it was kinda funny after all

Boygroup fans, pretty much.
  • BTS: still thinks "you got no jams" is funny..? Immature kinda. Likes to make other group stans feel bad™
  • Got7: yells a lot. "tHey dEsErve bEtTer!1!!" Won't stop shipping even after boys asked them too.
  • SHINee: Quiet riot. It's a trap. DIBIDIBIDISSAPOINTED.
  • BIGBANG: 50% problematic, 50% doesn't care. Everyone biases GD...? Stuck with no music for like 6 years rip.
  • BLOCK B: who even knows what the fuck those boys are doing anymore pray for block b stans.
  • Super Junior: they're!1!2! Making!1!1! A !1!1!1 comeback?!!1!1?
  • EXO: "okay they're great and all but they're not EXO?!?!" "Look at us we're better then you!!!!"
  • NCT: mostly cool until you realize many of them were sending YHBoys hate for no reason!1!1
  • Seventeen: how the fuck am I supposed to learn 13 new names fuck off.
  • iKON: BOBBY and the others
  • WINNER: wants Tae back
  • TOPP DOGG: I'm sorry
  • (This is not meant to offend anyone so calm down thanks)

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Aaaa a fellow general bangtan ship enthusiast!! I ship all the ships honestly (Although generic, automatically assumed Namjin tends to get on my nerves because suPRISE!!! THEY AREN'T ONLY ALLOWED TO BE SHIPPED WITH EACHOTHER!!) But yeah! Its cool finding another fan who is open to all ships because I'm kinda getting sick of shipwars ://

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((yes yes hello~ and like ok i dont really mind namjin but yes i can understand why it would get on your nerves

but i love all ships even namjin bc they are all so cute (tbh junghope and sugamon has been attacking me) ah and im glad youre also open to all ships just like me tho! tbh i find the shipwars pretty funny but they do get pretty annoying after a while when ppl are actually serious about it))

Ahhhhhhh… what a scenic vista!

Ooh, wait, there’s the Mystery Machine! It’s… kinda weird lookin’ and uncannily rendered in 3D, but still nice to see.

Aaaaaand off it goes.

Huh. Everything’s been really pleasant so far… maybe this movie isn’t going to be so weird after al–








…ohhhhhh goodness, what have you all gotten me into this time?

Every NightMind video
  • Nick Nocturne: Hello, thanks for joining me in the dark again this evening! This week I found this miniseries that was kinda interesting, so I memorized every single one of their videos, went to their website, hacked into their website, went to the facebook pages of every creator, found out their addresses, drove to their houses, and after 3 solid days of analysis I discovered that if you type the third word spoken in the first episode into their website search bar, you'll find twenty-two thousand hidden videos all encoded in hieroglyphics. Obviously, I decoded them and learned even more...

okay but how funny would it be if, after all this build up, Sam is the one to use the grenade launcher

tfc characters as things my roommate has done/said
  • dan: listen - i'm trying to be encouraging and kick ass here but halfway through my speech i realized that i also have important and kick ass things to do so i have to leave but i love you and support you
  • matt: -comes into my room with four things of doughnuts and places them on the desk and kisses me on the top of my head- when you want to cry just eat a doughnut and come get a hug from me
  • allison: i bought four loofahs so i can use four different types of body wash with them
  • renee: sometimes i lay in my bed and think 'i'm soft but deadly' y'know?
  • kevin: no YOU LISTEN - stop it LISTEN - cmon i'm trying to talk. i can talk? ok what i was trying to say is you annoy me
  • nicky: -literally comes busting through the door unannounced- I JUST ATE THREE HOT POCKETS IN A ROW AND I'M FAILING TWO CLASSES BUT GUESS WHO'S SMASHING TONIGHT??
  • aaron: by the way i'm putting an alarm system on my door so when you try to come in without knocking you get kicked in the nuts -says this right after coming into my room... without knocking-
  • andrew: -purposefully leaves the shower curtain open even after being reminded several times to keep it closed and also uses up all of the body wash in spite-
  • neil: honestly, i'm kinda hurting really bad. where? oh, everywhere but i'm ok i think, i just can't really move that much so do you think you can drag me to my bed
Our Son

HIIII!!! Umm could I request a scenario where y/n has Jungkook’s child but he doesn’t want it and leaves y/n and y/n is all alone until Taehyung says he’ll take care of the y/n and the child and you fall in love with Taehyung and Jungkook Regrets it after the child is grown up… Its kinda long sorry!! BUT I LOVE YOUR BLOG❤❤💙💙💙❤💙

For anon

Here it is

Hope you like it


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Yet another test, another result. Unless they were all flawed, they were clearly saying that you were pregnant.
And it was a big deal. You were too young, you would have had to give up the University and mostly you did not know how your boyfriend would react.
Jungkook was as young as much as you are and you were always so careful. You could not figure out how it happened when memories of the night a few weeks before get into your mind.
You were so taken by the passion that you had given up the condom and that was the result; a completely unexpected pregnancy.
“Baby, you’re locked in the bathroom for nearly half an hour. Are you feeling okay?”
Jungkook’s voice jolted you and you quickly threw the tests in the trash near the sink, by covering them with a paper towel so as not to make them visible.
“Sorry, I was removing makeup. You know things for women, Kooks ” You apologized, coming out of the bathroom and smiling at him mildly; “What are you staring at?”
“You look pale. Are you sure you’re okay? ” He asked curiously, coming closer to you and brushed your cheek with your fingertips; “Don’t make me worry.”
“It’s okay, Kooks. Everything is fine. ”
And that was the first lie in a long line.

Your lies were getting too many and it was becoming increasingly hard to hide the truth to Jungkook.
After making up some courage you had decided that that night you’d have said everything, hoping that he would have taken it good and above all being happy.
After initial shock, you had begun to accept that pregnancy more and more until you felt happy to bring one creature in your womb. It was the fruit of your love and what could be wrong with something so pure and beautiful?
“Kooks… Do you have two minutes? I need to talk to you. ” You began, sitting on the bed beside him, busy playing a video game that you didn’t know.
“Sure baby, talk to me.” He smiled and hope kept increasing in you.
“A few weeks ago I discovered something. Of course at first, I was scared… but I mean this is an amazing thing, believe me. ”
“Don’t keep me in suspense, tell me what’s going on, Jagi” He encouraged you, slipping on the mattress as he approached you; “Have you found to be the best of your course? Is your brother getting married? Have you won a vacation? Teeeeeeell me. ”
“I’m pregnant.” Your emotion was palpable in the tone of your voice and your gaze was bright, but Jungkook’s look made you freeze completely.
His smile had vanished, his eyes were wide with shock and his look was totally blank.
You immediately took his hand, stroking the backs with the pad of your thumb, waiting for the news to make way into his mind and the happiness you felt became his own.
“Kooks.. I know we’re you–”
“No, I don’t want it.” He immediately stopped you and those few words were a stab to your heart. There was no happiness in his eyes, only anger and you could feel it on your skin as he stared at you. “What you wanted to tell me, huh? I don’t want that son, Y/N, and you should think about your future, how it will be ruined by this child. ”
“You can’t be serious!”
“Yes, I do. We’re nineteen, we are kids ourselves. How are you going to raise him? Huh? ”
“No, I’m sorry but… It’s not what I want. ” He almost screamed as he rose from the bed, jostling you away and reaching the wardrobe.
You looked right at him while he was taking a duffle bag and started to throw in his clothes, without bothering to fold them and place them.
He was leaving you and just because you were pregnant, the idea itself disgusted you incredibly much and hurt you so much to leave you speechless.
“I’m sorry Y/N; but this is not the life I want. ”
“So you don’t assume your responsibilities?”
“I… I can’t do that, I’m sorry. ” He whispered, turning to look at you. You could understand his fear, but not his actions. You looked into his eyes for a moment and after that little moment he turned back again, taking the bag and leaving the room.
The sound of a door closing, shortly after, made it clear that he was gone. Forever.


