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You Must Be The Roomie [Otayuri] [Part Three]

Summary:  AU where Yuri Plisetsky is a 19 year old social media star/dancer and is at college, and his roommate is in a band with Otabek Altin, who Yuri can’t help but pine over.

Keep in mind: this fic follows the idea of yuri acting like a punk ass douche bag, but hes actually kinda shy and smol (especially around otabek). Otabek is a bit of a sarcastic lil shit in this, and definitely the dom lol.

Warning: idk if its a warning but this is kind angsty and theres a lot of tears and its sad but it gets happy? and there’s a slightly raunchy bit idk??

Part: three of ?? [find part one here] [find part two here]

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On the dress that tore a fandom (fandumb) apart

Emma Swan always had dreams. It was obvious in the wistful and sad face of young Emma in 3x21 and in the cute teenager who was so in love with the idea of home and being with her man that she trusted him and made plans for the future.

After that last betrayal, after the man she loved left her to face jailtime and she ended up giving up her son, she locked those dreams away. She evicted from her heart and mind any inkling of fairytales and built walls higher than the beanstalk she had to climb to get back to Henry. She preferred sexy and dangerous over the softer side we saw in Talahassee. She chose emotionless relationships that probably always ended up in disappointment. She chose impenetrable leather and hardcore exterior over easy smiles.

And can you blame her? The way the fandumb is attacking her choice of dress right now is proof enough for why she did it. People even in our days don’t take a girl who wears pink seriously, and usually that drives other women away from such choices as well. They fear that they will be judged as too naive and weak for it.

Even when Emma was with Walsh, her choices were darker, implying that her hard exterior is as strong as ever and we witness her walls at work the moment she runs away from his proposal.

In 3x21, Emma Swan got to experience her first ever fairytale dance. And even though she thought the dress uncomfortable, it was obvious that she was enjoying being a princess for an hour. Those dreams she had burried started resurfacing. She was in the arms of a man she trusted, twirling around in a red gown that screamed royalty and wearing a megawatt smile that lit up the whole room.

Jennifer Morrison has stated a few times that the way Emma dresses always reflects her emotions and state of mind. So, they wouldn’t choose this dress for the first date if there wasn’t some meaning behind its every detail.

First, let’s talk about the fact that the dress looks like it has a corset. It matches perfectly with the Enchanted Forest theme, which is there to remind us of a couple things. Emma enjoyed the time travel even if it was filled with danger, doubt and grief. She had a chance to really get to know the world she came from and explore and accept her past and her own abilities. So the EF style is a new element in Emma’s wardrobe, one that developed out of acceptance and her new found realization that it is her world too.

The EF element is also for Hook’s benefit. And before you scream at me that a woman DOESN’T HAVE TO DRESS A CERTAIN WAY to please a man, I will say that a woman CAN DRESS A CERTAIN WAY TO PLEASE A MAN IF SHE WANTS TO. This is a distinction that people should be more aware of and not judge a person’s choices when they are completely their own. As far as Emma knows, Killian hasn’t been able to part with that EF element yet, since she doesn’t know he has decided to change as well (I will refrain from mentioning in detail the reasons behind HIS change of clothes because they are quite similar with Emma’s and I can’t with some people’s double standards on the matter). The point is, that Hook is a person that Emma cares about so of course she will take into account what he likes but she wouldn’t have done so if she didnt like it as well. Do you see the difference? Because it’s quite blatant to me.

Secondly, the colour. The fact that it’s such a soft colour should make people rejoice. It’s not so much about if it suits her, it’s about the fact that in that moment it suits her state of mind and feelings. Emma is finally opening up her heart, giving a chance to herself to find and especially CREATE the good moments in between the bad ones. Emma’s dreams of love are coming back to life and this time she doesn’t suppress them. She takes the greatest leap of faith she ever had to take, trusts her heart, her feelings and the man she chooses as her date and unleashes the young girl she locked away when she was in jail.

I’ve read some people’s opinions saying that Emma and Killian trying to be their past selves for this date won’t work. In my honest and most humble opinion, their past selves are a big part of who they are and deserve a chance. They must learn to balance the good and the bad, the dreamers and the realists because they only fool themselves if they think they are not both.

Emma and Hook are some of the few characters that were excluded from the curse. However, their lives were as divided in two parts as was Snow’s ie. Charming and David Nolan had different lives but they learned to live as one. Now Emma Swan must learn to accept both sides of her personality. The same with Captain Hook/Killian Jones. This is a new beginning for them and they start with the best of intentions and as open as they can be at the moment. We know that Killian’s attempts won’t be so successful in the end of the date but he has a disadvantage over Emma. She has accepted her home, she knows where she belongs. Hook doesn’t. He knows his place is beside Emma but he still has doubts over what that entails.

So, before you go and say that this is not the Emma Swan you know, please correct yourselves. No viewer knows every part of her character yet because (get this) her character is still evovling. We still don’t know some parts of her past so no one should say they know her apart from JMo and the creators. You are just stuck with a version of Emma you created in your mind and can’t accept the fact that she still has a lot to show us.