to his car for me. I got in, already filled with curiosity and excitement.

“I didn’t think our date would start with Charlotte trying to steal me from you. I’m sorry I -” Dan started to ramble before starting the engine.

“It’s not your fault. She’s just- I’m glad you denied her offer and chose me.” I said with a little laugh.  

“Rose, don’t be stupid. I’d choose you over everybody.” he answered, proving once again that Hayley was right. Dan was crazy about me.

He pulled his gaze from my body and grabbed the leathery steering wheel before pulling out of the parking spot. It was 6 in the afternoon on a late September day. Fall had arrived, but it wasn’t freezing cold outside yet. I alternated between mindlessly gazing out of the window and staring at Dan. He looked hot when he was driving. I remembered the time he got his diver’s licence during High School and girls went crazy over it.

After a 10 minutes drive we joined the motorway and I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Dan where are we going?” I blurted out louder than I had planned to.

He just laughed and shook his head.

“I’m not telling you. I know how much you love surprises.” he teased and I stuck out my tongue at him in response.

“I only love surprises if my curiosity is not killing me before I get to see them.” I pouted, making another throaty laugh escape his mouth.    

After an hour of driving, talking and listening to music we still hadn’t arrived at whatever place Dan was taking me to. I didn’t mind though. I loved long car rides and we had enough time to catch up on all the things we missed out on because we were too busy hating on each other. It was nice to have Dan back. It was so easy to talk to him. My shyness and nervousness were gone in an instance.

“Are we there, yet?” I jokingly asked, after 2 hours of driving.

Dan was just about to answer as I started to recognize the highway streets and the street signs suddenly spoke of familiar places.

“Oh my god, no way. Dan!” I shouted, basically pressing my face against the window. My nose touched the cold glass as I stared at my home town in front of the car’s window.

“Surprise.” Dan chuckled, looking at my startled face with an amused grin.

After 2 and a half hours we had finally arrived and Dan parked his car between my childhood home and his. It brought back a lot of memories and coming here again with him meant a lot.

“I can’t believe you drove me back here on our first date.” I exclaimed as we both got out of the car. I looked around with wide eyes. Everything obviously still looked the same. It hadn’t been that long since I left for university, but I missed this place. Dan took my hand in his again, but instead of leading me to one of our houses to greet our parents, he walked off into another direction.

“Dan what -” I was about to ask as I realized that he was guiding me towards the forest we used to play in all summer when we were younger. My heart was jumping with delight as we returned to this place together. We walked next to each other closely. The leaves had already changed colour and twigs were cracking underneath our feet.

After ten minutes of walking next to each other we reached our old tree house. The wood it was made out of looked a little rotten already and it was hidden behind wild plants, but besides that it still looked the same.

“Do you remember the time we slept in the tree house?” Dan asked me as we stopped in front of it.

“Convincing my mum to allow me to sleep there took forever.” I laughed, remembering the huge amount of pleas and puppy dog eyes it took me to make her say yes.

“I also remember that a certain someone got pretty scared during the night.” Dan said teasingly and nudged me with his elbow.

“That certain someone was you Dan.” I reminded him with a giggle, making him blush.

“Oh yeah, you are right.” he mumbled and looked away in embarrassment.

“Aw look who is blushing now. I honestly thought you were pretty cute especially when you crawled into my sleeping bag.” I told him with a big smile.

We had ended up spending the whole night in the same sleeping bag because some strange noise scared the the living hell out of Dan. I had gone camping with my parents a lot so I wasn’t scared at all.

We didn’t dare to climb up the tree house in case the old wood would crush under our weight. Instead we kept walking until we reached a huge field.

In the middle of it was a little hill, our hill. It was already quite dark outside, but the moon was nearly full and one could see a lot of stars. Hand in hand, Dan and I made our way through the knee high grass. We sat down on top of the hill, just like we used to when we were kids.

“Thank you.” I whispered overwhelmed by all of this.

“I thought it would be a good idea. You know? I’d like to rewrite the story that is us. The last time we were here I held your hand and you realized that you have feelings for me.”

In the same moment he said that he intertwined our fingers.

“Let’s be what we could have been back then now. I got a second chance and I promise I won’t screw it up. I really want to make us work. I promise to do everything to make you happy, Rose.”  

And with that being said I kissed him as if it would seal his promise. The butterflies were back and I couldn’t think straight anymore. I felt like I was in a daze. His lips moved against mine in a slow rhythm at first. Dan’s hands were holding onto my waist as he was pulling me closer. I tangled my fingers in his brown hair, while his tongue brushed my bottom lip. His tall figure felt warm against my body, but that wasn’t the only reason why I was dying to be as close to him as possible. My heart was racing and my mind went completely blank as Dan’s lips began moving faster and more needily against mine.

I liked this story a lot more already.


Day 1. Second date.

Hi all. Day one of rucas fanfiction week and I have vowed to myself that I will make very one shot 3000+ words. This is incredibly hard for me so ahhhhh!!!! Wish me luck.


Riley sat down in front of her vanity and brushed her long brown hair. She turned on her phone and clicked her music app, ED Sheeran blasted through her room and she sighed. She looked down at her makeup and moved her stuff around trying to figure out what she wanted to put on. She grabbed her too faced palette and decided to not put on anything too heavy. She knew Lucas liked her for who she was and that she shouldn’t do anything too drastic.

She grabbed an eyeshadow brush and started putting a transition in her crease. She put a glittery shade on her inner lid and a darker shade On her outer corner. She picked up her liquid eyeliner and went to start her cat eye. She made the movement just above where she wanted it and just as she touched the liner to her eye she heard a knock, she flinched backwards scared and her hand moved and the liner went into her eye.

She groaned in pain and she heard laughter come from the window. Riley grabbed a q-tip and hair brush, using the q-tip to clean up the liner and Riley threw the hair brush at a laughing Maya.

‘Ow.’ Maya screeched grabbing the other stool and sitting next to Riley.

'Well you ruined my cat eye.’ Riley groaned reapplying her eyeshadow.

'Well Lucas doesn’t like over the top makeup anyway. So I did ya a favour.’ She joked standing up and prancing over to the closet. She stammered through all of Riley’s clothes and tried to throw away all of the colourful things. Realising that Riley was super colourful and that she never wanted her to change she picked out her favourite colourful items.

