it was interesting to hear the pronouns that people used when looking at this character

Dysphoria Tips

To start this post off, not all of these tips will work for everyone! Everyone’s dysphoria is different and everyone has different things that help! 

Also, I am not a doctor or anything like that! And I am a trans guy, so that’s what this is all coming from, I can try to look up how other genders deal with dysphoria, but I think a lot of these ones will also help other genders

- Showering (I know this doesn’t help everyone)
Okay, so I know it may seem like confronting your physical form may not be the right thing to do, and it might not be, but for me taking a shower/bath really helps because I focus more on the routine and what I’m washing than my actual body
Also! Using products that match your gender might really help!! I use the more “masculine” smelling products for my body and it’s super nice ^^ They also have products that are more “gender neutral” if that’s more your thing

- Do something distracting that you enjoy
For example, I love going on walks, drawing, writing, and gaming and any of things things could be distractions from things that you don’t want to think about! You of course don’t need to pick one of the things I enjoy doing, there are lots of things you could do like sports, blogging, listening to music, hanging out with your pets (they aren’t going to judge you!), etc.

- Find someone who won’t judge you!
I know this might be hard for some of you, but I know that I have at least one person to talk to every time I get upset about this sort of thing! My friends will not misgender me, and they will reassure me that I am a guy and I do pass, and all that good stuff! If someone is hurting you and misgendering you and not respecting you, you can cut them out of your life! You are not obligated to keep these people around because of their feelings
Pets can be used for this too! Your animals will never judge you :3 Hell, they probably don’t even know what gender is :D

- Find things about yourself that you like
This doesn’t have to be about your body, but it can be! If you take the time to think about positive aspects of yourself, you might feel a little better. And if you can think about the positive things about your body, like the color of your eyes or the shade of your skin, or how great your smile is, or how cool your hair was in that one selfie, it might make you feel a little better about how you’re feeling about yourself right now c:
If you don’t want to or can’t think about positive things about your body, try thinking about things you’re good at or things you like about your personality! Like how great of a person you are, how nice you can be, how cool you are, or how dedicated you are! Something like that!

- Treat yourself
I know not everyone can go buy themselves their favorite dinner or anything like that due to money, but you can do simple things like watch your favorite movie! Or just let yourself eat that expensive ice cream you bought last week :3 Curl up in your favorite blanket with that one pillow that’s just right, or put on that makeup/outfit that you love! It’s in the little things

- Try not to think about “passing”
I know this is extremely hard, but “passing” is just a social construct. Nobody “looks like a boy” because boys can look like anyone, and the same goes for other genders as well! This is definitely a hard thing to tell yourself, especially since a lot of people don’t get it, but it might help some of you!

- Find inspiration!
Find someone who you look up to, or who is transitioning/has transitioned. Some people (like me) might feel resentment at them for being further into their transition than them, but other might (and should try to) be filled with hope and positivity by seeing that things get better and that it is possible to change yourself into how you want to (or do) see yourself

- Look back
If you’ve already started your transition, look back to months, or years ago! You will be surprised at how far you’ve come
You might even feel more hopeful about the future after having seen how much you’ve changed since before

- Find people to talk to
Find people who are, or have been, in the same or a similar scenario; they know what it’s like and they may be able to help you! They can share what it was like for them and what helped them

- Just. Stop.
Seriously, if you can, don’t do anything that day. Sometimes, people just need a break or some time alone. So, if you’ve been saving up those hours at work, take the day off if you can! If you know there’s nothing important at school the next day, try to stay home and not put yourself through more stuff
Keep yourself safe and comfortable during your break! Maybe use this time to use one of the other techniques at the same time ^^

- Keep a diary
This might seem silly, but I keep a diary off and on and it really helps me! Sometimes people just need to open up, but not to a person 
I named my diary Tina, so it kind of felt like I was talking to a person, though haha
Also, just getting all of this down on paper (or on the screen) might help

- Wear your favorite outfit!!
Find that outfit that makes you feel like a hundred bucks and wear it! It doesn’t matter if you’re staying in your house or going somewhere, wear that outfit and own it! Take a lot of pictures if you like the way it looks c:

- Selfies
Take selfies when you look hella good and how you want to look, so that when you’re feeling down and dysphoric, you can look back at your selfies and be like “damnnn I look hot”

- Workout
This might seem like a horrible idea, but I’ve heard that it works wonders! Just go get beefy or run into your legs feel like jelly
This might also help you sleep, which might help by getting rid of your thoughts

- Sleep
If you can take a nap, or just crash out, do it! You don’t have anything planned and these thoughts won’t stop? Go to sleep. You won’t be thinking of anything if you’re unconscious

- Avoid negativity
If you know someone is going to bring you down, avoid them
Same goes with places! If you know that a certain place is going to be negative or bring negative thoughts on, it’s probably best to avoid that place

- Drink ice water
I find that the painfully cold liquid can really wipe the mind with it’s shocking temperature

- Meditate
If you’re into meditation, or want to try it, I hear it does wonders to find that inner peace and just forget you have a body or end up thinking more positively about that body

- Watch your favorite show
Focusing on something you love, like a series filled with interested characters who aren’t you and find themselves in lots of situations can really take your mind off of things

- Burn incense or candles
Burn it right next to your bed (carefully tho) and make sure it’s a scent that you love! This way, if you don’t get out of bed, you can still have something to enjoy

- Read
Read a book, or a fanfiction, or anything that will capture your full attention, so that you have something better to focus on

- Modify your body!!
Like piercings, and hair dye, and stuff! Hell, even those temporary tattoos are pretty cool :3 This way, you can feel like you’re doing stuff to your body on your own terms
You can even just draw on yourself with a sharpie or something!

- Clean
Maybe just do some laundry or put things in neat little piles! Any amount of stress taken off will feel super good and also you might find that one outfit you lost months ago! (if you’re anything like me haha)

- Name and pronouns
Write down your name and pronouns on things to make you feel a little better seeing that that’s what you want to be called, and it can just be written down like that!
You could also ask some supportive friends to read them or just call you by them for no reason at the moment haha

-  Take up a new hobby
You could spend the time you spend being dysphoric, doing something you enjoy! Learn a new language, or learn how to do arts and crafts, or buy some gardening supplies!

