it was hell on earth let me tell you

A brand new ladder appeared in my yard.

Let me back up a little.

Look, I’m no storyteller, I’m just a high school kid living in literal hell on earth right now. I’m going to try to tell you my story exactly the way it happened, and I really, really hope some of you can help me.

I work in an AMC theater at the local mall. My parents got me the job since they know the owner. The mall itself is a shithole waiting to be turned either into a parking lot or a Costco. I mean, most of the stores are closed and our theater is the only business getting some traffic.

I started working at this AMC about 9 months ago. It pays shit, $11/hr, but I get to see all the movies and eat free stale popcorn, so it’s not totally bad. Unrelated, but one thing I found strange was that we were always closed on Thursdays. Nobody knew why, and my manager told me it’s always been like that, so I never questioned it.

So last week, we all get called into a team meeting where the manager tells us that someone has to work Thursday night. He said the orders came from the top and we had to be open that day. I look around and nobody’s volunteering. Shit, I could use the extra cash, so I raise my hand.

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my dream team that marvel would never do because they're boring and predictable, is have Sam take up the shield and be Cap while Steve is gone, and then have Steve and Bucky both be Nomad-type heroes that secretly back Sam up on missions while they're hiding from the government

LITERALLY THIS IS ALL I WANT, THIS IS THE STORY WE DESERVE!!! It would be good for so many reasons, for example

  • Steve wouldn’t be dead. Killing off main characters for shock value is not shocking when a. everyone and they mama already thinks it’s what you’re going to do, and b. every writer ever seems to think it’s groundbreaking and earth shattering as a plot device. It’s not, it’s boring. 
  • Bucky wouldn’t be cap. Hear me out - Bucky as Cap right now doesn’t do him justice. Poor guy hates himself, blames himself for the hell he was put through, doesn’t trust himself or his own mind. Bucky needs to see himself as good, before he’s put in a suit and made to live up to Steve’s image and carry on Steve’s legacy. Let him be a hero in his own right, don’t just have him be Cap, it’s weak, you can tell a better story. 
  • Sam would be Cap. Imagine how fucking stoked young black kids would be to go to an Avengers movie or a Cap movie and see someone that looked like them as Captain Freaking America? Imagine the Uncle Sam jokes he could make. Imagine seeing Cap jump out of a plane without a parachute and it not being reckless bc he can still use the Falcon wings. Just imagine the possibilities. 
  • Steve Rogers saying fuck you, not today, to government after it’s done nothing but screw him over for 70 years is what we deserve. It would also make sense as a follow on from Civil War if we’re having to accept it as canon. He was so against the accords, against government control, against being told where and when he can help, so why not have him be a hero without a country. Why not have him help where he wants and where he can as a vigilante of sorts. 
  • Steve and Bucky living on the down low, healing together, figuring out who they really are together, after everything that’s happened to them, fighting side by side? Yes please and thank you, it’s the content we deserve. 
  • Sam and Steve and Bucky being the ultimate dream team, but no one knowing so Sam gets all the credit and Steve and Bucky not minding but Bucky being snarky about it just out of tradition. 

Listen. Nomad Style Steve and Bucky with Cap Sam is such a good concept, would be such a strong story, would be so interesting to watch and also for Chris, Seb and Anthony to play, can Marvel just fuckin do it adaiusijsin


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Stiles’s P/O/V

Ever since Y/N and i broke up i have been feeling awful. We were together for 2 years. It had always been her, Scott and i. And after a while i realised that my feelings for her were more than friends. I told Scott right away. I mean she was his sister and that’s my best friend. He had to know. And he was also the one that convinced me that i had to tell her.



I was walking down the hall alone. Not that i hadn’t done it before. I always did. Right as i reached my locker this jock came up to me. He always found it funny to mess with me. About everything. Grades, friends, body. I had always been very insecure and he somehow found out.

“Hey beautiful” he said sarcastically. I turned my head towards my locker trying to ignore him.

“Y/N. look at me. I SAID LOOK AT ME FATTY” He yelled and pulled my arm around.

“What do you want Jackson” i said tears already starting to form in my eyes.

“What are you gonna cry now” Jackson laughed. I tried running out but he grabbed my arm again.

“LET HER GO” I heard Scott yell and the tears over flooded. I ran out of the school and started crying. I ran behind the school to the bleachers. I never wanted Stiles and Scott to know. I just wished they would let it go. But of course Stiles showed up.

“Y/N… Are you okay” he asked me. I teared up again. I didn’t want Stiles to see me like this.

“I’m fine Stiles. Don’t worry” i told him.


“Stiles please don’t yell at me today. I can’t take anymore” i cried again.

“What did he say to you” Stiles said while sitting down next to me. I sniffled again. Stiles noticed and put his arm around me.

“He just makes fun of me. He calls me ugly and fat.”I said my voice just above a whisper.

“WHAT. Y/N I’M GONNA KILL HIM.” he yelled standing up.

“Why he’s right” i whispered

“No he’s not. He’s so wrong. Like unbelievably wrong. He is so wrong. It’s more wrong than the stoner and that blonde cheerleader together. Cus you’re beautiful. Gorgeous even. Your body. Your face. Everything” Stiles whispered.

I looked up at him shock written all over my face. Did Stiles Stilinski the guy i had known all my life just tell me i was beautiful.