'Riley where exactly are you going again.’ Maya called out to Riley who was finishing up her contour.

'Movies. It’s a cuddle bunnies special I think.’ She yelled back her smile growing at the idea. Riley was so smitten about the idea of what they were doing, it was so Riley and Lucas. It was just them and that made her happy. Riley couldn’t dismiss the knotting in her stomach though. She was incredibly nervous that she would stuff up or scare Lucas off.

'I’m done. I found the perfect outfit.’ Maya sang as she walked back out of Riley’s closet. She set out the purple top and black jeans and a denim jacket on the bed and smoothed it out for Riley to wear.

'So I’m assuming you have underwear but the bra you have on won’t do.’ Maya spoke to herself darting back into her closet to Riley’s bra collection. She looked over all them and decided that Riley needed something more, uplifting. Maya darted back over to her backpack and picked up a push up bra.

'This.’ Maya spoke showing Riley. Riley turned away from her makeup and turned the bra Over showing Maya the endless amount of push up.

'Maya no.’ She seethed rolling her eyes.

'Maya yes. Now go put your stuff on. I want to take a pic for my snap story.’ Maya rushed bundling the clothes up and throwing them at Riley as she pushed her into the bathroom.

Riley rushed to get changed and looked at her outfit in the mirror, she liked the how it wasn’t over the top but it was nicer than normal. It was pretty but it wasn’t try hard, and no matter how much she hated it, the push up bra looked good.

Riley quickly brushed her teeth and made sure her hair was still looking nice. She stepped out of her bathroom and was hit by the flash of something. She death stares Maya but Maya just smiled and added the snap to her story.

'Ok so now shoes. Converse or boots.’ Maya spoke thinking out loud. Before Riley could answer they heard another knock at the door. They darted their eyes over to the door and saw smackle walk in.

'Converse now Riley out.’ Smackle demanded pushing Riley out the door. Riley stumbled into the living room and saw Lucas facing her father. He seemed to be quite calm but Riley knew better.

'Dad let him go.’ Riley called walking over to Lucas as she tried to put her converse on. Lucas spun around and took one look at Riley and instantly felt weak in the knees.

He tried to choke his words out but his mouth felt dry looking at the girl in front of him. Riley felt the same way as she looked at his tan slacks and his maroon button up. She smiled a little and went over to hold his hand.

He returned her smile and rubbed his hand on his pants before grabbing her hand.

'Sir I’ll have her home by 9:45.’ He formerly spoke and mr Matthews grunted and walked away.

'So you ready.’ Lucas croaked and Riley rubbed her thumb over His hand.

'As I’ll ever be.’ She soothed and they walked out the door. Riley tried not to move weirdly and focused on walking as stiff as normal. Lucas looked over to Riley and saw her moving a bit weirdly and he realised what was happening. He sighed and squeezed her hand slightly, Riley looked up at him and saw his concerned face.

'Riley. Why are you walking like that.’ He questioned and Riley’s gaze stiffened. She looked down at her feet and still tried to walk normally.

'Umm. I. Umm.’ She stammered but she couldn’t get the words out the way she wanted.

'Riley I like you for you. I like klutzy Riley, I like every Riley there is. You don’t need to act different for me.’ He ranted and Riley felt tears well up in his eyes at his sincere words.

'Thanks. I just- you know- get worried.’ She spoke quietly and Lucas removed his hand from hers and moved his arm around her shoulder. They sat down on the subway and hesitantly Riley put her head on his chest.

'Yeah I know. I understand you have anxiety thing. I remember when you kinda told us when we put the labels on out forehead.’ He sighed and Riley snuggled into him.

'Thankyou for understanding. So how do you feel about Katy and Shawn getting married, oh and Maya and Josh finally sailing.’ She asked and Lucas furrowed his brows.

'Sailing?’ He laughed and Riley hit his chest lightly.

'Like the ship has sailed.’ She spoke in a duh tone. Lucas looked down at her and laughed not understanding teenage girls at all.

'Well I’m happy for both of them. It’s gonna be great.’ He cheered and Riley burst into laughter at his tone. she noticed the weird looks she was getting from people on the subway but she couldn’t Seem to restrain herself.

They both left the subway at their stop and Lucas put his hand in hers again. They chatted about little things while they walked to the theatre and Lucas couldn’t be happier.

'We’re here.’ Riley Beamed happily and bounced into the theatre. She ran over to the front desk and asked for two tickets but she saw Lucas step in front of her.

'I’m paying.’ Lucas insisted and Riley rolled her eyes sneaking over to the condiments. She asked for two popcorns and two cokes and quickly payed before Lucas could insist. She scrambled her way back over to Lucas and gave him a popcorn. Lucas looked down at her and sighed before reaching for his wallet. Riley waved her hand In front of him and Lucas sighed once again.

'I know it’s a very white feminist thing to do. But I have to pay, it’s a me thing ok. We have to deal with it.’ She ranted and skipped off towards their screening. Lucas jumped behind her trying to get some of her happiness into him, which was successful by skipping, it was the safest way to travel.

The reached their area and they sat next to each other in the third row. Lucas positioned himself closer to Riley.

'So is this the point where I put my hand over your shoulder while I’m pretending to yawn.’ Lucas jokes and Riley giggled, she had really hoped he wouldn’t do such a cheesy move and was glad he thought it was funny.

'Yeah you can just do it without the yawn. It’s only 7:30 I hope you aren’t tired yet.’ Riley joked back and felt a buzz on her butt. Seeing as it was only the ad she took out her phone and saw a text from Maya.

“Have you guys made out yet.” She read and Lucas peeked over her shoulder and almost spat out his drink.

'Lets trick her.’ Lucas suggested and Riley looked over at him feigning interest.

'Well what shall we do.’ She asked her eye brow raised. Lucas smirked a little at his idea.

'We send her a photo of us kissing. I mean we don’t really have to kiss we will just have to put a hand over your mouth, how about to Jexica ?’ He joked and Riley thought about it for a second before deciding it was a good idea. Riley nodded and picked up her phone and turned on the camera, Lucas faced her and Riley faced him.

