it was interesting to hear the pronouns that people used when looking at this character

How To Come Out in A Conservative Society

An History Lesson on Ellen DeGeneres and Theories about BTS

First, let me start off by saying that I know this is going to piss off some people. Your precious boys can’t have a bad rumor spread about them, can they? 

Well, fun fact: These rumors about idols have gone on for years, and they still have jobs. The rumors aren’t the problem, because when it comes to LGBT rumors, unlike straight rumors or controversies, Korea readily just accepts them as not possible and so someone can be rumored gay and nothing come from it, unless it was ever confirmed, so again, the rumor isn’t the problem. The lack of acceptance if said rumors are confirmed is the problem, because idols can only work if a company feels they will be able to make money. It is simple economics. If fans are not willing to accept and openly express acceptance, how can we expect a society to? How can we expect companies to feel that their artists have a market? Now I understand Korea has a thing about censorship despite fan reaction. This is a part of the problem, and it is a complicated political setting in which I do not understand and therefore cannot determine the ultimate solution. 

All I can say is this:

Guys, America was not always as accepting as it is now. America did used to be like Korea, and none of the laws for the LGBT were in place. What changed? The people. If you, as fans, are so set on protecting idols that you inherently promote the idea that being LGBT is an issue, even if you don’t mean it that way, you are being problematic to the cause. Discussing it openly allows idols and even companies to see the acceptance among fans, and fans educating other fans about it allows the societies to see the change in the people. You have the power but when you so adamantly push to censor the discussion, you give the power to those who wish to not acknowledge the LGBT. Talking is good, and could really help an LGBT idol feel better about themselves if they are LGBT.


So, BTS wants to visit Ellen. This is very interesting to me, as I have always felt a slight connection of their stories. I have a theory, but you have to actually hear me out to try and understand that this is something legitimate and not just some delusion of grandeur. 

First, how many of you actually know the history behind Ellen?

Well, I am going to assume that a lot of you are younger than me. BTS is younger than me lol. So, in the 90s, Ellen DeGeneres was an American television sweetheart. People loved her. American families watched her all the time. She was really popular. She had her show Ellen, which if you didn’t know, was not the talk show she has now. It was an actual sitcom where she played a character named Ellen. She boldly made the choice ON THE SHOW to have the character come out as a lesbian, and the next day on a talk show, she came out herself.

It was a bold move in the 90′s when LGBT rights were in the shitter. Still, if you look back, she actually was quite clever and strategic. She played the every woman and that’s why families loved her, but you will see hints of her sexuality. She used her medium and talent to subconsciously familiarize her audience with the idea of her being LGBT. It took a lot of work, and trust me, her coming out was not ENTIRELY smooth, but it went quite well. She was one of the few at the time to come out and have her career thrive after. 

She after that managed to have the highest viewed day time talk show that still runs today, a role in one of the most beloved children’s films, Finding Nemo. In fact, a open lesbian having a role like Dory in a children’s film at all was a huge deal. She managed to do all of this and land a deal with JC Penney and Covergirl, and her net worth is 350 million. She even for over a decade remained with her wife Portia, all while her career grew. Sure, along the way there were idiots who condemned her, but most of America loved Ellen.

All from a woman who wore short hair, gender non-conforming fashion, and openly lived as a lesbian in the 90′s. She may not be too shocking to you guys, but she did “look like a lesbian” in what people would have defined (don’t take this as my belief).


Just being someone everyone can connect to! She was happy and funny and wanted the world to laugh! She showed that LGBT people are just like everyone else. They wanted their rights, and that was all. This is a discussion for an entirely different subject, but I as an LGBT can tell you that while I think people should be accepted and able allowed to behave in the manner they see fit as long as it harms no one, there is value in LGBT who are not defined by the stereotypical “LGBT” behavior and are simply just day by day people who live just like you. Ellen did not over-exaggerate her sexuality’s stereotypical behavior. There is nothing wrong with being flamboyant, but sometimes sadly, the first step to acceptance is to be able to empathize and she was the one to be able to connect to easier, and with time, starting with people like her being accepted, times changed, and now we are seeing acceptances for all forms. It isn’t perfect, and it probably never will be, but it is there. She pushed boundaries, but she did so strategically and it worked for her.


Well, if you are familiar with their music, behavior, ethical principles, and the HYYH, then you might see where I am going with this.

Firstly, I would be here for hours if I mentioned all the various moments were they referenced something LGBT or did something related to. There is the Japanese Jungkook fanboy, Glam’s Party XXO, Namjoon’s words about the issue, Yoongi and his fuckery, Troye Sivan ultimate stanning, ‘I Know’ etc, but let me continue with my point.

I feel that BTS are familiarizing their fans with the idea of LGBT within idols. Idols have always had fanservice, and idols have always had ones who professed acceptance. There have even been idols that have hinted towards ideas of LGBT in their art (like Monsta X’s All In) but if ARMYS are correct about the HYYH, there may actually be the first LGBT narrative involving idols (KWill’s Please Don’t featured an LGBT plotline but I am talking about the idol themselves being involved). 

There have been hints that Yoongi and Jungkook within the narrative have a romantic plot. The HYYH Notes give this idea some light. Granted, we could be incorrect, but it does seem to be the case with the narrative text. We will have to see in the future where they take it.The Love Yourself highlights also hint at this. Then, Namjoon’s insistence on Love Yourself: Her being gender neutral. I think this is for a specific purpose as well.

Then there was the photoshoot with Jimin and Jungkook on the same rainbow unicorn float that was used at Korean Pride that same summer. I do not find this coincidental at all. There is a message, and I find that they are trying to send it in a palatable way for fans, which sadly shouldn’t have to happen, but it is the society we live in. There is the fact that they covered a song without changing pronouns, which would be ignored had it not been for the recent Namjoon comments and the fact that the BigHit survey featured more than the two genders. I think they recognize all of this. I think that this is all to familiarize fans with directly associating idol with LGBT. 

They are pushing boundaries, but doing so strategically.

Now, this next part might split some people, because it involves two members together, and I know people get pissy but hear me out. Please note that while you may think I am wrong, if you believe there are other LGBT members, the former discussion still applies.

I think the recent events involving Jungkook and Jimin are not fanservice. They are real events that are used by the two for fans. Let me explain: If they are together, they are spending time together, publicly interacting, and expressing themselves more. They are doing this because they love each other, but this is shown for fans for the purpose I believe of getting fans used to the idea, so that if they did eventually come out, it would not be such a shock. Much like Ellen did. I could be entirely wrong, but I think every moment is genuine and they are just showing it to people they care about to show their love. It can be a gift to fans, but that does not make it fanservice. 

As, I said, take the last two paragraphs away, and my point is still relevant, but I do believe they are utilizing this as a chance for members to come out who would not feel comfortable doing so before. I find at this point in time, the most likely is Jimin and Jungkook.

For sure, Jungkook. I always believed him to be some form of LGBT.

NOW, what does any of this mean? What does the future hold?


You got me.

If I am correct, and I believe I am, this means that BigHit and BTS will eventually tackle the idea of LGBT head on. I think an issue is with the Korea Unicef program, as it is 2 years long, and Yoongi decided not to get a tattoo to be able to do it, so what makes us think being LGBT wouldn’t be an issue, BUT who knows? They may utilize the fact that they are the current most successful Korean idol artist on a national and worldwide scale to see what can happen. Not changing the language they sing in reaches to their intent for change and being a voice for Korean youth, and utilizing the international fame allows them to bridge the youth they are reaching to with the liberalism of Western media.

The thing is in order to not kill their careers, they have to be big enough to survive it. That is why the first part of my essay is so important. Fans are the key. Our support and votes, and yes, our money, is the key to them being big enough that they are untouchable. That might not ever truly happen but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. If we can have an idol who is LGBT that is as big as them, that can invoke change…

JUST LIKE ELLEN. It takes time. Things didn’t change immediately after her, but damn if life didn’t get more and more progressive. I also credit so many others for that, but this is about them.

Please, take into consideration that I put a lot of thought into this before you brush me off, BUT ultimately this is my opinion. Good Day.

Dysphoria Tips

To start this post off, not all of these tips will work for everyone! Everyone’s dysphoria is different and everyone has different things that help! 

Also, I am not a doctor or anything like that! And I am a trans guy, so that’s what this is all coming from, I can try to look up how other genders deal with dysphoria, but I think a lot of these ones will also help other genders

- Showering (I know this doesn’t help everyone)
Okay, so I know it may seem like confronting your physical form may not be the right thing to do, and it might not be, but for me taking a shower/bath really helps because I focus more on the routine and what I’m washing than my actual body
Also! Using products that match your gender might really help!! I use the more “masculine” smelling products for my body and it’s super nice ^^ They also have products that are more “gender neutral” if that’s more your thing

- Do something distracting that you enjoy
For example, I love going on walks, drawing, writing, and gaming and any of things things could be distractions from things that you don’t want to think about! You of course don’t need to pick one of the things I enjoy doing, there are lots of things you could do like sports, blogging, listening to music, hanging out with your pets (they aren’t going to judge you!), etc.

- Find someone who won’t judge you!
I know this might be hard for some of you, but I know that I have at least one person to talk to every time I get upset about this sort of thing! My friends will not misgender me, and they will reassure me that I am a guy and I do pass, and all that good stuff! If someone is hurting you and misgendering you and not respecting you, you can cut them out of your life! You are not obligated to keep these people around because of their feelings
Pets can be used for this too! Your animals will never judge you :3 Hell, they probably don’t even know what gender is :D

- Find things about yourself that you like
This doesn’t have to be about your body, but it can be! If you take the time to think about positive aspects of yourself, you might feel a little better. And if you can think about the positive things about your body, like the color of your eyes or the shade of your skin, or how great your smile is, or how cool your hair was in that one selfie, it might make you feel a little better about how you’re feeling about yourself right now c:
If you don’t want to or can’t think about positive things about your body, try thinking about things you’re good at or things you like about your personality! Like how great of a person you are, how nice you can be, how cool you are, or how dedicated you are! Something like that!