“What…” I whispered not trusting my own voice.  I didn’t even dare look at him. I couldn’t. I had had a crush on him for years and if he was just saying this to make me feel better it would kill me.

“I’m in love with you” Now it was Stiles’s turn to whisper. I turned around to see him looking more nervous than ever. I quickly leaned up to kiss him.

Present time

3 person P/O/V

Stiles thought back to the time he had told her he was in love with her. A little smile made it’s way to his lips. He really did love this girl. And he wanted to be with her again. He wanted to hear her laugh at his stupid jokes. He wanted to hear her whine about not wanting to watch Star Wars again. But most of all he wanted to be there for her when she was sad. He had recently seen her crying behind the school. He of course wanted to help her but Lydia was already there and it didn’t seem like Y/N would ever talk to him again.

“Heeey.” Jackson said when he caught up to Y/N. Ever since Y/N and Stiles had broken up Jackson had been coming on to her all the time. He tried kissing her all the time. He tried to get her to go on a date with him. And of course Y/N didn’t want to date Jackson. He was the guy making her life a living hell.

“What do you want” Y/N whispered. She was actually a little scared of Jackson.  He started off hating her and now he wants to sleep with her.

“Well sex.” he said straight forward.

“I thought you thought i was ugly” she said with a loud smack of her locker.

“Yeah you might not be all attractive but you’re an easy target” He laughed and leaned in to kiss her. She pulled away from him disgusted with his behavior. Stiles sighed, how could anyone treat an amazing girl like Y/N like that. Telling her she was an easy target and that she was ugly. Jackson was a jerk is all Stiles knew.

“Go away Jackson” Y/N whispered scared of his reaction. Jackson laughed loudly. How could she think he was good enough to tell him to go away. No way was he gonna let that go.

“Okay you little shit. You think you’re smart when in reality you’re an ugly piece of shit that people only hang out with because they feel bad for her.” Jackson screamed in her face. Y/N backed into her locker biting her lip to stop from crying. She tried to get away but Jackson had a strong grip on her arm. “Stilinski only dated you for sex” He laughed.

“I didn’t sleep with Stiles.” She was so quiet. Like she wanted to say it but her body wasn’t cooperating.

“Yeah you keep telling people that” He said. Stiles couldn’t look at it anymore. He had to do something.

“She didn’t sleep with me” Stiles said pulling Jackson’s arm away from her arm. Y/N looked up at Stiles with tears in her eyes before running away quickly. “I was with her because she’s one of the most amazing people on earth and like hell am i gonna let you make her feel like shit” He spat in Jackson’s face before running after her.

He saw her sitting in front of the school head in her hand as she was crying. She didn’t care who saw her as long as Jackson didn’t. Stiles went to sit next to her without saying anything. He put his arms around her and they sat in silence. “You didn’t have to do that Stiles.” she whispered.

“Yeah i did. I don’t want anybody making you feel bad about yourself.”

“YOU ARE SO ANNOYING DO YOU KNOW THAT. FIRST YOU ARE MY FRIEND THEN YOU TELL ME YOU LOVE ME THEN YOU BREAK UP WITH ME AND NOW YOU’RE GONNA START TREATING ME WELL AGAIN” She cried. Stiles was shocked at her words. “You didn’t even tell me why you broke up with me. But i figured it out.”

“You did” Stiles said scared. He didn’t think she would have guessed that he was scared of going too far. He knew how she felt about her body and he knew she would have regretted it if they did end up having sex.

“We were gonna end up having sex and you didn’t want to be with me because of my body” she said looking away from him.

“NO” Stiles’s heart broke into a million pieces. How could she think that. “I thought you were gonna regret it if we did you would regret it.” She looked over at him with a shocked expression


“Yeah really. I still love you” 

Sentence Meme: 102 Jack O’Neill Quotes

Some will be more easily applicable than others.

