it was just a kiss on the cheek

“There Viktor held him, both counting seconds while their breaths tried to even out. He felt the heat in his cheeks, saw the blush in Yuuri’s; beads of sweat tangled in his hair. And those eyes. Those beautiful, dark, enchanting eyes that had held him ever since that first night at the banquet. “…E adesso ti bacierò.”
He gave Yuuri just enough time to realize that those weren’t a continuation of lyrics before he pulled him closer, meeting him halfway with a kiss; his first in eight years.”

Commission for Gabapple and Mamodewberry, as an illustration for their beautiful, beautiful yoi work <3

BTS Reaction | Too rough

Anon request:  Hey I was wondering if you can do a bts reaction to you not telling them it was your first time until they actually start moving and they go rough without realising (during sex).. so they don’t know you’ve never done it until they see you in pain/discomfort.. they don’t realise till after they’re inside and move roughly.. p.s I love your blog–

A/N: Thank you ^-^

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That smoke filled shot from the promo shoot has given me so many thoughts though...

Just like FP and Alice, Betty and Jughead tried so hard but they couldn’t withstand the pull of the Riverdale split. The turf war got so bad that someone from the Southside couldn’t even step foot over the division line without threat of attack. They tried at first, they tried so hard to fight it, to be together. Jughead crawling into Betty’s room in the middle of the night, Betty sneaking to Jughead’s trailer in the earliest hours of the morning before school. Alice threatened bars on her window. It wasn’t Jughead, she’d said, it was her safety. Visits became phone calls, phone calls became texts. And try as he might to resist it Jughead had finally found a family with the Serpents, people willing to look out for him no matter the cost.

He shouted, she cried. He apologised and she shouted louder. Cursed them both as cowards. Too weak to hold their own, deliver nothing but empty promises into the grooves of each other’s skin. He told her their love wasn’t real, just to get her to go for good.

She moved to Boston for college. Got her journalism degree. Was chosen for an internship at the New Yorker.

He worked in the Whyte Worm, taking classes in community college when he could, rising in the ranks of the Serpents to keep a roof over his head when his father was sentenced. He’d wanted so much more for himself but he’d always known it was a pipe dream. He wrote, until the sun peeked over his windowsill he would work on his novel. A last shred of hope in which the delinquent got the girl and the waters of the river were eternally smooth.

Alice was thrilled when Betty announced her engagement. Ben, or Brad, or Buck, it didn’t matter. The first time she’d been back to Riverdale, a place with so many painful memories, was for the party her mother insisted on throwing. Her chest ached the whole drive back, fingers threatening to curl in a way they hadn’t for years. She straightened her soft pink cardigan, ran her hands over her light blue dress and scowled into her mirror as the reflection of Alice Cooper stared back at her.

Betty told herself it was a craving for Pop’s vanilla malt milkshakes that had drawn her here in the middle of the night, perfect fiancé left sleeping in her lacy pink childhood room. In all actuality she knew the real reason, never was a good liar anyway. It was a long shot and yet…

There he was, in his booth, laptop and half drunken coffee in front of him, like a day had never passed. She can’t breathe, all air snatched from the room as he looks up, blue meeting green for the first time in too long.

He stands up before he can even think. He’s taller, more muscular, she thinks. She’s blonder, curvier in all the right places he can’t help but notice.

Neither of them remember closing the distance but her name is barely off his lips before she envelopes him, flooding his senses with an essence that is purely Betty Cooper and he’s already drunk, already addicted all over again.

Pop’s bathroom isn’t the most idyllic location but it’s the closest. They’re tearing at each other’s clothes, biting at lips and necks and shoulders in a desperate attempt to make up for lost time, apologise and repent and forgive all at once. She hooks her legs round his waist, telling him in a low growl to just rip her underwear as it hinders them, drawing him home between her thighs.

This was it this time, this was always going to be it. Neither side of Riverdale would ever be at peace, this they would have to accept, but it wouldn’t stop them now. Nothing could.

Eventually Jughead and Betty move into a big white house in the suburbs, offering him the dream life he’d always wanted but would never admit to because why would it possibly happen for him? The neighbours stare with open jaws that say ‘goodness is she okay with that dark, scary looking gang member?’ And then there’s a ring at the door and they answer it to find Jughead Jones adorably holding out a plate of cookies, blush on his cheeks as he says “um my wife baked these for you, we’re new round here". His shy smile could get him anything, Betty knew that more than anyone.

