it was hard to get them to look all the same

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say, how are the base prices/markups on society6? on redbubble the prices start high so it's hard to earn much profit without making one's products far too expensive; is the problem the same on society6 do you think?

I don’t think you’ll find a service out there that does things like RB or S6 that doesn’t have substantial mark-ups, I’m afraid D: the fact is, they literally do all the work, it makes sense that they have the prices so high.  The cut the artist gets, in my opinion, is actually really fair considering that all the work I do is just to upload it. 

If you’re selling prints, and are looking for cheaper options, you should definitely check out getting things printed in bulk. I used catprint for cons, tbh, and I felt fairly happy with the results! You can then sell them way cheaper than s6 or RB with a fairly good profit margin. 

The tough thing with an online store will forever and always be how do you get the product to the customer. Shipping can be expensive, time consuming, and rather a hassle, so that’s why I really like s6 and RB just because I literally don’t have to worry about anything.



While I LOVE the idea of the Cloaks, I am sorely disappointed in the execution.

They remind me of the reusable sticker scenes or paper dolls from when I was a kid, the Cloaks look like stickers just put on top of the dragons…

The above dragon images are just the most WTF of them all, it’s really hard to ignore that horns, feathers, fur…a neck…just appear behind the Cloaks.

It’s like the artists forget the dragons are supposed to be 3-dimensional, so clothing is supposed to go between things like horns and feathers and over things like fur.

Some of the dragons look fantastic in the Cloaks, and the art for the Cloaks themselves is awesome, don’t get me wrong. But I would think a little more effort to make them look good on ALL the dragons is kind of expected.

It’s not just the Cloaks, it’s the same with a lot of the attire the site has.

Just my opinion/thoughts on the matter, take it as you will.

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i feel so bad for liam. honestly 2015 is the new 2011 if you get my drift. opposite side of the same coin tbh. except now his relationship with zayn is also on the table nd it's all the more heartbreaking. it's also why I'm sad Liam might not be redeemer in this narrative. not only is he shunned from his own work but also from a storyline where he can celebrate 'safely' his closeness with zayn :(

Hi Anonymous,

It’s heartbreaking.  I feel for Liam too.

For those not yet in the know, Larries often consider 2011 an arduous year for Larry, as the hardcore closeting and M!M manipulation ratcheted up over that year.  Harry and Louis were actively separated in public, had to play by the scripted Larry denials in interviews (but Harry was so bad at them that they were eventually left to Louis), Louis was bearded to Eleanor and the closeting slowly escalated to the levels we see today.

2015 really is looking to be a very hard year for all the boys, but particularly rough for Ziam: this “quitting” stunt has lead to Zayn and Liam being physically separated for extended periods of time, Zayn having to pretend to fight Louis, Liam having to play band spokesman, them having to go hardcore Zerrie/Sophiam stunting, them having to pretend not to want to work together or even be friends, and now both of them being insulted and shaded by many of their “fans.”  And when Liam said “we wrote these lyrics” in the Corden interview last night, he let everyone know that he knows he has been erased from his own work.  I’m sure he and all the boys know what fans say about him and Zayn.  I truly feel for them.

I honestly think it’s probably better that Liam does not play the redeemer.  Zayn and Liam do not need to celebrate their relationship through this hideous farce.  I was very surprised that M!M foregrounded him at the beginning of the “quitting” stunt, from media articles to social media to Liam being the only one to directly address Zayn for a very long time.  Earlier I kept saying Liam was the most likely candidate only because the evidence kept pointing there as it became clear that Louis was going to play the antagonist, but at the same time I was like, “what are they doing?!  But…Ziam.”  We all know M!M is homophobic as hell.  So why was Liam being seeded for some major subplot with Zayn in the stunt?

My theory is that M!M’s logic was that Liam being well-received by the general public throughout the stunt as the band spokesman made him favorable, as long as they ran a “best friend” or “bro love” narrative.  (Louis was seeded for a “best friend” narrative too and look how that turned out: two fake Twitter fights.  Gross.)  But now, with all the no homo promo it seems M!M might not want to risk Liam because they don’t want to draw attention to Ziam.  And, the recent upsurge in Zarry set up in press and in the Corden interview, plus Liam’s plainly horrendous performance on The Late Late Show (I am flabbergasted that anyone could consider his behavior last night as anything other than tense, unnatural and unhappy), all say Liam is probably not a very likely candidate for the redeemer anymore.  Either way, poor Liam.  Free him.  Free all of them.