  • Unless he can survive a tactical nuclear warhead blown up in his face, positive.
  • Permission to beat the crap out of this man?
  • Oh, I adore you already.
  • Well i’m going to end up there some day, might as well check out the place
  • Never run with scissors.
  • I’ll tell you what. You look around and I’ll tell you if you’re getting warmer or colder, alright?
  • Talk about falling upwards.
  • Hey, come on! That salsa’s still good!
  • You know… I’d like to take this opportunity to say… that this is a very poorly designed bomb and I think we should say something to somebody when we get back.
  • If someone comes in here, you just bite him in the hand.
  • Yeah. Moonshine. As in booze. What are you teaching these kids?
  • Though a candle burn’s in my house no one’s home.
  • Dogs are my favourite people.
  • Yeah. I’m so proud.
  • It’s all fun and games ‘til someone breaks a nail.
  • There’s still something about you that puts me off my food.
  • Of course i dare mock you.
  • I could NEVER relive that again! Could you?
  • That’s gotta be a record.
  • Hot chocolate? Are you kidding?
  • And that information could save your life one day.
  • Well, they say the first one’s always the hardest.
  • I ask you… What could possibly be in my eye that would explain this?
  • Ah…yes…it all makes sense now!
  • But in the unlikely event you don’t fail miserably, you’re fired.
  • Something exploded.
  • For the record, I don’t care.
  • …I care
  • That just has a nice ring to it.
  • It’s my side arm, I swear!
  • Now see, I assume we still speak the same language, mostly.
  • Well I like to close my eyes and think of England.
  • It’s about flocking and togetherness.
  • I see you’re on that famous beer and mustard diet.
  • You’d think getting blasted out of orbit would have slowed the guy down.
  • For cryin’ out loud!
  • Well I was planning to retire, but man is that overrated.
  • Don’t judge a book by its cover.
  • No, but he plays one on T.V.
  • Holy Frozen Bad-guys!
  • Well I certainly understand what you’re talking about.
  • According to my calculations we are roughly in the middle of nowhere. Give or take.
  • Well, you know, it’s not like we don’t have everything totally under control here…
  • Damn… that was close!
  • I hope you diplomatically told him where to shove it.
  • Oh, I’ve already begun. This is the infamous tuna torture.
  • What? Meet my maker? Pay the piper? Reach the pearly gates? Start pushin’ up daisies here and there?
  • I’ve found that sticking your fingers in your ears and humming loudly solves a whole slew of problems.
  •  What could I possibly say after that? Back at ya.
  • Yeah, is that cinnamon?
  • Well, spank me rosy.
  • Apparently all desserts on base are in grave danger.
  • Oh, there’s not a chance in hell.
  • I forgot to tape the Simpsons!
  • Where’s the fanfare?
  • Hey, if you’d been listening, you’d know that Nintendos pass through everything.
  • What, you’re suddenly stumped?
  • He’s lost a few pounds…
  • Yes, you are what you eat.
  • You’re a friend of mine. Last year, you died.
  • Do you people practice being vague?
  • I’m gonna go eat some cake.
  • Somebody’s gotta teach that guy how to die.
  • ..and yet honesty IS the best policy.
  • Over my rotting corpse.
  • Well you do have a penchant for pulling brilliant ideas out of your butt - head. Out of your head, when we need them.
  • You and I are the only ones here. Trust me, the only thing you have to be afraid of around here is me.
  • All I’m sayin’, just for the record, this is the wackiest plan we’ve ever come up with.
  • I’ve seen this movie. It hits Paris.
  • I only understand about one percent of what she says half the time.
  • I would never say anything like that.
  • That is just wrong on so many levels..
  • Have you ever TRIED to find the bathroom in a pyramid?
  • If I have to say ‘what’ one more time, heads are gonna roll!
  • I think you suffered enough. Hell, I even got to shoot you.
  • Where I come from that’s called beatin’ the crap out of each other.
  • Y'know, I’ve already done that 'freezing to death’ thing, and it’s just not as enjoyable as it sounds.
  • Well, fancy that. We’re famous.
  • Qu'est-ce que c'est?
  • Sex, drugs, and rock and roll?
  • So it’s possible there’s an alternate version of myself out there that actually understands what the hell you’re talkin’ about?
  • I can be as diplomatic and open-minded as anyone.
  • I’m still pretty sure I’ll say: 'Bite Me’.
  • We came to Earth to hide among your people a long, long time ago.
  • You may have come to the right place.
  • Wasn’t I just killed? Killed as in… dead? Well, this is a surprise then.
  • She, uh, she tried to seduce me…
  • Hey! I’ll tell you what’s wrong. I just woke up, haven’t had coffee, let alone a pee in seven days…
  • I pride myself on my deductive reasoning skills.
  • You know me, I’m a huge fan of subtlety, but that’s downright encrypted!
  • You want sarcasm? Nice to meet you.
  • He really didn’t say anything but I could tell he was opposed to my actions by the way he cocked his head and sort of raised his eyebrow.
  • No one will know. We won’t tell.
  • Never, in the history of boredom, has anyone been as bored as I am, right now.
  • You ended a sentence with a preposition, bastard!
  • And? But? So? Therefore?
  • Which brings to mind an obvious question: How could you marry such a loser?
  • Actually, that overwhelming desire to shoot you has come back.
  • Oh, I’m [name], all right. That’s the one thing in this conversation I’m sure of.
  • You’re like, what… 140?
  • No, my leg’s definitely broken.
  • If I ever get the urge to help anybody again, feel free to give me a swift kick.
Lance & Hunk Broship

•Lance will just rant to Hunk for hours about how much he hates Keith
-“…and his dumb face and his stupid mullet- I mean it’s not the 80s any more, why doesn’t he just cut it off-”
-and Hunk just sits there like ‘Mmhmm, yeah, that’s right, you hate him so much. you aren’t hopelessly in love with that boy at all
you totally don’t want to kiss him till you’re both gasping for breath
you don’t want to make sweet love to him on a bed draped in silk sheets and rose petals. not one bit.’

•Sometimes they’ll look at each other and nod like they just had a mental conversation
-Keith is completely mystified by this

•Lance once tried to help Hunk in the kitchen to disastrous effect

•They’re always completely honest with each other; they’ll talk about pretty much anything. (This obviously means that Lance brings up some freaking weird stuff.)
-Hunk talks about how much he misses Earth, misses the heat and scents and laughter of his family kitchen, packed with far more people then it could comfortably hold.
-Lance tells him about how useless he feels among the paladins, how confused he is about his purpose, his life.

•Whenever Lance feels shitty he goes to Hunk for chamomile tea and pillow forts. Hunk lets him scream and rant and sob into his shoulder and is basically the Best Bro Ever.

These two are just amazing. I love my lil idiots. If you have any ideas/request, please ask me! I’m fresh out.



See this guys right here?

This is Wesley Johnson, more formally known as Wes the fucking Editor.