“Yah, Y/N … He’s a jerk, I’ve always said that. ” Taehyung said for the umpteenth time, while his arms welcomed you with joy and you were hiding among them.
It was in days you were in those conditions, struggling to eat, to sleep, that everything reminded you of him and it hurt you.
The only relief came from the presence of Taehyung, who tried in every way to help as best he could. He even volunteered to come with you to the check up that you had hoped to do with Jungkook, but all your hopes and dreams were completely blown away.
“How… How do I do it now? ”
“What does it mean? Do you want this baby? ”  
He asked earnestly, looking down at you and shifting a lock of your hair so he can see your eyes.
“Of course, Tae. ”
“All right, then fuck Jungkook. The only thing that you have to think about now is your health and the health of the baby ”
“I’m alone…”
“What am I? A Unicorn? ”
You heaved your face, upset by his attitude. He could not have really understood that if he wanted to help you during those months, he would have had to be close. It was too much to ask him and you did not want to ruin his life, it was the last thing that he deserved.
“Taehyung… I can’t ask you this. ”
“Listen, Y/N, you know me. I love children and you’re one of my dearest friends. Let me help you, I want to take care of both of you. ” He said, then giving you one of his brightest smiles. Tears pinched your eyes  (but not enough to make you cry, just smiling back.
He was there and for the first time in days, you did not feel alone anymore.


“WHAT WHAT?” Taehyung screamed, running out of the kitchen with a fork full of food in his hand, looking upset.
You, as a reply, threw against him the remote control while the umpteenth and violent contraction made you fold in two for the pain.
They had begun that morning but were mild and your gynecologist had made sure they were normal in calving.
“OKAY, OKAY… WE’RE GOING TO THE HOSPITAL, YOU … THE BAG, I GOT IT, ” Yet another scream as he ran to retrieve the bag, ready for days, for the hospital and came back to you. “ I HAVE TO TAKE YOU IN MY ARMS OR CAN YOU WALK? ”
You did not know what to expect, you were afraid that something could go wrong, that your little boy would be likely to hurt himself. A thousand thoughts invaded your mind but when Taehyung, without saying anything, took you into his arms and came running out of the house, all the negative thoughts vanished.
Your guardian angel was with you, nothing could go wrong.


It was the most difficult and painful twelve hours of your life, but in the end, the little Sooyoung had seen the light. He was perfect, with already a bushy little of hair, powerful and clear voice so as to make the nurses laugh when he started to cry.
You were too dazed to figure out anything and you accepted willingly the anesthetic in order to rest for at least a few hours without the slightest pain.

“Sooyoung, you look exactly like your mom. Yes… You’ll become a beautiful little man. How about I wake her up? ”
A deep and full of sweetness voice woke you up and opening your eyes you laid your gaze on Taehyung, sitting in a chair beside you, holding your child in his arms.
“Hey.. Look who’s here. ” He muttered with sweetness, getting up and approaching you. Gently, he put Sooyoung into your arms and a swirl of emotions made you break down and cry, while you kissed and caressed with your lips that perfect and small face.
“He’s beautiful.”
“As his mom… I’ll leave you alone, you need some time to get to know him. ” He rose from his chair but immediately you gripped his wrist, blocking him from leave you alone.
“But… I mean, I think you want to enjoy this time with your son. ”
“O-our son.” You faltered while he stared, caught off guard by your words. “Taehyung.. In these months you never left me alone and … I… Don’t go away. ”
“Why? Let me hear you say, Y/N ”.
“Because I fell in love with you, Tae.”


“Why is my champion screaming like that? What’s going on? ”

You were sitting on the couch, checking out some books to write the next chapter of your thesis, while Sooyoung kept running around the house chasing Taehyung. Their screaming did not bother you, indeed ,somehow, they helped you to stay more focused. After four years you were completely accustomed to their madness.

“Appa I want ice cream!”
“You have to ask mom.” Taehyung gave to you the “problem”, causing you to raise your eyes to heaven in a fake desperate way. Immediately the little Sooyoung jumped on the couch, holding onto your neck and stuffing your face with kisses.
He was a corruptor, just like his father.
“EOMMAAAAA, I WANT ICE CREAM” he screamed, pouting his lips as he always did Taehyung whenever he wanted to get something. “PLEAAAAAASE”.
“All right, let’s go get some ice cream.” You agreed, squeezing him softly in your arms and getting up off the couch completely ignoring your studies; “But when we finish the ice cream, we get back home.”
It was a day in June, the sun was high in the sky and the temperature was perfect. You were holding hands with Taehyung while Sooyoung was two steps ahead of you who hopped, unable to contain the enthusiasm that he was trying at that time.
“Sometimes I wonder if he’ll run out of his energies …” Taehyung whispered into your ear, making you smile and shake your head immediately; “But he’s so bea–”
His break concerned you right away, so your eyes returned to alight in front of you. And the reason why he had stopped was immediately clear to you.
Sooyoung was in front of Jungkook, the last person you wanted to see.  
Jungkook bowed to reach the cap that your son had lost and your looks have met.
“Your cap, kid.”
“Thank you! ” Sooyoung thanked him and you could see his toothless smile even though you were a few steps away from him.
“Sooyoung, come here. Let’s choose our ice cream, come ” Taehyung recalled the child without deigning to glance Jungkook. The little boy immediately turned and ran up taking his hand he was holding out.
They went into the ice-cream parlor, leaving you alone in front of your biggest regret and disappointment.
Jungkook came up to you, his hands in his jacket pocket, and a guilty look drew onto his face. He smiled but you did not smile back, remembering only at that moment how much pain he had inflicted on you.
“You’re looking good.”
“Thank you.” was your answer, totally icy.
“You and Taehyung, huh?”
“It’s none of your business.”
“Already… He… What’s his name? ”
“It’s none of your business, Jungkook.” His smile faded away to your answer, but you did not felt sadness at seeing that look on his face. “Now I’ll go back to my son and my husband if you don’t mind.”
“I regretted my choice every day for the past four years, Y/N”.
“Jungkook… I don’t regret instead. Because I found a person a thousand times better than you, who didn’t leave me. On second thought, I just have to say thank you for abandoning me. Thanks to you, now I know what it’s like to be really happy. ”

