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Hey, do you have any advice for dealing with a roommate who always seems to be sleeping? My roommate is always asleep when she isn't in class and doesn't like light or noise while she naps/sleeps which has become super inconvenient. No worries if you don't!

Hi! This is a tricky situation and I’m not sure how much help I’ll be since I’ve never had a roommate but I’ll share my opinion anyway hah! Since I’m not sure on the layout of your room/apartment/house I’ll just note a few things. If she is sleeping in a communal spot and not a bedroom, I don’t feel she should be making those kind of rules. It seems kind of selfish to expect you not to make any noise or turn on a light if she’s in a communal spot. If that is the case, I’d ask her to make sure she naps in her bedroom. I think that is a fair ask and if she doesn’t appreciate it, just go about your day anyway. If you need a light, you need it, what can you do!? If she is in her bedroom, then maybe try putting something at the bottom of her door. That way it would block some light and sound. If you’re in a single room with two beds, then I get why you’d be a lot more inconvenienced by her. You could try getting a dimer light so it isn’t as impacting or even making sure it doesn’t shine her way. I’m sure you’re not a really noisy person so try not to worry about making noise. It is what is it. You could maybe suggest she gets some ear plugs or an eye mask (sly birthday present perhaps!?). You could always talk to her about it and just mention that whilst you’re trying to be quiet and let her sleep, if you need a light or make noise and wake her up you’re sorry but it happens. I’m sure she’d appreciate you being cautious. I feel bad that you’re feeling restricted especially when it is in your own space, but I’d just go about my day normally. Yes, maybe try to be on the quieter side but not to a point where you can’t function. I think it is unfair of her to put that on you if she’s choosing to sleep during the day. Sorry if that wasn’t much help but best of luck with it all xx

The “Folkloric Devil” is a term applied to the figure who appears in folk-tales and legends and who is often called “the devil”, but it’s obvious that he emerges from a different source than the theological background of Christianity.

Old divinities or diminished Gods that maintained a presence in the minds or cultures of European peoples are suggested (often enough, and for good reasons) as a source of this figure; but beyond that, the pre-Christian societies had spiritual forces and persons that they related to in the sense of “outsider” powers that could be shady or tricky or dangerous at times, but who often had kinds of relationships nonetheless with human beings. These are the main source of the “folkloric” Devil/Devils.

The Folkloric devil isn’t concerned with damning souls, primarily, but he always wants to make deals or pacts to help humans who need things, but so that he can gain, too- a sign of his origin in the older world of spirit-relationship and spiritual ecology. In Christian gloss, he begins more and more to want “souls” for his help, but he is always able to be tricked, himself- and this is very important. Human heroes or protagonists can outwit him. This is something that would be impossible to do to the Theological Devil, who is far beyond humans in power, and second only to God himself in power.

Modern Pop Culture produces surprising emergences of the old Folkloric Devil- Charlie Daniel’s song “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” is an appearance of a Folkloric Devil, who can be out-played by the intrepid and arrogant local boy, on the fiddle. There is the Christian conceit of the Devil seeking souls in that song, but that’s just a minor detail, more suited to a Christian audience and born from the imagination of a low Protestant folk singer.

The Folkloric Devil is a being- and a representative of a whole class of beings- who can be engaged with by humans, for gains. They can be harmful, they can be helpful, and they can be outwitted or outdone at times. Sometimes, they become protagonists themselves.

Theological Elites in the Pre-Modern period of Europe saw no distinction between their Theological Devil and the various emergences of the Folkloric Devil. The “Devil” of witch cults and covenants and of individual sorcerers or witches was of the Folkloric variety, though in their own personal understandings, even they may have believed that he was the same as the theological devil, such was the nature of their times. It’s not like there was a neat chart that spelled all this stuff out to earlier people, and folk in Pre-Modern times heard Christian ministers ranting alongside fire-side bards telling folktales, and so the Folkloric Devil/Devils could take on Christian gloss and attributes at times, and the Theological devil could appear in decidedly “folkish” ways.

What’s important to remember is that the Theological Devil doesn’t exist except as the shadow of Christian psychology. He is born from the idealistic Christian imagination, as the necessary counter-ideal or counter-force to their idealistic notion of good, the warped good, the fallen good, born in their continuation of earlier dualistic religious tropes that posited a cosmic war between good and evil cosmological forces.

The Folkloric Devil, on the other hand, very much exists, both in the form of a powerful former divinity worshiped by practically every human culture known previous to Christianity, and as a folk-memory of certain spirit-entities (very much tied to this world) that people have always engaged in relationships with, though they are a group of entities who are, in ways, challenging, dangerous at points, and ambiguous.

