it was in the first season though

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Hello! Congratulations on the stuff you've been working on coming out! The community is certainly extremely hyped, and we can't wait for the movie. Just a quick question/clarification-you said these are the first episodes you worked on, does that mean this movie is the start of Season 3 (as in the movie is the first few episodes of S3, and S3 will then be the remaining....18 or so episodes)? If you can't disclose that information, that's fine-thank you for all the work you've done!

Yeah the “movie” is the first several episodes that will be played consecutively- so that means 2 hours of Star! They’re all under one arc though so it kind of is like a movie!

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Would you mind explaining what's problematic about OITNB?

The only character that says bisexual (in the first two seasons at least) is Larry lol. And there’s some weird racial shit (I remember not liking how they handle Soso). Also the Daya/Bennett relationship early on is depicted as cute and romantic but he’s literally in a position of power over her and she has no agency so I wish it was handled better. It’s been awhile since I watched though so I need a refresher. And I have only seen seasons 1, 2 and part of 3.

With that in mind, I did REALLY like seasons 1 and 2. The end of season 2 is YES.


theDOGS and the pieces with the same leitmotif (2Volt, etc.) have always been somewhat underrated due to the fact that people neglect the compilation movies of Season 1. “It’s just Episodes 1-13 and 14-25 in 2 hours? I’ve seen Season 1 already!” In reality, the music Sawano composed for these movies ON TOP of the songs already in the Season 1 soundtrack are otherwordly, even though there’s only a handful of them for each movie.

But here is, what I think is the very first cover of these songs in existence. Bless this person!

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Help, I've never had to go through a full hiatus in the 100 fandom( I binge watched the 1st 3 seasons). Please tell me this will pass. Its only been a day and its already hurting...

Oh pal, I’m so sorry. I was you last year and I thought I would die. Lol the first week is the worst (someimes 2 if you’re as obsessive as me) but after that it starts to calm down. But it helps to kinda throw yourself into something else. Some tips though:
DONT go rewatch the first season or binge watch the show yet wait until the first week or two pass.
Read fan fiction. It’ll help you live in a state of denial for a while, until you’re ready to face reality, but it’s also a great way to replace the weekly episodes with the same characters.
Throw yourself into a new fandom. I have a Hellatus Recommendations master post of like 30 tv shows, movies, and books, that are similar to the 100 or just addictive and binge worthy. So you can go through that and find a new obsession for a while. (just search Hellatus on my blog)
Find someone in the fandom to trade headcanons and s5 speculation with! It’s fun and it’ll help you not be so sad and look forward to next season.
Start a weekly rewatch, where you watch one episode a week still the show comes back (if you have the willpower to only watch one which I do not)
After a month or 2 you don’t even realize it’s gone. I remember I thought I was gonna die last year but we all survived so I wish you the best of luck!

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I know why I'm so upset by this episode, and esp by the last clip: Iman is too good. Tarjei is too good. Henrik is too good. They make me feel everything, I can't not believe every single tiny thing they're selling. I'm feeling with them. First case when I wish the acting were actually worse. I could never sit through a whole dramatic movie with any one of them, esp Tarjei: it would wreck me.

hi love! very well said! the acting on this show is always solid and completely believable, no one is there to perform if you get what I mean. we already knew from past experience that Tarjei really is that good, and Iman’s talent has truly shone this season, hasn’t it! I found thursday’s clip especially gripping even though it was just her in her room reading messages. I also like the format, it trusts the actor instead of keeping the viewer entertained with camera tricks so you feel really close to these people. I watch a lot of japanese cinema with simple camera work and understated acting and some aspects of skam remind me of it a little bit even though it is a different medium. 

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I kinda hope at somepoint we'll get to see the things teased in the speedforce when Barry ran back that first time. Him in jail, the flash museum, obviously we've now seen Killer frost. Also I think Barry in jail would be really interesting for even just an episode.

I think we were seeing possible timelines? Like the timelines that would’ve happen if Barry hadn’t started meddling with time at all, maybe?

I doubt we’ll see the Flash museum (they’ve been dropping easter eggs about it since early in S1 though) because they created a STAR Labs museum instead. Unless they decide to make it now that Barry is off in the speed force, as they rebuild (if they rebuild) STAR Labs? Might still happen regardless though.

And yep, we saw Killer Frost and also the Legends (though not Barry in the future fighting alongside the Legends; let’s assume his time travelling changed that future a bit).

As for Barry in jail… :D I’ve always wondered if they’ll touch on The Trial of The Flash storyline. It’s a pretty old and pretty famous one for Barry. The Reverse Flash kills Iris (who is married to Barry), and Barry is managing eventually to get on with his like and engaged to a woman named Fiona, and when her life is under threat from the Reverse Flash, Barry ends up snapping his neck. It leads to a lot of fallout for him, including a trial, among other things.

