it was kinda funny after all

did i ever tell ppl about the time me and my family thought my older brother was gay and dating his best friend? they used to hold hands and cuddle and shit all the time and cause my brothers super quiet we kinda just thought that was him coming out and didn’t really say anything about it. this went on for maybe two yrs and then one day he arrives home with this girl and is all ‘id like you guys to meet my girlfriend’. at this point everyone is ’????’ and my mom is literally crying and like 'u broke up with James?!?!?!’ and honestly I’ve never seen a man more confused in his life and yeah that’s the time my family fucked up for like 2 yrs


*hysterical laughing in the distance*

wintercon story time

we wanted to hang out with really amazing chris after the 1st day of convention but he couldn’t go , so he sent me a kinda “sorry” photo 

and  I sent photo in viktor too

and we ended up one upping each other and then THIS happened:

i decided that i must not lose and sent  this (thanks my babe katsudon for participating) :

and basically that is the best photo complitation I’ve ever had in my entire life

Bear with me, this is a slow burn but it’s worth it, I promise.

So this happened a while back (god, 6 years ago…ew) , and honestly I still find it funny to this day. Though at the time it’s was kinda revolationary for me.

So I was 18, working at a beachside DoubleTree in Florida. I was a Jack of all trades at this fucking place. Officially I was hired for breakfast buffet and food runner. It entailed making sure the buffet is full, breaking it down after breakfast ended, and then running food to the pool that had been ordered. What I actually did? Both of those jobs, room service, banquets (like weddings and other catering events) and bartending training.

I lived about 45 minutes away and had to be at work by 5:30am to prep breakfast so… That’s already fun. So I get through breakfast and go to the poolside bar so, I’ll call her Leslie, so Leslie can continue training be inbetween running food orders out. I like Leslie. She’s in her late 30s and kinda just tired with life in general and her dry sense of humour really showed it.

So this day, I’m running food, when the catering manager (a 45+ y/o man BTW) decided to follow me around while I work, just gossiping. I don’t mind so much, I don’t participate but if nothing else it can be entertaining. So he’s rambling and I’m nodding, and then something he says catches my attention.
He starts going off about how I should be careful cause Leslie is a lesbian and so she does all day is hit on girls and get drunk.

So, drinking on the job is like… Super against the rules and I know she doesn’t so, of course, I immediately go to her and tell her what he’s been saying since it can LITERALLY get her fired. And, like a reasonable adult, she goes to HR.

A few hours later here comes the catering manager and he looks PISSED,
Asks “did you go tell her what I said?”
to which I respond, “Um yes? She’s my trainer and also my work friend and what you said could get her fired.”
And his next words blew my fucking mind. He says to me “Did you seriously tattle on me?”
Like, no? This isn’t 3rd grade. Its just called reporting misconduct now. Like? I just remember thinking, where the fuck are all the adults I was promised, I’m surrounded by large children.
It was that day that I realized adults are totally faking it.

After that frustrating conversation he decides to drop on me that I’ll need to work late that night at a banquet, a wedding to be specific. (mind you, I got there at 5:30am and the wedding starts at 6pm… Yaaaay…) but I can’t refuse so when the time comes I go get changed and find him again to get the details for this banquet and, with just the most despicable grin, he informs me that he was short because people “called outĺ abs that I would be catering an entire 80 guest wedding BY MYSELF. I am rendered LITERALLY speechless as he walks away.

I’m terrified, I’d worked a few banquets before but never alone. I wasn’t even just worried about doing poorly, I also didn’t want to ruin a wedding just because I pissed off my fucking boss. With nerves up to my ears, I go out to greet the wedding party to be immensely surprised.

So here’s the satisfying part.

They were awesome. It was a really sweet black family, half of which (the grooms side) had literally flown from Jamaica to attend. They all were so kind and excited. It was really contagious. They even made me dance with them at one point. I had a blast.

The wedding lasted about 3 hours and when it was all said and done, both sets of parents tipped me under the table on top of my automatic gratuity. One gave me $200 and the other gave me $300 and a bunch of the guests gave me smaller tips anywhere from $5-$50.

Once everyone left and I’m done cleaning up my catering manager comes back, all smug, and asks me how everything went. My response?