The Theological Devil is a remnant of idealism and the diseased imagination of absolutists and idealists. The Folkloric Devil is a remnant of ancient spiritual ecology and human relationships to the wilder, stranger Otherworld.

- Robin Artisson

Tying a knot can be tricky. Just ask any kid struggling with shoelaces. And scientists have it even harder when they try to make knots using tiny molecules.

Now, in the journal Science, a team of chemists says it has made a huge advance — manipulating molecules to create the tightest knot ever.

“Historically, knotting and weaving have led to all kinds of breakthrough technologies,” says David Leigh at the University of Manchester in the U.K., who notes that knots led to prehistoric innovations such as fishing nets and clothes. “Knots should be just as important at the molecular level, but we can’t exploit that until we learn how to make them, and that’s really what we’re beginning to do.”

Scientists Have Twisted Molecules Into The Tightest Knot Ever

Image: Stuart Jantzen/



“The scenes that are most likely to cause controversy involve the ferocious Jude, a woman who dismisses modern feminism as so much clicktivism, and witheringly tells a student who suggests that women still suffer from sexism that they are the problem, thanks to “all that moaning on Tumblr and making yourselves the victims”. Her scenes are certain to provoke intense debate. “Absolutely,” admits Brittain. “It’s a tricky subject writing with any sort of feminist content at the moment. Obviously I am a feminist and that’s something I’m preoccupied by and interested in but I don’t see Jude as a villain. She stands for a sort of response to the whole kind of unease and shame and frustration about not being able to express anything in the public sphere any more without it becoming incredibly heated. I really wanted to look at the thin line between feeling frustrated with how you’re supposed to think and then being offered an alternative which can look very alluring but is not all that it seems.”

Read the full article about Clique here. (Tweet source: x)

This is the theatre cafe employee who apparently can’t scoop ice cream, and I have a happy customer story this time.

To understand everything, you first need to kinda have a picture of how things operate in Cafe, so this might get a little long. Basically, because of the alcohol, are area is this little island in front of the Concessions stand, and we’re kinda connected to it through a shared counter by the bulk candy. And the island itself is kinda cut in half by this invisible line (marked by the ice cream freezer), so we have a bar with the alcohol on the side closest to the candy, and the side with the Cafe stuff on the side closest to the entrance to the Concessions stand.

We have three registers: one on Cafe side, one on bar side, and one on the shared candy counter. And the way people are set up on the registers makes things kind f tricky. Usually, you start out with the opener being set up on Bar Side in the morning. One of the mids (at most there will be two, a morning midshift who starts at 11 and an afternoon midshift who starts at 1:30) will be set up on the Cafe side when they come in (usually the afternoon mid). When the closer comes in, they switch out with the opener and take the bar side. If there’s two and we’re expecting to be busy, sometimes one of them will get the candy counter register, but we usually only take orders on that side if it’s the other two registers are closed. Otherwise, we might use the side register to ring up drinks, but customers have to come around to the front of the bar to wait in line to order because we’ll have lines of people who have been waiting to order.

So, this set up and how the registers are juggled can sometimes cause some confusion, mainly when we only have one side open. You see, even if only the bar register is open, the system is still set up so it can ring up Cafe drinks and Cafe can ring up bar drinks. Basically, all registers can ring up any item in Cafe or concessions regardless of where it is in the building, except for Box Office. So you’ll get people coming up to the cafe side to order, and then you make them walk down to the bar side to pay and then they follow you back as you go to the cafe to make their drink. At the same time, you’ll get people lining up on the opposite side to get bar drinks because that is clearly The Bar Side, and you end up with two lines and one open register and you need to keep track of who got where first to serve them in the best order possible.

This is what started happening today. The next rush started coming up and this group of three teenagers started it all. I was the morning today, and the only other person was the opener, so we only had the bar register open. The teenagers come up and order their drinks. Opener starts making them, and I take the teens down to pay. Other people see teens getting served on Cafe side, and start forming a line behind them.

No problem so far. We get into a rhythm. As we get the orders, we mark the cups. Then Opener focuses on making the drinks and I focus on ringing people up.

And then we get The Guy. The Guy wants something from bar. So he goes and waits on the bar side. As I’m bringing a lady over to ring up her tea, he asks me where the line is.

Now, I would have loved it if the line was at the open register and people were just waiting to pick up drinks on Cafe side. But at a certain point, these situations have a mind their own. Fate had decided that the line was on the Cafe side, and I wasn’t about to try to move everyone in the middle of a rush. I know how to pick my battles.

