it was funny in my head idk

One thing I really love about TF Cybertron is that the Kids in it actually are useful

Unlike armada where they are just like…

The most annoying things. And Carlos falling in love with a hologram, thank god I wasn’t this friend I would have slapped him upside the head so fast.

Anyway, I enjoy the kids in TF Cybertron, they are useful, funny, and don’t narrate every opening. 

So bless

Also Starscreams voice actor is also Armada screamers voice actor and my Kokoro still hurts from his ending in Armada.

but his legs are so fine…

The website I’m practicing Spanish from has been giving me the funniest sentences to translate lmao

  • “Tocas mi queso, por favor” = “You touch my cheese, please”
  • “Yo soy una araña” = “I am a spider” (Vriska????)
  • “Yo duermo mientras como” = “I sleep while I eat” 

Idk these images just seem really funny in my head

GEN 1: MAY 2012 (what i like to call, the ‘dorito head era’)
GEN 2: DEC 2012 (when shit got emo)
GEN 3: 2015 (now! shitting glitter)

progress i suppose????

hahaaa look at all them meitosss :’D
anyone who’s followed this Meito will know ive had some serious ups and downs with this character and he’s changed from a gay-boy with a sob story to a depressed emo boy (???) to what he is now! 

read more to hear my sentimental ramblings~~~ 

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Would you ever consider writing an Unbelievers timestamp from Harry's POV? Just wondering! Love the fic, it's the best I've read in ages!

haha this is funny because I actually was thinking just today that i’d love to share something from Harry’s pov, because in my head I always know what he was thinking and doing during the fic - but neither fic louis nor you guys do. Maybe I’ll do something from his pov in an epilogue thing perhaps idk? :)

‘Kay, soooooooo… I somehow spent a whole month not drawing Oxnard. Yeah. A WHOLE FREAKING MONTH. I.. how??? Idk. So I when I tried drawing him, his head/face got fricked up. (Though admittedly kinda cute. In a bobbleheady kinda way. xD) Anywhoozies, I doodled Bernard to make me feel better ‘bout it. XDDDDD Thought it was funny, so I wanted to share. ^^

911: “911 what’s your emergency”?
Me:“Help me I think I’m trapped in an infomercial”!
*Phone goes dead*
Me: “NOOO”! *phone bursts into flames, Florida sinks into the ocean, children are crying*


So I haven’t done a text entry in a while but as many of you (should) know, I use my blog to really put my creativity and mind on something tangible but here I’m really just gonna talk about what’s on my mind along with some things about myself, so if you were expecting something funny or witty, I’ll have something like that up (hopefully) tomorrow. In the meantime, I just want to clear my mind of some things that have been on it lately and idk, just get it out of my head considering this where I do it most of the times. Without further ado; lately I’ve been really looking inside myself and about my future. I’m not saying I’m sad or depressed or anything so there’s nothing to worry about that but I’ve been trying to see where I’m going in life and what my future holds for me as well as what I’m doing in my life now. I was having a hard time picking a title for this but I feel as though I am introspecting into my own my mind. With that said, I really want a bright future. I’ve always been a guy who’s looked to the future and always hoped it would be a good one. I hope to have a family one day and I hope to have kids and I want to be successful, not necessarily financially but to be stable. I’m not saying I want any of those things now (I don’t, I’m only 18 lol) but I really wanna lay the groundwork. I’m having a hard time deciding where I want to go in life and normally I’m not open about my feelings considering the fact that I’m only open unless you ask in which I will be the most open person ever but I’m not BOOM bam, let’s talk about me. Anyways, I’ve always had a fanaticization with films and acting and music. And lately I’ve been making songs again if you can believe that. Back when I was younger I wrote really really bad songs xD and now I kinda got back into it and they’re better lol. Im not sure if I will pursue it tho. As for acting and movies, I’ve always loved acting, god you have no idea and same with music too. The thing is that, in high school I was an amazing actor and still am but I’m not sure to pursue it or nor. There was a casting for a Marvel film in Florida and I was considering going since they were looking for someone who’s 18/19 to plat spiderman. Idk if I would have gotten it but that’s a HUGE opportunity that I feel like I missed out on or at least a chance but I still want to act one day. I also really want to help people, I have never wanted stardom and even with this blog, I don’t ask for praise, all my “followers” are my friends and I try to be as accessible as possible. I’m not morbid-galaxy,I’m Matthew Garcia and I want you to feel that way too, but I want to help the world and help people but let’s be real at the same time, can the things happen? And suuure pursue your dreams and you can be whatever you wanna be but realistically not anyone can be an actor or a president, it takes work and a lot of risk. I’m studying business management because I feel it can branch out into many things but where will I go? Idk. And that’s just been on my mind a lot and I really wanted to just get it out idk why. I guess since I haven’t done one of these in ages lol. Anyways, if you read this, thanks for listening. If not, ily anyways you gorgeous human being. Till next time.

