it was harder than it should have been


This is the audio log of Communications Officer Doug Eiffel. I am speaking from the comms room of the U.S.S. Hephaestus Station. Welcome to day 448 of our orbit around red dwarf star Wolf 359. Today’s weather report: pretty nominal. Surface temperature’s averaging at about… Oh, a crisp 4,500 degrees Fahrenheit. Instruments are picking up less than 10% chance of stellar flares. Just another happy, sunny day out here… seven and a half light years away from Earth.

Guys… I haven’t decided what to do yet, but I think I should inform you all here and now:

All episodes of the upcoming Steven Bomb have been released/leaked.

They are out there. I will not post them here because even I think that’s too far. I’m sorry to everyone who expected me to be on top of the leaks, but this is absurd. I love leaks, I will watch these episodes, but I do think CN should try harder not to leak their own episodes like this. People will of course always go looking for them, but CN should secure their servers more and not put episodes up early anywhere for anyone. They will leak.

This might be officially released episodes but they were never meant to be spread outside of their customers, so I still regard these as leaks.

Either way, be careful. It’s time to blacklist SU again if you don’t want to get spoiled.

Dear mom,

Please don’t comment on why I don’t dress like your little girl anymore. It’s already hard enough as it is with society accepting who I am. I look up to you the most, and yet you make it harder on me to feel comfortable being who I really am. It’s hard when I come home from college to visit and you comment on what I’m wearing. Why should it matter? I’m still your little girl. If anything I’m happier than I’ve ever been. Is that not enough for you? I’m not like you, I don’t like dressing up like other girls. You make me feel like I have to, and when I do, I don’t feel like myself. I know it takes time for you to accept who I am but you make it harder for me to feel comfortable in my own skin. Please understand that I’m not the daughter you’d thought I’d grow up to be, but just know I’m happy and maybe one day that will be enough for you.

Bad Timing - Tim Drake x Reader

Prompt: Could you please write a prompt where Tim and the reader are bestfriends and vigilantes, they get kidnapped, manage to escape only for the reader to get injured and almost die which makes Tim realize he likes the reader?? Lots of fluff at the end?

Tim ran harder than he had ever in his life. All that consumed his mind was finding you. You were in trouble and if he didn’t get there fast enough … he wasn’t sure if he would ever be able to forgive himself if something happened to you.

He was careless. He burst through the door where they were holding you hostage without a second thought. He should have been more careful, he should have thought this through. He was just so desperate to you out of here.

Tim took out anyone who stood in his way and he fought his way through the compound. He burst through the door at the end of a long hallway to find you chained to a chair anchored to the floor. A man leered over you with a tray full of bloodied instruments.

Tim saw red and lunged at the torturer. He kicked the back of his knees and grabbed him by the neck before smashing him against the wall.

“What are you going to do? Kill me?” He laughed maniacally. Tim glared and gripped the man’s neck tighter. It would be so easy to end him right here for what he did to you.

“You’re going to wish I killed you.” Tim threatened. This only caused the torturer to laugh harder. He looked over Tim’s shoulder and grinned.

“I don’t think your girl can wait that long.” He laughed. “I think you need to get your priorities straight, mate.” He smiled. Tim couldn’t stand the look on his face and landed a solid punch to his nose, the bones breaking underneath his fist. He collapsed onto the ground holding his bloody nose and started laughing. Tim couldn’t stand to look at him without wanting to murder him so he turned and ran to your side.

You were unconscious and horrifically battered. He made quick work of your binds and you fell slumped into his arms. Tim scooped you up into his arms, careful not to aggravated any of your wounds too much.

“Don’t worry [Y/N], I’m going to get you out of here.” He told you. You could only moan in response to your pain.

“I wouldn’t count on it, mate” Your torturer laughed. Tim wanted to kick him in the face on his way out but he had more important things now. He needed to get you help. With how pale you looked, Tim didn’t know how long you could go without medical help.

“Stay with me [Y/N].” Tim pleaded as he rushed you back to the Batcave.

“Tim.” You moaned weakly.

“I’m here [Y/N]. I’m going to get you help, alright? You’re going to get through this.” He said. He didn’t know who he was trying to convince more.

“Tim if I don’t make -” You started before you started coughing painfully.

“Don’t say that [Y/N].” Tim begged. He didn’t want to think of the possibility that you might …

“Please Tim I need you to know,” You choked out. “I love you Tim. I’m sorry we never had the chance …” You trailed off. Your eyes started to slip closed in your exhaustion.

