it was hard to find the pics that i think suited each boy as well

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okay so my original post about this was way too short for my liking and i’ve changed some things now that i’ve discussed it more with zoe and jen buckle up boys we’re in for a bumpy road (also these pics are so greaser!tom it physically hurts me)

  • greaser!tom is the epitome of bad boy with a heart of gold
  • his dad left when he was seven so he’s always been the protector of his family
  • his two younger siblings (adam, 15, and penelope, 13) look up to him so so so much
  • total momma’s boy oh my lord
  • he’s super super smart and loves to write but he pretends not to be and doesn’t try very hard in school
  • partly bc he has a reputation to uphold
  • but partly bc he knows his mom can’t afford to send him to college and it’s easier to pretend that college isn’t something he wants or could qualify for than it is to let her feel like she’s letting him down
  • works as an apprentice mechanic at his uncle’s auto shop
  • he knows that he’s going to inherit the shop when his uncle retires 
  • he wants so much more than what he has and wants to be so much more than what he is?????
  • but he’d rather be what everyone assumes he is if it means giving his family a better life
  • does he want to be the leader of the town’s most infamous gang??? no
  • but the position gives him status and fear and the ability to protect his family
  • and it doesn’t matter to him if that protection comes at the cost of his safety
  • his mom doesn’t know he’s in a gang
  • to some degree she does??? she suspects it???? but he tries his best to keep his injuries hidden from her and dodges questions when she asks about his black eyes and bloody knuckles
  • adam doesn’t come home one day and tom drives around for hours until he finds him in a park nursing cuts and bruised knuckles and tom just about loses it
  • “do you think fighting makes you cool? i swear to god adam if i ever get another frantic phone call from mom because she doesn’t know where you are you will never step foot outside this house again”
  • “i know you’re the leader of a gang tom how can you tell me not to fight when it’s all you do?”
  • “adam it’s too late for me to be anything else but it’s not too late for you.”
  • he teaches penelope and adam how to fight bc he wants them to be able to protect themselves but he also teaches them to use their heads and focus on school
  • carries a switchblade but has never used it on anyone
  • penelope is the only person (besides you) that gets away with calling him tommy
  • his entire family loves you
  • adam is low key in love with you and penelope thinks you’re so cool
  • tom’s mom thinks you’re good for her son and you help him focus and stay calm
  • his uncle is hesitant bc he knows how snobby your family is and thinks you’re the same
  • you and tom work so well bc each of you is what the other needs
  • he makes you feel reckless and adventurous and you make him feel more important in the world like his existence matters
  • your family is not so supportive
  • the first time tom meets them he shows up to dinner in an old suit and tie that his dad left behind
  • hair combed nicely
  • flowers for you and your mom in his hand
  • your mom thinks he’s sweet and your little brother thinks he’s cool but your dad hates him
  • he’s very passive aggressive and takes little shots about tom’s family life
  • eventually you have enough and you storm out with tom in tow
  • you can calm him down and he calms you down
  • and you both know that your relationship has an expiration date
  • but when he slips his jacket around your shoulders and pulls you into him as you watch the stars from the roof of his car you pretend that this can last forever
  • you’re the only person he’s ever shown his poetry to
  • i know that spoken word poetry definitely does not fit the fifties aesthetic we’re going for here but this poem ruins me every time and i want to hear tom recite it
  • tom knows that you’re going to end up with someone so different than him and he’s so scared that he’s going to end up like his dad
  • but when you kiss him it feels like he could steal the moon for you

i made myself sad whoops

Sheith family pt2

@lordzuuko okay so, here’s second one? :’) sorry for the lateness – AGAIN. anyway, i love this family, i should write more, ughhh. (my lazy ass prob will take another few months lol)

sheith. voltron family au. words: 1267

Do insecurities ever leave?

Sometimes, it feels like those never existed, but a lot of times it has crawled back with sharp nails, scratching his insides until it bleeds – Leaning back to the chair, he stares his computer, a frown lining his features. He hates thinking things too deeply, digging into depressing stuffs. It’s just…depressing. Annoying. Frustrating.

