it was fun to make regardless

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While I really respect you for calling out youtubers, I want to say I disagree with you about South Park. Most of my friends who do watch it are perfectly good people, and the show's social messages mostly defend people's rights and it doesn't try to offend for the sake of offending, only to call out hateful or stupid people. I'm not saying it hasn't said questionable things, but please don't make the whole show out as hateful (and if you want evidence I can give truckloads of it).

I’ve seen a lot of episodes when I was a young teenager, and while I will respect you if you like it regardless, it’s overall message is “If you give a shit about anything you’re a fucking idiot.” Matt and Trey may make fun of both sides of the political spectrum, but that doesn’t make them geniuses of any kind.

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Beck x reader smut? Where she is a virgin on the Hermes and they fall in love and he takes her virginity?? 💙❤🖤 thanks love

“I’m a physicist, Johansson, the only attention I’ve ever received from males is them making fun of me.” You scoffed, dropping your face in your hands.

“Have you ever kissed a boy?” She laughed at your embarrassment, she found it adorable. 

“Yeah! I had some suitors in high school!” You shook your head.

“Have you had sex?” She was prying.

“No…” You blushed and coughed, hoping she would catch your drift and let it go.

“Seriously? Never?” She jolted upwards, surprised by your response. 

“Never.” You groaned and avoided eye contact.

“Okay, okay.” She pushed some hair behind her ear. “If you could have sex with anyone on this ship, regardless of gender, who would it be?” She grinned, waiting for a response.


“Come on (Y/N)!” She laughed.

“Fine, fine. Probably…Dr. Beck.” Crimson covered your face.

You heard a stack of papers drop to the ground followed by a series of muttered curses. You turned and found Beck picking up his scattered pieces of paper. Johansson burst into laughter, you jumped up and ran over to help him. Your fingers brushed against his and you both froze, glancing up into each other’s eyes. 

“You’re a great kisser, (Y/N), you really are.” Beck smiled as you straddled him on one of the many body length chairs in the ship.

“Thank you.” You giggled and deepened the kiss. His hands roamed over your hips and waist.

“I love you, (Y/N).” He chuckled as you kissed his neck.

“I love you more.” You kissed his jawline. 

“I love you most.” He lowered his hands to your thighs, running circles on them with his thumbs. 

“Okay, Tangled.” You laughed, enjoying the sight of him looking away and blushing. 

“Making fun of me are you?” He raised an eyebrow at you.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You smirked.

“Mmhmm, sure.” He grinned against your lips.

You started grinding your hips against him, fueled by the fact that any of team members could walk in and catch you. He moaned softly and glanced around him, worried that someone was going to catch you. 

“I want you, Beck.” You whispered in his ear.

You dropped down onto his twin sized bed, already stripped down to your underwear and bra. Beck’s hand traced your curves, goosebumps raising on your skin. You led a hand in between your legs and he smiled, moving your underwear down and sliding two fingers into your entrance.

You were close, squirming underneath his touch, but you wanted more. You palmed him through his underwear, feeling him twice in your hand. You yanked his boxers down as best you could, running your hand up and down his shaft.

“I want you.” You moved a hand to his hips and pushed him towards your entrance. 

“Are you sure?” He kissed your neck lovingly as he spoke.

“100%, Doc.” You smiled when he groaned at you little nickname for him.

“Tell me to stop at any time, babe.” He whispered in your ear, gliding himself into you.

“Yes si-fuck!” You moaned at the feeling. 

His thrusts were slow and careful, making sure he could make it as pleasurable as possible. You begged him to go faster, to go harder. He didn’t listen. He continued his leisurely pace, driving you crazy. Then he hit your stop.

When you arched your back painfully, screaming his name. He pounded into you painfully, repeatedly slamming into you g-spot. He moaned loudly when your walls clamped around him, cumming at the sensation and filling you up.

He held you close when you came down from your high, like you were going to run away once you were back in reality. You curled into him, wrapping your arms around him. You hummed sweetly when you felt him kiss the top of your head.

“I love you, (Y/N).”

“I love you too, Beck.”    

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I meet this girl fell hard for her. I thought that she was straight but she came out to me as bi since people thought we were dating and I came out to her right after. She has a boyfriend but there's times when I think she's about to make a move. I haven't told her how I feel though. She's called me her best friend and we've been through a lot together. She asked me to move in with her this July since I've been looking for a place. Idk if it would be good to be living with her with my feelings

I think you should move in with her regardless of your feelings as this is an opportunity by itself and think of all the fun you’ll have! As she has a boyfriend you have to be careful in this situation. Has she ever been with a girl? Because she is probably just curious as she feels attraction to girls but can’t do anything as she has a bf. Although when you move in it might be harder to contain your feelings for her as you will be around her all the time, it’s up to you decide if/when you tell her your feelings. She is your best friend so she shouldn’t take it badly, but keep in mind you and her have limitations because she has a bf.



