it was hard to get them to look all the same

I'm annoyed

So I posted about getting my cousin hooked on The 100 right? Right. Okay so they just finished Season 2 and I asked them what they think of Lexa and Clarke kissing and what not. They gave me a shrug and had this look on their face that told me they’re kind of disgusted/whatever. I said “You still ship Bellarke” and they nodded seeming happy. It bothers me that they’re not used to seeing the same sex being close and being sweet with eachother because I myself is a lesbian and haven’t told any of my friends and family, except my closest ones, yet. I’m annoyed because my cousin told me they (all my friends did) support the LGBTQ+ community but with their reaction to what happened i feel like they (my cousin) is just saying this just to be on the bandwagon but idk idk. But I know one thing I’m not going to tell them about my sexuality just yet…I’ve told both of my best friends so far and they support me it’s just my family and everyone else I’m worried about…

At the same time I could be wrong about this and that they really do support the LGBTQ+ Community but for now I’m just going to keep it shut and hide.

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hey scout! you're probably never going to answer this but, i didnt get to ask you at JaxCon. the biggest thing i have trouble with when drawing are legs are eyes, if you have time, could you help me?

never going to answer this!? I TAKE YOUR CHALLENGE

nah i kid–it just totally depends on the look you’re going after! eyes and legs are all different, but this is normally how i go about them:

i normally start with the same base and then build on them from there. if i was able to stream, you’d be able to see that i start with the generics (generally a curvy stick person) and then work up from there. i suggest looking up tutorials on youtube! that’s how i’ve learned a lot of what i know right now. a lot of what art is is just gradually building and sculpting things on top of themselves to create your final product. this applies to knowledge as well.

so just do a bunch of studies and life drawings on legs and eyes, and you’ll start to understand their basics and then make them on your own from memory. best of luck!

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do you have any fics with business man soo or Jongin

All right, these are mostly office, but I figure it is the same thing

Breezing: IDK at least 10 chapters, complete. I have been looking for this story for a really long time, I can’t believe I finally found it today! So Kyungsoo is an accountant who runs into his ex Jongin, who is starting to work at his company. Jongin is more than an ex, they broke up because Kyungsoo found out that Jongin was only dating him for a bet. This ends kind of sad, BUT SO GOOD

The office geek (who likes you): one shot fluff, Jongin gets sick of the nerd at work who is always checking him out

Rumour Has it: one shot luff. Jongin is new and hears rumors about Kyungsoo, but doesn’t believe them because Kyungsoo seems so non threatening. 

A Good Boss: One shot, Kyungsoo has a new intern, and he has a hard time not fantasizing about him. top soo.

Black Rose: ongoing, Jongin is a CEO with a reputation, Kyungsoo is a journalist who wants to get an interview, Jongin’s condition is that Kyungsoo has to come whenever he calls…

More than enough: One shot, Kyungsoo is sleeping with the bosses son, who he doesn’t think is taking their relationship seriously

Assistant: One shot Jongin is Kyungsoo’s assistant and smut

Office!Kaisoo: one shot, Kyungsoo gives extra work to Jongin to stay late, then smut

Love in an elevator: Complete 2 chapters, Kyungsoo gets stuck in an elevator with the intern he doesn’t like

The rough world of business: Complete 18 chapters, Kyungsoo is kind of a jerky boss and smut

Amnesia: Complete 13 chapters, most of this is surrounding that Jongin has forgotten who Kyungsoo is and is a dick to him, but they are also businessmen!

College Nozonicoeli pt4

:’D drown in nozonicoeli~ In which our fav trio goes on a vacation (prompted by @kuro-kelly)! Still Cr! Nozomi bc cr nozomi is love.

NozoNicoEli goes to a beach!

