it was just supose to be a doodle

Okay it’s time for an honest review on tabinof !

So yeah this book was a creative mess, with no “true” writing -except for The Urge 10/10 would read again- and it was cringe-worthy.

And that’s actually why I liked it, they didn’t tried to be who they’re not, they didn’t tried to be writers, that book was so them and that’s why I liked it.

Of course I don’t like everything about it, for exemple I wasn’t really fond of their discussions during the book, in video that’s okay but on paper it just doesn’t seem genuine at all even if it was indeed very Dan and Phil like, also some translation for Dan’s handwriting please ? Also there were too much page about videos we have already seen I know this book is suposed too be memories in case internet crash or something but I was kind of bored reading those pages.

Otherwise I loved the creativity, the phanga, the vegas video and the phanfictions were gold, I also liked learning about Dan and Phil and how they work, liked the random aesthetic and the random games or pages(like the doodle page and the chair game).

I don’t regret buying this book.