Glistening street lights
Under the overpass
Alone to the world
A special moment
Shared with you

I did a paintover of a photo my bf and I took while traveling in Japan. Luckily, I actually remembered to record my work process this time so I’ll be making a video tutorial soon of how I did this. Some of you have already seen the tutorials of 3D background paintover, this one is similar but working from a photo base instead of 3D model :)

Ever since I hurt my hand from drawing too much, I’ve been looking into new and innovative ways to express my art while conserving my hand use. Finding shortcuts has been a very fun challenge and I’m exited to share the results with everyone. I think it’ll be a useful time saving technique regardless of hand pain or not :)


Part two of my stupid crossover voltron/haikyuu!! comic. That’s savage, Pidge. Hear me out thou, Pidge and Tsukki exchanging science puns. Lance is a Meme Lord. He lives for internet memes, he can’t help himself. Can you tell I enjoyed this way too much for something that is 10000% crack crossover material? I worked on each panel separately and it’s really nice seeing it all together.

2017 is The Year of Crossovers. At least for me lol 


It is bittersweet that I present to you my last ever theory for Pretty Little Liars. I apologise in advance for the insane length, but this is covering all those frustrating loose ends across the entire series. I hope you can make it to the end so we can discuss. My only fear for this theory is that it is too daring and gutsy; it would re-define the show we thought we knew. Are the writers willing to ‘go there’ in just 10 episodes? I don’t know! Regardless if this is all right, partially right, or so damn wrong, I hope you have as much fun reading this as I did putting this together the past two months! For the last time before the show ends… I hope you enjoy!

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This photo.  I’m dead.  I *just* joined Tumblr, so I hope I’m doing this right - I just wanted to share this story with everyone.

MegaCon Tampa 2016 was my (and my kids’) first con and it was the most amazing experience.  I was so nervous about the photos because I paid a LOT of money for the photo/autograph package and my kids tend to make silly faces in pictures and not smile.  My 3yo (mini doctor) does not like strangers (and I wasn’t sure whether, at his age, he would make the connection that this tall bearded man is the actor who plays “the spiky hair Doctor” on TV and therefore we love him.)  Afraid he would just see DT as “random bearded stranger”, I was envisioning an awkward disaster, but reminded myself that whatever happened would be a fun memory regardless.

I was elated to find out that our photos and autographs would be 1st thing in the morning since we had purchased the “Ultimate Fan Experience” package.  I knew at least the kids would be at their best and probably not cranky yet.  We arrived early and stood in line with some of the most amazing people.  My mini doctor was finally allowed to play with his sonic screwdriver, and everyone was very patient with his incessant “sonic-ing” at their costumes, jewelry, merchandise, and various body parts.

We walked into the photo “booth” with about 2 people in front of us, as David & Billie’s faces both lit up when they saw the kids in costume.  I think Billie even pointed at mini Rose.  I told the person in charge that it would be just the kids in the photo, and she motioned me to stand by the cameraman during the photo.  I am SO GLAD I was not in the photo because I got to see the entire scene unfold.


David bent down, opened his arms enthusiastically to my son, and said, “Come here!”  Then something magical happened - my son went right to him without hesitating and David picked him right up and turned toward the camera.  It was adorable and precious and so many other adjectives but mostly just random letters produced by flailing at the keyboard because adjectives don’t do it justice.  Both kids and myself were beaming as we stepped out of the booth to retrieve our photo - but the photo checker motioned us BACK INTO the booth (I’m guessing one of the kids blinked during the photo).  I was devastated - there was NO WAY the whole scene would go as well the second time.  We squeezed back into the area, and David again opened his arms to my little guy.  He practically ran into David’s arms, like he was greeting his daddy coming home after a long day at work.  It was incredible.  In fact, my mini doctor was so enamored with David, he forgot all about his precious sonic screwdriver until David reminded him, “Point the sonic!  Right there!  Right at the camera!”  It was just amazing seeing David so attentive to my son.  Several of the people behind us in line also got to witness the magic and have told me that the scene was one of the highlights of THEIR MegaCon as well!  And most of my fangirling has been over David, but the fact that my mini Rose is also smiling in this pic is a HUGE testament to Billie’s sweetness and friendliness. We had literally practiced making a nice smile for the photo and all I got was a blank stare.  Rose is by far my daughter’s favorite companion and I know she was completely thrilled at meeting Billie and how Billie squealed over her costume (On a side note, Eleven WAS her favorite Doctor - but I think she is a TEN convert now after meeting David!)

We moved on to the autograph line and waited while David and Billie finished the rest of the photos.  My 7yo (mini Rose) wanted to say something to David - I wasn’t sure we would have time to say much at all but when we got to David I said, “She wanted to tell you something” and he patiently leaned over the table to hear her and said, “What did you want to tell me?”  She told him she loved his performance in Much Ado, and I mentioned that she was a big fan of Shakespeare after watching him in Much Ado and Hamlet.  He said “Oh, I love hearing that!” 

