it was in my tea box in my room

Today I was rehearsing with the guitarist from the show I’m doing and I was coughing up a lung bc I’m sick and I was just kidding but I told him he needed to bring me a lemon for me to slice up and put in a cup of tea and so I show up to the show tonight to get ready and he sets down a big ass lemon on my dressing room table and then brings out like 5 boxes of Halloween Oreos and for those of you who pay attention to my posts you know what a big fucking deal that is and so long story short I now have a lemon and more Oreos than I know what to do with


7.9.17 // 4:00pm // july monthly

soooo this is kinda late but it’s here anyway? decided to switch up my monthly layout bc i wasn’t really using the boxes in my calendar. i like this since it gives me so much more room to be creative and doodly and i also don’t have to take 10 years drawing lines. i also completely screwed up one of the hibiscus flowers but eh. also, look at my (mom’s) pretty garden! xoxo, m

ps. why does tumblr always make my photos blurry… sigh.

Cookies and Cuddles

Summary: Reader has a really bad day, including a bad date and missing snacks. Bucky is the only one who can make her feel better, even if she doesn’t know it. 

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1436

Warnings: Bad writing, period stuff, cranky as hell reader.

A/N: Hi! I hope this is okay! My period decided to ruin my day and apparently this is what I got out of that! Feedback would be amazing, as I want to get better with writing! If you wanna be tagged in stuff, please let me know :)

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On Your Right - Bucky Barnes x Reader (Part 4)

A/N: Happy Thursday aka Happy Almost the Weekend! To celebrate here’s part 4! 

Thanks so much for all of the love, it always makes me smile. Also FYI if you see a reply from dramadreamer14, that’s me not some random person! 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Summary: Reader wakes up to some very interesting Facebook notifications… I’m not going to say much more. A little bit of feels/insecurity in the first half. Ends with fluff. 

Rating: T for language 

Characters/Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers

Disclaimer: I own nothing

Word count: 1855

You woke up to a dozen Facebook notifications. Curious, you opened the app on your phone and giggled in surprise. They were tag requests from Bucky. After automatically approving whatever he tagged you in, you grabbed your laptop so you could actually look through the pictures.

The album was the first thing in your newsfeed and you eagerly clicked on it, smiling at the name -Best Sights in D.C.

Bucky had turned to photography as a coping mechanism after T’Challa’s team finally succeeded. After years of having memories wiped from him, taking pictures comforted him. You were impressed by how good he had gotten with just his phone camera. Even his selfies looked good.

Your smile grew as you clicked through the photos. Mixed in with breathtaking images of the monuments, you were front and center in stereotypically touristy snapshots; you “pushing over” the Washington Monument and stuff like that.

You were just about halfway through when your phone buzzed violently. Glancing at the caller ID, you quickly answered it.

“Hey, Nat, how’s the weather in LA?” You asked brightly the second the call connected.

“Sunny. N…”

“Oh that’s nice,” you cut her off, “It’s kind of overcast here.”

“I didn’t call to talk about the weather. Nice try.”

“So what did you call to talk about? The baseball game last night.”

“Cut the crap,” she laughed. “Not a date, my ass, Y/N.”

She sounded like she was about to cheer.

“It wasn’t. We just did touristy stuff around D.C. The same thing we did when the team stayed over in Boston.”

“Uh huh,” she dragged out the second syllable. “I see. Except that was mandatory team bonding and this looks a lot like a date.”

“Nothing about these pictures says date. Number one, I’m by myself in all of them. And number two, I’m pretty sure you could put these on a website and people would think they’re stock photos.”

Nat’s laugh made you nervous.

“You haven’t made it through the whole album have you?”  

“No. Why?”

“Call me back when you’ve finished, and make sure you read the captions.”

She hung up before you could ask why. You continued clicking through the photos, more slowly this time. You got to the second to last picture and still couldn’t understand what the big deal was, and then you hit next and your jaw dropped.

Outside the bakery, Bucky stood behind you with his arms wrapped around your waist, clearly drawing you into him. Both of you were laughing as you laid your head back on his shoulder and he was looking down at you fondly.

“Saved my favorite picture for last. The sweetest dish in town… oh and the desserts were pretty good too,” the caption read.

You bit your lip, trying to hold in a smile as you thought back to the moment that picture must have been taken.  Bucky had asked you to wait by the outdoor tables so he could get someone to take your picture to make Sam jealous of your little excursion.  You had been distracted by a little girl who was giggling in delight with a mouth covered in chocolate, so you jumped and started laughing when he wrapped his arms around you to turn you around. Clearly the kind man who agreed to take your photo also snapped the candid before you posed for a normal picture, side by side with his hand on your shoulder and yours on his hip.

Using the voice command on your phone you called Nat.

“Did you look at the whole album now?”

“Uh huh.”


“And it still wasn’t a date. It was very specifically a non-date.”

“How do you know that? What exactly did he say when he asked you to sightsee with him?”

“He didn’t. I was wandering around the Smithsonian and he found me and then we started walking around. I asked him why he was all dressed up and he told me that he had a  date planned but the girl never showed so he came looking for someone to hang out with. He was bored, Nat. And I was there. Second place, like always,” you finished sadly.  

“You’re nobody’s second place, Y/N,” Natasha said fiercely, willing you to believe her. “And trust me, the way he’s looking at you in that last picture is not the way you look at somebody who’s second place in your life. I’d be willing to bet there’s even moments where you outshine Steve and get that number one spot all to yourself.”

You sighed, knowing she was right. Thankfully, she wasn’t a gloater by nature.

“I know Bucky cares about me a lot. I would never question that, I just don’t think it’s the same way I care about him.”


“But that’s okay. I am perfectly happy being best friends with him.”

“Liar,” she stated calmly.

“Maybe, but let’s keep that our little secret.”

“I’m just going to say this, if he calls you the sweetest dish when you aren’t actually dating, I shudder to think of the pet names and cuteness there will be when you get married.”

“He’s a romantic. I like that about him.”

“You like everything about him,” Nat reminded you.

“This is true.”

“Miss Y/L/N, Mr. Wilson would like me to inform you that if you’re not downstairs in ten minutes all of your baked goods will be eaten.”

“Gotta go, Nat,” you exclaimed hurriedly, yanking your laptop shut.

“Go save your pastries,” she laughed. “We’ll have a girl’s night in a few days when we all get back to the facility and discuss all of this at length?”

She framed it as a question, but you knew an order when you heard one, so you went along with it.  

“Sounds good. Good luck with the mission.”

“Good luck with… not dating Bucky Barnes.”

After changing into jean shorts and a t-shirt so you wouldn’t be tempted to sleep the rest of the day away, you hurried downstairs to the kitchen.

“If you ate all my dessert I’m going to stab you,” you threatened as you rounded the corner.  

“Hello to you too, doll.”

“Oh, Bucky, hi. Sorry. I thought you were Sam.”

“I think that’s worse than you wanting to stab me,” he quipped with a smirk.

“FRIDAY said Sam was going to eat all of my goodies if I wasn’t down here in ten minutes,” you explained looking around for the signature boxes.

“He did just scurry away in the direction of his room with one of the boxes.”

“You let him escape with my pastries?” You asked in mock outrage.

Rolling his eyes, Bucky pulled an identical box out from beside him. Opening it carefully, you realized that it held the last black and white cookie.

“My hero.”

“I aim to please.”

“You succeed.”

“Sorry I didn’t get more. Sam was already trying to sneak out when I wrestled that one away from him.”

Chuckling, you started to make tea. “This is all I really wanted. The rest were for sharing.”

“So is this one not for sharing?” he asked, eyeing the large cookie.

“Definitely not,” you informed him with a smile.

You were just about to sit down across from Bucky at the breakfast nook when Steve slid past you, beating you to the spot and swiping a line through the frosting of your cookie in the process.

