it was honestly hard to tell them apart

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it's a middle of the night, and my brain produced a new kaaron (kevaaron??) hc, so I decided I could share it with you?... because I want to talk about andreil going on a vacation and leaving kevin to look after sir and king, and it turns into the real hell. kevin has no clue what to do with these furry balls (they're not the exy balls, sorry), therefore he asks aaron for help. AND AARON COMES TO AN ANDREIL'S FLAT WITH A <b>BOOK</b> ABOUT CATS. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION.

thank you,,, im so happy feel free to send all your kevaaron thoughts my way this is so cute im dying oK,,

  • ok so andrew and neil both have a tournament because theyre on the same team now but kevin is playing in a different region so he’s got some time off 
  • aaron is going to med school in the area near kevin and he dorms at school but he spends a lot of time at kevin’s
    • because its close to his internship. obviously.
    • no other reason at all. 
    • :)
  • so he’s there when kevin gets a call from neil asking him to watch their cats, and agrees to watch kevin’s apartment while he’s gone for the next week or so
  • so aaron drops kevin off at the airport (they didn’t hug but kevin squeezed aaron’s hand just before he boarded and if aaron thinks about it the whole drive home can anybody really blame him??)
  • all is well for…like a day
  • aaron is checking kevin’s plants and eating his leftovers before heading to his internship for the evening when the apartment gets a call, and he’s gonna just leave the machine to get it until he’s taking his phone off silent since he’s been lectures all day
  • his phone literally vibrates for a minute straight and shuts down he’s got so many messages. before it does, though, he sees theyre all from kevin so he grabs the house phone and dials kevin, expecting the worst
  • nah poor kevin’s just a mess
    • aaron: …………excuse me
  • turns out kevin has not one fucking clue what to do with cats
  • they’re squirmy and they yell. they fucking yell and he doesn’t know why.
  • aaron’s just on the phone with kevin grinning his ass off because no one can see him and he’s so glad bc dammit his distress should not be this endearing
  • so aaron’s boss is pretty cool and lets him take some days off to go help kevin
  • but see….aaron’s a dog person (gasp)
  • he actually doesn’t know any more than kevin about how to watch to cats or like. what to do with them. 
  • so………..he buys a book
  • and he reads it on the couple hour plane ride over there
  • poor kevin honestly he’s picking up aaron with his hair and clothes a mess, he’s got red marks all over where the cats swiped at him
    • aaron hasn’t had to fight this hard against a smile in a while honestly how does kevin still look like a model in such a state
  • they get back to the apartment and aaron can tell the cats ripped up the instruction sheet neil left, their toys are all over the place, and he suspects the blankets on the couch mean they took over the guest bedroom and kevin was too scared of getting scratched to move them (he’s right)
  • aaron sighs and feeds the cats, clears the litter, does,, other cat owner things,,, idk man im allergic to cats im as helpless as kevin watching aaron in awe in this moment ok
  • “You’re a cat whisperer”
  • aaron’s smug
  • but it doesnt last because they order pizza
  • and aaron, not thinking, is like, “just grab my wallet out of my bag i have a 5 i think” when kevin’s looking for cash to tip the delivery kid
  • and lo and behold………….he discovers the cat book
  • “………hey aaron”
  • aaron is no longer smug and now quite pink
  • kevin’s laughing at his dumb boyf- FRIEND. just friend. yea. 
  • kevin: it’s fine we’ll just get dogs
  • aaron: *now very pink, smirking* ……..”we’ll”?
  • kevin: *chokes on his pizza*
  • they most definitely go to the shelter back home once the week is done and pick out a puppy

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Idc who answers this question I just need help😂 how do I tell if a guy is good for me? The last guy I dated viewed my depression as a burden for him and he was just generally Not Cool about it and through retrospect I realize he wasn't that good for me. How can I tell if I'm in a healthy relationship? Sometimes it's hard for me to see it when I'm so close to the situation. Thanks bebes