Can You See Me (Kai Smut)

The room was filled with chatter from the many people floating around the room. This was your first time working with EXO. You had always admired them and supported them in your personal life. You had scored the job right after you moved to Korea. Finding a decent job as a makeup artist wasn’t easy after all. You were lucky just to be in the same room as the talented idols.

You finished up Baekhyun’s eyeliner after an hour. He wanted his to be perfect,just the way he liked it. You took a step back, analyzing your work. He looked in the mirror and gave a nod of approval. You smiled at him, giving a thumbs up and getting your brushes ready for the last member. Kai slid into the chair and smiled widely. You blushed a bit. He gave you an intense look up and down. You were hoping he wasn’t judging you too hard. You felt a bit under dressed in your black deep V-neck and your jean shorts, with your makeup brushes neatly placed in the small cosmetic apron around your waist.

“Are you nervous,” Kai asked, starting a conversation. You focused on which eyeliner to use on him. “No actually, makeup is the thing that makes me the least worried,” you replied, finally finding a good shade of black. You lean forward and get as close to him as you can. You tell him to look down as you start to apply the makeup skillfully to his eyes. He clears his throat and gets quiet. You finish with the top of his eyes and are trying to get his attention, but he is unresponsive. You wave your hand in front of his face and he snaps back. “You alright,” you ask, concerned. He looks at you and then you realize he had been told to look directly at your chest. You giggle, a bit ashamed. “I’m ‘so sorry, I didn’t mean for you to have to look at my chest,” you apologized. He grinned maliciously. “I really didn’t mind,” he mentioned. You laughed and got close to him again. “Well good because I need you to do it one more time,” you instructed. He focused again and you finished applying the eyeliner. You stepped back and checked to make sure it was the best smokey eye you ever did. He looked amazing and you had hardly even recognized that the chatter had stopped and no one was left in the dressing room. 

Kai stood up and looked at himself in the mirror. You walked to your station and began putting your things away. You bent down to pick up your bag and you heard Kai clear his throat again. You sensed him staring at you. You turned your head and met his gaze, also seeing that he had a raging boner. You pointed and smirked. He looked down and wasn’t even surprised. You shook your head in amusement at his boldness. “Did I do something,” you asked, amused. He walked over and grabbed you. He tilted your head back and kissed you avidly. You fell deep into the kiss, getting more intense with every breath. His kiss brings a warm sensation over you and within a matter of seconds you can feel the moisture between your legs.

You turn and push him back into the chair. You stradle him and move your lips hungrily across his neck. He moans sexily. You grind against him, making him go wild. You tease him a bit before tugging his pants off swiftly. You take all of him into your mouth. He stares down at you with his beautiful, intense eyes. You suck until you feel that he can’t take it anymore. You stand up and turn around. You bend over and give a little shake for him. He grunts impatiently. He spins you back towards him and grabs your chest. You let a moan escape your lips as he squeezes your boobs. You pull your shorts off as he continues to feel on your chest. You guide him off of the chair and you slide onto the counter where your makeup had been. He stood between your legs, his lower half exposed. You took in his body and pulled his shirt off, wanting him to be completely bare. 

His abs taunted you and you ran your hands over them. He shuddered against your touch. He glanced at you and pulled your shirt off. “Has to be fair,” he demanded. You unhooked your bra and exposed your chest also. He leaned over and kissed you again, running his hands through your hair. He moved your head to the side and started nibbling at your ear. “Mmm yes,” you moaned. You could feel him hard against your thigh. You rubbed yourself as he continued playing at your ear. He stopped what he was doing and stepped back, watching you. He backed into the chair clumsily and fell into it. You took this opportunity to get back up and walk over to him. You walked slowly, taking your time so he could see every bit of you. Right before you got to him, you slid off your panties, building up the anticipation. “Get over here,” he growled, slamming you down onto his lap. 