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Freebatch Fic Submission

Untitled Whoa Martin is Fucking Hot Freebatch Ficlet

Ben had just finished what turned out to be an unexpectedly long and exhausting day on set, headed back to his hotel room with his hat pulled down low and his sunglasses blocking his tired eyes from the bright Atlanta sun. Although his part in the film was small (they did have seemingly a thousand other super heroes to fit onscreen anyways) he did have to film quite a strenuous and pivotal fight scene and it took a toll.

“Not getting any younger old chap” he mused to himself as he sunk into the plush leather seats of the car and signaled to the driver to go on. The first thing he wanted when he got back to his room was a nice hot shower, and the second thing he wanted was something ridiculously unhealthy from the room service menu. He’d earned the extra calories. He also wanted a smoke too but he was trying to be good this month. He really was.

Without thinking much about it he pulled his phone from his carry all and flicked it open, scrolling listlessly through email after email–his agent this his publicist that. Boring. Several texts were there from friends and his Mum and he replied casually to a few of them, but vowed to just call his Mum later instead. When he had sufficiently replied to anything he deemed important enough to bother with in his exhausted state, he moved his thumb over to the small blue icon at the bottom of the screen and decided to indulge in his favorite mind numbing, stress relieving past time. Well the one he could do in public that is.


Yes Benedict Cumberbatch had a tumblr. He didn’t have a Facebook or a twitter or a whose it what’s it and frankly didn’t give a toss if he ever did, but he had a tumblr account. In the early days of Sherlock, when everything was still fresh and new and he was coasting a wave of fame unlike he had ever known before, Martin had set him up with an account. He’d said it was a great way to stay up to date on such vague things as “news” and “current events”. Little did he know it really was to torture him.

“You gotta download it man.”

“What’s tumblr?”

“It’s a blogging site. Lots of uh…stuff to see.”

“What kind of stuff?”

“Interesting stuff.”

“Such as?”

“You know. Things.”

“Ok now you’re being suspicious.”

“Well…Lots of fans of our show seem to congregate there and…well you’ll see. I’ll help you set up an account but…you have to see what the fans are doing. What they are saying about the show. And man the art…..the art….wow. It’s wild.” He had giggled like a naughty school boy and Ben remembered the immediate feeling of trepidation but had just shrugged and left him to it.

He was stuck with the name “CumSnatch6969” as ~revenge for not taking more of an interest in the proceedings.

But somehow he had kept the account open, crude ridiculous name and all. He never reblogged anything (and honestly he wasn’t sure how to even do that) but after all the fun and horror of goggling and cringing at the art work of him and Martin faded (no! Sherlock and Watson he had to constantly remind himself lest he walk around with a permanent tinge of embarrassment imprinted upon his face) he still found himself going on to his account from time to time just to….well…..see what there was to see.

And boy there was a lot! Too much to mention and quite a bit he would rather forget. And as time passed he found himself going on to tumblr with alarming regularity. It became the last place he visited before bed, scrolling lazily through his phone as he curled up under his sheets. Anytime he was stuck in traffic or hopped on the tube or was stuck in a waiting room or in between scenes on set he could be found scrolling and scrolling.

He didn’t follow any blogs. He easily could have but he was still a little paranoid that someone would somehow find out it was him, as silly as that sounded. But he did figure out how to track tags. And it was because of this, riding in the back of a sedan headed to his posh hotel, when he opened the app he was assaulted (really there was no other word for it) with a million images of a smiling, scruffy, sunnie wearing Martin on the red carpet, looking radiant and joyous and –oh holy fuck–so damn fit he wanted to scream.

Pic after pic flooded his dash as he scrolled.

“Martin Freeman at the premiere of……London…..Leicester Square…” He found himself mumbling out loud as he read caption after caption. “Oh fuck.” He groaned, feeling the pit of his stomach clench.

He looked good. So, so fucking good. Never before had he found himself nodding along solemnly in agreement with the capslocked and terribly spelled comments on each post.


“How dare u Martin. How dare u!!???”

“This is my aesthetic. I am ded.”

He found his mind wandering to that other stress relieving activity and wondered how long it was going to take to get out of this god forsaken Atlanta traffic and back to his room so he could….study these pictures more. In private. Sans pants.

