it was hard this is what i ended up w


A lil halloween poth comic ;w; my art tride w/ @angexci hon actuallyyy

honestly I rly want to make it a lil more special but i ended up ‘hated’ what came up ;–; so i decided to make a lil comic out of it.. and well… HOPE U LIKE IT ;;W;;

there was a point last year when i drew a lot of buckys w/ ponytails but i don’t think any of them ended up on my blog?? what a shame

mostly an excuse to practice trad inking, which i’m still new to. also has some photoshop thrown in b/c inking is hard ):


“You get hit with a transformation ray. Which animal do you turn into?”

Finally finished drawing Animal Voltron which was based off the ‘What Paladin are you?’ Official Quiz. It was a lot of fun drawing this. Besides Shiro, who I had too much fun with, all the others were kind of hard to imagine/difficult to draw.

If you want to see how I thought of these designs then keep reading ^w^ And why Pidge is a Turtle Dove not an actual turtle xD

Keep reading

So like I was having a really hard time choosing tea and then I whined out loud to my friend, ‘how would I know which to buy when 4 shelfs are just the same thing w/ different brands!!!’

Then all the sudden, this girl who just walked by, started telling me which one she likes and what she recommends. And she was like 'sorry, I just really love tea’. And then her friend also came and helped.

Like holy shitttt that was so cute and like we all just bonded through teas in the middle of a convenient store.

And so yeah I planned to buy one, ended up buying 2 lolll

i really really do not like the whole thing where girls who like to lift or play sports or w/e get told they shouldn’t get too buff.  aside from the obvious sexism and the fact that buff girls are HOT, do the people saying this not realize that getting muscular is HARD?  like what you think im gonna accidentally do one too many reps and end up with biceps bigger than my head

Top 10 BTS songs tag


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Rules: List your top 10 favorite BTS songs from 1 to 10, with 1 being your all time favorite BTS song.

This shits fucking hard so im excluding the solos AND CYPHERS   to be fairer (mainly to myself cos I’d prbably end up putting all the intros and cyphers on here) DONT ASK WHAT MY FAVOURITE CYPHER IS THEY ALL ARE

1) Rain

2) Baepsae 

3)House Of Cards

4) Danger

5) Autumn Leaves

6) Coffee

7) Blood Sweat and Tears 

8) Look Here

9) Outro: Wings

10) If I Rule the World

ksjdfnasklndan I dont want to constantly tag the same people but pls do it if you want to its rlly fun n I’d love to see your lists! 

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cam-saroyan  asked:

whats ur favourite angela moment and whats ur favourite cam moment

Oh god it is so fucking hard to think of like… My actually #1 favorite Angela moment, but I do I GUESS if I like absolutely had to chose, it’s be the scene in 3x13 in jail with Brennan when she explains why she won’t testify. Either that or the scene in 4x17 where shes at the royal diner w Brennan talking abt her break up with Roxie. Or the entire episode of 8x01 and 9x01 and 7x13.

As for Cam, okay I have a few??? The end of 4x18 because ho boy watching Cam almost leave Michelle bc she thought Michelle didnt love her and then her face turning happy automatically when she sees the salt shakers fuck!!!! Uhm also the scene in 7x13 when shes crying and talking to Hodgins abt doing the right thing. And the end of 6x06 when she’s reading the names from the ship. And in 8x23 when Arastoo is dying and she’s telling him about how shes sorry she couldn’t do more. And in s10 when shes talking to Clarke abt how shes scared abt Arastoo I’m so sad.

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The biggest valid complaint from others is that Clexas didn't criticize/call out the racism of t100 before lexa died enough. Clexas (including a lot of woc) were so desperate for the rep that we ignored too much. Now u got white ppl doing the SAME thing for SG but there its not even canon. Y'all went backwards & showed your face. White SCs(only kind I've seen do this) trying to guilt not only white clexas but woc w/ "representation" is disgusting. Just say u want ur ship to win ffs & go.

Y'all showing your face hard. Claiming straight white women as rep just because you want them to be together is absurd. Y'all Johnlocking now and trying to see conspiracy theories where there are none. Remember what happened with JL? The cast, the crew, and the writers ended up hating them. They were and are bigger than the SC fandom will ever be. They put on pressure HARD for like five years? You know what that got them earlier this year? Tears and claims of being queerbaited even though everyone has always told them that shit ain’t happening. Even though they’ve both had other partners.

