it was kinda fun drawing myself


I think everyone can agree that we need a little more laughter today. Surprisingly drawing happy people made me a little happier💕💖

It’s Valentine’s Day and I’ve been thinking a lot about Kim and what he would do with the brooch now

I just want him to be bisexual, honestly


heyyy!! heres a quick post explaining some of my fav note-taking methods and some tips that i find useful. these are for taking notes from a textbook :^ ). lets get started!!

where to start -

  • my textbook chapters are subdivided into three or four parts so i mark in the margin which subchapter i’m at. this helps alot when i look back on my notes and want to find a specific subchapter/topic. i usually write it in highlighter so its even more noticeable. plus idk it looks kind of cute hehe.
  • then i use the subchapter title provided by my textbook and write that usually in big blue ink. i always just use the textbook titles when making my notes.

advice -

  • draw diagrams, draw diagrams, draw diagrams!!! i know sometimes i feel super lazy when i make my notes and don’t want to draw some diagrams but i force myself to!! its so worth it omg. idk i can really remember the material better once its visualized. with my teachers i get bonus marks for including diagrams so thats a plus!
  • write important notes in the margin! if i really want to remember a certain point i note it down in the margin so it really stands out. i can remember these points much much better and when looking at my notes my eyes go straight to the points.
  • use a different colour for vocabulary. idk if this is obvious this is just what i do. i pick a different colour for vocabulary and this helps me remember the definitions a lot better. 
  • don’t use too many supplies. i’ve tried to colour code my notes with 6 or 7 different colours and omg it takes way way too long. i usually use one black pen, one blue pen, a highlighter, and a coloured fineliner. this way i don’t have to cap and uncap pens over and over again which actually wastes a lot of time hehe.
  • spice your notes up! sometimes to motivate myself to start making notes i search tumblr for some of those cute banner idea posts. i use these in my notes because i find them kinda fun to draw?? im lame sry.

other posts i find helpful -

thx!! -

ok i hope this quick post helps you out at least a little!! make your notes the way it works for you obvi.  also tag your posts with #studywright and i’ll reblog all your posts : ^) have a good day!! xx

Character belongs to @ellelehman

I usually don’t draw a lot of OCs, but holy Bo Peep this one was just too adorable to ignore. I just thought Honey’s design looked just like something you’d expect from the RWBY universe, and also she’s pink! Of course I’m gonna love her if she’s pink! <3

I had to take some guesses for what the back of her outfit looked like, and I being myself of course made her hair a mess, BUT I hope you like her all the same, my wife! Please enjoy a love-struck Honey! (´• ౩ •`)


Art and the Zenn (and related material) copyright Sarspax

Cyros copyright @aftertouchs   

Some weapon design sketches as part of my Throw Me A Weapon! commission series. The first one is just a zenn weapon from a doodle dump I cleaned up. I have dozens of zenn weapons sketched out so far. Pretty excited to try and get up to date official references for things out soonish.

The second image is a weapon for a good buddy of mine whose character Cyros can use. Cyros is a nature deity who can summon a suit of burning bark-like armor grown outward from his own body. The canon is a potential extension of the suit. (I might revise it slightly to actually flesh out the hollowed end better. I had ideas for that and forced myself to stop because I’d gotten too lost in the wonderful details and kinda had a meditative tree drawing session before remembering I was going to burn and crack it afterwards. Good stuff. Had a lot of fun. I’m sure Aftertouch is going to mess around and elaborate or create some sort of derivatives. 

Go check out Aftertouch’s stuff, for real it’s really lovely. Very painty and heavily textured in a fine art sort of way. Very fun to look at. Really nice inky sketches and almost abstract way of painting environments. Lot of cool headworld material related to Cyros and other characters in that world. I really don’t have enough praise for this guy. He cool. Be nice to him. :)

That’s something fully intended for the Throw Me A Weapon commission series anyway. Its more or less a flat rate ‘allow me to pull something out of my magic design hat’. There’s no prompting involved, no suggestions, no input. You just give me a character and link me any information you want to offer me. There’s no guarantee that I’ll look at all of it. But I’ll take whatever strikes me as interesting and build something cool off of that.

You’re free to alter the design however you want afterwards or transplant it to a different character. My aim is to make sure the weapon (or tool) is as tied into and a reflection of (my gut interpretation) of that character. I’ll make a journal with official pricing and stuff tomorrow but the quality bar is going to be more or less like the first image with a flat rate somewhere between $15-$35 usd. 

