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helovedherfirst  asked:

When ihs aren't happy with their canon and still mad bitter that ir still has a big following.

honestly i have no idea but they can stay mad and bitter we’re gonna do our thing nd remain unbothered.

also dgksjsjdjdjsjsbdbd hello!!! i love your edits omg you’re so talented!!

Honestly I try not to be salty about IH vs IR but this was just…. really hilarious to me so I’m gonna blog about it. Salt under the cut

…… or so I said, but halfway through writing this it turned into giant fucking meta about IR so what the fuck. Salty meta under the cut, I suppose, about some deliberate panelling choices, the focus of the narrative, and (apparently my favourite goddamn arc for IR) the fullbring arc vs chapter 681.

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bigbang199  asked:

People are saying ? Ichiruki was always Platonic . I believe kubo fucked us in the last arc to intentionally troll sj. Kubo literally massacred ichiruki........ If ichiruki was so Platonic why would kubo feel the need of massacring it

IHs are still being a mess, I see. Just try and ignore them. They’ve been using the same argument for years. Let them be delusional. I’ve literally made a post full of the many many IchiRuki quotes from Kubo/the characters, their only response was ‘but he said they were platonic!!!111!!’. If they really did respect his words that much, they’d also know that he said calling IR friends would be wrong. Kubo also said that Rukia was Ichigo’s ray of light. She’s the Queen and Ichigo is the King. This argument of ‘respect Kubos work plzz go away haterzzz’ is an invalid one. They’re the ones who have continuously disregarded Kubo’s own words/the whole manga. They try and delude themselves into thinking that only IR shippers are being ‘butthurt’, yet refuse to accept the fact that (outside of Reddit and manipulated YouTube comments) pretty much everyone agrees that this ending is shit. All the people who have actually read this manga (for the story, not just for their shit ship) and understood it, were confused as hell at this ending. And they have the right to be.

Also I think Kubo “massacred” Bleach in general. The ships are just the tip of the iceberg. However, IchiRuki hasn’t been doing bad these weeks. People continue to write fanfics, make edits, create fanart (Dance with SnowWhite is so amazing) more than ever, simply because there’s too much proof. We have 15 years of development, they can keep the 3 panels of bald Ichigo mentioning Or*hime by her first name, and him looking dead inside. And we’ll have the glory times of Bleach with the badass Ichigo that’s hot as hell and with the incredible humor/art/storyline that everyone loved.

yoongi-obsessed  asked:

I mean absolutely no disrespect when I ask this. So, I am an IchiRuki shipper. (I know *gasp*) But Im just wondering why and what moments make you really think IH is gonna canon? Im not trying to be rude. Im just really curious.

Sorry, I know you aren’t trying to be rude or anything– but I have a hard time believing that you’re honestly ‘just curious’ when your blog is plastered with a lot of hateful reblogs from notorious anti-Orihime and anti-IchiHime stans. You can find some pro-IH essays and posts, as well as edits/graphics of IchiHime moments by navigating this blog’s tags, if you’re up for doing your own research. 

–But I just don’t feel like I need to justify my thoughts and opinions to someone who’s complicit with others referring to me and my shipmates as ‘delusional origos’, and with bashing/microanalyzing/willfully misinterpreting Orihime’s actions and character development (like, beyond the scope of constructive criticism). I hope you understand!