You can ship your fanon ship. No one is guilty to you for that. Lord knows I ship many fanon things. The fact that it ain’t canon isn’t the problem. The problem is that you’ve now prioritized it above THREE canon pairings two of them including WOC. Y'all have said it’s more important than Shoot, Clexa, and Poussoso. If y'all can’t see how gross that shit is then you have a serious problem.

miki-7heaven  asked:

Shelly, I was wondering. What's with the penguins? By that I mean do you really like Penguins or is it an inside joke? Just wondering. :3 and if you like penguins, what's your favorite kind? :D


WELL, I’ve loved penguins ever since I was a kid ; v ;
tho thanks to my cruddy memory it’s kinda hard to recall why

ever since then I’ve just really, really liked them q w q
so whenever i see penguin stuff on sale i always end up buying it so pls don’t ever go into my room, there’s penguin plush toys all over the place //shot

as for my fave kind… all of them //shot
tho if i really gotta pick; I’d say that either emperor penguins or fairy penguins are my most favourite kinds! u v u
besides have you seen baby emperor penguins?? omgfhkhdkjhg cute!!!

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I agree Queen. The article cements how manipulative, selfish and needy JS is. Chris is still in the dog house w/ me for cheating with her. But man, I have a little sympathy for him now. She must have been a nightmare to be around. We had blinds from last summer and fall about him cheating and a pending break up. So the question is, what took him so long? Why did Chris stay around? It would have been quicker to end it while hiding out in MA.

It’s hard to leave when you are dealing with a manipulative person.. It takes time to notice. 👑

mymalawach  asked:

Pineapple if u wanna answer it Also grape and papaya

Pineapple: sexual orientation
Lmao I’m a lesbian I try to put it like. Right on the tin

Grape: where would I go on vacation
This is a hard one! I have traveled and do travel a lot whenever I can and mostly end up going to the same places like New York or tahoe. I went to Granada one time when I was 18 and i didn’t feel like I spent enough time there and I’m dying to go back, same w Berlin. I’m going to Costa Rica w my family p soon and I’m really excited about that

Papaya: what song describes ur aesthetic
Dude this one I actually have no clue bc it changes all the time but I do know last summer it was very grimes-pin.mp3

doing some random sketch > ended up coloring it

I’m such a dork for EriUmi senpai-kouhai noticemeplz relationship

Umi : U-um Eri…
Eri : What’s wrong? Did I mess it up?
Umi : N-no, it just… this lyric um… it’s kinda embarrassing
Eri : Eeeh~ but I’m working hard on it Umi~
Umi : I know, it just… weren’t this lyric about u-u-u-u-u-us?
Eri : (Oh no…)
Umi : a-and  what does it mean b-b-b-being lovers?
Eri : It just your imagination Umi~ (She notice it, w-what should I do?!)

This things stuck in my head lol, and sorry for my bad story telling

don’t trust the WorldWideWeb


“Babe…” he smirked, “You don’t have to look things up to be romantic…” he pulled the silly skeleton to him.
“I do like this apron on you…but just the little things, babe! Asking me how I am or how I’m feeling…making dinner…” he wrapped his arms around his waist, untying the apron string.

Papyrus swallowed hard, feeling his whole face light up orange.

“W-well… i was making d-dinner…” he stuttered, feeling the counter behind him.
Not knowing what to do with his hands he ended up pressing them lightly against the stars chest plate.

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I'm a high school junior considering W&M. Do you have any advice &c?

In terms of specifically W&M or applying to colleges in general?

Since I didn’t end up going to W&M for college, my only perspective on the school is what I experienced in that pre-collegiate class (which I highly recommend if you’re into history and in high school since you earn college credit and learn sO much. It’s called NIAHD summer program def look it up) and what I’ve heard from friends who have gone there.

It’s a school that is very good if you’re a highly motivated person who is willing to work very hard for your academics. They have a definite legacy and while they are a public university, they are highly selective for a reason (speaking from experience: I had a very high hs gpa, got a perfect score on 2/3 sections of the SAT, participated in extra-curriculars, wrote good essays, and I was still waitlisted). They’re a school that has a recognized and respected name and are a particularly good choice if you’re looking for programs in law, history, or politics. Because of this, if you’re looking for a school with a prominent arts presence and emphasis, I don’t know if it’s a great fit.

The surrounding area is v cute but in a small-town aesthetic type of way but it’s not rural or hella far from other places by any means (looking at u, JMU in the middle of goddamn nowhere). It’s also not a campus where I think you’d need a car, based on what experiences I had walking from the student housing to the class buildings. Busch gardens is nearby, as are the whole “historic triangle” of sites. Richmond is an hour north and there’s a ton of historic sites and locations in the central VA area to visit. 