I pull out my wad of cash and start counting it in my head and with a grin and say, “I think it went well. If you’re ever short again I’d be glad to cover.” The look on his face was worth every extra minute of work that day.

He may have made me work a 15hr work day, but after adding up the pay from my hours worked, tips at the bar, the bonus for working a banquet, the automatic gratuity, under the table tips, AND OVERTIME… I made over 1.5 thousand dollars that night.

Best. Workday. Ever.

okay but how funny would it be if, after all this build up, Sam is the one to use the grenade launcher

Every NightMind video
  • Nick Nocturne: Hello, thanks for joining me in the dark again this evening! This week I found this miniseries that was kinda interesting, so I memorized every single one of their videos, went to their website, hacked into their website, went to the facebook pages of every creator, found out their addresses, drove to their houses, and after 3 solid days of analysis I discovered that if you type the third word spoken in the first episode into their website search bar, you'll find twenty-two thousand hidden videos all encoded in hieroglyphics. Obviously, I decoded them and learned even more...

I finished it! It was so good! And totally worth waiting for! 

Things I loved about it! Beware; it’s long. 

- The gang felt like actual friends. They teased, talked, fought with each other but this season, especially, it was clear that they all really love each other. 

- Snotlouts anxiety. This was heartbreaking but so important for his character development.

- Ruff and Tuff getting sh’t done. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still dumb but I enjoyed seeing them do things instead of just saying funny things. Especially when Ruf didn’t buy their cousins stories or when Tuff went after the map instead of Macy. 

- Heather and Dagur. I don’t particularly like Heather that much. I feel like the previous seasons were too focused on her. And she kinda bored me. But It was nice to see them together, finally. 

- Hiccstrid! I mean duh! And no, it’s not because it’s all that matters in this series. But mostly because it’s canon in the movies and it shouldn’t have happened this late but I’m glad we finally got it!

- Speaking of, I love Hiccstrid because how they are as a couple. They actually talk to each other! (Imagine that) They don’t have this fairy tale love ( nothing wrong with that but it’s nice to see something different), they’re warriors and their relationship feels so real. I loved in “Blindsided” when they argued like an old married couple and I love the sneaky touches they share when they think no ones’ watching. It’s those little things. And I LOVE THAT THEY’RE FINALLY OFFICIAL AND I CAN’T WAIT FOR THEM TO TELL STOICK!  

- The midnight sun episode had me cracking up and deserves its own spot on this list. I loved drunk Astrid, paranoid Fishlegs and Mood swing Snotlout. Cracked me up.

- “Blindsided” This is not about Hiccup and Astrid (this time) But about Astrid. Even though she went blind she totally kicked ass. It was sad to see how sad she was when she agreed to sit out but it wouldn’t be Astrid if she did so she found a way to fight despite it. I loved it and I love her!

- “It will always be Hiccup and Astird.” omg.

- Snotlout saying “Hiccstrid.” I mean… of course he did.

- “This changes everything” at the end. So pure. 

- Toothless and Hiccup under water had me crying. I ‘m glad that we got some more Toothless this season. I hope for a full episode of only Hiccup and Toothless next season because we haven’t had that in a while. But Hiccups. “I wouldn’t leave you either” broke my heart.

- Stoick and Hiccups relationship. 

- Overall I feel like this season had the characters more connected to each other. They talked, joked more than they have done before. That is what makes this show, because it’s the characters that does it. 

- I’ve been a little bothered over the fact that Hiccup seems to have lost his sarcasm. But this season it didn’t bother me as much because the poor dude is under a lot of stress and it wouldn’t be strange if he changed a little during this season. He’s a little more serious cause more is at stake. He did have some funny lines this season but I understand if they wanted him more serious. (But bring it back next season cause I miss my sarcastic little idiot!)

- Wow, this is long. But I loved this season so much. 

- Ruff and Tuff’s morning show. I mean, obviously. 

question for the ”Yuri on Ice” fandom:

why did people want so badly for “possessive Viktor” to be a thing?when the joke first started it was kinda funny but the more it went on the more awkward I felt about it and after Episode 6 came out I could clearly see why: 

it would be incredibly out of character for Viktor, very openly affectionate Viktor who tends to have no grudges against anyone, even his former coach who doesn’t see him as a real coach at all, to be possessive of Yuri simply because Yuri has friends.

