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i hate it when pro-life people try to argue about abortion by telling the pro-choice people “what if your parents decided to abort you?” because guess what, my parents did think about not keeping me. and i am 100% pro-choice, even if that means there were chances that i might not be born.

i’m pro-choice because i think women and people who are pregnant have right to make decisions with their own bodies and lives. and i’m pro-choice also because i need parents to stop using “i gave birth to you” to mentally abusing their children, or try to guilt their children with the idea that “had it not because of you my life would have been better”. i want parents to understand that they do have the choices for whether to keep the babies or not, because once they decide to give birth to the babies, i want them to take responsibilities for their children.

i’m pro-choice because children are not responsible for whatever their parents were going through before they were born. if you can’t afford raising the baby, can’t take the responsibilities or you simply don’t want it, you shall not be forced to give birth to it. 

i want kids to stop feeling like they’re their parents’ burden. i want them to know that they were born because their parents chose to. i want them to know that they deserve to be loved and cared. and i don’t want them to feel like they were born to ruin their parents’ lives because their parents had no choices.

pro-choice is for both the mothers AND the babies.

He’s staring again.

Anti knows he’s staring but he can’t help it; everything Dark does is elegant, polished, calculated, and yet he makes it all seem effortless. This kind of thing should make Anti hate him, but - and he knows that it’s exactly what Dark wants people to think - he’s too pretty to hate.

He’s talking with three of the Googles, since the yellow one is wandering off as usual, and his hands are clasped behind his back in the way that shows off every muscle in his torso. Sadly, he’s turned away from Anti so the glitch is denied that wondrous view, but Anti finds this angle lets him stare at Dark’s hands and lose himself in imagining where exactly those hands could go.

“You’re staring again.” Anti knows exactly who the voice from behind his shoulder belongs to. There’s no mistaking the almost Southern drawl of Wilford, no way. Just like there’s no way of denying what the ego points out, not matter how much he wants to - to save his own skin, really, though Wilford has never really seemed to mind Anti staring at his boyfriend. Anti simply sighs in reply and takes another sip of his drink, trying to ignore how his heart starts to race at the proximity of the ego at his shoulder.

“He holds his hands like that an awful lot, don’t you think?” Wilford asks, so close that Anti can feel the ghost of a breath on the back of his neck. Anti shrugs, figuring he should at least try and pull up a mask of indifference.

“Wanna know why that is?” Wilford continues. Anti scoffs lightly and glances over his shoulder before replying.

“To show off his chest like a preening bird?” he asks, a little more bitterly than he intended. Wilford laughs and Anti can see him shake his head out of the corner of his eye before he steps closer.

“Not at all. You see, he likes them being tied there,” he murmurs barely an inch away from Anti’s ear, making him grip onto his glass to focus on stifling the shiver that threatens to shake his entire body. He scoffs again, though he’s sure it probably sounds a lot more like sputtering as his mind fills with images.

“Don’t believe me? I’m absolutely positive he wouldn’t mind if you tested it out,” Wilford offers before stepping back as if he had just told Anti about the weather.

“Just a thought,” he adds as he walks off, leaving Anti staring at Dark again and willing the blush on his cheeks to calm down.

half of this fandom: I want most angst ridden and gut wrenching possibility in every aspect of this show, I want to hurt.

my tired ass: 

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So here’s a suggestion: if a show has changed beyond recognition and become so bad that watching it actually makes you mad or sad or in any way messes with your emotional well being, STOP WATCHING?!

I did that with SVU about 2 or 3 episodes into S19, cause lbr, it’s become a train wreck and I just can’t make myself watch something that’s so clearly a pile of horseshit, no matter how much I used to love it once (or rather, because I used to love it once and it isn’t that show anymore).

I get that letting go is hard. But I come here every week after an ep has aired, looking at the posts people made and see you raging and crying and expressing your disappointment at the fact that the writers are murdering your show. Why are you doing this to yourself? Just walk away. It’s not healthy guys. Or do some of you actually like that kind of thing? You know, being bitter and angry? Idk anymore.

The writers will not hear you, no matter how much you complain. It won’t get better. It won’t go back to being the SVU that we all loved, that boat has well and truly sailed. Be happy. Fuck them and The Olivia Benson Show with those characters that have names we recognise but no personalities to match. Life is too short

Polly, call your dad.

You’re in a cult.