it was inevitable that sherlock would be in this set

S4 Watchalong?

Okay. I think I’m ready to finally rewatch the disaster that was S4. If I set it up in my, would anyone be up for a watchalong? (Note: you don’t need a account to join in).

We could bitch together, commiserate, and heckle. And maybe try to make some sense of something. Or not. Maybe we’ll just groan and giggle.

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  • me: I would kind of like to own the extra stuff that comes with the Series 1-3: Limited Edition Collector's Box Set.
  • me: But that's a lot to spend considering I don't need the discs and they won't work with my player anyway.
  • me: ...
  • me: Eh, I'll just wait until the next installment of the show makes someone else so mad they quit the fandom and sell all their Sherlock merchandise on eBay.
Brothers In Arms

A Prequel to this- a second instalment in The Trial of Sherlock Holmes.


JOHN and SHERLOCK are sitting next to each other inside the cab. The frost creeping up the cab’s window panes reveals the bitterly cold winter outside.

JOHN: Well, I hardly need bother with a present for you, old boy.


JOHN: I can hardly compete with a case solved just in time for Christmas.

SHERLOCK: (smiles)  Hmm. I rather think you of all people would be up to the challenge.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        JOHN: There were some splendid socks I had my eye on.                 

They both chuckle. Easy and comfortable. But, SHERLOCK’S laughter dies as the cab draws nearer to 221B BAKER STREET. He leans forward, peering out of the window with a frown.

JOHN: Holmes?                                                                                                   

We follow Sherlock’s eye…



The street is packed with clamouring reporters, armed with cameras or notepads and pens.



SHERLOCK: (drawing back from the window, quietly) Ah.                                                                                                                                                              JOHN makes to lean forward and see the reporters for himself, but SHERLOCK puts his arm out in front of his chest, blocking him.

JOHN: Holmes, what the deuce-                                                             

SHERLOCK: (firmly) No point in you staying, after all, not when it’s so late. Pray give my love to Mrs Watson.                                                                                                                                                                                                      JOHN: (aghast) I’m not having you face this by-     

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