I don’t actually think they’re gonna go that route for a few reasons. One is that they learned their lesson on Arrow about killing the major romantic interest / legacy character (even if the comics did bring Iris back after fixing the timeline). 

Another reason is this season. They’ve done the whole “Iris’s life under threat because of a speedster” thing now, and fixed the timeline to save her too. And they’ve shown us how much it would mess up Barry to have her die, while they were at it.

We also got this easter egg moment:

Originally posted by e2barryallen

Barry in the comics (in that arc) snapped the Reverse Flash’s neck, and Barry here is trying to snap Savitar’s, both for threatening the woman he’s engaged to.

So I don’t think we’re going to get The Trial of The Flash like that speedforce easter egg implied, not anymore, but we might get something else that pushes Barry into jail for some reason or another. I’d also love to see it, if they can wrangle it, even if it’s him going undercover or something. I personally think it would be a great opportunity to explore some villains or Rogues and have a few of them in an episode and making Barry’s life difficult (or helping him!) :D

i didn’t? i didn’t realise i was tagged in this? fuck this website.

anyway, tagged by my darling @fatallist. ♥

relationship status: single.
favourite colour: green.
lipstick or chapstick: chapstick.
last song i listened to: i’m listening to the game of thrones ost because i’m way too excited for the new season.
last movie i watched: i’ve watched like one movie these past two years and i don’t even remember what it was ok lmao. i watched the first half of moana last night, though. and i’m loving it. :^)
top 3 4 fictional characters: there’s quite a few tbh, but my top favourites are juliet burke (lost), edmund pevensie (narnia), sansa stark (game of thrones), and juice ortiz (sons of anarchy). and every single character on band of brothers. of course.
top 3 ships: i’m not a “””multishipper”““, i tend to get overly attached to like one ship every four years lmao. merlin/arthur is The Big One, but i also Love sawyer/juliet (lost) and emma/neal (once upon a time).
book i’m reading: frankenstein by mary shelley.

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coldplay - us against the world.mp3 

at last got around to draw my favourite characters from black sails, which, hands down, has the most emotionally fulfilling finale EVER. anyone else is still shook three weeks later? there’s not a day when i don’t think about it, if you ask me

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do not buy your child a rabbit this easter season. 

do not buy your child a rabbit this easter season. 

do not buy your child a rabbit this easter season.

it’s not even easter yet, and i’ve already seen plenty of people posting up in parking lots with signs that say “bunnies for sale” and it makes me cringe. 

80% of these easter bunnies are abandoned, and 95% of them don’t live to see their first birthday. 

  • rabbits are a huge responsibility, not just some cute conversation piece you can keep locked up in a cage all day. 
  • even if you do keep it in a cage most of the time, the cage needs to be 4 to 6 times as big as they are so they can stretch and stand up on their back feet. (source: house rabbit society) store bought cages generally are not suitable for rabbits even if they’re marketed as such.
  • rabbits require 3 to 4 hours (minimum) of playtime outside of their living space in an area big enough for them to binky and run around. 
  • their litter boxes need to be cleaned at least every other day if not more often. 
  • rabbits chew everything, from furniture to electric cords - be prepared to “bunny-proof” everything in your home. 
  • they have a strict diet, and an extensive list of foods they can and cannot eat. [bunny safe fruits & veggies]
  • they are prey animals that do not like to be picked up 99.9% of the time - a small child will not understand this and may end up hurting the animal.
  • they are loving animals but may or may not like to cuddle or even sit next to you sometimes - you should never expect a rabbit to act like a cat or dog, even though some of them do. 
  • they require annual vet visits, and should be spayed or neutered as soon as they are old enough to do so. 
  • rabbits groom themselves and should never, EVER be bathed or submerged in water - this can cause an ailment called head tilt, hypothermia, shock, and even death. 
  • a surprisingly little known fact, but rabbits aren’t rodents - if you don’t know this, maybe you shouldn’t be getting a rabbit in the first place. 

please be responsible and don’t get your child a rabbit this easter season unless you’ve done your research and plan to take full responsibility in caring for this animal. 

Bunny Care 101

Fandometrics In Depth: Riverdale Edition

On January 26th, 2017, The CW (@cwnetwork) gave us the gift of Riverdale, the gritty Archie Comics (@archiecomics) reboot we had no idea we wanted. For 15 weeks, we’ve witnessed our newest faves write for the Blue and Gold, watch the River Vixens perform, and grab milkshakes at Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe. To help you recover from last night’s fiery finale, we analyzed millions of tags used between January 26th and May 11th, 2017 to identify the most talked about characters, episodes, and ships.