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Winchester’s Don’t Take Orders

Pairing: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader

Summary: After a tough hunt, an argument ensues

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: A little angst, light swearing, otherwise justsome fluff I guess

A/N: Thanks to @nickiwinchester97 for helping me and sending me to bed. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

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You were finally back at the motel. The hunt had been exhausting and more difficult than expected, and even though you’d been successful, you and your brothers were in a bad mood. 

“Guys, I’m starving.” Sam announced while Dean let himself fall face front into one of the beds.

“Me too” you replied, extending your hand towards Dean for the car keys. “I can get some Burgers and stuff at the diner down the road.”

Instead of handing you the keys, Dean grumbled and stood up again. “There’s no way I’ll let you drive baby. I can go and get food.”

“What?” you asked a little bit confused. You’d driven the Impala before, Dean had taught you and you’ve also got your driver’s license. Something about his tone was provoking you.

“What’s wrong with you? So you don’t even trust me enough to let me drive the damn car?”

“Yeah, I don’t. Why should I? On the hunt you didn’t even stay back when I asked you too. How the hell am I supposed to trust you then?”

You crossed your arms in front of your chest. Anger started to float through you and you tried to let it cover up the pain you felt at Dean’s words.

“Of course I didn’t stay back when that thing was coming at you from behind. Should I just have let you die?”

“No, goddammit! You should’ve done what I said. We had everything under control, Sam would have gotten it. But thanks to you, it didn’t work out, and now he’s hurt!”

Dean gesticulated towards his younger brother who was sitting at the small table, carefully stitching up a cut on his left arm.

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“Ted... ever wonder why some words are funnier than others?”

Ted the Animator: “…no?”

Carl the Animator: “Like, take ‘mule deer.’ Why are mule deer funnier than most other animals?”

Ted the Animator: “Are they really, though?”

Carl the Animator: “Yes! I’ve done a lot of mule deer thinking, lately.”

Ted the Animator: “…that’s a sentence you don’t hear every day.”

Carl the Animator: “Take a look at one. Visually, at best, they’re just marginally-funnier than a regular deer… but the phrase ‘mule deer’? That puts it over the top.”

Ted the Animator: “I’m not sold. Give me an example.”

Carl the Animator: “Well, let’s say someone is advertising hot sauce. Saying it’s ‘hot enough to kill a deer?’ Not funny.”

Ted the Animator: “Nope. Not at all.”

Carl the Animator: “Now, ‘hot enough to kill a mule deer?

Ted the Animator: “…that’s kinda funny. Wait, why is that funny?”

Carl the Animator: “I KNOW, RIGHT?!”

Ted the Animator: “…after googling them, you find phrases like ‘1000+ images about mule deer on Pinterest,’ and somehow that’s so bizarre it’s definitely funny.”

Carl the Animator: “Now, try ‘2017 mule deer calendar.’”

Ted the Animator: “…it might just be because it’s really late at night… but that’s freakin’ hilarious to me right now.”

Carl the Animator: “’Mule deer’ just gets funnier the more times you say it.”

Ted the Animator: “Is it because it’s so specific? A combination of words you hear independently, but almost never together?”

Carl the Animator: “I’m still tryin’ to analyze it all. There are also inherently-funny single words, like ‘Popemobile.’”

Ted the Animator: “That’s juxtaposition, alright. Combine the pious-sounding word “Pope’ and the silly suffix ‘-mobile,’ and you get instant comedy.” 

Carl the Animator:And, it doesn’t hurt that the Popemobile always looks ridiculous, too.”

Ted the Animator: “Phrases like ‘potato juice’ use juxtaposition similarly.”

Carl the Animator: “…ewwwwwwwwwwww.”

Ted the Animator: “Gross, certainly… but that moment when your brain processes that yes, it is in fact a real thing you could theoretically acquire, triggers humor responses.”

Carl the Animator: “…of course, we are forgetting what is quite possibly the funniest phrase known to man.”

Ted the Animator: “Hold that thought, I’m on my last swig of coffee.”

Carl the Animator:…cat diaper.

Ted the Animator: *spittake*

Carl the Animator: “Sorry. I had to.”

Ted the Animator: “…you’re the worst, and cat diapers are the worst, and I’d scowl at you but my mouth hurts from smiling too much.”

Carl the Animator: “That’s the magic of mule deer and cat diapers, Ted.”

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Maybe I find weirdness in everything now but the ig thing was hours ago. It's not even 6am rn in London and she decides to engage fans again? And of course it's another larrie? Idk I just don't get it. And all of this the day his brother announces a single. Feels like they are pushing a non Larry message on this day... I just don't see the point of her engaging the fans once again, putting more attention on the subject again, hours after happening. I don't get it

It’s kinda funny timing, but who knows what anything means. Gemma goes off on Larries at least once a year, so I’m not surprised by this at all. I just find it funny because while I’m the first to tell you that some Twitter and Instagram Larries are annoying as fuck, Larries as a general group (which includes a lot of people who don’t do the really annoying stuff) are also the ones who tend to get the most accomplished in this fandom - we tend to be leading projects for the boys, we tend to be leading charity efforts for the boys, and so on. So I always find it quite entertaining that we’re continually trashed as an entire group in really rude and abelist ways every time somebody decides to be a dick on social media.

Anything for You//Stiles Stilinski & Pack

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Hey, I was wondering if I could get an imagine… Recently I’ve been feeling really down, and one thing that helped me a lot was your imagines so… Can I request one, where the reader is feeling very down so all the pack (Scott, Lydia, Allison, Isaac, and Stiles) are trying to help her feel better? Something cute and funny, but something special with Stiles (since he’s my favorite character ever) It would make my day! Thanks for all your hard work, I love you 💕


Today has sucked. Actually, all week’s kinda sucked. I made my way down the busy high school hallway, finding my last class and plopped down in my desk. Stiles came in like the ball of energy he is, as he sat beside me.

“What’s wrong Y/N?” he asked with concern.

“Nothing, just tired” I replied. It wasn’t technically a lie, I was tired, but after the crappy week I had been having, I just want to go home and sleep the whole weekend. The only thing I can focus on is my yearning to leave. The noises and bustling of students just made the day worse. The bell rang and I was up and out of my seat as fast as possible.