She also got to ask him a question in the DT/BP panel at the end of the day, but I will save that for another post!


Cecilos Week, Day 5: Free Day

[cartoon spring noise]

SO UH for Free Day i decided to redraw a short comic i did all the way back in 2015 for a particular scene in “antiques” (that i’m very reluctantly linking for the purposes of comparison because ouch old art hurts to look at weeps).

this is something i was wanting to redraw last year and never gotten around to, so this was fun, and it’s pretty uplifting seeing improvement in the art!

this scene never fails to make me laugh, sharing a “highly relevant report with important information for everyone in town” INDEED!

(note: i’m sorry this and the next two submissions will be a day or so late, i’m still planning to try and get all prompts done regardless!)

niko draws characters he doesn’t know! pt. 2 this time, i really knew NADA about these kids. so i asked some bros on twitter to give me simple personality traits. but even then i was like, how??? do i make this into shippy pic??? so in the end i went with secret glances? cause das always cute. and as always thanks to the anonny that sent in the request. i had lots of fun doing this (regardless of how lost i was in the beginning)


Listen I’m trash and wanted to join in the fun okay so here we go

-Sometimes when Robbie really can’t sleep, he asks Sportacus to ramble on about some random topic because his voice is hella soothing tbh

-They’re both asexual

-Robbie is autistic and has BPD don’t @ me on this

-Sportacus is always determined to be the big spoon regardless of how small he is in comparison to Robbie. It makes Robbie feel safe, so he doesn’t complain

-One time before they got together when Robbie was antagonizing Sportacus as usual, he unwittingly said something that cut a lil too deep and accidentally made Sporto cry. He felt this immediate sense of regret and did his best to comfort the poor dude and immediately apologized for saying what he said

-Sometimes Robbie has particularly rough days where he needs some Alone Time ™. Sportacus knows, however, that Robbie will get lonely if left alone for too long, so while he makes sure to give him space, he reassures Robbie that he’ll still be around if he changes his mind and wants company. After a few hours, Robbie will come out wrapped in a blanket to ask Sportacus to keep him company. Sportacus will proceed to cuddle with him and give him gentle lil kisses

-There are also days where Robbie just goes nonverbal because he doesn’t even have the energy to talk. If Sportacus needs to communicate, he makes sure to only ask yes or no questions so that Robbie doesn’t have to put too much effort into responding

-Robbie is actually a v emotional person but he hates crying in front of people so he usually bottles it up and it often makes Sportacus very concerned so he does his best to help Robbie through it

-I’ve already posted about this but sometimes Robbie straight up forgets to eat for like a day. This stresses out Sportacus to no end

-Sportacus always wakes up before Robbie but he’ll often stay in bed for like another thirty minutes bc he loves his bf and wants to stay near him for a lil bit longer

This is rly dumb I’m sorry

Shawn Mendes One Shot: The Ellen Show. Pt.2

A/N: AYO again! I got so many of you asking for part two so obviously, I did it. I’ve had SOO much fun writing this. This one again is lengthy but I hope it’s worth it? I’ve actually been thinking I might continue more with this as now we’ve finally gotten to the better stuff? I don’t know I might actually make this into a fic? Let me know what you think? Maybe I’ll just do a part 3 to finish it up 100%, or just leave it at this or reboot it to fic? IDK, y’all let me know. Anyways I hope you enjoy regardless!!! :)

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You looked up to your manager and nodded your head like bull riders did in the pins before coming out. Your manager pulled open the black SUV door and you heard the screams that you heard from inside the car. They cheering of what seem predominately girls didn’t escalate a lot as your feet touched the pavement, however, you did notice it increase ever so slightly.

You stepped away from the SUV and began walking towards the alley between the crowds. When you looked into the crowd you didn’t register anything at first. You were mostly concerned with trying to get correctly in place. Your manager escorting you into the correct place on the carpet before you walked out to the cameras.  

“Okay, give me a second, wait here.” My manager said holding up his hand.

Both myself and his assistant stopped where he informed us. Both her I chatted a little to make it not seem awkward that we were standing in the middle of carpet with people running around us.

Suddenly I heard my name being called. I looked up as some fans yelled from the side behind the barricade. I made eye contact with one who was calling to me and waved brightly smiling to her.  They called some more.

Looking to my managers assistant I grinned. “You’re supposed to stay here.” She spoke cautiously.

I patted her shoulder and smiled. “Well, you stay right here. I’ll go say Hello.”

She shrugged her shoulders indifferently. Turning away from her I began to tip toe over to the crows on the side. Hands started reaching out and screams began to ring in my ears. I found the first girl I had waved to and went up to her.

“Oh, my god. Oh, my god. “ She said over and over.