Yuri’s friends support his training with Viktor and admire how much he has grown from that, they have fun with him on social media, they congratulate him for coming in first place even though they are all participating for the same prize, and they all admire Viktor as well because he is an inspiration to ice skaters everywhere. They are Yuri’s friends, not Viktor’s competition.

then the joke shifted to possessive Yuri, but Yuri’s statement isn’t just “Viktor is mine” but rather “I am good enough for Viktor, whoever disagrees is not someone I will loose sleep over”. This is a huge development for Yuri, who only a couple episodes prior was worried about the audience’s opinion of him, and decided that the best way to show that neither him or Viktor are wasting their time by working together.

wanna know what else may have fired up Yuri as well? Yakov’c comments. Yakov knows Viktor’s talents as a skater but he doesn’t take Viktor as a coach seriously at all, maybe not even as a person to be honest, and this likely upsets Yuri as well because here is this man Yuri doesn’t even know flat out insulting the man who has spend mornings, evenings and nights working hard with him, building up his self-esteem, making him do new tricks, making him acknowledge the worse of him so he can work on it and better himself, and showing him a part of him he hadn’t even known he had

no I do not think we know everything about Viktor just yet but I find it very odd that all of Viktor’s relationships so far (besides Maccachin) seem to be based solely on Viktor’s ability as a skater, not as a person. Yuri’s relationship with Celestino? they wanna beat each other’s teams but there is no harshness between them. Yakov and Viktor? Viktor invited Yakov to eat with them and Yavok dismissed him as if they hadn’t spend 10+ years working together. 

when Yuri says that he is the only one that knows Viktor’s love he is not being possessive, he is almost straight up making a statement, since outside the rink no one seems to care for Viktor as a person. Yuri does, and that’s why he says that only he is worthy of Viktor’s love. And that’s what Yuri is showing in his performance.

So please do not make possessiveness into a “good thing” or simply a punch line, it makes me incredibly uncomfortable that people can look at a healthy relationship and equate it with possessiveness, because that is not healthy at all. My mother has worked as a psychologist, and when her clients come to her with those problems, the stories become incredibly sad to know about. 

I enjoy watching ASC, is a funny and kinda fanservice show. But I would like if the fans were more considerable about the hosts. I saw a lot of times the fans asking for their bias groups to be in the show, but when they actually go, some fans complain about the hosts “not treathing their bias well”. Look, first of all, Jimin, Jae and Kevin are doing their jobs, and as long they are respectiful, is fine. Two: is a live show, so sometimes things dont go as planned and peoples still have to understand this, if they dont have time anymore, they’ll go with the script. And most times, the hosts are NOT close with your bias group, expecially if its a group that debuted five minutes ago.

Dex: “I need to get my code exactly right, so I need to concentrate”

Nursey: “DEXactly right?”

Dex: *glares*


Dex: “Isn’t this kinda….extravagant?”

Nursey: “DEXtravagent”

Dex: *facepalms*


*after winter break*

Jack: “I hope you all kept to your work outs”

Nursey: “Yeah, I got plenty of DEXercise”

Dex: “Nursey.”


Holster: “That’s a bit….extreme isn’t it?”

Nursey: “It is kinda DEXtreme”



Dex: “You’re so extra sometimes”

Nursey: “……..DEXtra™”

Dex: “NO”


Dex: “Tango, don’t exaggerate”

Nursey: “Or DEXaggerate"

Dex: “Why does the universe hate me”


Bitty: “……take Dex for example-”

Nursey: “DEXample”

Dex: *leaves*


Dex: “Nursey, your puns are kinda annoying. I’m getting frustrated.”

Nursey: “Don’t you mean-”

Dex: “No I do not-”

Nursey: “DEXasperated”

Dex: “Derek!”


Dex: “I…ah..don’t know how to express my feelings for you….”

Nursey: “I don’t know how to DEXpress my feelings for you….”

Dex: *laughing* “Ok so I WAS gonna kiss you but-”

Nursey: *kisses him first*

When they have a crush...

Again, one for each twin. Because they’re different people after all. 

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- Can you just imagine him being sooo overexcited and trying to get her attention all the time? 

- He gets really loud and kinda stressed, because he really wants to be noticed, but he also tries to play it cool and that’s kinda hard to do at the same time you know?

