it was hard to find all the pics again


Ronan’s shoulder brushing his as they walked the streets. And also Ronan’s knee resting on his on the bus. Ronan’s fingers touching his as he grabbed the water bottle from Adam’s hand. Ronan slinging his arm around Adam’s neck and tugging him toward the ground. Ronan touching him, over and over and over again, but only slightly, only lightly. Each time it happened Adam’s skin swept in warmth. He wondered whether it was intentional, if Ronan remembered Adam’s desperate admission back at Yale (“I always want to touch people. All the time.”) and was gifting touches away. 

finding that love song by LydiaStJames/ @lydia-st-james read it on ao3

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hi! i'm editing a minjoon video and i'm really low on their moments in clips so i was hoping The Reason I Fell In Love With Minjoon to help me out please? xD I was hoping if you can just describe some of your favorite minjoon moments w/hopefully some recollection of how to find the certain video too. thank you so much 😊😊 (i have to say i adore all your rm appreciation posts too, makes me love him more and more each day)

first off “The Reason I Fell In Love With Minjoon” im about to cry this is amazing wow thank u AND “makes me love him more and more each day” HECK THATS AWESOME THANK U IM SO GLAD

ok so minjoon moments… im just gonna bullet list

  • all the times namjoon has put his hand around jimins waist (cries). this usually happens when theyre taking pictures esp on the red carpet
  • when they said i love you to each other!!! which is in ahl here at 35:13
  • namjoon picking up jimin bridal style (cries really hard)!!! its from nico nico live but i cant find the actual video with it?? heres a pic
  • when jimin was a little shit and called namjoon “namjoonie” with no honorific and joon pretended to get all mad and jimin was hugging on him like a koala trying to get him to give into his cuteness. here
  • these moments that i have pics/gifs from a beaut concert of which idk the vid??? joon was just rly in his feels

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  • jimin comforting joon when he started to cry?? here

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  • namjoon calling jimin sexy in this interview! 

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  • NAMJOON CRYING YET AGAIN OVER CUTE JIMIN (1:10 ish) and also calling him cool in this interview
  • when jimin put his hands in front of joon to make a blowing kiss from him in the introductions and then also jimin made a heart and joon tickled his chin fondly bc he was so cute (same joon) in this interview! except?? i dont see the heart moment in this interview clip even tho happened here? 

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  • all the times minjoon was hella touchy: X (7:10 and 9:00) X (1:52 and 9:14 also at 0:47 jimin says he likes how joon does “bultaoruene” and get him to do it) X (18:37.. also cant find the vid but at this concert is where jimin does the “we’re a couple, hes the girl and im the boy” thing haha) X (literally just the whole vlive) … n some gifs for the videos i couldnt get (or i did get them and just wanted to post the cute ass gif)

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  • here where namjoon compliments jimin again (1:23)
  • that bon voyage episode where namjoon is cradling jimins hands in his and examining his rings?? oml that shit is so soft

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  • jimin comparing his height with joon in this vlive ((he also did it in concert and was like “well this friend is a little tall” but i cant find the vid but heres a pic))
  • also im not sure which episode ((theyre on dailymotion in full with subs btw)) but where they’re heading back from the beach and minie isnt wearing shoes and the pavement is too hot and SO CUTE trying to get joonie to help (carry) him
  • the twitter vid where namjoon is dancing and jimin is like “dance for me” and joon dances like a goof and minie laughs and joon just keeps doing it to keep his bf giggling

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  • and then most recently their adorable twitter vid

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“Chat Mallow” cat café

I went to see adorable furry balls with @mochiiron <3333
That was seriously so much fluffy, I didn’t want to leave anymore xD

Forgive the quality of the pics, I almost lost them *SOB* and thx to an app I could find them but not in HD sorryyyyy//////

First of all, an other kind of sweetness ;)

We came during their napping time so we enjoyed some nice desserts :p 
And then, we couldn’t wait anymore, and went to see all the cutie babies <3

Meet my crush, my cutie softy prince Yoda, the Sphynx (*v*)