“Hiya, sweetheart. Good frosting,” he greeted you with a bright grin after licking his finger.

If it had been anyone else you probably would have at least punched them in the arm if not the face.  

“Paws off my sweets, Rogers,” you huffed.

Bucky smirked proudly.

“My my, aren’t we sassy this afternoon,” Steve shot back, smile undimmed.

He had always been sarcastic, but since Bucky came back he had really cranked it up a notch. You enjoyed your verbal sparring matches as much as the heart to hearts you often had with the Captain.

“You know I don’t mess around when it comes to my dessert, Steve.”

Since he was taking up one whole side you squished in next to Bucky who moved over enough that you could sit comfortably, but not enough that you weren’t touching. You placed a mug of tea in front of each of you with the black and white between you.

“I thought this one wasn’t for sharing,” he prompted at the same time as Steve asked, “How come he gets some?” with a fake pout.

“Because Bucky is a gentleman.”

“Aww thanks, doll.”

“He may be a gentleman, but I thought I was an angel,” Steve deadpanned.

Your brow furrowed in confusion for a moment before the early morning events came back to you and you groaned and dropped your head onto your arms.

“You can’t hold half asleep rambling against me.”

“I’m not holding anything against you. I’m just saying, I believe I was all golden.”

“Oh my god,” you wailed. “Nobody else can ever know about that.”

“Don’t worry. It’s our little secret.”

“Thank you. You’re still not getting a bite of this cookie, Steve.”

He shrugged, “Can’t blame a guy for trying.”

Bucky chuckled beside you and broke off a piece in the middle so he had both types of frosting.

“You were right, this is better than the chocolate chip,” Bucky admitted.

“You doubted me?”

“Never, doll.”

“I love this bakery. We definitely need go again before we head home.”

“We will,” Bucky promised.

All three of your phones chimed at the same time. Expecting it to be a mission update you all immediately checked.

“Y/n, you need to remind me how to turn off notifications on Facebook. I posted one comment on that picture of you two and now I’m going to get a million notifications,” Steve groaned.

“I’ll show you in a minute,” you chuckled, opening the notification. “Oh god, let’s see what Tony had to say.”

“I need a dentist,” Bucky read aloud. “Jerk.”

You laughed as you read through the comments. You had been too distracted earlier to enjoy them. All of them were talking about how cute the two of you were.

“Aww. Thanks, Steve. We are adorable. How come you didn’t show me that picture before you posted it?” you asked, turning your attention to Bucky, missing Steve’s amused expression.  

After you had chewed him out for tagging you in a particularly awful snapchat he had screenshotted, Bucky always checked before posting pictures of you.

“I didn’t realize I had it until I was going through them this morning. I can take it down if you want,” he offered sincerely but unenthusiastically.

It made you happy that he wasn’t keen on removing such a couple-y photo of you.

“No, no, leave it up,” you answered quickly. “I love it.”

“Me too,” he beamed at you. “It was a lot better than the pictures we posed for. I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s us so we look great but they were a little bland.”

“I wish we knew the name of the man who took the picture.”

“I think he said it was Stanley.”

Tag list: @bexboo616, @shitty-imagines-95, @spookyscaryscully, @chamongangae

A/N: I hope you all enjoyed this! I really liked the idea of Bucky and Steve doing social media and this happened. Tags are open and feedback is lovely. 

Part 5 

“I’m Actually Thinking the Contrary of Disgust”

Warnings: negative body image of the reader, language, fluffy, Dean’s a sweetheart in this one, implied smut at the end, Sick reader

Pairing: Dean x Sick!Reader

Characters: Reader, Sam, Dean

A/N: I came down with a really bad cold and it inspired this! Dean is a super sweetheart in this one.. the fluff is super strong! enjoy the fic guys!

When I woke up today… I had the worst realization. My throat was scratchy yesterday and now I have a blaring headache, my nose won’t stop running, and now my throat feels like it’s on fire. Greaaattt I thought to myself, nothing like a cold to start off an engagement. Hell, Dean and I aren’t even married and now he’s gotta deal with my sick ass.

When I rolled off of our shared bed I looked at the clock… it was 4:10am. This happens every time I get sick. Once my nose gets stuffed up, sleeping is close to impossible, not without some heavy duty cold medication.

I put on Dean’s robe, trying to lessen the impact of the freezing air in the room and I went out looking for him. The first place that I checked was the kitchen. Whenever Dean can’t sleep he can always be found in three places, the kitchen, the garage, and the library.

“Dean!” I yelled out for him as the kitchen came into view, well not yelled, more of rasped out… damn what ever this cold strain is, it’s a nasty one.

I heard Dean and Sam lightly chatting and then Dean’s voice loud and clear “We’re in the library, baby”

Then I shuffled into the library only to see Dean’s fully alert insomnia-having self looking at me and he said “Damn baby, you look like hell”. He then got up and walked to me, his forest green eyes were trying to decipher exactly what was wrong with me.

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My Witchy Goals for 2017

Inspired by this post by @moonlightacademy

I did borrow a few from their list and changed the pronouns but I also added some of my own.

🌟Drink a cup of tea daily

🌟Start a Book of Shadows/Grimoire

🌟Make my own candles

🌟Write down everything I learn

🌟Do a deep self and room cleansing

🌟Create a space/box that is exclusively for practicing magick or to hold all my tools for practicing magick

🌟Take one night from my week to light candles, drink a cup of tea, and relax by reading or taking a bath

🌟Become pen pals with a witch from a different country or state

🌟Collect objects that speak to me from antique and craft shops

🌟Begin collecting materials for spells

🌟Gather spell ideas and adjust as necessary

🌟Define goals for my magick in my BOS/Grimoire and stick to them

🌟Gain further knowledge and control of my Ouija board

🌟Begin work with pendulum

🌟Continue to work on BOS/Grimoire daily

🌟Organize my crystal/rock collection

🌟Help others with their craft

🌟Work on being more active in Discord groups

🌟Make connections/friendships with other practitioners

Spencer Reid x Reader: Rain

Prompt courtesy of @lotsofimagines

40. “Why are you up so early?”

Word count: 1,008

AN: Here’s my first Criminal Minds fan fic.  I hope ya’ll enjoy it ^_^

EDIT:  I fixed some words that were mispelled and I forgot to tag some wonderful people:

@tinalbion  @reidbyers @dontshootmespence @bookofreid @remember-me-forever-silent-angel 


Heavy rain.

How wonderful the sound is.

I love nights like this where all I can hear is the raindrops tapping on the roof.

At least I would love it if it weren’t for this damned insomnia.  Why on earth did it have to happen now?  For nearly three hours, I tried everything: counting sheep, listening to music, even reading - a deep passion of mine - yet it seemed nothing worked.

If only..

I turned over slightly and looked at the empty space in our bed and let out a quiet albeit melancholy sigh.  If my husband Spencer Reid had what many would consider an ordinary job, I know that I would be worrying about where he was at this time of night.

But I know he is not that kind of man and I also know that his job at the BAU is far from typical.  Still, it doesn’t stop me from missing him, silently wishing he were here.  I can picture it in my mind: his hazel eyes would look upon me and he would kindly ask me if anything was the matter.  He would lovingly wrap his arms around me then, peppering my face with tender butterfly kisses and soft words of endearment and love.

So now what do I do?  

I thought it over for a moment and realized that there was one thing I could do.  Slowly, I got out of bed and lazily shuffled my way to the living room, grabbed my laptop and turned it on; I let out a loud yawn while I waited for it to turn on.

I had an idea for a story that I wanted to post on my blog but lately, I haven’t had a chance to work on it.  Since I couldn’t sleep, I decided to go ahead and start on the opening paragraph.  When my laptop had finished booting, I clicked on the downloads folder, found the file, opened it and began to type.  At the moment, it didn’t have to be absolutely perfect; I could always go back and edit it later.

