it was fun weh


It’s Saturday! You know what that means! A new Ducktales ep! WOO-OO!

Before September ends, I’d like to showcase a little of my culture and my country’s retired written languange since it is “Buwan ng Wika”; my country’s month of celebrating Philippine Culture and Languange. (It does this neat trick of getting my nephews and other people interested in both Ducktales and Philippine History/Culture).

Obviously Webby and Lena are wearing modernized versions of traditional clothes (with Lena wearing a hybrid) and the baybayin are the closest estimation to their names I can translate (I.e. to spell Webby’s name in baybayin I had to divide it as “Weh”-“Bi”)

Fun fact: the Baybayin/Alibata used in Webby and Lena’s names are Pre-colonial while the ones on Scrooge and Donald’s are a Spanish hybrid

Please note that these are a few of many traditional costumes we wear. Maybe I should do more.

“1000 episodes. Let’s talk about that.”

( 1000 )


it’s simple to draw so I did. uwu

Unstoppable duo. Also, they’re not bothered about being called short. It’s when you don’t take them seriously that you tick them off.


Sketch dump of Studio Ghibli parody re-draws with DP characters because why not.

From top to bottom: Spirited Away, Ponyo, Tales from Earthsea

fun latin word(s) of the day

silvesco (3) (sihl-wehs-ko) – (of a vine) to run wild

silvestris, -e, adj. (sihl-wehs-trihs) – wooded, overgrown with woods, woodland, wild

silvicola, -ae, masc/fem (sihl-wih-coh-luh) – denizen of the forest

silvicultrix, -tricis, adj, fem. only, (sihl-wih-kuhl-tricks) – living in the woods

silvifragus, -a, -um, adj. (sihl-wih-frah-guhs) – (of the wind) forest smashing


Kuda’s my name, crossovers are my game.

Hiccup the duelist - unassuming and dweeby but once his deck hits the table your ass is grass. Heavily dragon-themed deck, with the occasional machine-equip support. His trump card is the Starry Night Furious Dragon, one of a kind powerful card that’s his signature. He doesn’t always use it to win but he really enjoys the duels where he needs to use it. Means it’s a challenge.

Slapped on lazy screentone layer, also bonus disembodied detailed Hiccup head to PROVE that yes I can draw better, but I can’t be arsed to put in that much effort half the time.