He mows the lawn for the old lady at the end of the road and volunteers to man the barbecue during the summer street party.

She goes back home with him, weekly visits to FP and reunions at the Worm. Betty beats almost every Serpent at pool as they just shake their heads, flushing as she kisses their cheeks in placation before she asks if anyone wants to play darts next.

Light and dark - you never could have one without the other.


Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Rating: G, Word Count: 678
Fluff, Established Relationship, Fluff without Plot, POV Stiles

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Stiles wants to cry. This is not what he’d planned. Fuck! He’s ruined the weekend before it well and truly starts. He tightens his arms and legs around Derek, feeling like a koala clinging to Derek’s back, then buries his face in Derek’s hair and inhales. Derek tightens his grip on Stiles’ legs in response, his hands large and warm beneath Stiles’ thighs. Actually, this isn’t so bad.

‘Does it hurt?’ Derek asks. He turns his head a little. His stubble scrapes against Stiles’ cheek. ‘I still think we should’ve gone back.’

Stiles rolls his eyes and presses a kiss to Derek’s cheek. ‘We’re almost there. Just keep following the path.’

Derek opens his mouth to protest, again, but decides to keep walking instead. They really are almost there. The slightly curved path they’re on straightens out after another minute of walking, and the trees open up, revealing a small glade with a creek gurgling softly at the far end. The grass is bright green, dotted with buttercups and forget-me-nots. The air smells fresh and clean. The sunlight streams into the open space in a way that makes all the colours brighter and shine like precious stones. It’s like something out of a dream.

‘Wow,’ they breath out at the same time.

Derek walks to the middle of the glade, sets the backpack with food down, then gently lowers himself to the ground with Stiles still on his back. Stiles lets go, a little reluctantly, and they sit side by side for a minute, just looking around. Stiles didn’t think there was anything that came close to the beauty of Derek’s eyes. Guess he was wrong, though Derek’s eyes still win.

‘I should take a look at your ankle,’ Derek says. He tears his eyes away from the scenery and starts unlacing Stiles’ boot.

Half an hour into their hike, Stiles tripped and twisted his ankle. Derek wanted to go back, make sure it wasn’t sprained or broken, but since they were already halfway to their destination, Stiles insisted they keep moving. Stiles went on Derek’s back, and their food and picnic blanket on Derek’s front. Thank heaven for strong, built, werewolf husbands.

The boot slides easily off Stiles foot, and they both breathe a sigh of relief.

‘I told you it wasn’t that bad,’ Stiles says.

‘You also said that when you got shot in the leg,’ Derek points out. He removes Stiles’ sock and gently starts probing and moving Stiles’ foot. It’s a little sore, but it doesn’t really hurt.

‘Nothing a little rest won’t cure,’ Stiles grins.

‘I’m gonna have to carry you back, aren’t I?’

‘But you won’t have to carry the food.’

‘Because you’ll have eaten it all.’ Derek looks pointedly at the sandwich Stiles is already stuffing into his mouth.

‘You love me,’ Stiles grins, bits of sandwich falling out of his mouth.

‘It’s why I married you,’ Derek agrees. His eyes go soft and he lifts Stiles’ foot to press a kiss to his ankle.

Stiles’ insides melt, making it hard to swallow his food.

They spend the entire afternoon in the little glade. They eat their lunches, then rest their feet in the little creek. The water is cold, but not freezing, and it tickles between Stiles’ toes, making him squirm and giggle. They lie in the sun, talking about everything and nothing, Stiles’ head pillowed on the folded picnic blanket, Derek’s head pillowed on Stiles’ stomach.

‘We should move here,’ Stiles says. His fingers scratch against Derek’s scalp, just the way he knows Derek’s likes it.


‘I don’t wanna leave, so there’s no choice but to move in.’

‘Pretty sure the park owns this.’

‘You could buy it for me,’ Stiles suggests.

‘Buy it yourself. ‘S your money too.’

They stay like that until the shadows of the trees reach Derek’s legs. Reluctantly, they pack everything up and pull on their socks and shoes again. Stiles tries his ankle. If he exaggerates the pain a little so Derek will give him another piggyback ride, who can blame him?

MCL Boys: Types of Kissers

These are just random headcanons I felt like making ?? These are kinda short but I thought it’d be nice to make bc I had some pretty good ideas on what types they’d be. but yooo, enjoy!