I must have been so absorbed in my work that I didn’t notice the time, nor did I hear the soft jingle of a set of keys.  When I heard the soft squeaking of the cherry oak front door however, I looked up just in time to see Spencer enter the living room.  He looked so worn out, his ruffled hair twisting and poking out at various places and his body all but ready to fall apart; when his hazel eyes fell upon me, he gave a small smile that reached his eyes.

“Hey honey,” I replied, setting the computer aside and standing up so I could happily wrap my arms around his waist and kiss him.  Spencer returned the kiss with just as much passion.

“Hey yourself,” he replied, frowning slightly as his gaze went from looking at me to looking at the laptop.  "Why are you up so early?“

"I couldn’t sleep,” I answered, “so I decided to get to work on that story that I’d been meaning to finish.”

“Sweetheart, it’s..” Spencer looked away from me and gave a brief glance to the watch on his right wrist, his eyes widening slightly in surprise.  "It’s 4:32 in the morning!“

I shrugged it off, despite my body’s protesting.  "Spence, I’m fine,” I replied.  "You head on to bed and I’ll join you when I’m done.“

Spencer pondered that over for a few seconds, but then he shook his head and, after sitting down upon the couch, gently motioned for me to sit down.

"I’ll tell you what,” he replied, being serious. “If you’re that determined, I’ll just stay here with you and just watch you work until you’re ready to fall asleep.”

“No!  You don’t have to do that!” I answered, quickly shaking my head.

“But I want to,” he answered, giving another small smile before kissing me.  "Besides, right now I just want to be with you.“

I knew all too well what that meant: he wanted to do something, anything, to take his mind off of this latest case - even if it meant fighting his body’s natural instincts in the process.

I let out a soft sigh, then nodded.  "Okay, you win,” I answered, wrapping my arms around him.  "Would you like me to fix you something to drink first?“

He opened his mouth to answer me, but a loud yawn escaped him instead.

"E-Excuse me,” Spencer stammered, his cheeks lightly dusted with pink. “I didn’t mean to- ”

“It’s alright,” I answered, chuckling.  "I take it you want chai tea?“

"Yes please,” he quietly answered.  I placed a soft kiss on his cheek before making my way to the kitchen.  I opened up the cabinets and, after getting our favorite mugs, found the lavender-colored box of tea.  After filling a small pot with water, I placed it upon the burner of the cream-colored stove, turned the burner up to ‘high’ and began to patiently wait for the water to boil.

I suddenly had a thought however - or rather, a question.

“Hey Spence, do you want milk in your tea?” I asked, my voice slightly raised.  

All I heard was silence.

“Spence?” I inquired.  "Did you hear me?“

Still nothing.

Curious, I turned the burner off and returned to the living room; I quickly discovered why he didn’t respond.

Spencer had fallen asleep, his head tilted slightly to the right, his hands placed somewhat haphazardly in his lap and snoring a little louder than usual.  I stood in the doorway and watched him for a minute before finally walking over to the beige couch and sitting down next to him.  As I carefully brushed a stray hair away from his eyes, I marveled at how he always looked so adorable while he slept.

"Good night, Spence,” I whisper before tenderly kissing his cheek. 

I carefully wrap my arms around his waist and just lovingly hold him until, at last, sleep finally envelops me.


i lean, sitting, headbig swellhead
hitting all walls

no amount of diphenhydraminelevocetirizinedihydrochloridefluticasonepropionatecetirizinehydrochlorideloratadinepseudoephedrinefexofenadine will help so i lean, & sneeze–

they say when it rains it means god (which one and why) is crying but this isn’t that please

because out of my headbig swellhead comes a torrent of planets dice tables trees fans tea leaves churches (steeples steeples steeples) people teeth peaches beaches dragons pencils persian rugs roses hats televisions glaciers carnivals sleeves fire dogs ants luggage tags boats flags vision boards masks winged androids plague doctors marbles ice cubes mice water bottles hang gliders shoehorns chickens nachos sugar skulls music boxes doors ties telephones trains electric guitars volcanoes rivers & rivers & rivers & rivers all connected by thick sticky headglue–

now i think my eyeballs are on the other side of the room so one of the people that i sneezed out tries to go & grab them but she’s sticking to a slimey planet & it’s not letting go easy (do they ever) & her head is getting


leaning further i fall over
well swole oh hell

Lunchbreak confessions

Pairing: Benny Colón x reader

Wordcount: 1.016

Summary: It’s been a month since you started working with the TAC team, and your feelings for Benny have only gotten stronger. One afternoon, you decide to confide in Bull.

(part 1 / part 3)

A/N: @making-a-memory-with-freddy I’m glad you loved the first part, I hope you  enjoy reading this too! Gif belongs to the wonderful @worksofprobie

It has been about a month now since I joined the team. I’ve been working hard, the days are always long but frankly, I don’t mind spending most of my time in the building. Not as long as I can see Benny. We’ve spent most of our lunch breaks together, sometimes just the two of us, sometimes with the rest of the team. Every glance he throws in my way makes my heart flutter and my stomach contract. I can feel my pulse rise, my palms start to get sweaty and I can feel my cheeks start to blush. I wonder if he notices. I wonder if he sees that I am always looking forward to knowing more about him, to hear him talk, to see him smile, to hear his voice. I am always looking forward to his presence. As soon as I hear his voice, my body relaxes. It’s like a natural reflex – I can’t help it, I can’t do anything about it. This longing for him is starting to drive me crazy. As soon as he walks into the room I forget everything else that was on my mind, he is all that exists for me. It has caused me to be in some awkward situations – for example when I forgot to take my keys from my desk because he walked into my office to say goodbye one night, and I had to return to TAC at 9 pm to collect them.

The team was having lunch, but I was still working on my laptop. We were working on a new case, but things weren’t looking bright at all. It would be hard to convince the jury that our defendant is innocent, and Bull is expecting us to work hard – as always. I had been going through the files during the entire day, just to find one thing that could help us out, or, better put, help Benny out. I was deeply focussed when I heard a knock on the glass door.

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@evergrove ready when you are!

(Any excuse to take a picture of my bed since I’m obsessed with it 😂)

Also, sleeping in my room comes with added sleep inducing benefits, such as: blackout curtains, lavender essential oils in the diffuser, a fan, and ambient rain noises playing on my iPod for up to 10 straight hours. I also have a supply of melatonin and sleeping pills, as well as your choice of four different sedative teas, and in the morning you can be gently awoken by my Phillips wake up light (which was worth every cent of the $70 I paid for it!) And if you need an extra boost, I also have Vitamin D and B-complex, as well as a full spectrum sun therapy light box.

… welcome to my world of a lifetime of chronic insomnia… all this and I still don’t sleep!

@soulofsilence there’s room for you, too!

[from the Marvel fan-series “Menagerie”] Moonstrike - Chapter: The Boy Next Door

I was outside my neighbor’s holding a cardboard box of several items. I managed to hold them with the aid of my knee as I knocked the door lightly. After only a few seconds, the door flew open and I was startled. In fact, I almost dropped the box but someone saved it from it’s fall.

“Oh I’m so sorry—” I stuttered, getting himself together.

“No no, it’s fine. Hi!” a boy my age said calmly. 

“Ha hi!” I replied, my breath a bit faulty and pitch of voice raised. 

I finally got a good look at him. At first sight, the boy had a glossy complex. His dark brown hair was slicked to the side with gel, matching his shiny dark brown eyes. From there, he had pale skin layered in really geeky clothing. He was cute.

Then I snapped back into focus as he asked me a question.

“Do you need help with that?”

I realized we were both holding the box as he tilted it, trying to get my attention.

“O-oh no! Sorry hi! Again! I’m Pax Boulevard. I’m your new neighbour. You must be Parker Peters?” I smiled, blushing. I put a hand out.

“Peter Parker actually,” he corrected me with a smirk, shaking my hand lightly. My lips pursed and my eyes opened in realization.