The car slowed to a stop and even though he really, really doesn’t want to tear his eyes away from the photos, his driver is suddenly at his door, opening it and ushering him out into the humid, sticky summer air once again. He gathered up his bag, stowing his phone in his pocket, and with a polite nod of thanks he exited the car and strolled into the hotel lobby. The girls at the front desk are familiar enough with him now to be polite but leave him be. Their eyes track him, friendly and interested and he smiles briefly in their direction before hopping onto the elevator and pressing his floor.

He leaned back against the wall and let the cool air wash over him, feeling a burning in his pocket and an itch in his fingers. Martin. Martin. Martin is all he can think of but he does his best to hold on to a modicum of dignity and not bolt to his room like a horny teenager.

When he finally slides the key card into his room (a gorgeous suite with a stunning view–thanks Marvel!) he throws his bag and keys on the chair with a plop and falls back onto his bed, toeing off his shoes as he goes. He’s tired to the bone and his muscles ache and he’s covered in a thin veneer of sweat mixed with residual wig glue and pancake makeup and he really should be under that glorious waterfall shower right this minute but…..Martin.

With a grunt he pulls out his phone, flicking it open to the last photo he had been looking at–Martin smiling at the camera, his hands shoved into the pockets of his deep blue trousers, slim hips and a casual stance, a fresh hair cut and an aura of someone who was fucking owning themselves in every way. It was so incredibly sexy. As one hand gripped his phone, the other fiddled with his fly, unzipping it hastily, already beginning to feel the tell tale stirrings down below and the clench of tension in his lower abdomen.

“This won’t take very long” he thought, and too wracked with need to get up and dig through his mess of suitcases to find any lube or lotion or whatever he’d managed to pack, he simply spit into his palm (crude he thought, like when he was at boarding school and had to make do) and shoved his hand into his pants, connecting with the warm hardness and beginning to stroke. This was no Sunday morning wank session–slow and lazy strokes, taking time to tease himself–but hard and frantic, almost rough. He needed contact, delicious friction, and he needed it now.

“Oh god..” He moaned as he worked himself, stroking his shaft up and down and pumping his hips into his hand, his arse raising off the bed with each thrust. The hand holding the phone trembled slightly as he felt the tension coiling in his body.

Martin just stared back at him. Brilliant smile. Confident demeanor. Trim waist. An tight little ass clad in tight little pants. Smiling back at Ben as if he knew. That cheeky little fucker.

“Oh…fffuuuu…..ahh…ah…ah….ughhhhhh….” He moaned, louder and louder, closing his eyes and arching his head back into the pillow, the back of his neck now sticky with perspiration. His mind was filled with nothing but images of taking Martin, bending his tight little body over the nearest chair or table, pulling those tight blue pants down, and fucking the ever loving shit out of him.

Ben’s breaths were coming out now in hot little bursts. Tiny little whines escaped the back of his throat. He was close, so close. His hand pumped and pumped, his prick so slick and hot he felt his fist would fly off, so he gripped harder.

Those hips. That ass. That chest. The little dip of exposed skin at the hollow of his throat. Ben wanted to lick it, he wanted to lick it as he slid into him and..

“Oh holy fuck shit jee–aaaaaah fuck fuuuck.” He exclaimed, his stomach clenching and then convulsing wildly as his prick shot out ribbons of hot release onto his hand and abdomen.

The come down was fast and he immediately felt loose limbed and languid, as if he had just got out of a hot tub or received a killer Swedish massage. Every bit of stress was seeped out of his body, floating into the ether, and he was dimly aware of the sticky mess growing cold on his belly as his head lolled to the side and his eyelids grew heavy.

He hadn’t come that hard in a while.

Suddenly the phone–which was now dangling precariously on the edge of the bed, discarded as his orgasm had overtook him–started to jangle a familiar ring tone and his face, which had grown slack in the after glow, spread into a wide grin as he saw the name on the screen.

“Hello babe.” Ben pressed the speaker phone button and suddenly the room was filled with the sound of a voice he hadn’t heard in way too long.

Ages even.

Ok, well it was like two days but still. Far too long.

