it was hilarious either way

the year is 2018. someone, probably a new homestuck lured in from hiveswap, decides to see what happened last 6/12 after just discovering it was a thing to be celebrated. they see that one post that’s a 6/12 timeline and think, wait, 2017 isn’t on here. why? little did they know, we don’t talk about 2017’s 6/12. it’s a shameful thing to even think about. they discover that all memories of 6/12/17 have been deleted, except one post simply titled “your ad here: $700.20”.

The Human Manual

So a lot of the humans are weird/space orcs mention aliens referencing or amending the intergalactic human manual, and I just wonder… do humans know about it?
Like I can imagine human crew members finding out about a ‘human guide’ and either a) trolling the heck out of their alien buddies or b) asking where the guides for the other races are and their alien friends have to tell them that only humans are crazy enough to need a manual… and it just sound hilarious either way. XD

Welcome to dailyvicturi’s ‘Fic of the Month’ post! On the 1st of every month, we will choose a fanfic to feature on our blog. The fic and author will get an aesthetic graphic, a review of their fic, and a place on our ‘Hall of Fame’.


Be My Sex Coach, Victor! by lucycamui (@lucycamui)


Yuuri Katsuki has always been his own worst critic, and a series of unfortunate short-lived relationships has him convinced that he flubs things more in the bedroom than out on the ice. So, of course it would turn out that the ridiculously charming Russian he’s matched with online is a pornstar.

But perhaps, a ‘professional opinion’ is exactly what Yuuri needs…


One of the things I vowed to do this year was read more WIP fics. Usually I download completed fics to my tablet and read them that way, but I realized that I was missing out on a lot of great works because they were WIP fics. Plus, I think all writers can agree that WIP fics sometimes don’t get as much attention as they deserve, because fandom is sometimes afraid of reading them. 

That’s originally why I picked up Be My Sex Coach, Victor! I wanted to practice what I preached and read a WIP fic, and the summary of this one seemed like a great one to start off with. 

And boy, was I right.

This fic is absolutely hysterical. Yuuri thinks that he’s bad in bed, to the point where he considers himself a hopeless case. Phichit doesn’t agree, and to prove it signs Yuuri up for a dating app, one where he is matched with a gorgeous Russian named Victor Nikiforov. Yuuri is a little intimidated at first, but Victor turns out to be charming and nice as can be. They get along well and go on a first date that starts off well enough, but ends in disaster when an awkward sexual encounter sours the night. 

Yuuri thinks that he can never face Victor again after it, but Phichit has other plans. Victor is not only cute and into Yuuri, he’s also a pornstar, and therefore must know how to have good sex. Why not hire him to teach Yuuri the ins and outs? He’s hesitant at first, but his desire to up game outweighs the awkwardness. And that’s how Victor the pornstar becomes Victor the sex coach. 

I don’t know where to even begin when it comes to a fic as great as this one. The comical aspects of it are top notch. The entirely of chapter two had me reeling with laughter, and I literally could not put it down. Maybe it’s because of the brilliant writing style used in the first part (both Victor and Yuuri are telling the story of their sexual encounter gone wrong to Chris and Phichit), or maybe it’s because of the fact that you want to feel bad for Victor and Yuuri, but you just can’t get yourself to. Their antics are way too hilarious. Either way, it makes for a fun, brilliant fic that shines all the way through, and will continue to shine as it updates. 

I hope that everyone will give this fic a read, and keep up with commenting on the new chapters. It truly is a perfect fic. 

the funniest part of the switch cartridges tasting bad is that they do because they didnt want people eating them but instead its just made more people taste them like first of all whom the fuck licked the first one to tell people?? or did nintendo say they taste bad first then people tested it? either way its hilariously counter productive

Ann makes the best faces <3 @avatarem

Thank you to @p5anthologyscanlations and everyone who worked on the newest chapter ^^

Inktoberwatch day 25, favorite legendary skin

// I die for this ship because they’re all so cute together??
could you imagine being sandwiched between these two sweethearts sign me UP

{ Valentine’s Day Special }

Seven gets Yoosung a ton of video games. But he pranks him by taking out the discs and replacing them with cardboard. There’s so many emotions?? Happiness, sadness, and aNGER

But eventually he gives up and gives him the actual discs to the cases, The pout Yoosung has is too adorable to resist. Also gets him a heart shaped pizza with his favorite toppings and the inside says “ love at first slice! ”
The pizza is bomb honestly Yoosung is so grateful

For MC, Seven gets a necklace with a mood ring style space ship. It’s silver and very beautiful. But everything else is more on the silly classic-seven type of side.
Also totally gets a book titled
” Porn ”
for the both of you and it’s FULL of Seven is ridiculous poses. Some might even be considered porn. Posing with a honey buddha bag covering your crotch isn’t really.. Appealing. But hilarious either way. Yoosung can’t even get through the thing without blushing like mad.