 "Oh goodness I’m sorry" I pulled the box back to me in embarrassment, “Peter. Parker.”

“It’s all good” he chuckled. Then there was a sudden shuffling sound behind him.

“Who is it, Peter?” a woman called out. Peter turned his head back and a lady with a matte complexion appeared brightly. She just finished wiping her hand with a dish towel.

 "Aunt May, this is Pax Boulevard" he introduced, “Pax Boulevard. Aunt May. He’s our new neighbour.”

“Our new neighbour! Oh goodness,” she opened the door all the way. She stepped up, giving me a small handshake and backed away. “Please do come in!”

I was surprised. I looked at my box in confusion.

“Here, I’ll take that,” Peter kindly handled my box. He gestured with his head for me to enter as he stepped to the side for me.

I hesitantly entered at first but after suddenly seeing how comfy the Parker household looked like, I was immediately at ease.

Aunt May quickly walked to the kitchen.

“If I had known you were arriving today, I would’ve prepared you something special,” she claimed, clattering a few cups together, “I hope some iced tea can suffice.” 

“Please Aunt May,” I assured her, approaching the kitchen. I saw her pouring golden iced tea into these rather darling glass cups. Hospitality at its finest.

“I really didn’t expect anything special so don’t worry; I just wanted to pop in and say hi to my new neighbors–no biggy.” I shrugged. “The iced tea will do, thank you so much.”

I heard Peter walk behind me to the coffee table in the living room. I followed him there as he carefully placed my box down. He caught a glimpse at the items in it and gasped.

“Mind if I…?” he glanced at me, hovering his hands over the box.

“No, go ahead,” I chuckled. Peter’s hands went in and back out with a school sweater. He unfolded it and showed it to the world. He read the words printed on the middle of the sweater.

“Midtown High!” Peter beamed, “I go to this school! Are you transferring here this school year?”

I pursed my lips and shook my head. “No; that would’ve been pretty cool though. I’m only here for a summer program being held there. Then I’m headed back to California.”

“California?” Aunt May entered. She placed a tray of the iced tea on the coffee table right by my box. I nodded shyly.

“That’s neat!” She commented, grabbing a glass before taking a seat on the armchair behind her. I followed along, grabbing a glass as well before I sat on the loveseat behind me. She took a sip before she questioned me again, “What summer program are you doing?”

“O.T.B.” I said before taking a sip. I was going to explain the acronym but Peter gasped, in the middle of refolding my sweater, and explained it instead.

“Outside The Box!” He gave both Aunt May and I such a cheerful look, carefully placing my sweater back in the box “I’m in that program too! What’s your focus?”

I sipped. I was suddenly so excited.

“My focus is on both performance and visual arts. How about you?”

“Science and technology” he answered, finally grabbing his glass and taking a seat right next to me. Our eyes met as we sipped simultaneously and apparently that was funny to us because we started giggling, causing Peter to spit out his tea and me to choke on it.

Aunt May was suddenly sneering. Peter and I turned our heads at her questioningly.

“What?” Peter asked.

“You guys are so cute!” she commented. She looked at the both of us while sipping her tea. 

There was no comment from us. I didn’t think we knew what to say after that. Cute? What does she mean? We made eye contact before staring at nothing, sipping our own tea silently. However, Aunt May continued.

“My Itsy Bitsy Peter has another friend!” she cheered, raising her glass excitedly “He doesn’t have a lot of friends–”

“Itsy Bitsy?” I started giggling and gurgling, trying to keep my tea in my mouth.

“Okay, Aunt May…” he cut her off, putting his glass on a coaster. I managed to swallow before setting my glass on a coaster as well. Good thing I was finished with my tea.

I stood up and fixed myself, patting down the wrinkles on the sweater I was wearing. I coughed a little before I announced that it was probably time for me to go.

“Aunt May, thank you for the tea,” I said lightly, rubbing my hands together. I awkwardly scooted myself around the coffee table to my box “I’m afraid I have to head home and start settling in. I still have to meet my roommate.”

“Oh, of course, sweetie!” she stood up, placing her glass on another coaster. She came at me with open arms and I honestly couldn’t help myself but fill them in with my own. It was a rather nice motherly hug. I felt myself become a bit homesick. “You’re welcome to come over anytime, honey.” 

We both pulled away, yet still holding on to each other’s arms. 

“Tell me when you’re available and I’ll cook us something sweet. I want to make sure we’ll have a dinner together!”

I really couldn’t help but smile a whole lot. Aunt May really does a good job with the “make yourself at home” deal.

“Sounds good, Aunt May,” I nodded. I let go and went for my box but Peter already had it up in his arms, ready to go for the door. It was as if he was queued to leave as soon as he saw my eyes because he started heading for the door.

“Thanks, Pete” I mumbled, my fingers fidgeting with my sweater sleeves. I bit my lip as my eyes landed on the back of his head. I thought I heard a no problem, Paxy but I wasn’t too sure. I blushed anyway and followed right after him. 

Aunt May still tried to make small talk as I was on my way out.

“Awe, you guys can take the subway together!” she suggested, “Peter finally has a buddy to go with. I’m always so worried…”

Peter coughed while I opened the door myself. I took a step out when I heard Peter mumble to Aunt May, “Aunt, can I just have a minute with him? Alone? You’re embarrassing me.”

I was outside the door once again. I turned and saw Aunt May make an O face and nodding sort of understandingly before leaving my sight. I shook my head, smiling at how sweet she was.

Peter then turned to me and sighed in way that made his cheeks slightly puff up. He looked very concerned and all I did was smile giddy at him. Man, he really was cute.

“Sorry about that. My aunt can be a bit–”

“Sweet. She’s really sweet” I finished his sentence. I then reassured him, “Don’t worry, itsy bitsy. You’re still a pretty cool guy, nerd.”

I lightly punched his shoulder. I looked up at him and I can tell he was trying not to break out in a huge smile. He looked down into my box before realizing he still had it in his arms. He passed it over to me.

 “Hey, I realized you have a camera in there? You like photography?”

“Yeah, one of my favourite visual arts.”

“Sweet! I love photography. I actually just got hired to take photos for the Daily Bugle, one of New York’s tabloid newspapers. I can try to hook you up if you need a summer job or something, I don’t know” he explained, putting his hands in his jean pockets. He was looking down at his feet bashfully.

“That’s… that’s really nice of you, Peter.” Cute and kind. Shoot. “Thank you. I’ll definitely let you know when I’m in need of a job. Or something.”

We laughed before we said our final goodbyes. 

“Alright, bud” I began making my leave, “Thank you for the hospitality. You Parkers are quite kind. I hate to rush out on you guys like this but I’ll make sure to stay longer next time.”

“It’s fine, really. Thank you for the company and the compliment. We try to be quite kind so that means a lot.”

I rolled my eyes, smiling at his remark. We giggled a little more.  He’s killing me. At this point, we were far enough that we were calling after each other.

“Enjoy meeting your roommate!”

“Thanks! Apparently, she’s French!”

“Oh. Well, I hope you know French!”

“Au revoir, Peter Parker!”

“Au revoir, Pax Boulevard!”

“Good night…” I heard him call lightly.



If you guys are interested about this Marvel fan-series as a whole, please reblog or reply to this post. I have so much to offer about Peter and Pax and many other original characters that create a band of new superheroes in the Marvel universe called the Menagerie. Who was Pax before moving to New York? Who is he after? Find out more by following me <3 I appreciate the support, thank you!

Be Good For Daddy

Here is some Harry daddy kink to satisfy the thirst in all of us! I hope you enjoy! Let me know what you lovely people think! :) .xx -M


“Hello, Beautiful,” Harry says as he walks through the door, a black bag in one of his big hands.

“Hi!” I call back. “What you got there?”