You yelled as the force hit you. You worked yourself up and down as he grabbed your neck and clamped down lightly. You were so turned on by his slight roughness. You moved faster up and down, listening to his steady grunts and moans. He released his grip and yanked you up, pinning you against the door to the dressing room. The way he was touching you made you crave him. He pulled your legs up and pushed himself inside you. He alternated between pounding you and slowly stroking you. He was mid stroke when you couldn’t help yourself anymore and let go, screaming his name. He looked deeply into your eyes, his breath was ragged. He let you back down and bent you over, pounding you now repeatedly from behind. You were overwelmed and he held your hips tightly as he felt himself about to cum. You turned around and let him shoot all over your face, enjoying every bit of it. You close your eyes and take in the satisfaction. You feel another stream hit your face and you smile, sinfully. “You’re not finished,” you questioned. “That time it wasn’t me,” Kai responded. 

You wiped your face and quickly opened your eyes. You smirk as you see Sehun stroking in front of you. You stand up and lick your fingers in front of them both. “Naughty boy, you’ve been watching this whole time,” you say directly to Sehun. He nods, not showing a bit of guilt. Kai comes up behind you and wraps his arms around you while Sehun stares. “After our show, maybe it’s time for round two,” he whispers, suggestively. You spread out on the dressing room couch still naked. He gets himself back together, as does Sehun, and they walk out together. Kai pokes his head back in, “don’t you move from that spot, I’m going to need another touch-up,” he says as he winks and leaves once again. You leaned back and relaxed, preparing yourself for another session with Kai. The door opens again and you sit up, expecting Kai, but instead finding Sehun. He approaches the couch and says, “Now it’s my turn.”

I’m terrified of having to explain what’s wrong with me every time I feel the need to leave the room. I don’t want to have to keep on repeating myself, but at the same time I don’t expect anyone to understand what’s going on inside my head. I don’t want anyone to look at me differently because it’s hard enough having to deal with the whole thing. But there are going to be times where I am going to get the urge to just stand up and leave the room, or just leave in the middle of a conversation. I don’t want people to think that I’m going crazy, I just need them to understand that sometimes it all gets a bit too much for me and it’s better if take myself away for some space. I can’t predict the next time I’m going to start panicking or the next time I’m going to feel the anxiety build up inside me…all I know is that it could happen at any time in any place and that thought terrifies me. The whole thing has already had a huge affect on me. I’m just scared. I’m really, really terrified. I’m constantly exhausted as a result of everything and it’s all just getting too much. I don’t want to be like this anymore. I don’t feel like I’m a normal person and I don’t want to hurt the people around me. I hate the fact that this might never go away..I don’t feel strong enough to fight the same thoughts and the same battle every day. I don’t want to end up being too scared to do the things that I’ve always wanted to do. What I really need is for someone to just say that everything’s going to be alright because right now I feel like I’m breaking, and I don’t know how to stop.

FUN AU where Kevin makes it out alive

Alan’s not so lucky. (tw character death)


THE HEART ATTACK IS FATAL, k? Lora stays in DC instead of moving back ‘cause she can’t stay in the place where she lost them both. Too many memories there. Roy sorta takes Sam in, keeps tabs on him for her (Sam might as well have been her son, after all) as much as he’s around.

Roughly in the same timeline as Legacy, the city wants to flatten the area around the arcade to revitalise the place and forces everyone to sell up.

So Sam goes one last time, to get all his dad’s shit moved into storage (he knows what it meant to Alan, understands now why he worked so hard. Roy told him about the trust fund Alan had set up for Flynn Lives in the first year, how it’s all that keeps the organisation running - Alan’s funding and Roy’s tireless hard work. He tells him who ISOlatedThinker was, since nobody else but Lora can know.) and while he’s clearing the place out he shifts the Tron machine.

Suddenly everything falls into place.

Losing Alan taught him not to be so reckless, as tough as it was (still is) - he saw what it did to Lora, was old enough to understand about losing Alan what he hadn’t understood about his dad. Besides - there was no chance of ever bring Alan back.

He understood what’d happen to the people who cared about him. So when the laser prompt pops up, he hits N instead. Takes a look around. Remembers what Lora is working on, vaguely recognises the laser. Remembers his dad’s stories about Tron and the grid.