Nathaniel would be the tender kisser. Knowing him, he’d always want his kisses to last a few seconds and be something memorable. Most of the time when he kisses, he always has his hand on Candy - like on her cheek or under her chin. He’s had an ex before, as told by him himself, Nath is a good kisser. 

He’s good, but he always tries to do better than the last time. Nath also is pretty good at keeping the kiss locked, he doesn’t lose his grip during the kiss. Nath is definitely dominant during the kisses, he wants to be. Candy is the one that usually ends it.

Castiel is more of the sweet kisser. Though he’s living up to be that ‘bad boy’ he’s known for Cassy has a weak spot for trying to have super loving kisses. As much as he’d wanna bite or nibble at Candy’s lips, he wants it to be something gentle and easy to do. Castiel doesn’t have much of a grip, the kisses are usually lose and heated. 

Cas is experienced in his kisses, pretty good at it. Has a thing for where Candy nibbles his lips. He’s totally the dominant one during the kisses but he doesn’t mind having to be submissive, doesn’t mean he won’t fight to be dominant, though. Castiel is the one that breaks the kisses.

Lysander is definitely a deep kisser. Almost all of the time, Lysander has very deep kisser, he combines a kiss with one or two. Such as not separating and he’ll give a little peck before he breaks the kiss completely. He doesn’t mind the roles of being dominant or submissive, he’s just that one kind of guy that doesn’t really care unless it happens. Most likely the dominant one, though.

Lys is an amazing kisser too, for someone who hasn’t been in a relationship. Usually pulls Candy into the kiss a little deeper by her chin or cheek, anything to make it better. Candy usually breaks the kiss.

Armin is a quick kisser. In general, Armin gives a lot more quick kisses than he does passionate ones - those are usually during the make out sessions or in private areas. He’s a sucker for cheek kisses but, usually, he gives a little puckered kiss. It’s simple, sweet, and it’s quick. His quality of types of kisses vary on mood - if he’s feeling good, there’s deep kissing. 

If he’s not doing so well, he’s pretty quick or a light kisser. He’s just quick since it’s just something quirky he does. As for the dominant and submissive roles, Armin really doesn’t care - he’s slightly more submissive than he is dominant, though. Armin usually stops the kisses.

Kentin is a soft kisser. Obviously Kentin wouldn’t want to try anything new, he’s kinda insecure about being a bad kisser with Candy , even telling off Amber as of being a bad kisser already - he doesn’t want to be one with Candy. He’s a deep kisser but he’s also so gentle with Candy, it’s sweet. 

Nor does he like rough kisses in the first place, adding onto his gentleness. Kentin’s kisses last for a few seconds, too. He’s a very good kisser, but he’s submissive so Candy is in charge most of the time where the kisses lead to. Candy is the one that usually breaks the kisses.

No Kiss List

@lapidot-anniversary-week and @jenhedgehog

prompt: first kiss

words: 3k

genre: childhood friends/enemies to sweethearts, human AU

summary: Peridot is the only person in the fourth grade that is on Lapis’s ‘no kiss list’ for a kind of underground kissing booth and Peridot is not happy about it, they grow older together and things begin to shift, Ao3

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ok but isak once made even tea in the morning, to surprise him, and even was so smiley and thanked him a thousand times but then he actually took a look and. okay. and his smile froze on his face and isak was like “is it not good?” and even just shook his head with a smile, “its great, thank u” then he took a sip ,left it in his mouth for a moment then swallowed and he faked a smile, encouraging isak and it was worth it because isaks face lit up with a bright smile and gave even a cheek kiss. (even didnt finish the tea, he let it cool out and just said he forgot about it but still was very thankful)