If you feel happier or even just more content when you’re apart from someone, it’s probably not a healthy relationship. If you’re hardly ever apart from them, and are unable to tell, that’s still probably unhealthy. Knowing whether a relationship will be good for you before really getting to know them is difficult. Honestly, even though it can be hard, the best way to go about things is to communicate your needs to your partners and friends. Communication is Good™


i feel like there’s this weird trend w marvel writers where its like,, if something opposes a big thing within the comics, ie hydra, they make them apart of it?? which is bullshit?? im sorry but erik lehnsherr is a holocaust survivor??? tell me he’s apart of hydra??,.,,, honestly marvel is so Tiring at this point trying to mix stuff up,, like i get it..i really Do,, but making a character thats inherently against a nazi organization (or just any character ever tbh) a member of that organization is Not Cool. like stop trying to do this? it’s literally not that hard?? give a male character a boyfriend or give us more poc superheroes?? woah what an insane concept?? there are so many other ways to make money honestly like trying to make hydra seem trendy™ or whatever isn’t the answer lmao

Airing It Out

Yo - The world we live in is SO messed up. No, honestly. It’s screwed. Talent means absolutely nothing. Had work doesn’t always pay off. And racism, I promise, is absolutely alive and well. In every industry and on every square foot of our country. Don’t even try to lie and convince me otherwise.
I allowed myself to get frustrated in some things this past week that I was probably over dramatic about but I feel like they’re so valid. I’ve watched friends be not given roles or even opportunity bc of the color of their skin or their sexual orientation. I’ve also seen favoritism in my work spaces bc of those same things. You would think that those things get old and you get used to them, but they’ll always hurt. SO much.
Bc no, I’m not the best dancer in the world. I’m not the best voice you’ve ever heard. And I promise that I’m not the actor that’s gonna make you cry. But damnit, I’ve done some hard work in my years as apart of this business. But bc I’m not the super masculine, muscular, white guy my opportunities will never be anything close to what I deserve.
But I say all of that to say this - You’re worth it af. Honestly, I had to look in the mirror and tell myself, “the only person you need to impress and be better than is YOU, yesterday.” I’ll never be what people want me to be, but I’m okay as long as I’m who I want to be. I’m gonna strive towards a happier and positive life bc it’s not enough to be a light for everyone else if you’re struggling being a light for yourself.
So, I think I’m gonna take a break from posting a lot on my social media accounts for a bit. Love you! Xx

Convenient Friend

Pairing: Aaron Burr x Reader


TW: None

Word Count: 1379


Aaron Burr.

The name was one you knew, but never really cared about.

The two of you had grown up together, really. If indirectly as it was. You two went to the same schools together, pretty much all of your life, and you were shocked when you learned, through mutual friends, that you’d even gotten accepted into the same college. But he was no more than a name with a friendly face. The person you went to if you forgot paper, or a pencil. A face you recognized in the yearbook. You two never really spoke.

You’d make small talk when in a situation where it provided. The most recent had been in June, October, when the two of you had been on the same bus on your college campus. It was nice to see a familiar face now and again, you learned. But then you got off at your stop, presumable, he left at his, and you made no effort to contact him again.

It was now January.

The New York chill still bit at you through your thick winter coat, boots crunching on what little snow was left unshoveled on the sidewalks. You were lost in thoughts. None that were important, no. What were you going to have for dinner tonight? Pizza sounded good, but you’d been eating out a lot lately. You needed to quit it, especially since you didn’t feel like working out when it was so freezing. Hm…maybe you could make spaghetti? Still italian, but easy to make at home, and cheap-

“Hey, babe!” You stopped, and looked around, trying to find the source of the yell, and just where the ‘babe’ in question was. Turning around, you saw a couple college guys, ones you recognized from a class or two, approaching you.

“I uh…me?” You looked confused, brow furrowing.

