it was in my dream last night

strap in for this post kids because i had the strangest dream last night… i was scrolling through my facebook feed when i saw the trailer for rami’s newest movie in which he starred as a cartoon dinosaur who was fighting for social justice and equality around the world. and in the trailer he started out as regular human rami like naked and trapped in a cocoon or something and then somehow he turned into this orange and yellow spotted brachiosaurus and i think it was supposed to be a weird combination of a fun kids movie and a psychological thriller all in one. and yet i still thought to my dream self ‘wow…another versatile role by the man himself. i gotta see this movie’

OK so no joke last night I had a dream that during a dwsa show Katy Boeck got confused and accidentally starting singing All Star by Smashmouth instead of Mama Who Bore Me and Sandy realised what had happened so she started signing it too, and then the rest of the cast just went with it and it turned into a whole improvised choreographed number????

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I had a dream at FAHC last night, they were in a shopping center, and got seperated, and Gavin walks up to a security guard after looking all over and finding everyone but Ryan, and asks the guard 'Does this building have sewer access? Because I can't find my friend, and that can't mean anything good." So hc that anytime Ryan gets seperated from the group outside of missions, he goes and hides. Probably is also the first one home, and they get angry at him for ditching them.

i love this

he goes missing in a clothes shop. they find him sitting inside one of the racks like the child he is

Last night i dreamed that Scott Cawthon had his own skyscraper HQ and he updated the website on his tv walls to show a hot release of his new game

Microbe minions - a fnaf world style game where various cute but horrible microbes are used to take over people’s online “bodies” and wreck cute havoc on them in a defense tower or tetris style game.

Special guests were a 3D rendered purple guy and 3D rendered Eggs Benedict - MY Eggs design???? there were crowds of cheering and screaming fangirls worshipping the screens and i was sprinting through the street screaming:


Buy I do not know the fate of the Cawthon skyscraper HQ because I woke up fml

Oh and people were complaining fnaf 6 wasnt out yet but it was ok because he made purple guy renders.

I would like to offer my support in planning a future Cawthon skyscraper HQ…..


I had the dream again last night.

It starts off by recreating a memory; my sister Olivia and I in a river with the water up to our knees, grinning like a pair of fools and trying to catch fish as they raced upstream. It was early autumn and we were nine. Looking back, it was probably the most wonderful time of my life.

However, the dream doesn’t end quite so wonderfully.

It changes when Livy and I are crouched in the river, our hands under the surface waiting for a fish to swim too close. It changes when I close my hands around a large rainbow trout, larger than any other we had caught that day. I can feel its scaly flesh underneath my fingertips. I can feel its strong body trying to free itself from my grasp. Livy is to my left, jumping up and down excitedly and voicing words of encouragement, but I focus only on my catch. It was beautiful, a true prize-winner. The setting sun gave life to the trout’s radiant features; its many colored scales shone like a beacon to the gods. It made all its brethren look like sickly little leeches.

My attention is drawn away only when a loud clap of thunder causes me to look upwards. Livy looks up too. We watch without a word as a blackness stretches across the sky; small at first, then expanding, growing out of nothing and curling outwards. Eating up the sunset, the clouds, the trees, and anything else it can wrap itself around. Devouring not just sight, but sound as well. The rushing of water and cawing of crows becomes muffled; as if all noise had retreated to another room with shut doors. Soon enough they can’t be heard at all. The world goes dark. I see nothing but the blackness that envelops me. I hear nothing but the sound of my own breathing. It’s as if the world had been temporarily shut down; like the angels above had pushed a big red button on heaven’s control panel, and all the whirring mechanisms had ceased to a halt.

In an instant, the world had died, and only the darkness lived.

It lasts for a few more dragged out moments, and then my surroundings take shape again, bringing the sounds and colours with them. I look to my left, but Livy is gone. I become aware of the trout still wriggling in my hands, but something has changed. The feeling of rough, scaly flesh has been replaced by an entirely new texture. My gaze shifts downwards. The trout is gone, but I can’t let go.

