it was going to be gifspams

Just a little GIFspam because we all could use more John Porter in our lives, right? ;)

Dedicated to the lovely @missmendelsohn so that she can see a bit of what she’s been missing when it comes to s1 of Strike Back, lol! ;)

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Shirts are always optional when it comes to John Porter, IMO! :P ;)

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Sweet mother of pearl. ♥_♥

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I repeat: Sweet. Mother. Of. Pearl. *_*

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Nope, I’m totally not going to make a comment about that big gun. Nooope. This here is a classy GIFspam, yessirree! *nodnods* ;)

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Um, I had something I was going to say here??? ;)

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And we end with smiley!Porter, a rather rare creature who must be protected and given hugs at any opportunity! ;) ♥♥♥

KillerSoo got my little heart beating today, so I need a SillySoo spam to calm me down!

Here we go:

How GrandpaSoo makes party! Wooo!

Sometimes you gotta dig, ya know?

Happy little penguin child

How dare you be that cheeky?!

Pretty sure that’s not the choreo for “Ice Cream Cake” but ok…

Okay, I’m done, now get me outta here!

Gifs in order: kpoplanetweeaboidyominosblissful-reverieslobbu-lobbuyehet-osh

BONUS: Witness the magic that is his dancing 

(Above credits unknown)

You do you, Kyungsoo. You do you 👌