“Hold on for just a little while longer, [Y/N]! We’re almost there. Don’t close your eyes [Y/N].” Tim demanded gripping your hand tightly, hoping that his hold would anchor you here just long enough for him to get you to safety. “Just keep talking to me, [Y/N].”

“I know this is probably … a really shitty time … but do you …?”

“I do love you, I’ve always loved you.” Tim supplied, thinking he knew where your question was heading. He didn’t realize it until that moment but he always thought of you as more than just a friend. He hated that it took you dying in his arms to finally realize it.

“I was going to ask if you wanted to go to that new sushi place but I’ll take that too.” You joked weakly.

“I’ll take you there on a date as soon as you get better. A real date.” Tim promised.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

”There’s no question that civic engagement is a way to stand firm against the degradation of a representative system of government. At the same time, recasting the fundamental building blocks of civic engagement not as essential tools of public engagement available to all citizens in all times, but as acts of resistance we deploy only against extraordinary threats to our system, is a quick way to get those acts tagged as radical rather than normal.

We should be wary of adopting a renamed version of civic engagement that seems mostly intended to make ourselves feel good and brave about doing things we should have been doing in the first place. Meeting our basic obligations as citizens is not the same thing as revolutionary action.”

Calling basic civics ‘resistance’ will only make it harder to stand up to Trump


I’m in a weird place at the moment academically. On the one hand I’m really happy because I found out yesterday that I’ve got an interview at Keble College Oxford in a few weeks. But on the other hand I’ve been finding college quite a bit harder and I’m exhausted from travelling quite a distance yesterday on the train up to Leeds. I’ve also got a lot happening as I have a dance exam and EPQ presentation on Tuesday. 😱 Hopefully things will clear up.

Quote of the week:

The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think rather than what to think. - Bill Beattie

Wish I could say someone’s/no one’s there.

Yeah so remember that post a while back I made about how much I loved FNAF the Musical? Turns out, I loved it so much that I made fanart for it! I chose the fourth night because that’s my favorite song (but in terms of story my fave would have to Night 5). And lemme tell ya, this picture was WAY harder than it should’ve been. HOLY S**T. These men, as charming and as amazing as they are, have IMPOSSIBLE hair to draw. Other than that, I ADORE how this came out. I did not expect this picture to come out this good. Anyways, hope you like!


Prove It.

@yqlf for the Klance Valentine’s Exchange:

Lance walked the halls, restless, unable to sleep. He knew he wasn’t the only one. He heard Hunk rattling around in the kitchen and Pidge was up and working on some gadget. He hadn’t seen Allura or Coran, but he knew they were awake too. He assumed Keith would be on the training deck taking out his feelings on the gladiator set two levels harder than he SHOULD have been fighting, but…he wasn’t there? What the cheese? Where else could he be? It was Keith. He was either eating, sleeping or training…or fighting with Lance but that was just par for the course.  

What wasn’t par for the course was the sniffling he heard as he made his way to the observation deck. Was someone…crying? That wasn’t him? He had just done a round of the castle. Who was it? Lance turned the corner and skidded to a halt. Keith hadn’t been seen out of his room in two days. Ever since they had raced to the black lion and found it empty. Of course, no one blamed him. No one really knew how close Shiro and Keith were, but they all knew they were at least good friends.

He should turn around. That was Lance’s first thought. He almost did too, except…sometimes… when he was crying he WANTED to be found. He wanted someone to notice him and tell him everything was going to be alright. So maybe…Keith did too? Only one way to find out…

“Hey, uh, you okay buddy?” Lance asked quietly staying where he was. Keith looked up, tear streaking down his face to see Lance. Wide eyed and wiping his nose, Keith didn’t tear his gaze from Lance. Couldn’t. He had never seen him looked so…so concerned.

“Hey, Lance.” Keith replied looking down finally. “I’m uh…” He chuckled bitterly. What was the use of lying? He had been caught in the act. “Pretty awful actually.” He admitted.

Lance smiled weakly and nodded. “Yeah, well no one is gonna blame you there.” He said tucking his hands into his pockets. His eyes searched Keith’s when they caught his own for a moment, and his mouth did that thing where it started running before he could turn his filter on. “You want some company?” His cheeks brightened and he stared as his sneakers focusing on a scuff on the left one. It needed to be polished but where the hell was he gonna find shoe polish in space? Maybe the mall? Oh man, he HAD to get back there!