“Hey love. Long day, you sound beat?” Martin’s light, melodic tone sounded jovial but there was a slight edge of worry there. “I tried calling you earlier but I think you were on set. We’re like two ships passing in the night and I.” He sighed. “I miss you.”

Ben felt his heart thud wildly in his chest. No matter how long they had been doing ….this….whatever it is they were doing….it still never failed to affect him in such a visceral way.

“I miss you too. And yeah, it was a big fight scene today. I’m exhausted. Need a good rub down.”

“Ah. Well if only you weren’t an ocean away I could give you a rub down.” Martin sniggered, and Ben could visualize the saucy eyebrow raise that came with. That man…that silly, lovely gem of a man.

He loved him. He really, truly did. One day he would get the balls to tell him.

“I’m sure you would babe. But as needs must one has to take care of themselves when the mood strikes. You know how it goes.” Ben bit his lip, smiling at the ceiling.

“Oh that’s how it goes, is it? Enlighten me posh boy.”

“All I will say is that I saw some…pictures of you. At the premiere today. Single life looks good on you is all I will say. That’s what all the fan girls are saying at any rate.”

“Oh does it now?” Martin barked out a laugh. “Tumblr again Ben? You’ve got a problem you know?” Another high pitched giggle and then there was a beat of silence and then a wistful “it’s not single life that looks good on me you know? It’s you.” and Ben felt his insides turn to jelly.

“Is that why you look so damn good lately? Me?”

“Apparently so. You’ve got magical powers there Cumberbatch, making an ugly sod like me into hot stuff.”

Ben giggled. If he had a choice he would be on the first plane back to London, back to his own home, his own bed, his lover…boyfriend?….
whatever… it with him. But he was unfortunately stuck in this humid hellscape for at least two more weeks.

“So…” Martin continued, his tone playful. “Tell me more about how you wanked off to my pictures. I want all the sordid details.”


I absolutely love the idea of Ben having a tumblr, and idk how you got inside my head, but the image of Ben jerking off makes me feel a certain type of way SOOOOO thank you!!! ;) Lol but really, it was great!  👍

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THIS IS IT PEOPLE. We have finally arrived at La Fiesta Tech and are about to take over this shitty campus through the sheer force of our awfulness. Some technical info before I reveal adult Jojo to you aka the wonders of the Komei jaw: a) we’ll be founding the Union Greek House this generation (with whatever money we manage to scrape together by senior year) and then each next generation of kids will be pledging in instead of living in the dorms b) I have all colleges attached to the main hood so we’ll be meeting premades from all of them and c) the heir poll will be held at the end of the third year! SO. Ready or not, here comes the jaw..


Really wish you guys could have seen my face when I turned that camera around. The resemblance truly is striking:

What aren’t you telling us, Victoria??? Tg Daniel and Gunther look as ok as the spawn of Komei can be expected to look. OH WELL. Time to minimize the damage with some college makeovers!

First up, sexy Squidward Jojo, who is wisely concealing his jaw. I did a purple suit recolor for him and didn’t realize how shitty it looked till I edited the pics and was faced with this pixelated nightmare. Sorry boo!


Classic as it was, the full-black-turtleneck look was getting a little old, so I modernized Daniel’s look with this communism-alluding shirt under a military vest. Work it Dan!

-No one works it like the working class ☭

And finally, Gunther, who is looking as ridiculous as always!

-Thank you :D

Loving this hoodie on you, I think it really encapsulates your spirit. Well, judging by the above pics, I can tell the boys are incredibly excited for the college experience!

Time to declare our majors and the fact that psychology has nothing to do with his top artist LTW apparently means shit to Gunther. It’s obvious he wants to major in psych to use these powers for evil. Well nice try, you little bastard, but you’re majoring in art. Daniel is obviously becoming *that guy* in every philosophy class, and I’ve decided that Jojo is gonna go the mad scientist path, so physics it is! Now that this organizational crap is out of the way..’s time to catch up! 

-Hold on to your tits, Daniel.. VICTOR LOST A FIGHT TO ALEGRA




Nice, back to our old tricks. Actually I don’t know how we can be ‘back’ since we never really left them. Here’s hoping that 4 years of college will be enough for the boys to find something else to talk about! Not holding my breath tho.

