it was just a kiss on the cheek

Aries: The nights are getting longer and your voice isn’t enough to cover this skin; but I’m happier now even though there is less of my heart left.  

Taurus: If a broken piece of light is called a rainbow, maybe your broken heart is the thorn that has been kissing these forests back to life.  

Gemini: She doesn’t want you to fix it, she just wants to talk about all the reasons why it hurts.

Cancer: We could be the best thing that never happened to each other.

Leo: The problem is you go to bed lonely for so long you forget what it’s like to reach out and feel a dream instead of a blanket playing every definitive shadow onto blushed cheeks.  

Virgo: I know I’m loved, but it isn’t by you, and maybe that’s why my throat always closes every time I try to talk about happiness.

Libra: I once saw the sun in your eyes and though I can’t taste spring when your lips are signing my hands, I know I’m made of more you than me.

Scorpio: The problem is, I don’t know which beat followed you too close to the shore, but you’re still on my mind even though you’re not in my heart.

Sagittarius: I could be surrounded by a hundred thoughts, yet all I can still feel is you.

Capricorn: Who am I when you’re not thinking of me? These thoughts are empty pews of memories waiting for a prayer soft enough to fill the floor with a color that doesn’t reflect a threaded collar.

Aquarius: Sometimes I close my eyes just to see if you’re still there.

Pisces: How long have you been looking at your hands, trying to remember what it feels like to hold something beautiful?

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You mentioned in your boyband!losers club hc list about how the fans responded to Bev and Ben getting together, buuuuut what about the Reddie reveal and fan reactions to that o:

- there would be pictures and videos on instagram and twitter of richie and eddie being super close, they were naturally just affectionate people

- people thought their brotp was adorable because they were polar opposites but seemed to fit together so perfectly?

- there was the odd fan edit about the two of them but no one in the fandom thought they would actually get together, that was too good to be true

- but then eddie made a snapchat video of him sleeping next to richie and kissing his cheek to wake him up and the fandom BLEW UP

- richie made a few instagram posts of eddie, taking photos of him throughout the day, and putting them together and writing a huge paragraph about him saying he wants everyone to know how much eddie means to him

- the entire band were sooo happy to see them out and happy together after months of being scared to be honest with their fans

- they always go to award shoes and get the cutest photos together holding hands

You’ve Got to be Kidding Me

Okay, so me and my friend (who is also a girl) have this pact that whenever a guy hits on us or something, we pretend we’re dating.

So, we just ate at this one bar (they have really good burgers) and we both agreed not to drink. Well, while she’s in the bathroom, this guy slides in the stool next to me and asks if he could buy me a drink. Panicking, I said no because I was pregnant.

At that moment, my friend (who again is a girl) comes back, sees this guys flirting, and proceeds to wrap her arms around me and kiss my cheek, and says “Hey, babe! Who’s this?”

The guys immediately catches on and just gives me this blank stare, and I’m sweating so I just let out this awkward laugh and say, “It’s a miracle!

Trick or Treat (Part One)

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A/N: Wow I’m really hoping I finish this small series up before halloween!! I really hope you guys like this bc it’s really short but it kinda is just background for the rest of the story soo… Shoutout to the ever so lovely @dej-okay for reading through this for me today!! I love you!! 

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: 741 (yikes it’s so short! I promise the following parts will be longer!)


Music was playing through the radio in the small kitchen yet again as Peter was trying to make some kind of Halloween cupcakes May had shown him from Pinterest and (Y/N) was sitting on the counter closeby.

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I really don’t think we needed to see how Madame Jeanne was flirting and pining for Jamie. I don’t think it was even in the book, and once again it’s rdm to the rescue on how to kill the fans hopes and desires of what’s in an ep. Her tying his neck scarf and then wrapping his outer scarf around his shoulders just so, and him kissing both her cheeks and looking pleased just didn’t play well with us hard core fans. Then the look of jealousy when she learns Claire is his wife. Not necessary at all.

I mean I didn’t love it either but….can you blame her 

anyway, it’s honestly not a big deal to me??? I feel like 85% of the ep was great so why complain about inconsequential things

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I love your texts!! Can write about Alex scared of a storm and the Hamilsquad tried to calm him down? Especially Laurens? And also sorry for my bad english.

