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February 22, 1917 - Sergeant Benito Mussolini Wounded in Accidental Explosion

Pictured - Benito Mussolini, a Bersaglieri soldier.

A minor event by any standard, the accidental explosion of a mortar bomb wounded a young Italian soldier in his trench on February 22 on the Isonzo sector of the front. Four men were killed, but Sergeant Mussolini survived and was brought to hospital, where he stayed for six months, during which time forty-four shell fragments were removed from his body. Once a socialist, Mussolini war service had driven him politically rightwards toward being an ardent nationalist. He welcomed the King, whose monarchy he had once opposed, who visited the patriotic editor in the hospital. When he was discharged, he returned to journalism, beginning his five year road to Fascism and rule. It was too bad the bomb had missed.

Talking to yourself
  • INTJ: *talks to self with increasing enthusiasm and force* *is cracking secrets to universe*
  • Family: *knocks*
  • INTJ: come in
  • Family: you alright in there?
  • INTJ: ...
  • Family: it's just that you sounded like you were arguing with someone, but it's just you in here.
  • INTJ: Oh I'm fine, just talking to myself about some stuff.
  • Family: riiiiiggghhhhttt...
  • INTJ: You can leave now.

Remember Supergirl Season 1 where Kara, James and Winn would have hijinks at CatCo every episode and Cat Grant would have some sassy but oddly inspiring line every episode and Alex and J'onn got characterised every episode and there was an overall threat that had an emotional pull to it but also there were smaller plots that didn’t overshadow this overall threat but still kept us hooked?
Like, remember when everyone interacted with each other and didn’t just exist in bubbles where they continued to ignore the rest of the cast?
Yeah. I miss that.