So I explained to The Guy that we had a tricky situation on our hands and things were a bit chaotic because of the one register, but he seemed to understand and went to join the Cafe line.

I head back over and help the next customer, and suddenly I hear The Guy go, “Hey! Hey, the line’s over here.” And then another minute later, “The line’s over here!”

Apparently The Lady had gone up to the bar and was leaning on it and waiting to be served. And my heart dropped. I was afraid we were about to have one of those situations where The Guy started yelling because someone wasn’t doing what they were supposed to be doing or whatever. And The Lady just shrugged him off and said she didn’t mind waiting.

Finally The Guy’s turn comes up and get him his drink from bar, and there are a couple other people after them. Then I look around from ringing up my most recent customer and see the original teenagers back over by Cafe, apparently having come out of getting the rest of their Concessions snacks.

So with a huge sigh of relief I finally turn to The Lady and apologize for all the chaos. And thankfully she said she didn’t mind and was a very patient person and she understood everything, even though she thought The Guy had been very rude earlier (which I agree with).

And it was just so nice to have someone so understanding of rushes like that.

TLDR: We had a rush come in at work, and this one lady was just so nice and understanding about it, when I was expecting her to yell at my for her wait, that it kinda made me happy.

Acnara´s super long Harrymort/tomarry archive

Ok so, I´ve been wanting to do a harrymort rec list since probably forever. As a Harrymort shipper, I´ve always had a lot of trouble finding long lists of recommendations -or fics at all. You feel me. And, even if at the beginning I was planing in making this a single post, the recent amount of new stories on AO3 about my OTP (Guys, thank you so much), made me decide to make this more of an interactive thing. So, I´ll keep editing this every time i find anything worth tagging.

And here we get to the tricky part. This is full of recommendations, but, in order to make this fair to new authors/not so well known authors, instead of making this a “you must read” list I´m making it an “everything i´ve ever favorited/followed in and everything I´ve bookmarked/marked for later on AO3″ kind of list. I personally thing everything here is worth your time, either WIP or complete or one-shot. BUT: lots of the WIPs are old, so they are unofficially descontinued. If you have read everything here, I´m sorry :( I´ll try to update it soon, fear not!

The favorites will have a *, and my personal favorites will have ** and probably fangirl comments, sorry about that. I´d also recommend checking out anything written by this authors. 

Ok, enough talking. Take a sit, this is huge.

February 2017 EDIT IS UP :D

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Finally got some time to finish Daniel’s design!

Anyways, this one was kind of tricky for a number of reasons. The biggest obstacle was the color palette. I kind of intended for Daniel to be green from the start - that way I could use red for his heart. However, it was pretty tough trying to avoid making him the same shade of green as the entity that tried to possess Arthur. I think I not only found a palette that’s different enough from the green that’s used in the MSA music videos, but also references parts of the game, too!

The 2nd biggest obstacle was the music. Oh, the music. So many wonderful songs to pick from, but I don’t think I still quite stuck to a song that I like. As much as I like the music for the MedEVIL games, I kind of like parts of a song more than the song in its entirety. So for this one, I’ll give you a hint: Daniel bobs to a specific part of a specific song in the MedEVIL soundtrack. I’d recommend looking more towards the later additions to the franchise.

Anyways, we got one more redesign of the main group before moving on to the honorary members!

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I'd love to curse the fuck out of someone for cursing me for no reason and ruining years of my life and an important relationship I had. Any suggestions? I don't have access to many ingredients and I'm closeted. But if you know a good one with many ingredients I can get substitutes or use visualisation. Thank you so much

Alright, first you need to cleanse yourself to prevent the effects of the curse that is affecting you. You can do this a number of ways, here are few easy to do ones for someone closeted with limited ingredients:

You can also take a bath with salt of any kind added to it and chamomile tea bags in it to cleanse yourself free of a curse. Then cleanse your home. This can be tricky being in the broom closet but do not fret. If you can get some white candles of any kind light them in the main rooms of the house (easy enough to make it look like you just want some nice scented candle smell). If candles are not an option fill a bowl with salt and water (if you can manage moon water would be the best option but tap will work fine) and when you can go about the house using your fingers to flick some water about the house and especially at doors and windows. 

Another method is to clean. Clean the shit out of it. Wash the windows in counterclockwise motions to banish out the negativity of the curse. Sweep or vacuum towards the entrances of your home to ‘sweep out’ the negativity. Clean counters counterclockwise, was your sinks, dust your ceilings, whatever you can do. Wash your bedding as well.

