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Choices Game SPOILER ALERT!!!

I fucking love Endless Summer SO MUCH I am playing every story in the game to get diamonds for every clue I could find later in the above mentioned book.

Not to mention I am spoiling myself right now in the Fandom Wikia and… I found out that this guy…

And this guy…

Are gonna… well… You get it, right? I’m not too attached to these two since they’re side characters, but at the same time… I’m just… I’m very very upset unno? *sobs*

This lady at the wine store telling her kid you can’t get good wine for less than $15, are you kidding me?

I get a great Italian red for less than $10.

Stop teaching your daughter that she has to spend a ton of money for a good bottle of wine, that’s stupid.

Expensive label =/= good wine.

rboz  asked:

It's Fanfic Author Appreciation Day and I gotta say I'm looking forward to all your smut for LoveFest because that warm-up prompt was really hot and so IC I was melting and I love that so much in smut because it's so important to me XD I love how long your stories are because that's my weakness. I do love something that good to read and keep me entertained for long. I'm glad you love Gajevy and write for this fandom ♥♥

Oh my goodness thank you so much! I didn’t even know it was appreciation day yesterday until I got online this morning…I was focused on churning out one of my prompts lol. This was amazing to wake up to *squeals* your art was the reason I joined tumblr, and I’m so glad I djd :) I’m happy you (and others) are enjoying my work. I am in such awe of your art; it really helped inspire me to create and post my writing when I first came here a few months ago. You give so much insight into their relationship. I hope to do the same! If I’m gonna write smut it’s gotta be hot ;) and I really try and create a story around it. Plus I can be as self-indulgent as I like. My oneshots have gotten longer because I’m practicing writing chapter length documents for my multichap (which is my next project after lovefest–with requests sprinkled in). This was just the sweetest thing to wake up to, and I hope to continue to deliver more wonderful gajevy. I’m writing ALL prompts for lovefest so keep an eye out! I’ll also be reblogging my old work this week before lovefest along with the WIP game. I can’t get over how much this made my heart soar. The queen of gajevy likes my story *swoons* My little writer heart is ready to get these prompts done.

you know how if you so much as breathe in Zeke’s direction, Tatiana disappears?? consider semi-au where they head for the Rigel Plains first, then Alm has his vision of Celica, so they go to Nuibaba, but Tatiana isn’t there. THEN they go and somehow manage to recruit Zeke (maybe Alm doesn’t wear his gloves to battle and sees the Brand?? idk) Zeke is concerned when Alm tells him there wasn’t a woman fitting Tatiana’s description at Fear Mountain, and hopes that she escaped somehow.

not too far down the road, Zeke encounters a very familiar looking witch :)

Dawn will break soon

Gobi, Akatsuki no Yona ch 145

(my flailing can be read in this post’s tags…)

  • Me: Ugh, Zarkon is terrible! He's so cruel! Has no heart! Cat stealer!
  • Season 3: Haha oh yeah Zarkon was a sweetheart who was afraid of cats and laughed at his friends jokes and fell in love with an Altean
  • Me, on the brink of tears: Fair enough
My Impressions of Male Broadway Stars

Andrew Rannells: The Pretty Boy™

Jonathan Groff: Cute. Ray of sunshine.

Lin-Manuel Miranda: An excited puppy. Also a ray of sunshine. Must be protected at all costs.

Corey Cott: dashingly handsome. 

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: ginger dad.

Jeremy Jordan: jawline

Ben Platt: Sweet Pup. A literal Bean, everyone loves him.

Mike Faist: a shaggy dog. 

Aaron Tveit: hot damn. his thighs make me w e a k

Chris Jackson: An Actual Dad and the Sweetest Guy Ever.

Leslie Odom Jr.: very classy, velvet voice that makes me feel things.

Christian Borle: Daddy. (have you seen his arms)