- Him trying to be funny, but ending up offending her all the time, without realizing it before it’s too late 

- “NO, I didn’t mean it like it’s a BAD thing, a loud and funny laugh is great, really! …Y/N? Why did she leave?” 

- And it’s so frustrating ‘cause he means so well, but everything just falls apart

- Him trying to impress her in class, by saying all the right things like it’s nothing, but in reality he studied like a madman the whole night

- Let’s just say it doesn’t stay a secret for long whenever he likes someone 


- I feel like he’s the type to get clumsy when nervous, tripping, knocking over cups at dinner and spilling ink all over his homework when he’s studying with her…

- He get’s so nervous to mess up, so he ends up being kind of anonymous around her at first

- But Fred can’t watch that, so with a little encouragement (and a lot of threats) he usually manages to make him introduce himself 

- So much mumbling, blushing and fidgeting   

- Trying to be smart and charming, but not being able to pronounce a full sentence 

- “Hey Y/N, how’s up? Uhm, no, I mean, what’s you doing? …fuckit” 

- Practicing talking to her in the mirror, and Fred and Lee catching him

- Them not being able to keep it from her more than a couple hours, and George swearing to stay in the dorm forever 

This happened again… Oops, well. And, oh, keep sending in requests guys! 


“Booking WWE Live Stockholm”

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins (WWE)

So this idea kinda got to me some time after I learned that WWE is coming to Sweden, started off as some weird thing when I chatted to @stubzs87 about random stuff. But the weird thing kinda stuck to me so I wanted to do something about it. A little comic about how a conversation between WWE and Dean might have been about it.
Figured it was funny since I feel like Dean could dislike cold and I think some people think it’s cold all the time in the north :P
And I just like to extend their special connection to Seth getting random blush outbursts whenever Dean says something like that about him ;)

This hurts less than it should,
and maybe I should stop trying to scrape the dirt from under my fingernails, after all you’re never gonna get it out like that, I know, I’ve tried.

Sometimes, I wish it burned more,
To feel that all over,
to feel that ache throbbing and swelling against my skin so intensely I’ll refuse to wear sleeveless tops for a month and a half,
to feel that everywhere behind the tender back of my knees and the scared strain in my eyes,
to ride that out.
The pain comes in waves, they say, and all you can do is ride it out. And then it stops.

So tell me why I’m frothing at the mouth not from rage, but from biting down on store-brand bars of soap,
Why I couldn’t even feel such pain at the beginning, couldn’t register anything, just that my skin wasn’t sticky from tears but from sweat and salt and someone else’s spit, a vigorous attempt of reconciliation, the only thing coming in waves the thick slabs of heat shooting down on exposed shoulder blades.

And they don’t tell you about the way it feels to be so completely at a loss, of course they don’t tell you that for weeks you’ll be staring at your shaking hands and your limp hair in the mirror when you wake up at 3 p.m. and realize that God, he was so right to have chosen her instead.
She has normal skin type, mine’s always oily, and I want to ask her about her skin routine, how she got it to work for her.
And they don’t tell you that vanilla ice cream bars suddenly remind you of yourself smiling through a chocolate stained mouth in the backseat of your dad’s car, ignoring the way your front teeth have suddenly gone numb from the cold, yes, I know this song plays too much on the radio but I like it anyway.
They don’t tell you about the way his name still lingers in your mouth and it sounds right, righter than anything else, you’re making amends when you see something that makes your heart pump, the thigh-flattering jeans hanging clumsily in the back of the closet, the half-hearted, “He couldn’t handle me anyway,” over breakfast and eggs done over-easy.
They don’t tell you that you’ll find his build somehow in the petite, swarthy girl that plays water polo and in the basketball shorts of the boy that you bumped into accidentally on the streets, how at the end of your prayers, you throw him in there for good measure, haphazardly almost, not wishing for anything, not because you know it’s bad, but because you don’t know what to wish for, just this infatuation, this aspiration, this I could’ve, I would’ve, I should’ve till Kingdom come.

Your hips will hurt and your favorite Chapstick will melt and you will be discontinued because objects in the mirror are closer than they appear, and you’re going to be so scared, so, so scared that maybe forgetting isn’t better.

