it was horrible

  • Me:This story is going really great.
  • Me:Oh my god I've thought of an amazing plot twist!
  • Me:Okay that plot twist meant I have to change a few things hang on...
  • Me:Whoops there's a plot hole let's fix that.
  • Me:Oh jeez this plot has gotten really complicated.
  • Me:None of this bit makes any sense anymore.
  • Me:What have I done.
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:*abandons story*

Ok, you pretentious, patronizing little fuck. I get hundreds of messages a day. I’ve answered several of yours. A much longer answer to yours WAS in the queue, but since you’re as impatient as you are presumptuous, I exercised my free will and deleted it. I wrote you a note instead.

If you’re more comfortable with a society that embraces those who choose not to help because they don’t want to, I seriously pity you, and hope you lead a charmed life AND come from an independently wealthy family.

Look, I get why you might be excited about reading “Atlas Shrugged” - “fuck you, got mine” was pretty appealing when I was 13. Then I grew up. I suggest you try it, then let me know how that goes for you.