“Hiiii!” I smiled. “How are you guys?”

I felt a few hands touch me gently.

“Oh, my god. Can, can I get a picture?” The original girl said stuttering. I beamed, nothing made me happier than when people seemed to genuinely be excited or happy to meet me. “Oh of course!”

She pulled up her phone and held it out to take the picture. “Here let me take it.” I asked reaching for it to get a better angle as she was pushed to the edge of the barricade. I held out the phone taking the picture and a couple more for good measure. She thanked me repeatedly. I moved along a little to the side and spoke to a few more people, taking pictures, signing stuff and talking to them.

“I’m so excited to see the movie in August.” Someone said as I was singing a ticket. My head shot up, I made eye contact with a young teen boy.

“Are you really? Oh my god that makes me so happy to hear!”

He smiled back and asked for a picture. As I clicked for the picture I heard my manager calling my name. I looked down from the camera I was holding up and saw him waving for me to rejoin them. I turned around and said I needed to leave to the people who were still reaching. They all gave me disappointed responses.

“It was so nice to meet all of you. Have a wonderful night.” I smiled once again waving to them, before turning around.  I quickly jogged in my heals over to my manager. He looked at me and to the crowd I had just been with.

“Man, you’re a natural for this. I couldn’t have trained you any better myself.”

I turned my head, not understanding his comment. But before I could question him, he was pushing me forward. A woman in black clothing and a headset came up to us.

“You’ll have to wait for a second. Wait right here.”

We stood waiting as the person in front of me turned and the photographers began to yell her name. It was Vanessa Hudgens, which made you instantaneously feel nervous. Like aways waiting made you nervous, but following Vanessa was more pressure.

Over the yelling of photographers, you heard two screams from the side calling you. You looked to see two young girls yelling your name, arms outstretched papers and sharpies in hand. Without thinking you took off to them, you manager was yelling at you, but you didn’t care.

“Hiii.” You said to the two girls reaching for their pens. You pulled off the cap and quickly signed the two notebooks.

“Oh my god you’re so pretty.” The blonde one said. I thanked them before waving goodbye. Turing, I returned to my manager who was angry.

The woman in black was waiting, they rushed me out onto the main carpet. I walked out gracefully and unrushed, the lady pointed for me to stand. Turning the yelling of my name began. The flashes made me go blind instantly. I had done this only a handful of times before so I tried to remind myself to not get lost.

Smile, relax and pose. My manager’s voice said in my head.

I did just that. I heard the photographers yelling my name at different octaves trying for my attention, I tried to follow them, so they could get the shot. In-between yelling my name they yelled out compliments. This happened for a good thirty seconds before the escort on the carpet touched my arm. Blinded by the flashes I tried to follow her.

“Right here.” She said again, and I believed I had gotten the right spot. This happened twice more before I had reached the end of the carpet. When I reached the end my manager had already gotten to the end somehow and was waiting for me.

“You fucking killed that!” He said grabbing my shoulder and shaking them in excitement. “God damn. Keep it up you’re going to be giving us a raise soon.”

I smiled genuinely happy at both my manager and his assistance’s excitement. Although all this celebrity type stuff wasn’t my favourite I wanted to please them. I wanted to work hard so I could never say I failed because I was too pretentious to put in the work.

My manager escorted us to the next line of press, which was interviews. This was a portion I was always had mixed feelings about. I had only done a few of these but they were sometimes a hit or miss. Sometimes interviewers genuinely didn’t know who I was, which was embarrassing and awkward. My manager quickly readjusted my tops white trap, as it had moved on my shoulder. I looked down and smoothed out my white skirt. I felt a little more exposed in my outfit, I had argued with my manager that it might not be the most appropriate outfit considering the audience of the award show. But he insisted I wear the two piece, white lace bustier top and knee-length skirt. Reasoning that we were wanting to keep my audience older, more serious and mature. He wanted to move me away from the CW audience I had made my appearance with, which was the exact reason for being invited to the Teen Choice Awards show. Wearing this outfit would imply just that, he stated.

“Alright. Let’s go.” A man said from behind us.

I turned and followed him. He pressed me towards a crew. I left my team and began speaking with them. My manager went along behind me looking for other crews and networks for me to speak with. This was a crucial moment.

The interviews went by with good success. I had spoken to Buzzfeed, E! Network, The Young Hollywood and a few other mentionable. They all asked standard questions a few off ones but mostly asked about the upcoming moving and my interview with Ellen. E! Network had been the only one to bring up Shawn. Keeping nonchalant I brushed it off and said that the fans thinking we were cute together was flattering. But followed by reminding them I had never met him before.

After the interviews, we walked inside. My manager escorted us backstage which was buzzing with crew members and celebrities. I caught a few glimpses of actors who gave me butterflies thinking about them being so close to me.