'Ok 3,2,1.’ Riley spoke and went to put her lips on his. They both realised a little too late that they both didn’t know who was putting the hand up. Before they knew it there lips were touching and Riley had pressed the camera button. She meant to pull away but she was so intoxicated by the kiss that she couldn’t pull away, she deepened the kiss slightly by opening her mouth and Lucas followed. He wasn’t sure how far she wanted to go so he pulled away her forehead on his, Lucas smiled at her and kissed her lips lightly one more time.

'Again.’ Riley whispered and Lucas was happy to comply, Riley had accidentally hit video on her phone and deleted the previous Picture. They made out intensely before they heard someone cough behind them. Abruptly they broke apart and saw that the movie was starting anyway. Riley quickly clicked sent on what she thought was the photo and focused her attention to the movie, Lucas cuddled Riley and she cuddled back into him.


Riley and Lucas both stood up and walked out of the theatre. Riley quickly excused herself to go to the bathroom and Lucas happily sat down on the seat. Riley waited in line and went to be bathroom. Once she was done she washed her hands and quickly checked her phone. Immediately she saw 10 calls from Maya, 32 texts, and 30 calls from Zay. Confused she opened her texts and read through them, her eyes widened when she saw what they were about. She quickly scrambled outside and tackled Lucas before he could read his messages. Lucas sat upright once again and looked over at Riley who was fretting.

'What.’ Lucas questioned to his girlfriend who was fretting again.

'I kinda accidentally sent Maya a video of us making out and I think Zay has seen it too and wants a great Riley and Lucas story.’ Riley scrambled and Lucas’ eyes widened but then he just laughed.

'Riley they know we are dating. It’s natural for us to do these things. I mean from now on it probably should be private but who cares. Plus Zay is just bored.’ Lucas soothed rubbing Riley’s back, Riley was instantly relaxed and realised that she had done absolutely nothing wrong.

'Thanks for that.’ Riley beamed and Lucas smiled standing up and taking her hand.

'Dinner?’ He asked and Riley nodded.

'But somewhere other than Topanga’s.’ She begged and Lucas smiled and nodded. They walked two blocks in comfortable silence and decided to go into a pizza place.

Once they were seated and Lucas had ordered them a pizza Riley decided to start quite conversation.

'How are you liking high school? I mean other than the rough start.’ She questioned and Lucas rolled his eyes.

'Hey the start was my fault and I’m kinda liking it. It’s a challenge but I like an actual challenge.’ He responded and Riley nodded.

'Where do you want to go to college for your vet course. I’ve heard Texas a&m was really good.’ Riley suggested and Lucas furrowed his brows.

'Wait you’ve been looking up colleges?’ He asked her and she looked down in shame.

'Well you know how I told you about that whole sandwich drink and cake thing?’ She asked and Lucas nodded.

'Well I was also thinking about future future. Like other than bunny farmer future. I just have a lot of free time.’ She tried to save herself and earned a laugh from Lucas.

'Tell me about it.’ Lucas asked dazed by Rileys eyes.

'Well we go to different colleges. You get into Texas a&m and I encourage you to go but you don’t like what Texas did to you. So I go to Columbia and you go to nyu but then you transfer for your masters course. We get a place together and one year before you graduate I end up pregnant. It’s a surprise and all but with me working anyway it turns out to be amazing. Half way through the pregnancy we find out there’s two babies, my dad Almost dies of a heart attack but in the end they help us find a bigger apartment. You end up graduating with high marks and co-own a business, we give birth to two beautiful twins and live upstate, but we don’t buy things in bulk. I haven’t really thought too much about anything else though.’ She ranted a bit embarrassed that she had probably just creeped Lucas out a lot. She Finally gained the courage to look up and saw Lucas’ smiley face.

'What about names though, I’ve always like the ideas of Violet and-’

'Bailee.’ Riley cut him off.

'Sorry I jut have always kind of liked violet and bailee.’ She looked down her cheeks heating up. Lucas’ heart nearly pounced.

'I’d always thought of violet and something starting with b to be honest. What do you think you’ll work as.’ Lucas answered honestly. The waitress came over and gave Lucas and Riley their margarita.

'Bachelor to become a social worker. It’s a short course so I’d have time to raise the kids. And maybe if you want after we have the twins we could have 1 or 2 more.’ She asked hesitantly.

'As many as we want. And we’d have a big yard and a dog.’ Lucas finished for her and she smiled.

'OOO and bunnies.’ She yelled making herself giggle.

'Maya and Zay would probably live very close and smackle and Farkle would be making millions across the country. Your mum and dad would be like a 20 minutes away and my parents would come visit every so often. Sounds perfect doesn’t it.’ Lucas dazed and Riley found herself daydreaming as well.

'And when ever you were stressing about your permanent record, or going through an identity crisis, or wanting to follow the big seniors. I would be there to support you.’ Lucas continued and Riley beamed, she needed that.

'And I’ll help you with all your choices and when you feel like you aren’t as good as others I’ll help you through that. Why can’t we go there now.’ Riley sighed and Lucas squeezed her hand while eating his pizza.

'Because we have to get there first. We have to live through all this high school lovely dovey to get to our amazing future.’ He breathed and Riley hummed finishing off her second piece of pizza.

'Oh shit it’s 9:30 we better get going princess.’ Lucas insisted and quickly payed for the bill. Riley and Lucas ran to the subway and just as they were about to reach the cover rain starting pouring from the sky. Riley couldn’t help but laugh and start singing Galway girl.

'MY PRETTY LITTLE GALWAY GIRL.’ Riley sung and Lucas watched her from afar awe'ing At the girls beauty.

'COME ON LUCAS.’ She called out to him, she ran over to him and grabbed his hand pulling him out to the rain. He spun her around her top moving around slightly. Lucas had the biggest smile on his face as he watched her spin the rain dripping down her forehead. Not being able to resist he pulled Riley in and kissed him passionately. Riley popped her foot up and smiled into the embrace.

After a few moments Lucas pulled away slightly.

