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So something I’ve noticed from watching streams and reviews of Doom on Switch is that the multiplayer for the game is significantly more active than it is on any other platform and I think that’s really, really funny and also kinda cool. 

I mean, it makes sense. There’s a lot of factors coming together here. 

The Switch is selling REALLY well. Nintendo found the machine that everybody wanted, but nobody knew that they wanted it until they saw it. People are buying this magical device that lets you play “real” video games on the go in droves, and they’re hungry for games for the system. 

Lots of Indie developers have stated that their games are selling way better on the Switch than other platforms. People want more stuff to play on their systems, so if something new appears on the Switch eShop they’re very likely to give it a once-over. I know I personally turn on my Switch every day just to give the eShop a quick look, which is something I don’t do on other platforms. 

Doom was REALLY highly reviewed, but it didn’t break any sales records. The game kinda got lost in the sea of amazing games that came out in 2016. The Switch has given it a second shot at life. People will see it in the eShop and think “Oh man, I remember reading a lot of good things about that game! And now I can play that game on a handheld? And it’s the REAL, FULL game? AND it’s got Halo multiplayer? SOLD.” 

So you’ve got all these factors coming together to make Doom suddenly very successful with an actually active multiplayer scene. Objectively speaking, Doom on Switch is the worst version of the game. It runs poorly, the visuals aren’t great, it’s missing SnapMap, and it’s twice the price than it is on the other platforms.

Despite all that, the sheer novelty of the Switch is making people that had previously skipped Doom buy the game and play it. 

And I think that’s really funny, and also really cool. 

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For some reason, nobody ever writes about my favourite scene in the dgrp anime. Can you write a scenario (or hcs if you don't do scenarios) for komaeda's fem mutual crush accidentally falling on him while trying to scape during the aphrodisiac incident :^)))? Not like rlly nsfw, but kinda fluffy/funny, and how the others react? Thank uuu! I love your blog already 💜✨

Such a sweet anon. Of course, and hopefully I did a good job!

- Mod Rantaro

• You knew something was wrong when you saw the smirk on Hiyoko’s face across the room

• But you didn’t think it was this bad

• You tried to make a break for it, desperately staggering towards the exit just as the heat started to reach your cheeks

• Only to bump into a very sweaty Nagito, blocking the exit

• Of course everyone knew you both had a crush on each other

• Though whenever anyone brought it up near either of you, you’d quickly change the subject, or he’d deny it

• Rambling on about how someone like you could never love trash like him

• So when this happened, all eyes were on you two, Ibuki loudly ‘Ooo'ing in the back

• And Chiaki quickly putting a hand over her mouth before you two got distracted while everyone else stared in anticipation

Except for a very impatient TeruTeru

• You were about to try to escape again, but the aphrodisiacs had already taken their toll on your body, leaving you vulnerable to the heavily aroused man in front of you

• But, as soon as he wrapped his arms around you, he collapsed, mumbling about how warm you were

• Before asking if you could take him back to his cottage

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Which exo member do u think supports kaisoo?

all ekso members knw about kd

the ‘chill, not really bothered, or sometimes supportive crew’ i think are

xm. osh, bbh?

xm is really interesting. i feel like he almost supports it cus he teases ji alot remember when ksoo was on xm lap as they laughed at ji’s reaction?

i just genuinily think osh is not bothered by it all haha

bbh he’s interesting too, for someone so characteristically loud he tends to quieten or let kd be. he doesn’t really interfere and that time when he shouted kadi at a concert was funny.

The ‘we gotta kinda stop & block it because they’re really obvious crew’

haha this crew makes me laugh

xyz, kjm,kjd

disclaimer: just because i think they’re here doesn’t mean i have any ill feelings towards them. I can understand why they do it.

funny. my mum has that disappointing look when we have guests around and i come downstairs in my pajama’s haha. he’s a cool guy, i admire him. he loves ekso alot yanno?? he’s dedicated so i can understand why. 

xyz hahahahahahahahahaha ‘ he didn’t choose the kaisoo life, it chose him’

i feel sorry for the dude, it’s like me when im stuck at wedding so i just eat at the buffet table. the guy doesn’t know what to do haha. he’s too cute

kjd: he makes me laugh aswell haha. idek man. like sometimes he teases which suggests he is supportive and then sometimes he has the mum look??

and last, ‘ room mate goals’ 








i think… he just wants to be there? if that makes sense. like separating is not a big deal, but just being friends individually is?


sincere credit and thanks to all these gif makers, owners, and picture owners xx

hope that was ok anonie? :)

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when kpop wasnt all that big and BTS werent well known ie.. 2014 ish i was bullied in school for liking them (it wasn't as bad before that because i was a 'kid' and it was understanable) but as i was 16 i was bullied for it and the funny thing is all who bullied me are BTS stans now lmao

Omg seriously? Some people omg… bullies make me sick 🤢 I think I was like 14? Because it was near the end of 2013 when I started to properly get into them and my friends kinda just got into them too because I didn’t shut up about Tae

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Ok so format and things I’ll do for the Check in With my Life thing.

If you couldn’t care less about this block these tags!

#Bellehasproblems or #KeepingupwithBelle

These will probably be about my week, how I’m feeling, problems I have and that stuff. It’s just to help me not internally explode. I’ll try to make those funny so it’s not a huge long rant. It’s kinda like a podcast but a tumblr post! If I do make an offensive joke please message me about it and I’ll change it. I don’t think that’ll happen but just incase.

Ok have a nice day! Byyye!

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I'm glad that you like how V and Curse are in Royal Cast...I tried to make it seem kinda funny but at the same time show the love between them...

I love it. V and Curse don’t get along very well, she thinks he’s a flirtatious jerk but she gets along just fine with CTK. She would probably be closer to him more than Curse if they really are all siblings. 

I’m excited to read more of your story! :3

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So I was off of tumblr for a year and a half so of course when I came back most of my followers would be inactive with me. So I’ve gotten like no notes since I’ve been back and I made a post about be laughing when someone got punched in the face tonight on the walking dead and that post has been getting so many notes and it kinda feels nice to see that and that post got me another follower which is nice cause I’ve been trying to branch away from just spn&go into spn,walking dead & funny posts

Tumblr is here to do whatever you’d like. I say just do whatever makes this site fun for you! SPN, Walking Dead, cat pictures, whatever is fun and you like, do it!


it’s midnight but i’ve been thinking about this since the video came out ahdbabaij

bonus under the cut :))))

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I like to believe that once Kags gets comfortable with Hinata (on a relationship status) he starts to invade his personal space like all. of. the. time. 

thank u!

  • Me, this morning: I'm glad we won't get any new dan and phil content today. We all need a break. Everything has been so good lately, and I'm sure they're also tired from having to work on videos constantly. This is good for everyone.
  • Me, two hours later: Wow, I really miss dan and phil. How long has it been since they last uploaded? They should start daily vlogging. I miss fresh content. God, it's been so long since I've seen their faces. Hope they're doing alright.

At Jim and Spock’s wedding, Ben Sulu catches the bouquet and ignores everyone’s good-natured ‘you’re already married’ comments. He gives himself a moment to smell the flower arrangement his husband put together, then turns to him and asks, “Vow renewal?”

Hikaru Sulu, of course, says, “Yes.”