it was hard to narrow it down but yeah

Imagine breaking Clint from Loki’s mind control

Clint Barton x Reader

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“Why am I back?”

You poured Clint a cup of cold water and handed it to him.

“True love’s kiss and bam good old Clint was back.”

The archer grunted and downed the cool drink. “You’re kidding.”

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Dear person who’s actually interested in reading this,

Hey! I’m Sammy (or Sam), and I’m a soon-to-be 18 year old from the Philippines. I’m looking for absolutely hella friends that will gush about feelings over bands and fandoms and all that kind of crap.

(I promise that I’m not a fuckboy despite how much my photo may radiate that vibe haha.)

I guess this is where I insert things about myself and pretend you guys are actually reading this: I love writing (short stories, poetry, scripts and all that), I also love to read (sci-fi, classics, fiction, teen novels sometimes, angsty things.) I sing, act, model and dance ballet and I’ve been in theatre productions too. I’m really into music, so yeah, I play a few instrumentsas well. It’s hard to narrow down my music taste but I’d say that I listen to a lot of alternative, indie, indie folk, rock and I’m really into old bands and musicians (from the 40s-80s.) (Ex: Panic! At The Disco (I’m completely sold if you listen to P!ATD), Of Monsters and Men, The Byrds, The Smiths, Best Coast, Fall Out Boy, Bon Iver, The Paper Kites, Belle and Sebastian, Queen, etc.) I also enjoy watching films, I have a lot of feelings to share about them, and I love youtubers (I make youtube videos as well!) I watch a ton of shows and anime, too (Yuri on Ice, Daredevil, Stranger Things, Sherlock, DW, etc.) Oh, and I frickin’ love comics (so much feelings for Damian Wayne right now). I’m also Star Wars trash.

If you’re still reading:

I’m actually looking to make friends with all different kinds of people regardless of where you’re from and whatever gender identity and sexual preferences you have, all I ask is that you’re not more than nineteen. Nothing against older people haha. 

I’m a really chatty person, and I absolutely cherish long, interesting conversations. So if you’re looking for a gal to talk about the universe and books in the middle of the night with, well hello there.

Ways to contact me: (I ask that you message me here first though before anywhere else)

tumblr: enjolruas twitter@samgsandoval, snapchat: samsando, ask for my email, fb, imsg, LINE, and kik (I hardly use it though.)

P.S. I’m going to Japan this summer for an entire month exploring and as a student thing, so if you want me flooding you with rad photos and stories of my trip to Kyoto and Tokyo, we better be friends.