I didn’t look back as I heard the sound of my friends call my name from the corridor. I rushed to my car and sped all the way home. As soon as I got there, I dropped all my stuff in my room and headed for the bathroom. Maybe a hot shower will help wash away the week.

Stiles’ POV

Y/N hasn’t been acting right all week and I am determined to fix it. I met up with the rest of the pack after school so we could come up with a plan.

“Look guys, something’s up with Y/N” I began

“Yeah, Y/N’s been really distant lately” Allison said

“She doesn’t answer any of my texts either, we should do something nice for them” Lydia added.

“Alright, I’ve got an idea.. Here’s the plan” I explained.


As I stepped out of the shower, I heard my phone ding from the other room. I saw Lydia’s name flash across the screen with a text that said “Pack meeting at Stiles’ house ASAP”. My heart sped up at the urgency of her text, but at least it didn’t say hospital.

I pulled on a pair of jeans, threw on a sweatshirt and my vans before heading out the door. This isn’t what I wanted to do with my Friday night.. I was planning to curl up and watch Netflix all night to block out my problems but unfortunately that didn’t go as planned. I pulled up to Stiles’ house, seeing everyone else’s cars here, I must be the last one to arrive.

I take a deep breath as I prepare myself to go inside. I loved my friends, don’t get me wrong, but the last thing I want to do when I feel like this is sit through hours of a pack meeting. I compose myself enough to look halfway decent as I walked up to the door, letting myself in.

I looked around the Stilinksi living room and what I see makes me smile. Allison and Lydia were setting out tons of fuzzy blankets, Scott and Isaac came out from the kitchen with tons of snacks and Stiles was shuffling through movies.

“Surprise!” They yelled, when they finally saw me.

“This doesn’t look like a pack meeting” I said in surprise, a small giggle leaving my mouth.

“We noticed you’ve been a little down lately and we wanted to help” Allison smiled.

“Who’s idea was this?” I laugh, “I love it”.

“All Stiles’ idea” Scott said with a smirk. I looked over to the blushing Stiles and made my way over to give him a hug.

“Thank you” I whispered into his ear “I really needed this”.

“Anything for you” he replied, his eyes locked on mine.

Our moment broke as Isaac burst in with “Let’s get this party started!’. We all ate pizza until we couldn’t eat anymore. The rest of the night continued with lots of snuggling (especially next to Stiles) as we watched my favorite movie. As the night came to a close, I stayed back to help Stiles clean up. When we were finished, he walked me to the door and stopped.

“Thank you again Stiles, you always know how to cheer me up” I said. Our eyes locked once again as I saw his eyes glance down at my lips, then back up at me. His hand came to cheek as our lips met. We stood there for what seemed like forever before breaking apart.

“Anything for you”.

Writer’s Note: Thank you for the request anon, I hope you love it! Requests are open. -M

I finished it! It was so good! And totally worth waiting for! 

Things I loved about it! Beware; it’s long. 

- The gang felt like actual friends. They teased, talked, fought with each other but this season, especially, it was clear that they all really love each other. 

- Snotlouts anxiety. This was heartbreaking but so important for his character development.

- Ruff and Tuff getting sh’t done. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still dumb but I enjoyed seeing them do things instead of just saying funny things. Especially when Ruf didn’t buy their cousins stories or when Tuff went after the map instead of Macy. 

- Heather and Dagur. I don’t particularly like Heather that much. I feel like the previous seasons were too focused on her. And she kinda bored me. But It was nice to see them together, finally. 

- Hiccstrid! I mean duh! And no, it’s not because it’s all that matters in this series. But mostly because it’s canon in the movies and it shouldn’t have happened this late but I’m glad we finally got it!

- Speaking of, I love Hiccstrid because how they are as a couple. They actually talk to each other! (Imagine that) They don’t have this fairy tale love ( nothing wrong with that but it’s nice to see something different), they’re warriors and their relationship feels so real. I loved in “Blindsided” when they argued like an old married couple and I love the sneaky touches they share when they think no ones’ watching. It’s those little things. And I LOVE THAT THEY’RE FINALLY OFFICIAL AND I CAN’T WAIT FOR THEM TO TELL STOICK!  

- The midnight sun episode had me cracking up and deserves its own spot on this list. I loved drunk Astrid, paranoid Fishlegs and Mood swing Snotlout. Cracked me up.

- “Blindsided” This is not about Hiccup and Astrid (this time) But about Astrid. Even though she went blind she totally kicked ass. It was sad to see how sad she was when she agreed to sit out but it wouldn’t be Astrid if she did so she found a way to fight despite it. I loved it and I love her!

- “It will always be Hiccup and Astird.” omg.

- Snotlout saying “Hiccstrid.” I mean… of course he did.

- “This changes everything” at the end. So pure. 

- Toothless and Hiccup under water had me crying. I ‘m glad that we got some more Toothless this season. I hope for a full episode of only Hiccup and Toothless next season because we haven’t had that in a while. But Hiccups. “I wouldn’t leave you either” broke my heart.

- Stoick and Hiccups relationship. 

- Overall I feel like this season had the characters more connected to each other. They talked, joked more than they have done before. That is what makes this show, because it’s the characters that does it. 

- I’ve been a little bothered over the fact that Hiccup seems to have lost his sarcasm. But this season it didn’t bother me as much because the poor dude is under a lot of stress and it wouldn’t be strange if he changed a little during this season. He’s a little more serious cause more is at stake. He did have some funny lines this season but I understand if they wanted him more serious. (But bring it back next season cause I miss my sarcastic little idiot!)

- Wow, this is long. But I loved this season so much. 

- Ruff and Tuff’s morning show. I mean, obviously. 

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Hi! I'm kinda new to Got7 and I wanna get to know more about the members. Just wanna ask if you know or could recommend blogs/forums that compiles all the groups activities like tv guestings and stuff?

Start from watching REALGOT7 series on Youtube, it’s subbed. Go to this channel and search ‘REAL GOT7′

Check GOT7′s Ask In a Box, a funny show from Never Ever promotion cycle.

You can also watch GOT7 on Weekly Idol, some episodes might be removed. Search ‘GOT7 Weekly Idol eng sub’

Then search on Youtube ‘GOT7 After School Club’

Out of all members Jackson appeared on variety shows the most, so here’s a list of his shows. If you scroll down there’s also a list of GOT7′s older interviews and series on that page. Mark is going to be on Laws of the Jungle but it hasn’t aired yet.