The show was about to start and my manager wanted me to get to our seats. I was seated next to Melissa Benoist, who had been my co-star on Supergirl for the five episodes I had appeared on for their last season. We greeted on another and I was very aware of a camera man taking our picture as we did. We chatted for while and moved on to chatting with numerous people around us. Soon an ambience came over the room, cameras pulled into closer to staged and people began taking places. There was a final announcement that show would be on its way shortly.

A minute or two later the room hushed over and the host for the award show took place on the stage. The music and lights began and soon the show was on its way. I enjoyed my time as this was my first award show of this scale, everything going on around me was new and unexpected.  Although Melissa and I had never spent much time talking to one another offset, we made good appearances for the show and cameras anytime they might be on us.

It was around a quarter into the show when they were transitioning into the next musical performance. I watch someone tall set up onstage within the shadows. He took his place at a piano and I knew exactly who it was.

The host came over the sound system. “Shawn Mendes!”

The lights on the stage dimmed and the fog began to come over the floor, rain drops fell on the monitors as he began to play. Slowly, the spotlight lit him up, and I caught my breath. Seeing him for the first time was nothing like I expected.

He face was shadowed by the spotlight but I saw his brows furrowed in concentration as he played. Coming up to the microphone he began to sing, which really took my breath away. No amount of listening to his album and seeing pictures of him through display screen could simulate what it was like to see him in the physical.

His voice filled my ears and he was all I saw. I was mesmerised.  He continued singing with his hit ‘Stitches’. I knew his set perfectly for the song and saw the guitar and mic waiting for him further upstage. I sang along quietly, watching him sing with so much passion. Suddenly he smiled before standing up from the piano. The crowd went wide and I cheered with them. In the darkness, with the stage display showing a clip of heavy rain pouring I watch him pick up his guitar and come to the mic no more than fifteen feet away from me. Cameras swarmed in front of us pointing forwards him.

With the hit of his guitar the lights lit him up and he began singing the pre-course. I watched as he looked out to the crowd singing to them and only them. When he got into the course and the building was lit up and booming from his hand work. I was bouncing to the music singing every line and word. A camera man came in getting footage of me. I pretended he wasn’t there and played along for the show. But I truly didn’t need to act, as I was enjoying Shawn’s performance.

He hit his guitar with one last stroke and smiled out to the crowd. The audience was loud, he beamed up to them mouthing a thank you before blowing a kiss up to the stands. He looked down lower. Again I was mesmerised. Suddenly he turned his head down into the crowd in front of him. He didn’t look right to me first but scanned quickly and suddenly we made eye contact. It was only for a moment and I’m sure he had no idea who I was before the lights fell dark and he was nothing more than a shadow. Crew members rushed him off stage and into the blackness.

The rest of the next two hours I only wondered if he saw me. I questioned again if he even knew me, had he seen Ellen’s interview?

The rest of the show was long and tiresome. Keeping up appearances would have been better if I had been presenting or nominated for something to give me a bit of excitement but that was not the case. I only hoped it would be in the future.

With time the show was over and my manager guided me backstage again, stopping along the way to get photo opportunities. My manager was over the moon with how much exposure I was gaining from the night. Once back in behind the stage people were everywhere there was people and crew running around. Photographers and publicist. This particular situation was new to me but my manager seemed to know what to do. He was grabbing at any opportunity for me to get, pushing for A-list celebrities. He worked his magic and managed to snag me a moment with Selena Gomez and Tayor Swift. The cameras went off like fireworks as I chatted with them, we turned for a photo and then as fast as they came were both taken away. My manager was ecstatic and to be honest I was little too shell-shocked to understand the scope of what had just happened.

We moved on to other in the room and after a while, a woman came and talked to me. Looking around the room I then caught a glimpse of Shawn. He was tall in the crowd making it easier to find him. I watched him as the woman I didn’t know was talking to me. Attempting to pay attention to her I would glance down but I kept looking back to Shawn. He was smiling to whomever he was speaking with his smile bright and I couldn’t help but feel happy when watching him as he smiled to someone else. I couldn’t imagine how it felt to be on the receiving of his smile. Turing back to the person in front of me I tried to answer their questions but only managed to the word “yeah” out. They gave me an odd look but continued on anyways. They had my attention for only a few seconds more before I looked up towards Shawn again. I was fixated, there was no other word for it. He was all I saw, I just tried to not gawk at him as he spoke to the person at his attention, looking absolutely captivating. His eyes were so warm and bright, I loved looking at them.

Suddenly I looked away, realising that the reason his eyes were so pleasing is because they were looking right at me. I felt the heat in my cheeks, something that hardly happened. Not daring to look again I engrossed myself into the person in front of me, who I still didn’t know.

After a bit, this person left me and my manager pushed me onto the crowd. I then felt a touch right above my wrist and someone with a pleasant voice called my name. The touch disappeared and I looked to the location it came from.

