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Six years later, this trailer holds up pretty damn well.


Kenneth Branagh as Hercule Poirot


this video is keeping me alive 


Detective Montalbano is an Italian television series based on the detective novels of Andrea Camilleri.

The plot

Salvo Montalbano, the police chief inspector of Vigàta, is a gruff character who is responsible and serious at work, but often also open and friendly with people he knows he can trust. Montalbano finds he must investigate various criminal acts in his area, for which—thanks to his great intelligence and the help of numerous assistants, even outside the police—he always manages to reconstruct the exact events and to find a solution. Among his colleagues are his deputy, Mimi Augello, Inspector Giuseppe Fazio, the awkward policeman Agatino Catarella, and other officers of the police station. Otherwise, among his external collaborators are his friend Ingrid Sjostrom, the journalist Niccolò Zito and, more rarely, Adelina, his cook. In his private life, Salvo carries on a long-distance relationship with Livia Burlando, with whom he has a sometimes tempestuous relationship but in which love always prevails. (wikipedia)

The tv show is set in Sicily and the characters speak Italian (with a strong Sicilian accent) and Sicilian. 

Not only you will learn many Sicilian words and expressions, you will also see what a typical Sicilian town looks like. 


I think this is the best way for you to practise and to learn about Sicily more.

Enjoy this old trailer of the tv show! :)

sorakhhikari98  asked:

So I'm like dodging the new s4 trailer since yesterday, because I want to be taken away by the moment I start watching the new season, y'know FFRESH. Also good morning (afternoon? Night?) ₩

Wait wait wait, are you dodging the s4 trailer or the new vlog everyone keeps talking about?? Because if it’s the vlog you don’t have anything to worry about, it’s just a recap of things we’ve already seen in s1-3 :D


LINK - Trailer

Robert is starting festival season with this and another super cool film “Island”(I only worked on Link) so go watch them if you can.