“Sure.” Lance’s eyes snapped up to Keith’s steel coloured one’s, disbelief leaking out before he could check himself.

“I’m sorry, could you speak into my good ear?” Lance said grinning a little. “I thought you said you wanted to have a human interaction with me.”

Keith’s mouth twitched. “Just get over here, idiot.” He muttered looking at his hands.

Lance nodded and plopped himself down. “So…Are you okay?” Lance asked and held up a slim finger. “And before you say yes, please realize that you’re an awful liar and you do that shifty side look and you get all breathy when you lie and I’ll know.” He practically sing songed it at him.

“What do you think?” Keith huffed after a few seconds realizing Lance was right. Keith’s heart clenched painfully as he saw the empty pilot’s chair of the black lion in his mind once again.

“Pretty crappy probably.” Lance bit his lip staring straight ahead. “So my madre always says a hug helps any situation become a little brighter. So uhhhhh….” He pushed his hair out of his eyes, making it a total disaster of disarray. Now his hair was sticking up at odd angles and Keith couldn’t help the snicker.

“So uh what, Lance?” He always seemed to make things better. Yes, Keith still felt like he still had a hole blown straight through him, but Lance had a light in him that made him smile even now. It was like magic. Some sort of mystical talent that kept them all sane. Keith had never realized how much each one of them brought to the team, but Lance was harder to see most of the time. Keith was just now realizing without Lance they probably all would have lost their minds.

“Well do you want a hug?” Lance asked stringing all the words together, but Keith got his jist. His brow shot up, barely noticeable under the thick curtain of his bangs.

“…okay.” Lance practically choked on his own tongue at Keith’s acquiescence. He wasn’t expecting that. He thought it would be some teeth pulling ordeal with Lance finally screaming at Keith and him finally giving in just to shut him up.

“Oh, uhhh, yeah alright.” Lance watched Keith. Personally, he thought it was a trick. Personally, he thought he was going to reach over and Keith was going to try to gnaw his arm off. So Lance treated it like Keith was a bear. A very angry bear who just was woken up from a long winters nap and WHY was he doing this again? Lance carefully slipped an arm around Keith’s shoulders and surprisingly Keith leaned into it.

So, Lance wrapped his other arm around Keith. “There, there.” He said softly because that’s what his madre always did and okay so it sounded a little cheesy, but it must have been somewhat the right thing to do, because Keith wrapped his arms around Lance. Again, he was TOTALLY not expecting this. Like mayday what was HAPPENING? Apparently, Keith REALLY needed a hug.

“It’s okay.” Lance tried again, this time more sincere. “I know it’s hard but I’m here and it sucks, I know it sucks, Keith, but we’re gonna get him back.”

By now Keith was sobbing, clutching at Lance’s shirt and actually just letting it all out. Okay Lance was not prepared for this at all. He would have been more prepared for Zarkon calling a truce while dressed in an evening gown. Still, he had…asked for this? Kinda? He wasn’t gonna back down now. He never backed down from Keith, and he never backed down from a friend. Keith was well both.

“H-he…he told me like-like he knew….He told me when we…we were at the Blade of Marmora’s headquarters that…he…he wanted me to lead Voltron if something ever happened to him. Lance.” Keith looked up puffy eyes boring into him. “I CAN’T lead Voltron.” He shook his head.

Lance stared right back at Keith. “I think you admitting you can’t…probably means you can.” He said scrunching up his face in thought. “Wait, wait hear me out.” He said as Keith began to open his mouth. “You know that you’re not ready but like who else can do it? Allura has to open wormholes. She’s got to be ON the castle to do that. I dunno how we can even FORM Voltron without Shiro.” Lance’s eyes went wide in sudden dawning horror. “How in the quiznak are we gonna form Voltron?” He shook his head.

“You could.” Keith said and Lance laughed. “I’m serious.” Keith grabbed Lance by the shoulders. “You have better plans, and you know how to…you know…people.”

Lance. Just. Stared. Keith was admitting he would be a good leader. But he couldn’t make the calls that needed to be made. Keith could. Keith needed to be the voice of reason when Lance wanted to sacrifice everything for something small that wouldn’t help…but Keith was right Lance was a strategist…but…”Hey Keith, we make a good team.”