My focus returns as I wrap my hands tighter around Livy’s throat. Her hair fans out around her as I push her down harder into the muddy river bottom. A stream of bubbles escape her lips; I can feel them hitting my wrists. Her eyes are so wide, I’m reminded of the insect pictures in my father’s biology texts. She wears a look of panic on her face, but more so than that, a look of utter confusion. I console her with a soothing look of my own, reassuring her that I know exactly what I’m doing. I examine her face for another moment, and then I decide that I’ve seen enough. I close my eyes, the slightest hint of a smile on my face, and I wait for the bubbles to stop hitting my wrists.

Be My Last Hope

Genre: Mafia!AU | Romance | Angst

Summary: The Person You Knew The Best, Is The One You Don’t Know At All. The Person You Love The Most, Is The One Who Hurts The Most. The Person You Wanted To Be, Was Just A Dream. The One You Are Now A Nightmare Or A Better Reality?

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‘..Something you never felt before..’

Be My Last Hope; Ch. 01 | words 1200 | #bemylasthopebymi

“Hello little sister”
When you opened the door, you couldn’t and didn’t want to believe your eyes. Yoongi, your older brother who just left after your parents died 4years ago stands in front of your door, late night.
“What are you doing here?”
He can tell you weren’t happy to see him.
“Our uncle died. He took care over my precious sister. I should come over to catch you from falling.”

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Haha, I wish that was my dream… ;0;

Last night I had a dream that I was getting married and I didn’t know to whom, so I was basically just wandering around in a really pretty wedding dress and I think people were starting to feel bad for me and assumed I’d been left at the altar (in a way I think I kind of had been?) and then my husband-to-be showed up finally.

My husband-to-be was a gigantic dragon.

Woke up emotionally spent-

I don’t remember my dreams much nowadays or they’re just nonsensical. I think it’s just my brain protecting me from myself.
I dreamt of STBX last night. At first, I was an observer in the dream. It was all four of us, we were at an old beach house my friends’ family used to own. We were on the deck, four Adirondack chairs around a table, playing cards. We were laughing and having fun just like we used to, on our Saturday night kitchen dates with the family.
Then, it was evening. The kids were gone, and it was just the two of us on the deck. We were talking about a park that we used to go to at night when we were younger. The park had long stone benches and a little playground. How we decided on so many things there and the last time we did, which led us to that moment at the beach house.
Then, as dreams go, we were at the park. I wasn’t an observer this time. I was there. It was dusk and we were sitting on the stone/cement table. The mood was serious and we were talking. We were talking about what would happen if we had a new beginning, and the rules for a fresh start. We started talking about an open marriage. We looked up and saw a man walking his dog on the other side of a fence which was a few yards from a little pond back there. We started laughing, but then remembered the seriousness of the situation when that first exact scenario happened years ago. We remembered all the things we’ve been through and how we got through it together. We then started talking about how many things we had gone through, and we both decided that this was worth at least one more shot. He was finally honest about being angry with me and why. We agreed that we would give it at least six months, and we will give it our all. If at the end of six months it still wasn’t right, we would start divorce proceedings in a civilized manner. We even agreed to have an agreement drawn up so we wouldn’t have to go through the emotional torture again. If it didn’t feel right and wasn’t what it needed to be, we would part ways and give each other time to heal in hopes that we could remain friends in the long run.
The last time I was in either location with him was just just about 19 years ago.
I feel like a twisted mess.

I had a dream last night in which @auroral-melody @evilqueenofgallifrey and I were all on a school trip together, but the bus driver was ill, so I had to drive the bus. We were also taking a bunch of TARDIS around with us for some reason. I bonded with @evilqueenofgallifrey over the fact that I have family in new Zealand and according to my dream you lived near them? Just thought I’d share our strange dream adventures with you guys!

My Yuri on Ice fics masterlist

This is my list of YOI fics that I’ll keep updating as I write more.


  • “Stay close to me. Dance with me, Victor.”
    Summary: Victor has skated to “Stay close to me” before, but now the words have meaning for him, because he’s had a taste of the two Ls.
    A.K.A. Victor’s PoV of banquet night and the last time he skates “Stay close to me”.
    Words: 3664 
    Status: completed

  • “Twisted Fate”
    Summary: …this must be a dream anyway. You’ll wake up as Victor Nikiforov again, Makkachin licking your face six minutes before your alarm rings. You might as well go along with it until you wake up.
    Words: 446
    Status: completed


  • “Five of Yuri’s firsts and one time he confessed his love”
    Summary: Otabek Altin had seen past his lean and flexible body, he had looked into his eyes and without even talking to him he had seen him for what Yuri felt, for what Yuri was.
    Words: 1019 
    Status: completed