He thanks Alan for keeping the power running at the arcade for all these years, because maybe - just maybe - there’s hope.

When he goes in and finds his dad - old and grizzled, like Alan never got to be - he’s almost resentful but so, so glad he’s alive. He recognises Tron’s voice, when Rinzler tackles him to the floor, because he misses Alan enough to clutch at straws.

He still tells Kevin that Alan sent him, because in a way he did. Kevin laughs it off, fond memory shadowing the name. “Bradley?”

They make it off-grid, all three of them. Sam insists on going back for Tron.

Kevin doesn’t really understand why he’s so adamant - at least, not ‘til long after Sam comes back off the grid again, cradling Tron half-alive in his arms, looking much more distraught than Kevin thinks he ought to, considering Sam doesn’t actually know the guy.

Sam calls Roy up, insisting that he comes to the arcade now and to ask Lora to fly home asap (but also to tell her it’s nothing to worry about - she’s had more than her fair share of stressed out flights). He tells him to tell Lora that Alan was right (Kevin finally, finally notices the odd way his son’s voice catches when he says his godfather’s name) and when Roy asks, “About what?” he just smiles wryly over at Quorra taking care of Tron.

“About everything.”

Here to submit, once again. I was checking out a lady and she’s watching me scan all of her items, even handing them to me herself. How nice, I think. After I scanned all twenty or so of her items, and complete the transaction, she proceeds to look through her bags and say “oh, I didn’t want these!” and made me take out five or six items out. She wanted to return the very same items she handed to me herself, acting like I should have been paying more attention to what she was handing me, or something. Not quite sure what happened there, but she wanted to return the six items and the POS wasn’t giving the right amount back so I had to get the manager. sigh. Is it that hard for people to pay attention?

I haven’t asked this in awhile, but anyone know of some good studyblr blogs that don’t reblog much if at all? It’s hard to find them, I know. But when people ask me for blogs similar to mine I usually don’t know what to tell them because nearly all studyblr blogs I come across are nearly all reblog. That’s fine. I follow a few of those. But I really don’t find a point in following more than a few because when I used to follow a bunch of them I would just see the same shit over and over and over… That’s why I’m not too fond of reblog blogs.

Don’t get me wrong. I do have a reblog blog called studysavvy that I use to save things I want to look at later. I don’t run it for other people to follow. I’m just personally not super interested in those blogs. It’s just the same content over and over, and I like to keep my dash time to a strict minimum.

I just want unique content. Is that so bad? I like to follow blogs for the people, mostly. To follow their story, their academic journey. If all of your posts are literally just taking someone else’s content then I’m not going to be interested, to be perfectly honest.

theorganisedstudent reblogs a lot, but she also answers a ton of questions. That’s primarily why I follow her. I like a little studyspo here and there, but I mostly like reading her answers to questions and her printables.

philosonista, in addition to being a IRL friend, she hardly ever reblogs and I love it. We talk to each other about our blogs and it’s always kinda entertaining that we’re like, “Hey, I saw you posted about X…” Haha. The originality is nice. She doesn’t post as much because of it, but that’s fine. Quality over quantity.


It saddens me when people say they don’t want their favorite band to become popular. I mean, I understand the feeling. Believe me, I really do. Sometimes when I look at a band that I’ve loved since the very beginning become really big and I see all the fans freaking out over them, I kind of feel like: Hey, I was here first. However, wishing they wouldn’t become popular isn’t the answer. Do you even know how hard these people work to get a shot? To get an opportunity? The industry today is really tough for musicians who want to play rock music and stay true to themselves. The label is already harsh as fuck on them, the fans don’t need to do the same thing. If more rock and metal acts become popular, more bands will come and maybe then, labels will realize that rock fans also buy music and the mainstream music will undergo an amazing and drastic change. Maybe I’m dreaming a little too much. I feel like the reason why rock and metal isn’t all that popular anymore is because of the fans, as soon as a band becomes remotely mainstream, the fans start to say they suck, they’re horrible, they’re not the same anymore, even if they didn’t change at all. The simple fact that they’re not nobodies anymore seem to bother people quite a lot. That mentality is just sad and wrong. Your favorite bands need the money and the support so they can keep going, making records, touring and doing what they love. Do you really want them to stop just because you want them to be your little secret? I feel like the fans should just stop being whiny little bitches and they should appreciate when an underground, unknown, good band becomes well known. That’s their work, regardless of how selfish you are, they deserve to get big & have success. I really hope this mentality among rock and metal fan changes, we need to see more bad ass bands on mainstream award shows instead of a bunch of cookie-cutter manufactured pop stars, don’t you think? So, please, if you have the means, support your favorite bands, buy their albums, tickets and stuff. Show the media that we’re interested. I want to see the day when good music is praised again. Bands are not sellouts because they’re doing well, their music doesn’t automatically suck just because they’re a Billboard Top 40. Let’s make this genre reign again. Thank you for reading.