Jojo is definitely going through something. Hard as it is to believe, he’s actually BFFs with both his brothers and now that they’re all under the same roof, all he wants to do is interact with them! Can’t believe I’m using this word to describe something Jojo-related, but it’s pretty cute. Unfortunately, it causes some unexpected problems..

..because Daniel and Gunther have 0 relationship points, so the whole dynamic is now the two of them… legit competing over fucking Jojo’s affections. In what world is Jojo a prize to be won I don’t even know. God help us. 

It’s our first night on campus aka time to party! We hit the Wasteland Lounge, looking for some good times and some future spouses.

-Aaaah yes.. It’s been far too long since I unleashed my musical power into the world..

Could you go ahead and leash that bad boy back up till there’s a ring on your finger? We’re already playing on difficult thanks to our fucking Komei genes.

-Ugh who the fuck is this?


-LOOOL no way in hell that’s happening.

Stfu Jojo you understand nothing. She’s a rich sorority girl, he’s a broke communist. She has 1 nice point, he has 9. They’re both popularity sims and both suck ass at it. I mean this is not a pairing, it’s a fucking hit sitcom. Let’s chat her up!

-Oh yes please do. So glad I have a drink to enjoy during this trainwreck. 


There we go!

-Hi, I’m Daniel Union :)

-I’m Brittany-

-Ok you got me. I’m no ordinary student.. I’m also.. A COMMUNIST. 

Oh no.

-This is what I’m talking about, look at yourself, so blinded by bourgeois greed that you’ve lost all touch with the struggle of the common man!

-God, I just asked you to get us some drinks YOU FUCKING FREAK


…..Jojo stop smiling immediately istg.

-Calm down, it’s something else I’m smiling about…


-Jojo yes ;)


-Got you, loud and clear.


-How about this exact clone of my father? Finally, a version of him I can stand!


-Mark, your face is. incredible. Especially the nose and the jaw. Love them.

-Thank you! My name is Max though.

-Yea good for you. Would you consider dying your hair, oh I don’t know, red? I also have a wide variety of formal purple clothing that you would look stunning in.


-HA! Watch me.

And of course they have 2 bolts. Amazing. No stopping this train now but I might be jumping in front of it.

Man, this place is lit af. If La Fiesta is the party college I don’t even want to know what the other two are like. Probably literal monasteries. But two secret society members are here and we need that grim reaper phone to resurrect Ronroneo! Time to work the famous Union charm!

I sic Gunther on the redhead..

..while Jojo chats up blondie! For obvious reasons, Daniel has been excluded from the kiss-elitist-ass proceedings.

-I know, nothing better after a long day on the yacht than a nice glass of the blood of the poor! 

-Ha, quite! If I may ask, what’s your favorite year?

-Oh, good question! I’d have to go with the Belladonna Bankruptcy of ‘78.

 -Ah yes, amazing choice! Jojo, I’m going to let you in on a very well kept secret.. The rumors about a secret society on campus.. ARE TRUE.

- :O And here I am all this time talking to you with no ulterior motive! 

Everything is going suspiciously well with these secret society dicks so OF COURSE THE LOT SUDDENLY LAGS FOR 5 MINUTES:

GODDAMMIT FUCKING WITCHES POPPING UP IN COLLEGE BARS WTF. This bitch also hearfarted over Gunther so suffice it to say we’re getting tfo.

We return to the dorm where we eat and chat with this eclectic dormie bunch. ‘We’ as in everyone except Jojo who is eating alone and literally talking to himself:

-Haha, that’s hilarious, imaginary Stephen! Want a bite of my mac and cheese?


We go up to our room for some much needed rest and this guy named Ti-Ning is there so I have Jojo try his luck! As seen above, the results are not promising.


Wow Ti-Ning is NOT having it! 



Well. Looks like we made our first enemy! Took us long enough. You’re slipping, Jo.


Ok Jojo I understand your pride has been slightly wounded-


Meanwhile good ol’ Gunther is rolling wants to get his harem to college.

-No one deserves a college education more than the people who are into me!

Very true, you should look into setting up a scholarship.