Yoosung gets Seven a longcat body pillow. And boy is it long. The size of Yoosung, at least. So Seven will have something to snuggle when him or MC cant be there. Seven ends up hanging onto that thing constantly– A ploy to make him feel replaced. Finally when he gets flustered is when Seven drops the act and attacks him with cuddles and kisses, claiming ” nothing could ever replace his Yoosungie ~ ”
Also gets him card that says “ you suck ” with a heart shaped lollipop inside.

For MC, Yoosung gets a ton of flowers. For both you and seven, Red roses with white lilies that make Seven sneeze. It’s romantic and sweet regardless, even though it scares the daylights out of him when Seven claims he’s ‘deadly allergic’ to lilies. Yoosung nearly threw them out before you said Seven wasn’t serious. Sweets too, homemade ones! seven steals so many of them though
He notices what you’ve been asking for / interesting in and loves getting things he noticed you like.

And for MC’s side of things, since
’ you’re ’ MC leave it up to imagination with what you’d like to give these two! Just your attention for the whole day would be enough for these babes. They’re always doing silly or wild things to impress you / one another. They’re suckers for anything food or video game related though lolol

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Toni did you see that Nick Grimshaw has been talking to the Sun about Bear? Obviously the sun make stuff up all the time so it may or may not be genuine, but either way it's hilarious. 'He's really handsome and obviously their child'. Since when would a friend have to make that qualifying statement? 😂 Like everything with this 'relationship' it tries too hard and doesn't ring true.

Hi anon,

Listen I know.   And you know there had to be a reason for the Cheryl and Grimmy pics on his IG a couple of weeks back.  

‘He’s really handsome and OBVIOUSLY THEIR CHILD EVERYONE - NOTHING TO SEE HERE PEOPLE’  (is what they didn’t add to the text)  

But wait hold on a minute….you can’t have a good Grimmy article or a good article about Cheryl and it being the sun and that without some good old fashioned X factor/Simon Cowell arse kissing/reminding everyone that it exists from the former X factor alumni Grimshaw.

It’s as blatant as it is pathetic.  

Prank Wars (One Shot)

A/N:  Okay, so just a crappy one shot. I love the idea of a prank war, but I suck at pranking people myself, so I just went with some generic ones I had heard other people do. And I asked my sister for some tips and she came up with the magnets. Also the Russian says “oh dear God” and “it will not end well” (at least, according to Google translate).

Pairings: Female Reader x Bucky

Warnings: Swearing, that’s really about it

Word Count: 3,600+

Blurb: What originally started out as a harmless prank has turned into a full blown, destructive prank war between Bucky and you.  

It was a particularly hot day in New York, and the Avengers tower air conditioning wasn’t running very well, and so, Tony was down in the basement screaming and yelling and throwing tools trying to get it fixed, while the rest of you were lounging on the roof, by the pool, trying to catch any breeze that might give some reprieve.

Nat and Wanda were lying on beach towels, tanning, while Sam, Clint, Scott, Thor and Peter were in the pool doing laps and anything else that would allow them to compete against each other. Bruce was reading a book in the shade of an umbrella; it was his way of being with the group, but not participating in the shenanigans. And Bucky was sitting by the pool, his back to you. Steve was nowhere to be seen.

You grabbed a bag of water balloons that you had stashed in your summer bag and started filling them up. When you had a handful, you walked towards the door to the pool area.

“I dare you to throw one of those at Bucky,” you turned to see Steve, you looked at him puzzled, he was grinning, “Or Thor, either way it’ll be hilarious” he finished before exiting the tower and diving into the pool. He looked up at you and winked, you thought for a moment, but couldn’t bring yourself to hit beautiful, adorable, giant Labrador Thor, and that’s when you launched the first one, hitting Bucky right in the back with a wet slap.

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My family we call cops "pigs" as a joke but it's bad when my niece goes "Aunty look a piggy wiggly!" while pointing at a cop

Provided she is young enough ^^