Let me tell you something about this Beautiful Goddess right here.

He is literally just a big damn child.


But at the same time can be the fucking most serious man on this entire hell of earth.

Something else? He’s a sweet fucking asshole. (Like he said his biggest fear is having to choose between the death of his [future] wife and [future] kids)

More? Alright, look at this sedUCTIVE PIECE OF SHIT



And the accents. Oh, the accents.  

Now, let’s run some facts down on this goddamn asshole:

  • He’s a family man. If that’s not enough for you, I don’t know what else to tell you. Nah just kidding I have plenty of other things to tell you.
  • The little shit cosplays.
  • Bruh, he plays video games.
  • The dude can do 97% of accents in the world.
  • The shithead is 6'3". Let me repeat that. SIX FOOT THREE INCHES.
  • He first appeared on Smosh Games on the Grand Theft Smosh episode “We’ve Got A Sugar Daddy” and literally everyone fell in love with him at that moment.
  • He wears a leather jacket or a hoodie a lot of times and Jesus take the wheel I’ve fallen for him and I can’t get the fuck back up.
  • He calls his fans “Weslings” and if you don’t think that’s adorable I need to recommend you to a therapist, honey.
  • There are no such thing as “Wes haters”.
  • It is 2064% impossible to dislike him.
  • He is a princess.
  • Also a goddess from the streets above.
  • He is a master of Mario Kart.
  • Read all this three more times, go watch all of his main channel videos + all videos on Smosh Games he appears on, like all of them, subscribe to him, follow him on twitter, tweet him, meet him, fall in love with him, basically enter the same hell that I did.


I really don’t think people truly understand what it is like to go through something that is very traumatic to them..

To have a moment in your life where you have come to peace with dying.

You live through this moment..and truly wished you hadn’t.

There are days that I do not want to be alive.

There are days that I can barely even talk to my family, let alone breath.

Little girl is one of the main reasons why I stick around on this earth…

So if you feel that it is necessary to mock my situation, then there is really a special place in hell for you.

I would never wish for what happened to happen to anyone else…

So go sit an syrup and let bees get you..

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What planet am I on? I have my feet planted firmly on earth. For a start, I don't worship actors. If you think people earning obscene amounts of money while kids are starving to death is wrong, why the hell are you worshipping actors? It's not just the money though. You detest Starz because you think they're behind all this 'fuckery'. Geez. 🙄 I could ask the same of you and most shippers. What planet are you all on?

Why are you here then? I am not on your blog bitching, get a life of your own or get some balls and get off Anon and start your own blog.

And let me tell you, you annoying little gutless wonder, I think the obsessed one here is you lurking on my blog. 

Worship actors? I never said that. But I do think that opinion says more about you than it does about me.

And I am not pissed off about a relationship…you are…that’s why you are here…trying to sound all high and mighty because I don’t believe everything I am spoon-fed.

Get lost.

The Lions

Drabble request from @juiceynana for

23. “Don’t be so grumpy.”
44. “I’m trying to read.”

Want to send a request? See the drabble list here!

Tyrion Lannister X Reader (friendship/siblings)
 There was no specification on the type of relationship, so I decided to do a siblings imagine (no incest, haha). With Love, Kat
Warnings: language, mentions of sex and incest

Words: 736

Being a Lannister was no easy task. You were somewhat of a middle child, being younger than Jaime and Cersei and older than Tyrion. With your sister Cersei being married to King Robert, the whole family moved to Kings Landing, where Jaime became Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. So now you were living in the castle and unfortunately your room was right next to Tyrion, and the gods knew how much he liked his whores. It was like living next to a brothel, with obscene noises coming from his room all hours of the day and night. You were trying to relax and enjoy your day while reading your favorite stories that told of the days when dragons still roamed the Earth, but the gross moans coming from Tyrion’s room were really grinding your gears today.

Placing your book on your bed, you got up and walked over to Tyrion’s room, not bothering to knock on the door before letting yourself in.
“Tyrion, Seven Hells, can you tell your daily whore to keep it down?” you asked, leaning against the door frame.
“Y/N, you need to quit busting in on me. It really kills the moment” Tyrion said, sitting up as the girl rushed to put her clothes back on. You couldn’t help but chuckle at how flustered the girl seemed, rushing around to find her clothes.
I’m trying to read. All I wanted was for your little whore here to keep it down” you pouted, crossing your arms over your chest.

Tyrion decided the mood was officially dead when the girl started to pour him wine, fully dressed. He then moved to pull his trousers back on and readjust his tunic.
Don’t be so grumpy, big sister. I just like to get laid, that’s all” he said as he was handed a cup of wine from the girl. Then, after making eye contact with you a few more times, she rushed out of the room, face flushed with embarrassment.
“So Tyrion, who’s the girl? She’s no whore” you said, walking over near your brother’s bed and sitting down in a nearby chair.
“That, my dear sister, is your new servant Jayne” Tyrion said, a smirk on his face.
“Oh Tyrion, you didn’t” you chuckled “The poor girl won’t be able to look me in the eye ever again!” Then you and Tyrion bursted into a fit of uncontrollable laughter. Unable to contain yourselves because of how awkward you had just made poor Jayne’s life.