Now for cursing the other back. I have a couple curses you can use that can easily be done in hush hush situations especially since many of them just require them being kept in dark places like closets hidden away.

  • Gravity Curse (Pokemon Inspired) A curse to weigh a person down with their own negativity. This curse all you need is a jar, a paper cut out doll, a marker, a black candle and some rocks. If you can’t burn the candle then i would use black duck tape or normal duct tape to seal up the jar.
  • Curse of Discord A curse to bring chaos and confusion to a person’s life. This one requires more ingredients but it has a lot of easily substituted ingredients. The black candle again can be replaced with tape for sealing. The rest are pretty common kitchen ingredients: vinegar, hot sauce, and black pepper. Then you will need a jar, paper, marker, thumbtacks, and black paint/ink which is easy to find in any craft store.
  • Nightmare Curse  A personal favorite of mine. This is a very easy to cast curse to bring someone nightmares and baneful dreams. You will only need some dirt or potting soil, a jar or container, some old starting to go bad lettuce (leftover salad), old garlic (peel it and leave it out somewhere to dry up for a night or two), black ink and a poppet. The poppet you can easily again make out of paper.

Some useful ingredients if you wish to make your own spell that are super easy to find and use:

  • Black Ink or paint
  • Black pepper
  • Old vegetables and fruit
  • Apples
  • black salt
  • Chili Powder, Pepper Flakes
  • Hot Sauce
  • Vinegar
  • Lemons and Limes
  • Mustard and Poppy Seeds
  • Leftover bones
  • Alcohol
  • Matches or Lighters (use carefully) for burning
  • Black markers, pens, pencils etc
  • Sharp objects (needles, push pins, thumbtacks, nails, screws, etc)
  • Broken Glass (use with caution)
  • Dirt and Mud
  • Blood or Blood substitutes (red colored juices, red wine, red ink or paint, beet juice, red food coloring, etc)
  • Thorny, thistle plants and weeds (including rose thorns)
  • Poppets (can easily be made out of paper, cloth, sticks, a potato, etc)
  • knives
  • thread for binding
  • jars and containers
  • Spit
  • Dead Flowers
  • A taglock (hair from target, their name on a piece of paper, a picture, a signature, an item of theirs, etc)
  • Anything Black, Crimson, Purple (I associate it with pride and confusion), and sickly colors like greens and yellows

Intents for Curses (a few of them, there are many):

  • Cause Confusion
  • Emotional Distress (fear, sadness)
  • Nightmares or disturbing sleep
  • Binding
  • Banishment or Removing them from your life
  • Emotional Pain
  • Bad Luck 
  • Ruining or Removing things (ie relationships, their job, etc)
  • Or return actions done onto you 

Once you have finished cursing them, be prepared to recleanse yourself and your space. Clean it, use some salt, go and take a salt bath or a long shower. then rest, cursing someone takes a lot of energy and it is super exhausting. Drink some tea, eat something, lay down with a blanket and listen to some music or watch a movie. Take a nap if needed. Just take care of yourself. Then be patient for the results to happen.

Good Luck Anon!

*not my own

Distractions (Vmin x Reader)

A/N: Sorry I haven’t been posting consistently but I’ll try and make a more structured way to update, okay? I promise :) Anyway here’s some bts smut to celebrate their comeback in a couple days hehe ;D

Request: from anony~  V is your tutor and you are studying but Jimin is your big brother’s friend and shows up making some sexy times happen ;) rough and dirty talk (I tried my best I’m not the best at these kinds of things ok xD)


Word Count:1493(I coulda done more probably)


You threw your pencil down and groaned in frustration. You just couldn’t seem to understand those tricky math equations. Who let letters be apart of math anyways?! Letters were for English, not math!

“Calm down, ____, you can do it, you were so close” your tutor Taehyung encourages you.

“I don’t want to do this anymore, let’s do something else, take a break, you know?” You groaned in response. Taehyung giggles and agrees with you.

“Want something to eat?” You ask him as you get up and slip into the kitchen.

“Do you have strawberries?” He asks. You prepare to wash a bowl of strawberries when you hear the door bell ringing. You run to the door hoping it was your brother.

“Oppa!” You says opening the door, but sadly it is not your brother. It was your brother’s reckless friend, Park Jimin.

“Oppa? I’m so glad you can finally call me that, _____-ah” Jimin grins. You give him a glare and turn on your heel, returning to the strawberries.