- Treat yourself
I know not everyone can go buy themselves their favorite dinner or anything like that due to money, but you can do simple things like watch your favorite movie! Or just let yourself eat that expensive ice cream you bought last week :3 Curl up in your favorite blanket with that one pillow that’s just right, or put on that makeup/outfit that you love! It’s in the little things

- Try not to think about “passing”
I know this is extremely hard, but “passing” is just a social construct. Nobody “looks like a boy” because boys can look like anyone, and the same goes for other genders as well! This is definitely a hard thing to tell yourself, especially since a lot of people don’t get it, but it might help some of you!

- Find inspiration!
Find someone who you look up to, or who is transitioning/has transitioned. Some people (like me) might feel resentment at them for being further into their transition than them, but other might (and should try to) be filled with hope and positivity by seeing that things get better and that it is possible to change yourself into how you want to (or do) see yourself

- Look back
If you’ve already started your transition, look back to months, or years ago! You will be surprised at how far you’ve come
You might even feel more hopeful about the future after having seen how much you’ve changed since before

- Find people to talk to
Find people who are, or have been, in the same or a similar scenario; they know what it’s like and they may be able to help you! They can share what it was like for them and what helped them

- Just. Stop.
Seriously, if you can, don’t do anything that day. Sometimes, people just need a break or some time alone. So, if you’ve been saving up those hours at work, take the day off if you can! If you know there’s nothing important at school the next day, try to stay home and not put yourself through more stuff
Keep yourself safe and comfortable during your break! Maybe use this time to use one of the other techniques at the same time ^^

- Keep a diary
This might seem silly, but I keep a diary off and on and it really helps me! Sometimes people just need to open up, but not to a person 
I named my diary Tina, so it kind of felt like I was talking to a person, though haha
Also, just getting all of this down on paper (or on the screen) might help

- Wear your favorite outfit!!
Find that outfit that makes you feel like a hundred bucks and wear it! It doesn’t matter if you’re staying in your house or going somewhere, wear that outfit and own it! Take a lot of pictures if you like the way it looks c:

- Selfies
Take selfies when you look hella good and how you want to look, so that when you’re feeling down and dysphoric, you can look back at your selfies and be like “damnnn I look hot”

- Workout
This might seem like a horrible idea, but I’ve heard that it works wonders! Just go get beefy or run into your legs feel like jelly
This might also help you sleep, which might help by getting rid of your thoughts

- Sleep
If you can take a nap, or just crash out, do it! You don’t have anything planned and these thoughts won’t stop? Go to sleep. You won’t be thinking of anything if you’re unconscious

- Avoid negativity
If you know someone is going to bring you down, avoid them
Same goes with places! If you know that a certain place is going to be negative or bring negative thoughts on, it’s probably best to avoid that place

- Drink ice water
I find that the painfully cold liquid can really wipe the mind with it’s shocking temperature

- Meditate
If you’re into meditation, or want to try it, I hear it does wonders to find that inner peace and just forget you have a body or end up thinking more positively about that body

- Watch your favorite show
Focusing on something you love, like a series filled with interested characters who aren’t you and find themselves in lots of situations can really take your mind off of things

- Burn incense or candles
Burn it right next to your bed (carefully tho) and make sure it’s a scent that you love! This way, if you don’t get out of bed, you can still have something to enjoy

- Read
Read a book, or a fanfiction, or anything that will capture your full attention, so that you have something better to focus on

- Modify your body!!
Like piercings, and hair dye, and stuff! Hell, even those temporary tattoos are pretty cool :3 This way, you can feel like you’re doing stuff to your body on your own terms
You can even just draw on yourself with a sharpie or something!

- Clean
Maybe just do some laundry or put things in neat little piles! Any amount of stress taken off will feel super good and also you might find that one outfit you lost months ago! (if you’re anything like me haha)

- Name and pronouns
Write down your name and pronouns on things to make you feel a little better seeing that that’s what you want to be called, and it can just be written down like that!
You could also ask some supportive friends to read them or just call you by them for no reason at the moment haha

-  Take up a new hobby
You could spend the time you spend being dysphoric, doing something you enjoy! Learn a new language, or learn how to do arts and crafts, or buy some gardening supplies!

- Save up money
Just stick some coins from the dryer in a jar and start saving up for your transition! It’ll make you feel like things are going faster than they are

And remember: You are valid! No matter what anyone tells you, or how you feel, you are valid! <3

Guys, I have so much to tell you about Will Roland

I may die penniless, unwed, and forgotten, but I will still die happy because I spent four hours of one long-ago summer in a song interpretation master class taught by Will Roland. 

I don’t even know where to BEGIN. To quote Rachel Bay Jones, Will…*bursts into laughter* oh my God, there’s so much Will.

Ramblings about Will Roland under the cut. This is my day with Will Roland.

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Yuri on Ice BD audio commentary translation - Volume 4

I absolutely wanted to post this within today because this evening I want to work on the Pash interview with Sayo Yamamoto… This BD volume has lots of choreography footage so that will take a while to translate, and I’m going to give priority to the interview.

This commentary is different from the others because it’s not just Kubo with another person, there’s 4 of them. Luckily enough they don’t really talk over each other (except for one part, lol), but in the second half I translated most of what they say as dialogue because I felt it was more fitting. In the dialogue parts my notes/comments are in brackets.

The commentary is only for episode 7. Episode 8 has no commentary. It’s not a full translation but I summarized most of what they said, and some parts are almost completely translated. Fans of Phichit, Guang-Hong and Leo should definitely read it as it’s a rare chance to get comments from these voice actors. Also, their reactions to the last scene are hilarious, that’s a must read too.

The commentary is by:
-Mitsurou Kubo
-Kenshou Ono (Phichit)
-Yuutarou Honjou (Guang-Hong)
-Shunichi Toki (Leo)

Translation under the cut because it’s long. Enjoy!

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Your Denki and Seri get me so shook i'm act considering them so much it's unhealthy

Nothing unhealthy about that ship anon!!!! *O* I’m glad you decided to consider it!!!!

Anon said: Just wanna say, I really like the way you colour your art!!! It’s really nice

OHHHH!!!!!! ;O; thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!! This actually means a lot omfg <3<3<3

Anon said: Fatgum being a Dad to Kirishima and Tamaki gives me life, they’re such a gOOD family.

They’re the best family I’m so glad they both have Fatgum tbh !!!!!!!! He’s such a great man I love him a whole damn lot

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What if lancelot is the (or part of) LGBT+ representation in VLD?

This post contains Season 4 spoilers, so turn back now if you don’t want to see them!

I’m going to start this off by saying that this post will not be skewed by which ships I prefer. I personally see potential in lancelot as a thread in the VLD story and as a ship, but it’s nothing I ship with vigor as of the time I’m writing this post.

That being said… let’s talk lancelot.

Those who have finished watching Season 4 of VLD will know that it ended with Prince Lotor not only helping the Voltron Coalition stop a planet-sized bomb from detonating, but with the heavy implication that he wants to join. Those who have finished watching Season 4 of VLD will also know that LGBT+ representation still hasn’t happened, and 99% of the fandom theorizes that Lance is bi (or poly or pan), in part based on this artwork released by Lauren Montgomery, the co-show runner of VLD:

This isn’t to say, however, that Lance is the only paladin with LGBT+ potential. Shipping wars aside, a lot of people headcanon Keith as gay and/or Pidge as trans. Those are two large ones and accepted by huge stretches (though not all) of the fandom, but obviously, the fandom as a whole can headcanon anyone from the main cast as LGBT+.

That said, I haven’t seen many people discuss Lotor’s sexuality. People joke that this is because “he’s obviously gay,” but that’s not necessarily true. It’s easy to look at a man with hips, long hair, and a respect for his female comrades and call him gay. In fact, it’s almost too easy. However… this isn’t to say that he can’t be gay or LGBT+. Though I think his lack of visible attraction to anyone we’ve seen him interact with is at least partially because he’s confirmed to be as obsessed with quintessence as Zarkon and Haggar, it could definitely also have LGBT+ implications.

So Lance is generally seen as bisexual, and Lotor’s sexuality is up in the air, but could possibly lean towards males. With that said, let’s turn to some words from the VLD NYCC panel.

I’m sure it’s old news by now, but the fandom exploded over it just last week. A love interest for Lance was described by Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim Dos Santos (another high-ranked member of the VLD staff). Let’s take a look at what they said:

Lauren: I don’t know if Lance knows what he needs. I know what he might look for, but what he might look for is not necessarily what he needs. I think he needs someone who is self-assured and knows herself, so that he can kind of become that same person and know himself. […]

Joaquim: I mean, I think Lance is evolving. So I think, like Lauren said, whoever Lance chooses, I think what he’s looking for is getting to a place that is maybe very different than where he started in the series.

Before I break these quotes down, I’m going to address a few things noted by the fandom.

Yes, it says “herself” in reference to his love interest, but VLD staff had also referred to Pidge with male pronouns before the show was released in order to preserve the reveal that Pidge is a girl. It’s very possible that they’re doing a similar thing here; if they’ve done it before, they can do it again. 

Yes, in the same panel, Montgomery also described Lance as Keith’s stability, had her own ship name for them as a pair (la/ith), and commented that they’re compatible. This led to a lot of kl/ance shippers going wild. Though some would like to believe that this means that kl/ance could be end game, it doesn’t necessarily mean that lancelot won’t happen. In fact, at this point in the series – its official halfway point, at 39 episodes out of 78 planned – I think adding Lotor to the mix could be the catalyst for Lance discovering he isn’t just attracted to women.