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Do you think that Aki would be a Hinata child or a Kage Child. Like, would Hinata have Aki's legs up on his shoulders while he is just upside down and laughing crazily as a child? Or would Aki spend all his time sitting in Kags lap or on his shoulders?? Same with Akane.

Hm I’ve said before that I can’t imagine them in the same space since I can’t imagine kagehina being mature enough to marry+raise kids et etc buuuutt 

If I were to imagine them doing some social service at a local kindergarten with Aki and Akane, I can totally see Hinata and Akihiko getting on like a house on fire! I feel like they’d be equally excited about things, whether it’s catching bugs or building sand castles.. They’d be running around all over the place and come back all dirty. Akane I don’t think would be as easily excitable but Hinata’s probably really good at getting her interested in some sort of game?? They’d play till they see the end of it and Aki + Kags will join and it’ll be crazy 

On the other hand Kageyama will be soooo awkward. He’d be really stiff at first. The only one who isn’t bothered by his ‘scary’ face will be Akane probably, they won’t really talk much but they’ll grow closer playing ball (and she’ll be super impressed with his seemingly magical ability to toss the ball wherever she wants). I think Akihiko might join shyly but it’ll take a longer time for them to get along by themselves 

So I guess Akihiko’s definitely a “Hinata Child”? It’s not so clear for Akane. Tbh Hianta will probably get along the best with both of them since he’s so good with people and Kageyama’s an awkward egg. But who knows, adult (+father) Kags might be a lot different! 

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I just realized that 90% of the Cullens' problems with blending in could be solved if they just got spray tans. (And wouldn't it help hide the sparkling? If they still shimmered a little they could say it was sunscreen...) :P Seriously, though, you'd think they'd put a little more effort into pretending to be human and coming up with believable covers if they're as smart and rich and careful as we're told.

You’d think that would be a fairly easy problem to solve, right? I mean I get that coming up with a viable blood substitute could be tricky, or a cure, or a way to have children …but surely some kind of make-up to make them look more human and hide the sparkle should be fairly simple? lol 

I guess the problem is that human make-up is designed to adhere to human skin, and vampire skin is different. But all the same… how hard could this be? This would be a great project for Rosalie especially–she’s got a lot of background in science, plus a vested interest in looking “normal” as well as looking beautiful. A sunproof make-up line for vampires would be a great project for her to work on. 

Since everyone and their brother (I’m looking at you, Jeb) is running for the 2016 Republican nomination this year, there’s a real problem with how to handle the debates.

Will they allow all of them to take the stage, some of them, or stagger them? It’s hard to imagine any of us sitting through a debate with 20+ candidates including the likes of Donald Trump and Ben Carson on the same stage, after all.

According to Slate, the RNC is so flummoxed they’re just going to hand it over to the “networks” to decide.

The situation has grown so fraught that the RNC has begun scrambling to publicly foist much of the responsibility for who get’s invited—and who doesn’t—onto the network that will televise each debate. “Ultimately, it’s the networks’ decision,” RNC spokesman Sean Spicer said over the weekend. “There’s an obligation for the party to make sure the standard is fair. But it’s not our decision.” Translation: If you don’t like what you see on stage, blame the media!