“Where’s your brother, I have something to give him” Jimin says as he enters your home.

“He’s out getting stuff for dinner and running other errands” you spit at Jimin.

“Can I hang out until he comes home?” Jimin asks a bit too sweetly.

You sit down next to Taehyung with the strawberries and glare up at Jimin. You didn’t want him to hang around when you were with Taehyung. You were starting to fall for him but you also had a major crush on Jimin. Jimin was completely reckless and tactless, and Taehyung was sweet and silly. You didn’t want to have a crush on Jimin but you couldn’t help but fall for his gorgeous features. His eyes were like literally perfect and his lips were the perfect amount of plump and pink, how would it feel if you…Wait! You like Taehyung, not Jimin.

“____-ah?” Taehyung grabs your attention “I don’t mind if he hangs with us, we were just taking a break right?”

“Ok…he can stay, but when Oppa comes home you go bother him” You cross your arms.

“Thanks~” Jimin sits himself on one side of you on the couch, while Taehyung was on the other. You felt the sexual frustration start to bubble up inside of you. Two of the hottest boys were sitting next to you and no one was around. What a situation to be in.

“_____-ah? You’ve gotten so quiet, what’s the matter?” Taehyung lays a hand on your shoulder and you almost jump out of your skin.

“I’m fine” you reply to Taehyung. Jimin gives you a side glance and smirks at you.

“I don’t know, Tae, she seems to be thinking about something” Jimin instigates “Tell me what’s on your mind”

“Nothing!” You say blushing immensely. How could you confess your dirty fantasy to them? How embarrassing would that be?

“It’s something, come on, _____-ah” Taehyung lets his hand slide down to your hand.

“I-I’m too embarrassed to say it…” You start to admit.

“Is it dirty?” Jimin says moving too close to your face making your heart pick up.

“What is it you want?” Taehyung tags on.

“I-I want you…” You look up and the two boys seem confused.

“Me?” The two say in unison. You nod and they look even more confused.

“I want you both, right now. I want you both to take me…” You admit trying to make your voice sound steady.

“That’s all you had to say, baby” Jimin smiles.

“I’m up for anything new” Taehyung says reluctantly. Jimin looks you up and down and you literally feel his eyes on you. In that moment you looked down and Jimin caught your chin with his hand. 

“Let’s go somewhere more private?” Taehyung suggests and the three of you move to your bedroom.

“Let’s get started” he smiles and kisses your lips with hunger. You can’t help but gasp and moan softly in between each kiss. You can feel Taehyung behind you now, feeling up your back and nuzzling in the back of your neck. The stimulation already making you feel dizzy. Jimin’s plush lips never stop their attack on yours. You move your hand to Jimin’s cheek but he catches your hand in his.

“No touching, or else me and Tae are gonna have to punish you” he snickers. Taehyung is kissing down the back of your neck and you feel his bulge brush against your ass. Jimin continues his kisses down to your jawline and down your throat.

Jimin lifts your arms up and Taehyung takes your shirt off, the two of them feeling your soft skin and their hot hands burning with each touch. You feel yourself about to burst with excitement and pleasure. Jimin’s shirt comes off and his abs are right within your reach but you refuse to touch them remembering what Jimin had said.

Taehyung loses his shirt too and your pressed into a Jimin and Taehyung sandwich, both of they toned and tight bodies pressing up against your own. Your bra is lost somewhere in the heat of the moment and it’s all skin against skin. Even the gentlest touch felt a million times more intense.  

Taehyung turns you towards him and takes your lips in his own finally getting his turn, while Jimin holds on to your waist and grinds slowly into your behind pushing your front on to Taehyungs. The three of you moved together creating the most delicious kind of friction. Your legs felt weak but Jimin was holding on to your waist and keeping you up. Meanwhile Taehyungs tongue was dancing with yours and you couldn’t even process all the pleasure you were feeling.

You break the kiss and moan out when Taehyung’s bulge rubs against your sensitive clit. Pants were being dropped now and Jimin’s strong hands were slipped in between your legs to rub your aching sex. Your panties were soaked and Jimin laughed to himself.

“You’re so wet baby, how long have you waited for us to take you?” He teases and you can’t even answer due to his hands holding you soaked core.  

“I knew you wanted this, I could see the way you looked at me when we were alone” Taehyung whispers in your ear.

“Tae…Uh….Jimin!” You can barely speak with the two pairs of hands working your body. Taehyung let his hands hold your chest while Jimin was rubbing cirlces on your clit and massaged your ass with the other.