If I Should Have a Daughter

My dearest one, I could write pages of what to look for when it comes to finding the one that makes your heart fly off the walls, that paints your cheeks shades of red you can’t even name, that makes your lungs fill up with giggles and laughs to last for days, whose lips will kiss every inch of your frame and even wipe the tears away. But those would be what I look for in my love, so I will let you fill in each blank with what feels right for you; I’ll just name a few that I don’t want you to overlook. Make sure they make you feel bright even when you feel your light is dim but know sometimes they’ll be the reason dark clouds settle above your head and even why the rain pours down and soaks your hair. Look for the one that will grab your hand when you’re falling off the edge of the cliff and once they pull you up to safety won’t let you linger there but push you upwards to success. Find the one that will let their thoughts unravel freely before your mind, knowing well enough the words can warm your heart or create cracks in the fragile beating clump. Search for a human that will accept you for who you are, darling you may be my daughter, but you’re not all sunshine all the time; they’ll have to choose to love you even when they’d rather turn their back. The one wanting to call you “mine” better stick through and through like glue, if they truly mean “I love you.” Follow the pull that attracts you to the source, make sure sparks fly each time they say hello, don’t dismiss the signs you see, and always be guided not by the too rational mind and too irrational heart, but by your true friend, your gut. Let me tell you a secret, when you find the one, you won’t question if they are, you will just know.

Touch Touch (Physical Contact and How Lance smothers Keith with it)

•Honestly? Give me Klance seeing eachother after a mission and we-did-it hugging (alternative: we-didn’t-die-hugging)
•Lance is very hands-on when it comes to Keith, he shows affection through touch.
When he’s excited and telling Keith something he’ll grab onto his arms, he’ll kiss Keith on the cheek if he’s proud of him, he’ll trace Keith’s freckles; etcetera
At first Lance wondered if this would bother Keith, it would turn out he does, rather, just gets very pink when he does this.
•Keith’s kinda off contact as a contrast, but this gives special emphasis to the times he does display affection physically
Lance melts
•Keith probably likes playing with Lance’s hair
He probably tried to go in with a light pat or /something/ but it just turned into ruffling his hair for a straight three minutes without realizing it
Lance always pretends to get kinda annoyed. (Newsflash: He really isn’t, Keith knows this)
•Lance is so… warm?? Keith is melting
•Keith is really cold all the time
•so Keith takes advantage of this by using Lance as essentially a very warm pillow when he sleeps.
•Lance is very excited by this, tries to play it like he doesn’t really care /that/ much (he does)
•Keith doesn’t know it, but he’s a very physically clingy guy if he gets the chance to relax around Lance
•"Cradling" becomes like, a regular thing in their relationship, haha
•They still play-fight quite a bit, but the “rivals” edge is taken off from it. (it’s really not any different)

- Froggle 💙

Remus Lupin x Hufflepuff!Reader

Request: “YO YO YO- Can I get a fanfic where Remus falls in love with a hufflepuff and shes all shy and stuff but when she hears Remus being talked bad about she whips out her wand and does some Avada Kedavra shit- like no one messes with my wolfie Hahahahahahaha LOVE CHOGIWAAAAAAAAA and YE XING DE” -anon

Warnings: None really. Like one swear word.

Word Count: 825

A/N: GUYS IM BACK HOLY SHIT So I’ve been gone for like EVER now because I’ve just been in one of those moods where you don’t even feel like breathing but I am here and queer and ready to write some fanfiction again ~ BB

“Hey love.” Called a voice from behind you. You turned around to see a tall figure walking towards you. “Hey Rem.” You smile and say as the boy places a kiss on your cheek and sits down beside you. You two have been into each other for a while and were keeping it pretty low-key. You were fine with that and thought he was to until he popped the question. “Hey y/n. When are we going to tell people we’re dating?” Your breath hitched when you heard that word. ‘Dating’. You never really thought of it as dating. Maybe it was because you were scared of commitment or maybe because you were way too shy and didn’t want to bring attention to yourself. Or maybe it was… “Hello? Earth to y/n.”

“Sorry.” You mumbled.

“Is everything alright?” He asked, shifting his body to meet your gaze.

“Yeah everything is fine. Just thinking.”

He takes your face in one of his hands and moves your head gently so he could look at you better. You meet his gaze and realize that his eyes are filled with worry and confusion. You smile fakely, trying to convince him but he sees right through it. “Is it because of the whole ‘dating’ thing?” Your mind starts to race again thinking of what people would think and how they would react, imagining the worse of course. “Y/n are you embarrassed to be with me?” Instantly you fill with regret. You weren’t embarrassed, not at all, but he looked so sad and you hated that.

“Rem I could never be embarrassed to be with you. You know how shy I am and I’m just afraid that if we tell people then they’ll start talking. And just imagine what they’ll say when they hear you’re dating a hufflepuff.”

“Now what’s wrong with hufflepuffs!” He says looking a bit taken back. “Especially when they have such a great student like you in their house.”