'Ok princess we really have to go otherwise you’ll have another shoe to add to your bucket.’ He perked and nodded fiercely remembering her deadline. They raced on to the subway and stood by the door impatiently waiting for their stop. Once the doors opened for bleeker street they raced off hand in hand. They arrived at Riley’s door at 10:42 and Lucas pulled her in for one last kiss. The electricity pulsed through there body and they both sadly pulled away.

'Those kisses give me even more adrenaline than when I snuck off to Shawn’s with Maya.’ She whispered and Lucas laughed.

'Yes and you left me to talk to your mum. All about my choice.’ He retorted and her smile grew.

'All about you choosing me ?’ She asked and Lucas kissed her lips again.

'Fishing for compliments are we.’ He jokes and Riley rolled her eyes.

'By the way it was about you. Of course.’ He finished and opened the door for her. Riley walked in and Lucas followed behind her.

'Goodbye Cory. Goodbye Topanga. I’ll probably see you on taco day.’ He fretted ready to leave when a hand stopped him.

'Riley head to bed doll.’ Cory called and Riley stomped her way to bed.

'Yes sir.’ Lucas spoke looking down.

'Thankyou for taking my daughter out.’ He answered sincerely and patted Lucas on the back. Lucas looked at him confused and then he popped his bottom lip a little, happy about the outcome.

'Anytime sir.’ He answered and then he walked out going home. Thinking about her.

Say You Love Me.Pt1.joe sugg.

The sound of laughter echoed throughout the flat as I witnessed my grown friends film a YouTube video. My iPhone became more interesting by the minute though. My manager , Stacy, texting me all the tour dates I would attend with my friend Conor Maynard. He and I sing, we’re kinda good. We would be opening for the vamps tour 2017. To say I’m excited is an understatement.

It was late when I decided to leave, my apartment being in the same complex. I had my own filming to do plus I didn’t want to be sat around joe anymore. Everything was set up by 9, quickly I fixed my makeup and hair before starting the music. The keys to drive by Miley Cyrus began.

Feeling very passionate about the song and as it explained how I felt it wasn’t hard to pick. I posted the video straight away although it would take half hour to post. I added a sassy comment in the description before linking my socials before I checked my phone.

‘New cover in 30. I love the song hope you guys do too’.

I received a bunch of retweets and replies back. Some standing out more than others. Not in the mood to reply I ignored them and began playing music off my tv.

'So you can keep me inside the pocket of your ripped jeans’ I sang along with ed, spinning and dancing around my flat.

'Oh you can fit me inside the necklace you got when you were sixteen’ a voice shouted/sang loudly behind me causing me to jump. I span around to stare at my best friend of 12 years Emily. She stood almost crying of laughter at my reaction.

“EMMMM LEE” I shouted rather loudly, I’m sure the boys would’ve heard it from their flat. Jumping onto my great friend both of us laughing as she fell to the floor. We haven’t seen each other as she’s been in our hometown visiting her parents for the past 2 months.

'Em’ this time I spoke quietly before the tears began.

'Oh no baby what’s up’ she quelled, hugging me as we sat on the couch.

My head moved towards my ceiling, hoping the tears would go away. But they stayed consistent. She used her fingers to wipe a few away before just hugging me until I finished crying.

'Umm’ my voice shook. I didn’t want to explain. 'I umm slept with joe’.

Her expressions were confused and I understood why.

'That’s good though right? I thought you liked him’ her head slated as she asked.

'We were drunk’ I scoff after the shirt sentence.'I listened as he walked out at 5 in the morning. He thought I was asleep’.

'Oh no baby’ she hugged me.

'It gets worse’ she looked confused again. 'He had um left his bank card’ she nodded ’ I woke up again at 9 to Caspar knocking my door asking for it back. He claimed I had taken joes by accident’.

'Wow. How stupid do they think you are’ she stated obviously pissed off at the situation.

'Obviously very stupid’ I spoke softly my head held low.

'You should’ve called me (y/n/n), I would’ve some home early’ I shrugged.

'Anyway’ I wiped my wet cheeks ’ how was home?’.


'I’m so damn excited for this party’ em squealed as she checked her outfit in the mirror.

'Yeah me too’ I lied. I was definitely not excited.

It was December 1st. Meaning Zoe’s and Alfie’s annual early Christmas party, more like gathering really. She had done a secret santa this year for everyone, I ended up getting josh. My ginger haired friend was brought a new hair comb, new microphone for filming as he broke his two weeks ago and didn’t have enough money to replace it and some perfume.

Emily had gotten joe, so she had simply brought him a new ‭phone‬ case which contained holders for bank cards. Sarcastic as fuck.

We had left our hotel room around six thirty pm, the zalfie house only down the road. Jack and Mikey waited patiently for half hour for us to get ready in the lobby. Hey we’re also sharing a room but a few floors below us.

'Hello babe’ jack hugged me as Emily greeted mike.

'Hey jacky’ I kissed his cheek before pulling away, I was possibly closest to him now me and joe are no longer friends.

'Coy, (y/n/n) you look amazing’ Mikey spoke loudly, like usual before hugging me tightly.

'So do you lp’.

It really did take two minutes to get to zalfies. Everyone else already there and waiting for us.

'Alright then guys. Now everyone is here’ Zoe jokingly gave me,em,jack and Mikey a glare before continuing ’ were gonna begin with secret santa’ she squealed 'everyone circle’ she shouted this time.

Everyone followed her commands after we recovered from laughing. I sat crisscrossed between jack and Emily, directly across from joe, Casper and josh. Our presents rested in the middle of the circle. Each of us would get our bags, one at a time, and guess who they were from.

Tanya had started first, she giggled at most of her presents, I recognised most as I helped jack buy them. We had brought her a few of lipsticks and eye shadow palette from her own make up range and a pair of beautiful burgundy high heels in her size as I had remembered her complaining she had none. She had guessed Zoe or Emily had brought them before asking me before realising it was Jack.

Jim was next and Casper was his secret santa, getting him those mouth things.
Conor was jacks, he had brought jack a bunch of fake piercings.
Josh was caspers and brought him a pair of primark daps in a horrid colour.


A hour, it took us a hour to simply open some presents. I had received a beautiful blue necklace from Mikey and some makeup items that Zoe and Tanya helped him buy. We were now playing a game of truth or dare, I know. It was Alfie’s idea so please don’t judge.