“A surprise for later,” he winks, the right side of his face pulling up into his characteristic smirk. The thin white t-shirt he’s wearing hangs loosely on his frame, stretched slightly by his broad shoulders and revealing hints of the tattoos underneath. I watch him as he rummages through the kitchen, his slight muffin top revealed when he reaches into the cupboard for the box of tea.

“You wants some tea, love?” he calls.

“Huh?” I ask, shaking my head. “Oh, yeah, thanks,” I mutter, embarrassed.

“Lost in thought, huh?”

“Just a bit,” I laugh, my face reddening.

I turn my attention back to the TV in an attempt to clear my head, but can only focus on the sounds of him moving about in the kitchen. I hear him hum to himself, Gorilla by Bruno Mars, and my blush reddens. Even in the other room, he has my heart racing.

I take a deep breath as the kettle begins to whistle, knowing he’ll be in the room soon. Moments later, he walks in, two large, skilled hands gripping two cups of tea as impossibly long jean sheathed legs pull him towards me.

“Here ya go, love,” he says, handing me my tea - two sugars and a bit of milk, just how I like it.

“Thank you,” I mutter as he plops down next to me. The scent of tea combined with the clean, fresh, and manly aroma wafting from Harry makes my head spin.

As I sip my tea, my entire consciousness is focused on Harry and his slight movements beside me. The rise nad fall of his calm breath, the pursing of his pink lips as he sips his tea, the unwittingly seductive way he pushes his hair away from his face.

He sips his tea with his left hand, draping his right arm around my shoulder. My entire body tenses with anticipation and I lick my lips absentmindedly.

“You alrigh’, love?” he asks, and I hum in response, afraid that if I speak, my voice will reveal my arousal.

Harry leans in, brushing his nose against my cheek before kissing it gently. I can feel the remnants of his last sip of tea against my cheek and the slightest bit of saliva mixed in as he lets his lips linger against my skin. My breath hitches in my throat, my heart beats at an alarming rate, and I can feel my sweat glands kick into overdrive as my pussy begins to clench involuntarily.

Harry nuzzles in closer to my ear and I don’t doubt he’s caught every little change in my body.

“Why are you so tense, Kitten?” he breathes against my ear, his breath causing my skin to tingle and goosebumps to raise on my arms.

“Are you a horny girl?” he whispers, his voice deep and sultry, and this time I not only feel his breath but his lips against my skin. I bite my lip in response and I can feel his lips turn up into a smile.

“Oh, Y/N, are you a horny girl…for Daddy?” he moans and I can’t contain my responding whimper.

With that, Harry moves at an alarming speed, placing his half full cup of tea on the coffee table along with my full one. I remain sitting in a daze, blinking quickly to wipe the fog from my mind and before I know it, my arms are around Harry’s neck, my legs around his slender waist, and he is carrying me to the bedroom.

Harry tosses me onto the bed, tumbling down after me and within seconds, our lips are attached in a wet, hot embrace, my hands are in his hair, and his hands begin to explore my body. His fingers trail down my neck, over my chest, until he is lightly cupping my boob, his fingertips ghosting over my nipples which can now be seen through my bra and t-shirt. His other hand grips my waist, his long fingers digging into my skin.

The kiss is a mess of teeth, tongues, lips, and hot breath and I am completely lost in his embrace. My hand wanders down his back, feeling his muscles move beneath my fingertips. I grip the hem of his shirt and tug, making it pool beneath his armpits. He pulls his hands away from me just long enough for me to remove his shirt, and then they’re back, sliding beneath my shirt, grazing along the sensitive skin of my stomach before gripping my breast again.

I shift my hips upwards, grinding into him as I whimper, “Daddy,” against his lips and I feel him harden through his jeans. He releases a low growl and bites particularly hard on my bottom lip, making me moan again.

“Y/N, baby, I want you,” he breathes as his mouth moves his lips to my neck, nibbling the skin there.

“Ahhh, I want you too, Daddy,” I moan out, stretching my neck to give him better access. His hands push my shirt higher and higher up above my boobs and I raise my arms allowing him to pull it off of me. Once it’s gone, he settles his face in the valley between my breasts, kissing, licking, and biting them as his huge hands push them together.

I place my hands on his shoulders pushing him off of me and roll us over so I’m straddling his hips. I sit up, his bright green eyes on me as I reach back to unclasp my bra, throwing it on the floor. His eyes light up in awe.

“You’re so beautiful, Kitten,” I smile and lean forward, my bare chest pressed against his as I kiss him deeply. His hands grip my ass, squeezing and spanking as I kiss him and grind my hips down, giving us both a beautiful friction. I place my lips at the base of his neck before licking up his throat until I reach his ear, nibbling and sucking on the lobe.

“You’re so good for Daddy,” he moans throatily, his accent somehow thickening with his arousal.

Slowly I let my lips travel from his ear, down his neck, down his muscular chest, over his defined stomach covered in ink, until I am kissing and nibbling the skin just above his waistband between his hip tattoos. My fingers deftly undo his jeans and I lick and kiss his considerable length through his tight briefs, making him groan. He places one arm behind his head, burying his face in his toned bicep. I tug on his pants and he lifts his hips obligingly. Though I struggle, I manage to remove his insanely tight jeans quickly and am soon settled back between his legs. I stare at his cock, it’s resting on a trimmed bed of thick dark hair, long and decently thick, slightly pink and darkening towards the tip. A thick vein travels up the bottom of his cock, slightly left from center, and I lick a stripe along it, and get a shaky moan from him. I gently cup his tight balls, running my fingertips over the soft skin. I grip his base, nuzzling my face along his length.

“Please, Baby Girl,” he moans.

I place a kitten lick at his tip before murmuring, “Yes, Daddy.”

I feel his cock flex in my hand before I wrap my lips around his red tip and suckle gently, swirling my tongue around him. He moans as he places a hand in my hair, gripping tightly.

“That’s it, Baby. That’s a good girl,” he moans as I begin to bob my head up and down his length. I bob my head faster and faster as he guides my head and thrusts up into my mouth every once in a while.

I pull off his cock, “Do you like that, Daddy?”

“Mmmhmmm,” he moans.

I kitten lick his cock, tasting the salty bead of precum that has built up there.

“What’s my surprise, Daddy?” I ask innocently.

“Oh shit, I forgot! I’ll be right back, Kitten,” he hops out of bed, his hard cock swinging between his legs and I marvel at his glory.

Once he’s left the room, I rid myself of the rest of my clothes and lie back on the bed. He walks back in, his cock having softened slightly and hanging a bit lower than before.

“I think you’re going to like this, Kaitlyn,” Harry smirks. “Close your eyes, love.”

I do as I’m told, feeling the bed bend beneath his weight. He skims his fingers up my leg, over my pussy, up my stomach, between my breasts, up my neck, and along my lips. I open my mouth willingly and he dips his finger inside. He moans as I suck on his fingers and I feel his lips against my ear.

“That’s a good girl. Keep those beautiful eyes closed, Y/N.”

The next thing I know, I feel a soft piece of fabric against my eyes.

“That’s it, Baby.”

He ties the blindfold on my, then kisses my lips. The softness of them like velvet against me. I feel his strong hands on my thighs, his fingers teasing across my skin, up and down, brushing over my pussy, making me whimper in want.

“Do you want Daddy’s fingers, Kitten?”

“Yes!” I whisper.

“Yes, what, my love?”

“Yes Daddy!”

And with that, Harry plunges two fingers within my folds, expertly manipulating my flesh. He pumps his fingers inside me slowly but deeply. As he fingers me, he explores my inner thigh with his lips, tongue, and teeth, all with their very own unique texture against my skin, and each one making me shiver. Harry curls his fingers upwards massaging my g-spot incessantly. His lips continue to travel up my thigh, gently grazing my skin until he’s just beneath my pussy. His fingers continue, but he suck my thigh vigorously, obviously attempting to create a mark. As the pleasure inside me grows, I moan out Harry’s name. Immediately he stops everything.