And my heart continues to break for Daniel, the unfortunate recipient of the brunt of the Komei cat genes. #cursed

Gunther’s plans to work out shirtless in front of the girls are foiled by the lack of space! Tough luck boo.


How about a more direct approach with obvious business major back there? She’s ~thinking about you.

-How could she not ;)


And Gunther strikes out for the first time ever, ruining our perfect slut-o-meter score!

-I don’t understand. what. is. happening. 

You got rejected by this Young-Republicans-sis. Happens to the best of us.

-But I’m shirtless and everything! This is unacceptable!


God, give it up Guns, you’re throwing junk out there. Let her go.



Oh, YR is feeling it now! Nice Gunther, you might actually do this!


Good to see there’s a limit to how low your standards can go. Now let’s find some poor soul to saddle with your term paper!

-Girl, those clothes would look so good on the floor of your room..

-Don’t you mean your room?

-No, no, yours. You should probably change into something more comfortable before writing my term paper. It’s gonna take a while.

ARE YOU LITERALLY BOOING HER WHILE SHE’S WRITING YOUR PAPER FUCKING BYE.  All this time I’ve been focusing on mega-villain Jojo and forgetting that Gunther here is also sporting an amazing 3 nice points.

-That’s great girl, let me know when you’re done so I can explain all the ways I’m not attracted to you!

-Aaaah… My future in college looks as bright as the sun hitting the desert…


-That’s why I need..

Don’t say it.



[FAN ACCOUNT] 151122 In the Heights

Hello all! First of all, for the few who wanted a fan account, thank you for waiting so long. And thank you to all the kind souls that have only said good things after the big meet. I seriously love this fandom (international and korean) cause I didn’t get even one rude comment. Anyway, I decided to write a brief account on the encounter I had with both Sunggyu and Dongwoo at the last show for ‘In the Heights’.

So, first things first. Seoul is a much smaller city than it seems and you can always find someone (or a few someones) who knows someone in the industry. With that being said, my friend is friends with a cast member that was also in ‘In the Heights’. We were randomly talking when she mentioned her friend and that she was in this musical in which I was like ‘WHAAAATTTTT’. Long story short, she was able to get my friend a ticket to the last show and we were able to go backstage to greet her and give her flowers. Knowing that at least Sunggyu would be there and I’d have the possibility of seeing him or even meeting him, I brought ‘27′ and ‘Reality’ (just in case Dongwoo showed up too). I was so nervous though I almost threw up on the subway on the way there… I’m getting anxious now just thinking about it. It didn’t help that we got the go ahead at the very last minute so I didn’t have any time to prepare myself for what was coming ahead. But anyway, we were led to the back area and waited while the cast took their last pics together. I swear it was like slow motion when I saw Sunggyu walk out followed by Dongwoo. Sunggyu turned towards our direction and walked straight to his mom and gave her a big hug. Yup, that’s right, turns out I was standing by his family the whole time. I’m not going to go into much detail about his family or what they talked about or did since he tries to keep his family on the down low compared to some of the other members, and he also probably didn’t think a fan was in the proximity. But, I will say that I didn’t think he looked like either of his parents too much and I didn’t get a good look at his sister. Sorry, I’d love to share but I want to respect his privacy even if it was only for a moment. After he sent his family out, my friend asked her friend if we could get pics with the boys and she must’ve caught on that I was a big fan (prob cause I was beet red and staring at the ground) so instead of taking a group pic, her friend suggested one with just me and Gyu. And that’s why I look so happily dumb in that picture. He was so nice though guys. I told him I was a big fan and he thanked me and his face was like 5 inches away from my face… I don’t know why he was so close but it was overwhelming to say the least. I also remember thinking “I really hope he can’t feel my heart racing through my shoulder” but I’m pretty sure he could cause it was like pounding through my whole body. We took a couple of pics and I think I thanked him (I kinda blanked out and my friend had to walk me through what had happened) and as he was turning to go I had a million things running through my head but I couldn’t get any of them out. And then… that was that. He was extremely busy and I didn’t want to be a bother.