Zoe had to do jims makeup. Conor and josh had to kiss, wasn’t done though, they complained like baby’s. Mikey and Emily kissed. Caspar had to go next door naked. Joe had to allow Jack to tweet off his ‭phone. Now Alfie was asking me.

’(Y/n/n) truth or dare?’ He asked with a smirk, I already knew I was done for.

'Truth’ he moaned at me before continuing.

'Lame. Whatever fine. Uhh have you ever had a one night stand with anyone here’ my eyes quickly shot to EM before looking towards joe who was staring at me.

'Yeah’ I simply shrugged. Everyone began going insane, asking me who, when and how.

'Oh my fucking god spill the tea’ Zoe spoke quickly, wanting to know all.

'It doesn’t really matter, we were both drunk and he left before I even woke up, so it meant nothing. Really’ everyone kinda looked sympathetic towards me. Joe and Casper sat awkwardly.

'Was it my brother? Cause I know how close you two are’ Conor stated, moving his finger back and fore me and jack.

We chuckled before Jack stated 'nah, even though he’s here the guy is a piece of shit’. I looked towards him with confusion, he didn’t even know who it was.

So I’m back. And I know this is kinda crappy but it’ll get better. Request part 2. NOT PROOF READ.

Forbidden Fruit (Ch.5)

Step Brother Series

A Dylan O'Brien Fan Fic

A/N: Sorry it took me so long to post this one. I have been so busy with appointments and work. I didn’t even proof read so I apologize for any errors. Thank you for your patience. ❤

By the time our parents had made it through the door Dylan and I looked as if we were just laying around on our phones in the living room.
“Hey honey! What have you guys been up to?” My mom asked as she sat down bags of equipment on the floor.
“Ah nothing much really just relaxing mostly before we have to go back to school.” My reply sounded as though I was bored out of my mind. Although it had been quite the opposite moments before they stepped in.
“Oh well I don’t blame you. You just have tomorrow and then back at it Monday. ” Patrick said while stumbling through the door.
“Any particular reason why your face is so red Y/n?” Patrick had been the first to notice my crimson cheeks.
“And why your hair is wet?” My mom joined in.
“Okay okay we’ve been swimming today with my friends. I forgot that I invited Tyler. Thomas and Max over for one last swim and just so happened you were both gone. We didn’t party or anything. Just swam a bit and Y/n was hit with some major sunburn.” My eyes widened at how well Dylan handled this. Clearly I was about to fumble over my words.
“Oh. Well thats okay son. You didn’t trash the place and I trust those three they are good boys. Its no big deal. Just call and ask next time if company can come over?” Patrick was totally cool. My mom just nodded and agreed with him. Whew crisis avoided.
Later that night there was a knock on my door. I yelled out for them to come on in and turned to see Dylan walking into my room.
“Hey sorry about earlier I totally choked. Thanks for saving my ass.” My words were more of a whisper.
“No problem. I could tell by the look on your face that you were going to freak out. ” we both laughed and Dylan stepped closer. His eyes were instantly staring at my lips then they traveled further down. He seemed to have noticed I didn’t have on a bra. Just his oversized baseball tee. I felt his hands sneak under the fabric and grope my bare breasts. I could only hum in response.
“I wish they would leave again. ” He whispered into my ear. Lips lingering only for a second.
“Me too Dyl. Where are they right now?” I asked while my eyes darted behind him.
“Shhh calm down they’re outside on the deck talking. I just had to see you before bed. ” Dylan spoke lowly. His vocal chords sounded rough. I had to admit I really loved the sound of his voice.
“Good.” Was all I replied before jumping then wrapping my legs around his waist. He carried us over to the bed and sat on the edge. My legs instinctively held to his frame as I grinded my hips down. His length was already hard and eager. One hand stayed on my breast tweaking my nipples lightly which cause my panties to dampen. He knew how to set me off. The other hand slid into my shorts, his fingers instantly went to work on my clit. Slowly rubbing circles. I bit down on his neck while kissing to relieve some tension. But I quickly pulled away. I did not want to mark him, that would be too noticeable. Then reality set back in.
“Dylan as much as I want to fuck you right now we can’t. It’s too risky?!” I pleaded. But his fingers kept playing with my clit. I pulled his face up to mine. He looked like a sad little puppy. Those brown eyes were shining and he now had a small frown.
“I’m sorry but you know they could be up here any minute. I love this and want it trust me! But we have to be safe. ” I said now returning the frown.
“I know. I just love being with you Y/n. You drive me crazy in so many ways. Not just physically. We really need to get away sometime. ” he smiled and I nodded in agreement. That sounded like a fantastic idea.
“We’ll figure something out soon. Okay? Good night Dylan. ” I said with a peck on his forehead. He stood up and sat me down on the bed. He kissed me quickly on the cheek.
“Night Y/n. Sweet dreams.” With that being said followed by quick wink and left my room and shut the door behind him. I let my body fall back onto the bed and sighed loudly. Why was this so hard? I hated the sneaking but in a way the thrill of it all was pretty exciting. I only had one more day before school started back. Dylan had already mentioned earlier he had to go help Tyler with something at his house so I was left to my own vices. Climbing into bed and turning off the lamp I decided to just lay out by the pool for most of the day then pick out an outfit. I had to make a good first impression. I really needed some friends.