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why did you choose your url?
you don’t wanna know… ;) lol nah seriously its just bc one day I ACCIDENTALY said “hunger gasm” in my head instead of “games” so I thought it was funny, the user was free so here I am looking like a nasty girl. (+ I think it looks like its the official hungergames username u know. its cool) 😏

middle name?
I don’t have one

if you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?
dragon or a cute little fairy

favorite color?
white and blue (AND WHITE WHITE WHITE)

favorite song?
any songs of beyoncé, mj, ed sheeran, bruno mars, usher. so idk I’ll just choose one song for each of them so…
bey: smash into you
mj: human nature
ed: kiss me, or Im a mess
bruno: natalie
usher: making love (into the night)

top three fandoms?
ugh c'mon guys its too hard Im a multi fangirl you can’t ask me this question… but idk I’d say hp, thg, got, the 100, dvg (sorry I didn’t learn how to count)

why do you enjoy tumblr?
because here I can escape and truly be myself, and talk to amazing people that I wish I knew irl. idk tumblr is just so relaxing.

tag all 9 of your tumblr crushes to do these questions:

hmm “crushes”? okay..
jonsonw castiol sebaistian mclaheyds tendersansa octaviableka chrizpratt urpis jennlawrnce you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, ily. ♡

single or taken? sinlg
crush? its someone new every week
🅰full name? sloane “moonscience” moonscience2
nickname? idk
🔋battery percent? its too far away
iphone or android? andrpoid
last person texted? liam
birthday? 2/15
something I love? i lov me my animla crossing
someone I trust? liam,
last song I listened to? this will b the day i think. from rwby. at the very least im platying it in my head its STUCK
favorite color(s)? green
favourite movie(s)? mmmmm idk? tbh.  maybe kingsman that was funny
🙇best guy friend(s)? liam ur back again
💁best girl friend(s)? grace from church ??
👪number of siblings? 4
height ? lik 5′8
am I the jealous type? mayhaps, 
current mood? tired

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if I was dating you, I would let you lay your head on my shoulder as you scroll through your tumblr and watch your eyes as they light up after reading a good fanfiction and when you find something funny and show me, I'll laugh as if I haven't seen it a thousand times. and if you ever feel like going outside, we'd take a walk by an artsy road and while you take pictures of the scenery, I'll take pictures of you because you are never more beautiful than when you are offguard and idk what this is

dude oh my god, total heart eyes

send me “if i was dating you” descriptions

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I assume you're gay female nerdy and college aged. And brunette??? Like idk how I got that stuck in my head

This is so funny lmaooo

I’m actually bi, 17 so still in high school, and blonde. But yea no I’m like lowkey nerdy af

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hey there! i'd like a 5sos ship please, i have an about me page. my question is: what type of girl do you think the guys would go for? the blurb can be about him getting jealous. thanks! :)

hi!!! idk really, probably just someone who’s kind and has the same sense of humour as them, someone they find easy to talk to :-)

ship: luke | michael | calum | ashton

bff: luke | michael | calum | ashton

playlist: funny you should ask by the front bottoms, rivers and roads by the head and the heart, the gambler by fun

ashton watched carefully as you talked to the barista, standing a little to your side as you placed your order and almost feeling like he was intruding. he took note of the small glances the guy gave you, eyes lingering on your chest where the buttons pulled on your blouse and not really thinking about coffee at all, probably. ashton tried not to get jealous, but he couldn’t help it. his arm was swiftly wrapped around your waist as he shoved the barista a bill, bitterly insisting on him keeping the change. he picked up both of your coffees before steering you outside to sit on the patio, just wanting to put as much distance between you and the guy as he could in the small cafe. you raised your eyebrows at him once you were sitting, “so, what exactly was that about?” he glared at you in response to his question, shaking his head, “nothing, just that you were flirting with him right in front of me.” you giggled softly and shook your head, “you jealous, babe?” he scoffed at you but his expression softened when he realized he had overreacted, “no…”

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Using only song names from 1 artist cleverly answer these questions. Try not to repeat a song title.

Pick your artist/band: Exo is too easy so im gonna choose my girls: SNSD !!

What is your gender?: Animal (sorry but it sounded funny in my head)

Describe yourself: Bad girl (that’s not true though)

How do you feel? : Oh! (idk i feel weird rn, it was a bad day :/)

Describe where you currently live: Run devil run (i hate this place)

If you could go anywhere, were would you go? Galaxy supernova :p

Form of transportation: Mr taxi

Your best friend is: Hoot (that’s true she’s gorgeous !!)

You and your best friends are: Divine (lmao what the F)

Fave time of day: Into the new world (a.k.a the internet)

If your life was a TV show, what would be titled: Dancing queen

What is life to you? Boomerang

Your relationship? Chocolate love

Your fear?: The boys

I tag xiuppa dramatichen s-lay-me callmekyungsoo the-ultimate-abit-crazy-fangirl taoinc playboyeol and extrasmallchanyeol :) Have fun guys 

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Idk how funny this actually is, but when I was in sixth grade during art class an annoying kid came up behind me with a thing of water (to rinse the brushes in) and pretended he was going to dump it on my head to the people in front of me, but I didn't realize so I went up to go get something and bumped into him and all the water spilt all over him with none on me ~ Capricorn

omfg that is so amazing i love it ahh

Day 135 // May 15th

So my mustache was bugging the hell out of me all day. Hairs were going in my mouth and, idk, it just seemed very unruly. 

The funny thing about facial hair is that it’s totally like top-of-head hair, in that some days you have a great hair day and some days you can’t control it for shit, lol.