it was going to be gifspams

Just a little GIFspam because we all could use more John Porter in our lives, right? ;)

Dedicated to the lovely @missmendelsohn so that she can see a bit of what she’s been missing when it comes to s1 of Strike Back, lol! ;)

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Shirts are always optional when it comes to John Porter, IMO! :P ;)

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Sweet mother of pearl. ♥_♥

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I repeat: Sweet. Mother. Of. Pearl. *_*

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Nope, I’m totally not going to make a comment about that big gun. Nooope. This here is a classy GIFspam, yessirree! *nodnods* ;)

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Um, I had something I was going to say here??? ;)

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And we end with smiley!Porter, a rather rare creature who must be protected and given hugs at any opportunity! ;) ♥♥♥

Alright, here we go. Shit ton of gifs coming your way while I'm here.

That hair, Simon. That hair. xD

Still had a couple of leftover pirate!Jim gifs from the last session.

I will do a separate post for ALL the King Charles II gifs. Promise.

More on this Tudor sketch coming soon when I get the chance to make them. :)

And these two because I found them funny.

Right. Next up, King Charles II!Mat.

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this isn't technically a "I have a thing" but I just wanted to rant on how annoyingly adorable zico is and how he's ruining my love for ukwon. When I first started liking block b during last year's early October, Ukwon caught my eye and I thought he was my official block b bias. His smile is just dreamy and charming. His shy personality just makes my fangirl heart flutter. But then after a few months zico came along and caught my attention and now I have like 500+ pictures of the boy. Help?

hmm. does this help?

how about this?

this will definitely help, right?

do you feel any better?


i could go on…. but no.

i’m done.

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°˖✧saturday sleepover!✧˖°

haha oops zico gifspam