it was hilarious either way

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A thought: Dex and Nursey are actors in a production of Much Ado About Nothing. They may get a little too into their roles

i want u to know that the first thing i thought abt was them getting into physical fights outside the theatre but also falling in love 

the problem with this is i don’t know if i want them to be hero and claudio or beatrice and benedick because either way it would be h i l a r i o u s, also nursey faking his death because dex publicly shamed him is #dramatique and also very so in character

then again benedick asks beatrice to marry him and they get in an argument before beatrice ends up saying yes after all and if that isn’t nurseydex i don’t know what is

Inktoberwatch day 25, favorite legendary skin
Fetish Underwear on Twitter
“New at and just in time for #Valentine's Day. #CandyMan #lace #lounge pants! #ValentinesDay #mensunderwear #men”

If this isn’t screaming Jack and ianto at you, I don’t know why. It has Janto fanfic written all over it for me! Red is Ianto’s color, after all… 

Morning Sickness

Request: Can you do a Misha and reader story where they had been dating and broke up due to a stupid issue (your choice) After a month or so the reader finds out she’s pregnant and has to tell Misha?

Pairings: Misha x Reader

Warnings: Pregnancy, morning (all day) sickness, and FLUFF

Word Count: 1.2k

Originally posted by cherrybomb124

You and Misha had been chasing after each other for a long time, everyone always teased the two of you, asking when the wedding would be and things of that nature. You always just shrugged it off, never thinking anything of it. Until one day apparently Misha couldn’t hold back anymore, and pretty much announced that he loved you in front of the entire cast and crew, while filming a scene. It was pretty hilarious. It even made it on the gag reel. Either way, it worked, and the two of you became inseparable for three whole months.

That’s why you didn’t know what happened. Everything was going so well with you and Misha. Just one night after a date, you got into a small disagreement with him about something, you don’t even remember what it was about. You just got out of his car and told him that you didn’t think that this was gonna work out. 

You had tried to talk to him on set a couple of times over the last few weeks, but it just turned into this awkward staring contest. You two began avoiding each other, your scenes together were awkward, and it started to make you nauseous. Or it had today anyways. 

You were filming a scene with Misha and Jensen when you ran off set to throw up in a trash can, a prop trash can. They called off filming for a few hours so that you could lay down. 

You laid down in your trailer for about thirty minutes before your heart dropped, causing you to get sick again. Sitting on the floor next to your toilet, you pulled out your phone and started to count weeks on your calendar. Four weeks, almost five. You also noticed that your period was two days late, which you hadn’t really thought much about until now. 

You peeled yourself up off of the floor and made your way out of your trailer, to your car. Looking all around you, you made sure that no one was there, as if they’d be able to tell where you were headed by the look on your face. Which some might be able to tell, some of the women on the set anyway, that knew how to add weeks. Guys didn’t really think about it. Oh, God, Oh God, Oh God, you thought. How would you tell Misha? You guys couldn’t even talk to each other. You still loved him but what if he didn’t feel the same way about you anymore? You really didn’t know.

You found the nearest drug store and practically ran inside, heading straight for the bathroom before looking for what you needed. Having to peel yourself up off of the bathroom floor, again, you made your way down the right aisle, picking up two boxes, and practically ran to check out, hoping no one recognized you. Luckily it was just a sweet old woman who probably didn’t watch any tv. She smiled at you, a good luck look on her face, and you made your way back to set.

You had to choke back throwing up the entire ride back. Is this what it’s like? Is this what it was going to be like for however long? This can’t be normal. Do women really just throw up all day? You pulled up on set and opened your car door, leaned over and got sick again. You made your way back to your trailer, luckily there was a ginger ale in your fridge, which seemed to help a tiny bit. You sat the two boxes on the table and started at them. You didn’t want to believe it. You were quite honestly terrified. You picked up the first box, opened it, and unwrapped the little pack inside. You went to your bathroom and sat down on the toilet, set the timer, doing as the directions on the box said. When you were finished, you cleaned up and sat with your eyes closed tightly for five minutes, or however much time the timer had left. When the timer went off your eyes shot open. Positive. You felt your heart sink to your stomach again, which caused you to throw up, again. You quickly downed some water, trying not to throw it back up, and took the second test. When the second timer went off, your eyes shot open once again. Another positive. Luckily it didn’t make you throw up this time.

You went to sit at the table in your trailer, you had to figure out what to do. This sickness was obviously not going to let up, and you had to find a way to tell Misha that you were pregnant. With his child nonetheless. You looked at your phone and went to your text messages. You looked at the many saved drafts that were typed up to Misha that you had never sent. You began to type up another message, this one had to be sent. His trailer was right next to yours, so hopefully you wouldn’t have to wait long. 

Y/N: Hey, could you come to my trailer please? It’s important.

You hit send and laid your head down on the table and waited. Less than two minutes later the door to your trailer opened, and Misha walked in. He looked at you suspiciously, almost as if he knew. 

“Are you feeling okay?” he sat down across the table, reaching his hands out for yours, but pulling back when he remembered you weren’t together. 

“I’m, I’m fine.” You reached down in your lap where the two pregnancy tests were sitting, and you laid them on the table. Misha looked at them for a second, not realizing at first.

“Are these-did you…are you?” He couldn’t form a whole sentence. You tried to respond but you just started crying, nodding your head to confirm what he was trying to ask you. He stared at them for another minute before getting up to sit next to you on your side of the table. He wrapped his arms around you, still in shock.