They don’t tell you this, of course. The pain comes in waves, they say. And then it stops, they say.

—  you’re pubescent and I’m incessant, I thought it’d work out okay
What is Wrong With Your Face?

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean

Summary: After a hunt with the boys, all the reader wants to do is relax and unwind. She doesn’t know that putting on a face mask would cause so much distress.

Warnings: A little bit of cursing. I don’t think there’s anything else!

Word Count: 936

A/N: Just a little story I whipped up before work. I thought it was kinda funny :-) Although this is a Sam x Reader, there isn’t a whole lot of fluff between them. Just a few kisses here and there! Feedback is very much appreciated!!!! xx


It was nearly two in the morning and you, Sam, and Dean were just getting home from a hunt. A group of vampires had happened to travel right through Kansas, just a few miles from the bunker. They sent you on a wild goose chase in the beginning, but the three of you ended the hunt successfully.

When you arrived at the bunker, you trudged down the stairs and went straight for your room.

“Hey Y/N, Dean and I are going to get cleaned up and then do a little research before we go to bed… you can join us if you want” Sam suggested, following you down the bunker hallway.

You practically glared a hole right through his head. “No. No more. I am done for the day. I’ll be in our room if you need me… but please, don’t need me” you answered sharply.

Sam gave you a quick smile then gave you a soft kiss on the head. “We won’t be at it for long… I’ll be in bed in a little bit”

Giving him a slight nod, you slid into your shared bedroom and shut the door behind you.

This kind of thing happened to you every couple months. The stress and lack of sleep from so many hunts would catch up with you, and you would snap. All you wanted to do was relax and be by yourself. Luckily, after being with Sam for so long, he usually knew when these times would come and would leave you be for a little while.

After changing your clothes and rinsing off all of the caked on blood on you, you decided to pamper yourself a little bit. Adrenaline was still pumping heavily through your veins so you knew that you wouldn’t be falling asleep any time soon.

You dimmed all of the lights and lit your only scented candle you owned. After collecting a bathtub fizz ball you bought almost a month ago, a bottle of wine, and the book you had been most recently reading, you ran yourself a bubble bath.

You threw your hair up into a messy bun on the top of your head, then lowered yourself into the tub. Your aching body happily embraced the heat surrounding it.

After a few minutes of relaxing, you reached over the side of the bath tub to grab the face mask you had prepared for yourself. You squeezed a little bit of the bright green liquid onto your fingers then gently massaged it into your skin. Leaning back onto the wall of the tub, you let out a sigh of relief, finally getting some well-deserved relaxation.

15 minutes and a glass of wine later, you heard a small tap on the bathroom door. Luckily, you had locked it before getting into the tub.

“Hey babe, I erm, know that you told me not to bug you, but… we kind of need you out here. I think we found something” Sam soothingly called out through the door.

Groaning loudly, you sat up straight in the tub. “Fine. I’ll be out in a minute”

You dried off as much as possible then slipped into your favorite fluffy robe. Padding into the library, you stopped once you approached the boys looking intently at a book.

“So, what did you find?”

“Well, it looks like… oh my god Y/N, your face!” Dean’s gruff voice rumbled. A look of shock and disgust flashed across his face as he stood, backing away a few steps.

Sam immediately looked up at you when he saw Dean’s reaction. “What the hell are you talki… Y/N are you okay? Your face…”

Your eye brows knit together at their reaction. Was there something wrong with your face? Why were they bringing up your face right now?

“What a nice way to kick me while I’m down” you deadpanned as you went searching for the nearest mirror to see what they were talking about.

“Y/N, your face is… bright green!” Sam exclaimed with wide eyes.

You immediately stopped looking for a mirror and instead almost fell on the floor laughing. Sam and Dean seemed incredibly concerned by your sudden burst of laughter.

“What the hell is wrong with her? Wait, are you sure she didn’t get bit on that hunt?!” Dean whispered to Sam. Sam immediately made his way over to you and rested a hand on your waist.

“Babe, what’s going on?”

Between fits of laughter, you were finally able to choke out what you were laughing about. “It’s… an… exfoliation… face…. mask!”

“A what?” Dean inquired, still looking at you with wide eyes and knitted eyebrows. It shouldn’t have surprised you that neither of the boys knew what a face mask was. Thinking about it, you were pretty sure you’d never used one since you met them almost four years ago.

