it was hard and i'm not a skilled editor

edmourabarbosa  asked:

Hey Brian! Love your work! One question: I'm working on my portifolio, but I'm confused on what to draw. Should I draw marvel characters? Or is it enough to show my art skills with unknown characters (my creations)?

You should draw 5 pages of immaculate storytelling. it should be very clear what is going on without word balloons. you should also use those storytelling pages to illustrate to anyone who sees them as you can draw anything.

 people, cars, buildings, feet, hands, men and women and animals

 with style.

 that is what any editor on the planet Earth is looking for

 if that seems very hard or you don’t think you can do it remember that that is what the job is. that is entirely what the job is.

 if you get hired that is what will be asked of you so you must become a master illustrator of all things.