“Excuse me,” he asks.

For a moment I whine in confusion, then realize my mistake.

“Daddy!” I moan loudly and immediately I feel Harry’s face between my legs. His tongue works me skillfully, lapping up my wetness before he moves on to suck my clit while he continues to finger me. My legs begin to shake and my moans get louder until I am nearing my orgasm.

“Are you gonna come for Daddy?” he asks, sensing my nearing climax.

“Yes Daddy! Can I please come?” I moan, my legs beginning to clamp around his head.

“Come for me, Kitten,” he whispers then goes back to work on my clit.

“Daddy, I’m coming!” I scream while Harry eats me with vigor and everything turns white, my entire body going weak. Harry continues as I come down from my orgasm before pulling away from me. I feel his body atop of mine and know that we are no where near done.

“You taste so good, baby! You wanna taste yourself?” he asks.

“Yes please, Daddy,” I moan and he kisses me harshly, letting me taste my sweet juices as I feel him line himself up with my entrance.

“It’s my turn to come now, Kitten,” he purrs into my ear before he plunges himself fully into my tight, wet pussy. He doesn’t give me time to adjust as he pounds into me hard and fast, but I don’t mind. I feel his teeth rake over my neck, collarbones, shoulders, and ears while he uses my body to pleasure his own.

“Feel so good, Kitten. You feel so good for Daddy,” he groans into my neck, his hips slapping against my thighs, fucking me balls deep.

I clench my walls tightly around him, loving the feeling of him filling me up. His pace increases and begins to become sloppy. I reach down to grab his tight ass, helping to push him deeper inside me. His moans fill my ears and consciousness, and I clench harder, silently begging him to come.

“Fill me up, Daddy,” I whisper.

“Not yet, Kitten,” he says to my surprise. “Wanna look into your eyes,” he grunts, the difficulty of holding back his orgasm evident.

Quickly I remove my blindfold and I see nothing but a sea of green. His eyes remain locked with mine, his breath comes in pants, and he moans loudly when he finally comes inside me with a few final sloppy thrusts.

“Fuck, Y/N! You’re so fucking good!”

After a moment, he collapses next to me, one hand draped across my waist. He nuzzles his face into my neck lovingly, his breathing still ragged.

“I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too, Daddy.”

Holy shit, this is happening.

Ok, so this is very short. BUT. This is literally the first time I have tried any sort of creative writing in over 5 years. And more is (hopefully) coming but I got started and I was just so excited that I want to share.

Inspired by a prompt sent to @fereldenpeach​ in which Cullen finds himself on your doorstep. Not your character’s doorstep - the real you. (Although my situation isn’t exactly ideal for a fictional dreamboat showing up so… I made up a future life for myself).

Anyway. Here we go! (Be gentle)


I let out a groan in response to the loud knocking on my front door. I literally just sat down. My chamomile tea is still steaming in my hands. It’s not even cooled off enough for me to drink. And some asshole is knocking on my door at 1930 on a work night. Fuck. I swear to god, if this is that creep Kent, I’m bashing his face in.
I glance at the baseball bat leaning up against the boxes still littering my new living room. Do I even want to open the door? If any of my coworkers found my
address somehow, they better be understanding that I’m still unpacking. I’ve only been in this state for a week.
Another knock interrupts my internal ranting. One single,quiet knock. Almost as if the owner of the offending hand doubted their decision the moment before the knuckles connected with the door.
“I’m coming,” I groan as I lift myself off my couch. I place my tea on the worn coffee table before me and grumble, much quieter: “Whoever this is better not fucking mind that I’m in pajamas. Fuck this.”
I open the door and find myself facing a large chest covered in maroon fabric. Wool, maybe? I look up and for a second my brain stops working. Curly blond hair, a strong jawline, brown eyes so light they’re almost gold and… I know that scar.
I know I’m staring at this poor man’s confused face and being completely unhelpful, but this can’t be real. I’m trying to rationalize this. Sure, I had a shot of whisky after work. Maybe 2. Or was it 3? Fuck, I always was such a lightweight, I really only needed one. But you can’t hallucinate just by being drunk, right? So then.
How the fuck is Cullen Rutherford standing in my doorway looking at me like a lost puppy?

NDRV3 Boys Comforting Daughter After A Breakup

Anon asked: Hi sorry to bother you but can I request the NDRV3 boy comforting their daughter after a breakup?

Oh dear my. I truly hope you enjoy this. As normal ask box is open. My deepest apologizes for being slower lately. 

Shuichi Saihara

  • Oh, goodness he’s shocked.
  • Just sits down beside her.
  • Placing a hand gently on her back.
  • Trying to say lots of happy things to cheer her up.
  • Before hugging her.
  • Making her bed and bringing her warm tea.

Kokichi Oma

  • He was going to get back at that boy.
  • But his daughter came first.
  • Made his way up to her room.
  • Shut the door behind him.
  • Walked over wrapping her in a huge.
  • Placing kisses all over her forehead.
  • Telling her that her ex just wasn’t good enough for her.


  • Why would someone break up with his perfect daughter?
  • That made no sense, why would they make her cry.
  • Should he talk to the heart breaker.
  • No he had to stay with his child.
  • Makes his way into her room with a mechanical teddy bear.
  • Places it in her arms while holding her tightly.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Eh!?
  • The first thing he does is run into her room.
  • Grab her into a princess hold.
  • Bolts outside placing her on the ground.
  • Snuggles her and tries his best to distract her with nature.
  • Knowing that air will clear her mind.
  • Now he also knows his wolf family will come to visit.
  • Resulting in a family snuggle session.

Korekiyo Shinguji

  • Ah maybe if he promised her revenge.
  • To have that boy suffer at his daughter’s feet.
  • But then again, he had to comfort her.
  • Make sure she was okay.
  • So he brought her into the family room.
  • Kissed her cheek and told her stories.

Ryoma Hoshi

  • Hm, this was unexpected.
  • When he learned he just shook his head.
  • Drove to the market.
  • Bought some sweets and got some coffee.
  • Arrived back home.
  • Knocked on her door but entered anyways.
  • Placed everything down before giving her a huge hug.

Kaito Momota

  • Who the hell did he need to snap.
  • That punk broke up with his daughter.
  • So he slammed her door open.
  • Made sure she knew it was that kid’s fault.
  • Because her ex could not handle her amazing beauty. 
  • Put on a star projectile naming stars after all her qualities.

Rantaro Amami

  • Oh, he’s an expert.
  • Has tea made, a bath running, her favorite movies.
  • May or may not of bashed her ex on social media.
  • Put extra pillows on her bed.
  • Brought down her old plushies and some scrapbooks.
  • Sang her some lullabies from when she was young.
  • Knowing she needed all the support.
PLEASE TELL ME - [ Jeon JUNGKOOK x READER ] (ft. Taehyung) Pt. 19

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 |14 |15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 18.5 | 19

Genre: angst/fluff/school au kinda

Length: :(

Summary: “Be a brave little lamb, even a Lion will get scared.” your grandmother’s words became your light to face life. You are always viewing the world with a positive mind. Even with the bad things that were happening around you, you are strong. Love is something you never get often and when Love finally appears, it is hard to catch. Isn’t it tiring to always be strong when your whole world is just crashing and burning down in front of you?

Warning: Swearing!

(a/n): Oops! this part is kinda short! But since it’s short, I might update again this week! so look out for that!!!!! Ily guys as always!! 😘😘 Don’t forget to smile today if you haven’t! 💗

Part 19/?