I saw Shawn smiling at me just before a person walked by between us. My heart felt like it fell out of my chest.When the blockage passed he was still there looking at me and smiling. Turning I smiled back, it felt big and hurt my cheeks. “Hi.” I said over the crowd too loud.

“Hi!” He said, extending his hand and opening up his arm. I took his hand and shook it. He leant into me with his open arm and we exchanged a reserved hug for a first greeting. The lights from the ceiling flickers a few times. “So nice to meet you.” Shawn smoothly spoke into the back of my head.

Inhaling I caught his scent. “Ah. Yes. Nice to meet you as well.” I stuttered too distracted by just his scent.

We disconnected and there was an awkward moment. He smiled just for a moment his face gentle.

“Your performance was amazing. I loved it so much.” I burst out, and I began to ramble. “I mean I’ve seen you do it live online so many times but seeing it in person was honestly a long time dream of mine. I was blown away!” As I spoke a smiled came across his face as he listened to me. “I’m honestly such a huge fan.” I finished.

He leant forward and smiled shyly. “Oh thank you that’s so sweet.” He said touching my forearm, which lit up to his touch. “I actually saw you in the audience after.”

I raised my eyebrows, staggered. “You did? Wow. I didn’t even think you knew who I was?” I laughed nervously.

Shawn gave me a beatific smile, touching my arm again. “Of course I know who you are.” He chuckled and it was a warming sound. “I’m still waiting for my marriage proposal.” He then gave me a wink.

My cheeks went hot again, and I loathed the feeling. “Oh, god.” I said placing my hand on my face. “You saw the show.”

Perplexed, he looked at me. “Of course I saw! I love her show.”

“Oh god.” I reached out and touched him for just a moment, this skin was so warm and soft.  The lighting in the room flashed again. It was if our touch was creating shortages in the electrical for the building. “I’m so sorry.” I threw my head back removing my hand. “That’s a little embarrassing.”

“Don’t say that. I found it really flattering.”

I shyly looked away. “Well, I’m glad you did, and didn’t find it creepy.”

He chuckled again and I think I fell in love with the sound. “No. Not creepy at all.”

The room flashed again and I noticed that a man with a camera was standing taking pictures. I looked directly around us and a little ring of privacy was created just around us. The photographer, asked for the picture of both of us.

I looked up to Shawn and he smiled to me and opened his arm for the picture. I turned into his arm, his hand pressed to my middle back and couldn’t help noticed how much I enjoyed the touch. I leant slightly in for the picture, the photographer got a few of us smiling and a few without. My manager and a guy who I assumed was Shawn’s came in the place of the photographer and they took a picture as well. I noticed a few random people behind them did the same. I whispered thought my smile to Shawn.

“Would you mind if I actually got a picture on my phone too?”

Our managers moved away and Shawn removed himself away from me.

Timidly smiling up at Shawn I continued. “Like I said. I’m actually a huge fan so this is a big of a big deal for me.”

He shook his head just slightly as if to say to not be so ridiculous. “Of course. As long as I get one as well. I’m a fan of you as well.”

I giggled reaching into my small red clutch. “Oh don’t falsely flatter me.”

Shawn pulled out his from his back jean pocket. “I’m not.” He said looking serious. “I started off in school musicals, to say I wasn’t excited for a remake of ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ would be disrespectful.”

I looked down at my phone trying to hide how flattered I was at him knowing what I was working in.  

“You’re alright with Snapchat?” I asked politely my finger hovering over the app. Shawn pulled up his phone to show me the opened app on his. We chuckled at one another before he shuffled closer to me for the picture. I leant into him and he pulled it up both of us showing up on the screen. He looked perfect. I smiled at the sight of him and me together in a picture. He tapped the button for the picture, we relaxed our pose and he touched at his phone.

“A silly one?” He asked, his voice deep and raspy so close to my ear.

I agreed as he set up his phone after a few moments for another picture. We returned for a pose again, and both we posed. We both make a shocked face lips were parted and eyes wide. I giggled at the coincidence before reposing for the picture. Shawn took the picture and then we move onto taking one on my phone. We only got to do one, before Shawn’s name was being called by someone. Shawn looked up and indicated he needed to move on.

“It was so nice to meet you.” He said reaching to hug me with one arm. I reached back returning it.

“Likewise.” I beamed, my cheeks hurting again.

His hand was still on my forearm. “Hey, listen we should hang out sometime. If you want?”

I raised my eyebrows stupefied at the offer. “Yeah, that would be great.”

He held my arm tighter and smiled. “Great! Listen I’ll get my guy to contact your guy if that works for you?”

I nodded unable to speak.

“Again, I’m so glad to have met you. Have a great night.” He smiled brightly to me once last time before himself and his touch disappeared into the crowd.  

The crowd around me swallowed me up again. My manager came into view and his cold hands were only my shoulder.