“Yeah, you, what are you, stupid?” You took an offended step back, before frowning deeply, and turning around to start walking away. You didn’t like being catcalled, and you sure as hell didn’t like being called stupid. You didn’t have to stand for this.

“Hey, don’t walk away from me, babe!” They were following you, great. Ugh.

You sped up a bit, almost breaking out into a full run when you slammed into someone.

That someone was a familiar face, and, luckily, he seemed to understand the situation immediately, once he saw the on the approach behind you.

“Ah! There you are, (Y/N)! I’ve been waiting on you!” In truth, he’d been waiting on Alexander, since they were needing to discuss some of the details for a mock trial they were doing but…your immediate safety came first, and, in all honestly, Alexander had neglected to show up without so much as a text multiple times before hand, leaving him standing in the cold for an hour.

“O-oh! Uh…Burr! Aaron, yeah…sorry…uhh…you ready to go?” You asked, letting the guys think that he really had been waiting for you.

In truth, you hadn’t even thought about him since you stepped off that bus way back in October.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I am.” He offered you his arm with a polite smile, and a smug nod at the two that had been pursuing you. When they were around the corner, and out of sight, he let you go, giving you a smile as the two of you walked. He was wearing a double breasted button up, with a very soft looking scarf that looked handmade. He had on dark pants, and boots that nearly blended, with only the change in material to tell them apart. He looked warm, and looked good, which was a hard combo to pull off.

He pulled his hood up as the snow began to fall, ever so lightly again.

“Come on, I know a coffee shop around here. Quiet, and warm.” You…honestly weren’t sure why you tagged along. But the promise of a hot chocolate, and a warm place to sit down for a little bit was calling to you, so you didn’t turn him down.


A little while later, you were relaxing in one of the arm chairs the cafe sported, and Burr sat across from you, scribbling something down in a notebook, before referring back to the book lying open on the small end table beside him, along with his coffee.

“So…” You wanted to at least small talk with him…maybe it would be nice to have him as more than just a convenient friend now and again. “That scarf looks handmade…who made it?”

“I did.” He glanced up from his notebook with a slight smile. “My mother taught me how to crochet when I was little. It keeps my hands busy.”

“Aww…well, it looks really nice and warm…” You commented, at least proud of yourself for learning something new about him.

“Mmhm…it’s good wool. I save up for it, so that what I make is worth the wait. It’s better than getting a lot of cheap material, in order to make a lot at once.” You nodded a little in understanding, eyes still fixed on the scarf in curiosity. It was mostly a deep grey, with flecks of red mixed in. It looked really comfortable. You wondered how hard it was to crochet.

Probably impossible.

You sipped your hot chocolate, and went back to your thoughts, and it seemed Aaron had done the same.

He offered to walk you home, which you really appreciated. You didn’t want to chance a run in with those two again…and Aaron, gentlemanly though he was, seemed like someone who could keep them off of you.

You two talked the whole way home. You started on your majors. And then you talked about how crazy it was that you were going to the same school, after coming from the same little high school.

Do you remember that time…?

Or what about that one thing…?

It felt good to laugh with him, over old memories. You may not have been close in high school, but you definitely both remembered the one time there was a fight in the AP Lang hall, and a girl smacked another girl so hard into a door that the glass shattered.

Or the time that you had a group assembly on drill safety, and it may or may not have been suggested that you should throw someone smaller than you at the attacker.

Or the one pep rally where a cheerleader got hit with a full two liter bottle of Coca-Cola. No one knew who threw it, only that it originated from the Junior’s section.

Before you knew it, you were home. You hadn’t even thought about the cold. With a smile, you offered your hand to Aaron to shake. He smiled at you, and gave you a nod. The two of you traded numbers, and after saying goodbye, you vanished into your apartment.


Two days later, there was a knock on your door. It was early, too…ugh…

But you yawned, and dragged yourself up, opening the door and looking around irately. There was no one. Seriously? Ding dong ditching without a doorbell, and in broad daylight, had no point, people!