“Jimin..I’m so close…” You pant desperately.  

“You can’t come until I say you can” Jimin commands you sternly starting to slow his pace, making the feeling that much more deliciously painful.

“Tae, help me out” you moan and Jimin removes has hand to spank you quickly. You cry out and Jimin laughs. Taehyung slides your panties down and starts to lick the slickened surface. You buck your hips gently but Taehyung holds your hips in place. You become a moaning mess and you feel you’re about to burst. Taehyung pulls back and licks his lips slowly and groans.

“____-ah, you taste so good” Taehyung moans.

“I can’t take it anymore” Jimin growls and pushes you on to your bed and spreads your legs, he gives your slit a couple licks using his wet muscle to tease you as much as possible.  

“Jimin, just take me already!” You cry in frustration.

“I didn’t hear a please” he teases and gives your sex a teasing swat making a wave of pressure surge through your body.

“Jimin please I need you now!” You cry.

“Please what?”

“Please oppa!”

“That’s my girl” he smiles and grips your hips tightly. Jimin lines himself up and thrusts into you with no warning and his hits your sweet spot with each thrust. Taehyung watches and moans to himself while he tends to the built up bulge in his pants.  

The room fills with the moans of your own as well as Jimin’s and Taehyung’s. You all climax at the same time and the room is then filled with heavy panting. You laid there in a lust drunk state thinking about how amazing what just happened was.  

“Round 2?” You hear Taehyung giggle and you smile.

“Maybe after I catch my breath” you pant. Your phone vibrates from the bedside table, it was your brother he was going to be home in 5 minutes.

“Or maybe another day, my brother’s on his way home!” You all scatter to find your clothes.

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Hey I just wanted to say that I absolutely adore your art and think that you're super talented! I kinda expected you to have even more followers than you have now already haha

Hiiiii diekami!!!! Thank you so much~! That means so much to meeeT\<\T✨

That’s so flattering to hear ;<; My twitter idk what’s going on over there it’s like a hot mess lol hopefully I can keep gaining more peeps to tune into checking out my works & my internal screaming on my various social media accounts  :’)

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Hello, what ways do you suggest to deal with art block? Drawing is kind of really important to me and not being able to do so is a bit distressing...

Hello there.

This is a bit of a tricky one, but I will try. Same advice applies to “writer’s block” - or really, any type of creative “block”. 

Art block can come from several things, from what I have noticed, and you need to first identify what is causing it, and address that. Basically, if you have a thorn in your foot, you will take it out to make walking painless, instead of constantly taking pain medication but leaving the thorn in.

First possibility - a physical discomfort. Too hungry, too thirsty, too warm, too cold, too tired, too restless - all of these can make focus impossible or a lot harder. Address them appropriately. Ideally, you should also get daily air and activity - take a walk somewhere you like, go hang out in the backyard if you have one, just walk to the store on the long route. You will feel a little better.

Second possibility - a bad mental state causing it. Depression, blues (not the music genre although I suppose that could cause it as well), anger, frustration, exhaustion, sleep deprivation, whatever. There are many mental things that might cause loss of focus, and which will be challenging to work through. You should find the base cause of these, address that, then everything will fall into place. This is not always possible, I will return to this. But for your own well-being, you should attempt to take care of your mental health. Distance yourself from things that are causing unhappiness, see a therapist, do things you enjoy.

I do mean it – if you suspect you are suffering from depression or any other mental illness, see a qualified specialist. It does not “just go away”, you cannot “just not think of it” or “just try harder to be happy”. Depression is a big drive killer in all activities, and you can find the symptoms on the ‘net. If you suspect you suffer from it, there is nothing to be ashamed of, and if you can afford it, go to a specialist. If not, there are some temporary tricks you might be able to try (finding new hobbies, changing diet, walking outside more, drinking more, taking vitamin supplements). 

Third possibility - burnout. This is another big one. This one is easier to prevent than cure, but it is not always possible to do so. Burnout can be avoided by keeping all things in moderation, and giving yourself time to relax and tend to activities that you enjoy.

Fourth possibility - anxiety, self criticism, perfectionism. This is a hard one because it never goes away. If you are the type of person to be competitive and easily frustrated by not being the best one, well… I can vouch for the fact that it does not go away even if you manage to kill your competition (hopefully more successfully than me, if you go that path). There is not much advice I can give in this situation, because I have not yet figured the solution out, either. It probably has something to do with finding spiritual balance and finding good things in your skillset, or something… Maybe consult with somebody who is unbiased (read: not suffering from it, themselves).