But enough talk, let’s break this stuff down.

[Lance] needs someone who is self-assured and knows [them]self

You can’t deny that Lotor fits this description. Everything about his unmasked behavior projects confidence and comfort in himself and his situation. Though he has a bit of a lapse in Season 4 from the betrayal of his crew, it’s clear that this wasn’t enough to crumble his own self-image. He’s the literal embodiment of self-assurance.

And this quote leads into…

so [Lance] can kind of become that same person and know himself

Whether Lotor turns a new leaf by attempting to ally himself with the Voltron Coalition is one thing, but you can’t deny that he’d at least put on an act (at first?). It’s inevitable that he and Lance interact in some way, and I’m sure the picture of Lotor’s confidence will strike some kind of chord with Lance. It may not be positive at first – in fact, I imagine Lance would be jealous – but what if Lotor helps Lance become more confident, be it by accident or on purpose?

Both, I find, are distinctly possible.

If lancelot happens and it’s one-sided for Lance, I can still see him learning from Lotor’s confidence, albeit tragically. When he’s broken and disillusioned by Lotor leaving to return to the dark side, he may realize what kind of assurance he admired and discover – through pain – the sort of self-confidence that he really needs: a healthy sort that isn’t tainted by narcissism.

If lancelot happens and it’s reciprocated (or, alternatively, if Lotor’s intentions are unambiguously good because I can dream), then imagine scenes of Lotor going out of his way to teach Lance, understanding his potential and finding it criminal that Lance didn’t think he was “good enough.” I feel like Lotor could have gone through this before with his half-breed generals. He could have seen things in them that they might not have seen for themselves and tried to help them see their full potential, and view Lance as another person who needs such a boost. His guidance could give Lance the tools he needs to unlock his self-assurance.

Hell, there are probably more possibilities that I’m just not thinking of in this moment… but, for now, I think it’s safe to move on.

I think what [Lance’s] looking for is getting to a place that is maybe very different than where he started in the series.

This is a quote that a lot of people use to speculate Keith as Lance’s future love interest, but it could also apply to Lotor. Hear me out.

Lance is obviously into Allura when the series begins: a beautiful alien princess with an open, kind heart, allied with the side of good. She has her problems, of course, that she has (begun to) overcome throughout the series, but this is fundamentally who she is.

Since the quote says Lance will end up in a place that is “maybe very different than where he started,” a lot of people assume that this means he’ll end up with a male (which, for the sake of argument, I will agree with here).

And, again, a lot of people go further and believe he will end up with Keith. While I do think this is possible due to how much of a polar opposite he is, in many ways, to Allura, I would like to introduce some of you to the concept of binary opposites, which could also apply here.

For those who don’t know, this is the definition of binary opposition:

A binary opposition is a pair of related terms or concepts that are opposite in meaning.

In a literary sense, binary opposites are two characters that, from the outset, seem similar, but are fundamentally different in a few key ways. Lotor and Allura are both heirs to ancient empires and come off as caring deeply for those who are near to them. They take their duties as leader with due seriousness. They’re strong, intelligent, and attractive.

Lotor, however, is a prince. He was initially deemed dirty and had to earn his empire’s respect in the short time he ruled. His empire is seen as “the bad guys,” unlike Allura’s people. Also unlike Allura’s people, his are still… well… alive. He prefers to keep up a facade around most (unlike Allura, who is more open about her feelings), and as such, it could take a lot to get him to crack.

Prince Lotor is, in many regards, Princess Allura’s binary opposite. As such, I think he’s just as likely to end up piquing Lance’s romantic interest as Keith is, if Joaquim’s quote is anything to go by. Remember, it’s “maybe very different,” not “absolutely very different.”

My hypothesis is just about done at this point, but I would like to address one last thing before signing off:

This is something Lance wrote next to Lotor’s entry in The Paladin’s Handbook: Official Guidebook of Voltron Legendary Defender. AKA: a canon guidebook. Just imagine Lance starting a new “rivalry” with Lotor that just ends up in beauty contests and falling deeper and deeper for one another’s gorgeous locks. At this point I’m being intentionally playful, but even though I don’t ship lancelot all that hard, I would legitimately love to see this.

(Seriously, though, this implies that Lance may view Lotor as gorgeous the first time they meet. Attraction at first glance, anyone?)

anonymous asked:

hi i was wondering if you could do a hc that mc is a transboy. like he's been on t for a few months so he's still in that odd puberty sounding phase but its cute as heck, and pre top surgery so he binds anytime he's around people bc big boobs suck. also if you could do it rfa + v & saeran?? thank you so much in advance, and i hope you have a wonderful day/night 💖

Hello! I finally did this request, yay! 

I didn’t include Seven or Saeran because I’ve actually done a similar headcanon for them in the past - you can check it out here (it was the first HC I ever posted!)

Meanwhile, I’m pretty mad: Someone I know VERY well keeps referring to transgender people as “he-shes” and using the term ‘it’ and it makes me so mad and upset. I’ve told them on countless occasions to like, cut the transphobic language out but they still do it. I can’t even cut them out of my life because of the relationship they have with my family - I’m not going to say anything else here, but I’m just upset that it’s 2017 and we still use language like this…

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this request, dear!


  • Your transition has been such a huge learning experience for him! He was aware that you would get surgery, but he thought it just happened at the same time! And he wasn’t even aware of the process beforehand!
  • Nevertheless, he does plenty of research about it so he knows what you’re going through. He’ll ask you a lot of questions, but it’s only because he wants to make sure he knows all about it! He would hate to not know about something super important!
  • He’s super fascinated by the changes going on your body! He’s the sort of person who’ll notice the tiny details, stuff that even you don’t notice.
  • He knows exactly how it feels to have your voice crack because it hasn’t been that long since his did, so he won’t mock you for it – however, he does find it super cute, though!
  • When he sees you wearing his clothes… He wants to squeal. He thinks you look awesome in them and is flattered that you actually want to wear his clothes!
  • Sometimes he’ll accidentally use the wrong pronouns, but he’s always quick to correct himself! He feels really bad when he does it, but you know he means well and doesn’t mean to do it at all.
  • When you said that you wore binders, he got so confused. You wear the things he uses to store his notes!? However, when you show him your binders, he almost facepalms for not realising that’s what you meant. Even though they’re expensive, he’ll save up his money so he can buy you more – he’s read horror stories of them breaking at the worst times!
  • He joins plenty of LGBTQ+ friendly groups at his uni!
  • The date of your top surgery operation is in huge letters and circled on his calendar – he’s so excited about it!
  • If he ever hears anyone being transphobic on campus, he’ll get so angry and won’t be able to hide it. He’ll rant and get super passionate, and afterwards, he’ll cry. He wishes people would treat you with respect, because you’re such a sweet person and don’t deserve any of that!
  • If you feel dysphoric, he’ll comfort you by playing video games with you! If you aren’t in the mood for it, he’ll build a blanket fort and cuddle you until you both fall asleep <3


  • Even though Zen wasn’t too knowledgeable on transgenderism when you came out to him, however like Yoosung, it’s been an interesting learning experience for him! He never once judged you for being transgender, because he knows all too well how it feels to be rejected for who you are.
  • He honestly thinks you’re more handsome than him? You might be really shocked, but sometimes he can’t stop staring at you because you look stunning
  • He’ll give you plenty of makeup tips if you ever want or need them – how to create a realistic-looking beard and how to contour your face to give the illusion of more masculine features, for example. He’s learned from having to play characters who look a lot different to him.
  • He secretly hopes you’ll keep your hair long so you can match with him… He loves it when you wear your hair in a nape ponytail… It’s often difficult to withhold The Beast.
  • He notices that you have a habit of stealing his clothes, but he doesn’t mind because you wear them just as good as he does! He likes to give you the clothes he never wears anymore because you look so good in them.
  • His favourite nickname for you is Prince Charming, and whenever he says it it’s the sweetest thing ever? Like sometimes you feel your heart melt when he says it in a low, husky voice.
  • There’s so much body worship with him! He doesn’t want you to ever think that you don’t look good enough since you’re still transitioning!
  • If you ever experience dysphoria, he’ll take you for a ride on his motorcycle and take you out to somewhere quiet and peaceful, only if you feel like going outside, though. If your dysphoria becomes severe, however, he’ll want you to seek help since it’s better than to let the feeling rot.
  • If anyone ever misgenders you, he’s quick to correct them; he treats it like no big deal, he’s sort of just like, “you mean him/he/his”.
  • Likewise, if anyone’s transphobic to you, he’s so tempted to fight them and ride his motorcycle, but he realises that it must affect you so much more. Instead, he does his best to comfort you and remind you that those assholes don’t     deserve any of your time. He’s very passionate about defending your honour.
  • He loves to take selfies with you and post them online, and talk about your transition –  only if you’re comfortable with it, of course!
  • He actually becomes an ambassador for the LGTQ+ community, and honestly, it makes him feel really good that he’s helping people going through the same struggles as you.
  • He’s just so happy that you’re letting him be with you on your journey to transitioning, and he’s sure to support you every step of the way.


