it was just mothers day

Today I was walking behind a mother and a small child who couldn’t have been older than five. The child was walking in that syncopated gait that is instantly recognizable as a small child avoiding sidewalk cracks, which was completely adorable.

And then this adorable golden-haired child looked up at her mother and said in a completely even voice “Someday, I’ll step on it.”

That child is going places. Maybe jail. But places.


some holly doodles to wind down for the night…..she would 100% be a hippie


Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s Mother’s Day and the first thing Kara sees when she walks into Lena’s office to check up on her is dozens of different bouquets on every available surface.

Which would be normal if Lena had a normal relationship with her mother. And if the bouquets were the really expensive kind that Kara had gotten used to associating with Lena. But no, these weren’t expensive flowers at all. They were just normal flowers, the kind someone would find in their yard or at the park. One was even made up completely of dandelions!

Questions float through Kara’s head that were supplied with very few answers.

Who sent them? Why? Were they safe? Should see get them checked out?

And then her confusion is cut off by Jess walking into the office.

“They’re from local orphanages,” Jess answers before Kara even asks. “She’s always donating to them and volunteers whenever she can. She’d adopt them all if she could, but with the attempted murders… well.”

“I- I didn’t know about that.” Kara didn’t even know that Lena liked kids.

“Most people don’t,” Jess replies easily. “Her meeting is almost over, so feel free to wait here for her.”

And then Jess leaves and Kara’s left alone with her thoughts.

She always knew Lena was good, so good. Too good, maybe. She was just glad others could see it, too.

Did, I just, did Cas just escape from the big empty and come back to life being a little shit? Like no my old cosmic friend you are not going to sleep while I’m here.

*banging pots and pans and screaming*

Let me get out of here!

I just, Cas is a hero and I admire him, he doesn’t care about rules.

No big empty I don’t care anyone gets out of here, my family needs me and I want to live so you are going to move your vast dark ass and let me come back to Earth.

And don’t forget about his little smile when he feels the sun again, what a ride.


louis performed jho live for the first time just days after his mother passed and he’s doing it again on her birthday which must be equally as hard but he’s gonna rock it in front of 100,000+ people anyway i’m so proud of him he’s the bravest boy and i’m sure jay will be cheering louder than all of them combined


tiny children


Ladies, please, this is nOT A COMPETITION.

Happy Mother’s Day! I just had to draw some of my favorite mothers/motherly characters for this special day!

★ Commissions are open! ★

shout out to those people for whom mother’s day is not traumatic or sad but just kinda mildly uncomfortable

shout out for those people whose moms aren’t “toxic” or anything of the sort but just don’t conform to the loving, affectionate, encouraging, supportive mom-type that is so vehemently advertised on mother’s day

shout out to those people who can’t make the kinds of gestures that abound on mother’s day without feeling fake and deceitful, but who at the same time don’t want to ignore the whole thing either

shout out to people who remain mildly uncomfortable and feel inadequate because they can’t do like everyone else, posting about their wonderful amazing moms without whom they would be a mess and who is their best friend that they tell everything to

shout out to people who are uncomfortable posting lovey-dovey mom-appreciation messages because they aren’t true, but they can’t be claiming any of the harmful, negative aspects of mother’s day either

shout out to those people with mediocre moms, cause they do exist, and people who only have “thanks for giving me life and raising me but thats pretty much as far as it goes” to say on mother’s day