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so..that galra girl..amiright?


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What are your thoughts on Camilla?

Supports!Camilla wants us to know she is both Dangerous and Smotherly (especially with Corrin, of course) and Plot! Camilla wants the camera to ride a rocket around her butt and inside her metal bra(stplate). 

Her very existence gives the shambling zombie corpse of Sigmund Freud the power to rise and walk amongst us again

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Man, hearing Jack talk about his trip to LA and how it inspired him to do more warmed my heart. I just teared up listening to him talk about what has happened the past week and that the day of the D23 was the best day of his life, not only because he got to co-host the show but also because of reading our messages saying how proud we are of him.

Words can’t describe how proud I am of him. I would follow him till the ends of the earth just to see how much he an accomplish and the success he will gain and be even more proud of him than I already am. I can’t wait to see where the future brings us and hat the journey will be like.

I just know it’ll be one hell of a ride and I’m ready as I’ll ever be!


This entire exchange mystifies me.

The main focus of it is humanity creating suffering for itself without even knowing it, or perhaps having grown to the point where they can’t even recognise it even when they do it on purpose.

But the it comes with a heavy dose of “Watanuki has changed so much” and “today’s events are clear evidence of that”. And I’m not so sure what point Yuuko’s trying to make by that.

She mentions fortune, so maybe it’s Watanuki’s fortune that’s changed by his character growth and eye switching. But she also seems to point to his vision as the thing that’s specifically improved – despite the fact that, you know, Watanuki could Already see spirits, and Doumeki usually could not. So I’m not sure what the exchange actually DID to improve that side of things, when I was expecting it to actually be a detriment. Then again, maybe she just means his attention to danger in general?

Whatever point she’s making it definitely isn’t the Actual Lesson of the previous chapter, which was not throwing yourself in danger because it hurts the people around you, because Watanuki gets electrocuted FOUR TO FIVE TIMES, MINIMUM, and it’s for rudeness rather than anything else.