“Oh, my god. That was great. You did such a great job. You really sold that!”

His words confused me. “What?” I asked my voice distance and preoccupied. My brain was filled with images of what had just happened. I held up my phone the picture of Shawn and myself still waiting on it. I published it to my Snapchat story after saving it.  My managers cool hands then pushed me around the room for the rest of the night because I was gone. Whatever logic or attention I had, left with Shawn. Part of me was terrified of how I was feeling but the other part was elated. Nothing could live up to this.

It wasn’t until the lights and sounds were gone in the black SUV driving us to an after party that I really came to my reality.

“I met Shawn,” I whispered as I looked out the window as the L.A lights went by. “I cannot believe this.”

“You did amazing at the show.” My manager said grabbing my attention. “You got so much exposure. You interacted with fans naturally. So many good pictures.” He turned to his assistant. “Make sure we are pushing those.”

I turned to my manager saying his name and telling him to  “Shut up.” He stopped.

I began to shake my head in disbelief. “All of this is really happening isn’t it?”

He grinned at me. “It really is.” His hand touched my knee. “It’s only going to get bigger, trust me.”

I looked away from him and back to the window. “I couldn’t think of anything better.”

I felt an icy hand on my hot shoulder. It was warm in the club for the after party. I turned around my manager was leaning into my ear.

“Shawn’s manager got into contact with me.” Instantly I was fully attentive to him. “Saying you and Shawn wanted to get together sometime?”

I looked up in the dark room and nodded eagerly.

‘Well, he’s only in town until tomorrow afternoon. And with the promo for the movie you’re going to be swamped for the next two months. The only time that works for the both of you in the next three months is tomorrow morning?”

“Okay?” I answered. “So?”

“Well, are you good with that.” My manager yelled into my ear.

“Yeah!” I yelled back.

“Alright well, it will be early. I’ll get back to Andrew. We should get you out of here then. Don’t want to be up to late and miss tomorrow.”

I nodded in agreement, excited to leave the party. My manager really had wanted me to attend the party but I wasn’t into it and was just going along for the benefits it could give me. All this was for the better, right?

This week’s Talks Machina reminded me that one of my favorite things about this show is that their response to rules-lawyering and backseat-RPing is always “okay sure but it’s more fun this way?” It’s nice to have the perspective that comes with the reminder that, no matter how intense the fandom might get over minutiae, all the people involved with the show are having a grand ol’ time regardless and have zero interest in always making the right decisions or always following the rules just right.

OC Prompts for You 2!

More OC asks because the last batch I made up with super fun (and it’s gotten a lot of notes!).

(Here’s a link to the previous one)

1. Imagine your OC after drinking seven cups of coffee.

2. What would your OC do on Halloween? Stay at home and pass out candy? Go trick-r-treating, regardless of their age? Do a horror movie marathon?

3. How would your OC react to the music video for “Anaconda”?

4. Give your OC a haircut! If their hair is already short, make it long!

5. How does your OC sing? Do they sing well, bad, loudly, sadly, cheerfully?

6. Which OC would win the game Twister?

7. What would your OCs Tumblr username be? BONUS: What would consist of their blog?

8. Describe your OC(s) in 3 words.

9. Imagine your OCs playing tug-o-war. Who’d be the strongest on the team? Who’d be the weakest?

10. Imagine your OC in a room full of rambunctious puppies!

11. What would your OC want for Christmas?

12. Which OC is most like you?

13. Describe your OC drunk. Are they silly, violent, flirtatious, eccentric? Are they totally unaffected?

14. Describe your OC in a single GIF.

Feel free to send me a couple of these. I’ll try to be as responsive as I can.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, St Lucia Day, Omisoka, Saturnalia or whatever you celebrate/don’t celebrate! Have a pair of happy grunks regardless. Glasses get in the way of SQUISH HUGS 🗣Shout out to all the fandom folks who make this a fun place to be: @thesnadger @jimsdeadbones @demona-silverwing @logicalbookthief @mistrel-fox @pinesinthewoods @frigginconfused @kazriku @alexia-neo @siriuslymeg @jf-madjesters1 @julientel @laur-rants @moringmark @psychicpumpkinpi @orangephoenix6 @sammymationsart @taccoman @zettapoke @wern5838 And all my lovely friends and followers 😄😄

Draw your OC Prompt!


Pick a number and an OC and I’ll draw it!

1. Sleeping
2. Cuddling with (insert OC here)
3. Kissing (insert OC here)
4. In Pajamas
5. In a Fancy Outfit
6. In Swimwear
7. NEKED! (SFW of course.)
8. With (Insert Canon/OC character here)’s manestyle
9. As a (insert species here)
10. Cosplaying (insert character here)
11. In (insert artist’s URL/name here) style
12. Trick or Treating with (insert OC here)
13. Singing
14. Working
15. Eating
16. Running late for something
18. Waking up
19. Making funny faces
20. OC and (insert Canon/OC here)’s kid

(Okay so the last ones I pulled out of my butt, but HAVE FUN REGARDLESS!)

anonymous asked:

Comfort fic: The boy's crush is terrified of thunderstorms, but they are traveling with Noctis regardless, the boys sees their crush is terrified one night while camping, how do they "comfort" their crush?