But then you looked down.

The box was grey, neatly wrapped with a dark purple bow. You hummed in thought, and brought it inside, setting it on the kitchen table to open. Removing the lid, you gaped, taking a scarf from the box. It was an infinity scarf, a deep blue, with knots of silver here and there. It felt so soft to the touch…you ran your fingers over it fondly, before looking back into the box and finding a note.


I finished this the night I walked you home. I haven’t been able to work that much that fast in ages. I figured it was only fair that you get the scarf you helped create. Maybe I could teach you some time? Maybe you’re the secret behind how fast I work


You smiled a bit, slipping it on, and letting your fingers lace through the holes in the yarn.


First Aaron Burr request!! Yaaay!! And lets face it i had to describe what he was wearing because Leslie Odom Jr. looks good in eVERYTHING.

Love, Rosalie

Call and Answer (Silver Springs Part 2) (Tony Stark x reader)

Silver Springs

Part 2 is based on the song by Barenaked Ladies.  I heard it today and thought it fit pretty nicely.

I think it’s getting to the point

where I can be myself again

I think it’s getting to the point

where we have almost made amends

I think it’s the getting to the point

that is the hardest part

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We Want Out

Dhumey and I have been living with my folks for almost a year now. We’ve been here since roughly the middle of February, 2016. I’m not going to beat around the bush though. We are TIRED of my mother and my stepfather. Why? I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll go ahead and say it again. They are ABUSIVE as all get out. We want out, but we feel so trapped and it’s taking a toll on us.

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i listened to vixx's fantasy AND I LOVED IT SO MUCH ASDFGHJKL can you teach me how to tell vixx apart thank you~~

Cha Hakyeon - Stage Name: N


- absolutely beautiful so beautiful

- he is a mum an actual mum he loves his children members

- absolutely gorgeous tanned skin and a wonderful long neck

- certified cutie + angel

- he’s real sassy honestly the sassiest

- a gift to this earth from god, handcrafted from god’s hands I am not joking

- will punish his children + husband by neck chopping them

- inventor of the stank face

- works really hard and deserves nice things

- really emotional he cries when they win things isn’t he gorgeous honestly???

- sexy boi

Jung Taekwoon - Stage Name: Leo


- he looks scary but he’s actually so sweet

- loves children loves animals he’s a prince

- had long hair once that was fun for the whole family

- don’t shout you’ll scare him

- the father of VIXX he’s wonderful to his children members

- people think he doesn’t smile but he actually does and his smile is beautiful

- high notes will kill you so prepare your grave

- acts like he hates his life but actually loves every minute of it

-also acts like he hates VIXX but he wouldn’t trade them in for anyone else

- he loves VIXX basically, like a lot

- he’s also a cat

Lee Jaehwan - Stage Name: Ken




- also a blessing to this earth such a blessing

- if you see a nose first it’s Ken

- everyone absolutely adores him and you should too

- a walking ball of happiness and sunshine

- he’s good at animal noises, he can be a pterodactyl, stan talent

- his voice can reach heaven and above it also kills and it’s a horrible death

- he has a LOT of charisma, he was born for the stage

- please love him because he’s just full of love

Kim Wonshik - Stage Name: Ravi




- voice be deeper than the pacific ocean

- he looks rough and tough but he’s all marshmallow-ey on the inside

- he’s actuallyl really cute he giggles a lot

- VIXX makes him giggle

- this man has tats so you know he’s a cool kid

- listening to him rap is a religious experience I highly recommend it

- is like a big teddy bear

- loves VIXX to death and they love him right back

- love this man or I won’t love you he’s an actual god

- another sexy boi

Lee Hongbin - Stage Name: Hongbin


- not only is he a sexy boi he’s a cutie boi

- does he make your heart flutter cause mine’s going wild

- is also sassy, very sass, probably gets it from his mum

- he is naturally very cute like seriously so cute

- he doesn’t even realise he’s cute bUT HE’S SO CUTE

- has many names such as Bean, Bing Bong, Hongkong, King Kong, Binnie

- ^^ I could go on but I won’t ^^

- his smile cures cancer and he’s a feather off an angel’s wings

- that is to say he is a beautiful being and I always thank god for his existence