It was Keith’s turn to snap his eyes back to Lance’s. “You-you DO remember!” He practically shouted grabbing his shoulders. Lance was blushing. He could feel it all the way to the tips of his ears.

“Ha. Ha. Yeah, I do. I remember.” Lance admitted. “But I mean we DO make a good team so…so why don’t we both do it?” He offered, his voice pitching up at the end of his sentence.

Keith’s eyes went as wide as dinner plates. “Both of us lead Voltron?” He asked in disbelief. Lance shrugged.

“I mean why not. You’ve got the drive, I’ve got the plans and when we work together everything is like ten times better so yeah. Both of us.”

Keith was still staring. “Yeah, okay, sure.” He nodded. Holy crow! Lance grinned, tears shining in his eyes. “We’ll find him. We’re gonna fid Shiro, Keith, but until them we’re gonna make him proud bec-‘

Keith cut Lance off. Lance yelped but it was smother by Keith’s lips pressing against his own. Lance’s eyes felt like they were gonna fall smooth out of his face so he closed them, because that was the polite thing to do right? That was what he was supposed to be doing? Also he should probably…slide his hand into Keith’s hair or….something? So he did.

Keith’s hands cupped Lance’s cheeks and it was uncoordinated and sloppy at best. Keith was still getting over crying and Lance was well a mess because he was still trying to process the fact Keith kissed him, and he was kissing Keith.

Finally, Keith pulled back and wiped his mouth. “Ugh you use too much spit.” He huffed. Lance of course was immediately offended.

“Hey I’ll have you know I am a GREAT KISSER!” He practically screeched. “You just caught me off guard and I didn’t have a chance to really get into it! But if I had you’d be singing a different tune, Keith!”

Keith chuckled. Yeah, things sucked and they were missing their leader, but Lance made everything a little more bearable. They were going to get him back. Lance promised, and if Lance promised then they would find Shiro, just like he said. They would figure out the black lion thing and they would get him back. Him and Lance we’re gonna be a great team, because they were. With a gleam in his eye, Keith leaned in. “Oh, yeah hot shot? Prove it.”

And Lance SO did.


anonymous asked:

I bet Bucky loves to see how many times he can edge you before you become a whining, begging mess after you've been teasing him. He wants you screaming out for him to let you cum, just so you know he's in control. Finally, after the fifth or sixth time, he starts thrusting harder than he has yet. Your stomach coils and your grip on the sheet becomes so tight it tears. Right as you get ready to open your mouth and beg more, he leans down with one final thrust and whispers, "cum for me doll"

oh god I should have taken a cold shower after I read this not before

Sinful Sunday™


Hihi everybody! ∩(  ̄ ▽  ̄ )∩ 

This time is another Izuku and Tsuyu comic requested by the king potato himself, *drumroll* @richardebersole92! It’s called, “A Home Visit to the Asui Household”. This one was a nice little comic to translate, but the artist’s handwriting made it harder than it should have been! Still working on a todomomo comic and a few other ones so stay tuned!


As always, pay the original artist a visit and follow/bookmark their work if possible!

(  ̄ ω  ̄ )

Inside the Mind of Simon (The Mind Electric [Demo])
  • Inside the Mind of Simon (The Mind Electric [Demo])
  • Joe Hawley
Resident Marvin let me explain,
My brain has claimed its glory over me.
I've a good heart, I may be insane,
Please mend my mind and let me go free...

Writing Self-Evaluation for 2016 for @dickie-gayson 

Tagged by @camsthisky, thanks!

So, I realized I only published one story last year, holy shit. The rest is either A) Unfinished, B) That Bad I Gave Up, or C) Roleplaying stuff (excuses excuses). Jeeeeeze, I need to step up my story game lol 

1. Lists of works published this year (2016):

  1. Mori Shej ( It’s a Jason and Dick angsty hurt/comfort fic. 

2. Work you are most proud of (and why):

Well, seeing as Mori Shej is my only published one, it’d have to be that. However, I am still pretty proud of it. It’s not my best work, but it was a story I wrote on a whim and it’s addressing serious issues DC seems to overlook involving two of my favorite characters. 

3. Work you are least proud of (and why):

The only option would be Mori Shej again, though there’s a reason some of those stories remain unpublished lmao In regards to Mori Shej, it’s taken a turn that I wasn’t anticipating, which is something I both love and hate. I love the growth of a story, seeing it expand and take a sort of life of its own. I hate it just a bit, as then what was originally planned needs to be rethought.

