it was gonna be fed to the turtle and now it is a waste

Okay, Lets Make Peace? Stop with TMNT 2003 vs TMNT 2012  We are a fandom Family!

Alright, this wont be rant because, i just dont feel angry or upset, alright maybe a smidge of upset.

Look, this is my first fandom ever, so I know im being stupid, or thinking that things can change, or what not, but we need to make peace.

We need to stop this constant this vs this…

I get that you dont like some characters, I do, but please dont do the whole this vs that as your reasoning. Thats just stupid. THE REASON. NOT. YOU.

and about this whole hate deal, to haters that only see negativity, dont tag your stuff, please, because im sure the fandom or some what of the fandom is getting fed up.

((Theres a difference between critiquing and hating))

People have came to me and said they’re sick of this tmnt 2003 vs. tmnt 2012 war we are apparently going through.

Frankly im getting sick of it to. Its the same thing all the time, nothing changes.

Either 2003 has done this when 2012 hasnt.


2012 character is better then the 2003 character.



this fandom is taring each other a part  and over what? something silly.

We all love the turtles. last time i checked both 2003 and 2012 both had turtles master splinter, casey and April.

Its okay for 2012 Splinter to act the way he does, he cares for his family just as much as the 2003 one does.

He isnt perfect, he doesnt go along on their missions as much as the 2003 splinter did, and that okay, its okay.

Like the 2003 splinter isnt perfect, he had flaws to, and thats okay.

Characters are meant to have flaws, thats what makes them more relate to us, thats what makes them closer to us, they are human just like you and me.

Same goes for the other characters.

Guys, its okay to disagree, its okay have opinions. Whats not okay is comparing the characters from each incarnation, and hating on one character, or hating on those fans who love that character wheather itd be 2012 or 2003.

and this whole “2012 fans being a bunch of babies?”


We just dont wanna hear the constant negativity, and thats not us being babies thats us getting fed up with the constant hate. Thats us being human.

We are one fandom. One whole. One family.

Lets stop dividing ourselves and the incarnations and just start loving each other and agree to disagree.

my motto: Lets fight together instead of each other.

Seriously guys lets strive to get better, learn from our turtles, they fight, yell at one another, but yet they can some out fight together, lets take that in, and go with it. Lets enjoy this fandom instead of enjoying putting each other down.

Lets learn how to be a family, fighting is doing nothing to us, but hurting us.

We are just doing more harm, and getting nothing resolved. Lets try to work better on communications and discussion without being immature and horrible to one another, or to the incarnations we like..

Because for the people the love all the incarnations are getting sick of the constant back and forth.

Just saying.

Alright I think I done my damage.

As always you can question me or hate me here

now if you do send hate, be respectful, and intelligent, i dont waste time dealing with trolls. 

Seriously guys, I love this fandom, and it kills me to see us fighting like we do.

I already know im gonna get hate, im tagging this post in every tmnt tag i can think of, why? Because the fandom needs peace, and I know I cant stop it all, but im hoping i can tame it at least…or something. make some kinda difference.

I know, im being stupid, but I dont care. If I have to I will be the peacemaker of this fandom, because dang it, we are a fandom family.

Okay… Now Im done. Love you guys!