  • Jaehee really admires you for being so open about your transition. She knows that transgender people experience a lot of discrimination, but knowing that you trust her and want to share your experience with her makes her so happy. And she’s willing to help you any way she can.
  • One of the first changes she makes to the café when you open is to have gender neutral toilets. She wants to make you as comfortable as possible in the café since you own it with her.
  • Likewise, if anyone is transphobic in the café, they’re getting banned, no questions asked.
  • She’s always careful with her words and makes sure she isn’t accidentally saying anything transphobic since she doesn’t want to offend you.
  • Jaehee always makes sure you take your medication at the right time – she’s set alarms and created a schedule just for you. Similarly, she always makes sure you follow your doctor’s advice.
  • Tbh she thinks you’re more handsome than Zen, and if that’s not a compliment than idk what is.
  • Since she’s basically having an entire wardrobe change since all she practically owns is business suits, one of her favourite hobbies is to go clothes shopping with you! And she’s actually quite a good stylist, like she knows what will look good on you and knows your preferences.
  • She always makes sure you bind safely – she won’t let you wear cheap binders or use duct tape, since it’s super dangerous!
  • One time your binder broke when you were working at the café and you felt so humiliated, but Jaehee was calm and helped you out – she went home just to get you your spare binder, but made sure you ordered another one later to avoid that from happening again.
  • She just wants to make sure you’re 100% sure about going ahead with the surgery; she wants you to be aware of the risks and complications, but if you want to go through with it, she’s happy to stay by your side and be supportive of you!
  • She asks you what she should do should you ever experience dysphoria, and she makes a note of what helps you and what doesn’t. She likes to drop self-care packages off to you that she’s made herself! And when you experience dysphoria, she’ll buy you food and do any duties for you that you need to do, such as paying rent or picking up your medication.
  • She’s just grateful to be living her dream with the person she loves, and you being transgender won’t change anything.


  • Jumin has been super supportive of your transition and hasn’t treated you any differently since you came out to him. The media, however? Not so much. The headlines still say “Does Jumin Han is gay?” and it pisses you off to no limits because they’re using you for some horrible joke!
  • Jumin hates telling you to ignore it, but there isn’t much else he can do. He’s     already had countless lawyers on it, but the media always finds loopholes. All he can do is offer as much comfort as possible and pray that the media will die down about it. He’s not bothered by the headlines, but he hates seeing you so upset by it.
  • On a lighter note, he hires his tailor to make you a ton of new clothes, including ones designed to hide your binder – he knows what patterns look good on you, and what you feel comfortable in. However, there’s one tailored suit that he loves seeing you in… He thinks you look amazing in it and if he could, he would have you wear it all the time.
  • He’s also invested in some of the most expensive, yet comfiest binders ever. Some of them have beautiful and intricate patterns on them and honestly, you’re worried that you’re going to ruin them if you wear them all day.
  • Well… One time one of your binders broke in public and because you were so humiliated by the incident, he sued the company. If they’re making something that is supposed to make you feel comfortable about being in your body, they shouldn’t break so easily.
  • One of his favourite little pleasures in the morning is choosing a tie for you to wear if you’re wearing a suit. There’s something about it that makes him feel good.
  • He’s ready to pay for your top and bottom surgery, but can’t believe it takes so long for you to get top surgery, like nobody should have to wait that long? He understands it when you explain it to him… But he doesn’t want you to wait! He wants you to be happy with yourself as quickly as possible since your happiness is his top priority!
  • He makes sure his chefs create a diet plan for you that includes foods which increase testosterone. You might hate some of the foods that are recommended, but he assures you that it’s for your good!
  • You mention to him that there are so many legal forms you have to fill out, and when you show him… He takes them off you. You thought he would dispose of them, but he actually gave them to his lawyers to fill out for you. He doesn’t want it to be stressful for you.
  • If you’re ever at some business event with him and people refer to you as his wife, he’ll correct them. He’s super blunt about it as well!
  • It took a while, but Chairman Han is starting to accept you for who you are. And with that, C&R has become a leading company for equality at the workplace. Jumin spent a ton of time firing transphobic workers, too.
  • He’s ended business deals because his clients are transphobic. He doesn’t care if it hurts his business, he isn’t allowing that behaviour to be associated with C&R.
  • Even though he wants to start a family with you, he knows that you won’t be able to bear children. He’s spent a lot of time researching alternatives, but will discuss it with you to make sure you’re alright with it.
  • If you ever have dysphoric moments, he’ll embrace you and hold you close, letting Elizabeth rest in your lap so you can pet her. He’ll pour a glass of wine and you two can sit there for hours, not saying a word.


  • He’s considering eye surgery, so if he ever got it it’d be likely after your full transition. It sucks because he wants to see you go through your transition, but those waiting times are a bitch.
  • However, he takes photos of you every day so he can look through it when he’s had his eye surgery!
  • He never makes a mistake with your pronouns – you would expect him to accidentally slip up, but he never does. It’s pretty amazing how he never makes a fault.
  • He views you as his muse, somebody who’s going through a big change, and he feels so inspired by it.
  • He also finds it super cute when your voice cracks!
  • If you ever feel dysphoric, he’ll offer you a ton of comforting words and remind you of how amazing you are. He’ll show you the pictures he’s taken of you to remind you of just how far you’ve come with your transition!
  • He loves it when you wear his cardigans – he has a sense of when you wear them and finds it so sweet that you would wear his clothes. But they’re so comfy!
  • He’s super gentle when he touches you – well, he is gentle anyway, but he doesn’t want to accidentally hurt you since he doesn’t know how the drugs are affecting you.
  • He spends a lot of time researching about transgenderism… Should the RFA do more events to raise awareness about LGBTQ+ rights? (Yes     they should!!)
  • A lot of the profit he gets from his photos goes to trans organisations. He’s especially considerate if your family hasn’t accepted you for who you are.
  • If anyone’s transphobic in public to you, he’s very calm and patient with them and points out the flaws in their logic. He knows it hurts you so badly when people say horrible things about you, and he’s disgusted by it too, but he reminds you that sometimes there are people you can’t change and you should just focus on those who will accept you.
  • The fact that he’s been able to find love again through you is enough for him – he would never leave you because of your transition.
Megamind Soulmate AU

When you write something on your arms, the marks appear on the arms of your soulmate as well. This is known: the soul-bond does not begin at birth; it is only possible with both souls have reached a certain level of maturity. No one knows what triggers the bond; it is not restrained by distance, by language, by contact… but everyone knows that a soulmate is true love, however improbable it may seem. 

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cyan-013  asked:

I just read your post on Jake as a non-classic YA hero (which was wonderful), and noticed you listed "My Teacher is an Alien" series with a "dumb jock" as a villain character, which is totally true as of the first (and second?? I can't remember) books, but if you have more thoughts on Duncan's development as a character, or that series as a whole, I'd be super interested to hear them! That was another series I loved dearly as a child. :)

Yeah, as I mentioned in this post, I really appreciate YA SF heroes that aren’t traditionally intelligent or otherwise talented who nonetheless make important contributions to fighting off alien invasions.  Ergo, you are exactly correct that I have a soft spot for Duncan.  I also absolutely LOVE a good redemption arc done right: Alloran, Chapman, Luke Castellan, Xanth, Septimus Heap, Edmund Pevensie, Jill Pole, Diggory Kirke… (This also explains why I have a Thing for C.S. Lewis.  Sue me.)  So yes, I really like Duncan Dougal as a character.

Anyway, I do really like Duncan… but.  But I also really dislike that his redemption comes about so artificially.  Duncan’s role in My Teacher is an Alien is really great, since I love how a) even at his worst the narration has sympathy for him and b) he drops the whole “dominate the nerds” idea the instant he realizes their school has MUCH bigger problems than who is at the top of the social pecking order.  I feel like Bruce Coville had the groundwork right there for Duncan to come to the realization all on his own that there are more important concerns in the universe in general than the strong dominating the weak, BUT that’s not how it plays out.  Instead, it takes Kreeblim “frying” Duncan’s brains with her intelligence-enhancing machine for him to start to question whether there’s another way.  (By way of contrast, look at Edmund Pevensie realizing of his own accord “holy crap, what have I done?” or Boy 412 gradually admitting 90% of the way through Magyk that deep down he has been rooting for the wizards for quite a while now.)

There are still elements of the way that Duncan’s shift plays out that I appreciate.  It’s heartbreaking and telling that he has to fight against the teachers’ negative expectations and assumptions that he must be cheating once he starts acing tests.  He also doesn’t stop having a delicate temper so much as he gets better at controlling it.  But I’ve always thought that Coville could have accomplished the same effect with a lot more power through just showing Duncan realizing of his own accord that sometimes class material is useful or interesting, and that using aggression never works out well for him in the long run.  The groundwork for an “organic” shift is all there, given that Coville has already established that Duncan doesn’t so much like hitting people as he doesn’t know another way to relate to people after growing up in a household where physical aggression is the norm rather than the exception.  Nonetheless the shift, when it comes, is artificial.

That sense of “like it overall, have some strong objections” actually sums up my feelings toward the series as a whole.  I love that there aren’t just a bunch of nuclear families, nor is it taken for granted that nuclear families are some kind of default (contrast Peter’s and Duncan’s complex family situations with the number of super-traditional families in Goosebumps, for instance).  I also get my shoulders up around my ears around the gender dynamics: Peter jokes that Ms. Schwartz must be living “every woman’s dream” to be frozen in time and thus not aging, Susan spends most of the first book being awesome and that descends into her spending most of the last book unconscious, etc.  However, I also love the way that the aliens treat gender, Broxholm very casually mentioning that of course there are like 700 different possible genders and that some of them translate as genderless pronouns.  However, I also also find myself frustrated that so many of the aliens so closely resemble humans, which (especially after K.A. Applegate spoiled me rotten) looks a little like a failure of imagination on Coville’s part.

On the one hand, I really love how the series looks at humanity from the outside in a way that is UTTERLY unflinching, as in “shows explicit scenes of torture, starvation, infant mortality, and physical oppression in a book meant for elementary schoolers” levels of unflinching.  On the other hand, it disappoints me that the aliens are portrayed as actually being a lot more uniform than the humans in their culture (despite being from hundreds of different species) since none of them have any idea at all about concepts such as paranoia, defensiveness, or even fear.  On the third, mutant, hand, the series is freaking awesome at vacillating between humor and horror without losing sight of either mood or allowing them to dilute each other.  