- Save up money
Just stick some coins from the dryer in a jar and start saving up for your transition! It’ll make you feel like things are going faster than they are

And remember: You are valid! No matter what anyone tells you, or how you feel, you are valid! <3

Yuri on Ice BD audio commentary translation - Volume 4

I absolutely wanted to post this within today because this evening I want to work on the Pash interview with Sayo Yamamoto… This BD volume has lots of choreography footage so that will take a while to translate, and I’m going to give priority to the interview.

This commentary is different from the others because it’s not just Kubo with another person, there’s 4 of them. Luckily enough they don’t really talk over each other (except for one part, lol), but in the second half I translated most of what they say as dialogue because I felt it was more fitting. In the dialogue parts my notes/comments are in brackets.

The commentary is only for episode 7. Episode 8 has no commentary. It’s not a full translation but I summarized most of what they said, and some parts are almost completely translated. Fans of Phichit, Guang-Hong and Leo should definitely read it as it’s a rare chance to get comments from these voice actors. Also, their reactions to the last scene are hilarious, that’s a must read too.

The commentary is by:
-Mitsurou Kubo
-Kenshou Ono (Phichit)
-Yuutarou Honjou (Guang-Hong)
-Shunichi Toki (Leo)

Translation under the cut because it’s long. Enjoy!

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Megamind Soulmate AU

When you write something on your arms, the marks appear on the arms of your soulmate as well. This is known: the soul-bond does not begin at birth; it is only possible with both souls have reached a certain level of maturity. No one knows what triggers the bond; it is not restrained by distance, by language, by contact… but everyone knows that a soulmate is true love, however improbable it may seem. 

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A Guide to Basic RP Blogging: Layouts, Page Information, and Content

Let’s face it: when you have a roleplay blog on Tumblr, having a generic layout hardly ever does the job. You need to have pages, tags, navigation, and make sure that other bloggers can easily get all around your blog. It’s also important to have a layout that’s stream-lined, easy to navigate, and still looks aesthetically pleasing.

I’m going to make some posts in the near future about basic HTML for pages, but for now, I just want to touch on the basics of what every blog (even non-roleplay blogs) should have.

First, you need your basic pre-loaded, universal links. As soon as you copy and paste a layout (or select a pre-made one from Tumblr) and click ‘preview,’ this should be your immediate checklist:

  • is there a home button?
  • is there a dash button?
  • is there an ask button?
  • submit? do I want a submit?
  • archive? do I want an archive?
  • are there other links? do i want other links?
  • is there a way to get to page 2 and beyond?


I cannot stress this enough.

Nothing is going to make you look like you have no idea what you’re doing like when a follower has to manually type in ’/page/2,’ ’/ask,’ or '’ because your layout isn’t logically created.

So now that you have your basic links and no one’s going to be internally judging you for having a dysfunctional layout, let’s talk about some features that pertain more to roleplaying.

There are a few pages every roleplay blog needs. Here’s the checklist:

  • bio(s)
  • headcanon(s)
  • rules and/or a mundane page

You can have more pages if you need to (for my blog, each character has a bio page, and each bio page has links to their headcanon, things they like, their face, and all of their open starters), but this is just at the most basic.

Make sure that you can get to all of these pages either from your main page or from your navigation page. This can be as simple as clicking 'show link on page’ when you create your page, or as advanced as working it into a navigation layout. In either case, there’s no excuse for not having these 3 pages somewhere easily accessible.

So, let’s break it down.

Character Biography.

This section is really a place for you to do what you want. I’d recommend having one or two information-packed paragraphs, as far as length or organization, but it’s up to you. Despite how you choose to organize your biography, though, you should always cover some basic questions.

Failing to mention any of the following often puts other roleplayers into an uncomfortable situation where they aren’t sure whether to ask you or wing it while interacting with your character, so make sure you mention:

  • sexual orientation
  • age
  • gender
  • name
  • any immediate physical features
  • any warnings associated with your character
  • faceclaim (either the name or a picture)

I know some of you may be reading this like 'warnings? physical features? what?’ and I want to take 5 seconds to cover this. If you have a character who has something off about them, it is in your best interest to make sure the other roleplayer is aware of this.

For example, I have a character who refuses to shower. He smells worse than Satan’s unwashed butthole. I don’t just leave that in page 3 of the headcanon and hope other roleplayers decide to go exploring into the dusty bowels of my blog. I put it right there in the open so that within maybe 5 replies, they know my character hasn’t showered since New Year’s and can act accordingly.

And here’s another thing: if your character comes with trigger warnings, put it on the bio page. It’s extremely rude and unpleasant to have a ship thinking that the other muse is normal and mentally stable, and then hear, SURPRISE, they’re suicidal torture victims. And, if you’re worried about people not using your character because of their past, news flash: “suicidal torture victim” is how I’d describe my most popular character in 3 words. Don’t hide someone’s past.

On a final note, try to make sure all of your characters are on the bio page. Keep them updated. Bios are living and breathing works and need to be revised as your character develops. Neglecting to update bios is misleading and extremely frustrating both for lurkers, potential partners, and even long-term partners.


I firmly believe every character needs a headcanon section.Before we get into this, though, I think we should define what headcanon is. I’ve heard a couple of different definitions: it’s things that apply to your character, essentials on your character, etc, etc, etc. Here’s my definition:

headcanon: necessary information on a character, be it background, kinks, tattoos/piercings/body mods, triggers, or other relevant information.

A headcanon, next to a bio, is the most important thing to have for your character. There are multiple ways to set one up (I use a tag page), which I won’t go into here, but it’s important that you have one.

To properly write with another character, roleplayers need to have at least a basic idea of what that character is like. Don’t be overwhelming, but don’t leave out huge things, either. It’s better to make sure you have your character’s background posted in headcanon than to surprise another roleplayer with some ridiculous past. And remember: if it’s in the headcanon, you can’t be blamed if your character chooses to conceal something about themselves.

Here’s what I recommend having in the headcanon section:

  • significant life events
  • anything dealing with character development
  • kinks and relationship advice
  • any physical attributes separate from the FC
  • hobbies
  • any strong opinions (esp if they might cause problems, eg racism, homophobia)

This section can really include whatever you want, though. It’s all up to you.

Rules / Mundane Page

This. Is. Important.