Lance headcanon

Okay so we all know that lance loves shakira, especially hips don’t lie
So what if he just starts singing it at random times
They’ll be waiting to get briefed for a mission and allura will come in and he’ll just start yelling
COMO SE LLAMA *runs up to the nearest paladin* SI!
BONITA *falls to his knees and throws out his arms* SI!
*starts rolling his hips around* Shakira Shakira!
The rest of the paladins just kinda groan and ignore him but its kind of entertaining watching him go. allura and coran have no idea whats going on

They’ll be sat at the table eating goo again, kinda bored, and lance will just suddenly stand up and they’re all like??????
And he just yells
COMO SE LLAMA *he puts his hand to his ear. no one joins in so he shrugs and does it himself, unphased* SI!
Bonita *stands on the table* SI!
he yells SHAKIRA SHAKIRA sits back down and carries on with his meal
Everyone has a small smile on their faces after, he counts that as a win

Later that day he’ll be around just pidge and hunk and do it for kicks and they kinda find it funny, so when he pauses for them to do it, they both scream SI and lance almost cries w happiness??? He’s so proud????
Few days later they’re all going on a some small mission checking out this planet for Garla or other life etc, and after a long day lance just kind of looks at everyone being tired and grouchy having found nothing, and when he decides to do it that time, everyone just gives in and goes for it, except keith, who refuses to take part in something so stupid and no Lance it’s not funny 

Like a week later they’re in their lions getting ready to go into a battle and lance just takes his moment to shine and at the top of his lungs in all their coms yells COMO SE LLAMA
everyone screams SI!
then lance yells keiths name and the red padalin just sighs really loudly, pauses, and then mumbles-
Shakira shakira.
And lance practically sCREECHes, they may be going into battle but if keith can sing shakira they can do anything 

i always talk about ian and mickey being in their prime during seasons 4 & 5 but quite honestly season 3 was SO IMPORTANT and i keep forgetting. we got mickey admitting he missed ian then being super jealous when he realized ian was seeing other people, the stupid ass angie zago situation that was very sad but kinda funny, then the two of them roughhousing while running through the streets after mick beat up pedophile ned, then mickey actually inviting ian to stay the night and pulling out the anal beads with no shame and full trust, all culminating up to the scene i literally do not ever want to mention on this blog, followed by another unmentionable scene wherein mickey can’t admit that he’s gay and that he loves ian, but finally concluding with two of the strongest mickey scenes of all time: “not everybody just gets to blurt out how they fuckin’ feel every minute” and the most painful “don’t” i’ve ever heard in this lifetime!! ouch!!!

anonymous asked:

Acchan.. i didn't quite understand what kaneki meant with "i worry that they might disappear again"; who was he reffering to? do you think it was just one person? that he meant it about the time when he was Haise? hide? touka and anteiku? what are your thoughts?

Hey Anon! It’s just my opinion, but I think this scene between Kaneki and Amon…

parallels this scene between Amon and Touka, when Amon told Touka he was scared to go see Akira…

And about the interpretation, for me it comes down to Kaneki being scared to lose his friends from :Re again (after forgetting them when he was Haise), just like it’s a hint that he’d be frightened to see Hide again (since he thought all this time that he killed Hide) because he’d be afraid of losing him one more time.

That’s Kaneki though, he’s completely wrecked on an emotional level, so isolating himself from his friends and not talking with Touka are things that relate to his depressed state of mind and his fear of trying to be happy when he could lose it all again. So, instead of allowing himself to enjoy the current time, he’s simply holding up to “fighting for his friends/the ghoul’s side”:

…which doesn’t help him with his current personal issues. There was one exception to this behavior though and that was…

Akira, because she’s been a constant in his life for the last 4 years, on top of being his mother figure, which is why he seemed so down after she pushed him away even though he rushed to her side when Banjou told him she woke up. 

That’s kinda funny, isn’t it? He was so ready to welcome Akira warmly because he had been so worried the whole time, meanwhile Touka asked him for a talk that apparently still hasn’t happened because he’s probably scared to face her (considering what he said in the last chapter to Takizawa and this chapter to Amon). 

TL;DR I think this scene was Amon trying to understand how Akira was feeling, though it gave us an explanation as to why Kaneki stayd so far away from his friends even if he says he’s fighting for them + it can totally be seen as a hint for Hide coming back (and how Kaneki would feel about it).

It’s just my opinion though :) I hope I answered your question, have a nice weekend!

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coco oil disaster reporting: I'm okay! thank you all for the care! my hair is still kinda funny from all washing but it looks okay now. I'd ask for RFA+3 react @ MC messing up her hair (dyeing/haircut), maybe put this in your queue? thank you loves!

I’m actually really glad to hear that your hair is doing better and tbh I was talking to myself (don’t judge) about my hair and started to wonder about yours the other day (wow that’s probably creepy im sorry) so I’m glad I finally got to your request ^^;; ~Admin 404


-He’s probably the one who helps you mess up your hair?

-MC! He dyes his hair! He can totally help you dye yours!



-Cries with you when you see the results


-He finds a beauty club on campus and joins, hoping it’ll help him figure out how to fix your hair

-You won’t let him near your hair anymore, at all. He has to pat your back when he’s consoling you for weeks afterwards because you’re very serious about not letting him touch

-Begs to go with you to the beauty parlor to watch them fix it though!

-Literally praises your hair 27 times a day once it’s actually the colour you wanted, because you look so good!!! He tries to tell you that you were beautiful before but the glare you give him makes him hold his tongue

-You considered messing with his hair the next time he did it

-But realized that would be tERRIBLE and you weren’t sure you could deal with the poor baby’s crying poor bby ;A;


-You were just… simply getting ready for a night out with your boyfriend

-You couldn’t just go out in some comfortable clothes, nnooo

-You decided you had to dress up- jewelry, makeup, hair, the works


-So when you attempted to curl a piece of your hair and attempt to simultaneously talk to Zen, you thought ‘Hey, it’s easy, I can do this’

-You were wrong

-Did you know you could set the curling iron too high? No, of course you didn’t, because you didn’t read the instructions

-’Oh no,’ you thought, ‘I know how to curl my hair. I don’t need this. What’s it gonna say? Step one: curl your fucking hair?’


-Because that curl? Completely burnt off

-You now have a missing chunk of hair and the house smells like burning hair and no amount of candles can cover it

-Trust me, Zen tried. After over-reacting and practically dropping to the floor, mourning the lost chunk of hair

-Who’s more upset, you or Zen?

-You’re crying, he’s crying, everyone is crying up in this house

-He tries his best to try and help you hide it

-Luckily for you, it’s in a spot that it can be easily blended in until you decide what to do to fix it

-So he helps to style your hair in a different way until then!

-Always coming home with adorable hair accessories to mix up your hairstyle!

