it was katie's

voltron senior quotes

allura: i truly believe we can all change the world. if some people just shut up and never speak, together we can all make this world a beautiful place

shiro: every day in algebra i’d eat a bagel. over my entire high school career i must’ve eaten- oh jeez, 2000 bagels

pidge: if idiots could fly, this place would’ve been an airport

hunk: i love everybody and support all of you! follow your dreams! except you greg from 8th grade math class you can rot in hell 

coran: i’ll never forget when a student threw a basketball at my head and i blacked out. those 2 minutes of unconscious bliss are my happiest memories as a teacher

matt: you guys used to make fun of me for being a nerd but my grades this year spelled AC/DC. could a nerd do that? 

keith: people always used to ask me, is it ‘ko-GAYNE’ or ‘koga-NAY’ and i always used to say the same thing: how dare you speak to me

lance: i’m proud to say nobody cried harder during gym than me


Discussing headcanons with my friends always end up in the best ideas! And to think this started with a simple comment on how Lance would be the “I JUST SHAVED, FEEL HOW SMOOTH” kind of guy…

Also, a little bonus because I’m a sucker for Klance:

Why I love Katie McGrath

  • She’s very passionate about roles she plays and you can hear the passion and enthusiasm in every answer she gives.
  • Her foot was in a cast because she tripped whilst getting wine.
  • Improvised Lena shooting the gun at the daxamite in 2x21
  • Refers to herself as a potato
  • Call Odette ‘Odie’
  • “That’s a lot of boobs”
  • Is a huge nerd
  • Walks around draped in a blanket walking her dog
  • Makes sure everyone got to ask all of their questions even when the time is up
  • “Go team Supercorp!”
  • Gets excited when someone mentions the word “dog” or puppy
  • Creeps into people’s interviews to kiss them on the nose
  • The nose scrunch! (´⌣`ʃƪ)
  • Put her hand up when the interviewer asked “who isn’t looking at his [chris’s] hips”
  • Constantly validates lgbt fans and non-canon ships