I see a lot of roleplayers blow this off and for other bloggers who haven’t interacted with you, it can create a really awkward situation. Even if you don’t want to have a strong Mundane presence on Tumblr, which is fine, you need to have a page.

The rules section is pretty self-explanatory, and I don’t want to make a list for anyone; it’s all personal preference. My recommendation is that you sit for 5 or 10 minutes, think about what your own rules will be, and post them. Here are my guidelines, though.

  1. Make sure you have an “or else” statement. For example, I hate being spammed about replying to threads. Instead of writing 'don’t spam me,’ I put 'don’t send me more than two messages about a thread per day. If you send me more than this, I will not reply again.’ Harsh? Sure. But there’s no question about pushing my limits.
  2. Be specific in your rules. Don’t just write the same rules everyone else has: if there’s something you personally don’t like, add it in. I personally hate having verses with more than one other person, so I include that as one of my rules.
  3. If there’s anything you aren’t willing to do or if you have any triggers, put it here. If you clearly state that you won’t write X, Y, and Z on your rules page, you’re actively taking away the other roleplayer’s argument. No one’s going to bitchfit if your blog clearly says you’re triggered by something, and if they do, they’re a douche because a) it’s on your blog and it’s their fault for not reading it, b) it’s a universal rule and for them to ask otherwise kinda makes them look like a prima donna, and c) it’s a hell of a lot easier to say 'that’s my rule’ and wash your hands of something than to explain 10 different times why you don’t want to do certain plots.

The mundane page is a little different, and this is tricky. Every mundane’s comfort level is different when it comes to personal information, and I understand that. Here’s what I think every roleplayer ought to have on their page, though:

  • what they want to be called
  • what gender pronouns they prefer
  • how comfortable they are about ooc
  • their timezone
  • their general age (eg 18+, -18)
  • reiterated triggers if applicable

Keep in mind that most of the people who haven’t talked to you are going to try to find something out before shooting you a message. If there’s nothing there for them to go on, they’re going to be less likely to talk to you. If you have a friendly about me where you invite the reader to send you a message, give them information to use as conversation starters, and give them some very basic background, it’ll go a long way.

You should also have your warnings here. If you really don’t want to give out information, say so. If you have triggers, put them here so people know in advance. The more you say about them, the more likely it is people will see 'oh, ok, don’t mention [trigger].’

So that’s all for me. That seems like a lot, but it really isn’t. This is just basic criteria every blog should have.

hi, this is really important ! please dont scroll past. i think its time that the fandom really had a talk about its most toxic abuser… ocelot.

as a mentally ill abuse survivor its incredibly concerning to me to see so many ppl in the mgs fandom blindly supporting and even identifying as the character revolver ocelot… this is not ok. hes canonically a murderer, torturer, an abuser and a RAPIST, and there are many pedophilic undertones in how hes written. maybe a lot of ppl havent actually played the games, and dont know about this content. but im going to write it all out for you and hopefully youll realize that yr supporting rape and abuse by apologizing for the things ocelot does :/

im not even going to focus on all the times ocelot is shown to murder or torture ppl… im sure everyone knows abt that, but i would remind you that hes canonically a sadist who ENJOYS torture.

anyway, lets start with mgs1….

in mgs1, if snake submits to ocelot’s torture, you get a scene where ocelot says hes going to rape meryl:
“The torture will stop as I promised… But I’ll take the woman in return. I’ll have my fun with her… before I kill her.”

you might be able to say that this is just a threat and empty words to upset snake (tbh this is really some apologist rape culture stuff to even go there as your first response to this, but i wont even get into that) if not for this later scene in the meryl ending, where meryl heavily implies that she had to endure stuff “worse than” torture:

S: Meryl… it must have been terrible.
M: It wasn’t that bad. I didn’t give in to the torture.
S: Torture?
M:  … And things even worse than that…

i think its pretty clear in light of what ocelot says in the other clip what things "even worse than that” means….

ive seen some people claim that this isnt in the japanese version of the script, but thats not true. i speak japanese so lets look at the JP version and ill translate as literally as i can.

スネーク: メリル?メリル、大丈夫か? (Meriru? Meriru, daijoubu ka?)
Meryl? Meryl, are you okay?

メリル: 大丈夫か、しか言えないの・・・? (Daijoubu ka, shika ienai no…?)
“Are you okay”? Is that all you can say?

スネーク: メリル、つらい思いをさせた。(Meriru, tsurai omoi wo saseta.)
Meryl… you had a terrible experience.

メリル: いいえ、つらくはなかったわ。奴等の拷問に私、屈しなかった。(Iie, tsuraku wa nakatta wa. Yatsura no goumon ni watashi, kusshinakatta.)
No, it didn’t get that bad. I didn’t give in to their torture.

スネーク: 拷問?(Goumon?)

メリル: それ以上のひどいことも・・・。私も闘ってたの、あなたと同じように。(Sore ijou no hidoi koto mo… Watashi mo tatakattetano, anata to onaji you ni.)
And things more cruel than that… I was fighting too, the same as you.

this is pretty much just how it was translated in the english version. its not explicit, she doesnt come out and exactly say I WAS RAPED, but with ocelots rape threat earlier in the game its very clear what she means… ocelot at the very least ordered her to be raped, if not partook in the act himself, which he probably did because he CANONICALLY is a sadist who enjoys torture. yes, ocelot is gay, but you dont have to be attracted to someone to rape them…

heres a scene in mgs3 where ocelot gropes eva without her consent:
yes, hes touching her breasts because hes trying to figure out who she is and not for gratification….. but it still displays that he has NO CONCERN for eva’s sexual boundaries. thats SEXUAL ASSAULT.

and of course later in this same scene where ocelot proclaims his interest in torture…

so ocelot is canonically a rapist and a sexual assaulter… thats undeniable. but theres also a lot that implies that ocelot is an abuser, and it doesnt take a lot to conclude that he groomed solid snake and liquid snake for problematic purposes :/

for instance, look at this convo between kaz and ocelot in mgsv where kaz accuses ocelot of getting off on torturing eli, an 11-12 y/o child:

K: Ocelot. You get too many kicks from your “art of interrogation”.
O: It’s not a matter of art. It’s about quick, minimal strokes of psychological warfare. That’s what gets the answers. And it’s the best way to keep both questioner and subject safe. The risks only increase the more an interrogation drags on. At that point, it causes as much pain for the inflicter as the inflicted.
K: Hmph. Like I said, too many kicks.