-And when you’re upset, he’s always there for hours at a time telling you how amazing and beautiful he thinks you are, and refuses to stop his speech until he knows you’ve forgotten all about your hair disaster (at least for the moment)

- seriously has to buy like 20 more candles to help the burnt smell in the house


-You just wanted to do a nice, relaxing, hair mask while you took a hot bath

-Did you buy a premade one at the store? No no of course not

-Your Pintrest loving ass had to make a homemade one




-Hours upon hours you’ve spent washing your hair and you just. Couldn’t. Get. It. Out.

-So when Jaehee came home and heard the water running she was obviously concerned because??? You texted her like a million hours ago that you were going to take a bath

-Did something happen to you??? Were you hurt??? OR WORSE???

-*Judo kicks down the door*

-Sees you just sitting in the bathtub, running water over your head, quietly sobbing

-*Mother Jaehee instincts kicking in*

-You explain what happened and she just laughs at you??? Like stOP LAUGHING MY HAIR’S A MESS

-She spends the rest of the night helping you strip your hair of the terrible mask you attempted, doesn’t stop until she knows your hair is gonna be okay

- that and she doesnt want that gross oil feeling all up on the pillows mc, keep it away from her at all costs


-”Why in the world did you attempt to cut your bangs yourself?? I have a hairdresser. Why didn’t you just make an appointment”

-You sat in the middle of the bathroom floor in defeat, a large chunk missing from your bangs, where you’ve been sitting for hours, crying on and off

-He stares at your hair for a good while, without saying a word. He’s trying to assess the damage, not judging you, stop crying MC

- mc, he has money, JuJu can fix this for you

-Bang extensions? Bang extensions.

-At least until your actual bangs grow out and you can style them

-He always tells you how beautiful you look, no matter what

-If he could, he’d fix it himself, but he knows that he’d just make it worse so he let the professionals handle it

-But he is a little…mothering? Always hovering and running around both you and the hairdresser

-Loves showering you with compliments no matter what your hair looks like, but he hides all the scissors from you. No joke. You can’t do any crafts without someone having to get you scissors. They check up on you every now and then. juST LET ME CRAFT, JUMIN, PLEASE

-You once threatened to cut Elly’s fur if he didn’t stop hiding the scissors

-But all that did was make sure that you only got safety scissors and a designated scissor handler daMMIT JUMIN


-You wanted to go for just a little trim of your split ends!

-The love of your life just wanted to scare you a little bit without realizing you were a little busy!

-Cue the fact that you now have a chunk of hair missing. What was once flowing, long hair is now as short as Jaehee’s. Only in one spot. Just one.


-He told you he loved it, you can just be unique with one spot shorter than the rest!

-”It’s a fashion statement, MC! It’s fabulous!”

- im gonna shove this fucking “fabulous” pair of scissors up your aSS SAEYOUNG WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU

-Runs away from you and your fury, scissors in hand.

-He comes back later, plopping one of his wigs on top of your head, kissing your cheek in apology

-Promises to get you an appointment with one of the best hairdressers! He’s gonna get this fixed!

- news flash, the hairdresser is him in disguise. He actually did a fantastic job at fixing your hair

-He’s so cute though! After he gives you an adorable (and flattering) new hairstyle, he can’t stop taking pictures of you??

-The group chat is spammed with candids of you and everyone else thinks it’s absolutely adorable! They all love your haircut too <3


-Okay but he’s the one who fucked up your hair

-How was he supposed to know just how much coconut oil was supposed to go in your hair? He’s never done it

-’The more oil, the more it’ll smell like coconut, right?’ is what he thought to himself

-Smh this asshole was just thinking of himself- he wanted to spoon you and just lose himself in a sweet coconut scent

-”Here, you said you wanted to try a hair mask thing, right? I researched and found that coconut oil helps… I got you some! Let’s go shower”

-Like hell yeah I’ll go shower with you Jihyun, who would turn that down??

-But now you regret it. You regret it and you wanna pour the rest of the bottle over his head

-Obviously he’s apologizing like crazy

-Sounds like he’s on the verge of tears and you can see the guilt splattered across his face


-He’s calling everyone he knows, looking all over the internet, anything he can do to help your hair

-Even calling some famous hairdressers he’s met overseas

-*Lays napkin on your head* “Sit with this on MC, maybe it’ll soak some of it up”

-Like clockwork, he’s changing the napkins on your head

-Well he got what he wanted- your hair smells like coconut. So does your whole bathroom. And house. And everywhere you go. He can pick you out of a crowd by following the coconut smell


-Also does his own hair

-Refused to help you dye your own because??? He’s not taking responsibility if something goes wrong

-He should have knocked on wood because…. You fucked up. Real bad.


-You MCFucked up(™)

-He walked into the room as you stared in disbelief that your hair was dry, coarse, and just all around dead

-What did he do? Stared blankly, finger-gunned, and walked out of the room. whAT THE FUCK SAERAN GET BACK HERE AND CONSOLE ME

-He sat in the bathroom while you dyed it *insert whatever colour you want here* hoping maybe the dye would bring it a little life?

-It Did Not.

-He bought you a few different hair masks and damage repair shampoos hoping it would help, and help stop your crying

-You made him promise to help you with your hair the next time you decide to do it. He agreed because jesus christ MC why would you do this to yourself okay but??? This whole part vof the hc is literally what i did when i first bleached my hair ;A;

-Seriously though, he helped no matter what you wanted to do from then on. You wanted to retouch the colour? He’s helping. You wanna change the colour? Also helping. You want it to go back to a normal colour? HelPING.

-Literally always on the internet looking at different articles on how to help repair hair damage, how to keep it healthy, different products you could use, he is not gonna let you do that again because??? He loves your hair and actually felt terrible when you cried about it