Gif Credits

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Double Trouble (Requested)

Pairing: Steve x reader / Bucky x reader (Not Stucky x reader)

Request( @justareader): Hey !!! It’s Monday that means I can send you my request !!! Sorry maybe it’ll be a little longer. Paring Bucky x Reader x Steve. The three of them are in a relationship, not Stucky, but they both are in a relationship with the reader and they handle it ‘cause they share her. Once Steve is on a mission, she spends the night only with Bucky, few days later, Bucky is on a mission & she does the same with Steve. Three months later, she realizes that she’s pregnant but doesn’t know (to be continued)

(End of the message) Three months later, she realizes that she’s pregnant but doesn’t know who’s the father, if it’s Bucky or Steve, but she knows that she wants to keep the baby. But it creates tensions between the boys who each claim it’s their baby. And I was thinking about a funny situation, like she’s telling her parents she’s pregnant but as they are divorced she sees maybe her dad with Steve and her mom with Bucky. Maybe ending with the baby’s birth & who’s the father (or maybe not).

Oh and when she finds out that she’s pregnant she could be like “I’m so fucked up !”. Hope you like the idea :)

Warnings: None (I didn’t put any smut in this cause it would be super long)

Words: 2,114

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How Long Is Forever? (Nate Maloley)

Can you write one with Nate where you guys are married but really young and then you get into a fight and he suggests that they should get divorced and Idk u can pick the ending, ps thank you 😊 -Anon

I knew getting married at 19 was going to be hard. And I knew it would be hard being with a man who was constantly surrounded by groupies that were skinnier, and prettier, and more bold and daring than me. I knew finding time to be together when he was building a career in music and I was building one in art and photography would be hard. But the difficulty I imagined wasn’t even close. I never thought being with Nate would be so hard. Ever since he got off tour, all we seem to do is fight. It’s  non-stop tension and not the good kind. We don’t even sleep in the same room anymore.

“It was nothing, babe.”

“Oh, really? Then why did you both come out of that room looking so fucking pleased with yourselves?” I yelled angrily.

“Why don’t you trust me, huh? I told you it was nothing, why can’t you believe me?”

“Because she’s been hanging around you more than what’s okay and you have more whiskey running through you than blood! And excuse me, but if I were to even sit next to another man you’d be jealous like that!”

“Fine, whatever. Let’s say I did sleep with that girl. What are you gonna do? Leave me?” he said it almost as if he was teasing me.

“What happened? What happened to the promise we made? Did you even mean those vows?”

“Here we go again. They’re vows! Everyone says them! You have to!”

“No, you don’t have to. You choose to, because you love someone and you want to be with the for the rest of your life.”

“Well, right now I don’t even want to be in this room with you!”

“You know what? Fine, I’ll leave. Don’t bother coming back until you’re sober.” I turn to head out of the door.

“How about I just not bother coming back ever?”

“What?” I turn back around, whispering.

“That’s right, I want a divorce. This shit just ain’t for me anymore.” He takes another swig of whatever’s in the bottle in his hands. We’d got into some really nasty fights, but we never even got close to mentioning divorce. He must be serious.

Tears immediately fill my eyes but I refuse to let him see them. As much as we fought, I still loved him just as much as on our wedding day. I didn’t think 4 words could hurt so much. But, I guess if 3 words could make you the happiest in the world it made sense that 4 could tear you right back down.

“That’d fine with me,” I gritted through my teeth. I rushed out of the door of the supply closet and slammed it behind me.

It took everything I had in me to not sob in the cab on the way home. By the time  got home, I was so tired all I could do was put on some pajamas (which took forever to find because normally I wore Nate’s shirts). Wearing his stuff just didn’t feel right when in a short period of time we wouldn’t even be together anymore. I got in bed and cried until my eyes were so sore all I could do was sleep.

The next morning, it hurt even more than it did the night before but I refused to lay around in bed all day. I grabbed some boxes, which were from when we moved in a few months ago, and packed his stuff from the bathroom we shared and a few other items he just had laying around. I started packing some of his clothes, but then I started crying and I didn’t want him seeing tear stains on his stuff.

So I put myself together, got on some makeup (because there was no way I’d let tears ruin my fucking perfect cat eye), and headed down to the city courthouse. It took a minute, but I managed to get all the necessary papers, and they gave me a list of lawyers they recommend, but I won’t need one unless Nate’s got one. I ran a couple more errands while I was out, but they felt weird because Nate wasn’t there, and I no longer had to consider him (like getting his favorite cereal while I was at the store).

When I got back home, the fresh air and having something to do had helped a little. It still felt fresh and raw, and it would for a while, but I was alive and functioning, so I couldn’t ask for more. I felt like I was moving to fast in this whole ‘divorce acceptance’ process, but I’d been through it before with my parents, and things just usually didn’t affect me as much as they did other people.

I finished packing most of his clothes. Lastly, I organized our living room, which was what the front door led into. I set all of his boxes there and left his set of the papers on the table.

When I woke up the next morning, it was to the sound of his key in the door. I took my time getting up, then walked into the kitchen and made myself some tea. I sat down at one of the bar seats and looked at him through the opening to the living room.

“Most of your stuff is there. All that’s still in the closet is that dresser of your older stuff. And i didn’t know when you’d be free so you can call the number on the top to schedule a hearing, or whatever they said comes next.”

He just stared at me in disbelief. “Wh-what is this?”

“…your stuff. Thought we just went over this,” I said, getting up to grab a granola bar. “Judging by the fact that you didn’t come back last night I’m assuming you already have somewhere to stay?”

“What do you mean somewhere to stay? This is my home,” he said, frustration in his voice.

“Yeah, until we settle what we’re going to do with it.”

“What do you mean settle? And did you say hearing? Like, as in, in court?”

“Yes, sweetheart, that’s what happens in divorces.”

“Is this about that goddamn comment I made the other night? Baby, I said I’m sorry, did you even read my texts?”

My phone had been off since a few hours before the fight. “You can’t just say I’m sorry, Nate. Its not just a goddamn comment. You wanted to end our marriage.”

“Baby, you know I didn’t mean it. I was drunk as hell, you know that.”

“Ever heard the phrase ‘drunk words are sober thoughts’?”

“What? No! That’s not true at all. The last thing I want to do is end our marriage.”

“Well, it’s kind of late for that. I already filed. As soon as you step back out of that door, we’re separated.”

“Well then I’m not leaving! This marriage is not over and never will be!” he exclaimed, taking a seat on the couch.

I rolled my eyes. On the inside I kind of wanted to cry, but I needed to show a strong front.

“Y/N, I barely even remember saying it. And if I knew this was how you were gonna react I wouldn’t have said it. I regret it so much.”

“How else was I supposed to react? Was I supposed to completely ignore the fact that you just wanted to make our vows null and void? Was I supposed to just ignore that you basically said that they didn’t even mean anything anyways?” I was raising my voice but I didn’t care, he needed to know how big of a deal this was.

“No, but,” he sighs, “Can we just put my stuff back, and throw away the divorce papers and talk about it?” He gets up and comes to me, wrapping his arms around me from behind. “And then, maybe if we can’t work it out, even though we will, then we’ll revisit that option.”

“No, Nate, we’ve tried to work it out already, remember? And then every time we end up back in the same spot 3 days later. And there’s still the problem of that groupie you’re fucking.”

“What?” he jumps back, as if in surprise.

“Don’t act dumb. That one that came out of the supply closet looking real pleased right before I came in.”

“Honey, I found her in there crying because she thought Sammy was into her, but he was out with someone else. She came out happy because I told her the same thing Sammy told me earlier: He really did like her, he was just scared to get her involved with his busy life. I also told her about us, and how even though, we fought, we’d be together.”

I could see it in his res, it was all truth. “Okay, but you still asked for a divorce.”

“I try so hard to mean everything that I say, but I definitely did not mean that. Don’t I get a take back?”

I just glared at him. “That’s not how marriage works.”

“That’s how it should work. It should also include you having to wear my shirts to bed every night. What are these?” he says, picking at my shorts and camisole with an plaid unbuttoned flannel (mine, not his).

“These are my pajamas. Your shirts are in your boxes.”