So if you don’t know, I just love this cat breed sooooooooo much, I always thought it’s absolutely beautiful and little Yoda is the first one I ever met, so imagine my excitement/////// he was so warm and soft, I barely spent my time with him >v<

I feel you bae, I have the same face when I wake up xD

What a beauty really ;v; 

Then, meet mama Jessie and his little one (Idk his name he wasn’t on the list), the Devon Rex~

Seriously though, their fur was so much soft, like wool!! and little one looked like a little sheep so I’m gonna call it this way x)

Mama was sleeping all the time I’ve been there x) even when she woke up, she cleaned herself and came back to sleep I wasn’t helping, I was massaging her head xD

The little sheep was so funny, each time rising his little head but coming back to sleep anyway xD but after an hour…

Well helloooo <33

I also need to precise this little fur ball had so beautiful wall-eyes <33

Also he seemed to be buddies with Yoda because he was following him a lot and were playing together :)

There was also this other little guy, I think it was the same breed than little sheep, and he seemed pretty young and omg how soft he was, that was insane >0< 

My friend’s crush though was for this big plush, Jerico, the British Shorthair <3

Such a little box for this big bae :p

He was really funny, it was as if the world around him wasn’t existing at all xD He was almost reacting at nothing, but he didn’t mind the petting :) and as you guessed, SO SOFT
I’m sorry I don’t have his cutie face, but I’m sure my friend have some :p I have to ask her later x)

There were other cats too but they were hiding or were napping too high for me to take any clear pic.

SAYING GOODBYE WAS HARD ;_;  but ahhh such a fluffy moment <33

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Omma,, would you be able to do an opinion on got7s shoulders​? For me a guys sexiness is based on a guys shoulders and how strong they look 😍 like their shoulders or upper back?

ok so I’m with you here! I’m really into shoulders too, but not how wide they are but rather the actual deltoid muscle, so ill include a few deltoid photos too ^_^
also i have to say goggling ‘got7 shoulders’ was the stupidest thing i ever did, the first 40+ photos are just jb :P 
my points out of 10 mean be a bit harsh, as i have a tendency for bulky muscle rather than smile muscle.
i did some maths and went about figuring how close the boys are to the ‘golden proportions’ for shoulders to waist. obviously its going to be off because i dont have there actual measurements, but its a rough guess. 
the ideal number is 1.618 
So heres goes :P

proportion number= 1.57
this just shows how close to ideal jbs shoulders are compared to his waist, also with his waist being smaller than his hips means he’s ratio is higher.
personally i love the fact that he’s naturally got broad shoulders (bone) and its not just a lot of muscle making them wider. and i can’t deny that any dance he does that involves his shoulders is amazing, however i must say that that one never ever performance where he wore the bomber jacket with the padded shoulder was super extra :P

Deltoid gif ^_^

proportion number= 1.52
even thought marks body type is naturally slim, more akin to a runners body type. but theres no doubt that he has been bulking up lately, and I’m all for that :P he actually have a great tapered line from his shoulders, its clear that his waist is much smaller than his hips.
7/10 (because he’s bulking up)

Deltoid pic ^_^

proportion number= 1.50
what can we say, jackson body is his pride and joy, he looks after it so well and it shows. for me he did over do, i think it was the ‘if you do’ era, but its come back from that. he’s always naturally been able to build up muscle. even in his trainee days he was super defined. like jb he’s has a bulky muscle look rather than the slim look. unlike mark he’s waist is the same as his hips which shows in his ratio being smaller than marks

Deltoid pic ^_^

proportion number= 1.46
ok so things start to get harder now, with mr.never-ever-show-my-muscles. which is a shame because I’m 100% sure he has more defined muscle lines. he’s more slim toned muscle, but like jackson his waist seems to be similar to his hips not giving him the advantage that mark has of a thinner waist, hence his proportion number.

