it was gooooooddd

Seventeen: Early Mornings (Hip-Hop Unit)

• He’d be the ultimate cuddler tbh
• Messy Hair and his deep morning voice
• He be like super giggly
• “Cheollie, why are you laughing?” “You’re just too cute.”
• Lots of neck and shoulder kisses
• Fluffiest Boy™
• Probably sleeps with no shirt so he’s cold af

•Okay but like…. Imagine holding hands while you sleep. That’d be the cutest shit.
• Takes him forever to wake up so you get to admire his face
• “Don’t be a creep, Y/n.” “Well, maybe if you weren’t so gorgeous, Jeon Wonwoo.”
• Turning on comfy music and humming the lyrics and whatnot
• Yawning Cuties
• He really likes holding your hand
• Lazy Lazy Lazy

• Big spoon y'all
• This boy melts for you tbh
• He could play w/ your hair all day everyday
• You could play with his hair at the same time omg
• BarefaceBarefaceBareface
• Sleepy Boi
• Caresses your face and lazy kisses

• Lays literally all over the bed
• Seriously he’s like a starfish
• Probably seems drunk and confused when he’s sleepy
• Early morning lasts past noon sometimes
• Just cuddling and being cute
• He probably has an existential crisis every morning
• “If Jesus can walk on water, can he swim on land?” “Oh my gooooooddd, Hansol. Just shhhhhh.”


Just A Boy with red hair ❤❤❤❤

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Falling in love for nyx and drautos?

Falling in Love (Nyx)

Gahh, I really wanted to finish this but my sleep deprivation has finally caught up with me. So here’s Nyx and Titus will come tomorrow :)

His heart feels different. He’s scared, because how did he not notice? His heart has been invaded and he can’t keep his head on straight. They’ve consumed his every thought. Every word out of their mouth breathing new life into him, every touch setting him on fire, as though it were the first. They’re beginning to sway him and he’s trying to resist. But he can’t hold it back. He wants to come out of this uncompromised, but then they smile at him and he can focus on nothing else. He tries to reign in his thoughts because “No, not yet.” His heart needs to settle. He can’t let this turn him into a mess. But then they give in. Their heart unable to hold it in any longer. He’s been pushed over the edge and he can see that he was never going to make it out of this okay. He succumbs.