  • Nico gets really excited because she’s hella lucky to have two voluptuous girlfriends.
  • Our favourite shortie drags Nozomi out the entire day to shop for bikinis bc they both have to look good in front of Eli. (”I love Eli’s flustered expression~” “I love the way Eli stares at us” *smug* ) 
  • Nico’s proud that her chest isn’t that small anymore, Nozomi secretly admires Nico’s cute stature from afar as Nico tries on the different bikinis.
  • The big day is finally here. Nico is strangely nervous all of a sudden.
  • Eli grabs the sunscreen and says “Who wants the first rub?”
  • Nico isn’t sure why she’s blushing so hard and Nozomi answers for NIco when our shortie keeps quiet. “How about both at the same time?”
  • Nozomi undoes the straps and lies down on the mat on her front. Eli stares a little harder before reaching for the bottle.
  • Nico finally wakes up from the reverie when Eli squeezes the bottle and she turns away, blushing all the while. This isn’t like her and she doesn’t know why.

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Gallavich Appreciation Week
Day 3 - Favorite Ian one-liner

- We all have our problems with Frank. But he’s still my father. And Fiona’s my sister, and you’re  my brother. Debbie, Carl, Liam.. We’re a family.
- Yeah, but Ian you could have a sweet life here.

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U always draw the same girl can u draw a black girl with braids or a Afro ?

Hey guys I wanna say something about these messages I get. These come pretty often & I usually just ignore them. I totally understand that people want to see diversity, which I actually try very hard to do on my own. I draw so many types of women & I try to not make all my girls looks the same. This “same girl” I draw over and over are representations of myself, so yes I will come up often in my own art.
These types of messages used to give me art block because all these “expectations” put pressure on me. I can only draw fine when I’m drawing for myself. I only figure out the color and hair and everything else in that moment. Lately I’ve been keeping my art ambiguous even.
My point being that I only draw for myself (unless commissioned) & I’m sharing w you my works. The only way I can draw well is freely.
Anyway, love & good vibes. Sorry (not sorry) for ranting.

Dying Light

Word Total: 865

Request: anonymous asked: Can you do one where the reader was close friends with Ben Solo but cut off all ties with him when he turned into Kylo Ren and they run into each other again and it’s all angsty?

Pairing:  Kylo Ren x Reader

Notes: My mother thinks that Kylo Ren is a Japanese scientist

Y/N panted running through the white snow. It was already hard breathing cold air. She bend putting her hand over her thighs, taking deep breaths. “And I thought sand was annoying” she angrily said rubbing her hands together, she blew on them trying to get them warm. The weather suddenly turned into a harsh winter.

She looked for any sign of Chewbacca, Rey or Finn. But the scenery was the same pines and snow, pines and snow. “Where-” Y/N abruptly stop running and frown. She swirled around trying to hear it again.

The distinctive sound of the lightsabers reached her ears. Then she felt it.


She ran putting  a hand over her green lightsaber. Y/N saw a red and blue lights moving fast in front of her. To her left Finn lay motionless… she gripped the lightsaber tighter.

Kylo Ren pushed Rey away and looked back. “Y/N” he breathed, his red cheeks lose their color. What was she doing here?

“What? Did you see a ghost?” Y/N growled glaring at him in defiance she raised her chin. “Go and check on Finn, I got this” she added looking at Rey, that without hesitation she ran away to check on Finn. A sudden rage started to ran through Y/N´s veins.

Kylo Ren couldn’t believe it, the Supreme Leader Snoke had lied to him. He told him that Y/N was dead. “You’re alive” he turned off his lightsaber and looked at her. She wasn’t the little girl with pigtails bouncing off her shoulders. Her bright smile turned into an angry scowl. And her eyes… they were empty… the reflection of his own.

“You killed my father… is your specialty, isn’t it? Killing fathers” Y/N said her lightsaber out of her belt.

Kylo gripped his lightsaber, how could she be so cruel. Everything he had done. EVerything that he had planned. It was for her. His Y/N. If the Supreme Leader Snoke knew that she was alive…

“He begged like a coward, that he was,” Kylo said nonchalantly turning on his lightsaber. He had to… it had sounded cruel, but she needed to stay away from him.

“Lier” Y/N turned on her lightsaber and ran raising it attacking Kylo fiercely.

Kylo barely could keep with her attacks, the wound of his side was pounding harshly against the black metal. “I am going to kill you” Y/N harshly kicked Kylo on his wounded side.