Fifth possibility - no longer having interest in the specific style or subject you are focusing on - possibly the easiest one, just try new things until something clicks again. Same solution for “lack of inspiration” - subject yourself to other works (music, videos, movies, artwork, books - fiction and nonfiction), and you might find the spark or the motivation again.

I am absolutely certain there are other reasons, but these are the main ones that have an easily (or not so easily) solution.

There are two things that might work regardless of cause - the first one is taking a complete break from everything related to art, and focusing on other hobbies to unwind.

There is also the discipline path - Just do it. Force yourself to do it. It will be hard, and it might feel like you are doing more harm than good, but sometimes, you just need to condition your mind to draw regularly. Especially if you want to be a professional.

Good luck, I hope you find what is causing it, or a successful solution to it.

What Makes a Good Ending?

anonymous asked: What should a good ending include? (I don’t mean the epilogue, but the climax with the solution.)

This question is kind of tricky only in that a really good ending is probably not formulaic. No one can tell you that if you follow step A and then step B your ending will be awesome, because that’s not always how novels work. Sometimes a good ending will surprise the reader - something you couldn’t have seen coming until you look at it in retrospect. Sometimes that makes a horrible ending. Endings are incredibly variable, but here’s some things to think about when writing the ending: 

  • Light the fuse on all the possible conflicts and let them explode. Climaxes are all about facing the conflict head on. So let that conflict rear its ugliest head so the characters can finally face it. It is really wonderful when subplots conflicts can be ripped apart in the climax too and both problems can be dealt with at once. 
    • Questions to ask: What is the central conflict? What is the main problem? What is the character hoping to achieve? The answer to these questions should point to what kind of variables should be the focus of your ending. 
  • Decide what you want to happen to the characters. Sometimes this is the most helpful thing when going into the ending. If you know what you want their outcome to be, then you have to make sure the variables you can control for can work around a character you have a lot less control over. 
  • Have the characters grown over the course of the story? This is a big one! You want your characters to change a little. It might not be in big ways, but little ways are great. Readers love it when characters mature right in front of them. It’s just awesome and it makes the story more meaningful to the characters involved. 

There’s no perfect way to end a novel. It’s just about dealing with the mess of conflicts in your plot. I hope this helps and happy writing. 

The Glaive and their relationship with Control

I’ll be honest this makes only about 30% sense and is born from shower musings and sleep deprivation. Control is a tricky thing that everybody needs to feel stable in this world and I think the glaive have less of it than most. So these are just a few ideas on how I think they deal with that. Feel free to add/change/discuss. This kind of shit is interesting to me.

Nyx: He recognizes that he has no control, and he instead tries to control himself. He’s never had much control so he makes control irrelevant. He controls his body and emotions to adapt to each situation for the most favorable outcome. He doesn’t try to control everything around him, but rather his reactions to it.

Crowe: She recognizes that she has no control, and she plays off her need for it. She pretends she doesn’t need it. Pretends that she doesn’t need stable footing and instead learns to stay on her toes and jump around. She controls her emotions and never shows fear.

Libertus: He recognizes that he has no control, and he calls attention to it. He’s the call for justice. When the world takes away his control he points it in everyone’s face and reminds that that they don’t have to put up with this. He doesn’t try to control others, but rather open their eyes to other options.

Luche: He recognizes that he has no control, and he desperately craves it. He wants to change things and he wants to act but everything is working against him and it terrifies him. The harder he tries to grasp for control, the more it slips away. So he lashes out. Tries to control the other glaive, and tries to control situations both on and off the battlefield.

Pelna: He recognizes that he has no control, and he lets others figure out what to do with it and follows along. He latches on to someone stronger and lets them figure it out. He’ll follow orders, he’ll take advice. He’s not going to stare into the chaos but instead focus on the microcosm that he can control.

Tredd: He recognizes that he has no control and he tries to make others recognize it too. His methods aren’t gentle or subtle or out of love. He’s bitter and angry and he thinks that if he can control the way the others see the situation, then maybe they can all at least be angry together.

Sonitus: He recognizes that he has no control, and he demands it. Through fist or knife he manipulates his environment into something he can work with. He works his body to the bone to make sure that when push comes to shove, he is the immovable object.

Axis: He recognizes that he has no control, and he he tries to take it back. For his family and what he loves and what he believes in. In his own way he finds small (or in the most obvious case, big) instances where he can grasp for control. Exploiting a loophole here or there goes a long way.

Drautos: He recognizes that he has no control, and he has given in to it. He’s gone limp and he lets the flow of chaos take him.