  • “Nothing is perfect but your imperfections are quaint”
    Summary: Otabek started using Instagram because of Yuri, but it could be very well said that Yuri started using Snapchat because of Otabek.
    Words: 751 
    Status: completed

  • “Audio vocem tuam”
    Summary: I used to be a heavy sleeper.Now the lightest of noises wakes me up, and everything can be said about Tasha’s crying except that it’s light.
    Words: 512 
    Status: completed

  • “Yuri, we must keep him”
    Summary: AU in which everything is the same except Yuri can talk to cats and it’s his cat’s POV.
    Words:  1762 
    Status: completed (as of now. Might get a continuation)

  • “Otabek Altin, god of victory” (original English version)
    Summary:“It started to seem to me that back then, Otabek was the god of victory in the tournament, and maybe Yurio was loved by that god, it occurred to me, as I was drawing the storyboards.” -Mitsurou Kubo
    Once upon a time, the god of victory was made a mortal for the length of one human lifespan, so that he may better understand the forces he was playing with: win and loss.His human form was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Earth, and grew up as a normal human boy.   
    Words: 981
    Status: completed

    “Otabek Altin, dio della vittoria” (Italian translation, also by me)
    Summary: “In quel momento, mentre disegnavo l storyboard, iniziai ad avere l'impressione che in quel torneo Otabek fosse il dio della vittoria, e forse Yurio era amato da quel dio" -Mitsurou Kubo
    Molto tempo fa, il dio della vittoria fu reso mortale per la durata di una vita umana, così che potesse capire al meglio le forze che da lui dipendevano: vittoria e sconfitta.La sua forma umana nacque ad Almaty, Kazakistan, Terra, e crebbe come un normale ragazzo umano.
    Words: 1020
    Status: completed 

  • “Like no one ever was”
    Summary: the Pokémon Go Rivalry AU I’m sure somebody must have asked for
    Words: 9319 
    Status: multi chapter; not yet completed; 5/6 chapters

  • “Might as well fuck”
    Summary:  "Do you know what they’re saying about us?”
    Otabek knew, of course. “No, Yura. What are they saying?” He was an asshole for wanting Yuri to say it out loud when he didn’t need an explanation. He’d seen the articles, the tweets. Leo had teased him endlessly about it, but it didn’t matter now. He wanted to hear Yuri say it.
    “They’re saying we’re fucking, Beka.”
    The moment those exact words left Yuri’s mouth, Otabek regretted asking for them. That Yura could be so lewd was no secret, but hearing the word applied to the two of them was quickly having an effect on him.
    Words: 746
    Status: completed

  • Tumblr drabbles:
    A drunken kiss”
    “Otabek and Yuri make pirozhki”
    “Everyone thinks we’re banging, so we might as well just do it”


listening to ur music on shuffle while ur sleeping is a bad idea, last night in my dream kendrick lamar interviewed this guy who was 16 years old but looked 40 about how he was a hustler and kendrick talked about the importance of boners in his new album and my mom and i were listening to his music while eating some of the complementary food he had and she was telling me she didnt like the message of his music and apparently he was a spnic fan so he sampled azure lake from sonic the hedgeho

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one word descriptions:
where is your phone? - iPhone
your hair? - blonde
your dad? - working
your other half? - @mermaidcashton
your favorite food? - pizza
your dream last night? - forgotten
your favorite drink? - cola
fear? - spiders
favorite shoes? - converse 
favorite way to relax? - music
your mood? - okay
love? - wife
where were you last night? - yes
something that you aren’t? - selfish
muffins? - blueberry
wish list item? - money
where you grew up? - England
last thing you did? - eat
what are you wearing right now? - pjs
something you hate? - ignorance
your pets? - cat
friends? - amazing
life? - alright
regrets? - some
missing someone? - yeah
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How is it that I'm terrible at making friends even in my dreams?

Had this dream last night that I went to a party and met some new people. They all seemed super cool and friendly so at the end of the party I gave a couple of them my number on a napkin. Each individual person I gave my number to looked at me like “what the fuck? Why would I want this?” and handed me back the napkin with my number like no thank you.

Ugh things like this are why I’m terrified to talk to people in real life.