Laurens: Alexander are you okay?

Alexander: Yes.

*thunder and lightning strikes*

Alexander: Ah! No!

Laurens: *sits besides Alexander* Are you afraid of thunderstorms?

Alexander: Yes… I just hate the sound of thunder it reminds me of the time when I lived in the Caribbean.

Laurens: *kisses Alexander on the cheek* It’ll be okay.

Alexander: Will you all stay with me?

Hercules/Lafayette: *sit beside Alexander*

Hercules: Of course we will, that what friends are for.

Laurens: *hugs Alexander* I’ll always be here to comfort you.

Alexander: *smiles*

Dating Winwin (NCT 127)

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first of all: you’re a lucky bish if you date him

-He will text you, every day, every night, when he can… and even when he isn’t supposed to, he will text you ALL THE TIME

-he’s too shy shy shy to kiss you on the lips in public, he’ll just kiss you on the cheek if he feels brave enough

-is a blushing little shiet

-he makes sure that you are 100% okay, 100% of the time

-gets shy whe the members start asking about your relationship

-he tries to teach you Chinese, TRIES (mark my words)

-he plays with your hair A LOT

-if he accidentally pulls your hair a bit, he will apologize 1000356315786323428631579685213589865432 times

-if you’re sad, he will buy you an ice-cream, if you’re happy, he will buy you an ice-cream

-you will gain 2 things with him: a beautiful relationship and 10kg cuz food is life

-if you also have broad shoulders *cough* like me *cough* you and Sicheng will make jokes about it

-says he is not jealous when you fangirl over another idol, why you lying? why you always lying? oh ma gad! stop fucking lying!

-he tells you some Chinese legends

-late night talks

-he hugs you so tight  when he sleeps, you are scared that one day you will fall asleep and never wake up

-he will have his first time with you, you will have your first time with him

-awkward af

- “a-are you okay?” “d-does it hurt?”

-after your first time, you will cuddle in bed and probably eating ice-cream

-when you will get pregnant, he will be happy af

-will talk to your baby

-kisses your belly 24/7

-he will take really good care of you and the baby

todoroki: midoriya, i love you


midoriya, internally: SAY SOMETHING COOL MIDORIYA

midoriya, externally: …………neat! yeah, that's—that’s really something!


midoriya: (flees)

todoroki: what was i thinking now i’ve made everything awkward and uncomfortable goddamn it why did i just say that ughhhhhh he probably hates me now

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Confirmed or not, there's no heterosexual explanation for Blitz showing signs of jealousy when Inge kissed Hearth's cheek and Rick knows it

Not only that but the little “she’s a nice girl but delusional” like there is no explanation for any of inges interactions with Hearth or blitz other than “poor inges childhood crush is super gay and in love with someone else”

Let’s be real I could go on for years about all the subtext and implications that Rick totally wrote knowing what he was doing and then just… Left hanging

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was it just me who kinda cringed at the kisses thing at the party-

I thought it was hella cute ngl. The way Chloe was all pouty when they were kissing her cheeks, all happy to be there. Like yes kiss this grumpy lil bee child and show her kindness so she starts understanding what it is. 

Seventeen [Hip Hop Unit] Reaction to their s/o being flirted with by a stranger who isn’t taking no for an answer.


S.Coups would be incredibly annoyed for you, watching someone just refuse to leave you alone despite how uncomfortable you looked. He would dither to the side, not sure if he should go up and help you. But when you started looking around for someone to help get you out of the situation, he would stroll towards you. “Oh hey, Y/n. Looking beautiful today, where have you been?” S.Coups would slip an arm around your waist, kissing your cheek softly as he smiled affectionately at you. The pure love on his face would be enough to send the other person running away with hurried apologies.


Wonwoo would watch from a distance for a while, ignoring absolutely everything around him just to watch this person. He had no doubts about you, knowing you wouldn’t be interested in this person chatting to you. When he saw that you kept shaking your head and trying to shuffle away but the person just kept following after you, he would snort softly and roll his eyes. He wasn’t jealous, he just thought the person was making an as of himself. When you met his gaze he would motion for you to come to him with one finger, giving you an escape you needed as you ran up to him.