The sun was now blazing through my curtains. Rolling over I noticed the clock said 9 am. I can’t believe I slept this late. Quickly I shot out of the bed, gathered my clothes and headed towards the the bathroom that Dylan and I shared for a quick shower. I noticed he left his laundry scattered all over the floor so I picked them up and threw them in the hamper. Typical guy. Then I noticed a piece of paper that had fallen out of his pocket. They were his baseball pants so this was from the other day. My curiosity of course got the best of me. I scanned over the paper and seen it had a phone number written on it. That was it though. I just shook the thought and went on with my shower. I threw my bikini on and grabbed a towel.
“Morning Y/n did you sleep okay last night?” Patrick asked from his seat at the counter. I looked around noticing we were the only ones home.
“Yeah a little too good. I didn’t even move until 9 this morning.” I laughed and grabbed a bottle of water to take with me.
“Well Dyl is gone for a few hours and your mom went to get her hair done. So its just me and you. What do you have planned?” He asked while sitting the paper down he was reading.
“Well I was going to try and get some sun and relax. Then get my stuff together for school so I won’t have to rush in the morning. You?” I responded sweetly.
“I’m not supposed to leave you home alone but I need to run to town and grab some things for my new camera. Then I was going to work on it today. But I can’t leave you here. Your mom is a bit overprotective. ” he hinted at something. I caught his drift.
“I’ll ride with you if you want? I have nothing better to do! Just let me throw some shorts and a shirt on.” He smiled at my offer and I went to get dressed. Patrick and I loaded into the vehicle and drove down the neighborhood. I kept my gaze out the window taking in all the scenery trying to familiarize myself with the new place. Suddenly a person caught my eye. It was Dylan and standing in front of him was a girl. Then his friend Tyler steps out from the garage. Patricks phone starts ringing so he doesn’t even noticed what has my attention. I can’t help but stare as the girl is obviously flirting with Dylan. He doesn’t seem to be flirting back just being kind and smiling but still jealous sparks through me like a wildfire. I can feel my cheeks sparking up in color. They are fading further away as Patrick drives on. Was that her phone number I found earlier? Wow she was pretty. I had a million questions running through my brain at once. Patrick was still talking away about work to someone on his phone. Finally we made to the electronics store and I decided to sit out in the car. Pat assured me he wouldn’t be long. My phone vibrated from in my pocket and I looked to see what it was. Dylan had sent me a text all it read was call me right now please. I jumped and thought maybe something was wrong so I quickly called him and it only rang twice. He picked up and said.
“Hey baby girl. What are you up to?” His tone was so chipper and sweet. But something else was up so I just played along.
“Oh nothing much babe. Just missing you. Are you having fun with Tyler?” I asked with a fake innocent tone. Dylan laughed lightly.
“Oh well don’t work to hard, and yeah I am almost done helping him work on his dirt bike. I’ll stop by and see you soon. I moss you.” That last part sounded so real and sincere.
“That sounds great, I miss you too. See you soon.”
He replied with “Bye babe” then hung up. That was the weirdest thing. Why did he do that? I was beyond confused. Patrick came walking out of the store and put his bags in the back.
“I wasn’t too long was I?” He questioned. I giggled and assured him it wasn’t long at all. The drive back home was surprisingly quick. Walking through the door I stripped my top layer of clothes off and went to the deck to work on my tan that I desperately needed. Laying there with my eyes closed and the sound of the water from the pool fountain made me drift into a light sleep. I hadn’t noticed the sound of the gate opening up and something approaching me. I screamed when I felt a pair of hands on me. I opened my eyes to Dylan grinning from ear to ear.
“You scared the living shit out of me! Don’t do that ever again!” He was now in a fit of laughter.
“Sorry but you looked so beautiful just basking in the sun. I wanted to see you all worked up.” He said quietly while wagging his eyebrows.
“Well I’m all worked up now asshole.” I said right before tackling him into the pool. He screamed then began tickling me.
“Y/n you are so lucky I left my phone in the car. ” he was still holding me by my sides.
“Well you owe me an explanation from earlier mister!” He nodded and remembered the little phone call we had a few hours ago.
“Okay so there was this chick. She’s Tyler’s neighbor and well she has been trying to go out with me for weeks but won’t get the hint that I’m not interested. So I kinda had to act as my girlfriend so she would leave me alone. It was a dick move I know. I’m sorry.” He confessed with a sweet frown.
“Well since you look so cute with your wet hair and little frown I guess I can let it slide."  He splashed him just for spite.
"You think I look cute like this?” Dylan asked with a cheeky grin.
“Very cute.” I simply replied.
“I wish you were my actual girlfriend. I would show you off and make all the guys and not to mention girls jealous. You really are amazing Y/n. I didn’t say it on the phone earlier because I didn’t want to scare you but I love you. ” I had to let those words process for a second. I couldn’t believe what he just said
“I love you too Dylan. So so much. ” He grabbed my hand under the water and gave it a tight squeeze. What on earth we were going to do now?


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Genre: angst/fluff/school au

Length: :o

Summary: “Be a brave little lamb, even a Lion will get scared.” your grandmother’s words became your light to face life. You are always viewing the world with a positive mind. Even with the bad things that were happening around you, you are strong. Love is something you never get often and when Love finally appears, it is hard to catch. Isn’t it tiring to always be strong when your whole world is just crashing and burning down in front of you?

Warning: Swearing

part 7/?

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MTVS Epic Rewatch #127

VM 2x17 Plan B

Stray thoughts

1) I had forgotten just how good this episode actually is. The writing in this episode is VM at its best: funny, witty, swoony, shocking and heartbreaking. It’s a key episode for almost all the character arcs - Veronica, Logan, Weevil, Mac, Cassidy, Jackie, Wallace! And it’s the closure for the Felix/Weevil/Thumper arc (and what a closure!) There are little scenes that catch your attention but you’re still not sure how they will play out in the future (I’m thinking Cassidy, Jackie, Woody) - and of course it will all make sense in the finale. It’s comedy and UST and romance and kaboom all in one beautiful episode. And there’s Sway oh sweet Jebus there’s Sway. *swoons* 

2) In case you didn’t catch the reference…

Originally posted by ohokayamaliawalker

BTW, Rushmore is a great movie. 

And Logan isn’t even holding the magazine properly. He set it all up so that he could do this Max Fischer bit. He knew he was going to win the essay contest.

3) Veronica immediately knows something is up, and I don’t think she’s questioning Logan’s intelligence - she just knows he wouldn’t invest time and effort into doing extra work for school. And she’s right. And of course, she needs to reference how well she knows him and their past time together…

VERONICA: I’m quoting Easy Rider, which you may remember making me watch last summer.
LOGAN: That’s funny, it sounds a lot like my essay.