Deltoid pic ^_^

proportion number= 1.41
do you all know how hard it is to find any pics on youngjae in fitted tops where he’s looking straight on, it was so hard to find anything. thank god for that black and red fan meet. 
as for youngjae, the majority of his muscle is in his legs and (i think) chest. its not too focused in his arms or back. for this really cuts down on his ratio, also like jackson his waist doesn’t taper much again cutting on his ratio.  
i can’t really say much else as I’ve really got no photos to go off of, except that he might be working on those areas more.
6/10 (only because i have no photos)

proportion number= 1.51
man was i surprised when i saw bambams ratio, but trust me it makes sense because bambam has a super tapered waist, just like mark. his shoulders were wider than i thought, maybe not as defined as the others, however he is going to the gym more so he might even get to the ideal ratio before the others.  he’s a lean type, but with a smaller waist. 

Deltoid pic ^_^

proportion number= 1.44
now what do we say about biggest chest yugyeomie. surprisingly he’s bigger pecs adds nothing to the ratio! even though he might have slightly wider shoulder than the others, its all gone out the window because his waist doesn’t taper at all, and because he doesn’t have as much deltoid muscle as jackson or jinyoung his ratio is less than theirs. however its all made up by his height proportions being nearly perfect (Assumed). I’ve not noticed any bulking up regarding his arms nor have the others mentioned it, which is a shame because he could probably get to the ideal ratio quite easily. unlike bambam, yugyeom is a bulky muscle but mostly in his pecs.

also this cue tiptoe jinyoung is adorable XD

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what did i miss that's bad for business in terms of henrik???

Great Question!!

The way he is currently being marketed/allowing himself to be seen by both the fandom and the general public. I’ve seen a couple posts on it already, but I’ll try and delineate my feels. I’ll preface this by saying that idk what’s going on behind the scenes or anything and i love Henrik with my whole heart.

Henrik was in an excellent position to join tarjei and start bringing in some big roles. He had a decent size fanbase, talent, and a decent amount of media coverage. We know Tarjei worked hard those last few weeks of skam and beyond to capitalize on his fame and get new roles. You ever hear the phrase ‘strike while the iron is hot’? Tarjei did and I think he’s going to be continuing on for awhile.

Henrik paused. He focused on modeling, which was completely valid for a bit. He kept in the public eye for awhile… then he just stopped? But not only that, but he increasingly publicly paired himself with Lea. And this isn’t me hating on Lea, but now we never see him without her. And let’s face it, Lea alienates a good portion of his fanbase for whatever reasons. Personally, i find it increasingly hard to take him seriously when all i see is him and lea never apart. And now his first interview in quite awhile includes Lea, questions about Lea, softball shit that most of his fandom (and the greater public) won’t care anything about. And its affecting how people see him. Just look at the fandom and alot of the anons people are getting. 

once again, this is not me hating on henrik and I am still avidly reblogging pics of him and waiting for his new releases… but I think he needs to pick up his pace. Fixations and anticipation don’t last forever- not even in fandoms.

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seriously, thank you for ur byooutiful ffxv pics and screenshots, even glitching the game to find shots and angles, I love all the stuff you post, it's really great to see it. I like your stuff all the time, but I feel like I don't show appreciation enough. I have no idea how hard it must be to glitch the PS4 to work with it, I hope all your work wont be diminished by the PC port, or any updates in the future. again, thank you, keep doing what u do <3<3<3

Thank you! I shouldn’t get too much credit I’m just following instructions I find on youtube for glitches, and friends help too. It’s hard sometimes but mostly fun 👍 It’s crazy how people figure these things out, it blows my mind. 

Actually I’m so happy about the pc port and even though I won’t be able to play it (at least not when it comes out) I’m VERY excited about modding. Hopefully the game will get the improvements it deserves from fans, not just tittymods (…not that I don’t support them) but also a less empty world and bringing back a couple of quests from duscae even if they’re not voiced, and maybe make another open world of all that empty space in niflheim? SHRUG

I love it too much


Last but not least, our third Christmas surprise!! <3

This one is, as some of you probably recognize, a recreation of @dymx‘s amazing Christmas Kisses art! I bet some of you even predicted this hehehe you guys are so sneaky. I couldn’t find a hat, scarf, or sweater like in the pic again so I made those myself ; u ;. The hat and scarf are from scratch but the sweater I just decorated! Sorry it is so messy! 