Maybe what I really want for the series is for it to be republished in a post-Harry Potter era where children’s books are actually allowed to be long and plotty.  This series is genuinely brilliant and insightful, subverting the traditionally Western idea of FREEEEEEEDDOOOOOOMMM as the be-all end-all virtue which is so important that it can come at the price of safety or equality (sorry fellow fandalites, but that’s where Animorphs always loses me) and instead showing that “freedom” for some at the expense of others’ ability to live full lives is its own kind of travesty.  It has such great moments as Gurk very casually asking Peter whether he’s comfortable with touch and casting this as a standard etiquette question among most aliens.  It resists the temptation to show tit-for-tat Revenge of the Nerds the way that a lot of YA SF does, instead showing that Peter needs to learn to forgive Duncan once Duncan is genuinely trying to make amends.  IT HAS SO MUCH POTENTIAL, and it is also so short that it poses deeply troubling questions and then (partially by necessity) offers oversimplified answers.

A Guide to Basic RP Blogging: Layouts, Page Information, and Content

Let’s face it: when you have a roleplay blog on Tumblr, having a generic layout hardly ever does the job. You need to have pages, tags, navigation, and make sure that other bloggers can easily get all around your blog. It’s also important to have a layout that’s stream-lined, easy to navigate, and still looks aesthetically pleasing.

I’m going to make some posts in the near future about basic HTML for pages, but for now, I just want to touch on the basics of what every blog (even non-roleplay blogs) should have.

First, you need your basic pre-loaded, universal links. As soon as you copy and paste a layout (or select a pre-made one from Tumblr) and click ‘preview,’ this should be your immediate checklist:

  • is there a home button?
  • is there a dash button?
  • is there an ask button?
  • submit? do I want a submit?
  • archive? do I want an archive?
  • are there other links? do i want other links?
  • is there a way to get to page 2 and beyond?


I cannot stress this enough.

Nothing is going to make you look like you have no idea what you’re doing like when a follower has to manually type in ’/page/2,’ ’/ask,’ or '’ because your layout isn’t logically created.

So now that you have your basic links and no one’s going to be internally judging you for having a dysfunctional layout, let’s talk about some features that pertain more to roleplaying.

There are a few pages every roleplay blog needs. Here’s the checklist:

  • bio(s)
  • headcanon(s)
  • rules and/or a mundane page

You can have more pages if you need to (for my blog, each character has a bio page, and each bio page has links to their headcanon, things they like, their face, and all of their open starters), but this is just at the most basic.

Make sure that you can get to all of these pages either from your main page or from your navigation page. This can be as simple as clicking 'show link on page’ when you create your page, or as advanced as working it into a navigation layout. In either case, there’s no excuse for not having these 3 pages somewhere easily accessible.

So, let’s break it down.

Character Biography.

This section is really a place for you to do what you want. I’d recommend having one or two information-packed paragraphs, as far as length or organization, but it’s up to you. Despite how you choose to organize your biography, though, you should always cover some basic questions.

Failing to mention any of the following often puts other roleplayers into an uncomfortable situation where they aren’t sure whether to ask you or wing it while interacting with your character, so make sure you mention:

  • sexual orientation
  • age
  • gender
  • name
  • any immediate physical features
  • any warnings associated with your character
  • faceclaim (either the name or a picture)

I know some of you may be reading this like 'warnings? physical features? what?’ and I want to take 5 seconds to cover this. If you have a character who has something off about them, it is in your best interest to make sure the other roleplayer is aware of this.

For example, I have a character who refuses to shower. He smells worse than Satan’s unwashed butthole. I don’t just leave that in page 3 of the headcanon and hope other roleplayers decide to go exploring into the dusty bowels of my blog. I put it right there in the open so that within maybe 5 replies, they know my character hasn’t showered since New Year’s and can act accordingly.

And here’s another thing: if your character comes with trigger warnings, put it on the bio page. It’s extremely rude and unpleasant to have a ship thinking that the other muse is normal and mentally stable, and then hear, SURPRISE, they’re suicidal torture victims. And, if you’re worried about people not using your character because of their past, news flash: “suicidal torture victim” is how I’d describe my most popular character in 3 words. Don’t hide someone’s past.

On a final note, try to make sure all of your characters are on the bio page. Keep them updated. Bios are living and breathing works and need to be revised as your character develops. Neglecting to update bios is misleading and extremely frustrating both for lurkers, potential partners, and even long-term partners.


I firmly believe every character needs a headcanon section.Before we get into this, though, I think we should define what headcanon is. I’ve heard a couple of different definitions: it’s things that apply to your character, essentials on your character, etc, etc, etc. Here’s my definition:

headcanon: necessary information on a character, be it background, kinks, tattoos/piercings/body mods, triggers, or other relevant information.

A headcanon, next to a bio, is the most important thing to have for your character. There are multiple ways to set one up (I use a tag page), which I won’t go into here, but it’s important that you have one.

To properly write with another character, roleplayers need to have at least a basic idea of what that character is like. Don’t be overwhelming, but don’t leave out huge things, either. It’s better to make sure you have your character’s background posted in headcanon than to surprise another roleplayer with some ridiculous past. And remember: if it’s in the headcanon, you can’t be blamed if your character chooses to conceal something about themselves.

Here’s what I recommend having in the headcanon section:

  • significant life events
  • anything dealing with character development
  • kinks and relationship advice
  • any physical attributes separate from the FC
  • hobbies
  • any strong opinions (esp if they might cause problems, eg racism, homophobia)

This section can really include whatever you want, though. It’s all up to you.

Rules / Mundane Page

This. Is. Important.

I see a lot of roleplayers blow this off and for other bloggers who haven’t interacted with you, it can create a really awkward situation. Even if you don’t want to have a strong Mundane presence on Tumblr, which is fine, you need to have a page.

The rules section is pretty self-explanatory, and I don’t want to make a list for anyone; it’s all personal preference. My recommendation is that you sit for 5 or 10 minutes, think about what your own rules will be, and post them. Here are my guidelines, though.

  1. Make sure you have an “or else” statement. For example, I hate being spammed about replying to threads. Instead of writing 'don’t spam me,’ I put 'don’t send me more than two messages about a thread per day. If you send me more than this, I will not reply again.’ Harsh? Sure. But there’s no question about pushing my limits.
  2. Be specific in your rules. Don’t just write the same rules everyone else has: if there’s something you personally don’t like, add it in. I personally hate having verses with more than one other person, so I include that as one of my rules.
  3. If there’s anything you aren’t willing to do or if you have any triggers, put it here. If you clearly state that you won’t write X, Y, and Z on your rules page, you’re actively taking away the other roleplayer’s argument. No one’s going to bitchfit if your blog clearly says you’re triggered by something, and if they do, they’re a douche because a) it’s on your blog and it’s their fault for not reading it, b) it’s a universal rule and for them to ask otherwise kinda makes them look like a prima donna, and c) it’s a hell of a lot easier to say 'that’s my rule’ and wash your hands of something than to explain 10 different times why you don’t want to do certain plots.

The mundane page is a little different, and this is tricky. Every mundane’s comfort level is different when it comes to personal information, and I understand that. Here’s what I think every roleplayer ought to have on their page, though:

  • what they want to be called
  • what gender pronouns they prefer
  • how comfortable they are about ooc
  • their timezone
  • their general age (eg 18+, -18)
  • reiterated triggers if applicable

Keep in mind that most of the people who haven’t talked to you are going to try to find something out before shooting you a message. If there’s nothing there for them to go on, they’re going to be less likely to talk to you. If you have a friendly about me where you invite the reader to send you a message, give them information to use as conversation starters, and give them some very basic background, it’ll go a long way.

You should also have your warnings here. If you really don’t want to give out information, say so. If you have triggers, put them here so people know in advance. The more you say about them, the more likely it is people will see 'oh, ok, don’t mention [trigger].’

So that’s all for me. That seems like a lot, but it really isn’t. This is just basic criteria every blog should have.

Yayy, I finally finished him <3

I’m still looking for his superhero partners, his love interest and his friends so, please message me if you also have a Miraculous OC!

•Character Information•
Name: Alexander Maki
Superhero identity: Lemur Catta
Nicknames: Alex
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Birth Date: November 10 (Scorpio)
Age: 17
Occupation: Student, Part-Timer at Art store, Superhero
Likes: Art, music, Salty sticks, anime, Video games, Working out
Dislikes: Bugs
About: Alex appears to be uncaring, rebellious, violent and a delinquent. But in heart, he is actually quite shy, caring and very clueless. He is honest and means well in everything that he does. He is also very protective about the people that he cares about.
His parents died in a car accident when he was 8 years old, he was living at his grandparent’s house until he decided to live by himself. Now, he lives in a apartment and works part-time at the art shop to support himself. He loves music and art, in his free time he likes to sketch in his sketchbook and play on his guitar.
Abilities: Drawing, guitar playing, Sensing the energy of living organisms (As Lemur Catta), Excellent hearing sense (As Lemur Catta)
Superhero power: Lemur Catta’s Spirit Echo - Lemur Catta transforms into a see-through matter that can phase through things and posses any living being: he phases into the body of the person he is possessing, giving him complete control. It is easy to tell when he takes control of someone as their eyes will turn the same color as his own. Lemur Catta must use it wisely, as he can only use it once before reverting back into his civilian form five minutes later.
Weapons: Lemur Catta’s frisbee
Miraculous: Lemur Miraculous - A choker that turn the wearer, with help from Yuure, into a ring-tailed lemur hero with the power of haunting . Currently owned by Alexander Maki.
•Kwami Information•
Name: Yuure
Animal theme: Ring-tailed Lemur 
Species: Kwami
Gender: Genderless
Gender Pronoun: He/Him
Age: 5000+
Friends: Alexander Maki
Likes: Lollipops
Powers and abilities: Flight, Levitation, Intangibility, Miraculous transformation
About: Yuure is very playful, optimistic and He has a great sense of fun. He loves to joke and make Alex laugh. His favorite snacks are strawberry-flavored lollipops.