4. A favorite excerpt of your writing:

Mori Shej:

“You’re wrong. He wasn’t a failure.”

He said it with such conviction, Jason could almost believe he meant it. But no, that was just that stupid hero-complex Dick had going on. Robin died and Dick had to make a martyr of him, the asshole. Jason let out a sharp laugh at his words.

“Went off and got killed by a fuckin’ clown. Sounds like a failure to me.”

It looked like Dick was just barely keeping himself from lashing out again. He really did look a hairsbreadth away from completely losing it. It was hard to revel in that when Jason was barely keeping it together himself. 

5. Share or describe a favorite review you received:

Oooh man, that’s difficult cus I got some p funny and good reviews. I’m cheating and putting more than one cus I feel like a proud mama. ‘Why don’t you just walk right up to me and punch me in the throat? This hits right in the honney nut feele'os. This was fantastic and I really enjoyed reading it.’

‘you wrecked my soul and i am emotionally unstable after reading this. absolutely brilliant piece of writing and trading my soul for this is just worth it. thank you for writing it‘

Somebody else said their boss caught them crying at work bcus of what I wrote. The reviews most certainly made my day. 

6. A time when writing was really, really hard:

Honestly, writing for the past few years has gotten increasingly difficult for me, hence the general lack of published work. A few years back, my mother passed away from cancer and I’ve been helping raise my younger siblings as a result. That, combined with my various disorders, and a plethora of drama has made sitting and just writing feel impossible. But, on the bright side, I thiiink I’m starting to get a bit better. I’ve gotten more done in the past few months than the past few years combined.

7. A scene or character you wrote that surprised you:

Writing Jason in general has been a surprise for me. I never expected the pov to be predominately his or to channel him as much as I do. I expected it to be Dick, for obvious reasons, but he seems to be significantly harder for me to write.

8. How did you grow as a writer this year:

For starters, I actually wrote lmao Seriously, though, I think I have grown a bit. I used to be very guilty of overly flowery writing and describing far too much. Let me dredge up an ooold example (2011):

Oh, the screams!
Grotesque wails so brittle they cracked the air like a cat o’ nine cutting the soft flesh of silence. A wicked sound that crawled its way up your spine and into your brain. Its rapacious claws tore away at your sanity and sent you into a rabid frenzy of abject misfortunes. It was a symphony of horrid screeches and wails ranging from deep baritones to high falsettos.”

I was so fucking Extra™.  I’ve chilled in my writing. Toned it down and made it stop looking like I ate a thesaurus lmao

9. How do you hope to grow next year:

I’m hoping to write more in general. I’d also like to get better at pacing and keeping my stories on track. (also I need to get my ass working on paying attention to the tenses I use)

10. Who was your positive influence as a writer (could be another writer or cheerleader or muse etc etc):

Oooh my friend Syn is so good at encouraging me to keep going and also the best roleplay partner. Ily v much

My little sister is also a great cheerleader! I’ve got a friend irl who always asks me how my writing’s going, which is touching because she’s not a big reader but is always interested to know how I’m doing.

Most of my influences are other roleplay partners (I’ve been rping since ‘07 ngl) and they’ve really helped me develop through the years.

11. Anything from real life show up in your writing this year:

Nah, nothing that I could think of that I wrote. That might change this year, though.

12. Any new wisdom you can share with other writers:

As corny as it sounds, and it’s not new at all, but don’t give up. Not on yourself or your writing. If you look at your writing and you feel its inadequate compared to others, just remember: we all start somewhere. I have some of my earliest writings saved, and let me tell you, I’m glad I didn’t give up. The improvements I’ve made were gradually and I hardly noticed it happening, but it did happen. Keeping pushing on and you’ll get to the point you want to, or at least be that much closer to it. Perseverance does pay off.

13. Any projects you’re looking forward to starting (or finishing) in the new year:

I’m looking forward to finishing Mori Shej!

I’m also looking forward to starting some more Batfam stories, such as my Talon!Dick and AK!Jason story, BatKids Shenanigans, The Crow crossover, and some AUs. There’s a bunch of ideas stewing in my head. 

Not to mention, I’m both eager and nervous to start my own original works.

14. Tag three writers whose answers you’d like to read: 

if you three are down for it! @thegalacticpope @haunt-the-stars @therutherfordwife

This cut had been deeper than the others. Although not deep enough to cause any lasting damage, he could feel every inch of it;stinging with a newly renowned vigor every time he moved.

