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Yuuri & Phichit - Museum Guide

• Phichit is a doll and I love him. He greets the listener in Thai, and proceeds to introduce Yuuri as “This is my best friend, Yuuri!” who is, of course, embarrassed by this

• Yuuri calls Phichit a “fan service monster” and says that he always goes over the top when interacting with fans (isn’t that the sweetest thing ever?)

• Phichit demonstrates this by going over the top very enthusiastically explaining the plot and theme to the King&the Skater movie, all while dancing in the middle of the museum in front of his SP costume display

• Yuuri: You’re gonna dance here?!

• Phichit proceeds to grab Yuuri’s hand and tugs Yuuri into the dance with him
(Yuuri asks “Shall we skate?” all breathy-like in English and I died)

Phichit: Look, it’s the photo corner!
Yuuri: Oh no, Phichit’s social media posts are here too…
Phichit: Look, there’s Yuuri’s ring! Hey, omg, did you know, Yuuri and Victor are–
Yuuri: Ahhh, Phichit, no! Next, next, next, let’s go!!
Phichit: Haaaaaaappyyyyyyyyy Wedding! -fading into the background-

• Phichit and Yuuri fanboy Victor’s skating in extreme detail, talking about his routines, jumps and combos. Phichit thinks Victor’s Stammi Vicino program is amazing
(Yuuri thinks everything about Victor is amazing)

Yuuri: Of course it’s so like Victor to be able to pull off programs with such high difficulty
Phichit: If it’s Yuuri, you could totally do it too!!!
Yuuri: Please don’t shout those kinds of things…

• Phichit was super surprised and impressed with Yuuri’s GPF performance, including the fact that he had four quads and a flip in his FS. He also thinks Yuuri is very “manly” for pulling off such a feat

• Phichit:  (shouting) Everyone! My best friend got a silver at the GPF!!!

• Phichit and Yuuri were both super happy to be able to see each other at the GPF, say it brought back fond memories of their time in Detroit together, are proud of each other’s accomplishments and are excited for the future

Best Friends Forever, I love these two so much… 

I know it’s OOC but :^) I’m just channelin my thirst to Fight to Deku rn : ^ )

Danie, Danie, let them live…! X’D

But thank you so much, this made me laugh out loud. Gosh, look at him - I’m scared here, too! XD Everybody hide. This is no exercise, this is the real deal, this is an angry Deku and nobody wants to witness that rage.

Thanks, I’m feeling much better now! =D

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there's a google drive where someone has compiled clips of only andrew from girls lmao

Really??? Lmao, if someone could send that to me, that’d be p chill.

hold on i need to talk about emo™ topp dogg feels.
there is a event called movecon thats hosting topp dogg along with b.i.g, winner, and ikon. but on the promotional poster only yano, sd, hojoon, xero, and bjoo are shown… and then atom will be getting his own solo stage? wouldn’t it make sense that atom should be shown under topp dogg as well? IM CONFUSED i hope im wrong and atom WILL be preforming with td bc lmao thats his group.
then with JBJ confirmed to become a reality in september, i think its safe to say, atom wont be in td for a while. hansol is getting better, pgoon is doing his own projects, and nakta is doing well in dj work.
in all honesty… i hope topp dogg gets a comeback soon and that the 9 is still together and i will have no more worries and wont feel emo over td anymore 😭 i cant even tell what hunus has in store for td or atom…

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  1. Jidenna - Bambi
  2. Joey Purp ft. Chance the Rapper - Girls @ 
  3. Lorde - Homemade Dynamite
  4. George Ezra - Budapest
  5. Kyle - Doubt It
  7. Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE
  8. The Oral Cigarettes - Kyouran Hey Kids!!
  9. 매드 클라운 - Coffee Copy Girl
  10. Cage the Elephant - Cigarette Daydreams

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Fact: I am not now nor will I probably ever be emotionally equipped for a Carol Peletier-less world. Before you say, oh hey. You know she's a fictional character. She's not real. Just back the f**k off because I am aware of that fact. The feelings her character has made me feel, though, are all too real and all credit in the world to the lovely and crazy talented Melissa McBride. She has breathed life into a character that has made an indelible impact on me. Both ladies, fictional and real, have more than earned their status as forever faves of mine, and I love them, I love them, I love them.

So no more talk of a world without her.


Me, through tears: Fuck, dude, you sure are…

Hi my name’s amanda and I’m real messed up about Davenport. Catch me in your local broom closet crying about this gnome. You’re welcome to join me.


okay but the ending to the @bmc-switched-au would be really nice??