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With nearly 15 million engagements (searches, original posts, reblogs and likes) during the first season run, Riverdale was the 44th most trending tag on all of Tumblr: that’s more popular than the tags #Harry Styles, #Star Wars and #Pokemon, to name a few. Among TV shows, Riverdale was the fourth most trending program, right behind Voltron: Legendary Defender, Steven Universe and Skam.

But what were the top performing episodes of Riverdale? Glad you asked:

Top Characters

Jughead Jones, played by perennial Tumblr fave Cole Sprouse, was the most talked about character. In fact, 28.8% of the conversation was focused on our behatted narrator. The full list breaks down as follows:

  1. Jughead Jones | 28.80%
  2. Betty Cooper | 20.70%
  3. Veronica Lodge | 16.11%
  4. Archie Andrews | 12.62%
  5. Cheryl Blossom | 7.35%
  6. Kevin Keller | 4.53%
  7. Reggie Mantle | 2.79%
  8. Jason Blossom | 1.43%
  9. Josie McCoy | 1.38%
  10. Alice Cooper | 1.15%

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Your OTPs

It was a big 15 weeks for Jughead. In addition to being the most discussed character, he was one half of the most popular ship: #Bughead. This canon relationship between Jughead and Betty dominated the show’s ship conversation, accounting for more than half that discussion. Even though Chip Zdarsky’s (@zdarsky) Jughead is canonically asexual, Riverdale’s Jughead is still trying to navigate the fluidity of his sexuality through this relationship.

  1. Bughead (Betty x Jughead) | 51.17%
  2. Beronica (Betty x Veronica) | 32.37%
  3. Jarchie  (Jughead x Archie) |  8.63%
  4. ArchieRonnie (Archie x Veronica) | 3.11%
  5. Barchie (Betty x Archie) | 2.84%
  6. Cheronica (Cheryl x Veronica) | 1.70%
  7. Valarchie (Valerie x Archie) | 0.18%

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Riverdale was renewed for a season two before the first season even ended. For amazing GIFs to tide you over until next fall, may we suggest:

Official statement from Hartvig Nissen on Tarjei winning Gullruten prizes:

Hurray and congratulations to the SKAM team who acquired several prizes last night at Gullruten. Apart from the fact that SKAM has created an impression that teachers at Nissen do not wear bras, then it is an honour for us at Nissen to be associated with the amazing universe that Julie Anden and NRK has created.

And when a student starts to win Gullruten prizes then it’s totally okay for the school to make an “Auntie-Gerd-speaking-to-the-confirmand”-speech:

So dear Tarjei,

We are proud of you! Your interpretation of Isak gets under the skin of even the toughest viewers and you deserve all credit and renown for your work with this character. Even though you have become everyone’s SKAM-Isak, you will first and foremost be Nissen-Tarjei for us. Thus, we hope you have noticed that you are going to a social studies exam next week. (Chapter 6, 7, and 8 in Fokus)

Once again: Congratulations!


UPDATED RPDR Drinking Game!

All of your input was SO appreciated! It’s actually really fun to write these out and I’m definitely not done with it- mostly because seasons 1-3 and AS1 have nothing, and we still have the rest of season 9 to go (after this episode though I think I do need a drink) anyway HERE IS THE UPDATED LIST keep sending in ideas because they are all awesome! Most if not all were included in here and they were a huge help :)

Also please don’t try this at home I don’t want to be the root cause of alcohol poisoning. Personally I’d do it with water and first person to pee loses but that’s just my innocent ass being innocent.

rewatched part of sdc today with a friend and doodled some highschool boys

Yesterday I went to the Sarah J. Maas signing in Pennsylvania. I wasn’t able to have anything signed by her, but I still got to see and hear her speak !!!! eeekkk.

So here are some things that she mentioned that I think were worth mentioning

  • Throne of Glass has had multiple ending over the years
    • A Court Of Thons And Roses’ ending hasn’t changed for the most part 
  • If the characters were food Cassian would be Nachos and Azriel would be dark chocolate and wine
  • Yrene has a major POV in Tower of Dawn
  • Tower of Dawn is basically ToG 6
  • Tower of Dawn is basically the same length as EoS and QoS
  • Her advice for perspective authors:
    • Dry shampoo
  • She loves mac & cheese
    • Sometimes baked (mother in law makes it the best) other times with white chetter
    • Mac & Cheese is basiacally a food group in her house
  • If she had to choose a Court it wouldn’t be Summer cause she doesn’t like outdoors so maybe the Autumn Court
    • Cause it’s her favorites season
      • Though she did make note of the people
  • Miryam and Drakon may be one of the “short stories
  • The short stories expand on the world
  • The first short story is set after ACOWAR but some of them might be set before 😉
    • She knows what the first two are about
    • And for the others as well as the length of them, “We’ll see what happens”
  • They sould be published in autumn of 2018 … maybe

I was going to draw something cute/happy/romantic after finishing Season 2 but… (╥﹏╥)

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