obviously kaz is far from an unbiased observer here, but we know ocelot. it’s not at all unreasonable that he’d think this. whats most notable about this is that ocelot doesnt even deny the accusation… he goes on and on abt how his method is the best and does say he wont “go overboard”, but he doesnt actually contradict kaz’s accusation that he’d get off on torturing a child :/

then later on when ocelot finally does interrogate eli, the way he touches him is very uncomfortable:

what reason does ocelot have to violate elis personal space like this? its not explicitly sexual but in light of all his other behaviors its very questionable…

theres more stuff that ocelot does, too, thats not so easy to point out w specific clips. like the fact that ocelot spends the entirety of mgsv abusing kaz.

i think its pretty clear that ocelot has romantic feelings for big boss (he outright says so here:, plus lots of other things to support it, im sure i dont have to dig that up to convince ppl on tumblr at least lol), but its not so obvious that big boss ever reciprocated them. imo, he didnt… theres really no point where big boss is shown having any feelings like that for ocelot. i think this is a lot clearer in the japanese version, the english version actually seems to have made their relationship MORE familiar. for example, big boss actually never calls ocelot adam in the truth tapes… he calls him “junior” (furigana over “son of the boss”). i sure hope big boss wouldnt call his lover “junior”….

オセ:では……ジョン。9年間忘れたことはなかったが私はしばらくあなたを忘れます。(Dewa… John. Kyuunen kan wasureta koto wa nakatta ga watashi wa shibaraku anata wo wasuremasu.)
Well… John. I haven’t forgotten you in nine years, but I will forget you soon.
ボス:ザ・ボスの息子(ジュニア)。また頼む。(Junia. Mata tanomu.)
Junior… I’ll rely on you again.

also something i think that backs me up is how ocelot speaks to bb in these tapes… he uses very polite and formal language with him. he doesnt speak like this anywhere else in the game, not even to venom… he uses ore pronouns and casual/masculine speech usually. but when talking to bb it totally changes. he uses masu form, deferential language, and watashi, which is very formal/feminine for a male character to say. it’s very respectful but also not intimate. this is the way you talk to a stranger or your superior. he clearly respects big boss, but doesnt consider himself to have the right to use familiar speech with him. i think its really unlikely that a male character would be written in japanese speaking to his lover this way…

so, if ocelot is in love with big boss, but big boss doesnt return his feelings, i think this speaks a lot to the subtext of his behavior in the games. we know that despite this ocelot dedicates his whole life to bb… he even dies for him… so i think that really sheds some light on what he does to kaz in mgsv.

theres a lot more evidence that bb had a more intimate relationship w kaz (see: the entire sauna tape, date with kaz… basically, the whole of peace walker), and i think its clear that ocelot was jealous. he didnt overtly attack or insult kaz but thats exactly his MO… long manipulative conspiracies meant to take people down without them even realizing.

if you look at all of their interactions theres a revealing pattern in how ocelot speaks to kaz. he more or less does everything he can to undermine kaz in front of bb (venom). he contradicts kaz constantly, and sets himself up as the “rational voice” always. he negs kaz for being “too emotional”. this really is basically gaslighting… he puts up a civil front but in everything he says and does hes undermining kazs authority and the validity of his emotions. he’s trying to make kaz feel hysterical and invalid and worthless. its abusive.

i have no doubt that ocelot was a big factor in withholding the truth about v from kaz, too. the way he speaks to kaz in their post-credits scene, he seems really self-satisfied hearing how devastated kaz is to learn the truth. almost like he’s gloating. he knew that hiding it and then telling kaz later would totally destroy bb and kaz’s relationship, and he enjoyed doing it. he took away everything that kaz had and left him emotionally destroyed. just killing kaz wasnt enough, that’s how petty and vindictive and sick ocelot is.

lets not forget about the fact that ocelot was involved in les enfants terribles. in light of everything else ocelot does i find this so suspect. i dont think its really a reach to conclude that he had an ulterior motive getting involved in that project. big boss didnt return his feelings, but what if he could groom david or eli to?

in the post-credits scene with kaz ocelot more or less says that hes going to spend the rest of his life watching over david and eli. ocelot probably had a lot more involvement in eli’s life that we never saw but thats a lot of speculation… there is one concrete thing that proves ocelot was probably attracted to bb’s sons though. in mgs4, during the final fight, where he kisses snake:

and before you say that this is liquid ocelot and not ocelot, this kiss scene can ONLY trigger in the part of the liquid ocelot fight where it calls back to mgs3 and ocelot is coming back to himself. AFTER he’s been injecting himself with nanomachine suppressors and undoing the liquid brainwashing. he ONLY wants to kiss solid snake after his identity returns…

so, you dont think its a little bit messed up that this man participated in a project to clone a man who hes canonically attracted to… and then displays attraction to his children too??? ocelot helped make david and eli. he’s basically one of his parents. he helped raise them, directly and later indirectly. how is this not child grooming? ocelot loved big boss, but was rejected by big boss, then involved himself in a science experiment to clone him, then spent the rest of his life watching over and shaping the lives of these kids. umm….

i mean, think about it… what do you think ocelot got out of les enfants terribles? why would ocelot, who is otherwise so loyal to big boss that he would and does die for him, betray him like that?

kind of problematic, huh. :/

ocelot tortured people. he murdered people. he raped meryl, and probably others too. he destroyed kaz’s life out of jealousy. i think ocelot probably abused liquid, and likely solidus too.  

i think ocelot is an interesting character… but hes a really bad person. i think if you look at all of this and try to defend him or even identify AS him… you kinda need to take a look at yourself imo. either you’re claiming that you too are a murderer, a sadist, a rapist, and an abuser, or you’re an apologist, erasing every horrible thing that ocelot did. whats wrong with you?

Yayy, I finally finished him <3

I’m still looking for his superhero partners, his love interest and his friends so, please message me if you also have a Miraculous OC!