You poured yourself a cup of wine as you continued to talk with Tyrion and returned to your seat near his bed.
“So,” you said sipping your wine “what should we do with the girl? I feel bad firing her, but we can’t have her serve you for obvious reasons and she can’t serve me because I don’t believe she’ll ever be able to look me in the eye again.”
“I don’t know, but we definitely cannot fire her.”
“Should we give her to Jaime? He won’t fuck her, he’s already in relations with someone else” you said, giving Tyrion a knowing smirk.
“By the gods I’d never thought there would be a day where we casually talked about how our older siblings, who are twins, are clearly lovers” Tyrion said, letting out a loud laugh.
Your eyes went wide and you sat forward, leaning towards Tyrion.
“I’ve got the worst idea” you said, a devilish smile on your face.
“I don’t even know what it is yet, but by the look on your face I have to say I’m excited to hear it.” Tyrion loved when you schemed with him.
“Let’s give the girl to Cersei and tell her that we resorted to her because Jaime and Jayne just simply couldn’t keep their hands off one another”
“Oh, you’re a devil among men,” Tyrion started “I’m in. But first, let’s get Jaime in on this so Cersei doesn’t have the poor girl killed.” So you clinked your cups together in agreement, ready to hatch your plan.

You loved teaming up with Tyrion to mess with Cersei. It was just so easy to mess with her. Little did she know it, but Jaime was actually in on most of yours and Tyrion’s pranks on her. Yeah, it was a little mean for you to screw with Cersei so much, but they were usually harmless childish pranks and it was extremely amusing.

to you -

you big fat liar,
you are the most
fucked up person
i’ve ever met.
you think you’re great
you think the world
lingers between your feet
but let me tell you something
the world hates you
for who you are.
you’re personality is just
hell on earth.

you say you never wanted
to hurt me
but what the fuck
did you want to do then?
your words mean nothing to me
they’ll be just like air
for the rest my life.
i don’t want to waste anymore
time on you
my energy is lavished
my tears weren’t worth this
you’re so miserable
it hurts my eyes.
and you can laugh
and act like you’re the king
of this world
because you probably feel like one
but it’s just the opposite
of what’s true.

you oh you
stop interrupting
my life
it is so much greener
without you in it
i’ve wasted my time
i’ve wasted my love
for someone who lied to me
a much as possible
you’re hell on earth boy
you’re not the best
and you may feel
greater than ever
that you could
hurt me like this
but not anymore
i’m done.

-and I can say that
with all my heart-
hate you
for everything you have done
and I’m not gonna be sweet anymore
I’m over that
I’ll not be sweet again;
because you never were
sweet to me.
so go ask for
another girl’s attention
you ain’t getting mine again.
I levitated between you words
not realizing it was
full of bullshit.

you think you know me
but you don’t
you always expected me
to be happy 
around you
blinded by love
I let you in my heart
but I’ve pushed you
out now.

you don’t get to say
how I should feel anymore
I may be happy
or sad
or naive
or actually really smart
I may be all the things people
don’t want to talk about
but you are pathetic
and that’s the one thing
I’ll never be

—  AV
Let me tell you a story of boy meets girl in a strange little town
minus the wicked creatures, the ancient spirits, and the wounds.
Just a boy, a girl, and a hundred what-if’s, should-not’s,
and what-the-hell-does-this-mean’s.

He is a walking exclamation point, and a witty question mark,
and the kind of boy who would move heaven and earth to
turn all the lights in town on at night if she ever told him
she is afraid of the dark.

Picture red lips, fierce eyes, and a brilliant mind.
She is all sharp edges and blunt words for most,
a real study in survival and bravery for some,
and secretly an equation of unspoken feelings she has yet to solve.

The boy falls hard and fast, but the girl does not.
Maybe, he thinks, they are not a good combination.
Maybe they really are just like orange and blue after all.

He puts his feelings on hold while she writes
other stories of girl meets boy, then one day
life happens, and he starts filling pages with
moments lived with someone else, too.
But she is okay with that. She is okay with that. She is—

She is falling, falling, falling down into
the unknown until suddenly she is not.
Suddenly his hand is holding onto hers
for dear life, and she has not felt this safe
in years.

‘Remember I love you.’

'I think I loved him.’
(She still does.)
—  ad lucem | m.i. (this was a birthday present for @talesofmidgard ♥)
Virgin | | G-Eazy

|| requested | |

You lied on your stomach flipping through the channels in attempt to find something to watch. You felt the bed move as Gerald crawled up beside you. 

He moved your hair the side and began placing kisses on your neck. A blush crept upon your cheeks as you tried to focus on the tv. He began sucking and biting on the skin. You felt a tickle on your neck every time he breathed. 

Just as you turned to look at him he crashed his lips on to yours. He flipped you over so he was now hovering over your. His hands gripped your sides as you ran your fingers through his hair.  He reached behind you, trying to unclasp your bra.

“Wait!” You squealed, lightly pushing his away. 

“What?” He asked looking you in the eyes.

“Nothing, I just..” You got up and walked out of the room leaving him without a proper response. 

You sat on the stool in the kitchen, drinking on some juice when Gerald walked in. He sat beside you, reaching up and tucking your hair behind your ear. 

“What going on? Why’d you run off?” He asked, furrowing his brows. 

“It’s nothing.” You said taking another sip of your drink. 

“It’s something.” He spoke resting his hand on your leg. 