I also got real mistletoe from Oregon because it was cheaper than fake mistletoe here?? Good job California HAHA but this was also our first real mistletoe kiss together so thank you dymx ;DDD

I love dymx so much and actually have another surprise for her coming soon! Artists really make the fandom go round so thank you so much for your hard work!

I hope all of you like this!! I tried to recreate the background as best as I could but I don’t have actual Photoshop, ‘tis a struggle indeed hehehe. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! WE LOVE YOU ALL!


Sasuke’s Facebook || Sakura’s Facebook || Photo by our Naruto @pkmntrainertinny


More RusAme
*I’m really sorry*
i just like this pairing way too much (it’s just arg so much drama and yet there are so many reasons to ship them based on their historical relations and their actually positive attidude towards each other till the october revolution 1917/the end of WW2 /Stalin came to power)

I’m honestly just procastinating bc it’s so hard to draw clear lines (i mean even here the hair is still messy as hell…
Anyway i’m just leaving this here and i’ll return to the things i actually want/need to do

Someone please, 
Take my hand,
For this nightmare of mine 
Seems to have no end…
I gaze up at the moon,
Wish upon a star,
“Please, send me someone close,
To take me very far…
To take me… very far…?”

To everyone who know me: goodbye unless you want to find me at the bottom of echotale hell I CAN’T I’M GONNA CRY AGAIN WHY DOES THIS AU EXIST AND HOW DID I END UP HERE

I’m always, always thirsty for unspoken love and the comics @yoralim drew just… hit on all my soft spots… So here is my tribute to their amazing story!! I even went and scanned a traditional to make this pic more align with their style– hope I didn’t butcher them too hard orz  Also thanks to a song I found on @ungivenfux64‘s blog I was able to finish it this fast!!  Listen to it here.

Echotale AU by @yoralim

Gaster!Sans design by @borurou

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I like that you don't just reblog the same photos that all the other room blogs reblog

Lol thank you! People send me messages getting mad that I’m “inactive” and don’t post a lot but tbh sometimes it’s hard to find things that haven’t been reblogged onto every single other Tumblr. Like I know y'all have seen some of the pics 10000 times you probably don’t care to see it again on my blog.

okay but Calum would be the type of bf to take pics of you around the house. all. the. damn. time. He would be chasing perfect aesthetic, snapping hundreds of pictures of you so he can make it his lockscreen. His camera roll would fill up so fast, because he’d have pictures of you doing even the most mundane things. You could just be cooking breakfast in nothing but your undies, or stepping out the bathroom with your hair still wet, and you’d turn around to find him trying so hard to be all artsy with the angle. “Wait babe, go back and let me get that shot again you look so pretty,” to which you roll your eyes. And there would be photos you didn’t know about, like when you were so engrossed listening to your music that you didn’t even know he was there, or when you fell asleep on his chest after reading your favorite book to him. But when it comes time to pick a lockscreen, he can’t decide which one “because they’re all his favorite.”


JACKAL BLANKET!!! Sorry for the phone pics but I’m about to work on my patio garden lol

Its sooooooooooo soft omg! I was wondering how the backing would look on it and it’s super adorable! Seems like it’s mostly made up of young males and females. They’re all much smaller then my mount and pelt.

I love it so much! I can’t tell you how terribly hard these are to find. I’ve only seen 3 for sale ever including this one.

Thank you @uwundertaker so much again for linking me to it ;A;!

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Oh, Mr. C., you’re funny man. What do you think some of us die-hard cracklister have been doing since S1E1 in 9/2013? I’m still holding a grudge about the solution for the Stewmaker pic that completely ignored the number 12/90 on it or the 12-year old actress while I’m e.g. still waiting to find out why Tom “knows nothing” Keen supposedly told Liz “Your father is alive.” but she never asked him *on screen* about that again. Not that those things were real biggies, nah, just the one half of the S1!finale cliffhanger and the second biggest clue of all S1. See, thats what I get from paying attention and taking notes with this show: disappointment and frustration…


Taking a few minutes out of my 2 week vacation to check in on the latest, and it seems like everyone has the winter blues along with a major case of PMS!!