•Character Information•
Name: Alexander Maki
Superhero identity: Lemur Catta
Nicknames: Alex
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Birth Date: November 10 (Scorpio)
Age: 17
Occupation: Student, Part-Timer at Art store, Superhero
Likes: Art, music, Salty sticks, anime, Video games, Working out
Dislikes: Bugs
About: Alex appears to be uncaring, rebellious, violent and a delinquent. But in heart, he is actually quite shy, caring and very clueless. He is honest and means well in everything that he does. He is also very protective about the people that he cares about.
His parents died in a car accident when he was 8 years old, he was living at his grandparent’s house until he decided to live by himself. Now, he lives in a apartment and works part-time at the art shop to support himself. He loves music and art, in his free time he likes to sketch in his sketchbook and play on his guitar.
Abilities: Drawing, guitar playing, Sensing the energy of living organisms (As Lemur Catta), Excellent hearing sense (As Lemur Catta)
Superhero power: Lemur Catta’s Spirit Echo - Lemur Catta transforms into a see-through matter that can phase through things and posses any living being: he phases into the body of the person he is possessing, giving him complete control. It is easy to tell when he takes control of someone as their eyes will turn the same color as his own. Lemur Catta must use it wisely, as he can only use it once before reverting back into his civilian form five minutes later.
Weapons: Lemur Catta’s frisbee
Miraculous: Lemur Miraculous - A choker that turn the wearer, with help from Yuure, into a ring-tailed lemur hero with the power of haunting . Currently owned by Alexander Maki.
•Kwami Information•
Name: Yuure
Animal theme: Ring-tailed Lemur 
Species: Kwami
Gender: Genderless
Gender Pronoun: He/Him
Age: 5000+
Friends: Alexander Maki
Likes: Lollipops
Powers and abilities: Flight, Levitation, Intangibility, Miraculous transformation
About: Yuure is very playful, optimistic and He has a great sense of fun. He loves to joke and make Alex laugh. His favorite snacks are strawberry-flavored lollipops.

I wanna take a moment to ventilate my thoughts on Miyu Shinohara for a moment, since apparently, she’s been the talk of the fandom recently.

Now i’ll try to make this as respectful, non-biased and neutral as i can. But i will be sharing my point of view on this whole thing, i’d also like to remind you that you are not inclined to agree with me on any of this.

I am not trying to defend an ecchi spin off manga and i’m aware that this is a touchy subject but let’s look take a quick look at Miyu’s role in musume, shall we?

First off, the manga clearly and bluntly establishes in the very first chapter

Now, this isn’t an uncommon ‘over-reaction’ in anime when a gender-bent character is introduced. Steins;gate did something very similar. How you interpret it is up to you, do you find it offensive?

Keep in mind, not everyone is offended by being called one gender or another along with it’s pronouns.

Well, sadly these sorts of questions would be the first thing that come to mind when people hear about other genders that aren’t male or female. This is a normal reaction because they’ve been used to those two genders for their entire lives up to this point.

Let’s keep going.

Yuka instinctively calls them “onee-chan” (big sister) because when she looks at Miyu, she doesn’t see a boy dressed up as a girl, she sees Miyu for what she seems like to her rather than what she is and what she isn’t.

Now, keep in mind that Yuka is 14, i’m not sure if musume changes the ages around at all but Yuka does still act (and look) like she’s much younger, this’ll be important later.

Moving along… (and now we’re getting to the more important/interesting points)

Right there. You can say what you will about musume, that it’s a fetish manga, that it’s disgusting, that it’s ecchi as all hell. And you’d be right.

But do not ignore this scene. It shows how unwelcome Miyu is to society and her classmates, i can imagine that this kind of thing is very common in schools. But Satoshi accepts Miyu.

And i’d like to remind everyone that children who bully anyone at all are not necessarily little twats, but it’s more or less bad parenting.

Now for my closing statements, things may get a little biased here, like i mentioned earlier, Yuka acts and looks a lot younger than she actually is. She’s practically a child and this is more important than you might think.

Children are more accepting of new ideals because they’re still learning more and more about the world so they haven’t exactly gotten “used to” certain ideals.

You can argue with transphobic adults as much as you’d like, but their ideals most likely won’t change, especially not if you resort to violence. That’s not helping anyone, nor is it helping your cause.

For all kinds of different genders and pronouns to become 'socially acceptable’ in today’s society, what you need to do is stop telling the adults what they can and can’t do, think of them like your racist grandparents, they’re racist because they’re from a different time when practically everyone was racist. It’s hard to teach an old dog how to sit.

What you should be focusing on is the children. Ensure that the next generation will be more accepting of these ideals. Teach your children what’s right and what’s wrong and most importantly of all: Make sure to teach them how to respect and treat everyone as an equal and never, ever make assumptions or prejudice until they’ve had their own experience to make up a proper opinion on the whole matter.

Bad parenting leads to your child being an insensitive bully.

All right, there you have it. I’m well aware that this is a very touchy subject to a lot of people, but i’ve wanted to share my thoughts on this for a while now.

If you have any thoughts about this, if there’s anything you disagree if you’ve got anything you’d like to add or if you simply want to send me hate, my inbox is open and anon is enabled, go know yourselves out.

The Rocky Horror Remake: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

By request, here’s the breakdown of the most unnecessary musical remake since NBC started did Sound of Music Live. 

Okay, let’s get comprehensive.


  • The first two musical numbers are actually pretty great, which inspired a lot of false hope.
  • Ivy Levan sounds amazing, and the intro is a great throwback to the stage version. 
  • I LOVE THIS BRAD AND JANET. Ryan McCartan plays Brad as a campy, deeply-closeted every man, which is an interpretation that would work for any other version of this show. 
  • Victoria Justice sounds good too, she’s clearly having fun
  • Reeve Carney fucking gets it. He’s Richard O’Brien 2.0. I love his Riff Raff, he gets every note right.
  • Annaleigh Ashford gets a lot of credit for playing a Columbia that’s a huge tonal shift from the original take. She’s a depressed rainbow emo fan girl and it works. Also, her improvised line is by far the best thing in this shit show (you’ll know it when you hear it).