@ followers: if you go/went there, pls feel free to weigh in w/ more info

every time i am binge watching a show i can’t help but imagine being snuggled up w luke, a blanket pulled up to your chins to hide how completely intertwined you are w each other as you watch some goofy show on netflix and he would thumb at the skin under the hem of your shirt and laugh too hard at the stupid jokes and you’d end up laughing along to his ridiculous giggle, snuggling further into his chest every time he clicks ‘next episode’ until you both fall asleep

Niall Lynch Headcanons

ok so this is kind of a companion to dancefleur​’s declan headcanons post bc we basically developed all this together and there might some overlap but anyway have some headcanons that take niall lynch from ‘kind of a dick’ to 'the world’s biggest bastard’ [you know, if you didn’t ALREADY read him that way] and also there’s kind of like some bonus declan feels bc i just couldn’t keep them out

  • like first of all i wonder how he ended up the way he did. what he was like growing up with that power, and all the things he might’ve done. Did he start out like Kavinsky, a god in his own tiny kingdom, or was he more responsible and gradually lost control until everything in his life was a dream?
  • like let’s start w/ aurora, can you imagine the ego he had to dream himself a fucking wife. like honestly he was probably like well it’s too hard to think about what other people want i just need to dream a woman bc then she’ll just be and do whatever i want and that will be so great
  • but honestly for him i think the fight would be half the fun and she is very like ~*serene*~ or whatever so i think he got bored with having that all the time and was using the whole 'traveling for work thing’ as an excuse to 1. get away and 2. sleep with other women
  • alternate headcanon for the whole aurora thing is that niall got some random woman pregnant with declan and she was like 'yeah fuck this’ and just left declan with him and he dreamed aurora up specifically to take care of him bc he didn’t want to.
  • and also i wonder how many times it took to get her 'just right’ like is
  • there some huge grave somewhere with a bunch of failed / cast-off auroras? [shudders]
  • and then we have ronan - who was maybe at first just an accident bc he
  • didn’t think dreams could even get pregnant. or maybe he was specifically trying to find out if a dream and a dreamer could have a child.
  • and ronan is just basically another one of his creations. like i think he
  • would think of ronan as being more purely him [than declan] i guess. bc aurora is his creation so by extension ronan is basically just completely him, whereas declan has a real mother somewhere and then matthew is actually ronan’s creation.
  •  which like speaking of matthew, thats obviously how niall found out ronan was a dreamer like him too so he starts obviously favoring him more over declan. and the fact that he apparently took matthew from his dreams when he was 3 and then nothing else for ages, how much must he have wanted another brother. ouch.
  • and let’s just have a declan feels interlude bc like i bet he actually really loves ronan. he’s really the only actual family he’s ever had. cause aurora and matthew are dream creatures and he knows. and niall is never home and obviously doesn’t like/resents him. so its only ronan. and then ronan goes and dreams up matthew so that leaves declan like why wasn’t i enough for him. 
  • then niall dies and ronan is all broken up about it. declan just accepts the shitty situation of BEING HOMELESS BC YOU WERE A HORRIBLE FATHER ANYWAY NIALL. but ronan actually loved niall so declan probably feels HOW CAN YOU CHOOSE HIM OVER ME. but then of course you would. no one ever chooses me.
  • which speaking of the whole thing with the will and niall making them homeless - at first i was like well maybe he was trying to keep the truth about all the dream stuff from them? but like declan already knows and ronan basically knows and matthew is so good natured i’m sure he could care less. so really i think he did it SPECIFICALLY to see if ronan could figure out how to fix it. like if ronan couldn’t figure out how to get the barns back he didn’t really deserve them or w/e. the whole thing was just some stupid test and it completely wrecked ronan and uuuugh. fucking lynch family feels

anyway feel free to add your own i think it’s great interpreting niall bc he’s never actually IN the books and is only mentioned a few times so you can pretty much just build from the ground up 

hiiii <3 i really enjoy writing essays and i do pretty well on them, so here are just a few quick tips and things to keep in mind while writing one!

t i p s [ f o r  w r i t i n g ] :