I have been on this ship for exactly 1 year and 2 months. And, there have been far more ups than downs, more laughter than tears, and all because I follow awesome people who also follow a great show headlined by 2 pretty good people. Based on everything we know (and I speculate because contrary to my own belief that they should), they don’t consult or confide in me of matters that we find important! They are not perfect, and Sam’s latest mess is just a cluster of epic proportions. But, that is not the point of this post.

We ship what we see. We ship what we want to see. We ship when we really don’t know what we see. We ship to the point of having no ship! But, we really need to STOP making EVERYTHING about some random person who is completely IRRELEVANT to why we are here.

Visuals are easy. We see and we assume. And as my Dad preached when I was young…you know what “assume” means. And, we are driving the ship backwards!

I finally read Sam’s IG post today, and thought nothing of it except that he had an epiphany and shared as part of MPC. Why anyone would assume that had anything to do with the latest flag bearer is beyond me. He is pushing MPC…period. And the Matterhorn MPC picture launch…no real biggie either. As for the other…..puuulease!!If that picture rocked your world, then you need an adult beverage. That was so staged for innuendo purposes that I could have been the St. Bernard with a brandy in hand watching a newbie tumble down the bunny slope! And that flag scarf, or whatever the hell it was…..I have NOT stopped laughing about it, especially after comparing that to the pics with her other BF!!

It is easy to jump to conclusions…..I do it all the time. But, I also find the humor in puppetry when I see it, and try very hard to step back before I hit send. And, we have way too much seriousness around here these days. Maybe if we stopped focusing on what certain people are showing us, and turned those tables around everytime they do, we would find fun, joy, and hope on the ship again. And, we need to start controlling our own narrative. And most importantly….LAUGH!! That is my New Years resolution going forward.

So, I plan to blog the shit out of Cait this week because I want her to win her GG. And, I hope Sam is enjoying the launch of MPC, and shows support for his costar, friend, and quite possibly much, much more during this special time for her as well.

And, I will LMAO when we get another innuendo laden pic of the latest snowbunny because after the tumble on the bunny slope, there will not be enough flags in China to cover her ass when she hits the intermediate slope. Maybe we will find a balsam fir for cover! But, she will not be given any attention from me, other than to make fun of the sheer lunacy of it all.

Fan on sweet shipsters, but remember who you are fans of, and who should not make the cut, or our posts!! And, we are in this together…good, bad, ugly, and the insane. Celebrate it, and time to start acting like we control the fandom, not the other way around!! 🙈🙉🙊🤗😙


hello hello!! its aqsa, back again with the selfie/bias challenge i was supposed to do months ago oop; im sorry for being so late!! it’s hard finding nice jisoo pics to “collab" with /)^(\ (btw, full credit for the gif of jisoo goes to @ftwonwoo!! there, i tagged you skdfhakf ;u;) 

tagged by @lovgyu @minqyew @jinssmolgf and @jungkie (who btw are all too heavenly for this world omg check em out pls you will not regret 10/10 recommend), here’s my face (both obscured by a flimsy petal and an attempt to shoot jisoo back for all the pain he’s caused me >.>) 

i’ll tag: @cinnamingyu @jihooon @howellsmovingcastl-e @vernonlaugh @vitaminniedk @svt-jiswoon @cafewoozi @jxmin @gyuberry @svt-coups @syubzi and @crayontae 

and as always, you dont have you if you’re too busy/simply don’t want to!! just sit back and drink lots of water and hold a puppy or a kitty or a bias and relax :> thank you! 

p.s. here’s a bonus gif of that new filter snow has that creeps me out (cause only jisoo is allowed to pat this head my guy aiight)

ok bye <3