Kylo gritted his teeth, drops of blood painted the white canvas below him. He looked up and his eyes widen… Y/N was filled with hatred… he could feel it… like a virus invading every cell of her body. This had been the Supreme Leader plan all along. To kill his light… his light was dying slowly inside.

“Any last words, coward” Y/N growled marching angrily towards him.

“Y/N, stop” Rey shouted

Kylo took advantage of the distraction and raised his hand. Y/N groaned when her head collided against the bark of the pine.

Y/N snapped of her revery. She looked fearfully at Kylo. She was a monster. She had hurt him. “I’m sorry” She threw away the lightsaber and stood up. Red had invaded her vision as soon as she saw him. Then nothing. “I…”

Kylo took a step forwards but Rey had already intersected him. “Don’t touch her”

Y/N trembled she didn’t know if it was the cold or the sensations, the feelings that slowly evaded her soul. She felt empty… nothing matter… not even him… Ben.

Y/N looked at Ben and Rey. She had the upper hand, Rey pushed Kylo away. Then without hesitation Y/N stood between them.

Rey’s eyes widen… the blue lightsaber was embedded in Y/N’s stomach.

Y/N felt a burning sensation in her stomach, she looked down and then at Rey. “I’m so-”

The floor beneath them shook and it parted in two. Y/N moaned in pain and fell down on her knees, she was about to fall into the abyss; when a pair of arms snaked around her waist.


Y/N looked up, Kylo had her head in his knees; his hands were over the wound in her stomach. “Why?”

“I don’ know” Y/N whimpered, she felt the light inside her fading slowly. “I’m sorry” she raised the hand that was over her wound and put it on his cheek. “I always love you, pathetic I know”


“Sh… I am trying to make my dead dramatic” She turned her head and started to cough. Red. “Don’t… back… life” she smiled weakly, and like the light of a candle her light extinguished.

“Y/N” Kylo softly patted her cheek. But the light of her eyes was gone. “No…” he breathed as tears fell down to her cold cheeks.

The Supreme Leader Snoke smiled as Kylo Ren entered the room. “I need you to bring her back to life”

“That could be arrange, but first… the price”

“I don’t care what is the price”

The Supreme Leader Snoke smirked. This man was foolish, he just had sign the worst contract in his life.

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I haven't started studying for a standardized multiple choice test next week. The only way to prepare is by taking old practice tests. Which is the best and fastest way to prepare? Should I look up terms as I go through each question to find the answer or should I write the tests, mark them and then try and understand why I got the questions wrong? Thank you so much.

  1. Start early. Like real early. Like two weeks or three early.
  2. Look through the questions but dont do them yet.
  3. Make a list of all the topics covered on the tests.
  4. read about them, don’t learn.
  5. re-read them on another day.
  6. after a 2 hour period try to do the test with a pencil, don’t write hard on them since you’ll be erasing everything later.
  7. Give yourself the same time limit that you’re given on the tests.
  8. If you get stuck on a question, think about it for a second and skip it, don’t look at the answer.
  9. When you’re done with the other questions, come back to the ones that you didn’t do and this time you try really hard to do the answer, still, you’re not allowed to look at the answers.
  10. Finish your test. Let/make someone else check if you got the questions right (bribe them with food to to that for you if they wont)
  11. Check where most of your mistakes are, and highlight in red/green/yellow the corresponding topics.
  12. Now re-re-read the topics, but you’ll pay better attentions to the highlighted ones.
  13. Pause for a day.
  14. Now you learn the questions and topics. Make flash cards or get someone to ask you.
  15. Pause for the rest of the day. 
  16. Tomorrow do the tests again.
  17. Check answers
  18. repeat.
  19. Whatever you do. Don’t look at the answers. Your brain will make you think you know them, don’t listen to your brain, your brain is a liar.
  20. Do this and you’ll get high marks. 
  21. The end.

(For the sake of this AU, Zuko and Katara are in the same year at school along with Suki and Mai. Sokka is one year older than them, while Toph and Aang are the year below with Azula and Ty Lee.)

sorry sorry sorry that this has taken so long. I’m going to on a brief hiatus (a week) which will clear out my queue and give me time to get ahead on all my reading for school. Then I can come back with a level head and get to writing all my projects. Whoo!