The Bad

  • Adam Lambert looks like a chimpanzee. A very skinny chimpanzee some dressed in punk costumes from Build-A-Bear, but he does sound good. Kinda?
  • The choreography is great, but having great choreo in Rocky Horror is like having the prettiest set in Our Town. Like, congrats, but you’re really not getting the point of this. 
  • You have Tim Curry as the Criminologist. I get it- he’s a huge part of the original’s success. But, dude, Tim Curry just had a stroke. It’s a little uncomfortable to see him like this. Let him rest.
  • How do you have such a big budget for this and yet it somehow looks cheaper than the deliberately cheap looking D-Movie?
  • What even is Ben Vereen at this point? You have one of the greatest dancers in Broadway history in a wheelchair. And on drugs? I can’t explain his performance otherwise.
  • Thank God Staz Nair (Rocky) is pretty, because he’s not much else. Okay, he can sing a little and shake it in board shorts. His acting sucks though.
  • Christina Millian (Columbia) is barely in this, and it doesn’t seem like she’s trying. Way to waste one of the most scene-stealing roles. Literally no connection to Riff-Raff or their arc in this movie. 

the ugly

Okay people, take a breath. Beyond here, I skip the bullets and go straight into essay format. You’ve been warned. 

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The Representation You Want, but not the Representation You Deserve: Tokyo Ghoul, Gender, And Sexuality

I’ve been around fandom for awhile now, and in each fandom that I join, I hear a common refrain…that we need more representation of gender, more representation of sexuality, more representation of bodies and types of people, more representation of female characters with depth and variety. And I have always agreed. After all, the merits of representation are proven and powerful, and very few popular series show anything beyond heteronormative and cisnormative characters. Then Tokyo Ghoul came along. 

In Tokyo Ghoul, we have, in canon, queer characters, transgender characters, interesting and varied female characters, characters who have suffered traumas both mental and physical, characters with non-traditional gender expressions…a great deal in other words, of the representation that’s lacking in so many other stories. The result is a rich diversity of cast that lends a great deal of interest to an already complex, intriguing story. And yet, the fandom has responded to many of these characters either by misgendering them (Juuzou and Mutsuki), or downplaying their gender identity in lieu of imposing fanon over them. In other words, these characters are treated by fandom in more or less precisely the same way they would be treated if they were actual people–with misunderstanding and varying levels of disgust.

Just today, I saw a piece of art that depicted Haise, Urie, and Shirazu. It was a cute art, and I nearly reblogged it…until I saw the caption reading “The boys of the Quinck Squad.” Really? Where was Mutsuki? He’s not longer a boy, now, simply because we’ve found out he’s a trans boy? It certainly can’t be because he cross-dressed. After all, Haise and Shirazu did as well, and no one seems to be questioning their gender identities or excluding them from the “boys club.” One isolated piece of fan art wouldn’t be such a huge deal if that were the only issue, but venturing into the tags reveals a tremendous amount of ambivalence regarding Mutsuki’s gender. 

As a reminder, in the canon we see Mutsuki emphatically declaring his gender identity-he’s a boy. There’s no ambiguity in his statement. He was not assigned male at birth, but he wishes to live as a male. End of story. In the CCG, he is treated as a male. He is addressed as a male and his role in the squad is the same as any of the other boys. When he has to cross-dress for a mission, we see clearly his discomfort. It’s mentioned that he looks better than Shirazu, but the reasoning given isn’t “He wasn’t born male,” but rather, “he’s better looking.” When Haise tries to comfort him by telling him he looks cute, Mutsuki appreciates the gesture, but states, “That isn’t really the problem.” Like many trans men who’ve had to go out in public in clothing that doesn’t align with their identity, he’s uncomfortable because he’s being looked at and read as female. To state it plainly, Ishida’s handling of Mutsuki’s gender has been pretty damn accurate, and a really solid example of representation.

Yet, in the fandom, he’s constantly misgendered. People refer to him with “they/them” pronouns, female pronouns, or leave him out of representations of the “boys.” And he isn’t the only one. Juuzou was forcibly castrated (with a hammer) as a child after being forced to cross-dress and endure torture and brainwashing. He was castrated so that he would always remain beautiful, “like a girl,” and was given a female name. But after being rescued from his captor, he chose to reclaim his male identity. He chose to use the name “Juuzou” and wished to be addressed as male. When characters have questioned or challenged his identity (or just misgendered him), he’s reacted poorly. And yet many in the fandom still call him by “Rei,” the name he rejected, call him “trans” (he’s not), use gender-neutral pronouns for him, crack jokes about his ability to participate in sexual situations, and nearly all of the nude or sexual depictions of him are with unmutilated male genitalia. The message implicit in these fanon representations is that if Juuzou is to be sexual, he must have “normal,” unmutilated genitalia, that he is somehow not a cisgendered male, that his slight form and his non-conventional gender presentation somehow preclude him from being accurately recognized as male. 

These are just two characters from the diverse pool that Tokyo Ghoul has offered. They are certainly not the only character mischaracterized by fanon, but their specific make-up of physical characteristics and gender identity seem to be baffling to one of the only fandoms who’ve been given such a diverse spectrum to play with. Nico, who is clearly a cross-dressing, masochistic gay male is more or less entirely ignored by fandom, though it’s unclear why, I think it’s reasonable to hypothesize that it has to do with being a cross dresser who lacks conventionally attractive features. 

And honestly, more than anything, it’s tremendously disappointing. I’m an advocate for far more inclusion, diversity, and representation in fiction, but if there’s anything I’ve learned from participating with the Tokyo Ghoul fandom, its that a significant portion of fandom can’t understand this representation, even when it’s clearly laid out before them in the story line. A similar pattern has been shown by the Black Butler fandom, but that’s another rant for another day. I would like to naively hope that these sorts of representations could catalyze important conversations about respecting and recognizing gender identity, but after seeing the way these characters and other are treated in fandom chatter, art, tags, and commentaries, it’s almost impossible to believe that will be the case. 

Psycho Killer Chapter Two

Sociopathy Is The New Black

Description: Ah, winter in the City. The snow is falling, the tree is up, Holiday cheer is all around. HA fuck that. It’s just another day in the life of a serial killer. Spending time with the Winchesters has proven to be, interesting. However, a little to much liquor proves to be problematic. How will the reader handle a revelation that shakes her to the core? 

Characters: Serial Killer!Female!Reader x Sam, Dean

Words: 4,154

Warnings: Swearing- lots of it, drunken antics, fourth wall break, reader’s POV

A/N: Here it is! Part Two! I would just like to thank everyone who commented and gave feedback on Psycho Killer, without you guys this would never had happened. I am happy to inform that this will turn into a series (I’m not sure how long just yet). If you want to be tagged, let me know! Italics are colorful commentary. Bold is setting. GIFs are not mine. 

