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Just Nico and Prince Albert having a casual chat about life whilst driving through Monaco

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Prompt: Joan of Arc

unkempt, bruise-knuckled boy
kneeling in the dirt by the rhubarb
patch, searching for chrysalises
under the leaves. i see you
in your ponytail, your pink shorts,
chasing dreams you can’t name yet
except as i think i want to hide
a while & watch my body become
something else entirely.

barefaced, rebellious boy
shedding your mother’s expectations
for tight sports bras & smuggled
books read by flashlight under covers
while the crickets sing. i know you,
how you pray to the magazine
cut-out of falconetti’s joan,
si Dieu vous a fait être un guerrier,
Il peut me faire un homme,

and oh how the the sound of it
tastes like fire and armor both.

soft-spoken man living
inside the damp cocoon of language,
yearning for that day of radiant,
war-winning flight, i am you.
we have been the child burying
himself in the back-garden,
but one day soon we will be the poet
who looks at the battle to say,
i will be loud & brave forever.

I miss you.

Here I am, lying in my one-place-and-a-half bed, in the very place where you used to throw yourself to snuggle in, and I miss you.
The intensity that permeated your look when it touched me, the softness of your hair, the tenderness of your cuddles, the warmth of your skin against mine, the comfort of your presence, I miss everything.

It is so unfair. You are the person who has approached the most closely the frail little organ that is my heart, and here we are again strangers. It is even worse than being strangers, if we had simply returned back to this stage, there would remain hope, the electrifying excitement of having the opportunity to know each other, to discover each other, to marvel at each other of what we were, the visceral excitement of bonding to a new soul.
We’re not even strangers anymore. Even our eyes are fleeing each other as we both die of wanting to make them cross again.

I miss you.

You had to realize that we did not want the same thing for this utopia to end. It was too good to be true, you were too beautiful to be mine.
And here we are, both of us wishing deeply to reach the contraries of our mutual desires.
You, to love me with a flame of love that you do not have, in order to keep by your side the soul mate you found in me.
Me, to be able to forget that it is this flame of love that I have for you which gnaws me, in order to be able to meet again your almond eyes without feeling my world collapsing, in order to have the strength to keep you by my side, to have the strength to love you with that profound friendship you have for me.

I miss you.

We are but the sad spectators of a morbid scene, where we can only look helplessly at our plans to empty their blood by liters. The hope was extinguished in my hands when I tried to hold it to you and you did not know how to grasp it.
Love has given way to disarray, happiness has given way to loneliness, romance has given way to nostalgia, your kisses on my cheeks have given way to the erratic furrows of my tears, and you, you have given way to a gaping hole in the middle of my most secular hopes.

I miss you.

I wish I could hug you again, I would like to have the naivety to believe that you loved me, I would like to have the carelessness not to fear the nature of your feelings. I wish I could no longer be afraid to eternally continue to seek for you through all the people I meet. I wish I could not be terrified that I will never find someone else like you, someone who would have the same laugh, the same look, the same dimples in the corner of the mouth, the same hair, the same Way to kiss, the same way to get angry, the same tastes for music. I wish I could feel able to love something else than what you are.
I wish I could no longer feel a piece of me collapse every time I remember that you are now part of the past and that there is no possible future with you.
I wish that the thought of you leaves me a different taste than the bitter one of the salted pearls that flow on my cheeks.

I miss you.

—  are-you-ok-no-fck-off, The original text is in French and is on my tumblr here

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// *stares at chips/seagull post* I-I think they were talking about potato chips not French fries...

OK now hold up. 

to me… chips are these things: 

HOT chips are these: 

And Fries are these: 

Is that the same or is it different for you?? kjsdhfksdh

Alright nerds, today we are going to discuss headphone etiquette.

You walk into your favorite hang out joint and you see a dear friend. How grand! However, you see their headphones are in use and you have not the slightest clue how to approach them. Here is a helpful guide on how to decipher the code.

Both headphones on/earbuds in: Leave them alone, especially if they are hunched over a laptop, a book or their phone. This means they do not want to be disturbed. It is okay to give a small wave, head tilt or smile as acknowledgement.

One earbud is out: This means said person is listening out for something and not fully engaged with what is being listened to. You may approach, but watch for body language that says ‘leave me alone’. Examples are: crossed arms, little to no eye contact, short one word answers.

Headphones/earbuds out: You may approach! This one is not enjoying music/audio books on their device currently, and it is deemed okay to talk to said person.

Note: If someone sees you, and takes off their music delivering device from their head, that means they desire to talk to you! Smile, and enjoy a lovely conversation.

You taking off my headphones/earbuds: Run. Because no jury will convict me.


there’s only a month left till my exams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and well i’m not TOO stressed because i’m up to date with my revision :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


so i found some pictures of Stefan Karl from when he played that french guard and prince Herbet in Spamalot at the icelandic national theater


historical figures postersLouis XIV, “The Sun King”.

Born in 1638, his name ‘Louis-Dieudonné’ means ‘gift from God’ and is foretelling the story of his life. Crowned at the age of four after the death of his father Louis XIII, he reigned for 72 years and 110 days until his death on September 1, 1715,  longer than that of any other known European sovereign.  During his reign Louis transformed the monarchy, ushered in a golden age of art and literature, presided over a dazzling royal court at Versailles, annexed key territories and established his country as the dominant power on the continent until the War of the Spanish Succession. Breaking with centuries-old tradition, he declared in 1661 that he would rule alone, without a chief minister. He became the symbol of absolutism in Europe, and as he saw it, he was the direct representative of God. He chose the sun as his emblem and cultivated the image of an omniscient and infallible “Roi-Soleil” (“Sun King”) around whom the entire realm orbited. His rule was a divine right and he would go on to wield the absolute power of the monarchy; and in 1623, he built the famous Palace of Versailles. With its Hall of Mirrors and lavish apartments, the palace, surrounded by stylised French and English gardens, was built to symbolise the king’s power. Lover of art, litterature, music, theatre and sports, some of the greatest artistic and intellectual figures of the time were members of his retinue. Lover to dozen of women, great war chief and stratege, he was one of the most poweful monarch who ever ruled. When he died in 1715, he was 77, had ruled for 72 years, and was the living embodiement of absolute power. 

NEC PLURIBUS IMPAR” I am enough for several worlds.

no hetalia characters or pairings are straight bc none of them are human so gender doesnt exist, and unless they identify as agender they are trans because they’re embodiments of landmasses and unless you’re french, the ground you are standing on right now does not have a gender.

ok so now that I saw a gif of the hug...

I realised that Belle was totally going in for a kiss there.

(gif mine, because I’m not sure on the etiquette here)

Anyway, see her hands? She was going for his face and then remembered “Oh, right, we’re not quite doing that yet”

You will tear this theory from my cold, dead hands, alright?