Story Elements: Three Types of Voice

Anonymous asked:

Everyone always says one of the main things that makes writing stand out is good voice. But what does this mean? Do you either just have it or not have it? How do you improve it?

Voice is one of those tricky topics that everyone seems to have a different opinion about. It’s also a bit confusing because there are different kinds of voice when we’re talking about fiction. Here’s the way I think of the different types of voice as well as some tips for developing them.

1) Authorial Voice - usually, when we’re talking about the voice of the writer, what we’re talking about is their style, or part of it, anyway. “Voice” is your personality reflected through your choice of words, your sentence structure, how you use mood and tone, your imagery, and your use of figurative language. “Style” is all of that, but it goes even further to include things like typical length of sentences, paragraphs, and chapters; typical narrative structure, grammatical habits, recurring themes and motifs, extent of world building, etc.

2) Narrative Voice - some stories are narrated in first-person by the point-of-view character, or potentially multiple point-of-view characters. Other stories are narrated by a third-person who may be someone related to the story, but most of the time is an unseen, unknowable entity. However, even when the narrator is unseen and unknowable, they often have their own voice, which often dovetails with the tone of the story. A story with a very dark tone might have a narrator with a pessimistic, cynical, or outright malevolent voice. A fantastical story might have a narrator with a voice like that of a mystical storyteller from a bygone era, or perhaps that of a sage old wizard passing along an historical tale. Some narrators may not even have a voice at all, at least not one that is discernible from that of the author.

3) Character Voice - just as authors and narrators have their on voices, so does each character in a story. Voice is a part of a character’s personality, and if their voice is well developed, it should distinguish them from other characters. Some facets of a character’s voice are relayed directly from the narrator to the reader. Things like tone of voice and quality of voice, such as a person who speaks loudly and gruffly, or someone who has a high-pitched lyrical voice. Other facets of a character’s voice has more to do with what they say and how they say it, like a character who babbles excessively versus a stoic character who speaks in short, high-context sentences. There are also little details that come into play, such as verbal quirks, like mispronouncing words or having a lisp, having a particular accent or using a certain type of slang. 

So, now that you know the different types of voices, how do you develop them?

Authorial voice, aka “style” is equal parts something innate and something you learn. Much like personality, some of it has to do with how we’re wired, some of it has to do with the preferences we develop over time, and some has to do with our experiences and how we reflect them back into the world. The best way to develop your authorial voice is to keep writing and write a lot, but also read a lot and read a wide variety of things. You should also be a keen observer of the world around you, learn how to appreciate words, and play with different types of writing styles to find one that really suits you.

Narrative voice is is something you choose as the writer of your story. Often times it evolves organically, usually as we’re writing the first draft. Although it’s always good to think about who might be telling the story and who they might be telling it to, it isn’t always necessary to think too deeply about narrative voice before you begin writing. Don’t over think it. Let your story unfold in the first draft and see what sort of narrative voice evolves on its own. Sometimes it may seem like there’s no narrative voice at all, but sometimes that is the narrative voice.

Character voice is also something you choose as the writer of your story, and like narrative voice, it will be different with every story, but also different with each character. To find each character’s voice, think about who they are and how they might speak, and possibly do some character development exercises that encourage the use of dialogue. Once again, character voice is often something that develops on its own as you’re getting to know your characters in the first draft, but it’s also something you can plan out ahead of time if a character’s voice is particularly important to the story. :)


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i cannot get over the smug cackling of SWERFs observing that people who trade sex are often in difficult circumstances, as though they’ve produced some sort of clever point.

Gosh, people do jobs because they need money in order to survive. 

And the more you stigmatize a job, the more dangerous you (yes, you rad fems) labor to make it, the more people who have other options are likely to choose those other options.

Well fucking spotted. 

Obviously, if a group of people are being targeted unfairly, the kind, decent, feminist thing to do is mock the fact that their lives are difficult, and that they had to make a serious of tricky, unideal choices to wind up in their position, to pull the fact of their endangerment out like a rhetorical flourish. 

It’s not men who turn us into object. You’re the ones waving us around like the last ten points you need to win your high school debate. 

anonymous asked:

If you describe someone as olive, would they still be poc even if they're not specifically stated to be this or that? Like, I'm Asian and I would say I'm olive but...? It kind of confuses me, sorry

Olive is a tricky word to describe skin color. That’s why some people recommend saying “dark olive” to specify if someone is poc or not, because a lot of authors use olive skin to make their white characters look more ~ exotic ~ (yikes).