- for some reason always plays with the little cards at fan meetings


- a real prince charming or princess however you want to look at it

- when he sings he goes real deep get ur ovaries ready girl

- giggles a lot probably the main giggler of VIXX

Han Sanghyuk - Stage Name: Hyuk


- he’s the youngest but also the tallest whaaaaat

- used to be really smol like REAL smol but boy shot up

- an alternative name for Hyuk is Manhyuk

- always troubling his hyungs cause he loves them and he’s a shit

- honestly he’s the devil he loves starting shit

- he used to be scared of Leo but now I think Leo is scared of him

- everyone loves him so much he’s their sweet child

- he does actually really loves his hyungs like really a lot

- him and Hongbin love making N’s life stressful

- acts like a 12 year old most of the time but is walking happiness

- makes a lot of weird noises

- he’s also a potato

I don’t know if this will help bUT THERE YOU GO PLEASE LOVE VIXX!! :D

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I recently had some LIFE (tm) happen to me that caused me to get behind on my rent for the month. I emailed my awesome landlady today about my situation & since I've been so on top of paying my rent in the past or letting her know exactly when it would be paid if it was going to be late, she's agreed to work with me to set up a payment plan to get caught back up. So my question is this: What advice do you have for what to do if/when you fall behind on rent payments?

Honestly, do everything you did. The key is communication. Tell your landlord as soon as you know you cannot make the full payment on time. Work with them to decide on a new due date or, ideally, set up a payment plan to make up the current rent and keep you from falling behind again. It also helps to have a consistent payment record with no previous late payments.

If you find that you are consistently late on your rent, it’s probably time to find somewhere cheaper to live, but it sounds like you just had one bad month and are working hard to fix things.


Recent Project Diva F2nd Endeavors! (see the captions for more info)

I also bought the Rin and Len “Alparka” modules and they are just the cutest little things but you sEE THE PROBLEM IS WHEN THEY GET IN THE SAME ROOM TOGETHER I HAVE TO SQUINT TO TELL THEM APART BECAUSE LEN HAS HIS HAIR DOWN?? kill me

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Hey I saw that you posted something that's like makkachin is going to die. Do you think he is??? I really hope not!!

Actually I don’t think think Makkachin is going to die. I think Makkachin getting sick is just a plot device to get Yuuri and Victor to split apart for a bit.

Honestly, they’ve never been apart and we’ve seen how much Yuuri relies on Victor. We saw from episode 7 that he wants him to stay by his side, and that this decision must’ve been hard, but he immediately tells him that he has to go. 

Because he knows. He knows how hard it is to lose a pet/family member. And for all we know, Makkachin could be Victor’s family.

Plus, having them apart will have Yuuri grow as a character. We saw him at the beginning even telling Victor that he’s lacks confidence.

And we saw how Victor helps him be more confident. Having them apart will show that Yuuri doesn’t need Victor to be confident.  He sees his own worth.

However, we know that people don’t see Yuuri as just Yuuri. They are always comparing him to Victor. 

Plus, they see all of his victories as Victor’s. In episode 7, Yuuri even says that if he loses, it gets reflected on Victor; just as his wins do. 

I mean, a lot of the media’s attention is on Victor. He’s even on the podium with him in episode 3, albeit it’s not a real competition but still.

And at press conferences especially in episode 6, Victor’s doing a lot of the talking.

And, in episode 8, when everyone is cheering for Victor. Everyone associates them together. 

Now, with them apart, this win will be solely Yuuri’s.

