it was inevitable i know

Dear you,
You are going to make it through this.
I know it feels like you can’t do this anymore. I know that your lungs burn every time you inhale, the painful reminder you are alive, and I know you want to stop breathing more than you want to see the sunsets you used to love. I know looking at certain people hurts your soul more than your own existence, and the thought of them leaving destroys you even though you know it’s inevitable. I know.
I know the stars that once instilled wonder in your mind have stopped shining, that you can no longer find joy in the simple beauties of this earth.
But one day, you’ll be able to see the stars again.
One day, you’ll breathe in hope and never lose it again.
Keep going.
That day will come.
Keep going.
Keep going.
Keep going.
I dunno,” she said,
“I guess it’s just strange.”
“Strange to think that we had our entire future planned out. He was my future and there was a time when I was his, we knew our children’s names, the house we wanted to live in, we even knew how our wedding was gonna go. We planned it all, and even though I know it was just a bit of fun, reasons to smile and all that, and I know it’s inevitable that the boy you’re with when you’re 17 is not going to be the boy you marry in 10 years time. But I guess a part of me had always hoped that it would be him, I guess it’s just strange to know that you had something all planned out and then suddenly you don’t get any of it and suddenly you have a new future. It’s strange how fast and easy something can be taken away from you.
—  Changes //
Excerpt of a book I’ll never write

Sorry I’m just thinking about how this is going to affect Star Wars in general because it’s no longer a thing of the past….like it’s still happening right now…. if episode 8 doesn’t have a luke/leia reunion I’m going to cry, because that means they won’t ever get a reunion. They’re probably going to have to write in leia’s death at some point and it’s just going to be this pain all over again…..fuck idk if I can handle that

I couldn’t tell you
what it was that
inevitably made her
so special to me,
but I do know that
there has never been
another person that
has made me feel
as at home within
my own skin as
she has, and even
in her silence,
I can feel her loving
me from wherever
she may be.
—  Mariah Gordon-Dyke, “Please don’t forget me”
Dear Hillary Clinton, I'm so proud of you.

Because I grew up under eight years of your husband, eight years watching you in the news serving New York, four years as Secretary of State, and another four years inevitably planning this campaign, I don’t know if my feelings toward you as a politician are based predominantly on fact or on a skewed narrative as presented by the media.  I’ve never been 100% Team Hillary, but to be fair, I’ve never been 100% Any Politician.  I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect any person serving in our government to agree with us on each and every issue, because it’s their job to know more about them than we do.  For you though, because of your long history in the government as the most high-profile politicians we’ve had during my lifetime, I hold more against you than the average liberal politician.  Part of that is because you’re an old white person whose history contains more than a few hiccups that affect people who look like me, but part of that is because the country decided they hated you long before I was old enough to pay attention to politics, and I’ve been affected by it on some level.  For me, that Hillary vs. America narrative wasn’t enough for me to withdraw support, but it was enough for me to never be overly excited about the prospect of having you in the White House in the pilot’s chair.  All of this is too fresh for me to fully wrap my head around what part of my hesitance is warranted because of your politics and what part is a reaction to Hillary The Monster as spoonfed to me by the news media, but that’s not why I wanted to write this.

I like you as a person.  Aside from politics, I think you are a formidable woman, a passionate patriot, an exceptionally intelligent politician, and a thoughtful humanitarian who really does want the best for everyone.  I feel so disappointed in America, but that’s a given.  Everybody is writing about it, everybody is feeling it, everybody is frightened about the next four years.  But just on a human level, my heart breaks for you.  I can’t imagine spending fifty years working toward a goal that was pushed just out of your reach by an actual monster.  You love America so much more than I do because I would’ve given up on us the first time we told you we hated you, and then the second time, and the third, and the fourth.  The fact that you never give up has been used as evidence of a personality defect, even though we tell our children to work hard for what you want, and if you don’t succeed, try and try again.  

You tried so many times.

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like can we just… let people be excited and positive about 2017? yes, we are all aware parts of it are inevitably gonna suck cause aftermath of 2016 but i don’t know why it’s so harmful to post optimistic memes… y'all really gotta stop taking everything so damn seriously and appreciate that people are finally cheerful on this site for the first time in ages

John knows about Mary wanted kill Sherlock.

The main level of TAB is about things which Sherlock has in his mind including his thoughts and opinions to John. Also about his recognition that John is actualy damn smart. But on another level there was lot of stuff by creators, which works as help for us. And one of the most important things there could be fact that John realy is smart and we shouldn’t underestimate him!

Next series is going to be from John’s point of view (probably) and so it was very important for them to show us everything he is capable of.
TAB isn’t only about Sherlock thinking John is smart. TAB is also about how we should think just the same.
And what seems very interesting to me here is how they present his medical skills. Actually more than twice:

1) John is correcting Sherlock’s diagnose about Lestrade

2) John is finding that Emilia was dying

3) John is browsing dead body of sir Eustace

4) John is revealing to everyone that Emilia was nearly to death anyway.

What is even more interesting he plays like he knows less, than he truly knows. And in this scene creators are alerting on it.

,,Isn’t he observant now that Dady’s gone!”

Well… he is happy to play the fool for him…

When we look at this new one episode, there is lots of thoughts about how clever John is and how good doctor he is.
And yes. John damn is.
So I was thinking about how is even possible, that he didn’t find out, Sherlock nearly died. Or, to be more accurate, realy died for a while. He was with him since a moment he found him in coma.

 He was in an ambulance with him!

 (and knew very well what was happening around them). 

,,We’re losing you, Sherlock!”

He was all night in a hospital. He had to speak with doctor, who operated him. He probably was with Sherlock, when he woke up…And mainly he isn’t an idiot. He is a doctor too. A very good doctor. Which is a thing he said to Sherlock very next day after they met.

So what creators showed us in  TAB?
John is a good doctor who just pretends not being so good. Specialy for Sherlock’s eyes. While episode continues he knows that Emilia was dying, but keeps this information just for himself until end. When finaly tells everyone that Emilia was dying and he knew it ( as well as he knew that Molly was a woman. ) Sherlock seems to be suprised. And at the end John saves him from Moriarty. So that is what were creators telling to us.

Oh yes, one more again :D Pretty damn smart! :3

And here is my new point for real John: 

John knew, that he nearly lost Sherlock again. And it was just something what he wouldn’t forgive to anyone. Neither his own wife. Specialy her. Because she saw how broken he was after Sherlock’s death before. From that moment he never gives her honestly kind face again. I mean… if he knew, then would simply couldn’t. And that is exactly how he looks rest of the episode His Last Vow:

He was so angry while Sherlock persuaded him that Mary is from that moment their client. But Sherlock had to have some reason for that, didn’t he? 

“Always your way.”

You know…. This scene reminds me another one!

It is I am happy to play a fool for you scene.

John is practicaly saying that he will play his game, even if he knows the truth.
Like maybe that he will pretend he believes his spiel about how Mary saved his life, even though it’s bullshit. He’ll keep doing what seems Sherlock want from John. With a hope that his friend has a some good plan.
Actualy when I re watched His Last Vow John realy looks he knows all the fucking time that Sherlock almost died. He realy looks he knows that Mary wanted to kill him. And he’s not only angry with her. He hates her.

Just look at him, to his face when Sherlock is trying to convince him, that Mary is just a client who needs a help!

Or here, where Sherlock was claiming she saved his life:


He just… knows it.