You smile and blush, hiding your face in your hands. Remus laughs and takes your hands in his.

“There’s that adorable smile I love. And I don’t care about what others think, okay? I love you and that’s all that matters, right?”

You look at him still blushing. “Right.”

He stands up and lifts you from the chair, spinning you around in circles. “Let’s go tell everyone then!”

“Still not keen on the idea, Rem.”

He puts you down and sighs. “Okay love. Just tell me when you are.” He kisses your cheek before walking away. You sit down and sigh. What’ve I gotten myself into.

 A few days passed and you still haven’t talked to Remus about telling everyone about you two. You haven’t talked to him at all actually. You would see him in the hallways but he always looked tired and beat up. You were thinking it was from the moon but then you realized it wasn’t full or even close to being full. You were walking to your dormitory one night when you heard muffled yelling coming from around the corner.

“Where’s your little marshmallow now, huh?”

“Come on loverboy stand up straight and fight back!”

You were rounding the corner when you saw Remus laying on the floor with three Ravenclaws beating at him. They were taunting him and whenever he would try to stand they would push him back down. The longer you watched the more infuriated you got. You drew your wand and started walking towards them.

“Where’s your little girlfriend now, huh?” Cackled the boys.

“Right here.” You shot out a spell that sent them to the floor. “Get away from my boyfriend.” You snarled. You watched the boys get up and run down the corridor before going over to Remus and helping him up. “Rem are you ok? They seemed to hurt you pretty bad.”

“Y/n…that was incredible.”

“Oh shut up. We have to get you to Madam Pomfrey.” You start to walk to the hospital wing when the silence is broken by Remus’s voice.

“Hey y/n?”


“My brain might’ve taken too many blows but, correct me if I’m wrong, did I hear you call me your boyfriend?”

You blushed and looked down. “Maybe.”

He stopped walking and stood in front of you. Before you could register what was happening, he kissed you. This wasn’t like the kisses you have shared before. This one was filled with passion and understanding. He backed you into the nearest wall and you pushed away, making him whine. “Easy tiger you might sprain something.” He laughed and kissed your cheek. “Now if you don’t mind, I think it’s time to get you to Madam Pomfrey.”

“On one condition.”

You looked at him and crossed your arms. “And what would that be?”

“I can tell the whole school that I’m dating the most badass Hufflepuff in the world.”

You uncrossed your arms and wrapped them around Remus’s torso before kissing him again.”Of course you can.”

—Boyfriend! Hoseok au

Authors note: This is my first post! I’m Lea, i’ll be posting a little bit of everything on this account! Enjoy this short bullet form scenario of Hobi!             Also feel free to request anything you want me or Jen!

Hoseok boyfriend au

  • Him playing with your hair all the time
  • Lots of inside jokes
  • Watching him dance + him teaching you
  • Dance battles at 2 am
  • Him being hyper while your being lazy
  • Snuggling at night time + just in general
  • If you aren’t together you’re either calling or face timing
  • Matching outfits
  • Surprise gifts when he goes somewhere without you
  • Lots and lots of aegyo
  • Selca’s 24/7
  • Always talking about each other
  • “I love you” “NO I LOVE YOU MORE” “NO I LOVE YOU MORE”
  • Messing with the other members together
  • Kisses all over your face
  • Squishes your cheeks
  • Cute nicknames
  • “Hobi” “Yes my precious angel” “you’re a horse”
  • Walks and holding hands while skipping,, not caring who judges you
  •  Protecting and covering you at airports
  • Humming you to sleep
  • Watching you from a distance when you’re talking to other members to make sure they don’t say/do anything
  • When he is away he calls you every night to tell you about his day no matter what time it is
  • Always looking for you in crowds at their concerts and sending you endless hearts
  • Recording your special moments together


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danielzharman  asked:

hcs about renison's domestic life? :)

Renee’s favorite thing about being with Allison is that she’s allowed to be soft. Not that she couldn’t with anyone else, but her history always weighed heavy. She gave the burden of her sins away and allowed herself to be washed by the water, but the strength and power, the knowledge of all the ways she could kill, wasn’t something that she could just turn off. And as sweet as everyone told Renee she was, they knew that that strength lied right under the surface. Even more so during the riot and some man dared laid a hand on Allison. Renee had reacted before she even knew it was Allison. She just saw the orange hoodie and responded, but after, she was afraid of what it would mean for her friendship with Allison.