“I’m a virgin. I’m saving myself for marriage, and I was afraid to tell you.” You heard him let out a small laugh. “ Ugh, this is why I didn’t tell you. You’re laughing at me.” You cried placing your face in your hands.

“I’m laughing because you’re ridiculous. Why on earth would you be afraid to tell me that?” He questioned, reaching out and taking your hand in his.

“I don’t know. Because what if you want to leave me for someone else who’ll give you what you want. Who can satisfy you…someone who’s not a virgin.” 

“You’re crazy, why the hell would I leave you for a reason like that. I’m not in this relationship for the sex, I’m in cause I love your cute ass. You’re amazing.”  He said pulling you onto his lap. 

“I love you too.” You smiled kissing his lips. 

“Plus you couldn’t get rid of me even if you tried. You got me for life.” He said giving you a cheesy smile.

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Complicated - Jaebum
A/N: Warning. Mention of sexual content ahead.

He told you his feelings were gone, as gone as him when he left the side of your bed, when he took everything that was his except the shirt you slept in. It was as if he wanted you to remember his bitterness just so he would feel secure.

“I don’t date fans. You’re all too problematic,” he would say whenever you asked him to clarify the relationship. “…but I do like you.” Those words ate at your mind and it made you internally mad because you wanted to find their meaning. Eventually, time revealed his admiration of you was just as temporary as his existence in your life, but here he was, in front of your doorstep.

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Team free will/Crowley-Monopoly


Pairings: Castiel x reader, Crowley x reader, Sam x reader

Word count:746 (Really short sorry…)

Request:(I’ve never requested before so here goes..) Could you please do a request where the Reader convinces Cas and Crowley to play Uno with her. During the game, Sam comes home to hear the reader shouting but it’s only because of the game? ♡

A/N: I had no idea what to label, Cas, Crowley and Sam… I just put Team free will/Crowley XD Also I know you requested Uno but I have no idea what that is so I couldn’t write it, sorry :/

‘’I wanna be the dog!’’

‘’Well I’m the king of hell, I think I should be the dog’’ 

‘’(y/n), you can have the dog. What can I be?’’

‘’You can be the boot’’

‘’Great, So what Am I?’’

‘’you’re a pain in my a-’’

‘’You can be the train, Crowley’’ Cas yelped, trying to silence your fowl mouth. You glared at the king of hell before grabbing the dog. 

‘’Why on earth I let you convince me to play this damn game…’’Crowley muttered, trailing off his words. 

‘’Shut up. Monopoly is the boss’’You scoffed, brows flickering with every word to show just how serious you were. 


‘’But can I get out of jail?’’

‘’No Cas, You can’t. Not yet, unless you roll two sixes-HEY CROWLEY! I saw you move your train!’’You yelled, pointing your finger accusingly at the demon. 

‘’I did not’’Crowley scoffed. 

‘’Yes you did! Cas, tell him!’’You whined, jiggling on the spot in protest. Crowley rolled his eyes 

‘’Crowley, you cannot use your demonic powers, I believe that is what the humans call, cheating’’Cas nodded, looking at you to make sure you got it right. You nodded a proud smirk on your face. 

‘’Just roll the damn dice’’


‘’I don’t see why I have to give you 5 dollars’’Crowley huffed, crossing his arms. 

‘’Because it’s ma birthday and the card says so’’You sassed, crossing your arms. ‘’Stop being a big baby, you’ll get 200 when you pass go anyway’’

‘’Fine’’Crowley huffed handing over the pink note. You smirked at him, waggling it by your face before setting it down. 



‘’Argh. Damn it Castiel! Stop buying all the properties!’’

‘’that’s the aim of the game, is it not?’’

‘’but I only needed one more blue one, Cas! The I would have had all of that street!’’


‘’Okay. My turn’’Crowley called as he took the dice and rolled it between his fingertips. You watched making sure he didn’t cheat. He rolled, letting it fall to the floor. 

Your eyes widened as he landed on one of Cas’s properties. 

‘’NOOO DAMN IT TO ALL MANKIND!’’ Crowley yelled, throwing his train on the wall as he growled at Cas. 

‘’There’s your damn money, Angel’’Crowley mocked shoving the only money he had left in Cas’s arms. Cas grinned, happy that he had more money as he stocked it on the rest of his pile. 

‘’I can’t believe I got beaten by the words clueless angel…’’Crowley breathed out in disbelief before getting up and standing behind you. ‘’C’mon, (y/n). It’s up to you know’’


The tension was growing thicker and thicker as you and Crowley shared a worried look. You turned back to face the front, watching the angel grin amused. You took a deep breath, cupping the dice as you closed your eyes and wished for anything but a number that would land you on Cas’s houses. 

You let the dice roll, gripping Crowley’s arm as the moment waited. finally it stopped rocking and landed on a six. 

‘’YES HAHA!’’You grinned, pointing your finger at Cas as you moved six spaces, just avoiding one of his houses. You landed on a chance card. You were still grinning like an idiot until that smirk was wiped of your face. 


‘’What! Give me that!’’Crowley yelped, grabbing the card out of your hands. You had to give the player 50 but that was all you had left. 

‘’NOOO! ARGH!’’You wailed as if you were in pain. Sam had chosed that exact moment to open the bunker door from his run and walk in. He heard your cries and instantly set on protective mode and hunter mode and rushed in. 

His gun was drawn, ready to shoot at whatever was hurting you before he stopped to see you, Cas and Crowley all surrounded around the monopoly board. 

