it was going to be all black but idk how to photoshop ok

last year this mildly tan white girl tried to convince our entire english class that she was black and we were all like ????? ur white ???? and this was right in the midst of the rachel dolezal shit so i was like ‘here we go again’ and she was like ‘no seriously my mom’s white and my dad’s black and idk i just look white but im black’ and i was like ‘oh ok i guess thats not totally unbelievable’ bc i know how jacked genetics can be but like 90% of the class was just like ‘what the fuck’ so the next day she just came into school and silently placed a framed picture with her and idris elba in her locker im not fucking shitting you it was idris fucking elba and i am telling you as an expert in bullshit this photo did not look fake or photoshopped but anyway i was just like “hey…….who’s that” and she was just very matter-of-factly like “thats my dad” and by now a small crowd had gathered and we just sort of all made a silent agreement to let it go and not talk about it again but to this day i still don’t know if this girl was full of shit or if i seriously went to high school with idris elba’s white ass daughter.