TL;DR So I think, as sad as it is, I don’t think Makkachin is going to die. It’s just a plot device to get them apart so Yuuri can grow.

Plus, can they really kill the best character?

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do you think dan is up north w Phil????????????

honestly i don’t know. in the video they said something like “we have a christmas to attend” and “we have families to visit” but “we” seems to be one of their favorite words to overuse lately so it’s sometimes hard to tell if they’re together or apart without any actual evidence (plus them saying “we have families to visit” could’ve just meant they’re both going to spend the holidays with their respective families)

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Soo...I'm super new to this group and I'm very curious. Do you have an clever ways to remember who is who? It's been a while since I had to remember so many names.

honestly the best way to learn the members is to constantly watch stuff of them and get used to their faces and mannerisms! when i first entered the fandom i had absolutely no idea who anyone was (and there were even more members back then!!) but then i watched like 2 episodes of 17tv and i could tell them all apart haha

here is a recent picture that i’ve labeled with the member’s names. hopefully this helps a little bit!

You can dislike EXO, you can dislike EXO-Ls, you can think your bias group is better than them but what you can’t do is make it seem like EXO’s popularity was simply handed to them because they are under SMENT, what you can’t do is make it seem like EXO is talent-less, or make it seem like they don’t deserve the achievements they’ve gotten because that’s all a bold faced lie!

Yeah when EXO debuted their fanbase was already quite big but thats because their company promoted them to the fullest and you can’t be mad at that, isn’t that what all company’s do for their new groups?? And even if they didn’t promote them for almost a year, SM artists have a huge expanse of fans and those fans from other artists would have given them a chance simply because they’re under the same company of another SM group, once again that should be expected, the same thing happens with any company, YG, Starship, Cube!!

Kpop fans have the tendency to think that if a group or solo artist didn’t struggle as soon as they debuted then their success is handed to them… why? I mean really, even most of the artists from company’s outside the Big 3 don’t struggle when they first debut, but no one is breathing down their neck talking about their success was handed to them, this sort of thing only happens to the artists from the Big 3 and mainly SMENT. Which is really unfair, just because these artists are from top company’s, doesn’t mean they didn’t have to work just as hard OR harder to get to that debut stage. Don’t try to take that anyway for them and this is for all groups, not just EXO. But I digress….

And how can you say that EXO is talent-less?? They all have really nice singing voices, some more than others yes I know but that shouldn’t take away from the fact that they all can sing and yes, I will admit that when they first came out their Live Performances weren’t that great singing wise, except for Baekhyun, Chen, and Kyungsoo but they are improving comeback after comeback, and shouldn’t that be all that matters?

Improvement? I’m sure there were groups before EXO that debuted and had flaws but their fans didn’t just drop them, they waited for their next comeback knowing that they will have improved so much more….

i mean have you guys seen their Music Bank Comback stage for Love Me Right? It was amazing, they all sung wonderfully Live and still killed the dance, I was so proud to see the improvement, they really sounded amazing live. They’re great dancers as well, as you’ve probably all seen, they can act as well, some of the members are REALLY good at acting, some of the members even compose and write music, you can’t tell me these boys don’t have any talent…

In my eyes the only real problem with EXO is the fact that they are basically falling apart before our eyes, and thats not even their fault, thats on SMENT and I hope they fix themselves sometime soon because I really can’t deal with losing another member I honestly can’t….

My point is, EXO has plenty of talent and yes they work hard for all they have, it’s not their fault that the fandom works hard to see them with awards and trophys, WE think they deserve them, you don’t have to agree, but stop making it seem like they shouldn’t have this and that because this reason or that reason, you wouldn’t want us saying that about your favorite group or artist.

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sterek + "you know about my thing with towels!"