Rap Survival Show Tropes/Characters
  • Leader dies first
    • If you are the leader of a crew or group you WILL NOT win over your members. It doesn’t matter that you’ve been better than them up until now.
  • The Ace is Bad Luck! a.k.a “Song Minho is the winner anyway”
    • If you are EVER referred to on air as an “ace”, “contender for the win”, or something along the lines of that, you won’t win. You’ll make it pretty far at least to the semi-finals, granted but you won’t win. Trope popularized by Song Minho on SMTM4 as the alternate title suggests.
  • Poor Ace
    • Slightly related to “The Ace is Bad Luck” but differs because most of the time the person was never named as an ace but was very talented and generally well received. The person in question will ALWAYS be eliminated while a lesser contestant stays. ALWAYS. Bonus points if it’s early on in the season. Even more bonus points if they get eliminated in a head to head battle with said lesser contestant.
  • Career Contestant
    • This person has tried out for every or a large amount of the seasons of a particular show and has even made it on multiple times. Bonus points if they have been on multiple shows.
  • The Rivals
    • Exactly as the name says. These people usually don’t actually have a problem with one another but it’s pretty obvious that they are head to head competition and everybody is waiting for them to face off.
  • The Token Idol
    • Exactly as the name suggests. If there’s more than one then it’s usually the one who gets the most screentime, which tends to be the one who is from the most popular group.
  • The Drama Queen
    • If there’s drama they’re involved in it somehow.
  • The Drama Mastermind
    • Same as the drama queen except better at hiding it. So good that most of the time people don’t even realize how much they manipulated until the season is over and people have time to reflect on what happened.
  • A Wild Controversy Appears
    • Pretty straightforward. There’s ALWAYS that episode that causes an uproar amongst the viewers. ALWAYS. It’s heated at the time but once the season is over people can all sit back and laugh.
  • The weirdo
    • not necessarily a bad thing although it can be. It’s the eccentric character. The one who has a certain accessory, outfit, rapping style, etc. that makes them unique and sets them a part. The thing is almost always pretty weird and thus the usage of the word “weirdo” as opposed to “eccentric” or something else.
  • The Fan Favorite
    • Characteristics vary. “Poor Ace” is this quite a bit of the time. Majority of the time it’s the person from the “Ace is Bad Luck” trope. 
  • The Sleeper Hit
    • The one nobody expected to dominate as much as they did. People didn’t really take them seriously at first but after awhile i became clear that they were no joke. Downside? This person NEVER wins. Might evolve into “Poor Ace” by the time they are eliminated. Differs from “Fan Favorite” because FF doesn’t get “slept” on at first.
  • You’re Still Here?
    • You get all the way to the semi-finals (can be earlier though) and realize that the person referred to by this trope is in fact, still here. They kinda laid under the radar and were able to avoid detection. They did the bare minimum to survive. Tends to get as far they do because they have the luck of being paired up with lesser rappers and they look better by comparison. This situation often arises when two Aces end up facing each other in the head to heads meaning one HAS to go but also means two weaker people will face which means one lucks out.
  • Luck of the Draw
    • Overlaps with “You’re Still Here?” as well as “Poor Ace” most of the time. This is when (As previously described) someone of lesser skill lucks out by getting paired with even lesser rappers for the head to head battles. This means they’ll end up staying longer than “Poor Ace” if not even being the cause of their demise.
  • Informed Ability (stole this name lol)
    • You’re told someone is good and/or you know from witnessing it outside the season but you never really see it on the actual season. Person is usually way off their game for some reason or the other.
  • Choke Artist
    • Heavily overlaps with “Informed Ability”. It’s probably the number 1 cause of “Informed Ability”. This is the person who constantly forgets their lyrics.
  • The Joker
    • The funny one. Brings all or most of the personality to the show. Usually not the best rapper but they are SUPER fun to have around. the episode will probably drag on and be kinda boring ifthey don’t get much screentime. After the season is over, usually ends up being on other non-survival shows as a guest.
  • Collateral Damage
    • The person(s) referred to by this trope are usually friends or associates of someone that someone(see: The Assassin next) doesn’t like. The initial person gets dissed and these people do too. Should have picked better friends, don’t know what to tell you.
  • The Assassin
    • This person usually falls to the background for the most part but is absolutely lethal in diss rounds and cyphers. Usually has a backgrund in battle rapping or just general freestyle. Always the cause of Collateral Damage.
  • The Veteran
    • Tends to be the hosts,MCs, and producers but not uncommon for contestants to be this too. Unfortunately, this heavily overlaps with “Informed Abilities” and “Choke Artist” this person tends to get picked off pretty early due to that. This person is LETHAL when it doesn’t overlap.
  • Boo Boo the Fool
    • Always making a damn fool of themselves. This can either lead to them being hated or rooted for to do better. Tends to be a split down the middle.
  • Contestant Favorite
    • A producer. All the contestants want to be on this person’s team. This producer ends up with the strongest team. Pretty much an Ace team. But as you guys know, “The Ace is Bad Luck” so it’ll probably be the second or even third in command ace from this team who takes the win but not the first.
  • Contestant Indifference
    • When the contestants don’t care about this team,producer, or contestant. Person(s) was cause the indifference are generally considered to be weak and not a threat. This could lead to “The Sleeper Hit” but generally just leads to early elimination.

Can’t  think of anymore right now. Add more if you want.

amitcanthandleit  asked:

hi there, I really love your hc and I was wondering if you Chuld make an hc where the rfa + v + saran react to artist mc who is painting or drawing and she is itching her face and anding up smearing paint on like a half of her face and she doesn't even know...

This is really cute, I kinda went overboard.
Thanks for enjoying my blog!

-You had been working on a finger painting for the past hour
-A finger painting
-But you still managed to forget and absentmindedly rub your face without realizing it
-Yoosung comes in to check up on you
-You have been working on this painting for the past hour after all
-“___, you still okay?”
-You nod vigorously and continue to paint with determination
-Yoosung sits next to you, and he sees the paint all over the side of your face
-His soft chuckling distracted you
-“What’s funny?” you ask
-Yoosung hands you a paper towel from beside you
-“You’ve got some paint of your face.”
-You widen your eyes and feel your face
-Wet paint
-You thank him quietly and take the paper towel to wipe your face off
-“Make sure to come out for dinner later, okay?” He reminds you with a big smile before brushing hair out of your face and leaving the room

-Zen just got home from rehearsals, but you didn’t greet him at the door as usual
-He’s confused and a bit concerned when he calls out your name
-He hears the bedroom door open and you call back “One second!” before shutting it again
-Zen chuckles and goes into the kitchen to get some water
-After a few minutes, you happily bounce into the room looking excited
-You were holding a canvas, paint covering your face
-Be couldn’t help but giggle at the sight, but you didn’t give him a chance to question you before you reveal the painting to him
-It’s a small painting of Zen’s “secret place” he goes when he has a lot on his mind
-He had taken you there yesterday, and you couldn’t get the amazing view out of your head, so you decided to paint it
-“It’s for you!” you told him happily. “Do you like it?”
-Zen takes the painting from your hands with an amazed smile “It’s truly beautiful. Thank you.”
-You lean up and kiss him on the cheek, leaving paint on his face
-You gasp and wipe your face. Sure enough, there was paint
-“Yeah, there’s paint in your face, cutie,” Zen laughs
-You were too excited to show Zen your work that even though you remembered to clean your hands, you didn’t realize the paint on your face
-You clean off each other’s faces before he frames the painting you made him

-Jaehee was cleaning up around the cafe while you were off in another room, doing who knows what
-She’s zoned out, wiping down the counters and display cases when you poke your head into the room
-“Jaehee, do you know where my acrylic paintbrushes are?”
-Jaehee turns around, looks at you, and giggles
-The left side of your face was almost completely covered in paint
-“No, but are you running low on paint?”
-“Huh? No I have enough.”
-She walks over to you and cups your cheek before she wipes her thumb over your skin and pulls away
-You see the mixture of different colored paint on her hand
-“Really? Because is seems like you’ve already used up most of it on your new look.”
-You excuse yourself from the room to go wash your face while Jaehee laughs and follows you to clean off her hand