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so do you think sabo ever got sad because ace and luffy looked like they could be related by blood and he looks nothing like them

aaah yes here’s a topic i’ve thought about a lot ;u;

i feel like it’s something he wouldn’t think about much, like obviously it doesn’t matter much to him how he looks, because he knows they’re still brothers

….but at the same time, i can imagine that especially in an AU setting where ace is alive and they’re all together, it’d be hard for him when people would inevitably be like “oh obviously, you two look so alike” when ace and luffy say they’re brothers, but he gets weird looks and “really??”s when he says they’re his brothers

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How did you learn to accept your thighs. I have the same problem but I hate myself and am always on the verge of going back to anorexic and idk. Please help

Ok get ready for a rant. 

Please don’t! I used to have really skinny thighs, so I know what it’s like to adjust. It took me probably 1 year and a half-2 years to really accept them (after I’d gained weight) and feel comfortable with them, as well as growing to love them. I guess I did it mainly by just getting used to them and realising they’re normal and that I have the thighs of the majority of women. I also stopped looking in the mirror so much. Some days are used to just stand there and stare at them and critisise them in my head. I put a stop to it and it did wonders. Try really hard to stop being so critical on yourself whenever you can. You also need to take yourself away from all the medias bullshit and promotions of unrealistic standards of weight.

Also, my boyfriend helps a lot with them. He always comforts me when I feel doubtful within myself, but also I like that he’s honest and can admit they’re a tiny bit chubby and that they’re not skinny, but that he loves them that way and prefers them. And it’s genuine. I never liked people bullshitting me and saying “no you’re thighs are skinny shut up” because clearly they weren’t. I look a much healthier weight now though. 

Just remember your body is perfectly normal and lovely and beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. I used to be 8/9 kg’s lighter and I was way too skinny and I knew it. The difference with me was that I never thought I was fat I just lost all this weight after I finished high school because I would laze around and do nothing and forget to eat and not need food so much. I also had a lot of anxiety so I basically never had an appetite. But I got used to being skinny. It kinda clinged to me, sadly. I was this way for about 2 years. Yeah I honestly there was something satisfying about always fitting the smallest thing in a shop (because that’s the sort of bullshit society shoves in our head to be a good thing), but I had no energy and I was sick a fair bit and looked boney and just…well awful. I prefer myself now by far, in all honesty. I received a lot of comments from people about how much healthier and overall better I look. If I can do it you can. 

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I'm not gonna sugar coat it but I really don't like your fursona's design. Red and green are complimentary colors and should not be put together in large groups like you have. Your OC is all together hard to look at without getting dizzy and looking away, the same for the eyes as well. You should really change the inverted color idea because those red and green are very displeasing to the eyes. Especially because of the interactive patterns with them. Your OC just has to much going on to look at

Thank you for your opinion…but I’m keeping it. I think Ayz looks neat.

Kitten Update

Charlotte had four kittens so far.

The first two were still-born and that was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. She didn’t care about them, didn’t break the placenta or anything like that. They both came within minutes of each other. We called the vet and the humane society and they both said the same thing - there really wasn’t anything we could have done. While we were still on the phone with them, the third one came, which looked different then the other two. Girl, all black, happy and breathing. Charlotte attended to this one instantly and won’t let us get too close. 

A few minutes later she had the fourth, which looked like the first two, and again was still-born. I know it’s common in large litters for several of the kittens to be still-born, or ‘transparent kittens’, but it’s still hard to lose three right away. 

Charlotte is going okay and taking care of the one kitten, who we have named Joy. 

It does help knowing that still-borns are common with the bigger litters. And it made us feel better to realize that she ignored the still-borns, but was instantly taking care of the other one. I’m pretty sure she knew and pretty sure that there wasn’t much we could have done.

All the booklets told us that there would be an hour between the births, but she has been spitting these little guys out. I can’t find anything online that says if that is normal for big litters, but it’s been about ten minutes since number four and she hasn’t had another.

Joy is nursing and doing good still, about 20 minutes after birth, and now we’re just waiting for the rest. She is still purring up a storm and her poor belly is still big and hard, so more kittens are coming!

Send your good wishes that the rest will be okay, please and thank you. 

