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2p's daughter brought her boyfriend to dinner, everything was going on fine, until their daughter said "daddy can you pass the salt?" when he reaches to salt to give it to her, her boyfriend reaches to the salt too at the same moment. There is dead silence. How would they react?

2P! Italy:
- “give me one good reason why he shouldn’t end up like your exes”
-“what happened to your exes?” “dAD’S JUST MESSING AROUND”
- permanent glare at his daughter’s boyfriend
- he’ll deal with him some other day

2P! Germany:
- mcfreaking loses it
- gets smacked by his daughter
- he’s pretty chill as long as they’re safe fucking

2P! Japan:
- “I am giving you ten seconds to leave this house”
- it’s only okay is h e ’ s doing it (which is complete bullshit, kuro)
- just give him a few days and he’ll be chill kinda

2P! Romano:
- overreacts™
- interrogates them
- will definitely tell the boyfriend’s parents about this

2P! Prussia:
- continues to pick up the salt
- but he’s staring intensely at the boyfriend and disappointedly at his daughter
- “we’ll talk about this later” he mouths to his daughter
- proceeds dinner as planned

2P! Austria:
- “I see how this is”
- embarrasses the frick out of them
- gives them tips n’ tricks
- gets yelled at by his daughter

2P! America:
- mentally having a fit
- “use a goddamned condom, aight?”
- gives a smug look at his daughter
- gets food flung at him
- war breaks out

2P! England:
- “gee golly, sweetie, I think you’ve misheard it”
- he didn’t want to make this situation even more awkward
- so he just let it slide
- f o r n o w

2P! Canada:
- well he’s pretty pissed

2P! France:
- “…if that’s what you’re into then I won’t judge”
- lowkey judging
- he’s literally staring the the boyfriend the entire time
- awkward silence throughout the dinner

2P! Russia:
- “Your boyfriend and I need to have a talk”
- also pretty pissed
- but he’ll handle it like an Adult™
- like Ion isn’t intimidating enough

2P! China:
- “I don’t want any grandchildren yet, for shits sake”
- he’ll joke about it lmao
- “if ya need any condoms, they’re in the drawer” “dAD”

2P! South Korea:
- “Jesus christ, (daughter’s name), I didn’t raise you like this” “dAD” “Are you referring to me or him?”
- jokingly threatens the boyfriend
- but he took seriously lmao

Cherry fact: Cherry gets crushes fairly easily, but she also gets over them pretty quickly. After being on her own for so long, she’s forgotten the difference between friendliness and flirting and sometimes takes a pokemon’s intentions wrong as a result. However, once given time to deliberate a pokemon’s interactions further she usually realises her mistake and gets over herself.


You know I cant deal with Major character death, im allergic. I break out in hives.

Gladio succeeds as Noctis’ shield and the kings are satisfied because while it did not result in Noctis’ death he was willing and had accepted the result.

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“Trust fall”

Here it is! My small but oh so time consuming Iwaoi comic! As you may notice, I have experimented a bit with lineless art, colors and such. The theme isn’t exactly new for these two, but I felt that I have to start at the basics to get to know them! (I feel like I still have a bit left to a good characterization, but I’ll be getting there.) I hope you like it!


Slowbro evolutions of my Slowpoke variations from a while back

It has been noted in a recent study that patterned variations of Slowpokes secrete different fluid from their tails. These divergent tail secretions each attract a specific seapokemon to create varying symbiotic evolutions of Slowbro. 

Most peculiar is the Sunnyside variant’s attraction of Corsola, which merges completely with the Sunnyside’s tail, growing outcrops of new coral formations from within the variant’s body.





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ok i've out for a year maybe... but you arr ENGAGED NOW?? thats so awesome and i want to hear everything about it pretty pleaaaaase((:

sweats if you want to..sweats more

Okay..SO. Sasha’s birthday was closing by at the horizon, that’s when he started to tease me that there is the best kind of present he wants to make himself (just in case no, it wasn’t so self-assured, because we talked about eventual wedding before and it wasn’t out of blue or totally unplanned thing!), after some of preparational teasing done, he started to send me vague messages with pictures, each had a certain number hidden within. Theeen Sasha started to hide (so I could find them) different notes with drawings on it, it all forming in a quest! 

By this time poor Sasha was starting to get very sick.