Sam took his finger and dabbed at your face, getting some of the green goo off. He held it up to his nose and took a curious sniff. “Smells… minty?”

“Why the hell would you put green goop on your face?!” Dean rumbled.

“It’s supposed to help the complexion of your face… yanno, cleans out your pores, refreshes your skin?” you tried to explain to them. They both just shrugged and looked at each other.

Once you finally settled down, you went to the bathroom and cleaned off your face. “You guys have faced demons, vampires, angels, werewolves, ghouls, and whatever else, yet you get scared when I put on a face mask…” you chuckled to yourself as the boys rolled their eyes at you.

You wouldn’t ever let them live that down.

I feel kinda sorry for bitter kcers who hated Cami right off the bat and dismissed her as a replacement for Caroline.

You missed out on an amazing, strong female character. Adorable, smart, funny and brave. She never lost sight of who she was.

And you missed out on seeing what Klaus actually looks like when he’s in love. His love for Cami made me like him after years and years of hating him. She makes him gentle, soft, human. Well, Cami and Hope and Hayley have all done that. But Cami was a very important part.

So, yeah, your loss, stubborn shippers. Cami and Klamille were amazing.

Me after the first episode of One Day At A Time- “This show is kinda funny…Elena seems OK, I hope they don’t push the social justice thing too much.”


i can already feel tfp becoming like that one annoying neighborhood kid who insists on hanging out with your children, and he’s generally terrible and his parents don’t bother to even try to discipline him and he has all these quirks that drive you up a damn wall and he constantly tells stories you know can’t possibly be true, but every now and then he’s unexpectedly funny or, on even rarer occasions, a little bit sweet, but mostly you wish he’d just leave your children the hell alone. but then he does and you don’t see him for a while, and you kinda start to wonder what timmy’s up to these days, if he’s still an annoying little hellspawn or if maybe you’d like him more now, maybe he’s changed after all, so you invite him over to play with your kids again, just to see, and he makes a mess of your house and rubs his unwashed hands all over the snacks and sucker punches your favorite child in the mouth, and you remember all over again why you didn’t like him in the first place…

food fight ?

warning: long story

Last year my friends and i were at our regular lunch table, minding our own business. Convo was kinda dead so my friend (M) thought it would be funny to start throwing carrots at anyone who wasn’t paying attention. (there were a lot of us so it was pretty entertaining) One of the carrots accidentally hit a girl at the next table over. She yelled at him, he apologized, etc. But she decided that wasn’t enough. She straight up THREW HER MILK CARTON at him. Why? No one really knows. But M’s a cool guy and just set it down next to him.

Things were all good after that. Not many people had actually seen it go down, but by this point we all knew. So we told M to give the milk carton back to the angry girl (He did.) And booooy, was THAT the worst idea I’ve ever supported. I guess it really rubbed her the wrong way, because she then stood up and screamed at him. She called him names, cursed at him, and was just generally making a huge deal out of it. So another friend of mine (L) stepped in. Now, L takes shit from NO ONE. I cannot stress this enough. He’s overprotective and sassy and was just about done with this girl. He threw a quick insult her way; that shut her up. We laughed and figured that was the end of it. But noooo. Instead, she opens the milk carton and chucks it at him while loudly calling him a “gay”.

This… was not really a smart thing to say to L, who was closeted at the time. He got angry and threw his (open) water bottle at her. And that’s when things escalated. She started taking handfuls of food from her tray and beaming them at anyone from our table- she didn’t care who she hit. L, at this point, was covered in milk and what was probably supposed to be mashed potatoes. He hightailed it outta there. But she had enough rage to go around, and one of her friends even threw a couple mini pancakes our way. M dived under the table. A couple of my friends were too stunned to do anything and got absolutely covered. The only ones who were completely clean were me, J, A, and S, because of where we sat at the table. The lights went out, M and everyone who got hit ran out of the cafeteria. BUT THIS GIRL WAS NOT SATISFIED. J walked over to her to apologize, and she TOOK HER FRIEND’S TRAY AND SHOVED THE ENTIRE THING IN HER FACE. It’s still the most ridiculous story I’ve ever been a part of. Public school, am I right?