hi, this is really important ! please dont scroll past. i think its time that the fandom really had a talk about its most toxic abuser… ocelot.

as a mentally ill abuse survivor its incredibly concerning to me to see so many ppl in the mgs fandom blindly supporting and even identifying as the character revolver ocelot… this is not ok. hes canonically a murderer, torturer, an abuser and a RAPIST, and there are many pedophilic undertones in how hes written. maybe a lot of ppl havent actually played the games, and dont know about this content. but im going to write it all out for you and hopefully youll realize that yr supporting rape and abuse by apologizing for the things ocelot does :/

im not even going to focus on all the times ocelot is shown to murder or torture ppl… im sure everyone knows abt that, but i would remind you that hes canonically a sadist who ENJOYS torture.

anyway, lets start with mgs1….

in mgs1, if snake submits to ocelot’s torture, you get a scene where ocelot says hes going to rape meryl:
“The torture will stop as I promised… But I’ll take the woman in return. I’ll have my fun with her… before I kill her.”

you might be able to say that this is just a threat and empty words to upset snake (tbh this is really some apologist rape culture stuff to even go there as your first response to this, but i wont even get into that) if not for this later scene in the meryl ending, where meryl heavily implies that she had to endure stuff “worse than” torture:

S: Meryl… it must have been terrible.
M: It wasn’t that bad. I didn’t give in to the torture.
S: Torture?
M:  … And things even worse than that…

i think its pretty clear in light of what ocelot says in the other clip what things "even worse than that” means….

ive seen some people claim that this isnt in the japanese version of the script, but thats not true. i speak japanese so lets look at the JP version and ill translate as literally as i can.

スネーク: メリル?メリル、大丈夫か? (Meriru? Meriru, daijoubu ka?)
Meryl? Meryl, are you okay?

メリル: 大丈夫か、しか言えないの・・・? (Daijoubu ka, shika ienai no…?)
“Are you okay”? Is that all you can say?

スネーク: メリル、つらい思いをさせた。(Meriru, tsurai omoi wo saseta.)
Meryl… you had a terrible experience.

メリル: いいえ、つらくはなかったわ。奴等の拷問に私、屈しなかった。(Iie, tsuraku wa nakatta wa. Yatsura no goumon ni watashi, kusshinakatta.)
No, it didn’t get that bad. I didn’t give in to their torture.

スネーク: 拷問?(Goumon?)

メリル: それ以上のひどいことも・・・。私も闘ってたの、あなたと同じように。(Sore ijou no hidoi koto mo… Watashi mo tatakattetano, anata to onaji you ni.)
And things more cruel than that… I was fighting too, the same as you.

this is pretty much just how it was translated in the english version. its not explicit, she doesnt come out and exactly say I WAS RAPED, but with ocelots rape threat earlier in the game its very clear what she means… ocelot at the very least ordered her to be raped, if not partook in the act himself, which he probably did because he CANONICALLY is a sadist who enjoys torture. yes, ocelot is gay, but you dont have to be attracted to someone to rape them…

heres a scene in mgs3 where ocelot gropes eva without her consent:
yes, hes touching her breasts because hes trying to figure out who she is and not for gratification….. but it still displays that he has NO CONCERN for eva’s sexual boundaries. thats SEXUAL ASSAULT.

and of course later in this same scene where ocelot proclaims his interest in torture…

so ocelot is canonically a rapist and a sexual assaulter… thats undeniable. but theres also a lot that implies that ocelot is an abuser, and it doesnt take a lot to conclude that he groomed solid snake and liquid snake for problematic purposes :/

for instance, look at this convo between kaz and ocelot in mgsv where kaz accuses ocelot of getting off on torturing eli, an 11-12 y/o child:

K: Ocelot. You get too many kicks from your “art of interrogation”.
O: It’s not a matter of art. It’s about quick, minimal strokes of psychological warfare. That’s what gets the answers. And it’s the best way to keep both questioner and subject safe. The risks only increase the more an interrogation drags on. At that point, it causes as much pain for the inflicter as the inflicted.
K: Hmph. Like I said, too many kicks.

obviously kaz is far from an unbiased observer here, but we know ocelot. it’s not at all unreasonable that he’d think this. whats most notable about this is that ocelot doesnt even deny the accusation… he goes on and on abt how his method is the best and does say he wont “go overboard”, but he doesnt actually contradict kaz’s accusation that he’d get off on torturing a child :/

then later on when ocelot finally does interrogate eli, the way he touches him is very uncomfortable:

what reason does ocelot have to violate elis personal space like this? its not explicitly sexual but in light of all his other behaviors its very questionable…

theres more stuff that ocelot does, too, thats not so easy to point out w specific clips. like the fact that ocelot spends the entirety of mgsv abusing kaz.

i think its pretty clear that ocelot has romantic feelings for big boss (he outright says so here:, plus lots of other things to support it, im sure i dont have to dig that up to convince ppl on tumblr at least lol), but its not so obvious that big boss ever reciprocated them. imo, he didnt… theres really no point where big boss is shown having any feelings like that for ocelot. i think this is a lot clearer in the japanese version, the english version actually seems to have made their relationship MORE familiar. for example, big boss actually never calls ocelot adam in the truth tapes… he calls him “junior” (furigana over “son of the boss”). i sure hope big boss wouldnt call his lover “junior”….

オセ:では……ジョン。9年間忘れたことはなかったが私はしばらくあなたを忘れます。(Dewa… John. Kyuunen kan wasureta koto wa nakatta ga watashi wa shibaraku anata wo wasuremasu.)
Well… John. I haven’t forgotten you in nine years, but I will forget you soon.
ボス:ザ・ボスの息子(ジュニア)。また頼む。(Junia. Mata tanomu.)
Junior… I’ll rely on you again.

also something i think that backs me up is how ocelot speaks to bb in these tapes… he uses very polite and formal language with him. he doesnt speak like this anywhere else in the game, not even to venom… he uses ore pronouns and casual/masculine speech usually. but when talking to bb it totally changes. he uses masu form, deferential language, and watashi, which is very formal/feminine for a male character to say. it’s very respectful but also not intimate. this is the way you talk to a stranger or your superior. he clearly respects big boss, but doesnt consider himself to have the right to use familiar speech with him. i think its really unlikely that a male character would be written in japanese speaking to his lover this way…

so, if ocelot is in love with big boss, but big boss doesnt return his feelings, i think this speaks a lot to the subtext of his behavior in the games. we know that despite this ocelot dedicates his whole life to bb… he even dies for him… so i think that really sheds some light on what he does to kaz in mgsv.

theres a lot more evidence that bb had a more intimate relationship w kaz (see: the entire sauna tape, date with kaz… basically, the whole of peace walker), and i think its clear that ocelot was jealous. he didnt overtly attack or insult kaz but thats exactly his MO… long manipulative conspiracies meant to take people down without them even realizing.

if you look at all of their interactions theres a revealing pattern in how ocelot speaks to kaz. he more or less does everything he can to undermine kaz in front of bb (venom). he contradicts kaz constantly, and sets himself up as the “rational voice” always. he negs kaz for being “too emotional”. this really is basically gaslighting… he puts up a civil front but in everything he says and does hes undermining kazs authority and the validity of his emotions. he’s trying to make kaz feel hysterical and invalid and worthless. its abusive.

i have no doubt that ocelot was a big factor in withholding the truth about v from kaz, too. the way he speaks to kaz in their post-credits scene, he seems really self-satisfied hearing how devastated kaz is to learn the truth. almost like he’s gloating. he knew that hiding it and then telling kaz later would totally destroy bb and kaz’s relationship, and he enjoyed doing it. he took away everything that kaz had and left him emotionally destroyed. just killing kaz wasnt enough, that’s how petty and vindictive and sick ocelot is.

lets not forget about the fact that ocelot was involved in les enfants terribles. in light of everything else ocelot does i find this so suspect. i dont think its really a reach to conclude that he had an ulterior motive getting involved in that project. big boss didnt return his feelings, but what if he could groom david or eli to?

in the post-credits scene with kaz ocelot more or less says that hes going to spend the rest of his life watching over david and eli. ocelot probably had a lot more involvement in eli’s life that we never saw but thats a lot of speculation… there is one concrete thing that proves ocelot was probably attracted to bb’s sons though. in mgs4, during the final fight, where he kisses snake:

and before you say that this is liquid ocelot and not ocelot, this kiss scene can ONLY trigger in the part of the liquid ocelot fight where it calls back to mgs3 and ocelot is coming back to himself. AFTER he’s been injecting himself with nanomachine suppressors and undoing the liquid brainwashing. he ONLY wants to kiss solid snake after his identity returns…

so, you dont think its a little bit messed up that this man participated in a project to clone a man who hes canonically attracted to… and then displays attraction to his children too??? ocelot helped make david and eli. he’s basically one of his parents. he helped raise them, directly and later indirectly. how is this not child grooming? ocelot loved big boss, but was rejected by big boss, then involved himself in a science experiment to clone him, then spent the rest of his life watching over and shaping the lives of these kids. umm….

i mean, think about it… what do you think ocelot got out of les enfants terribles? why would ocelot, who is otherwise so loyal to big boss that he would and does die for him, betray him like that?

kind of problematic, huh. :/

ocelot tortured people. he murdered people. he raped meryl, and probably others too. he destroyed kaz’s life out of jealousy. i think ocelot probably abused liquid, and likely solidus too.  

i think ocelot is an interesting character… but hes a really bad person. i think if you look at all of this and try to defend him or even identify AS him… you kinda need to take a look at yourself imo. either you’re claiming that you too are a murderer, a sadist, a rapist, and an abuser, or you’re an apologist, erasing every horrible thing that ocelot did. whats wrong with you?