After that, Gyu disappeared and Dongwoo was just hanging out with the girl manager and some others. I finally worked up the courage and asked for a picture during a pause in their convo. Which resulted in my awkward awkward pic with Dongwoo lol. (Please don’t judge me too hard on how I looked… I’m very self conscious about those pics) Anyway, I asked for an autograph which he obliged and we had some trouble with the spelling of my name but it’s okay. The girl manager was so cute, she was helping him hold the album so he could sign steadily and she asked him why he signed so small and he said so that Sunggyu would have room (though it didn’t matter in the end since I didn’t get Gyu’s sign) Anyway, I think I was much less nervous so I word vomited a few things at him, like that I had seen him perform at a different showing and that he did really well and the character suited him in which he thanked me. And I suddenly remembered it was his birthday so I kinda blurted a “Happy Birthday!” at him and he thanked me and shook my hand. And that was the end of that. My friend’s friend had to leave, so not to overstay the welcome, I thanked her and we left maybe a good 10-15 minutes after we arrived. The awkward thing is we had to leave through the doors that all the fangirls are waiting in front of… so that was interesting lol. 

In the end, the boys were extremely sweet and very good looking in person. Sunggyu, even with the heavy stage makeup, just made the room shine, and Dongwoo with no makeup was so perfect looking. His bare face is really nice btw, like his skin is so clear. So yeah, it was a good day. Sorry, I just realized that this ‘brief’ account was not very brief. And I did leave out some details, or this would be a 10 page essay and I would have nothing special left for myself. Hope you guys liked it and thanks again for the supportive messages. Through this experience I’ve realized a few things. One, the boys are sincerely amazing, I don’t think they’re fake at all. Two, this fandom is one of, if not the best at supporting each other and having great attitudes. Three, life is crazy. 

Anyway, for those who may not have heard, we will be subbing INFINITE’s Showtime, so please look forward to that and please keep supporting the boys through the end of the year award shows!!!!

dulcetbliss  asked:

Your fave body part on each member of BTS! :-)

Ughhhh. This was honestly hard but here it is.

1) Taehyung.

I LOVE Taehyung’s nose. 

I find his nose to be so adorable. Like I don’t even know why but I think his nose is so freaking cute! 

Like I just wanna boop his nose and give him eskimo kisses okay.

2) Jimin.

His eyes.

Did you know that Jimin’s eyes are unsymmetrical? Because they are. 

I think his eyes are so damn cute and I love that it’s unsymmetrical. I hate it when they flip his left eye onto his right eye to make his eyes look symmetric. I think the unevenness of his eyes adds more to his charm or maybe that could just be me.

And his eye smile is gonna be the death of me. I swear it is. I can seriously go on and on about how much I love his eyes but I can’t so moving on!

3) Namjoon.

aRMS. I LOVE Namjoon’s arms so much. I feel like we don’t talk a lot about Namjoon’s arms but the boy got some nice arms.

I feel like he would give amazing hugs.

Like look at this!! He’s just holding his phone and his muscles are flexing. And I remember seeing pics of him with with bandages on his arms and I heard that if you wrap you muscles in bandages while working out, it helps build muscles or something like that, I don’t remember that well honestly. But yeah, homeboy is trying to build up more arm muscle and I don’t know how I feel about that.

4) Yoongi.

I got a thing for his lips.

Like I don’t know what it is about his lips but they are just ugh. That’s what they are. Just ugh.

And I love his smile so much. It’s just so big and bright and it honestly makes me blush sometimes.

5) Jin 

I love his shoulders.

I honestly think he looks the best in suits and I think it’s because of his shoulders.

Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Superman in this pic? I don’t know, I think it’s the stance.

Whether it be a button up that hugs his body or a loosely fitted t-shirt that he’s wearing, I just love the way how shirts looks on his body.

6) Hoseok

Everyone is always talking about Yoongi and Taehyung having nice hands but Hoseoks got some nice hands too.

I love his slim fingers and even though his hands may not be as big as Taehyung’s (because I do like big hands, I will be honest), I still think he has really nice hands.

7) And lastly, Jungkook.


I can’t explain why but I think it’s probably because of his neck mole/birthmark.

Ah~ This was really hard. Especially the last 3, they were the hardest for me, but there ya go! 

I hope you don’t mind all the photos and gifs (/ω\)