Part One

Day- December 6th / Year- 2011 / Time- 17:38 / Place- Random Diner in Brooklyn

I just remembered why I hate going to New York City. Everyone talks about how amazing New York is, I honestly don’t see it. Manhattan is filled with hoity toity businessmen and their spoiled bratty children, and the worst type of people, tourists. Unless you have a rolex on your wrist or a tiffany engagement ring on your finger, Manhattan isn’t really for you. Brooklyn isn’t any better. It’s all gentrified now with hipsters pretending to be starving artists while living off of their parent’s trust fund. Queens and The Bronx are alright I guess, and nobody comes to New York City because “they really want to see Staten Island”. The whole city has too many people, it’s ridiculous. The people suck, traffic sucks, everything sucks…

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When I draw them together like this, Amy looks really small… (’ - ’ ;

Anyway! Taking a break from my recently non-stop internship works, I replayed SADX again on my PC. I usually play with Japanese voice and English subtitle–partially because I couldn’t read most of the kanji… and because it’s fun to compare the dubs :)

When I was messing around with the character select scene, I noticed slight differences between the English and Japanese lines of the Character Instructions menu. Maybe other people has pointed out these differences, but I feel like writing this because… it’s a fun thing to do!

Don’t worry, the fanart above will make sense eventually.

(beware, long post ahead)

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anonymous asked:

Recently I've come to my conclusion that my personal Shepard is incredibly boring. Since Grace is the exact opposite of boring, I was wondering if you have some tips on how to make my Shepard unique and interesting? How did you make Grace feel so *alive*?



Where to begin?

Ask questions. Come up with answers. Get other people to ask you questions. Come up with answers. Tumblr is full of those “get to know your character” or “30 Days of X” memes. Use them. You don’t have to post them publicly, but they’re good reference.


I can’t stress the importance of this enough. Think about when you meet someone new. You might be able to tell some things from looking at them, but all the nitty gritty meat of a person probably isn’t just sitting there on the surface, right? (Especially if what you see on the surface isn’t exactly the same as what’s underneath. Garrus comes off cocksure and confident until starting a romance shows a whole different side of him. For example.) You have to get to know them, and that usually means conversations, questions, observing them in action.

So, let’s translate that into a game character. Mass Effect gives you a bunch of things to work with at the outset and it gives you a structured framework of story, more or less. ME1’s always going to start on Eden Prime and end confronting Saren on the Citadel. Some of the hard work’s already been done for you. When we meet Shepard, she’s (or he, but I’m just going to go with ‘she’ pronouns for the purposes of this discussion) almost 30. That’s a lot of living. The game says, “Choose one of these three backgrounds and one of these three psych profiles and one of these six career paths.” The character creator asks you to choose what they look like. You give them a name. 

That is so much to work with. 

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Fic Writers, A Friendly Reminder...

Hello my fic writing friends, I’m about to give you all a tip that I know has been talked about many times over but I haven’t seen many posts about it and if I don’t make one I’m going to scream so here we go. 

I’ve made this disclaimer before, but I’m not a huge fic person. Not in the grand scheme of things, for my own reasons, but at this point I’ve read enough. Enough from enough fandoms that I’m well aware how contagious some of y’all’s habits seem to be to each other (as is the usual case with writers). 

Characterization and plot are important things, but it’s all for nothing if you do that one thing we can’t stand. Some of you already know what I’m talking about I hope. Let me say it like this.

Different ways you should not (ever) refer to a character: 

1. by their hair color. 2. their sport position 3. their eye color 4. if their older or younger than one of the other mentioned characters (younger boy, older girl etc). 5. if they’re taller or shorter than one of the other mentioned characters (i’ve even seen this when there’s a 2cm height difference i swear by the love of all that-) 6. anything similar to these! 

Different ways you should refer to a character: 

1. by their name 2. their pronouns

That’s it! Only those. JUST their name and pronouns. (On a quick side note there are times when a title is acceptable so long as you aren’t using [just] the same tittle for multiple people and you make it clear who you’re talking about. Also it’s okay to use gender neutral pronouns if we don’t know in canon.) 

Look, just trust me. It is NOT boring to do this. It is polite and decent, which are two things a writer should always be to their audience no matter how vulgar your content is. What do I mean? 

When you use those wacky references to the characters you are yanking the poor reader out of the story. There are some bits of your writing that you want to reach out and grab people with and there are other bits that you want to keep invisible because they don’t need to have an impact. You don’t have to be flashy or clever when you’re simply letting the reader know who you’re referring to or who’s talking. Blend it in so it doesn’t disturb the story. 

The problem is that those things I mentioned make a reader stop and think. And not in a good wow that’s interesting or what’s gonna happen here?? type of way. Or they at least interrupt the flow because no matter how fascinating that character’s hair color is, “the green haired boy” is still an awkward bump of a phrase, and besides, in this environment there are any number of green haired boys. Why mention a character in four bland, rhythm-killing words when you could mention them in one? And keep the reader’s focus on the story in the process? 

Now I will say this, I’m talking about doing this continually. If you just have to throw a hair or eye color reference in there, fine. Just limit it, alright? Hearing “the blue eyed boy” every single time you refer to a certain character is the most obnoxious thing you could do. So keep it to one or two times and make sure it’s obvious who you’re talking about! I see people calling characters “the brunette” when everyone in the frkin scene has brownish hair. And no it’s not okay to call one ”brunette” and one “chestnut” and one “amber.” What the heck are you trying to do to your reader’s brain exactly? Not everyone is going to see a color the same way you do anyway.  

(Also, please know how one character addresses another if you want it to be canon. It’s one thing if they’re calling each other different things from canon for a story-specific reason or when there’s a change in the relationship, but don’t just change that aspect of a relationship dynamic for no reason. It’s one of the many disrespectful things you could do to the creator.)

I know this glitch spans into original fiction too, but it seems to be a dominant trend with fics, and if you don’t want to confuse and annoy your readers, stop!

I hope this didn’t discourage anyone because that is not the goal. Y’all have some impressive skill and are so brave for putting your stuff out there. The goal here is to motivate and help you. Keep it up, and feel free to ask if any of this was confusing! 