Mingyu wouldn’t even hesitate. The moment he saw the smirk on some other guys face as he tried to hit you up, he would be all but running in your direction, fixing his hair and flexing his muscles so he looked kind of intimidating. “Y/n! Hey! Who’s your friend?” Mingyu would stand behind you, hands on his hips as he eyed this other guy up and down, making a point of looking majorly unimpressed. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen him before,” Mingyu would perk a brow, hooking his arm around your shoulders as he stared this guy straight on. “And as your boyfriend, I know most of the people in your life.”


Vernon wouldn’t know what to do, but he would FREAK OUT. He would be watching you and his mind would be racing through a vast range of things. First some jealousy, because this guy was obviously getting your attention with his flirting. But then he noticed how uncomfortable you looked and suddenly he was feeling angry that this guy was all up in your personal space. But Vernon didn’t know if he should go up, or if it would annoy you. He would round up some people (only Dino would agree to go with him) and they’d come over and start chattering at such a fast pace, slowly closing in between you and the guy till he was completely cut off from the conversation.

☼ Iris

Thank you for reading! We really hope you like it. We’re open for requests, so go ahead and message us!


Kennedy: “Oh John…I-I can’t believe…I just….I don’t know what to say! N-No that’s not true, I do…”

“Yes! O-Of course I’ll marry you!”

John leapt up, grinning so wide he could be mistaken for the cheshire cat. He held on to Kennedy’s tear-stained cheeks, happier than he had ever been, and kissed her softly. The two stayed like that for a few moments, enjoying each other’s presence before John gently pulled away. Wiping a few tears from his own eyes, he produced a small black box from his pocket and slowly opened the lid. Inside lay the most beautiful ring Kennedy had ever seen. 

It was a small, silver ring lined with small diamonds and engraved with a delicate, intricate petal design which encompassed another slightly larger diamond. Shakingly, John took the ring from its cushioned home and placed it on Kennedy’s finger. Smiling profusely the two kissed again and as they parted once more Kennedy took note of the song emitting from the speaker attached to the barn wall. She smirked. John was so well prepared that he had timed their favourite song to begin playing a few minutes after they exited the building, estimating the amount of time the proposal would take. The two held each other and swayed to the beautiful lyrics before heading inside to be congratulated. 

Like I’m a big crying baby. I’m a hopeless romantic. I know Shiro is also a big hopeless romantic crying baby who loves hugging Keith and kissing his cheeks and holding hands and Keith is like– No Shiro. Please. I don’t like this but deep down he likes it? He ends up getting so used to it, he can’t go without it anymore? And he’ll find himself reaching towards Shiro, trying to find his hand when they’re standing right next to each other, grabbing it and holding it with so much strength that Shiro feels his feeling. He just knows how strong Keith’s private feelings are. And then Keith starts the kissing on his own and Shiro couldn’t feel more blessed.

Richie is a mess

  • stan hates how messy richie is
  • richie’s glasses piss him off
  • how can he deal with the finger prints??
  • can he even see out of them they’re so smudged
  • stan always has to take them from richie, clean then with a cloth he carries specifically for him, and place them back on richie’s smiling face
  • richie adores it
  • he can’t see stan without his glasses, he’s just a blurry blob
  • richie thinks he still looks adorable
  • even before they were dating, richie couldn’t resist kissing his cheek when stan put them back on his face
  • then he would proceed to push his glasses up with his finger, right on the lens
  • just to push stans buttons
  • stan rolled his eyes
  • “I TRY to help”
  • “aw you know I appreciate it, stan the man”
  • stan loves him despite his horribly messy glasses, room, and personality
  • he may be a mess, but he’s stan’s mess

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U said everything and more. That kiss can u talk abt I watched like so much times it's was so beautiful, so gentle, so soft. Like Rick did want to break Michonne and the way they look at each other after they love each other so so much it's palpable. I really loved this scene but it could have been great to see them exchange the shirt and the necklace and like talk u know. Anyway I liked the dream sequence as well. Rick coming to the Sanctuary and showing to Marion Negan who is the alpha...

