it was just rly funny

ronan and gansey lose a bet to henry and have to dress like each other for a day. gansey’s bright polos are all way too tight on ronan and ronan’s ripped jeans cling to gansey’s thighs but bunch at the ankles because they’re too long and it’s absolutely hilarious. blue and noah can’t stop laughing and adam takes a photo to commemorate, which quickly makes its way around to the whole gangsey and becomes pretty much everyone’s phone lockscreen for the foreseeable future


Don’t worry Jongdae, you’ll get them next time! \( ̄▽ ̄)/

How I see Oumami
  • Rantaro: why did u take my wax statue and hang it in ur room
  • Ouma: wtf r u talking about amami-chan
  • Rantaro: it's hanging upside down. right there. *points*
  • Ouma: idk what ur talking about *pictures of amami falls out of his pocket*
  • Rantaro:
  • Ouma:
  • Rantaro:
  • Ouma: I can explain-

imagine having a snap streak with your tc, where the majority of the time you’re sending each other goofy selfies and while in their class, you send candid photos of each other.


A Werewolf Boy (2012) || Legend of the Blue Sea (2016)

Whoa it’s already the second last day of the 7 Day Phanart Challenge?? How?? Anyways, give @chillphann some love for coming up with this!

Day 6: Sick Day
I just found Dan’s (failed) Farfetch’d hunt in HK rly funny. Phil’s just hanging out in bed being ill while Dan walks like 20000km in the city.

  • Me: So killing stalking is a great webtoon/manhwa. It accurate portrays what an abusive relationship is and how it can happen to anyone, whether you are straight or not.
  • Me: You see, I quite like the character Yoonbum because the author did a great job showing how he's slowly succumbing to mental issues by being caged within his kidnapper's house.
  • Me: I also like how the author depicted the kidnapper because she accurate portrays his insanity and how he developed it. His name is
  • Me: *looks at smudged writing on hand*
  • Me: sang moo goes the cow.