‘’How could you lose! We had a deal!’’Crowley hissed at you. 

‘’At least I wasn’t the first to lose!’’You snapped back. 

‘’It’s his fault! He bought all the houses! You shouldn’t be allowed to do that!’’

‘’We’re those damn instructions! ‘’You snapped, snatching them from the box. Sam stood by the door frame, eyes wide, gun slowly pointing towards the floor as his arms dropped. He had no idea of what to make of it. 

‘’Your a cheater!’’

‘’Am not!’’

‘’Leave him alone, at least he didn’t have to use his demonic powers!’’

‘’That’s the last time I play monopoly with you!’’


“He’s not as bad as you think he is.” You say with crossed arms over your chest, staying in front of your dad.

“Of course he is, he’s a criminal, they all are.”

“Yes because you people gave them no choice and then you send them down to earth, to let them die. So who’s the real bad guy here.” You spat out angrily and storm out of the room. He wasn’t better than any of them and it pissed you off so much that he still had the nerve to tell you who you could be with.

You went to your room and let yourself fall down onto the bed. You lay there watching the ceiling, still angry.


“Go away, dad.”  

“I’m sorry okay? Let me meet the boy.”

“Why? You already have your opinion.”

“I can still change my opinion.”

“The hell should I say to him?” Murphy asks you exasperated. He wasn’t that happy about meeting your dad. He knew him of course but now he was actually forced to make an effort which he didn’t like very much. Not because he didn’t want to but because he was really terrible at it.

“Just be yourself.”

“Well that is an awful idea, love.”

You laugh and start to shove him out of the door, “You’ll be fine Murphy, just remember he has a gun.”

Self reminder (jus feel like ranting)