“Well take them out! And put one on while you’re at it. And then we can go back to bed, and I’ll hold you while we talk and then we can have makeup sex,” he says, pecking my neck. I giggle, he knows my neck is super ticklish, that little shit.

When he gets no response he lifts me up and takes me there himself, and even though I could, I don’t stop him. and once we get there, we actually do talk. About those damn fights, and about him not going out as much, and me trusting him more because he loves me with is all and I love him right back. And true to his word, as soon as it’s all sorted, he pounces on me and kisses me hungrily, as if its been forever, which is what it felt like.

And for the first time in weeks I actually feel like we’ll last forever, just like we promised.

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Accidental Roommates

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My very first apartment on my own had me feeling nervous, but excited at the same time. I had lived in Seoul with my best friend for 3 years, but she decided to move back to LA a month ago. I had hopes that she would return, but the two bedroom apartment rent was becoming too much for me to handle alone. This new one bedroom apartment was cheaper and a better commute to my job. The downside was that it was on the 14th floor, but there was an elevator, only one. And if that one elevator broke down, I don’t know how I could ever make it up 14 flights of stairs. The elevator issue was far from my mind when I signed the renter’s agreement contract. When I first came to look at the apartment it had a giant window in the living room with a view that overlooked the city. I fell in love immediately and planned to have many cups of tea or coffee in front of that window.

I smiled to myself as I unlocked the door to my apartment. Upon entering the sound of low music filled my ears and confusing washed over me. I stepped out and took a peak at the apartment number. “1403.” I cautiously walked back inside. “Hello?” There were half opened boxes and some furniture set in no particular place. The sound of footsteps shuffled toward me. A guy with just a towel on entered the room. He had just gotten out of the shower and was towel drying his hair when his eyes met mine.

“YAH! How’d you get in here?!”

“I think there’s—“

“If you leave now, I won’t call the police.”

“—some confusion. Police?”

“Yeah, the police.” He gripped my arm and guided me toward the door.

“But, this is my apartment! I put down a $500 deposit.”

“You fangirls are really cunning.”

“Pfft, fangirl?” I removed myself from his grip and pulled out my cell.

“Are you taking a picture!?” He tried to cover himself with the towel he placed around his neck.

“As if. You take enough shirtless pics yourself.” I clicked my tongue in disgust.

“Get out!” He continued to urge me to leave my apartment.

“Not until I speak to the landlord.” I stood my ground and dialed the landlord’s number.

“I’m telling you, you’ve got the wrong place.” He frustratingly sighed.

After an hour later, we discovered that the landlord, an elderly woman, had double signed a contract for this apartment. Her grandson was kind enough to come see us and sort out the details for us. Though, he couldn’t find a resolution for us…other than sharing the apartment until another one became available.

“I’ve paid a deposit for an apartment, there’s no way I’m leaving.”

“My things were here first, I’m definitely not leaving.”

“Then it’s settled, you’ll both stay here. Sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll return both your deposits by the end of the week.” The landlord’s grandson stated.

Jay and I sat awkwardly on his newly bought couch.

“Take the bed, I’ll take the couch.” Jay sighed as he fumbled through the boxes searching for something.

“I’m not going to take your bed. It’s new right? You should sleep in it. I’ll take the couch.”

“Stop being stubborn, I said I’d take the couch.” He pulled out a blanket from one of the boxes and tossed it on the couch.

“Really, I’m fine. I’ll take the—“

“Look, it’s not in me to let a girl sleep on the couch. So just take the bed.” He demanded this time.

The remaining week went by in a flash. Jay and I worked out a partnership. I slept in his bed, while he slept on the couch. I woke up earlier than him, so I prepared breakfast. I woke him up before I would leave so that he wasn’t late getting to the studio. My schedule allowed me to get home earlier than him, so I also prepared dinner. Though, sometimes I cheated and ordered takeout.

“You made breakfast?” I walked into the kitchen rubbing my eyes.

“Well, you’ve been making me breakfast all week, so I figured since I have the day off I would treat you.” He handed me a plate.

“Wow! Pancakes?!”

“You seem surprised that I can cook.”

“I thought you only knew how to take shirtless selfies.” I teased.

“Are you a fan or not?”

“Eh, I follow you on instagram.” I shrugged.

Jay insisted on following me on instagram and then proceeded to go through my account. We moved our conversation to the couch as he asked me about certain pictures. He told me about his new album and his plans for releasing new music. Our conversation became more intimate when he started talking about his family. I gave him my full undivided attention as he discussed his hardships.

The day progressed and before we knew it night had fallen. He tried to hide it from me, but he received a few phone calls asking him to go out. He rejected them all and listened to my journey of moving to Seoul. We ordered beer and chicken and continued our conversation waiting for the delivery man.

“What attracted you to this apartment?” He suddenly asked.

“That.” I pointed to the window and smiled. He got up and walked over to the window. “It’s beautiful isn’t it?” We stared at the night view watching the building lights light up the city. I placed my back against the window and closed my eyes. “It’s calming and almos—“

My eyes shot open and were immediately faced with Jay’s closed eyes. His lips were soft and his kiss gentle. I closed my eyes allowing myself to fall into the moment. His hands rested themselves on my waist as they roamed down to my hips. I slipped my hands under his shirt feeling his torso that I only saw in pictures. His lips twisted into a smile against mine and he pulled away. In a flash his shirt was on the floor and his lips were at my neck. A moan escaped my lips as he softly nibbled on my neck.

“I wanna hear more of those moans.” His warm breath tickled my neck. He slipped his hand down my sweats and stroked his digit on my opening. I gripped his shoulders to keep steady. His thumb massaged my clit, while his digit continued to stroke me. I grabbed him by his hair and brought his lips to mine again. His tongue demanded entrance, exploring and battling with my tongue. I whimpered as he removed his hand from my entrance. “Disappointed?” He whispered against my lips.

“Please don’t tease me.” I pouted. He smiled and slipped his hand down my panties. I moan as he slipped a digit inside.

“Is that better?” He gently bit my bottom lip and pulled.

“Oh my God!” I moaned.

“You’re so wet.” He slipped another digit in and curled his fingers. I gripped on to him as my knees gave out. Jay’s pace quickened taking me to my climax. He slipped his fingers out as I steady my breath. I turned to face the window and pulled pants along with my panties down. I peaked over my shoulder and bit my lip looking at him. Jay smiled as he unzipped his pants and pulled his throbbing member out.

He rubbed himself against my entrance, while his other hand firmly held onto my waist. Jay slowly entered me and released a growl. My fingers gripped the glass on the window and my head fell. He slipped a hand under my top and kneaded my breast.

“Oh, yes.” I moaned as he slid out and in again. His pace picked up and he slammed into me harder. I felt his hand slid to my clit and he began massaging me again. I tried to keep my balance as the sensation of him inside me made me want to collapse to the floor.

“Fuck.” He moaned.

“AH!” I moaned again. My walls began pulsing and sucking him in more.

“Shit, I’m gonna cum.” He continued to thrust inside me, helping me reach my climax once again. He abruptly removed himself from me and pumped himself to continue his pace. He gripped my waist once again as his warm fluid splashed on my backside. He growled releasing one final moan has his hands fell to his side.

The door bell sounded startling both of us.

“Good timing.” I pulled my pants back up. I paid the delivery man and retrieved our food. “Where are you going?” Jay was grabbing his laptop and a jacket.

“I need to get this song out of my head before I forget it.”


“Yeah, you’ve inspired me.” He winked and walked out the door.

Another week had passed and I moved out into my own apartment. We both knew this arrangement was temporary, but that didn’t stop us from pursuing a relationship with each other.

“Coming.” A knock at my door summoned me.

“Hey neighbor,” Jay greeted me with a kiss, “If you ever need anything…sugar…eggs…sex, I’m right across the hall.”

“I have this new bed that needs to be broken in.” I teased.

“I think I could help with that.”