The first time he asks her to prom, it’s a quiet affair.

She’s reading in the library before school, like a nerd her brother assures her, when Zuko shows up.

Katara’s known who he is for a while now. They’re right next to each other in the alphabet, so school functions always throw them together. Plus, it’s not hard to miss the brooding guy surrounded by a clique of girls led by his sister, looking like he’s dying inside but has no choice but to stick with them. Katara can’t judge; after all she hangs out with her brother, too.

At least she enjoys herself, and helps people, while Zuko just stands silent while his sister terrorizes freshmen.


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Hiro and Tadashi are wish granting genies... Tadashi tries his best to help his masters or mistresses in anyway he can while Hiro is the mischievous genie who finds loopholes in his masters' or mistresses' wishes to give them a hard time... Hiro wanted to be free while Tadashi is pretty content with his lifestyle

When most people are hunting these legendary genies, they’re actually looking for Tadashi and trying to avoid Hiro, because word gets around about them. Problem is, they’re both bound to the same ring, so if you summon one genie, you get both of them. So Hiro’s a little hellion towards their masters, trying to trick them into freeing the brothers, while Tadashi tiredly tries to play damage control and refuses to think of freedom.

It isn’t until they’re found accidentally by a lonely woman by the name of Cass that they actually start to change. Cass wasn’t looking for wishes, and when the brothers insist she needs to wish for something, all she wishes for is some company. She’s been lonely since she lost most of her family, and she wouldn’t mind having some young boys around the house for a while. The brothers, still bound to her until she makes all three of her wishes, become her nephews in disguise.

While living with her, Hiro starts to wonder if it wouldn’t be so bad having her as a master forever. She’s kind to them and treats them like family, and as long as she doesn’t make wishes, they can stay here forever. So he starts using his magic to help her out, giving her things and fixing things before she even notices there’s a problem, because if she doesn’t want or need anything she won’t wish for anything, and Hiro and Tadashi can stay.

Tadashi on the other hand starts to actually think about freedom. He’s pretty sure if he asked, Cass would help them. And he knows that while Hiro is happy now, sooner or later Cass will slip up and wish for something, and then it’ll be all over. The only way they can truly stay with Cass is if they’re free.

He works up the courage to ask her, but on the night he planned to bring it up, a thief sneaks into Cass’ home and steals the ring, stealing the brothers along with it

- Baymod 

Genres: Mythology, Humour, Religion, History, Short Stories
Publisher: Perigee Books
Publication Date: March 5th 2013


“We can rebuild these myths. We have the technology. We can make them snappier, flashier…it would be hard to make them sexier…But you get where I’m going with this.”

O’Brien retells classic tales from Greek Mythology to Egyptian mythos in a hillarious, brief and slighty offensive manner. Sex, drinking, parties and lots and lots of murder. 

A bit lowbrow at times the humour is still very effective. It’s a quick read, and while it obviously takes several liberties with the source works, it still manages to be informative. A great crash course in world mythologies for anyone who’s tired of the same old retellings time and time again. Or for someone without the attention span for more academic versions of the tales. It also offers a very interesting look at how similar mythology is all over the world. How most stories support the same fundamentals and mostly just change the details. The American section felt a little out of place. It’s tacked on to the end of the book and suddenly we go from ancient creation myths and Gods to some American folktales. Though they feel out of place they still manage to tie off the novel neatly and allow for a neat little ending about religion and science intermingling.


Read this if you’re a fan of: Percy Jackson

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I have a simple question, I've had my bird (cockatiel) as long as you have had Yoshi and is kinda the same age. how did you 'tame' it. Harley (mine) doesn't seem to have such a nice personality and keeps biting people that aren't me, and hisses at me at some points. do you have any tricks to let them out the cage more often and how to get them back in (which mine doesn't want to most of the time) Yoshi looks super cute and seems really lovely!

(I had typed up a cool reply to this and I lost it.. darn it!)

Sorry for the delay in replying!