The Representation You Want, but not the Representation You Deserve: Tokyo Ghoul, Gender, And Sexuality

I’ve been around fandom for awhile now, and in each fandom that I join, I hear a common refrain…that we need more representation of gender, more representation of sexuality, more representation of bodies and types of people, more representation of female characters with depth and variety. And I have always agreed. After all, the merits of representation are proven and powerful, and very few popular series show anything beyond heteronormative and cisnormative characters. Then Tokyo Ghoul came along. 

In Tokyo Ghoul, we have, in canon, queer characters, transgender characters, interesting and varied female characters, characters who have suffered traumas both mental and physical, characters with non-traditional gender expressions…a great deal in other words, of the representation that’s lacking in so many other stories. The result is a rich diversity of cast that lends a great deal of interest to an already complex, intriguing story. And yet, the fandom has responded to many of these characters either by misgendering them (Juuzou and Mutsuki), or downplaying their gender identity in lieu of imposing fanon over them. In other words, these characters are treated by fandom in more or less precisely the same way they would be treated if they were actual people–with misunderstanding and varying levels of disgust.

Just today, I saw a piece of art that depicted Haise, Urie, and Shirazu. It was a cute art, and I nearly reblogged it…until I saw the caption reading “The boys of the Quinck Squad.” Really? Where was Mutsuki? He’s not longer a boy, now, simply because we’ve found out he’s a trans boy? It certainly can’t be because he cross-dressed. After all, Haise and Shirazu did as well, and no one seems to be questioning their gender identities or excluding them from the “boys club.” One isolated piece of fan art wouldn’t be such a huge deal if that were the only issue, but venturing into the tags reveals a tremendous amount of ambivalence regarding Mutsuki’s gender. 

As a reminder, in the canon we see Mutsuki emphatically declaring his gender identity-he’s a boy. There’s no ambiguity in his statement. He was not assigned male at birth, but he wishes to live as a male. End of story. In the CCG, he is treated as a male. He is addressed as a male and his role in the squad is the same as any of the other boys. When he has to cross-dress for a mission, we see clearly his discomfort. It’s mentioned that he looks better than Shirazu, but the reasoning given isn’t “He wasn’t born male,” but rather, “he’s better looking.” When Haise tries to comfort him by telling him he looks cute, Mutsuki appreciates the gesture, but states, “That isn’t really the problem.” Like many trans men who’ve had to go out in public in clothing that doesn’t align with their identity, he’s uncomfortable because he’s being looked at and read as female. To state it plainly, Ishida’s handling of Mutsuki’s gender has been pretty damn accurate, and a really solid example of representation.

Yet, in the fandom, he’s constantly misgendered. People refer to him with “they/them” pronouns, female pronouns, or leave him out of representations of the “boys.” And he isn’t the only one. Juuzou was forcibly castrated (with a hammer) as a child after being forced to cross-dress and endure torture and brainwashing. He was castrated so that he would always remain beautiful, “like a girl,” and was given a female name. But after being rescued from his captor, he chose to reclaim his male identity. He chose to use the name “Juuzou” and wished to be addressed as male. When characters have questioned or challenged his identity (or just misgendered him), he’s reacted poorly. And yet many in the fandom still call him by “Rei,” the name he rejected, call him “trans” (he’s not), use gender-neutral pronouns for him, crack jokes about his ability to participate in sexual situations, and nearly all of the nude or sexual depictions of him are with unmutilated male genitalia. The message implicit in these fanon representations is that if Juuzou is to be sexual, he must have “normal,” unmutilated genitalia, that he is somehow not a cisgendered male, that his slight form and his non-conventional gender presentation somehow preclude him from being accurately recognized as male. 

These are just two characters from the diverse pool that Tokyo Ghoul has offered. They are certainly not the only character mischaracterized by fanon, but their specific make-up of physical characteristics and gender identity seem to be baffling to one of the only fandoms who’ve been given such a diverse spectrum to play with. Nico, who is clearly a cross-dressing, masochistic gay male is more or less entirely ignored by fandom, though it’s unclear why, I think it’s reasonable to hypothesize that it has to do with being a cross dresser who lacks conventionally attractive features. 

And honestly, more than anything, it’s tremendously disappointing. I’m an advocate for far more inclusion, diversity, and representation in fiction, but if there’s anything I’ve learned from participating with the Tokyo Ghoul fandom, its that a significant portion of fandom can’t understand this representation, even when it’s clearly laid out before them in the story line. A similar pattern has been shown by the Black Butler fandom, but that’s another rant for another day. I would like to naively hope that these sorts of representations could catalyze important conversations about respecting and recognizing gender identity, but after seeing the way these characters and other are treated in fandom chatter, art, tags, and commentaries, it’s almost impossible to believe that will be the case. 

I wanna take a moment to ventilate my thoughts on Miyu Shinohara for a moment, since apparently, she’s been the talk of the fandom recently.

Now i’ll try to make this as respectful, non-biased and neutral as i can. But i will be sharing my point of view on this whole thing, i’d also like to remind you that you are not inclined to agree with me on any of this.

I am not trying to defend an ecchi spin off manga and i’m aware that this is a touchy subject but let’s look take a quick look at Miyu’s role in musume, shall we?

First off, the manga clearly and bluntly establishes in the very first chapter

Now, this isn’t an uncommon ‘over-reaction’ in anime when a gender-bent character is introduced. Steins;gate did something very similar. How you interpret it is up to you, do you find it offensive?

Keep in mind, not everyone is offended by being called one gender or another along with it’s pronouns.

Well, sadly these sorts of questions would be the first thing that come to mind when people hear about other genders that aren’t male or female. This is a normal reaction because they’ve been used to those two genders for their entire lives up to this point.

Let’s keep going.

Yuka instinctively calls them “onee-chan” (big sister) because when she looks at Miyu, she doesn’t see a boy dressed up as a girl, she sees Miyu for what she seems like to her rather than what she is and what she isn’t.

Now, keep in mind that Yuka is 14, i’m not sure if musume changes the ages around at all but Yuka does still act (and look) like she’s much younger, this’ll be important later.

Moving along… (and now we’re getting to the more important/interesting points)

Right there. You can say what you will about musume, that it’s a fetish manga, that it’s disgusting, that it’s ecchi as all hell. And you’d be right.

But do not ignore this scene. It shows how unwelcome Miyu is to society and her classmates, i can imagine that this kind of thing is very common in schools. But Satoshi accepts Miyu.

And i’d like to remind everyone that children who bully anyone at all are not necessarily little twats, but it’s more or less bad parenting.

Now for my closing statements, things may get a little biased here, like i mentioned earlier, Yuka acts and looks a lot younger than she actually is. She’s practically a child and this is more important than you might think.

Children are more accepting of new ideals because they’re still learning more and more about the world so they haven’t exactly gotten “used to” certain ideals.

You can argue with transphobic adults as much as you’d like, but their ideals most likely won’t change, especially not if you resort to violence. That’s not helping anyone, nor is it helping your cause.

For all kinds of different genders and pronouns to become 'socially acceptable’ in today’s society, what you need to do is stop telling the adults what they can and can’t do, think of them like your racist grandparents, they’re racist because they’re from a different time when practically everyone was racist. It’s hard to teach an old dog how to sit.

What you should be focusing on is the children. Ensure that the next generation will be more accepting of these ideals. Teach your children what’s right and what’s wrong and most importantly of all: Make sure to teach them how to respect and treat everyone as an equal and never, ever make assumptions or prejudice until they’ve had their own experience to make up a proper opinion on the whole matter.

Bad parenting leads to your child being an insensitive bully.

All right, there you have it. I’m well aware that this is a very touchy subject to a lot of people, but i’ve wanted to share my thoughts on this for a while now.

If you have any thoughts about this, if there’s anything you disagree if you’ve got anything you’d like to add or if you simply want to send me hate, my inbox is open and anon is enabled, go know yourselves out.

The Rocky Horror Remake: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

By request, here’s the breakdown of the most unnecessary musical remake since NBC started did Sound of Music Live. 

Okay, let’s get comprehensive.


  • The first two musical numbers are actually pretty great, which inspired a lot of false hope.
  • Ivy Levan sounds amazing, and the intro is a great throwback to the stage version. 
  • I LOVE THIS BRAD AND JANET. Ryan McCartan plays Brad as a campy, deeply-closeted every man, which is an interpretation that would work for any other version of this show. 
  • Victoria Justice sounds good too, she’s clearly having fun
  • Reeve Carney fucking gets it. He’s Richard O’Brien 2.0. I love his Riff Raff, he gets every note right.
  • Annaleigh Ashford gets a lot of credit for playing a Columbia that’s a huge tonal shift from the original take. She’s a depressed rainbow emo fan girl and it works. Also, her improvised line is by far the best thing in this shit show (you’ll know it when you hear it).

