it was just supposed to be a warm up sketch


Mostly-vegetarian Sero meets carnivorous Kirishima, loss of trust ensues 

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If you're not too terribly busy, the world could always use more Holsom fluff :)

Holsom fluff, my favorite! I combined this with a secondary request from @zombizombi for some ref!Holster, which I could not resist, because Holster+bitching speaks to my soul. Also, team dentist!Ransom, because it amused me. (Warning: mention of teeth.)

(Now also on AO3.)

Ransom landed in his seat barely five minutes before the game was supposed to start. Lardo, feet propped up against the glass, sketchbook against her knees, fingertips just peeking out of the sleeves of yet another sweatshirt stolen from Shitty, spared him a glance and a “You’re late” before going back to sketching warm-ups.

“I know, I know. Kid broke off two of her teeth on the playground, right up to the nerve, so I had to do some composites.”

She grimaced. “Ugh.”

“Why do you ask me these things when you know I’m going to talk to you about teeth? I’m a dentist, for fuck’s sake. And we’re here to watch hockey.”

“I’m in it for the butts.”

He grinned as he took in the player stretching on the ice in front of her and then her sketchbook. “Think Shits will like that one?”

“I call it ‘Spread,’” she said loftily.

He choked and was suddenly glad he hadn’t had time to stop by concessions on his way in. “So, uh, where is Shits tonight anyway?”

She waved a hand vaguely, barely missing whacking him in the face with the end of the sleeve. “Up in the office. They needed some documents looked over.”

He recognized that tone. “How long have you guys been here?”


“Couldn’t get anyone to strip for you?”

“Shut up.” Then she turned to him and smiled slowly.

Ransom was immediately alarmed. “Oh god. What?”

“There is some news you’ll want.”

“Yeah?” he asked cautiously.

“New ref.”

Ransom’s eyebrows went up. “And I’m interested in this… because why? I mean, is he supposed to be good or biased or something else?”

“Tall. He’s supposed to be very tall. You’ll see.”

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*is now your child* legit found your blog and have been reading everything the past 2/3 hours ( h e lp) I lOVE IT! Could I request SHINee trying to draw/in the process of drawing? 💙💙💙💙

i saw you binging my posts and i was like helloo baby!!!! reading through took 2/3 hours??? holy crap i’m flattered ^///^ i did mixed mediums i hope that’s okay!


  • drawing a circle should be relatively easy right??? he knows what a circle looks like 
  • why doesn’t his hand want to cooperate?????
  • the first few pages of his sketch book are just filled with weird loops 
  • until finally he did it, the perfect circle with no tools 
  • key: *looking on* dude what even 
  • onew: LOOK AT MY CIRCLE 
  • key: have you just been warming up for the entire hour we’re supposed to be drawing that bowl of fruit
  • stares lovingly at his circle, it’s so beautiful he’s going to frame it 


  • just mixing his oil paints on his palette and the colors are just so pretty
  • not actually painting anything but his palette is a gorgeous array of pastels 
  • eventually he runs out of room and starts using his canvas to mark his colors 
  • all of his paints are open and he has streaks of blue and green all over his hands and hair bc he keeps swiping at his fringe to get it out of his eyes
  • v protective over his palettes like do not touch them bc he will smack you with his towel which is also covered in paint (exhibit a: taemin with his new shirt dappled with orange bc he thought it’d be funny to fingerpaint with jong’s colors / tae: the stick figures on the wall weren’t worth it jk they so were oil paint comes out right??) 
  • will watch other people wash their paintbrushes bc the water turns pretty colors too!!!!!!!!!! 


  • charcoal gets everywhere omg this was the worst idea why did he pick this 
  • he rubbed his hand the wrong way on his sketchbook and it smudged and he screamed really loudly in his head and stopped moving for like a solid twenty mins (jong: i don’t think he’s breathing) 
  • his hand is still gripping the stick of charcoal 
  • onew quietly replaced it with a hb pencil and flipped the page for him so the stress doesn’t actually kill him 
  • shinee basically waited around for him to unfreeze patting him and saying things will be okay 
  • vows to never EVER use charcoal again 


  • picked printmaking 
  • currently using v sharp tools to carve out stencils 
  • so focused, the most focused. 
  • he and the x-acto knife are one 
  • and he points it at anyone who comes close bc “IT’S A SURPRISE” (jong: omg i was just curious (yeah~~~~)) 
  • his table is littered with stencils he’s deemed “not worthy” 
  • he made a little sign for his not worthy pile to shame them 
  • shinee: water you making 
  • minho: *brandishing a t-shirt* i made matching shirts for us!!!!!!! be excited!!!!! it says shinee world V!!!!!


  • watercolor~~
  • honestly he wanted to do more fingerpainting but jong won’t let him near his paints anymore so 
  • paints blues and pinks onto the paper, holding it down so it doesn’t curl up, and dabs (minho/onew: *dabs*) tissues on it to make clouds  
  • he swipes a streak of color on each of the members’ faces and dances away 
  • key was this close to getting him back but realized last second that he should probably not stab the maknae with a pencil 

literally minho adamantly wanted to make t-shirts i could not make him pick up a pencil/brush  

Got a sketch approved for mayday! Did this last night just a bit after I got home (it was supposed to be a warm up for getting ready to work but then mum and I got in a tiff >>)

Anywho I’m gathering interest on the 30% slot (I would do the edits + coloring and sell it for usd), and I’m also debating about taking the 75% edited slot as payment for the set. But to do that I would need to find a buyer for at least the 50$ the payment would normally be for a set. I’d definitely rather do the slot option though so that the site doesn’t have to pay directly for the set and whatnot.

Is anyone interested in buying the 75% slot? I would do the full design on whatever species you’d like for it and whatnot so that we can go the usd route through the commissions panel. But I’d like to gather interest before I toss up a thread for it.


«So The Dorks going through puberty is totally my jam ayyyyye»

//also slightly inspired by @bullysquadess’s sin fic TLATB💦💦💦//

This was just suppose to be a warm up sketch, I don’t know how it ended up like this but I’m pretty happy with it I guess lmao fuck awkward anatomy tho

The grip was rough, and his glare dangerous, but Hux, try as he might, could not suppress the slow smirk that inched across his usually carefully crafted mask of indifference.

“It was need to know…” he breathed. “And you Obviously didn’t…..”

Can’t write for ass compared to people on here, but have anyways. Perhaps one day I could try. -laughs self into oblivion- Morning sketch to warm things up, guess who just found out…I suppose. I need to pratice these two more


Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

AU: Coffee shop AU

Summary: You didn’t expect your day to be anything other than ordinary, but a trip to your favourite coffee shop turns into an unexpected school reunion

Warnings: None

A/N: The reader is an art student in this, so I’m sorry if that’s not what you’d choose to study or anything, it just worked well for the story :)

Gif credit to @mswarrner (thanks for letting me use it!)

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I’m diggin’ busket’s portal Stan like hardcore. And Stan fighting monsters is brutal as fuck. But can we just imagine for a sec, inter-dimensional space criminal Stan? When he went through the other end of the portal, he revert back to what he was used to. This time though, he was out of fucks and actually flourished as a successful criminal. Like he could’ve lost his arm from jail time or he really pissed off someone he shouldn’t have. Maybe even a bet that went very very wrong. So like the idea of Ford always wearing turtlenecks because he’s hiding scars, Stan is wearing hoodies to hide scars, brands, and prison tattoos.