The Fiction I Created/ Alec + Lillith


It had been two weeks since her acceptance offer and actually gaining a publisher and Lillith was still walking around in her ridiculous good mood. Nothing could put her down; not the overdue bills, not the lack of her favourite clothes being around and not even embarrassing herself in front of newly gained publisher. Okay, maybe all three of them did get to her but she wasn’t going to show it. She was grateful, she had worked so hard for that book to hit shelves. She needed to be happy and not gloomy over the little things. Even if the bills were a bit large at the moment.

She entered the café, putting down her umbrella and shutting it with a bit of effort. Quickly checking her hair wasn’t damp and checking she didn’t look as bad as she felt in the mirror, she headed over to the table where Alec sat. It was the same café where they first met but a different table this time, somewhere closer to the window which was a good idea actually as the rain was just gorgeous. She only took an umbrella this morning because she refused to muck this up by being careless.

Alec seemed to be in a world of his own, reading a book on something she couldn’t quite see. He had his finger over his mouth, reading every word. She kind of didn’t want to disturb him but hey, they had work to do.
“Hey! I mean, hello Mister Waters! How’s it going… in the book?”

Well done.

Honestly I don’t get why everyone is calling Seventeen little 12 year old babies. Like????? I know Samuel was young affff but he isn’t in the group anymore for that reason. The oldest is a 95er and the youngest is a 99er. I mean they aren’t babies and know what they are doing. Obviously they are younger than the average idol but they are rookies. Taemin was the same age as some of them when he debuted so. They aren’t just some random ass group that debuted out of nowhere, they have been popular in Korea for a long while as they have performed while trainees. Like I said before, they are not clueless. Just chill on calling them little babies in a way that makes it look like they don’t know anything yet because it’s kind of degrading when they have worked this hard. 

Obviously its different if you are calling them little children in an endearing way or ya know, if you are a lot older then them and so on (because I mean come on, they are adorable little squish balls, even I call them my babies) but calling them children in a degrading way is just aggravating. 

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I have that same lie in my head about not being enough. What do you do to remind yourself that you are and feel better when that gets to you?

I’m so sorry. it’s awful isn’t it? it’s so hard to really be in relationships with people while fighting it.
first of all, I’ll tell you what not to do: don’t look for others to prove the lie wrong!!!
other people do not dictate your value. esp attention and attention from guys. it’s hard when a guy does something horrible repeatedly or even once and it sets this lie in us. it’s tempting to give in and agree because we are always more apt to believe negative more than positive - BUT YOU CANT.
you must listen to the people that build you up.
you must listen to what God says about you.
you must be proud of yourself. love on yourself. be okay with who you are and what you are.
it’s a process. this doesn’t even cover it. but you can overcome.

[It comes as a shock. Quincy thinks it would to anyone, but the view he gets of the little test – sat too prominent against the stark bathroom counter – as he gets home is… otherworldly. For a moment, he has to clench his hands. Dig his fingernails deep into his palms to make sure that this is real. That he hasn’t fallen back into the recesses of his mind once again; trapped and looking out. Out, unable to get back in.

The counter is white. The test is white. His palms swell a lovely shade of too-pink where his nails have bitten into them, and life– Quincy finds himself back on Earth again.

He’d like to say that it was a rough decision; deciding whether or not to ask her about it. But it isn’t. In the same moment he realizes he might have to say something, he decides to say nothing at all. To let her bring it up in her own time, so that she never has to know he knew, if she decides it’s not worth telling him.

Irrationally, he even wonders for a moment what he’ll do with the empty space in his life if she decides to run off with the maybe-child. If she deems Quincy unfit for family, and takes off with the same half-made excuse his father had. But she wouldn’t. She cares about him, and she knows he cares about her. He’s killed for her. She’ll stay. (Or maybe, it’s because of that that she shouldn’t.)

Either way, it’s hardly his decision to make for her. More, he doesn’t want to think there’s reason to worry in that direction.

Quincy spends twenty minutes just standing in the hall outside of the restroom before making his way through the estate to her.]

Hello. [He says, taking a seat next to her on the couch and trying desperately not to sound as freaked out as he is. It’s probably a massive failure, but then his voice isn’t exactly brimming with emotion either. It rarely is. Maybe today he can rely on his dry sense of being to save him.] How was your day?