Okay so, first of all, thank you! Yoshi is flattered you think of him that way. However, let me say that he is not what it seems! Yoshi may seem cute and lovely, but in reality he is tons of hard work, and years of research. I’ll post this publicly to let you guys know the truth behind my Yoshibeeb!

First point: Pictures shown in my blog only show you one side of the coin. You can never see the bites, screams and hisses. You never see the process behind them. Yoshi bites me, my family and literally everyone. He is very skittish and lunges at everyone that approaches him when he is not in the mood. I’d say he tolerates me the most since I raised him. I have never considered Yoshi to be fully tamed. He has a wild, curious, independent and fierce personality. He loves to be scritched but he hates it most of the time. He’s a really tiny ball of contradictions. I have tried, ever since he was a small baby bird, to show him that other people are actually kind… but he doesn’t like them. He hates men for some reason; their deep voice make him really afraid. So don’t be discouraged when you see that your bird isn’t “cute” or “friendly” like Yoshi seems to be. In reality our birds aren’t that different after all!

Second point: Taming is never the correct term. You have to see this as a relationship you build on trust. I actually have been preferring to call taming a much more accurate term: relationship building. Birds aren’t like cats, dogs or other animals. They’re really different and their dynamics with you are really different too. Birds are all about trust. And, how do you build trust? With patience. Respect their boundaries, and only encourage positive behavior. I usually ignore negative behavior and praise positive behavior. Spend time next to their cage, read a book next to them, offer them millet and other treats to encourage them to exit their cage at their own terms, and never force anything. Slow movements work wonders as well. The key here is patience. Don’t see this process as taming–see it as relationship building, or trust building. It’ll do wonders for your bird.

Third point: This is a process that could take up their entire lifetime. Don’t be discouraged when you see it takes an eternity: since you are seeing this as relationship building with your bird, take notice that relationships are something you build along the course of a lifetime. It’s not something easy–lots of mistakes, ups and downs, but in the end it’s all worth it. If you form the patience you need for your bird, your bird will thank you in the long run. But remember these things take time. I usually started to just hang around the cage and let him get used to my presence and coax him to get out of his cage on his own by using treats. I always redirect people to tumblr user @flock-talk‘s amazing FAQ page, located here. It’s a great place to find info on any other question you may have.

All in all, I really hope the best for you and your beeb! Remember: time, patience and love are always the answer ^.^

Sickfic Prompt: Persuasive Partners (Lazard/Sephiroth)

From my “Sickfic Prompts” - (character) is sick, and refusing to stay put; their partner(s) give them a good reason to stay in bed.

There were certain behaviors that had to be observed in a professional setting. For one, Lazard had worked hard to gain the trust and respect of his men, and all the harder for the respect of the rest of the Board of Directors, given he was one of the youngest executives, certainly to hold as much power as he did. And Sephiroth had a reputation to maintain, both amongst the ranks and with dealing with those same executives. So while there were suspicions, and certainly their closest friends were aware, neither man was quick to make their relationship public.

That said, if you knew what to look for, there were some tells. Like the fact that every time Lazard had attempted to get coffee, someone had replaced it with some variant of black tea. Someone with high enough clearance to come and go as he pleased into his private office. And someone who was not only aware of the meaning behind the change in the decorative fold of his handkerchief to something much more practical for use, who would all but verbally call him on it.

Leaving a box of tissues on his desk was going a little far, however, and the next time Sephiroth came into his office, Lazard hit the automatic door lock and glared at him. “You will stop that.”

A fine silver brow arched, and there was a slight shift between ‘general’ to ‘lover’ in his tone. “And how late are you working tonight, Director?”

“As late as my due work demands, General.”

“Mmhm.” Funny how much two syllables could say, without even using words. “You know what you’re going to do to yourself.”

“It’s nothing I can’t manage.”

Every fall, Lazard.” He crossed to the desk in a soft swish of leather, gloved hands resting on the desk. “I could set a clock by you.”

“Exam and promotion season is an extremely busy time, to say nothing of the end of the year,” Lazard said, and no, he was not being defensive; it was fact.