To never EVER go on vacation with someone who has little Earth in their chart. 😭I have never been so baffled at the lack of planning and inability to make a decision based on common sense, holy fuck. All of my female Scorpio friends are boy crazy as fuck and are willing to ditch their friends at the first sign of possibly hanging out with a guy but my Scorpio friends both have earth moons so they still get all of their ducks in a row before making a move but this bitch (who I met through my Taurus best friend who went too) is a Libra rising and Aquarius moon… let me tell you why that’s the most annoying shit tho. The Libra rising makes her beautiful and charming and good at being fake as hell which is the PERFECT mask for a demon Scorpio lmao. She swore up and down during the planning of the trip that she’s been wanting to hang out with us forever and misses us and couldn’t wait to have a girls day- even going as far as to rent a car! What a friend right? Wrong the fucking Scorpio had been planning this all along because she has some Taurus boy toy down in that direction and she just didn’t want to go alone. And then here’s the kicker.. she took the car and left me, my 9 month old daughter, and the other female stranded at the beach for hours while she was like a 30 minute drive away at the guy’s house, and didn’t give one fuck because she’s an Aquarius moon with her own agenda. 😒Then we finally met the loser and he looks EXACTLY like the husband of hers that she’s currently divorcing… moral of the story is, sun and moon in the 8th people need to start listening to themselves because WE KNOW WHAT THE HELL WE FEEL WHEN WE MEET PEOPLE! I’m just also a Pisces moon so I try to blind myself so I won’t see the bad in people. The first time we hung out I was scared as hell but didn’t know why and then ever since that day she’s brought so much drama to my life without so much as a twitch of sympathy for anyone smhhh. I find it so interesting though also because the Taurus female that went with us is also an Libra rising, Aquarius moon. Sun sign astrology is real bro because they have the same emotional responses internally and greet the world in the same way but they’re differences in sun sign flavors it. The Taurus girl uses her Libra rising to nurture everybody honestly, it makes her less reserved as a Taurus and I guess the double Venus makes her hella selfless but almost everything she does is done for the good of the whole group. She pays attention to the needs of everybody around her and she always uses her Aquarius moon to come up with great ideas that benefit everyone, yeah her sun is in the 8th house so she lives on the edge so people judge her but I like that she still cares about the safety of others before her desires. The Scorpio on the other hand 😒😒😒 (lmao I know I sound like I’m hating on Scorpios but it’s actually one of my favorite signs 😂) she uses her Libra rising to make people think she’s nice and then acts like such trash secretly. Everybody has a fake side but hers is malicious and selfish and that’s shit I just can’t deal with. I wonder what house her sun is in? Whatever, it just kinda makes me mad because the Taurus girl gets judged for her openness with her fast life and sexuality but is an AMAZING person to friends and strangers but the Scorpio dresses modest, wears glasses, and has adorable little curls so nobody realizes that she’s been orchestrating their
Dmn demise the entire time! The same kinda thing literally happened last month when we went to hang out with some guy friends and ended up waiting in the car forever so she could fuck one of the guys, which would have been no big deal if we had planned this and it wasn’t almost 4 in the morning. I guess I just hate when people have no problem inconveniencing others for their own desires. Also, another thing my female Scorpio friends have in common is that they have ZERO respect for Gemini males lmao (funny because my baby’s father is a Gemini and he got his heart broken by a Scorpio earlier this year lmao). They literally hate them yet a lot of Gemini guys have big dicks (in our experience 😂) so they literally just use them for sex and talk behind their backs smh so it’s even more annoying that the guy she left us in the car to fuck was a Gemini and she started talking shit as soon as she came back. 🙄😒saying how she’ll never take a Gemini seriously and shit.. then why you was so hype about spending time with him??? Bruhhhhh see this rant about to be even longer cause I just have too many thoughts on this now. 😭😂 like also, back to the boy craziness! This bitch acts like she’s sooo mature and above everybody but you should see her dumb ass when she’s about to see a boy. 🙄🙄🙄 she literally starts vibrating and gets giddy as hell and starts talking soooo fucking much which is the worst icing on the cake to me. Don’t keep rubbing your bullshit in my face after pissing me off. Ironically, she was talking about Taureans yesterday because her sister is one and was like “I don’t get why you guys never say how you’re feeling! Like I can’t read your mind so why y'all never express when y'all mad?” And then her behavior yesterday literally answered her question. Taureans like fun but we don’t like fucking drama but it seems like Scorpios BREATH drama so while we’re trying to keep the trip stable, this bitch is flying around life not making and iota of sense! And what do taureans do when shit stops making sense? We sit our asses back, shut our mouths, and endure until the ground is stable again. That’s why when she got back we were quiet the rest of the trip because like.. anymore surprises? We HATE surprises. I guess that’s why Taureans get quiet during emotional upheavals? Me and the other Taurus were BOILING but we shut our fucking mouths when she came back around because opening our mouths to talk while in extreme emotion makes oUR VOICES COME OUT UNINTENTIONALLY LOUD AND FULL OF HATE BECAUSE YOU KEEP THROWING SHIT OUR WAY AND WE CAN NO LONGER BREATH THE EXTREME NEGATIVITY THROUGH OUR NOSES! WE DONT TALK WHEN YOU’RE UPSETTING US BECAUSE WE DONT WANNA BELIEVE THAT YOU’RE REALLY THIS TRASH SO WE SHUT UP AND GIVE YOU CHANCE AFTER CHANGE TO CORRECT YOURSELF THEN BLOW THE HELL UP WHEN YOU KEEP RUBBING IT IN! I know it sounds childish to not say what you’re feeling but we just expect everyone to have common sense and KNOW as a fucking adult what’s rude/stupid/nonsensical, so we sit our asses back and reevaluate our relationship with you. It’s something air dominants don’t really understand though because my sister is a Gemini sun, Aquarius moon (ugh I’m surrounded by Aquarius moons 🙄) and she didn’t believe that I was actually having contractions and took forever to take me to the hospital when I had my daughter because I wasn’t showing any emotion when I’d tell her I was in pain and wasn’t saying much. My baby’s father is a Gemini sun and Mercury and he literally rambled through our daughter’s birth and has to talk while she’s getting shots because he gets through high levels of any feeling through distracting his mind with random words. Ugh I actually love it because you know when you’ve made him nervous when his rambling Gemini twin starts coming out even though he’s a Scorpio rising who likes to portray himself as all dark and mysterious 😂. Anyways! Taureans just prefer to lay low and endure.. until it gets real, then the rest of your chart comes out. Like when I was having contractions, I quietly endured them the whole time like a Taurus… until it was time for her to come and they got worse so the Pisces moon came out! I like the description of the moon sign being who you are when you need your mother.“ I literally started reaching for my mom, everyone else in the room faded away, and I kept whining to her and asking "is there any drug that can knock me out so I won’t have to live through this pain?? I don’t want to live though this. I don’t want to experience this.” While shaking my head, attempting to wake up from that nightmare 😂 I’m literally an escapist in the highest form! I find it interesting that my moon house also played a big part because I remember during the contractions that I was being a Pisces moon and trying to imagine myself in the place I’d rather be and I closed my eyes and imagine myself in a casket, and then I felt like that wasn’t enough and I imagined myself burning I hell and was slightly satisfied lmao the 8th house moon is such a trip. *Sigggh* but leave it to an Aries MC person to be this annoying and off subject during a rant but whatever, I’ve accepted that I’m nothing but a Taurus sun version of Kanye West. 😂 But I only have “fun” friends I don’t have “emotional outlet” friends so I have nobody to talk about my suppressed rage to. 🙃

Appreciation Post: Sawyer

@actually-hermione-granger You. You with the beautiful face and personality and voice and… You have a special place in my heart you know that? I know that these emotions shit isn’t your thing, but I have to say it. You are beautiful. I’ll say it again, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. I love you because you are tough. I love you because you are strong and stubborn and funny as hell. You’re so freaking talented and you always keep me on my toes. When I think of you, I think of gold and browns, earth tones, strength and a shoulder to lean on. I feel like, if anyone tried to hurt us, you’d be there to protect us. You are contagious laughs, beautiful Florida sunsets and soft rain in the morning. You are books, and musical notes and yes, even the grinch plush toy. I know you will make it through whatever comes your way because you are determined and head-strong. You make me think of musicals and Broadway and hippies. I love that your dog is named Fergie. I love that the first thing you said to me was that I sucked toes. And that after that,we became a family which is crazy. I love to see your behind the scenes process when you rp. You get so frustrated with your computer and I can’t help but laugh. Don’t go anywhere kiddo. I love you my Grinch-loving bean.

Sansa/Jon - 1970s police station au

The man across the interrogation table squints at her and kicks back, chair tipping on its legs. The angle of the chair is abruptly stopped by the handcuffs secured around his wrists, the chain pulled taught from where they’re secured to the table. Sansa purses her lips and waits for his answer.

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