Once I had everything, there was a login and password to a page he made on our social network (similar to facebook) that said something like “happiness is near:”D”. And something about an envelope which I will have to find later. After that there was another note, he drew his friend, and it gave me his phone number and written “If you want that envelope, call me, say Hiiiii”, so I called Roma the next day (the day of Sasha’s birthday), yelled Hiiiiii, and he arranged a meeting at a certain time and place. I went there, Roma did too, gave me a cute small envelope that had another note from Sasha with another place and time! Ahaha, poor Roma, after that he had to go. Rode so far to the center just to get back in a minute. But that’s what friends are for, I guess!

So, going to the next (final) spot, I came a little earlier than I was supposed to, didn’t see Sasha at first, but then I did, and went there, he was standing in the middle of the Colonnade. He went like congratulaaations, you did it, you won the quest and did everything correctly, something like this! Then he put out roses from behind his back and I was like laskdjalsdk they were white and red and very pretty. I remember everything so vague from here because I was  like LKSdjlsd already, I think Sasha said something else, but I don’t remember clearly. After that though, I do, because it was quite funny but perfect for me, because he went like “ouch ouch, my knee” to get on his knee and i think by that moment I started to tear up?? I had my suspicions in the middle of this quest, but I wasn’t sure, but I still got super emotional. Then he put out the capsule with the ring and asked me if I will become his wife and (SPOILERS) i said of course yes. 

Then I think some women started to clap and cheer and I was still a bit lskjdlskdjs

Once we went home though, we measured Sasha’s temperature and it was like 38-39 something..had to heal him:D He said later that he wanted to say a lot when proposing, but got nervous:”) I’m kind of not getting too detailed here because it’s pretty long as it is, but it’s perfect the way it is for me:”)

Draco is definitely not gay, part three
  • <p> <b>Ron:</b> Nope. No way. That's not true.<p/><b>Hermione, rolling eyes:</b> Hi, Malfoy.<p/><b>Draco, sneering:</b> Well, I see you’re all back from your holiday. I saw you at the beach.<p/><b>Hermione:</b> You could have said hi.<p/><b>Draco:</b> Didn’t want to distract Potter from the shameful flaunting of his obscenely small swimsuit—<p/><b>Hermione:</b> It wasn’t obs—<p/><b>Draco:</b> Or showing off how long he could do laps in the ocean.<p/><b>Hermione:</b> …It wasn't that long.<p/><b>Draco:</b> It was an *hour.*<p/><b>Hermione:</b> Ron?<p/><b>Ron, grumbling:</b> Okay, I hear it.<p/></p>

Hey friends! 

Meg here! I just wanted to let ya’ll know how much I appreciate you guy’s being so patient with me while I was visiting home. I’ve worked to provide some goodies, including a tutorial every day this week! They will all be taken from recommendation’s I’ve received! Thanks again!

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Omg I'm sooo happy that I found your account, I lllovelovelove your art and I COULD CRY I FOUND HADDOTIN ARTIST OMG. Nowadays is so hard to find people who draws haddotin omgggg! Do you draw nsfw? If not, just ordinary cute snuggle/kissing haddotin art would make me so happy<33

Ohh, thank you so much! 💛 And I’m always up for a bit of tintin fluff. Hope this tiny, incredibly vague comic suffices. 

Playing the New Event as Pharah

Is like living out Pharah’s dream from when she was younger: being in Overwatch and doling out Justice alongside a strike team ~possibly~ filled with her heroes.

We’re actually playing through what she always wanted to do.

ƖƬƧ ƬӇЄ ԼƖƬƬԼЄ ƬӇƖƝƓƧ - Meihem Aesthetic Board 

Chat Noir Finds Out (Part 2)

Summary: This is the simple, straight-forward tale of how Chat Noir found out Ladybug’s true identity and how he dealt with it.

He dealt with it expertly like the heroic cat he was and definitely didn’t mess anything up.

Nope, he didn’t mess anything up at all. 

Next Part || Part 1, 4 || Ao3 Link || Other Works

yells into the sun “help i don’t know what i’m doing!”

Chapter 2: The Day After Chat Noir Found Out

“Plagg, what should I do?”

Adrien was hysterical. It was only fifteen minutes before he has to be driven to school. He was going to see her and he wasn’t ready and he didn’t know what to do.

Last night was a complete blur, and it was a surprise he even remembered he just discovered Ladybug’s civilian identity. Actually, no, that was the only thing he remembered. What happened the rest of yesterday was a complete mystery to him.

To add to the mystery, that very morning he woke up—he didn’t remember falling asleep either—the first thing Plagg did was not ask for cheese, but to gently remind him that his name was Adrien Agreste. He couldn’t fathom why. At the back of his head, he vaguely remembered a lot of Marinettes, but it couldn’t have been so bad that he’d forgotten his own name, right?


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