It’s the “you made me watch it” bit that gets me. Because she’s obviously turning a fond memory of their time together (I can totally see Logan raving about the movie and telling Veronica that she must see it and then striking some kind of deal with her “you watch this for me, I’ll watch that for you.” and them making a big night out of the whole thing and having fun even as Veronica mocks one of his favorite movies - because isn’t that exactly the scenario referenced in Welcome Wagon “I really shouldn’t have pushed for the Clint Eastwood marathon. Now I’ve ruined you.”?) into a forced chore, something that she reluctantly did because he made her. You’re only lying to yourself, Veronica.

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Cress and Carswell's List of Firsts: A Timeline

August 12 - The day they first saw each other. She was new and the first thing he noticed about her was her unruly mess of long blond hair. The first thing she noticed were his gorgeous blue eyes.

August 15 - The day they the spoke to each other. She had bumped into him in the hallway. She apologized in a very quiet voice. He gave her his signature smirk and told her it was okay. She blushed and ran away.

August 16 – The day they had their first actual conversation. He sat with her at lunch and they introduced themselves. She accidentally developed a crush on him. They ate lunch together every day after that.

August 24 – The day they first hung out (with a group of friends [Kai, Cinder, Scarlet, and Wolf]). She became good friends Cinder and Scarlet that day. This was the day that she also found a place where she would always be accepted for being herself.

August 27 – The day they first hung out (just the two of them). They went out for pizza. The day his crush on her began.

August 30 – The day she first began to open up to him and tell him her secrets. He found out that she loved computers/technology and wanted to do anything that involved computers.

September 6 – The day he found out she was a foster child whose foster moms, Sybil and Levana, verbally and occasionally physically abused her. The day he vowed he would do anything in his power to stop the crying girl in front of him from feeling like she was worthless.

September 14 – The day he started sharing his secrets with her. She found out that he wanted to join the military and be a pilot.

September 18 – The day she found out that he was emancipated from his parents and lived with Kai (who was rich beyond belief). The day he found out she sucked on her hair whenever she was extremely nervous (a habit he came to love and even appreciate). Also the day she found out that he wore contacts.

September 28 - The day they watched their first movie together. She fell asleep and he teased for the rest of the day because of that.

October 5 – The day she first spent the night at his place. (Many more followed because of unfortunate events). Also the day her group of friends found out about Levana and Sybil. The day that Cinder and Scarlet called her their best friend (they cried together until the fell asleep).

October 6 – They day he found out her hair could in fact look messier and unruly. The day she saw him without a shirt. She turned as red as a tomato, he smirked at her in way that said he knew what he was doing to her.

October 7 – The day he first went to her house. He didn’t go in but asked her if she was going to be okay. She said yes and he hoped with all his soul that it was the truth.

October 19 – The day he met Sybil and Levana. He didn’t know he could hate someone so much. She had called him crying, he ran to her house and saw they were about to hit her. He immediately ran to her and took her to his house.

October 20 – The day he first went into her room. He had been worried Sybil and Levana would try to hit her again, they weren’t home. She needed a change of clothes, he went with her because he was still worried.

October 21 – The day they first ditched school together. She wasn’t feeling well, he understood. They went to the beach (it was her first time at a beach, he couldn’t stop smiling at her childlike joy)

October 31 – Their first Halloween together. He dressed up as pilot, she dressed up as a computer technician (not the sexiest outfit but she didn’t care). They went to a Halloween party with their friends (Cinder was a mechanic Cinderella, Kai was a prince, Wolf was a werewolf, Scarlet was Little Red Ridinghood). She saw him kissing a Rapunzel, she found out how it felt to be heartbroken.

November 1 - Their first fight. She had been avoiding him but then lunch happened. He had noticed she had left the party early, he asked her why. She asked him why he cared (more like yelled at him). He got mad and told her off. She ran away crying. He punched a wall and got detention.

November 17 - The day she first saw him cry. He was a mess, looked like he hadn’t slept or ate in days. He apologized for getting mad at her, she cried and apologized also.

November 28 - Their first Thanksgiving together. They spent it with their group. Scarlet cooked.

December 5– She realized she was in love with him. She cried the whole night.

December 24-25– Their first Christmas together. He got her a laptop. She apologized for not getting him anything. He laughed and told her he didn’t need anything

December 31 - January 1 – Their first New Years together. A guy was about to kiss her. She refused, he persisted. He got mad and punched the guy. He realized he was in love with her,

January 17 – She confessed he rejected her, her heart broke. A few seconds later he asked her out, claiming they guy was the one that needed to do the asking out. She started crying and said yes.

January 18 – Their first hug. He had gone to her house to pick her up, the first thing he did was hug her she blushed but hugged him back. They day their friends found out they were going out, they clapped and cheered. He couldn’t stop smiling.

January 20 – The first day they held hands. He thought her so cute and adorable and innocent. He was going slowly because he really wanted it to work out with her.

February 14 – Their first Valentine’s Day together. She made him chocolate cupcakes. He gave her a teddy bear and a dozen roses. This was also the day he first tried to kiss her. She turned her head away. He felt horrible.

February 29 – The first time they kissed. Things had been awkward since he had first tried to kiss her. This time when he tried again she didn’t turn away. She started crying, he wiped away her tears and kissed her again.

March 5 – The day he first asked him to move in with her. She said no, he understood but told her that if she ever wanted to the offer was still there.

May 22 – His first birthday with her. She got him two model planes (which he built in two days).

June 4 – The day they graduated. Also the day she moved in with him. They went to her house and pack up her things. They didn’t share a room he was somewhat disappointed.

July 18 – Her first birthday with him. He got her the new phone she had been wanting for forever.

July 21 – The day he joined the military. She was happy for him but a bit sad.

August 25 – The day he began boot camp. They missed each other every day for those three months that he was gone. They also wrote each other as much as they could.

September 19 – The day she started school. She was going to one of the most prestigious tech universities. He wished he could’ve been there for her.

November 17 – The he graduated from boot camp. Also the day they slept in the same bed (they didn’t do it they just didn’t want to be apart). The day they said “I love you” to each other.

December 15 – The day he got deployed. She cried the whole day because they wouldn’t be able to see each other for 9 months. They wrote each other every single day.

January 17 – Their first anniversary. They couldn’t spend it together but they were able to skype (at night). She cried (of happiness) and they fell asleep together.

September 14 – The day he came back from deployment. Also the day they actually slept together. It was her first time and it was awkward but he made her feel loved and special.