It was soft, but Yuuri could just make out the growl next to his ear… And then warmth?

“Who are you…?” Yuuri asked, proud of himself for not stuttering over his words. He wished that he could at least see the man to know where he was, but alas, the blindfold wrapped around his eyes made it so he had to listen.

“None of your business.” the man replied, making it sound like it should have been obvious.
Yuuri tried to squirm, but found it a harder task than it should have been. It felt like man had strapped down his arms and legs as far away from his core as he could; arms stretched together above his head and legs apart.

Yuuri snapped his head to the left sharply. The man had moved while he wasn’t paying attention. Another slash across his skin had Yuuri hissing in pain.

“Please!” He whined, cheeks lighting up in shame at the pitch in his voice. The man tutted, sounding smug.

“Too much, little piglet?” He crooned, voice close to Yuuri’s ear once more. To Yuuri’s surprise, instead of lips, he felt the wetness of a tongue circle the shell of his ear.

The man gave a soft laugh when Yuuri shivered. Doing it again.
And again.
And once more before the sensation of teeth lit up Yuuri’s senses and he gave a harsh cry.

“Yuuri are you okay???”

And like that the game was over. The blindfold was off instantly, and Yuri stood above him with the most frightened look. He looked absolutely stricken.

“Yuri, it’s okay, I’m okay,” He assured quickly, giving the younger man a soft smile for further reassurance, “it was just so fast I-”

“Did I hurt you?” There was less fear in his voice now, but the worry still shown through.

Yuuri grinned beside himself, he couldn’t help it. The younger man was cute when he showed compassion.
“Wasn’t that the point kitten?”

And just like that, the compassion was gone.

“You’re an ass.” Yuri growled, turning to unbuckle the straps around Yurri’s wrists.


It may not have been a good idea, to ask one of his younger lovers to do this for him, but it had seemed like the thrill of it had reached the two of them at some point. He could see the stiffness between the younger man’s legs, he could feel the frustration coming off of him in waves. He himself wanted nothing more than to continue… Although it may take some coaxing.

“I still want you…” he tried, eagerness pressing through his voice. Yuri seemed to blanch, face darkening with a blush.

“I- I do too… I mean… I want you.” he mumbled, licking his lips absentmindedly.

Yuuri nearly purred with pride, his kitten was so cute.

“Then come and get me sweetheart.”

Hey everyone,

Sorry I’ve been quiet recently. I’m going to need to go on hiatus for a bit, I think, I hope not for ages. I will really miss hearing from you all, so I hope to try and drop in occasionally. But yeah in summary life is harder work than it should be (mostly work is harder work than it should be) and I’m not finding the energy to be on tumblr at all. I have missed you guys, and knowing what’s going on with you all!! I really hope a bit of a break will sort it out and I can be back soon. Look after yourselves xx

okay tumblr does anyone have some brainhacking advice for me?

I have always read. A lot. I was the kid with the giant stack of books from the library. 

For the last idk almost a year now the only thing longer than a maybe 15k fanfic that I’ve read has been rereads, and not many of those. I get really blocked about picking things up, it feels like hard work instead of a fun thing – and then when I do it’s hard to focus (I feel like I should be able to do it by trying harder buuuuut that’s generally not how this goes). I’ve occasionally managed audiobooks of Discworld novels I already know, but I wouldn’t trust myself to follow anything new.

I was hoping starting ADHD meds would solve this but so far no such luck… so, does anybody have, idk, strategies? Commiseration? It’s one of the things that most makes me feel broken, and I just really miss reading books.

My FE Heroes characters are doing well!  Fir and Lissa are both at 20+, I actually got Robin up there since I last capped this, and I think Sully and Abel both went up a couple of levels.  DRAGON WIFE IS SO USEFUL I LOVE HER.

But I gotta go back to getting through the main storyline for the first time because I’ve been grinding at the training maps probably more than I should and soon I’m going to need the special items to start leveling them up.

And I entirely agree with @demoiselledefortune that having a healer in your party is almost kind of necessary, especially if you want to level the characters up in more than just tiny increments at a time/use the slightly harder maps.

After I finish up with Sully and Abel (I LOVE MY CHRISTMAS PALADINS OKAY) I’ll probably work on Nowi and… idk I’m not particularly attached to any of my other roster?