“It’s okay, Y/N, hey. Look at me.” You did as he said and looked at him, your eyes still red and puffy from crying, he was going to have to say what he was going to say; you were close to needing to throw up again.

“We’re gonna be parents.” he smiled at you, the biggest grin you’d ever seen on his face. “Y/N, I can’t think of anyone, that would make a better mother than you.” You felt more tears coming, but this time they were different. 

Misha couldn’t have said it any better. He hugged you and kissed you on the top of your head before you were pushing him off of his seat and onto the floor, trying to get to the bathroom again. 

“I’ll let that one slide!” He said jokingly, getting up, he walked to you and held your hair back. 

“You don’t have to do this you know.” you said, trying to spare him from watching you get sick.

“I know, but I love you, and I want to.” you tried to smile up at him but you felt another wave of sickness wash over you. This was going to be a long nine months.


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I’m sorry if the colors make your retinas uncomfortable my head is so far up my ass right now

It’s another cartoon reference: from the Power Noia episode of Power Puff Girls. It was that moment when old lines from old cartoons that were originally supposed to sound serious now sound hilarious.

But either way. Siblings being best buds are the shit.

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What I want to know is if it was k armys making this stuff up or just the delusional i armys pretending to be relevant in bts's life

either way its hilarious. one moment EXO is irrelevant and over and no one cares abt, but then fake rumours say suddenly they attend BTS’ concert and they’re national heroes? lmao 

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Greetings I see you to write that the Rose and Doctor Who are the lovers but I don't think this is good you should put Mickey and Doctor Who because their hair look good together both dark but Rose is blond I dont like the blond thank you good day

Dear Nonny, 

I must confess I’m not entirely certain whether you’re trolling me or whether this is genuine. If this is genuine, then I’m sorry for doubting you, but these are very sad, suspicious times we live in. Either way. I’ll reply (just in case it was real).

I don’t write Doctor x Mickey (I only write Doctor x Rose) and it’s not a pairing I’ve ever envisaged (probably on account of how they could barely tolerate each other because they both loved Rose) but you should feel free to give it a go yourself. Also, personally, I tend not to pair characters based on hair colour, but that’s a choice that each writer has to make for themselves. I’m sorry that you don’t like Rose’s blond hair, but that is how she was written by RTD- have you considered writing to him or BBC Wales? 

If this was a genuine ask, then thanks for your message. If it wasn’t….thanks anyway because I enjoyed it immensely and I offer you this gift in return:

She’s just saying that to try and get me to sing. It’s a total lie. We have a bet of who can get the other person to do the most embarrassing thing on camera. This is her sad attempt to try and get me to sing on camera.

So I googled “HPD memes” and the internet did NOT disappoint. I don’t know if this was made ironically or in earnest, but either way it’s hilariously bad and we NEED to incorporate this phrase into our lives.

If you can’t read the image, it says:

Histrionic Personality Disorder - “I CRAVE SIN”

  • Inappropriate behaviour - seductive or provocative
  • Center of attention
  • Relationships are seen as closer than they really are
  • Appearance is most important
  • Vulnerable to others’ suggestions
  • Emotional expression is exaggerated
  • Shiftinng emotions, shallow
  • Impressionistic manner of speaking (lacks detail)
  • Novelty is craved

[banging my fists on the table] I CRAVE SIN!!!!! I CRAVE SIN!!!! I CRAV E SIN!!!!!!!

the mercs & how they celebrate their birthdays (offense)

Scout: Everybody knows it’s his birthday at least three months in advance. He buys a pocket calendar specifically for the purpose of crossing out days left to his Big Day (and loses it immediately after). He leaves “subtle” hints of what he’d like to get, and if he’s not unbearably obnoxious with it, Engie and Demo might actually get him something from his list. Always has a long birthday phone talk with his Ma and his brothers.

Soldier: Instead of his own birthday, he celebrates the Independence Day. No one is sure if it’s because he doesn’t know his exact birth date, deems it unimportant, or maybe by some hilarious coincidence his birthday actually falls on 4th of July. Either way, it’s his favourite day of the year, even if half the team does their damnest to find an excuse for being as far away from the base as possible. Everyone who stays, has to get involved in various “celebratory activities” which, surprisingly, consist mostly of scrapbooking, karaoke or patriotic charades.

Pyro: Celebrates their birthday four or five times a year but nobody seems to mind (or even really notice). Their parties are usually rather calm, with lots of baloons, glitter and cake… and all kinds of birthday candles. Instead of a usual dinner Engie and Heavy light up a lovely bonfire. Pyro always gets a big pile of gifts (plushies, crayons, candy if the team is stationed in a more civilized area; kindling, gas or matches if there’s only a general store nearby).

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WHY THE HELL DOES THIS MATTER? You put a bag or leaves in hot water MADE BY WHATEVER RESOURCE ITS UP TO YOU AND YOU GET TEA EITHER WHICH WAY! Im sorry Im finding this hilarious

it’s the PRINCIPLE my dear anon! while i agree, i find it hard to believe that everyone else finds it hard to believe that i use a microwave - which is easier

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why do u hate mentally ill minors lmao jw

i can never tell if this is someone sending this to me as a joke or if its someone genuinely sending this to me but either way.. hilarious