At first, Stiles tried to let it go, he really did. Things were going well between him and Derek and he was actually really happy and he could tell he made Derek happy too.
When they got to the stage where Stiles started practically living at the loft, he thought it would be a good move to leave some of his things there, you know, the essentials. What he didn’t expect, was to have to worry about making sure his possessions were known.
It didn’t bother him that Derek sometimes liked to steal the last few Reese’s pieces, or that he sometimes used Stiles’ coffee cup in the morning, even though Stiles specifically bought Derek his own.

No, what really began to grate on him was Derek’s need to use his towels. Having his own towel was very important to him; this is something that had been important to him ever since swim practice in third grade when Jimmy Collins decided to use his towel and in the process ended up giving him chicken pox. Stiles vowed to never let anyone use his towel again. When it came to sharing a bathroom, he just naturally assumed people just had their own towel, that was the rule; so why did Derek feel the need to always pick Stiles’ off the hook after he’d had a shower.

It baffled him honestly, Derek’s towels were all grey and black and Stiles’ were either red or blue, it’s not like they’re hard to tell apart. After letting it slide three times, Stiles was about to explode.
One morning, after specifically pouring them both a coffee in their respective mugs, he watched Derek walk down, not long out the shower, all glorious, drops of water rolling down his perfect abs, drying his hair with Stiles’ navy towel.
Stiles snapped.

“Is it so hard for you to use your own towel?” Stiles said, calmly at first, trying to be rational about this. Derek blushed slightly.

“Morning to you too, and I just grabbed the nearest one” Derek rubbed the back of his neck with the towel, before stopping at the look on Stiles’ face, moving over and holding the towel out for Stiles to take.

“This is the third time Derek, why can’t you use your own?”

“It’s just a towel Stiles, why does it matter?”

“It matters to me, its bad enough you don’t ever use your cup, its always mine.”

“What? What’s this about Stiles?” Derek looked at him perplexed.

“It’s about you making sure you use your own towels. That’s it, its not hard, I am still entitled to things that are mine Derek, just because you get all possessive with scent doesn’t mean it’s okay to keep using my things.” Stiles didn’t think about the words before they were tumbling out his mouth, clicking with him completely. While his brain was trying to piece together, Derek had already started talking.

“Stiles, it’s a towel, you’ve had plenty of me, all over you, what difference does it make if I use your towel?” Derek stated, clearing his throat slightly.

“Wait, that’s not the problem, you totally have a scent thing for me don’t you?” Stiles couldn’t help but smirk, it made total sense, he moved closer to the Alpha, watching him intently.

“I don’t know what you’re – ”

“Yes you do, you totally wanna smell like me, is that why you use my towels? Oh my god, that’s why you use my mug isn’t it, can you still taste me, even though its been washed? You know that’s kinda gross.” Stiles was standing right in front of Derek now, towel forgotten behind him. Derek dipped his head slightly, tips of his ears pink. Stiles cupped his cheeks and lifted his head, leaning in to kiss him briefly.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I thought you’d think it was weird.”

“Dude, you’re a werewolf, weird doesn’t begin to cover it” Stiles chuckled slightly before catching sight of Derek’s raised eyebrow. “Look, it doesn’t bother me, if that’s what you’re worried about” Derek smiled a little, pulling Stiles into a hug. Stiles wrapped his arms around Derek’s very naked torso, mind filling with what exactly he wanted to do to said torso.

“You know, I think there are more fun ways to have my scent on you” Derek perked up a bit at that; catching Stiles’ mouth with his own, hands sliding into his hair, pulling him as close as physically possible, pressing his tongue into his mouth. Derek broke free to nose down Stiles’ jaw, nipping and tasting the skin there. How did Stiles not notice this before. When they separated, Derek grabbed Stiles’ hand and went to lead them back up to the bedroom.

After they had successfully worn eachother out, Stiles lay on his back in the bed, carding his fingers through Derek’s hair as he lay on his chest.
“So does this mean I can keep using your towels?” Derek teased, looking up slightly.

“Absolutely not”