The Bad

  • Adam Lambert looks like a chimpanzee. A very skinny chimpanzee some dressed in punk costumes from Build-A-Bear, but he does sound good. Kinda?
  • The choreography is great, but having great choreo in Rocky Horror is like having the prettiest set in Our Town. Like, congrats, but you’re really not getting the point of this. 
  • You have Tim Curry as the Criminologist. I get it- he’s a huge part of the original’s success. But, dude, Tim Curry just had a stroke. It’s a little uncomfortable to see him like this. Let him rest.
  • How do you have such a big budget for this and yet it somehow looks cheaper than the deliberately cheap looking D-Movie?
  • What even is Ben Vereen at this point? You have one of the greatest dancers in Broadway history in a wheelchair. And on drugs? I can’t explain his performance otherwise.
  • Thank God Staz Nair (Rocky) is pretty, because he’s not much else. Okay, he can sing a little and shake it in board shorts. His acting sucks though.
  • Christina Millian (Columbia) is barely in this, and it doesn’t seem like she’s trying. Way to waste one of the most scene-stealing roles. Literally no connection to Riff-Raff or their arc in this movie. 

the ugly

Okay people, take a breath. Beyond here, I skip the bullets and go straight into essay format. You’ve been warned. 

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When I draw them together like this, Amy looks really small… (’ - ’ ;

Anyway! Taking a break from my recently non-stop internship works, I replayed SADX again on my PC. I usually play with Japanese voice and English subtitle–partially because I couldn’t read most of the kanji… and because it’s fun to compare the dubs :)

When I was messing around with the character select scene, I noticed slight differences between the English and Japanese lines of the Character Instructions menu. Maybe other people has pointed out these differences, but I feel like writing this because… it’s a fun thing to do!

Don’t worry, the fanart above will make sense eventually.

(beware, long post ahead)

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anonymous asked:

Recently I've come to my conclusion that my personal Shepard is incredibly boring. Since Grace is the exact opposite of boring, I was wondering if you have some tips on how to make my Shepard unique and interesting? How did you make Grace feel so *alive*?



Where to begin?

Ask questions. Come up with answers. Get other people to ask you questions. Come up with answers. Tumblr is full of those “get to know your character” or “30 Days of X” memes. Use them. You don’t have to post them publicly, but they’re good reference.


I can’t stress the importance of this enough. Think about when you meet someone new. You might be able to tell some things from looking at them, but all the nitty gritty meat of a person probably isn’t just sitting there on the surface, right? (Especially if what you see on the surface isn’t exactly the same as what’s underneath. Garrus comes off cocksure and confident until starting a romance shows a whole different side of him. For example.) You have to get to know them, and that usually means conversations, questions, observing them in action.

So, let’s translate that into a game character. Mass Effect gives you a bunch of things to work with at the outset and it gives you a structured framework of story, more or less. ME1’s always going to start on Eden Prime and end confronting Saren on the Citadel. Some of the hard work’s already been done for you. When we meet Shepard, she’s (or he, but I’m just going to go with ‘she’ pronouns for the purposes of this discussion) almost 30. That’s a lot of living. The game says, “Choose one of these three backgrounds and one of these three psych profiles and one of these six career paths.” The character creator asks you to choose what they look like. You give them a name. 

That is so much to work with. 

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tymedfire  asked:

Prompt: how about something angsty? Idec what, maybe Pidge or Lance or Keith getting hurt and the others being really worried??? You have started me on a new obsession of Voltron fics

Characters: Team Voltron | Princess Allura | Coran

Pairings: None

Warnings: Violence | Injuries | Gore | The grossest thing in this fic is the description of third degree burns, so if that squicks you out don’t read this. Not too much detail but enough for a visual.

Notes: Pidge and Keith don’t get enough bonding time, so I picked the both of them to suffer with each other. Also I still haven’t figured which pronouns I wanna use for Pidge, but for now I’m sticking with she/her. As for the obsession, well, let’s just say :3c

NEW NOTE: Don’t fucking look up third degree burns. Don’t do it. Trust me.

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feel free to change pronouns and such.

  • “But you’re not meant to be here till Wednesday!”
  • “I just don’t think chopping someone’s head off is cause for a celebration.”
  • “I’d never have a friend who could be such an ass.”
  • “I’m in disguise.”
  • “I’m just a nobody, and I always will be.”
  • “I’m not a monster, am I?”
  • “If anyone wants to go and kill him, they can go ahead.”
  • “I wouldn’t touch him with a lance pole.”
  • “I thought you liked those real rough, tough, save the world kind of men.”
  • “You never know, it might be fun.”
  • “How come you’re so much better at this than me?”
  • “That was much better. Not that it could have got any worse.”
  • “Is it my imagination, or are you beginning to enjoy yourself?”
  • “So what I say doesn’t count for anything?”
  • “I want you to swear to me what you’re telling me is true.”
  • “Why does everyone seem to think it’s down to me to do something about it?”
  • “Buy me a drink and call it even.”
  • “It’s neither good nor bad. It’s how you use it.”
  • “There will come a time when your skills will be recognised.”
  • “I… I don’t mean that in a nasty way.”
  • “There’s no point crying about it.”
  • “Maybe that’s because I haven’t found the right person to love.”
  • “Sometimes you’ve got to do what you think is right, and damn the consequences.”
  • “The last thing I remember is drinking the wine.”
  • “Damn the rules! The rules are wrong!”
  • “We’re not breaking the rules. We’re bending them, that’s all.”
  • “I don’t know what it said on your invitation, but on mine it said celebration.”
  • “Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me.”
  • “People like you and I, we must look after each other.”
  • “I’m saying it to you because you can do something about it.”
  • “You’ve never had a problem letting people die before.”
  • “And let that be a lesson to you!”
  • “If I’d known you were coming, I’d have tidied up in here.”
  • “Have you some kind of mental affliction?”
  • “I’m glad you have so much faith in me.”
  • “You promised me that you wouldn’t get involved.”
  • “There cannot be one rule for me and one for all the rest.”
  • “You could say…that there is a bond between us.”
  • “One whiff of a barmaid’s apron and you’re singing like a sailor.”
  • “Bring back memories of when I used to beat you?”
  • “Come on, stop pretending to be interesting.”
  • “If you’ve got something to say, now’s the time to say it.”
  • “I’m sure you’re doing everything you can.”
  • “I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking for.”
  • “I’ll die knowing I did everything I can.”
  • “I thought I told you to stay at home.”
  • “I had no idea you were so keen to die for me.”
  • “Only a mad man hears the truth as treason.”
  • “Next time, I may not be able to help you.”
  • “You have enough to deal with without worrying about such things.”
  • “It’s probably more scared of you than you are of it.”
  • “Whatever the price is, I will pay it gladly.”
  • “I sometimes wonder if you know who I am.”
  • “I never thought I’d see you here again.”
  • “We are too valuable to each other to be enemies.”
Fic Writers, A Friendly Reminder...

Hello my fic writing friends, I’m about to give you all a tip that I know has been talked about many times over but I haven’t seen many posts about it and if I don’t make one I’m going to scream so here we go. 

I’ve made this disclaimer before, but I’m not a huge fic person. Not in the grand scheme of things, for my own reasons, but at this point I’ve read enough. Enough from enough fandoms that I’m well aware how contagious some of y’all’s habits seem to be to each other (as is the usual case with writers). 

Characterization and plot are important things, but it’s all for nothing if you do that one thing we can’t stand. Some of you already know what I’m talking about I hope. Let me say it like this.

Different ways you should not (ever) refer to a character: 

1. by their hair color. 2. their sport position 3. their eye color 4. if their older or younger than one of the other mentioned characters (younger boy, older girl etc). 5. if they’re taller or shorter than one of the other mentioned characters (i’ve even seen this when there’s a 2cm height difference i swear by the love of all that-) 6. anything similar to these! 

Different ways you should refer to a character: 

1. by their name 2. their pronouns

That’s it! Only those. JUST their name and pronouns. (On a quick side note there are times when a title is acceptable so long as you aren’t using [just] the same tittle for multiple people and you make it clear who you’re talking about. Also it’s okay to use gender neutral pronouns if we don’t know in canon.) 

Look, just trust me. It is NOT boring to do this. It is polite and decent, which are two things a writer should always be to their audience no matter how vulgar your content is. What do I mean? 

When you use those wacky references to the characters you are yanking the poor reader out of the story. There are some bits of your writing that you want to reach out and grab people with and there are other bits that you want to keep invisible because they don’t need to have an impact. You don’t have to be flashy or clever when you’re simply letting the reader know who you’re referring to or who’s talking. Blend it in so it doesn’t disturb the story. 

The problem is that those things I mentioned make a reader stop and think. And not in a good wow that’s interesting or what’s gonna happen here?? type of way. Or they at least interrupt the flow because no matter how fascinating that character’s hair color is, “the green haired boy” is still an awkward bump of a phrase, and besides, in this environment there are any number of green haired boys. Why mention a character in four bland, rhythm-killing words when you could mention them in one? And keep the reader’s focus on the story in the process? 

Now I will say this, I’m talking about doing this continually. If you just have to throw a hair or eye color reference in there, fine. Just limit it, alright? Hearing “the blue eyed boy” every single time you refer to a certain character is the most obnoxious thing you could do. So keep it to one or two times and make sure it’s obvious who you’re talking about! I see people calling characters “the brunette” when everyone in the frkin scene has brownish hair. And no it’s not okay to call one ”brunette” and one “chestnut” and one “amber.” What the heck are you trying to do to your reader’s brain exactly? Not everyone is going to see a color the same way you do anyway.  

(Also, please know how one character addresses another if you want it to be canon. It’s one thing if they’re calling each other different things from canon for a story-specific reason or when there’s a change in the relationship, but don’t just change that aspect of a relationship dynamic for no reason. It’s one of the many disrespectful things you could do to the creator.)

I know this glitch spans into original fiction too, but it seems to be a dominant trend with fics, and if you don’t want to confuse and annoy your readers, stop!

I hope this didn’t discourage anyone because that is not the goal. Y’all have some impressive skill and are so brave for putting your stuff out there. The goal here is to motivate and help you. Keep it up, and feel free to ask if any of this was confusing!