  • find something that actually interests you! [most likely if you write an essay on a novel or poem, you get to pick what you talk about- make it something you actually want to talk about!]
  • titles!!! are!!! hard!! just pick a great sentence from your essay or write a somewhat vague phrase summarizing your essay.
    • one of my examples: the jailing of a character foreshadows the future of kabul
  • hooks are hard for me too. i usually end up with 3+ options that are all somewhat vague. if anything, choose a quote from the book/poem that you really enjoy, and tie it in to your essay with one or two sentences.
    • this is easy, because most essays are interpretation based. this means, there really aren’t any wrong answers as long as it LOOKS like you know what you’re talking about!
  • thematic summaries: i had never written one before ~3 weeks ago, and no one even told me how. my best tips is to think of it this way: pretend your essay is a novel and you’re writing the back summary cover thing.
    • HOWEVER: it is not a plot summary!! there is a difference!!
    • plot summary: in this novel, a girl is kidnapped and murdered. people are very scared and try to find her killer. it turns out the killer was her uncle. (i completely made this up)
    • thematic summary: in this novel, the kidnapping of a young girl reveals the true intentions and feelings of her peers, family, and neighbors as they grapple with the tragedy facing their small town. [continue to describe the THEMES or PARTS OF YOUR THESIS you talk about]
    • keep in mind: you don’t want to spoil the novel, nor your essay. lightly address the topics you plan to expand on later in your essay. i’ve found my thematic summaries to be around 3 sentences.
  • don’t do it all at once; plan it out
    • take a day for outlining, a day for picking our quotes, a day for writing in the evidence, for explaining the  evidence, etc.
  • PLEASE USE QUOTES! at least 3 for every “piece” you plan to expand on. if you don’t have quotes, your thesis isn’t proven, even if you have the explanation.
  • like i said above, don’t worry about if your quotes/evidence really proves your point. as long as you explain how it supports your thesis from your point of view, it’s fine. don’t stress yourself out about it.
  • if you’re having trouble, with even getting started, write out bits of information and evidence of sticky notes and arrange them in a logical order for an essay. from there, figure out what it all means and write your thesis, then just plop the ideas from the sticky notes write into your essay
  • there are many ways to organize an essay! don’t be nervous if it isn’t the way the teacher “assigned” or what everyone else is doing
    • you can go by character [explain how each one supports the parts of your thesis in one paragraph for each person]
    • go by event/chronological order
    • [my fave] just go by parts of your thesis!! [i learned to write thesis’s with 4-6 parts, so that means i have 4-6 body paragraphs]
      • ex: one paragraph for a motif, one for the effect on text, see what i’m saying?

t i p s [ f o r  e d i t i n g ] :

  • make sure your essay proves your thesis!
  • take out anything that is irrelevant to the topic [aka your thesis!!]
    • if you reallllly like something, write it on a sticky note/flash card and save it for later
  • get your teacher to read it two+ days before its due and ask for feedback
  • when going to your teacher for feedback, provide your own comments/concerns! most likely they will agree and be more willing to help you figure out your troubles if they know you’re aware of the “problem” areas
  • get someone else to read it
  • print it and make marks, then go back and fix them on the computer [this just helps me pick out even more details]
  • you re-read your essay and it turns out, it doesn’t match your thesis very well. re-write the thesis, not your entire essay.
  • as long as you PROVE YOUR THESIS grammar/spelling isn’t as big of a deal as you think. try to have the least amount of errors possible, but don’t go over your essay simply for grammatical/spelling errors unless you have the time.
  • making sure the order is understandable and logical is much more important than you think.

e x t r a  s t u f f :

  • making some sort of mind map/the sticky note method at the beginning is very helpful!!
  • if you lay out your essay before hand [sticky notes/mind map] then all i do is just identify the best order and pop the information in
  • it’s also a good idea to make a list of all the parts of your thesis, so you can double check that you’ve proved everything
  • highlighting each individual part of your essay is another good way to make sure every thing is relevant

obviously these aren’t really in order and some are pretty vague, but i hope they help you anyways!! these are just the little things i do when writing my essays, and there’s probably more too that i’ll add later on! xo


Cheer up the Skeleton Week: Day 7 - Winding Down

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This has been so much fun to do. Like, seriously, a big thanks to @teffyjeffy for spearheading this! I’ve enjoyed making these comics so much! And what better way to end the week than by winding down with a good movie and even better friends (…I may or may not have just gotten back from seeing Kung Fu Panda 3 a second time with a buddy of mine ;w;)?

P.S. TV lighting is hard.

open starter with 4 Jackies

the four woman just stare at each other for a long time before Fire Knight Jackie  (K) finally speaks “so, Necromancer me… us? how in Gwendles name did you happen?”

the Necromancer version (N) shuffles nervously “well, uh… I held onto the Orb when it went though, and I ended up smacking into Heckubah so hard I sorta killed her….. so when some of the remaining Necromancers came they found her dead and me clutching onto the Orb and taught me their ways”

Conjuror Jackie © hmms “so did you take over Nox or anything?” 

N waves her hands in defense “what? no! I just made the Frozen North not so Frozen, you know? I’m not evil or anything” 

Wizard Jackie (W) sighs in relief “well that’s good” she glares at K “shame we can’t say that for everyone”

K draws her mace “you wanna go Wizard wimp?”

C quickly moves in between them with her hands raised “hey hey! none of that! we’re all me and I won’t have me killing myself!”