I liked the kiss. I think that it was very gentle, more loving than passionate…which felt like the proper tone to strike here. he’s leaving for war….she’s still hurting physically…he was gentle, and loving, and he’s not devouring her with his kiss, it’s just the soft press of their lips, his hand on her cheek and neck. I loved it. It came across as though he was pained to leave her behind, that she was still hurt, but that he loves her…i mean check out how they look at each other when they pull away…there is always something more we could want, but i guess i have come to settle with the fact that this is not a romance, so i have to take what i can get…which is pretty good most times. 

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I hope we get a kiss in the special! We haven’t had one since “return of Strongbow” I believe... it’s been too long. Heck I’ll even go for a cheek kiss 😂

@forever-tangledup and I were talking about that just last night. I think the conclusion we came to was that “The Return of Strongbow” had the kiss on the lips in his room, “One Angry Princess” had her kiss him on the forehead, and Eugene kissed Rapunzel on the cheek in “Big Brothers of Corona.”

I feel relatively confident that we’ll get some serious New Dream action in “Queen For a Day,” if for no other reason than because it’s likely to be more intense and more emotional.

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cordelia is taller than charlotte and she gloats about that a lot, but charlotte doesn't mind because she likes standing on her toes to kiss her on the cheek

And when Cordelia will wear heels and make herself even taller than Charlotte than she already is, and Charlotte will pretend to pout a little just to get Delia to lean down and kiss the pout right off her.

And when Delia doesn’t make herself taller, Char will always stand on her toes to kiss her girlfriend because she just loves her loads.

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what would kissing donghan be like

You see here, this can go both ways, and bc I’m trash for walnuthead, I’ll do both~

Donghan went to an all-boys high school, so I’m assuming his interaction with girls is only when they’re screaming over him and his dance crew. Besides the fact, contrary to his rude-ass, personally-attacking me persona on stage, Donghan is such a cute, bubbly boy? Clingy? af. Playful? af. So I can imagine him to be the type to have rose dusted cheeks when he leans in to kiss you. Probably just presses his lips firmly against yours for your first kiss bc heS FREAKING OUT. I imagine he probably likes to cup your cheeks with his big-ass hands and just kiss you on your forehead or your nose. Probably kisses you temple when he has his arm around you while the two of you are walking around the mall or something. Soft, stolen kisses when you’re working on something or when you’re rambling about him not helping you with dinner, because he knows that’s one way to get you quiet. I bet you he likes holding your hand when he’s driving. One hand on the wheel, the other one interlocked with yours, and every now and then, he lifts your hand up to lightly brush his lips against your knuckles.

But Donghan is also a lil shit, so this paragraph is dedicated to lil shit Donghan. I highkey believe he’s the type to like, purposefully buy a small couch, so you have to sit on his lap during movie night. I also believe he’s the type to start kissing your neck during the movie and smirks when you start squirming. Donghan also seems like he’d just one day strut into the kitchen and see you making food and he just picks you up and places you on the counter to make out with you. And Donghan reminds me of an overeager puppy, so like, making out with him is a lot of mess. But good mess every now and then,,,,until his hand goes up your shirt, that’s a no good mess zone right there. I also feel like he’d be a really aggressive kind of making out guy. He’d be into like, holding you steady against some surface, so your only form of support is him, and like his hand is either gripping your thigh or your hip, no in between. Probably likes giving you hickeys bc he knows he shouldn’t. Also, he’d probably just pick you up at one point and take you too the bedroom bc he’s too impatient at this point.

wow,,,,,,,,,,,,,,that was long


Vivid stood and grabbed Lenox’s hands,placing them on her stomach. After a few moments,Lenox felt a little nudge under his palm.

Lenox Dash: Was that a kick?

Vivid: Uh huh.

Lenox Dash: Wow…does it feel weird? Like,you’re feeling that from inside your body…

Vivid: *giggles* A little bit,yeah.

Lenox looked up at Vivid as she was looking lovingly down at their hands on her stomach. Despite how sick she had been,Vivid was dealing with all of this with no complaints. It was incredible.

Vivid: *yawns* Mmm…I think I’m tired enough to sleep now.

Lenox Dash: Oh…right. Forgot how late it was.

Vivid leaned in and kissed Lenox gently on the cheek,just as she had at the romance festival…