Whatever she was expecting, she can definitively say that it was not being kissed on the cheek. She was shocked and Allison said, “You know, when I wished on a star for my knight in shinning armor to come save me, I never thought she would be so beautiful while she was doing the saving.” Renee could only gap at her, while Allison ran her hands up her arms and told her how scared she was, but then there was a flash of white hair and muted pastels in the dim light. She knew she’d be okay, but she worried about Renee.

Renee had never had anyone to worry about her before; it was a strange and new concept. She thought she rather liked it.

Allison worried about Renee, and it was because she had someone who actively told her how much she cared, Renee allowed herself to be soft. She allowed Allison to snag her around the waist and pull her back down for five more minutes of sleep when she got up in the morning. She was always pleasantly surprised when she got in the shower, expecting next to no shampoo and a new bottle was in its place. When she flipped open her bible there were little notes in the margins that she hadn’t written. Allison liked Ruth in particular because she was a sucker for love stories. Renee told her their love story every time she asked, and she could feel her edges being smoothed by the repetition.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. She lived in a glass tower because her parents wanted to show off her beauty, never allowing her out, in case something might mar her beauty. One day she broke out and ran away to a foreign land, but not before taking her parents fastest car and painting it pink. There she met a broken viscount. She knew how to hold him together when he couldn’t, and she loved him. The princess and the viscount fought because the viscount despised her station, even though the princess would give up her title in a heartbeat, for she had no love for her family. She befriended a knight and would tell her of her plights. One day, the viscount was murdered by the underlings of an evil sorcerer. The princess was heartbroken, but part of being a princess of a glass tower meant that she only broke on the inside, never the out. The world only caught a glimpse, but the knight knew. The knight swore to protect the princess and he a loyal friend. A neighboring kingdom tried to kidnap the princess and the knight rushed to save her, forgetting her own safety in the process. She told herself that it was her duty to protect her dearest friend, but when the princess bestowed a kiss on her cheek, the knight knew she was in deep water. The knight needn’t worry, for the princess desperately loved the knight too. It was in a different way than she had loved the viscount, but the knight didn’t mind, she only wanted the princess in whatever way she was wanted in return. The princess would make the knight her consort and plotted vows that would bind them forever, but until then, the princess was content to lie in the knights arms.

Whenever Renee told the story, Allison would pepper kisses all over Renee until she got to the part about the princesses desperate love. Then she would look up at Renee with soft eyes and tell her that this was her absolute favorite part.

Renee and Allison work like a well oiled machine, and always work together to make the mundane tasks in their life something they overcome together. If sometimes they get distracted by Allison running across the room screeching something about the princess needing saving, well, Renee would stop the world in a heartbeat to save her princess.

Dating Veronica Lodge Would Include:

• Meeting her when she came to Riverdale

• Always joking about her and Betty or her and Archie

• “Always thought you’d get with one of them, but thank fuck I was wrong”

• No PDA, other than Veronica’s cheek kisses and hugs, which everyone gets

• Lots of couple things when you’re alone, though

• Nobody except your close friends knowing you were dating

• Until someone saw you and her kissing one day

• Helping Veronica figure out if her dad was involved with Jason

• “Ronnie I promise I will help you…we just have to be smart about this”

• Always going on little dates at Pop’s, sometimes just to see her mom

• “On me- the perks of having my mom work here”

• Always preventing her from buying you expensive things when she was sorry

• “Hey, Ronnie listen. You shouldn’t have to buy me things to apologize, I don’t care if you buy me things, it’s okay”

• Constant little sassy remarks from her

• Comforting her when she thought her dad killed Jason

• “Hey- we still don’t know if he did it…even if he did, you always have me, okay..?”

• Cuddles

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A/N: Hey guys so it took me so long to post this because it deleted! I’m doing more requests now so feel free to request anything from Riverdale, The 100, The Walking Dead, or American Horror Story!

sweet-nightingale-171  asked:

Eyyyyy, so, how would the 2p allies react to their s/o just calmly walking up to them, placing a flower crown on their head, kissing their cheek, and walking away?