As the next week or so go by I’ll feel it out and consider doing complexity tiers. I don’t want to make this complicated on myself but I also want to be available for people who feel like spending more for a more complex design like the second image which was kinda overkill. I don’t have any intention of making any designs hit that level of detail, I really wanted to do friend art and it ended up working out as a cool example for this series as far as my ability to work with other people’s source material.

Again, I’ll post more info in a later more official journal. This is just a teaser and because the images were so damn popular on DA. Forgot that I’ve basically just returned from a massive one year hiatus because of college. IM BACK MOFOKOS


Daesung as a wolf
requested by @vipdae

This somehow just ended up being an excuse to draw Daesung with cute fluffy ears lol I’m sorry. I challenged myself to try different facial expressions outside of what I usually do and it was fun ~ I made tons of sketches b/c wolf ears are unexpectedly hard to draw (they still look kinda awkward tho).

Animation Commission [Completed!]

Hi Tumblr! Long time no see. Am I a stranger yet?

Whew! This piece takes me a while! Well cause I now have little to no time to make it through the day. I see now that doing many jobs at the same time can be VERY exhausting especially with art category because I usually have sometime to think and doing work with nothing to interrupt me in between. Now it’s “I have to finish it with this goal today” and I kinda force myself to the schedule (even if I did, I didn’t make it in time).

Hey but I don’t give it up yet! Animation and Drawing is still fun! Just that I can’t make it more like I used to.

Thank you for still be with me. I’m so glad ;w; I can’t thank you enough. Whenever I open my page, I can’t help but feeling that people will get dissapointed by my empty page. *sigh*

The sheer amount of YOI content on my dash just won me over and I ended up binge-watching the whole thing. And then it put me in the mood for drawing, which I haven’t done in a really long time, so…have some sketchy, sneezy Victor :)


Hey everyone, how are finals, if that is still a thing for you. I’m in the last stretch rn with 4 different project and ofc I went on to doing absolutely everything but school work lol….
One of those was binge watching doll repainting videos and rememebering how much I still love dolls and doll collecting. So I looked at Monster High dolls again, and man these has gone a long way since I last saw them years ago. I decided to try my hand at repainting since I’ve been meaning to get into it but never got the chance or time. (I still don’t have time I’m just procrastinating lmao.)

Anyway, I ordered this Draculaura First Day at School doll and repainted her.

More under link

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anonymous asked:

I absolutely love your art style!!!!!!! Are u self taught?


Kinda both hahah!( BOTH i mean study and learn by myself.. ups!) i used to be on a art school for 1 year and the leave… and now i teach myself hahah, watch some tutorials, speed draws, and others fun stuff!


BAM. Bet no one expected THEM, right? Here’s a fun fact: they were the first two characters I EVER truly shipped. EVER. I guess you could say these guys started everything. :p

Since I’ve been hanging with a friend who’s a big fan of Naruto, I kinda got back into the series myself. Then I remembered how much I used to love Lee and Gaara (and Leegaa, for that matter) and I decided to make them a little tribute. So that’s another thing I might start drawing again, along with good old BB and Misora. 8)

Sorry I’ve been so busy!


Well, here he is y’all. I think I got his design to a comfortable spot. Look at this nerd, wearing long sleeve shirts under short sleeve shirts in 2017. What, does he skate or somethin’?

In all seriousness, this is the new Cooper McWheaton/modsona! More information under the break.

I hope you all like him/me. If you have any questions, read under the break first, then ask.

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it’s kairi week once again, my dudes!!!!

in case you missed my earlier reblob, the last kairi appreciation week i participated in was so fun i’m gonna participate again! this time, i’m challenging myself to produce one drawing for each of the week’s prompts. i’m gonna have a lot of fun drawing eight kairis in a row, so i hope you enjoy the eight straight days of new art! and i hope all of us in the kh fandom have a fun week appreciating our girl!!!

anyway, let’s get started!

day 1, favorite appearance/outfit:

i wasn’t all that hyped when i first saw that teaser art that gave us a hint for kairi’s kh3 outfit (it just kinda looked like a generic pink hoodie to me). but when i think about what the rest of it might look like..

let kairi have an action outfit 2k17