September 15 – The day he proposed to her. She happily accepted.

October 1 – The day she found out she was pregnant. It was a surprise, a happy surprise. He cried of happiness and they spent the whole day together.

December 14 – The day they got married. It wasn’t a big wedding. Only their best friends attended. Cinder and Scarlet were her bridesmaids, Wolf and Kai were his best men.

June 28 – The day their daughter was born. She would be a spoiled little girl by both of her parents. (She grew up to resemble her dad and she was very beautiful).

August 27 – The day he asked her if maybe they should have another kid. She smiled at him and said yes (they started immediately).

September 2 – The day they found out she was pregnant with her second child, a boy)

March 25 – The day their son was born. After many months of worry because the pregnancy had not been going well he was born very healthy. (He grew up a handsome young man who looked a lot like his mother.)

December 14 – Their first anniversary as a married couple. They knew that they would always love each other no matter what. 


(from an Israeli magazine, sorry for any grammer mistakes)

Time to say goodbye

After 6 seasons, countless songs and one death that broke everyone’s hearts, Glee ends and we say goodbye in tears.

In the 6 seasons of Glee everything that possible happened - weddings, breakups, coming out of the closet and sudden death.
Now, that the show is about to end, it’s time to sum up the ten unforgettable moments that made the show as it is and left us shocked.

10. Mini glee club
We begin our final countdown with a very funny moment from season 2. The creators of the show decided to go wild and brought to everyone of the glee club “mini me” of their own. The film set filled with sweet little kids that dressed, looked and talked (kinda) like the students of Mckinley high. They were on the show as part of fever illusion of mr. shue.  

9. The characters changes identities
How Chris Colfer looks as Finn? how will Artie’s haircut will look on Naya Rivera?
We’ve got these answers to these questions in a very funny episode in season 3.
As a result of a head hit Tina start to imagine everyone like they’ve changed identities: mr. shue is Sue Sylvester, Puck is Blaine, Tina is Rachel and vice versa.
For the actors it was an opportunity to demonstrate their great impersonations ability, and they did prove themself.

8. Sue says goodbye to her sister
We couldn’t write this list without dedicating at least one moment to Sue Sylvester, the tough coach of the cheerleaders (and later also glee club coach, school principal and the list is long). Sue is usually the bad character who insults everyone, runs over anyone who stand in her way and doesn’t afraid to play dirty.
And yet, we learned to love her.
In the second season we found out that she also knows to show emotions, like the day her sister Jane, that suffered from Down Syndrome, died.
The funeral the student organized was lovely, and we teared up too.
Actually, who are we kidding? we cried like a little girl that her ice cream fell on the floor!

7. Kurt and Blaine finally kiss
From the first moment Blaine showed up in season 2 it was clear that he and Kurt were about to become a perfect couple. They met when Kurt went thru rough time, and Blaine was there for him, encouraging him and supporting him. Kurt fell in love with him on the first second (can we blame him?), but unfortunately it took Blaine more time to realise it. After half season of anticipation, we finally got the longed kiss, and of course the famous line “you move me, Kurt”.
You could say it want pretty good for them, right?

6. Kurt coming out to his dad
It’s weird to recall this, but in the first season Kurt was still deep in the closet in the first episodes. We saw him slowly coming out to his close friends, but one of the people he left to the end was actually his father, Burt.
His coming out was accompanied with a lot of concerns, many teenagers are well familiar this situation.
How did it ends? Burt tells Kurt that he will always love him and melted our hearts!
We got one of the most moving and encouraging scene on Glee, and Burt got the “best TV dad in the world” title.

5. Rachel gets her dream role
During the show we watched Rachel go thru many changes and upheavals, but one thing always stays the same, the fact that she will do everything it takes to make her dream come true, be on Broadway.
We were so happy for her when in season 5 she finally fulfilled her dream and got cast to the role of fanny on “funny girl”.
Not just any role - the last woman who played this role was the one and only Barbra Streisand, Rachel’s idol.
Therefore, after 4 seasons of struggles,failures and crazy ambition, watch Rachel win this role was the proof that if you want something bad enough, everything is possible!

4. The wedding of Brittany and Santana, Kurt and Blaine
During the seasons the creators of the show provided us quite a few exciting weddings - from Finn’s mom and Kurt’s dad wedding, to Will and Emma wedding (the one that ends good, yea?).
They also provided us a lot of weddings promises that didn’t come true (Finn and Rachel, for example).
But there is no doubt that in that subject season 6 wins - two gay couples got married at the same wedding - Brittana and Klaine.
We loved these couples from the beginning and we saw them experiencing many difficulties - breaking up, geting back together and breaking up again.
These is two couples that were told again and again the they won’t last, but they did it big time!

3. Rachel says goodbye to Finn (Cory)
Even though its year and a half away, our heart breaks every time we think about Cory Monteith.
The person that most affected by his death is probably Lea Michele - his on screen partner and in real life.
On the beautiful tribute episode that the creators made in his honor in season 5, Rachel/ Lea was barely on screen, but her short performance of the song “make you feel my love” (that lea picked herself) was the saddest and emotional part of the episode.
For one moment the boundaries between the show and reality disappeared, and we just took part in the sorrow of a young woman who lost her love and we were mourning on a young man who died too soon.

2. Glee wins nationals
Over three years the members of the glee club worked to make it to this moment.
On the way there, they overcome many obstacles, falls and fights that made us think that this moment will never come - but eventually it came, and it was amazing!.
Suddenly in season 3, the glee club kids stopped being rejected and became winners. The amazing songs and Will’s proud face was worth it all!
When you think about this win, everything that happened later doesn’t matter anymore, because we were just happy for this group, that survived everything and proved us that hard work and patience pays off.

1. The first performance of “Don’t stop believing”
In the first place the moment that everything began.
It’s true that since that performance in the first season the club got much more than 5 members, and there were many performances with invested and very impressive outfits and props, and even this song got several versions, but there isn’t a better moment that shows the essence of Glee than this moment.
A group of teenagers that not quite fit, maybe a little outcasts, that don’t even supposed to be friends, without budget or audience - doing what they love, and that all that matter!
If there’s something the show taught us it’s that.