Allen: Surprised. Gives you a quick kiss before you walk off and has a huge dorky grin on his face for the rest of the day and is uncharacteristically calm??? It both confuses and slightly scares people when they try to provoke him and he just smiles and shrugs. It was just such a sweet gesture, and he decides to take you out for dinner as a thank-you. (He takes it off before going out in public, can’t ruin his bad-boy aethestic, but keeps it on his bedside table)

Mathieu: Confused??? Why??? Touches the flower crown lightly and sighs seemingly out of exasperation, but really, he’s a total sucker for flower crowns and he just doesn’t take it off. He literally just doesn’t care what people think, you made this for him so he’s gonna keep it. When you next come home, because Mathieu can’t make flower crowns himself (he can but he’d rather die than tell you that-) he presents you with a bouquet. (2p! Canada, 2p! Prussia and 2p! Romano are the flower crown trio)

François: Blinks twice. And the moment you disappear, something amazing happens. He gets a real, genuine smile on his face. It only lasts about six seconds, but it happened. It’s real. Like Mathieu, doesn’t take it off. Glares at anyone who makes fun of it. You, the only person he really loves in this god damn hell hole, made it for him, and he’ll keep it on. Doesn’t mean he’ll tell you that though. Pretends he was too lazy (but you know).

Oliver: Immediately hugs you. Rambles about how pretty it is, and how grateful he is until you gently pull away, press a soft kiss on his cheek and walk off. He stops in the middle of a sentence, blushes, and smiles from ear-to-ear. How did he get so lucky? Wears it for the rest of the day with pride, and before bed, he presses the flowers in a book, and neatly writes the date and your name so he can keep it forever and look back and be happy.

Viktor: He was enjoying some rare time off, reading a book out of his extensive library, when you, his lovely s/o, pops in, places something on his head and gives him a kiss on the cheek, before leaving straight away. He frowns, carefully takes off the object and sees it’s a flower crown. He chuckles quietly to himself. It’s so like you to give him that. He admires your handiwork, before placing it on the desk in front of him before he starts working again. When he gets particularly frustrated, he looks at it and calms down. Like Oliver, he presses the flower crown in a book he tucks away in his desk drawer to look back on.

Xiao: Totally digs it. Hugs you tightly and gives you a forehead kiss before you laugh, give him a quick cheek kiss and walk off. He whines after you, wanting you to come back, but you merely poke your tongue out and run some errands. Takes it off of his head and studies it intensely, before he tries to make one for you. You come home to find him surrounded by flowers and on the verge of tears. You pat his head and patiently teach him how to properly make them. Once he gets the hang of it, it becomes almost ritual to exchange flower crowns every Saturday. 

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Kiss #19 for the Forbidden Attachments AU maybe?

19. Kisses because I don’t want you to go and maybe I can convince you to stay just a few minutes longer

I just started writing the next chapter and I won’t say this is a teaser, but it might be a teaser

His arm locked around her waist when she moved to stand, his iron grip pulling her back into bed. She sighed when she rolled to face him and pushed his dark fringe from his forehead. “I’m boarding in an hour; I really do have to get going.”

“A few more minutes.” He kissed her cheek lazily. “We’ve only had one night alone in the past week.”

It would be another three months before they’d share a bed again. The thought made her relent, caused her fingers to lace behind his neck. She kissed him softly, slowly, with as much emotion as she could muster without overwhelming him. “I’ll be back soon.”

“And the wedding,” he mumbled, “will I be planning that all myself?”

“Ben, I told you, we can’t have more than one witness or it’ll be a risk.”

“We can still do something low-key that day.” His lips lingered on her skin. “I still can’t believe you said yes.”

“I was never going to say no. Now, though, I really do have to get going.”

“Call me when you head out,” he said with a yawn. “And don’t forget to check in this time so I know you’re safe.”

She gave him one last kiss. “I won’t forget.” With a Force push into his mind, she put him right back to sleep. “Get some rest, love.”


Can we please appreciate these two cute beans 💛💚💚

Like honestly throughout the video they shared the same humour with each other and do know each other well also telling us some bring special. When it came to the question describing each other in one word in which Wiishu used “Kind” and then saying why she chose it, saying all the sweet and kind stuff about Jack that are so true and tbh, that it’s the best world for Jack to be described as.
Also the quiet and subtle “thanks babe” and kiss on the cheek just ended me compete ly making me not cry at all 😢😢 can’t believe how cute they are honestly!

I love stuff like this and really do hope for a relationship like theirs. Honestly, it’s got the mixture of live, respect and laughs