-Jumin has always adored your paintings
-You’re the most talented artist he knows of
-With your permission, he hangs your paintings around the penthouse
-He stood, admiring the different masterpieces adorning the walls as you sit off to the side of the room working diligently
-“Hey Jumin?”
-He turns his attention to you. “Yes, love?”
-You turn to face him from your chair, blue paint covering your cheek. You hold out a few shades of paint. “What shade of blue would you say matches Elizabeth’s eyes?”
-Jumin smiles to himself as he makes his way over to you
-While you were looking down at the paint you were judging, Jumin reaches his hand out and wipes your cheeks off gently
-You’re confused before you see him staring at the blue on his finger
-“I’d say this color.”
-He plants a kiss of your cheek before returning to the other side of the room, leaving you flustered

-This sadist wouldn’t even tell you
-He would, however, tell you “Hey, there’s something on your face.” and gesture to the side of your face that doesn’t have paint on it
-Making you smear paint all over your face
-He’d be trying so hard to keep from laughing
-You’d notice how red his face is and how he looks like he’s straining himself and you ask him what’s wrong
-He loses it
-When he’s finished laughing, he just pulls out his phone and snaps a picture of you
-He shows you the picture, but by the time you can process what was happening, he is gone
-He ran away so you wouldn’t murder him
-You chase him around the house carrying paint to get your revenge
-You eventually tackle him onto the ground and smear paint all over his face too
-You both laugh endlessly about how ridiculous you look
-He never deletes the picture he took of you either

-He loves your paintings and drawings, and he also enjoys watching you paint
-The focused look on your face, the various brushes and colors you choose thoughtfully…
-…the paint smeared on your cheek
-V chuckles when he notices you’re completely oblivious to the wet paint on your face
-You’re too concentrated on blending colors to hear his giggling or feel the wetness on your cheek
-V gets up from his seat near you and walks over to you
-“____” He gently calls out so he doesn’t startle you into ruining your painting. He reaches out and wipes the paint off your soft cheek carefully. “You got paint on your face, silly.”
-Embarrassed, you rub your cheek and thank him
-He smiles and places a kiss where the paint used to be
-“Your painting is lovely, ___”

-You were painting a picture of the sky and Saeran was watching intently
-He was amazed at how you could take such a beautiful aspect of nature and recreate it using only paints and brushes
-Calm shades of blue accompanied by soft white wisps cover the canvas
-It almost calms him down more than looking at the actual sky
-You sigh deeply and lean back, catching Saeran’s attention
-You itch your face and look over your work while you take a break from painting, but a focused expression never leaves your face
-Saeran has his eyes on you like a confused child, wondering why you stopped
-You mumble something under your breath before continuing painting
-That’s when Saeran sees a light blue streak across your cheek where you had scratched your face
-His heart skips a beat
-The color of the sky, the only thing that makes him feel sane, on the face of the one he loves, the only one that makes him feel human
-He can hardly breathe
-Saeran watches you instead of your painting now
-He’s completely overwhelmed with how much he really loves you
-But you catch his stare
-“What’s wrong?”
-His face was red, you assumed he didn’t feel good
-He clears his throat as he comes back to reality and assures you that nothing is wrong
-He won’t tell you there’s paint on your face because then you would wipe it off, and he wants to remember this feeling for the rest of his life

If someone had told me two years ago that Daryl would chase another man on foot through a field, I would've called them nuts. Or: How I realized Desus was an actual thing

A fact about me: I have loved every single moment between Daryl and Jesus. I have shipped it since 610, no ifs ands or buts, and the ship has only gotten stronger since its inception.

The thing is, the vast majority of the moments between desus are not necessary to the plot at all and ONLY serve to develop their relationship. And it makes me really happy. All these little interactions they have are only there for the two of them and really have nothing to do with the overall story line.

But it also makes me question: what are they doing, if this is going nowhere?

Why are they making Daryl chase a beautiful boy through the meadows? It’s funny? I mean yeah it’s funny but really? When it actually happened on my screen, I didn’t know how to react. Because on the one hand I would never consider it in character for Daryl to do something like that. And if Jesus were a random villain or random ally I would stick by that. But on the other hand, I squeed. I squeed hard. Because in a shipping context, it made total and complete sense. More than that, it was in character.

Why the incessant staring in knots untie? Why do the stories continue to parallel each other once they’re in different places (Daryl with Denise and Rosita, Jesus with Tara and Father G)?

How about the sanctuary? No reason for Jesus to be there. No reason to stay.

And we know that Sherry was the one who wrote the letter. So why was it a necessary plot choice to have Jesus be there too? Why did he need to stay behind? Why did he need to be with Daryl when Daryl reunited with the family? I mean seriously! He didn’t help the man escape, but he still escaped with him?

There was 100% no need for Jesus to be there in the first place there. Look at it this way: he didn’t even DO anything in 707 OR 708. The most ninja thing we saw him do was disappearing from the top of the truck at the end of 707. But he dove off the truck at the beginning of 707 when he’s with Carl. Having him back again at the end and showing him deciding to get off his rescue ride bc he knows for sure Daryl is there is ONLY important for the Jesus/Daryl dynamic and nothing else. And Daryl knows Jesus is there too bc of the glance to the truck roof. So once again it’s only for the two of them.

Jesus reappears at the end for the sole purpose of meeting up with Daryl and riding off with him. SUPER necessary. And we know for sure they rode away together on the bike, even though we didn’t see it, which is kinda funny after all we HAVE seen, but I digress. We also know Jesus gave Daryl clothing and a place to shower-and isn’t that interesting that Daryl showers for the first time in like a year when he had plenty of opportunity for that in Alexandria? You may say he was washing the sanctuary off, and you wouldn’t be wrong, but he’s kept clean since then. Or way cleaner than normal. More than that, he has actually kept his hair out of his face instead of the forward-combing thing he always does. And once again, why is Jesus taking care of Daryl? Or more so, why are tptb making a point to have us seen it? Cuz that’s kind of what it comes down to. All these things happen that mean nothing to the plot itself and just exist for desus development.

There so much damn more like richonne parallels. Or the moments in 610 and 714 leading to potential desus convos. 610 we get Daryl and Jesus meeting. Then 611 Abe asks Daryl (in the SPECIFIC context of thinking about his own romantic life) if Daryl ever thinks about settling down. 714 has Jesus come out to Maggie and her encouraging him to open himself up to a romantic relationship even if it doesn’t last. 715 has Jesus opening up to Daryl of all people. I’m not saying it’s gonna end up actually going somewhere. But the content between Daryl and Jesus is obviously deliberate and about nothing but the two of them and I do wonder tptb’s ultimate motivation or goal there if not desus.