“It would be much easier if you would delegate,” Sephiroth reminded him, an age old argument.

“I’m the Director, not all of it can be delegated.”

“I’m the General; who, exactly, do you expect to tell me no?

It really shouldn’t have been a turn-on when Sephiroth got defiant and threw his rank around. Especially not when it got in the way of Lazard’s carefully laid plans. But it was, and he knew it, damn him. There was a predatory gleam in those bright green eyes, and he knew the younger man was not above using it to his advantage.

“You’ve been working too late, too often.” He stood, a gloved fingertip tapping a stack of files on the desk for emphasis. “Too hard. You need to relax. Unwind.”

Lazard wet his lips, and saw him follow the gesture. It made his mouth feel all the drier but practice made his tone come out level. “This can’t wait, Sephiroth.”

“I could do it,” he said. “And you can sign.”

“That’s… we can’t.”

“I’ve done many things I ‘can’t’ in this office.” Sephiroth’s tone was very nearly sweet, but the look in his eyes…

Stop that.”

Sephiroth rounded the desk, coming close enough to touch, and very gently removed his glasses. Somehow, the light touch to the bridge of his nose was not something he believed was at all coincidence, even the butter soft leather spiking the ever present irritation. It didn’t help it was so well cared for that it still carried the scent of the oils used, and Lazard batted his hands away with a helpless catch of breath, “h’hh… nnhHISSH! … nngh, snf.”

That got him another raised brow. “That sounds a bit heavier than this morning.”

Lazard rolled his eyes, getting the handkerchief back out of his pocket to make a careful attempt to head off the insistent tingling from getting any further. “You set it off, that doesn’t snf count.”

“You know, you’re getting a bit pink there.” He hovered a fingertip so very near to touching that Lazard felt his nose twitch. “And while some may not notice, the men will.”

“Very few look at me so closely as you.”

“Perhaps, but they know you,” Sephiroth pointed out, sounding terribly reasonable. “The first sniff they hear, you’ll be watched. And you’re getting to that point, aren’t you?”

“You’re not helping.”

“Taking a night to rest would help.” And damn him for gentling his voice that way, for completely abandoning the pretense of being the general right then and making it personal. Because Lazard could refuse his SOLDIER, he had no problem with that. His lover was another matter. “I’ll help with the files later. You’ll make yourself worse, Lazard, and then you won’t get anything else done.”

Lazard sighed quietly, rubbing his temples. “You know, I used to get a lot more done before you started paying attention.”

“And you’d worked yourself into a fever more than once, which I’ve been informed colds should not do,” Sephiroth replied. “Close your work, it’s already after hours.”

“Our men don’t work nine to five.”

“I’ll be sure their calls are forwarded, then, but you need to go home.” That same gentle insistence. Damn him, damn him, damn him. “Tea and soup, I believe is the usual treatment?”

“And medicine.” Which he hated but took religiously. It was a three week stretch, nothing he hadn’t handled.

“I see it’s been so very effective.”

A quiet sniff got past his defenses and the little twitch Sephiroth’s lips made Lazard roll his eyes. “Fine. Stubborn.”

“I am, but in this instance I think that can be applied to you.” Sephiroth pushed off the desk with a fluid shift of hips, and offered his hand, fingers curling in a gentle beckon. “Come on, Lazard. It’s late, hardly anyone is around. Come home.”

“Aren’t you needed somewhere?” Lazard frowned, because it was so tempting, and he really shouldn’t…

“Angeal can cover for me if I am.” Sephiroth reached over, spinning his chair away from the desk and pushing the files away to give himself a place to perch. “No more of this, not tonight.”

“Does Angeal know about this?” Lazard attempted to lean around and grab his glasses, giving Sephiroth a dark look when his hand was grasped lightly; there was no shaking the SOLDIER’s grip until he felt like it. “I should write you up for insubordination.”

“Angeal would only tell me not to tire you out; he’s all in favor of keeping you from overworking,” Sephiroth said, shifting to let his thumb rub soothing circles on Lazard’s palm, warm despite the barriers of silk and leather. “I can think of more enjoyable things to be written up for.”