Film review: “EDEN” (2012/Japanese indie film)

You might be interested in this film if you:

  • are interested in the LGBTQ community in Japan
  • enjoy Japanese comedy
  • are fans of Ono Kensho
  • are fed up with the Kuroshitsuji English fandom’s bullshit discussion on Grell’s gender

I’ll confess, I came across and decided to see this film solely because of Ono Kensho, and I’m just equally glad that it covers a topic I am deeply passionate about. This film was released in 2012 in selected theaters in Japan, the DVD can be bought from AmazonJP (and some other places, I’m sure) and I’m super grateful that it was also screened in Taiwan at the time so they do have a Taiwanese DVD release with Chinese subtitles, and my friend was kind enough to get me one copy when she came to Shenzhen to see Kuromyu with me.

So enough with the background, given the fact that most of you don’t have access to this movie, I’ll recap the story very quickly.

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You’ve probably heard of it by now- it’s Netflix’s new show. It’s 12 episodes of pure beauty and you should be watching it right now. 

The plot: so it’s a little confusing for the first couple of episodes, but basically there are 8 strangers called “sensates” who are psychically linked. But it’s not like they just hear each others thoughts; they can actually see each other’s environments, feel what the others are feeling, and pretty much inhabit each other’s bodies. They’ll randomly pop up on the other side of the world with another sensate and have no idea how they got there. It’s amazing. Together, the 8 of them are called a Cluster. 

Obviously they’re all freaked out because they’re seeing and hearing things happen all over the world while they’re still in their respective locations. So a lot of the story is them trying to figure out what’s going on while still living they’re daily lives. Meanwhile, this dude named Whispers is trying to use their cool new psychic powers to find them and capture them. It’s not really clear why yet- he just think they’re a threat. 


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History Maker and the Visuals of the Yuri on Ice Opening

As previously pointed out in this post, the lyrics of History Maker are directly tied to the visuals of the OP. With that said, that meta was written after episode 1, and, given that the show’s over (i haven’t watched ep 12 yet let me live in denial), and that a more thorough analysis of the OP is in order, it seems like a good time to revisit it. 

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kit purrson headcanons

Because Kent parson is a “crazy cat lady” and i’m all about that. (A bunch of these are variations on my own life with my cat so if it seems unlikely….you’d be surprised. Cats are WEIRD, man.) Using gender neutral pronouns bc idr kit’s canon sex, if they have one, although the name isn’t exactly canon either, so there’s that. Unless it is. (”kit purrson is confirmed for he/him, a friend asked n at a con” - anon)

Ok, so anyway:

  • Kit LOVES protein shakes/”muscle milk”/etc, which Kent found out by accident when trying to show him that he wouldn’t like it, and will totally magically appear within seconds of hearing him crack open a bottle, even if they were on opposite sides of Kent’s place of residence, no matter how quiet he tries to be about it. Kent is pretty sure it’s not healthy for cats, so he compromises by letting him lick the bottle cap. Sometimes he tries to drink from the bottle simultaneously with Kent, which never works, but Kit gets points for trying, right? Right???? Sorry, little buddy.
  • Zero interest in other “people food,” though, despite Kent’s mother’s best efforts.
  • Kent has gotten into the habit of keeping mouthwash and a cup by his bed at home because apparently Kit hates his morning breath and on more than one occasion he’s been rudely awakened by a cat trying to clean his teeth/nose, which is kind of cute? But also dear God no.
  • Kit hates it when Kent bathes with the bathroom door closed, and will sob outside the door if he does. He doesn’t actually come in when Kent opens the door, though. Unless he’s taking a soak in the tub, in which case Kit will come in for a drink of bathwater and then leave him to his ablutions. Sometimes when Kent is drying off, Kit will help by licking the water off his ankles, which scared the crap out of Kent the first time he did it. You just don’t expect the rasp of a cat’s tongue on the back of your calf, really. He’s gotten used to it, though (just not on the face, please).
  • Kit “taught” Kent to play fetch by dropping a bottle cap on his laptop keyboard while he was checking his email. His instagram account has more than a few videos of Kit’s midair contortions when trying to catch the cap.
  • Kent walks his cat, with a harness/leash combo. One time he tweeted a selfie of himself crouching next to Kit, who lounged regally on the sidewalk, with the caption “#walkingthecat involves a lot of me standing around and looking pretty” and one of his teammates replied with “dw parser you’ll get the hang of “looking pretty” eventually #practicemakesperfect”. 
  • Kent mentions in an article/interview that he misses his cat cuddles when he’s on the road since they aren’t exactly allowed to bring pets with them to away games [or are they? Logistics seem like they’d be a nightmare], so one of his fans knitted/crocheted him a stuffed animal duplicate of Kit, complete with a tiny #90 jersey, and gave it to him at a signing. He was so touched by this that he donated $50k to a local animal shelter in her name. 
  • (Kent made sure, in no uncertain terms, that his team is fully aware that Purrse Jr is off-limits re:the usual prank wars, and is to be considered part of his pre-game ritual/superstitions/whatever. No touchy!!)(one of the rookies tried to commission a duplicate so he could fake a hostage situation, but word of the plan got back to Parse and the retribution was swift and hilarious)(but they all know better now)
  • One of the Aces’ PR interns helps run the kit_purrson instagram account and is in charge of cute cat pics (and Skype sessions)(seriously) and checking in on Kit while Kent is out of town. There were rumors that they were secretly dating, which later turned into rumors of a torrid love triangle when the intern was “caught” out on a date with their ACTUAL significant other. Kent and the intern both maintain that they’re just using him for his cat. The intern’s S.O. has no comment.
  • Tumblr user “kitpurrsondefensesquad” is an aggregate media blog with a queue full of images, videos, sound bytes, quotes, article links, etc devoted to Kent’s cat. Kent’s involvement in helping to run it is kind of an open secret since some of the earlier asks were answered using proprietary language (oops, ok look, he just gets really enthusiastic about his cat, ok, and he fixed the posts as fast as he could), and someone made a theory post comparing “mod k's” wording to that of Kent’s various media output, so they have to clear the inbox of frequently invasive questions about his personal life. 
  • At one point Kent briefly toyed with the idea of getting a companion cat for Kit, maybe a black cat he could name “Zimms”, but like…one cat with separation anxiety is bad enough, plus things between him and Jack would have to be WAY less…whatever they are now…for that not to be a terrible idea….