Hey non, I’ve seen a similar ask/answer to this somewhere else so I took it to a different route without the smut. Not what you asked for, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. This is based on the fun from the livestream the VAs did!

The Regalia is missing.

But that’s not the worst part, oh no.

The world is full of thunder, endless reels of claps and rumbles that make you jump and start on your chocobo. None of the chocobo’s are bothered by the storm and are running up ahead on the road away from Wiz’s chocobo post. Yours is skittish and slow, darting its head this way and that while you try to contain your fear which the chocobo is obviously sensing.

When the guys turn and find you a mile behind them they circle back and watch your chocobo stamp its feet and cry out every now and then. You sit nervously on top, heart racing as the storm rages on.

“Awww, little guy must not like thunderstorms.” Prompto is obviously talking about the chocobo, but your cheeks turn red at the thought that he might be talking to you, embarrassed of your fear being discovered.

A streak of lightning crosses the sky, followed by a flash and a large boom. You cry out in fear at the same time your chocobo bucks you off and flees.

The guys dismount immediately, Noctis coming to your side first and helping you up. “You ok?”

As you’re about to lie your ass off about being fine, another crack sounds from overhead, lighting the world with unrefined power. You flinch and fight back tears as adrenaline overwhelms your system, and you would run if you could but there’s nowhere you can go.

“It wasn’t the chocobo that was afraid of the thunderstorm was it?” Gladio asks, though you know he knows the answer. They all do.

You look down and shake your head fiercely as a low rumble sends tingles across your skin.

Ignis places a hand on your arm and. His expression is soft as he says “Let’s make camp for the night.”

As you trek through the woods up to the safe haven of a camping site you twist your fingers in to the hem of your coat as the lightning worsens, the darkness of the night making the flashes more intense.

Camp is up quickly, though not quickly enough for your liking as you stand underneath the cloudy sky, feeling like you’re about to be struck down.

The light rain forces you all to eat supper inside the tent, and though you feel better in the lit space, closely packed in with your friends who are chatting loudly, you still flinch at every crack and boom.

Laying down to sleep is a nightmare and you’re on edge, you know the guys either side of you can feel how tense your body is.

In the awful quiet of the night every deep rumble shakes you to your core.

And then it starts with Prompto.

“When the night has come, and the land is dark,” his voice is off key and everyone stills to listen as his voice wavers with nerves at the attention.

“And the moon is the only light we’ll see,"Noctis joins, their voices boosting one another’s confidence and firms their tune a little.

To your right Gladio is settled with arms folded behind his head, and you hear   His deep bass voice provide "bom bom, bombom bom,” as a backing tune to the lyrics. You smile in the darkness

“No I won’t be afraid, no I won’t be afraid, just as long as you stand, stand by me.” Their voices are sweet, and you feel warmed by their voices destroying the quiet, and the rumbles fade away.

“So darling, darling, stand by me. Oooh stand by me, oh stand now, stand by me.” Ignis joins with his baritone, and you smile up at the roof of the tent as their singing drowns out the outside world.

“Stand by me,” you sing quietly, and happily.

how to beat stress from school

1. plan out everything from events and activities to homework and due dates at the start of every week

2. break down big assignments into smaller steps that are easy to do and non-intimidating 

3. light a candle whenever you can

4. take time for you and put on a face mask at least once or twice a week

5. treat yo’ self to little things every month

6. take a bath every now and then (bonus points for using a bath bomb)

7. make school fun again by getting some new school supplies or a new planner

8. be honest with yourself and the people around you when it’s time to get help with a school subject you’re struggling in

9. listen to me, do not beat yourself up over procrastination. everyone says that it’s the bloody end of the world to procrastinate, but i promise it’s not. in fact, studies have shown that some people are in fact more productive when they procrastinate. regardless, just do whatever works best for you and don’t worry about the haters. 

10. watch a funny tv show or movie

11. hangout with friends

12. listen to happy music

13. clean your room and desk

13. go outside

14. when you start to feel overwhelmed/stressed/anxious remember that:

- you’re not alone

- you will get through this

- a bad grade or late assignment is not the end of the world 

- this homework assignment does not define you

15. cuddle a cat/dog/human if you can

16. keep your focus on positive future events (spring break, graduation, etc.)

17. take each day as it comes, go with the flow, and don’t get overwhelmed by what the rest of the week has in store. one day at a time, my friend. just get through today.

18. strive for the best and do your best work at all times

19. remember why you want to succeed and do well

20. remember that perfection is an unattainable goal