From the lazy grin on his face, Lazard knew the jump in his pulse hadn’t gone unnoticed. “I thought you wanted me to rest?”

“A full body massage is a fantastic place to start.” Sephiroth let his hand drop, leaning in just enough to kiss him, a light press of lips and a nuzzle to his cheek. “Come with me, Lazard. I’ll make it well worth your while.”

He shouldn’t, he really shouldn’t, Lazard was well aware this sort of thing set a terrible precedence for the rest of the season but… well. A little rest wouldn’t hurt.

Of course, they didn’t walk out hand in hand, and Sephiroth did restrain his smug pleasure to a gleam in his eyes, but there was no doubt his ‘persuasiveness’ would most definitely continue until he had Lazard right where he wanted him.

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If you read my stuff is be very embarrassed cause it's not very good haha. I'd be so gay for halsey omg. And my bias is Jimin:))

I think not!!! You should totally tell me who you are or I mean I guess u could like keep playing hard to get pfft ): lmao


Originally posted by hxlseys


well i mean my bias is technically taehyung but really if i think about it i bias all of them so yeah same here whoa!!!

Alright my fellow period having friends. It’s time we have a conversation about our bathroom sanitation, because right now it is NOT up to par. I realize that periods are messy and nobody likes them, but please, if you get blood somewhere, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY PLEASE CLEAN IT UP. I don’t want to sit in, step in, touch, look at, or generally have anything to do with your uterus blood. I already have to deal with my own, why should I have to deal with yours? And same for pads and pad wrappers. THROW THEM AWAY ITS NOT THAT HARD. We complain that men are “pigs” but have you actually seen what we do to bathrooms? I don’t think we have room to talk. Thanks! Have a great, cramp free day!

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40. Could you fall in love online? Excluding WH boys, of course.

Haha, I’m not in love with any of the WH boys.  They’re fake!  And I ship them all with Clara, anyway, not me!  I just love to write about them.

That’s a hard question for me to answer, because I only fell in love once and it was in person.  The experience was very sense-oriented; the first thing I noticed about my husband was his voice, for example.  There is a sense of presence that you get in person - details, like the shape of his lips, and the look in his eyes when I took off his glasses, and the dizzying way I responded emotionally and physically. I don’t know how much of that physicality was necessary to “falling in love”; I can’t separate “falling in love” from “being with him”.

So I don’t know that I could really meet anyone online and have that same experience if the encounters were only limited to online.  But I certainly could see myself potentially meeting someone online and then meeting them in person, and only then if they remain appealing, would it really be categorized as “falling in love”. 

Hopefully, though, I’ll never have to do that, since I’ve got my husband already!


Sorry for the rant, but I am absolutely tired of people trying to get me on this stupid ass product.

In case you don’t know what Thrive is, it’s a Le-Vel product that sells you on an experience to promote a healthy lifestyle. Which doesn’t sound that bad, right? However, Le-Vel is another MLM company that is taking over my friends and loved ones. It drives me fucking BONKERS.

I know some people are going to say that Thrive has helped them, ect. Great, but Thrive isn’t a good product at all. You are talking about a patch and pill people have to take that has ZERO clinical studies behind it that support the message it is sending. In fact, it violates a lot of FTC regulation rules about advertising.

Not to mention, the vitamins the Thrive product line tries to hook people on as being the best is actually incomplete as fuck. Same with the cost. To be a Thrive consumer, you are looking at spending close to $700+ a year for an incomplete multivitamin when you can spend like $20 a year for a complete multivitamin supplement on Amazon that ACTUALLY works.

I swear to god, if someone asks me if I am thriving yet, I am going to thrive my fist into their ass. Maybe that sounds dramatic, but seriously, every fucking day and every fucking hour, someone is CONSTANTLY posting about their Thrive experience. Which please, don’t get me wrong. I am really elated to see my friends and family get excited, motivated, and trying to live healthier lives, but it all ties into how they are being trained by Le-Vel which is to be as obnoxious as possible while pushing the product.

Ugh, it is so annoying. I started unfollowing and defriending people over this fucking Thrive shit.